[ENG,한국어CC]프랑스자수 배우기 – 장미정원 자수 파우치 만들기 (고양이가 나옵니다)

First we have to put embroidery You have to draw a pattern first before embroidering If you look at the package The pattern will be printed on this thick paper Please cut this If you cut it like this Please prepare a check fabric for embroidery Place the pattern well in the center Draw lines along this pattern And if you see There will be two marked up here Please mark this part as well Please mark inside And don’t throw this pattern away This time it came out for the design Cut thin paper After cutting like this According to the pattern we drew before Please put the pattern Secure with tape Prepare carbon paper Place it between the fabric and the pattern And along the lines of this pattern Draw it with a ballpoint pen You have to press very hard to copy the pattern well You can make a copy like this I’m going to let go of the embroidery If you look at the pattern There will be a round part like this There will be a rounded line The line where the line is drawn will go into the Ribbed Spider Web Stitch The circle is filled with Spider Web Rose Stitch The first part is the line drawn like this Let’s start the Ribbed Spider Web Stitch I’ll finish it like this You can embroider all other parts in the same way And so empty Do you have a circle This circle draws five lines around the center Along this line You can let go This is Spider Web Rose Stitch When you pull from here I pulled it a little bit good You don’t have to be too loose Do not over tighten Please pull with moderate force If the straight line is covered to some extent, finish it

You can do this with fishbone stitch Leaves The middle line is not drawn So after drawing like this You can do fishbone stitching I tend to lengthen the stitches here The angle came out so pretty You can embroider all the leaves like this If you have embroidered this way I’ll sew this time Prepare your pattern again There will be another outer Please draw on this table Please draw together the lead here And add 1cm of seam and draw on the outside Draw this as well And there will be lining like this This lining also flips Inside Draw a pattern Please also draw seam 1cm Cut all four of these fabrics together I’ll sew the lining first Let the outer side of the lining face the outer side of the lining Fix it with the basting pin And draw this extension line I’m going to broadstitch it from end to end When you first start Starting from the inside 3 rewinds You can do it I’m at the other end After this part three times, Please make a knot This time you have to sew the outer If you prepare 2 outer shells Put the embroidery part so you can see it well Please put up the other outer fabric as it is The reason why I put the outer I put it like this stitch line Draw to the end of the sewing line with a water-based pen I’ll fix it with the basting pin Then the line we need to sew From the end here to the part shown here First, please broadstitch Then from here on down

Sew it up to here I’ll sew from here to here First of all, roll it back Then go broadstitch If you come to this line next time Please revert from here Please finish Then skip this part I sew again from here Please rewind Up there to the bottom of this line You can do it broadstitch I came to the end again Please revert this part too Please make a knot Then, I’ll sew this part and the rest And there will be this curve Please cut this curved part with scissors You should never cut to the stitched line You should cut it close to the stitched line You should not go over here Please lining as well And turn the outer shell over Then put the outer in the lining And here is the seam allowance Please fix it with an basting pin It is better to open the seam allowance like this The lining and the outer are combined Here is a hole that can be reversed It’s called a hole This hole Set it From around here to the end I’ll sew Please rewind first You can continue sewing along this line You can continue to broadstitch If you come to the end here Please revert back here

Please finish And turn it over here Put the lining inside the outer shell Please touch it by hand Here is the hole where the string enters Make sure the seam allowance is straight Please Please check the lining together If it doesn’t spread well Something like a needle It’s good to spread it well And here is the entrance Press it with your fingernails Please take a good seat Especially the hole You can block this window hole by slipstitching The knot always starts inside If you want to stop it Knot it Please hide this knot Insert the needle into the hole where the thread came out Take the needle far away If you pull it, the knot will be hidden Then cut the thread tightly Like this Fold this pouch aside I’m going to draw a line to match this hole Draw a line with a fabric pen like this I’m not going to use the line up here And I want you to stretch out the fabric I’ll fix this side with a basting pin So it’s easy to sew Now prepare embroidery thread like this Please running stitch this line The needle goes into this hole Hide the knot inside Running stitch You can start Now you have to finish Make a knot here Instead, don’t make the fabric too tightly knotted 1 stitch Please make a loose knot Then put a needle on the side of 1 stitch Take the needle out of the slightly separated part And pull it out This knot hides inside the fabric You can cut the thread again Please sew the bottom part in the same way Then there will be 2 ribbons like this Once it’s going to come out like this I’ll put it in the opposite way So when you pull two I’ll make it tight I have these matting needle or clothespins Tie a ribbon to that clothespin

Then I’ll put it like this From here Put the ribbon Skip here Please come back to the hole you went in Take two well If you look at the package, there will be wooden beads like this Please roll ribbon And put it in this bead hole This part will be a little hard It doesn’t go well Like this If you put it The ribbon comes out at the end Grab this ribbon and take it out This puts the beads in Please tie this end once Then the beads won’t fall out ~ Tighten it tight so it doesn’t loosen Please trim the ends with scissors The other side will do the same I made all the pouches