What to Stock and Eat for HEALTH

Alright Want to stock up on in case you’re stuck at home and can’t leave for an extended period of time The irony is right now everybody’s stocking up because they’re afraid of getting a virus or sick, or something like that And the irony is they’re buying food that if they eat this crap, they’re gonna get sicker and they’re gonna weaken their immune systems even more They’re getting bread and wheat, and pasta, and cookies, and crackers, and canned food, and dead food, and processed food Anything made with wheat and flour, and sugar, and dairy Cara: Stuff that people normally eat It is so ironic because that makes you even sicker and weaker, and weakens your immune system even more You need stuff that’s found in nature to stay strong Cara: If ever more than now Right Which you should be And it’s funny because it’s good that this happened, because it’s scaring people to be healthy Which is, that’s what you need to be in order to make it through anything that attacks you So this is good that this is happening And, you know So, we’re just gonna show you what we recommend What we suggest Cara: What we, you know, stocked up on, Cara: just in case we’re on lockdown Yeah, I mean, we’re not worried about this, but this is what we eat anyway So let, hopefully you learn something from this and be inspired by it But do not get bread or wheat, or crackers, or cookies, or stuff that’s made with flour, or wheat, or anything that’s baked in an oven Some canned stuff is okay, but overall, you need to find things that are found in nature When you go to the grocery store, and this is a good way to think about what to get Don’t go for the cold section, you know, along the wall where they have the cold, everything’s cold Cara: Perishables Yeah, perishables Go for the stuff that’s out in the bins That’s in room temperature Cara: That lasts That can sit on your shelf for weeks and still be fine And that’s kind of what we’re showing here So, we’re just gonna start with something Now, the first thing that you should, this is, this is kind of funny, people How many people think that they can’t go two days without food The irony is, if you really want to be well, if you want to be healthy If you want to not get sick, fasting is the best thing you can do Which means eating nothing You can go two weeks, three weeks without food as long as you have water It’s funny how people get so freaked out about Cara: Not eating Not eating for a while when that’s actually Cara: The first thing you could do for your body Cara: because when you’re digesting your food, Cara: all the energy, all your energy is Cara: going towards digesting Cara: And immediately, Cara: when your body doesn’t have anything to digest, Cara: what does it do? Cara: It goes to repairing your body Cleansing Cara: And repairing Yeah Yeah Cara: So let’s Cara: I would take advantage and Cara: give my body a break Most of the food that people eat actually triggers their immune system and wears them down even more, and causes inflammation and things like that Cara: Excites their body Right, right Okay, so the general rule is buy things that are non really perishable, at least for extended, for a little bit of period of time Now the main thing you should get before any of this, before any of the food is water Good, clean water And we get our water delivered in glass bottles This is a spring water Cara: Mountain Valley offers Cara: your spring water in glass bottles Cara: in certain delivery areas Cara: But you should definitely check Cara: to see if you’re one of them They do deliver in pockets all across the country and they do deliver it for you You can still get in the store, but it’s kind of too expensive there But it’s in glass bottles So no BPA, no plastic It’s natural spring water They test it every day This is the water that all the presidents of the United States have been given for the last 50 years This is good stuff This is what we get I mean, water should be your main investment first and it costs a little bit more, but it’s worth it So, Mountain Valley spring water That’s what we drink We have lots and lots, and lots of these glass jugs hidden away Alright So the question is, why are you doing this? Are you doing it because you’re just afraid, and you just And you’re not gonna go out in public and you just want to eat what you have, but you’re okay? Or are you doing it because you’re sick and you just want to be in bed for two weeks? So there’s two different reasons that kind of decides what you’re gonna have And that’s gonna kind of change what we’re suggesting here a little bit The first thing is let’s say you’re sick, or let’s say you want to have your immune system be as strong as possible Well, the 3 things that you do that I’ve always said is if you have any kind of problem, the first thing is stop any kind of exposure to what it is that made you sick in the first place Alcohol, cigarettes, negativity, bread, pasta, cereal, cookies, crackers, sugar, milk, all that stuff After you stop exposure to it you need to clean out the mess that you’ve created in your body And that involves water also And that is an enema bag, so if you’re going to be in survival mode, if you’re gonna be in, lock yourself up at home and get healthy mode, water and an enema This is your best friend You can get this at CaraEnema.com Nobody should be without this For food poisoning, for traveling, for situations like the bacteria virus epidemic scare You need an enema bag It’s cheap, it’s good You need it for health It cleans out It’s just water You’re just cleaning yourself out with water Other things to clean yourself out with

If you’re really, if you’re sick and you need to heal yourself, forget the food Forget all of this What you need is healthy gut bacteria, flora So that’s really what you should be focusing on more than anything Forget about antibiotics Forget about things to kill things Your gut bacteria will do that for you It does your fighting for you, so you need good gut bacteria And I suggest instead of those pills, because the pills, most of them don’t work They’re dry powders They could have been on the shelf, you know, they could’ve been created 5 years ago and everything that’s in that It’s supposed to be living bacteria And it’s in a dry capsule that’s suffocating with no air Most of it is dead stuff And you can tell when you take a capsule and when you take a liquid, you can just feel the difference right away So I always suggest instead of capsules, because, that’s expensive You’re taking a chance that Cara: Right, you’re taking a chance This stuff, you know right away it works So liquid probiotics Nondairy Most people on planet earth have dairy allergies They don’t even know it that they’re lactose intolerant Coconut Kefir is really, really good to get And people ask about Kombucha and they’re addicted to all this sweet stuff That’s something else to be aware of Kombucha and all these other commercial drinks, most of them, if it tastes sweet, it’s probably not that good for you, because there’s too much sugar in it, because they want you to like it so you’ll buy their product Cara: Not only that, sugar Cara: The mushroom eats sugar Right, right So they want it to last indefinitely So if it tastes sweet, because Because real probiotics create acids and acids are sour So if you want The one way to know if the probiotics are working is if it tastes sour If it doesn’t taste sour, if it tastes sweet So, let’s say you buy one of these products and it tastes sweet Open it up and leave it on the shelf open overnight So the probiotics will start digesting the sugars And then, if it’s, when it starts tasting sour, that’s when it’s ready to take Cara: Interesting So the best kinds that I suggest are inner-eco you gut this, GTS coco kefir Any kind of coconut kefir is usually really, really good It tastes a little bit sour, but that’s how you want it to taste It’s kind of like I’ve never had champagne, but when you If you open it up and it starts squirting everywhere, and there’s bubbles coming out of it that means there, it’s alive and it’s creating carbon dioxide and waste gases, because that’s what That means these things are eating and pooping, and creating gas, and it’s alive, and you need that So, if it foams and fizzes, and pops, that’s good If nothing happens when you open the you know, shake it up, for a bit and watch what happens Cara: How often do we Cara: have to drink that? If you’re sick and you are, and you’re living off this No food Just this Oh wow Drink the whole bottle in the morning Drink a whole another one of these bottles at night If you get one of these bottles, half a bottle at a time Just chug it In the morning again in the afternoon and again at night Like three or four times a day This is all your living off of is liquid probiotics Again, nondairy Don’t If it tastes sweet Open up the cap and just let it sit on the shelf overnight So the probiotics can live, can feed off the sugar And when it starts tasting sour, that’s when you can have it Cara: Isn’t that interesting? Cara: Doctors prescribe Cara: antibiotics when you’re sick, Cara: but you’re supposed to be You need probiotics Yeah Yeah, because antibiotics kill the good soldiers inside you So the main thing that you should be living off of for a week or until you’re better if you’re sick is probiotics So yeah So here you go Here’s, here’s some good ones here Another thing is vinegar Acid Acid kills germs It’s good for your body Your body runs on acid You’re made of amino acids Apple cider vinegar is really Not white acid White distilled vinegar can kill red blood cells and suck oxygen from your system This is better Apple cider vinegar Do not take vinegar, apple cider vinegar and these things at the same time, because it might be a little bit too much acid, but this is good to add with your food And even if you’re taking smoothies or drinks, or anything, add a little, a little bit of apple cider vinegar, it really helps digestion So you guys are saying – I don’t care about that Just tell me about what to eat I want food Cara: Well, what about supplements? We’ll get to that later Alright People want food It’s all they want Just tell me what to eat I want food I can’t live without food Alright, so here you go Here’s our food Go to the grocery store Go the produce section and buy things that are in the bins Out in the open room temperature That means apples Cara: Green apples are better Green apples are better because of the Malic acid Anything that’s too sweet Do not get the red apples because they’re sweet tasting You want the green ones Green apples have Malic acid which helps clean your kidneys, and you need clean kidneys when you’re sick This is so important Do not get the red sweet ones They’re hybridized for sugar You want these If they make, their sour and tart, and make you pucker There’s good acids in here, especially Malic acid You need that Green apples Get a lot of them Cara: Avocados, they will last forever in the fridge Good, healthy fats You don’t even need them in the fridge Just leave them on the shelf and don’t just buy the ones that are

ready to eat Buy the hard ones, the green ones that still need a week until they’re ready to go So that way you have some that are ready to eat right away and some that aren’t gonna be ready for a week or two So, buy all different kinds Some that are hard, some that are soft, so that way you got a good long supply of healthy fats from avocados Onions, garlic, peppers, the spices of life The things that make things taste more Cara: Horseradish root and ginger Cara: All good fighters, Cara: protectors Cara: For the immune system Cara: It’s all about building your immune system Exactly You want to fight things These are the thing These are your fighters Onion, garlic, hot peppers, ginger and especially horseradish Matter of fact, I have a drink that you can make That is, I call it the Plague Buster Half apple cider vinegar in a blender Throw a whole onion A whole, one of these things Cara: A bulb A whole bulb, not a clove A whole bulb of garlic As much hot pepper as you can stand, a ginger and horseradish Horseradish will go through you like, like a Roto-Rooter It is so good Cara: Love it Yeah There is a, a product called Cyclone Cider that you can buy online, or in Whole Foods, or things like that You can have it sent to you from Amazon Cyclone Cider This is everything that we just told you It has all that stuff in It’s ready to go If you’re sick take as much of this stuff as you can in a glass of water and chug it down It’s intense It’s strong You’re gonna go – Aaahh But it Forget antibiotics This is your antibiotic So it’s called Cyclone Cider Cara: My son drinks it like water Cara: He loves it Cara: Some people do put it on their salad Cara: as a salad dressing It’s a good salad dressing, yeah It is, because I mean think about it It’s apple cider vinegar It’s garlic It’s all that stuff, yeah All right, so that now This, this staples So cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts These are cruciferous vegetables These are obviously well-known They’re They’re well-known because of they’re cancer fighting properties But they will last a lot longer than the green, leafy things that wilt or, you know, fruit that goes These will last quite a while These are, have a substance called DIM Diindolylmethane It’s a compound derived from the digestion of indole-3-carbinol, found in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage and kale DIM is used to treat recurrent respiratory papillomatosis – RRP A respiratory disease with tumors in the upper respiratory tracts Cara: So obviously it’s good for that Right Caused by the upper respiratory tract because this new COVID-19 is a respiratory issue, so Cara: Great to have on hand and digest Yeah And that, that RRP that I was talking about that’s associated with HPV This is any kind of cruciferous Now those of you who are getting scared by the oxalate scare and the lectins scare, and the anti nutrients scare I’m gonna make a whole video about that That, that just angers me when I, when I see that And if you really do have a reaction to this stuff and I think most of it is psychological as you don’t want to eat cabbage or broccoli, because it’s not fun But seriously, you need to clean your liver, because that, that’s really all you’ve got to do You’ve been doing You’re body’s toxic and it can’t handle some stuff Any kind of food allergy is usually a dirty liver You’ve got to clean your liver So get the Liver Formula Drink lots of water Stop eating the bad stuff that messed up your liver in the first place Stop the alcohol and all that But you need cruciferous in your diet You need it, you need it, you need it Cara: Ok, stay on Cara: purple cabbage for just a second, Cara: let me interject Cara: I know it’s hard for so many people, Cara: me included, decades ago, Cara: to find a way to Cara: eat purple cabbage Yeah Cara: Oh, my God Cara: Your purple cabbage salad, is addictive Cara: It doesn’t even taste like you’re Cara: doing good for yourself Yeah Cara: It tastes like you’re cheating Cara: You’re doing something, Cara: eating something bad It’s purple cabbage Cara: It’s 80% , Cara: 85% purple cabbage and it has cashew butter, right? Cara: Oh, it’s just so good So that brings us to the next thing Cara: Wait, what’s the name of the salad Cara: in the cook book? Cara: Was it the purple cabbage salad? No I’ll put the link down below Cara: Okay But anyway, so one of the ingredients that purple cabbage salad is, is cashew butter And that brings us to the next thing that you should have on hand as a staple And that is nut butter Nuts are super high in protein and healthy fats, it’s really good for you I mean, you can live off of peanut butter or any kind of nut butter Cara: And it can last forever We go and we grind our own fresh at the store Have a bunch of nut butter on hand I mean, you want to talk about feeling full and feeling satiated, feeling good I mean, nothing beats nut butter for, for that It’s just so good for you You should have nuts You should have a whole thing of walnuts A whole thing of cashews, pine nuts This is one of the most nutritional foods on the planet In Russia, women use pine nuts They grind it and they make milk out of it to make more milk for their babies This is, instead of that stupid formula that’s toxic to babies

I mean, what we have right here, we could live for 3 months off of I mean, this is, this right here is Cara: It’s a cornucopia of lovely food Cara: And this is the wild rice Cara: Wild rice is great to stock up on Cara: This lasts forever Cara: We soak it Cara: to soften it Cara: Just soak it overnight Cara: Drain any excess water We will put the recipe link below She made a salad Cara: Sweet and sour black wild rice It was so good Cara: And so delicious Pumpkin seeds Really good for hormones, for protein Not everybody’s raw foodist So in that case, I suggest one thing to keep on hand Lots of if you do cook food is sweet potatoes Sweet potatoes, bodybuilders eat sweet potatoes The Okinawans, they blue zones eat sweet potatoes Sweet potato is super nutritious Really good for you It lasts forever You don’t even have to, even have to have it in the fridge just lying around anywhere You have a whole pile of sweet potatoes you can live at, indefinitely off that stuff Really good to have Another thing is dates Dried dates This is your, your best friend for sweetening, making things taste good Really high in iron, really high in fiber One date in your smoothie and it tastes like heaven Cara: And if he ran out of food, God forbid Cara: Oh my goodness Cara: Dates really do cure the hunger Yeah One or two dates is a meal It’s so nutritious Cara: If you are starving One date will get Cara: One or two dates, you’re done Cara: The hunger, it satiates it Yeah, yeah Cara: It’s lovely Cara: And forget about the sugar Cara: as long as there’s the fiber in it Cara: You’re good to go Right, exactly Cara: It’s natural sugar It’ll make anything taste good Now that takes us to the next thing The things that don’t taste good and that is aloe vera If you’re sick, if you have stomach problems, digestion problems, anything in your digestive system or anything in your body that’s not right Aloe, your skin Aloe vera will This is like an alien plant that goes through you and laser beams anything that does not belong, that is not right And it’s like the most one of the most amazing, curative miracle plants on the planet So, cut off a piece every day Put it in your smoothie We, she made a a sushi recipe with it where she made the aloe vera taste like raw fish, like Cara: Raw sushi Yeah, and it’s amazing Cara: I want to say, when I first started Cara: eating, putting aloe vera in my smoothie, Cara: I would put the skin on too, Cara: but then thinking – I want more vitamins Cara: But then I read too many conflicting things online Cara: saying you’re not supposed to eat the skin Cara: So, I quit eating the skin The reason is a lot of people have dirty livers and they have a latex intolerance and there’s latex in the skin of the aloe And if you’re healthy, you can handle it If you’re not healthy, then I would definitely not have the skin with the aloe You have to work up to it So anyway, so another thing is prepared foods This is, I made it This is my, it’s cashew, spiced cashews All I did was mix in a bowl, a little bit of sticky stuff like maple syrup with some sea salt, cayenne and Cajun seasoning And I just mixed it up It got hard This is one of the best travel foods just to have around snack foods Yeah, it’s, this is so good Cara: Way better than popcorn I made a video about this years ago I’ll put the link down below for that Sea moss One of the most nutritious things on the planet Almost every mineral known to man This little bag This one pound bag If you were to put this in water, it would expand to four times its size Those of you who have done this accidentally now this This is a month’s supply Like this little thing It’s like a sponge It just expands and then you have too much of it So only take a handful at a time when you’re using it Wash the hell out of it Make gel out of it, or just put it in your smoothie Seaweed, seafood is so nutritious If you want to be healthy, the minerals are what do most of the People think it’s vitamins Most of what they’re lacking is minerals And this is one of the best sources of minerals And it also helps collagen in the body Another source of minerals, the Green Formula Every green plant that we have it every day It’s got Cara: Activated young barley, Cara: alfalfa juice, amaranth sprout, Cara: nettle leaf You could be here for days saying all the ingredients in that, but yeah, the Green Formula Have some of that every day Vitamin C Of course if you’re sick, you got to have Vitamin C Cara: Not only that, Cara: even if you’re well Cara: Vitamin C is what you need right now Right Right, for skin and collagen, and health I mean, the body does not produce Vitamin C You have to get it from an outside source Ascorbic acid that’s made in a lab is cornstarch and sulfuric acid It’s definitely not the same as getting it from plants So here you go Herbal Vitamin C This is, these are the most powerful plants on the planet that have vitamin C Gotta have that And of course, plant protein if you really want to have rounded off completely Citrus goes with everything She made a recipe where she sliced oranges and then dried it in the dehydrator We made it a snack food

Cara: Lovely So good, so good This is just as an idea, a sampling of what Now, obviously, this isn’t everything we have This is just, we have more lemons than that sitting over there, but we’re just trying to show you what, you know Ideas of what to have on hand Cara: This is everything that we have This is what we eat anyway This isn’t like something special that we’re just hoarding because we’re afraid we’re gonna be like not be able to deal with the world anymore And that brings me to the last, most important thing of all This stuff You know, if you really want to get into disasters and worst case scenarios and what if the economy collapses What if Cara: Food is unavailable Yeah, we’re at every man fighting for survival and there’s nothing left, the stores don’t exist anymore You can’t buy avocados and apples And what are you gonna do? Well, that brings us to the most important survival tool of all, and that is The Eddible Plant Guide The world’s top Edible Plant Guide In other words, you could go outside the door and all the plants that are growing right around your house, in your neighborhood, you will know what’s edible, what’s not How to prepare it What it’s good for What health conditions it treats That’s why I created this, because people have lost total touch with nature They walk outside their door and they don’t even know if the plants growing right there in front of their face is even edible And a lot of it is And they don’t even know it Did you know you could make tea out of grass and it’s good for your kidneys? Cara: So everything growing outside Cara: of people’s homes is in that book A lot of what people think is weeds is actually the most powerful, nutritious stuff on the planet Weeds grow roots hundreds of feet lower than stuff that’s grown on a farm And they pull up a lot more nutrients, and they’re a lot richer for you Dandelions One of the most nutritious foods on the planet Mallow, cactus, burdock I mean Cara: All weeds Yeah Things that people consider unwanted plants are actually some of the most nutritious ones That’s why I created this So if you can’t get any of this stuff and you’re stuck, and you’re nowhere, and you have to survive, this is your survival guide And it’s also good for telling you what plants to take for what health conditions It’s got a whole cross section thing on the back So all of this is at Markusproducts.com EdiblePlantGuide.com Cara: So this is just a sampling of what we do Cara: And if, you know We do this every day Cara: To give you ideas This is our normal life Cara: Well, yeah I mean, this is it This is what we have anyway So when it comes to survival mode, it’s the same thing We’re not changing anything You know Cara: But if it’s not the same for you Cara: then you need to be changing it Yeah Cara: To something like this Cara: Because you need all the protection you can get Cara: And right here, this is your protection It is This is, this is what we were designed to eat And really all it is, is just getting back to what we were designed for in the first place The reason we are starting to get into trouble as a species is because people are eating what they’re not What is not even food It’s not even designed to go into the human body It’s processed in a factory It’s dead food It’s been killed with heat and chemicals And it’s not even food I mean, if you’re putting only the stuff in your body that nature intended, it will be able to fight off just about anything Increase the odds in your favor by doing this You’re lowering the odds against you if you’re eating things that are not found in nature That are just chemicals and food that’s been killed by heat and, and processing So this is what you should have and hopefully this inspires you to a healthier lifestyle overall And you’ll notice the difference Not just in not ever getting sick, but you’ll look better You’ll get younger Your energy levels will go up and you’ll just be a whole, a whole new person And you And you won’t be fear driven You won’t have to worry about stuff like everybody else Remember, three quarters of the people that get these deadly diseases don’t die They’re fine Why? Because their immune system is strong Why are their immune system strong? Probably because they’re a lot healthier They make wiser choices than other people So, we’re trying to get that in your favor Cara: So you’re, Cara: you’re locked down months on end Cara: and you only have this stuff in your fridge Cara: and then Not even in the fridge Cara: Right Cara: And then you exit lockdown Cara: and you walk out and you’re like – Oh, my gosh, Cara: look at me Cara: I look great Cara: If you don’t eat like this Cara: on a regular basis I can’t stop eating these Cara: Yeah, it’s good It’s so good So stay healthy and do what we tell you And you’ll probably be happier and better looking anyway, so This is so good Are you gonna say anything? Happy ending for these guys Cara: Okay, happy ending We all want a happy ending, right? Alright See you in the next video Cara: Hopefully a recipe video Alright bye Cara: Bye Cara: Give me some of those These are so good