Adam Savage's Captain America Stealth Suit!

Adam Savage here from Testim in my cave Adam Savage aka the old Captain America earlier this year I tweeted this picture and this is me just after walking the floor at Phoenix fan fusion con in a beautiful replica I own of Captain America’s Civil War suit and it was a custom I’d had for a while I’d been refining it and and and and making it perfect for myself for a while and hadn’t talked about it so it was nice to finally reveal it and well we have another reveal today that civil war suit started as a contact I made with a fellow RP effort named Kevin Gossett he hooked me up with fabric and makers and guided me through the early stages of my cap obsession and well Kevin and his partner Robby Fitch are here today to deliver a commission that we’ve been working on together for a few months it’s my stealth suit yes okay guys come on in hello it’s good to see you thank you it’s I mean we’ve we’ve all met a different cause that’s right parts of the country yeah yeah but this is the first time you’ve been to the cave it is an eye sight to behold we have this thing it’s like people come into the cave and they know it from tested but it’s still I always forget that it takes like a good hour to kind of just stop being like well mate yes yes it’s definitely something too if you have to soak in yes generally it’s hard to imagine so what happens is people come in like this and we start talking and I want to shoot the breeze about the thing that they’ve brought and these guys are just like but we’ve gotten through our shooting the breeze that’s right and you guys have brought a stealth suit yes we have I am so excited i Winter Soldier is it’s my go to of the Marvel films it’s my favorite happy place I can watch it all the way through from any point in that film right and these costumes are part of this sea change that’s been going on in costuming wear for the Marvel films I didn’t know this that an expensive thing is getting the actors out of their costumes and then back into them right I can have a meal without being in Thor’s and they’re super uncomfortable for them to wear and they work right mm-hmm so Debra Landis told me about the the stealth suit for for Winter Soldier being the first one that utilized a screen printed dance fabric I think that looks like ballistic nylon right and you guys have reverse engineered and gotten this process down yes yeah yeah oh and Chris I was actually said this was his favorite suit of all the suits that he had worn because it was so comfortable for him to wear because he had it comfortable we actually sit down and would eat his lunch in costume because he didn’t have to get out of it today can you imagine the prompt team being like get mustard alike you know like we’re gonna cover that with some dirt luckily you take the best off yes you can take the best off right that you have you know more comfortable innocence leads and what I noticed is even in the screen-used costumes that when you take the mess off you’ve got mesh pants for breathability you know I’m tell you that the kylo ren’s costume does not have that no hot all the way through okay so let’s start breaking some parts out you’re talking about this build obviously I’m gonna put this costume on at the end of this and we’ll talk about that but I’m really curious about your process and about the difficulties and complications sure yeah there have been plenty right so let’s start with the suit all right so the big reveal oh look at that man so like you mentioned the screen printed fabric yep yeah it has the look and and almost the feel of like you said it ballistic nylon that’s more heavy-duty but this is even softer than a civil wars and it’s stretchy you find things around innocent yeah Wow it is gorgeous now I’m curious about the weathering that’s on this suit obviously I’m gonna hit this with some Fuller’s earth right kinda dirty it down a little bit but is there like edge weathering on so far no this is a clean snow in this one but in the screen one actually not because really only seen that he wears this him for the most part is the elevator scene and the scene on the boat yes which are first right when he right puts it on and so there’s not really much weathering just because he’s not out in the weather okay also he did wear it in the opening of endgame right well when they went to fight that it was the exact same suit there’s are some slight changes because that’s what they like to do this is the thing that happens when you become obsessed with a costume yes you get the eyes for that cost job there are folks on the RPF we know them who can look at any stormtrooper helmet and tell you not only which movie it was made for but which maker made it for which movie when and how accurate it is for so you have the eyes having which scene it was right on it okay so what are the tiny

differences between this one and the end game one um so that it’s really some minor pattern changes that they did a little bit on the shoulders so please add their touch yes yeah exactly okay so this is this is just beautiful work guys amazing and they’ve got the pants on the inside oh free weather yeah oh yeah that’s the thing about the Cata students they don’t worry at all about getting it dirty there you go this is and this is a it so that’s urethane one of our friends Jordan with Jordans ironic armory mmm-hmm he’s the one that did the stripe set for us yeah it’s one of those things if it’s not broke don’t fix it anything else is already doing it yeah and so he made those for us yeah he threw me 3d modeled them all 3d printed them and then mastered and molded he cast them in a rigid Schorr urethane rubber with metallic pigments in the rubber in the rubber yeah that’s great so it doesn’t scratch yeah no metal just yeah metal pigment stuff one of the things that Buffett one of the things I did on my civil war suit was I took that molto chrome mark right and I just hit the edges yeah these things to give him a little bit of a light kick and the great thing about his set is it was actually designed around this pattern so it all the Aces fit the way they’re spoke oh right so it’s exactly I’m here to hear and are these the pants inside yes inside yeah alright so it’s the same way it’s a war suit where it zips at the way four greats motorcycle armor exactly and so that keeps your pants from sliding down and it the big thing is if you raise your arms it keeps everything from shifting up you know it’s back down that’s another thing yeah so it’s really a sued yeah that’s something we had to figure out as we went right because the first step photos weren’t Intel Civil War that showed how this was actually right constructed so that’s where we started with the Civil War there seems to be missing that lower back piece at Civil War right exactly there was a bit different in that concern so so that’s where we had to make a little bit of concession with accuracy yeah our zipper placement because his suit doesn’t have a zipper and so it’s it’s much more difficult of slide the vest on oh right so I started to make that concession because the flap on the Civil War goes all the way down the back and so it hides a zipper and fries and this one it only goes the distance that we did here right and so we make a slight concession to make it easy to actually put on so they okay so this is the others right right all right this is yeah that’s for that 80s look I didn’t write the pants had red stripe one of the best a lot of people miss that that there’s red stripe on the sides of the vest and that goes down the pant one of the best things about caps costumes are the pockets he actually has one can I tell you it’d be like cosplaying gives me a window in many ways into how awful it some of the parts of being a woman must be alright mom the Marno baggage right exactly exactly there are pockets it makes me crazy why aren’t why aren’t designers answering this and making beautiful dresses with pockets right for crying out loud and even when there are pockets most the time they’re fake right oh my god so yeah I noticed this when I took my cap suit out yeah I actually had a place to put my stuff in all pockets and carry your phone your wallet all that good stuff this is cord um so and actually and you guys did the construction on my Civil War so we had some great behind-the-scenes stills yeah of this suit and pre ocular so we were really able to translate those details to be had earn much better than most people would have been able to is we fine-tuned it with our with our tailors yeah to get everything as close as possible yeah what we had on file it’s just it’s gorgeous that’s really I mean all this patterning looks super you know there’s a thing of like there’s these multiple layers right there’s like is it screen accurate but then there’s also like I’ve seen stuff that’s from a ruler standpoint dead-on screen accurate but doesn’t feel right right exactly yeah and to be honest I’ll always go for the whole thing feeling better than it being profanity screen accurate yeah the most of both worlds here this is yeah that’s what you see on screen versus what the costume actually is because there are some minor differences with color and things like that translate front because they do color correction on film right as well thanks to what you actually see on film versus what the actual prop was because a lot of times there’ll be different shades that kind of thing where we we that’s our goal is more of what is it that somebody saw versus what it actually was you know when you put it on when you see it when you feel it do you get that feeling that this came right off the movie set yeah and then and that’s the the amount that it moves around is one of the things that feels so terrific about it because not many superhero costumes actually make you feel like a superhero they more make you feel like you’re in an Iron Maiden again a straight very sit and that’s I mean that’s what cuz I used to make this stuff out of Cordura right right the the the people that we partnered with did code or suits originally and they were just miserable to wear Wow so is there any kind of metal structure built into

this this actually has aluminum rods that run through the connections for strength right so it’s in the mass now yeah yeah and that’s we’ve had some that had so we’ve added that into our casting process amazing really proud of this set because of we’vewe’ve Harley Reeve and how we do things yeah so we use our glow forges we do laser cutting so uh you notice I see yeah so all of the leather is now laser cut and so we get really fine precision and Robbie when I scan clean he completely revamped our patterns to make everything more act I used the you know the the shots that we had of the screen you suit to do as close as physically possible to matching what you see on screen oh I hadn’t realized how quite different the path oh yeah very different this is very close to the age of Ultron right and there’s some detail changes but pattern ysus is pretty much exactly the same as the age of Ultron and then the war is totally different but he’s to throw in a wrench the Voltron instead of using two layers of leather it’s actually a layer of ribbed screen printed fabric instead of this oh really age of Ultron is paper yes but it’s a UH on the civil war an end game they actually switched to a screen printed rib fabric so it’s actually a fabric so you have the two layers of leather and then you have a strip of that fabric have you guys have either of you met or talked to people that worked in the costume department on the Marvel films no not yet the thing that I will tell you is that they’re hard to find they’re hard to get to but when you do your I have found that the knowledge I’ve gained about the super inter sissies and super minutiae about his costume is always like so gratefully received by the people that ate shit building this we go through the same thing and say I love talking to the real makers because you’ve experienced what they’ve expanded so an abiding connection it means something these are gorgeous they’re also I can see that they’re gonna whether Lilia nicely it’s a really nice right like it’s just gonna have a really nice pull up to it so yeah I can scratch it and kind of rub it back in that’s Korea the leather was a real treat to work with we actually picked up some new leather hand creaks then she stitching machines oh really I used to do these I’ve been I wasn’t worried sighs yeah new walking foot industrial machine called a sail right mm-hmm which Anthony Kovacs I’ve done some collaboration with uses and says it’ll go through like you know three or four layers of leather yeah I never let go yeah I’m super psyched about adding that oh my god so it’s great tails on this you know the buckle here and then on the harness as well those are cold aluminum cold gasps he’ll or the record means a superfine aluminum powder has been mixed in with the resin we used to translucent resin um so I’ve actually had my best results I dust the mold first mhm then I use a black base resident okay so you get a little bit deeper you have a color with the metallic that way it works really well with the aluminum also works really well with something like a brass yeah really a deep rich color that way nice so I use a black base instead of it clear I found like I give my best results with that that’s it looks great and of course because the powders all the way through the reservoir it’s not gonna you’re not gonna have a facha scrap off right don’t scrape off and then all the smaller detail pieces we actually laser cut with our laser cutters kind of acrylic acrylic with a right finish yes okay so this is what like um there’s that wonderful designer on eBay who sells the panels for everyone’s props yeah right so there’s there is one for cap suit there’s one for the same kind of thing the reason that we switch that we used to do the same cold casting technique yeah with real small parts like that’s really hard to not get any bubbles impression with cold cast you can’t really fill and sand the same way that you can with plain resin because you’re ready to pierce you can and so with this we get perfect results every time and then you can go over that with a little bit of sand fine sandpaper some black wash and you get some real nice popping details off if you wanted to matte it down a little yeah I like that I want to talk about specifically getting them boring this outputting Maggie a nice big fat magnet in there so I can actually yeah this yeah so what we normally do right that all the metal shields are too heavy to do that no no we use our fields with it all the time you just have to have very strong magnets strong magnets and the smallest the shortest distance yeah obviously so what I normally do with these is all poor half-caste mm-hmm I’ll embed my rods you know and

then I’ll put the magnet in all right and then I’ll pour the second so it actually holds the magnet in and it’s about halfway through so you’re not having yeah three quarters of an inch between you’re only having a quarter inch or so so that’s an option you should probably be able to just force to work yeah horrible drop your magnet right in put epoxy behind yeah and that was just because we’re on a plane oh yeah we didn’t wanna bring that heavy fridge magnets but big magnets are kind of cool and then there’s one other thing that we wanted to bring you yeah so this is from the same fellow that made the stripe set Jam he wanted to give you a little gift to go with this hmm yep so we’ll let you go and pull this guy out no oh it’s beautiful so you’ve got your own brand new cat helmet to go with your suit that is and so there are subtle differences ya know mainly because oh really the only difference captain is actually one of the most consistent consistent props that they use in any moral film really different this is this texture yeah well actually i laser cut all this for his masters oh so i laser cut this into acrylic and then it hold and then put the mold and urethane on to his masters and then test speaking of the buckle the name lights oh and there we go so I actually Jordan design that and then I cut it oh and it’s got the correct things got the correct buckle oh my god so a funny thing about the buckle is nobody knew for years and years what we’re going from and then randomly somebody one day found it in a hardware catalog for life-saving yeah for like for like life flight yeah simple nursing so they contacted them and they didn’t have them of per sale on their website so you had to call and order them that changed over the phone they actually posted on a news got out they actually posted on Facebook one day that face wind they’re like cosplay community discovers your buckles right used in everyone yes baby why are we sold so many these damn buckles so they actually added it as an option to their website and what’s funny is they’re only like three dollars right funny expensive at all I will tell you on this one to make the cut to make the helmet sit right on the nose I actually sewed in baling wire right across the hole inside to shape it and gable to match mokey I’m gonna put this on yes go for it this is very exciting oh wow Janice why your head measurement was this is why this is perfect several sizes yes everybody has different sizes totally perfect Wow all right let’s see here you got it there here we go oh your God he nailed though there we go yeah there you go now your young fellow dude this is perfect amazing I can’t believe in a helmet arrived it’s it’s like what a mitzvah ah oh wow and then he he modeled this headstand for display purposes so you’ve got that as well when you’re not wearing the costume dude I’m so is that Chris or is that just um these just you know he was in San Francisco being interviewed by my friend Adam Rogers for Wired 25 and I invited him and Rian Johnson over to the shop but they couldn’t make it oh yeah I’m trying to show cap my cap someday someday will someday yes I can’t wait to weather the crap out of this yeah yeah we specifically not to weather it because yeah amazing that is okay and then one last thing yeah so we are starting up some tears as well so raised for you I’d have personal well in a previous job I did screen printing so I kind of got the itch to do it again so I screen printed these it’s got our logo on the seat as well or just oh a two-step with a sleeve logo yeah what a pain in the butt yes exactly so a friend of ours actually has a charity and so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna donate 10% of all sales of our maker shirt before that he his name is Ian he runs a charity called fight like Mason up in Canada just my childhood cancer he lost his son away years ago that’s how he actually got into cos me was at the hospitals when his son was in the hospital cosplayers would come in to the kids up he saw that when his son passed away he’s like I’m gonna do that and so we’ve he actually has one of our suits he was the first we donated yes anyway on one of our suits and so he does that he has several suits now giant

charity in Canada and so we’re gonna don’t make donations with the proceeds all right I want to talk about the specifics here this this is it’s the illusion is so complete having like own coats made out of ballistic nylon I own Swat gear and stuff like that it looks exactly right but it’s so lightweight and this is a piece of the raw fabric this is actually slightly different yes it is a new process this is moving it’s a little bit more cost-effective it’s super stretchy exactly it has a one bit of a lighter weight fabric I can feel that it’s actually almost like a jersey I mean it’s got a kind of a weight to it it’s a nice stretchy four-way oh fabric yeah and this was the real sea change that it’s four-way stretch right the actor can move around exactly yeah um what kind of it’s a dimensional ink yeah does it does it puffs up how do you it’s a multi-process you you know what’s like the t-shirts you can go one pass yeah usually that’s good this one you’re having to do multiple passes to build up the layers and they also do it without moving and green and they have to take the screen so you screen it once you take it out you heat it eat it flash it so that it puffs it a little bit no I think you bring it back you do it it’s really about so you won’t forget the screen exactly place don’t wear the same with with the screen printing rig a decent one registration is usually fairly simple it’s taking it because that’s like plus or minus less than 10,000 a cheap Wow that’s that’s a hell of a registration with repeatability yeah yeah oh my gosh and so we’re actually doing 24 by 36 panels mm-hmm you can’t do unlimited size right exactly you can’t just do bolt on you know fabric on a bolt which is why it’s something like the cat costume works because it’s very segmented it’s one of the ways I’m hiring that well it works that way they don’t really just make a basic jumpsuit right yeah because you really can’t you’re limited in the size we can try of course of course of course so yeah we’re starting to do some different textures you know we’ve got the cap texture here we’ve got some other basic superhero yeah like a hexagon and we’ve like squares like Deadpool weave right right started playing with that you know like a crosshatch that you see on Black Panthers cost you mm-hmm so lots of subtle things that most people don’t even notice but it’s there and like you said the the eye the eye fills it in yes it makes it feel real versus just a costume it makes it feel like a uniform this is I’m so ecstatic about how this looks about the color choices even down to like the color balance between this blue and this blue and this blue it’s like it it’s that’s hard to get right yeah yes definitely some trial and error I mean you I’ve got so many bolts of fabric upstairs that are like almost the right color yeah well in like even with your civil war suit the colors were much different on that suit than they are on this one that’s right right a deeper deeper blue the red is deeper red since this we may change L from is still suit right you know it’s it’s a darker blue I definitely more deep it’s not his I’m gonna run out in public and save people soon right right I’m a little darker but larger see right I’m so right I need you guys to connect me up with a source for the right stealth shield okay and that one that yeah because I think the one I have a regular shield and just it feels way too heavy yes yeah the metal shield the metal replicas that are out there can be quite heavy they’re great for display they’re great to have on your arm yeah and someone come up and you know lit they think it’s fake you’re not gonna like oh that’s real metal head that happens a lot that happens at cons you know kids will come up and they’ll knock and they’re yeah it makes it real but they are heavy to wear and they are heavy to carry around in a con hours at a time the lightest ones are about eight or nine pounds which doesn’t sound like a lot but when it’s when it’s on your arm for eight hours yeah your shoulder feels it oh I can imagine all right I want to put this on so I can see this needs a little bit of velcro right yes okay I that way we have it sized to your size with the costume on terrific and then I’d also like to talk about the placement of the belt because I’d like to sew in a little velcro on the jack absolutely so that this registers and then this can just be a little self stick velcro on the back yeah yeah okay cool it’s just in a like an alignment piece and it also helps to to put a little bit on the harness if your shield with it yes and I won’t weigh who that is if you have the shield and you don’t have that set it tends to droop well is this hole that’ll be nice to do with you guys here because I’m doing it on my pickup version of institutional knowledge you have the deep knowledge so that we can get that

placement exactly right okay good I’m gonna wheel out my sewing machine and while I’m starting to get dressed in this I’ll break out the velcro and know we can start to modify until this is right all sounds great this is masterpiece here’s the thing about prop collecting it is a constant exercise in small and large amounts of disappointment nothing ever quite matches how good you want it to be this is just there’s no loss of translation here this feels great yeah and you can move around moves that can actually do stunts yeah I could some work hood if you wanna have y’all allowed to by contract okay so we need to sew some vocals yes I don’t know minute some steps in America’s ever sat in the sewing machine any costume right yes he has we just haven’t filmed it that’s right there we go that feels great good right oh there we go ladies and gentlemen here we have it that’s maybe my favorite part about this is right cosplay often looks awesome feels super uncommon yes this supplies both I just your work is absolutely for Sheila thank you so much oh my god from you yes yeah ready to fight some crime I don’t want to get out of the elevator now’s the time you