Traxxas X-MAXX Unboxing | RC First Run

Today we bring the XMAXX out! We’re just going to pop it open, take it on the trail, and show you how it works. Let’s get down in this box. Right now! Alright let’s go, pop this up here there we go, guys, XMAXX for you There it is! Oh boy we take it upside down There we go Flip him over This is the Xmaxx Right here we’re holding your controller It’s a radio Just going to pop this out, this is the radio Regular TQi radio from Traxxas you got the menu button, set button, this right here that button is Traxxas Stability Management or TSM – what that does is keep the vehicle tracking straight under high-speed and this right here is a trim to balance the wheel keep it straight – this switch right here would lock the throttle position from 50/50 to 70/30 – there you go, back and forth, very simple radio off and on battery underneath here Alright, we’ve got the RCs going crazy around us, okay let’s do this XMaxx guys, let’s pop this off Let’s get this off There you go guys, this is the XMaxx Right here, we got some accessories, we got allen keys — we got a gear, a spur gear here, we got some stickers, we got the manual … alright let’s get into the bad boy, one-time same time, wow … let’s get that off that guy, wow! Look at that guys, look at that woah big and heavy look at that, yeah Alright let’s pop this plastic off, I think we have to move the body, to get the body off, we got a clip right here pop that off like that, just so, take off this plastic this is the body guys – we got a beautiful clip holding it down This piece just slides in the front, right here … this piece slides in front right here This clip just pops up, and the body is off Okay, let’s get into the truck right here Let’s, let’s take this box off, so we can get some better vibes … ohh excitement put this down on the ground XMaxx! This is the Xmaxx guys nice and beefy really, really beefy tires -we’re going to burn this up for you today we’re gonna show how it works, we’re going to give it a really good run – the shocks are really beefy, a nice spring, Traxxas, you done know, bringing the XMaxx, yeah so we’re going to do some jumps and run it across some puddles of water and see what’s going down Right, show you underneath, nice, very simple, underneath here, the battery compartments are here, right here is your battery compartment pop this like so, battery goes in here, this other one here we got a prop this like so, batteries come here, one battery on each side and this is it – what can I tell you, the shocks are really, really nice, nice and beefy, very simple but durable – heavy, heavy piece of machine everything here is plastic, it’s a lot of plastic but the drive shift here, the steering arms here, look like metal we got some metal going on in here, in both arms inside here, the shocks are metal, metal springs

but most of it is hard plastic … Alright so let me get my trusty scissors out here and pop these zip ties, so this spring can lift up and show you how the XMaxx works, so I’m gonna cut this there we go, lift up, I gotta cut the other one … right here, there we go, alright so let’s get the battery out here and get busy I got two 6700 batteries here, we’re gonna pop one on each side, remember it’s just like this, just like so, there we go, that’s one and let’s slide them back in here just like that, it’s pretty tight guys wow there you go, nice, put the other one in alright there we go side, this in here, just like that we’re gonna put in a battery in the controller so it takes four batteries – you’re gonna pop them in here and get this RC on the road It’s a nice cool day today, cloudy we expect the rain to come but let’s see if we can bring you a really good show before all that happens. I got some other RCs going crazy around us, alright so we turn on the controller right here and no we got to press the power on the XMaxx, there’s a power button somewhere around here, right here, right there okay we get a green light … XMaxx is on beautiful woah It’s ready, yeah Let’s hold him up and give him some juice woah Ready guys, wow easy man haha ready alright so let’s pop the cover on, and go for a run just like that we got some RCs going crazy around us here, cameraman show them the RCs we got a TRX-4 and a Defender doing their thing alright so let’s get back to the XMaxx, let’s put this on the ground, let’s see what it can do ha ha yeah Shot! and that’s the result of the first run, we popped this up, alright, let’s finish it up

We will put on some paddle tires and have this going crazy alright, guys, we popped a wheel already, one wheel got tore up, this one so we got some paddle tires that we’re going to push in here, and see how it goes and we’re not playing with this truck we’re here to work this truck, so let’s get some tools out, I think that tool would be in that bag because we got to have a big wrench to take that off I hope we can take that off, so we can give you guys some more footage of this bad boy Alright so let get this wheel spanner out so there we go wheel spanner so we can remove tires and uhm pop this out, nice and easy, so I don’t lose anything Yo this is the first run and we popped the tire already, one of the back tires is popped too much power went in the back but that’s the beauty of it we’re having fun, it’s very powerful, I love it trust me, I love it guys I’ve had this XMaxx for a couple months well, just sitting there and now it’s time to show you guys what’s going down alright, let’s take this off how it goes there we go, so right off the box, we pop the battery in, and take it on the

first run, trust me, the truck is beautiful, I love it never had so much power before – so we got some paddle tires here that we’re gonna pop in – let me give you the serial number 773, the serial number, they cost $74.95 and uhh let’s pop it open and get these paddle tires in there for you guys there we go there we go guys, these are the old tires, these are the new ones, yup we tore that up, we didn’t play with it and I’m thinking I’m gonna try to do something with this I don’t know what but anyway, let’s move on to the paddle tires got a way that it has to go, so this is going to go on the other side this one, comes here alright looking good already, simple, like that just pop it back in now we’re ready to roll so one thing I learned when the truck flips over don’t put all the power in the wheels because we can pop the wheel, okay now we’re now tight, let’s make sure this is very tight – good – flip it now the other side, take this one out, it’s a pretty simple process there we go, there’s your new tire there it is Hey now what are we going to do, we’re going to leave two of the original tires up front I’m gonna leave these two at the back here, just in case we pop any more, we’re just going to do, two by two and see how it goes Alright, ready to pop this back up Put on the power can you get that power here, it’s got this power button right here there we go got to clip this up just like that – ready to run alright, let’s run back It’s an X-MAXX unboxing!!! We’re RC unboxing a Traxxas XMAXX Brushless Electric RC Monster Truck and taking the XMAXX on water for an RC first run!

This Traxxas X-Maxx 8s 4WD 4×4 offroad RC truck is fully assembled and Ready-To-Race® with a TQi™ 2.4GHz radio system with Traxxas Stability Management, 30+ volts with the VXL-8s Brushless Power System, and ProGraphix® painted body The ultimate monster RC truck, the Traxxas X-MAXX 1/6 scale RC truck is Traxxas tough!