Learn English – Ross and Arturo video lesson

hello I’m Ross with let’s do English today we’re going to do an intermediate lesson talking about the computer I’m here with Arturo how are your us good and were you from Peru so today’s lesson as I said is an intermediate lesson talking about the computer because a lot of people want to know about computers and use computers it’s a good lesson to really know the parts of a computer so ready to begin I don’t right so this is a laptop computer this is a Macintosh Mac Book Pro so the there are two major types of computers these days Macintosh and a PC this is a Macintosh ok the Macintosh was started by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak back when I was a very small boy and this is a current version of the Macintosh ok and we’re only going to be looking at a Macintosh today but there are other computers which are PCs which usually run Windows like Windows XP or Windows 7 and just about to come out Windows 8 this is a Macintosh running o operating system 10 or OS X OS X OS instead of Windows instead of winning it was incorrect so let’s start by just talking about some of the pieces of the computer ok so what is this so keyboard keyboard and correct this is the keyboard and it’s generally used for typing words into your computer okay what is this well Mouse like a bear without mouse correct this is like a mouse this is called a trackpad trackpad so people are common or used to using a mouse which moves this little mouse around on the screen the little pointer on the screen and they normally use a mouse this is a trackpad which moves the cursor around the screen instead of having a mouse so okay so this is a trackpad and what is this truck that trackpad trackpad a trackpad perfect and this is the keyboard do you work keyboard these little holes are for the speakers just be cursed okay speakers this is the power button power mother power button power power button power button this is the screen screen screen and this particularly this type of screen is an LED screen LLD l-e-d LED okay it stands for light emitting diode which most people don’t need to know but it’s an LED screen this what we’re viewing on the screen right now is the desk top desktop the idea when they first came up with this screen most computers had a single line where you had to type commands in mm-hmm it was called a command line interface command line commands dead line instead of this star instead of the picture feature so this was what made the Macintosh so different instead of having a single line where you had to know how to type things in you had to know what to do this type of computer allows you to see your documents make it easy to make it easy exactly so this is the desktop and its idea was like a desktop like you’re sitting at a desk okay you have files you have folders you have pictures so some other some other parts of the computer what is there’s a long wide slot here this is the cd-rom so you’re on cd-rom CD or a DVD drive looking far

for your choice I mean CD or DVD currently old ones only did CD newer computers almost always do DVD give me two okay let’s look at some of the ports okay so this is the power port power port okay this is where you would hook the power supply okay to to give it power this port is the Ethernet port Internet of Ethernet if you know you if you know ether Ethernet Ethernet different it so that comes from ether means air or the this is ether mmm-hmm so this Ethernet is a name for the ether Network okay the idea being that you’re talking to other people somewhere else in the world okay this port is a FireWire port fire wire fire wire okay it was meant to invoke very fast so like a wire on fire so this is a is a very fast port they have faster ones now but when this port was new this was a very fast port this is a display port de port what is the fire work for the fire wire but so this port is a USB port USB okay firewire and USB ports are for hooking things like printers cameras if you had a big keyboard that you liked mm-hmm you could plug a keyboard in have you played this and instead of this correct or a microphone more a camera so the difference USB is slower but lots of things can hook to it a keyboard doesn’t need speed a keyboard is very slow mm-hmm a mouse is very slow a microphone can probably work in the USB just fine but a camera a big camera or a big hard drive to store lots of information needs a port that’s much faster danger even yes but faster my father okay so this firewire port is for things that need a lot when I use it I loves me so this little one is the display port display port display port it’s to hook external monitors so an external if I wanted to have this screen and a bigger screen that’s the display port like a TV or TV I could hook HGTV a large TV to the DisplayPort and the reason this is a new port because the computers have gotten so thin mm-hmm the old port that used to hook to televisions is thicker than this computer yeah so they had to come up with a new port so this long slot here do you know what that’s for for that cut perfect this is for a memory card memory card the beauty of this slot is that I can take a camera record with the camera onto a small part take it right out and put it right into the computer so I could hook the camera to the firewire okay and slowly or quickly reports but actually slowly while we sit here and wait or I can take the card and put it right into the computer number it faster and that’d be even faster this port here to small round ports here this one is for a microphone okay so this is an advanced microphone that won’t plug into here but

lots of small microphones or simpler microphones plug into that port this last hole is for earphones okay earphones so I can put earphones on my head or external speakers so speakers outside then I’m sure they were okay because even though this has speakers they’re not as nice as make speakers do one better sound yeah yes so this is a famous symbol do you know what this is it’s an apple it’s specifically an apple with a bite taken out of it this is trademarked by Apple so you trademark you know what trademark means yeah hey man whenever you see that you know is yeah exactly trademark it belongs to Apple so even though this is clearly a simple Apple they own this image yeah about this computer Apple has become very famous lately because of their style and design so this is an example of that style and design this is a aluminum unibody laptop meaning it’s aluminum face but it’s very smooth it’s a yuna body jr buddy yuuna body junuh buddy you know like a unicycle unicycle yeah unibody mainers one yuna means one mm-hmm body is the body it because this entire piece of aluminum is one piece so it’s a single piece of aluminum and it’s a very sleek very thin very pretty laptop yeah okay so other things about a laptop when I close this the light goes off and it’s now in sleep mode just loosing it just closing you’re looking it for the sleep closing it and puts it to sleep and the light goes out the beauty of a Macintosh is that I can open it press the spacebar and it comes right back to work mm-hmm save energy it saves energy I’ve had pcs that when you open them they don’t want to wake up it seems like a simple thing but the beauty of the Mac is it works very well that’s the it’s pretty but it’s also very reliable all right so a couple of more this tiny little hole here mm-hmm that hole is for attaching a lock so I along so I could slip something into this hole and lock it to a table so I could have it in a classroom in a school or a coffee or a coffee shop and no one could steal it well they could snap it but they couldn’t pick it up and walk out okay this is the remote port so I could have a remote control and watch a movie while I’m sitting on the couch okay and I could remote control for the volume or change herself exactly so to change the volume or to fast-forward or stop the movie okay this I loved this one this little button mm-hmm and these little green lights I don’t know if the video can pick that up tell you how much battery power you have left no hmm so that’s nice this buddy correct the less lights the fewer lights yeah the less battery power you have and that is every port very sleek so the things that would be on a Macintosh and a PC most all of these same things

are on both a Macintosh and a PC laptop okay so a PC laptop would have a CD or DVD drive it will have a keyboard it will have a trackpad it will have a screen it will definitely have Ethernet you know it will definitely have USB it will and it will definitely have headphones what’s unique to a Mac so only on a Mac this is a special power adapter that has a magnet so that when you put it in if you bump it it will fall off that’s special to a Macintosh PCs don’t have this that’s you said what is you put in there the power cord core power key now you say you say you just nup it so this okay magnets and that little light comes on but if I just bump it if I break it yep and typically a PC most all pcs is some type of a bigger plug yeah and if someone yanked this it would fall on the floor yeah whereas this won’t so this is special to Macintosh I’m sure they trade but I’m sure they patented it oh yeah so do you know what a patent is patent do you mean something belongs to so for someone to create so want to invent something I mean so a patent is usually the right to tell other people they can’t do something nobody the same that they do without my permission yeah so that’s a patent so I’m sure Apple has a patent on the MagSafe connector so do you have any questions about the parts of the computer we’ve discussed so far I mean if without the court how long that’s the value two hours so without the cord how long will the battery last your first charter so on this laptop there is a little indicator here that tells me I have 81% Oh percentage okay I can choose it and say show time instead of and now it tells me I have three hours and five minutes so I can choose all it shows you are these or this part two laughter you so say that yes but this just shows you lights so that’s what one two three four five six eight it’s me about six of eight lights or 80% okay so we have two hours and 52 minutes left okay so why don’t we quickly go over some of those parts we’ve already gone over so this is and you repeat after me okay this is a keyboard keyboard keyboard keyboard keyboard trackpad trackpad so it’s a it’s a pad mm-hmm that you track so track pad track that DVD ROM Drive dvd-rom Drive DVD DVD stands for digital video disc video this video this the the power adapter power adapter power adapter ethernet ethernet ethernet yes fire wire firewire display port display port port port port USB USB for Universal Serial bus they it’s called a universal serial bus because they’re used to on old computers be a lot of serial ports of different sizes they were all replaced by this on one

size so that’s why it’s a universal one exactly a card adapter card adapter card adapter card mm-hmm headphone port headphones port and a microphone port microphone port right and this thing is called screen yes and I’m on the screen I’m seeing a desktop perfectly so some some more items or before that if I wanted to know how much power I have what are two ways to know two ways I mean the tapas we cleaned here the time or a person test or a percentage power or you have the lights in here that tell you how how many life I mean how many body it has perfectly so some more the thing that moves around the screen when I use the trackpad is called this thing is careful yes perfect the cursor or sometimes a pointer pointer okay but cursor is correct okay these things are called icons so an icon is a picture on the desktop that represents something so this icon is a document a Word document this icon is of a movie this icon is likewise a document this is another movie and this is a PDF I can tell by looking at the pictures what type of thing it is okay do we see identify what is for Quran they’re easy to identify and so most of these are our wireless intimate or you need to connect something for the internet almost all laptops sold in the last two three four years are wireless so I could plug in Ethernet mm-hmm if there was no wireless and where you are yeah so here in this place there might not be wireless I can always plug into Ethernet if I have Ethernet if I have an Ethernet Internet signal okay but like a port internet port an Ethernet cable cable that will plug into either a cable modem or a DSL modem or some other way the internet comes into your home okay so there are many ways people get the internet mm-hmm and at least in America most places are wireless now sometimes I saw left of the house something I’m touching here like that it’s like a memory stick by it’s not like a memory stick is there it does for a while if any internet – yes so frequently old laptops five years ago 10 years ago didn’t have wireless so what you’re seeing sometimes with plugged-in on the outside is an external wireless card most modern computers I would bet if we went to the store all laptops that they sell have wireless now yeah but five years ago only 80% had wireless the others had a had something to plug in okay so also from five years ago you could have bought a computer that had slow wireless and you can upgrade by buying an adapter I don’t want to make it faster this is a relatively new Macintosh so it has very fast wireless internally so there’s external and internal okay the you do you understand the difference yeah yeah so I’ll tell me what external needs what were you need to block something additional for where they were besides what comes under so term not come with that so you’re saying external is when

you have to plug something additionally plug something in that’s not with the computer or does encompass it doesn’t come with it that’s correct that’s correct so what this is doing now is dimming the screen correct to save power so if we don’t touch the computer for a few minutes it will power down evenly it’s open even it’s okay yeah versus if I do this it sleeps now okay when it’s open and not plugged in it will sleep after some amount of time and we can adjust that oh yeah okay so a few other items on the keyboard these are your up down left and right buttons special to a Macintosh is the command button a PC will have a Windows button a Macintosh will have a command button they both have a control button but here is what can be confusing do you understand copy and paste yeah so copy is when if I have a document open if I have a document open and I want to take some text and copy it and paste it in somewhere else that’s not helping copy and paste on a Macintosh copy is command C on a Windows PC copy is control C because there is no command button on Windows okay so so the windows bottom in the PC is not the same the function of the command correct there is no command button on a PC there is a control button but Apple came first as far as control copy and paste a command copy and paste so Apple made it the command C for copy command V for paste or veep for phase V for paste so C is copy X is cut V is pacing okay on a PC they wanted to be able to do that thing but there’s no command button okay so they made it the control button okay this confuses people who go back and forth okay also across the top on a Macintosh our special buttons this one for example brings up a very quick desktop this shows me different windows that are running this makes the screen less bright or brighter okay those can be very different between different pcs so that is our overview of these simple pieces of a Macintosh laptop thank you thank you very much Arturo thank you for for example yeah