FFXIV 4.3 1271 Seasonal: Moonfire Faire (2018)

and we’re back for another episode in this episode we’re going to be doing the moon fire fair for 2018 and as always hello from if free so we are here at the half castle 1113 in upper limb Solomon’s er so we have to talk to Maya rule Moira so the quest is called jump to the beach so we’ll get the e-mart splash so mmm would invite you to prove your skills in the ultimate test of acrobatic aptitude so why is it if it isn’t myth free what long has it been a year more perhaps I think the last time I saw you was also during the moon fire fair don’t tell me that you’ve forgotten about it already the festival was originally held to recruit adventurers to combat a bombard invasion but we gave them such a flashing they hardly been seen since bombard Zoar no we still hold the event each year proving wholesome fun for all the family that’s not all it’s an opportunity for members of the adventurers guild to demonstrate their skills to fair goers and their vines by others to join our ranks I’ll bet you know a trick or two am i right then why not head to Costa del Sol and show them what a real adventurer looks like when you get there just head to the gigantic wooden ho-ho and Eddie’s Ward the surprise well you’ll just have to go and see for yourself and trust me you’ll know it when you see it talk to the chaperones nearby and they’ll have you performing feats of derring-do before you can say seven sniffy snipers night several splendid sub loggers lot okay so let’s head as yet again to Costa del Sol five years guys five years can you believe it icon and the festivals for the game obviously coincide with me be a content creator because I started being a content creator with the launch of around me born so when it’s five years rising it means five years me free on YouTube right I just want to make sure on the right way I have to swim out to Lima okay remember for a long time we were like wondering when are they gonna add swimming to the game and they finally did so now I know that I’ve been really really lame when it comes to uploading my videos since having sward released well not well heavens ward and storm blood as well to be honest but it’s because simply I’ve learned over the years you know eight years and World of Warcraft and several years and we’ll finally 11th before this game that you have to just do everything in moderation so that’s why I’m slowing down so that I can keep playing so me free how good is the Seewald friend the moon fire fair wouldn’t be the same without you and have we got a treat for you okay so running from the pristine sands and the virgin waters of Costa del Sol a wooden monstrosity so imposing so unforgiving that all the most but the most courageous will run crying to their mommies it can only be the Aussie nibel warrior course interesting this event is sponsored by the ever magnanimous master ji guru under his watchful eye no harm will come to our brave contestants or to these currently clad ladies he seems to be boggling at present so where was I is to become a true yours young noble warrior you must let nothing stand between you and your goal this is the attitude we wish to instill in all aspiring adventurers through your example we aim to teach them that there is no obstacle that cannot be overcome so long as you have discipline and determination and a strong pair of legs for they’ll be jumping lots of it you may observe other challenges admitting wael and curses but these things are not the key to success now you’ll need to rely upon an impeccable sense of balance uncanny awareness of your surroundings limitless patience the aerobic ability of an opal opal so well there are a few other things but I’ll leave it at that wouldn’t want you to get discouraged before you’ve even

started now would we once you’ve sorry once we banished any lingering comprehensions I’ll be happy to sign you up did I mention that we even have prizes for completing the course interesting interesting cool so think you’ve got what it takes to be in a your Z level warrior that’s the spirit I’m sure the spectators can’t wait to see you in action excuse me I’m here to register for the Aussie level warrior course am I in the right place you are indeed but you do realize this on the open to fully fledged members of the adventurers guild no offense lad but you seem to a bit too wet behind the ears to be allowed to join my brother is going to be the bestest adventurer in the whole wide world while it’s true that I’m not an adventurer yet if there is one thing I’m good at is jumping will you at least let me try it sorry Sonny if anything were to happen to you please I would give anything for a chance to become a neo zeon liberal warrior if I cannot enter I will it will break my heart and I shall throw myself from the top of the tower my sister will cry until the end of eternity and all right enough I read this to you but don’t say I didn’t warn you the Audion ibile Warrior course is no joke if you do yourself any mischief and I get the blame for it I’ll have you hanging from the tower by your tail I can’t believe I’m doing this to be on the safe side myth free here we’ll go first I’ll show you how it’s done there’s no shame in backing down once you see how a stiff challenge it truly is thank you I shall repay your generosity with an acrobatic display the likes of which the world has never seen oh where are my manners I am Artie and this is my sister our it is our pleasure to meet you so I am looking forward to seeing how a real adventurer tackles of course and once you are done it is my turn I hope you don’t fail sorry fall in the water so you and me now let B know when you are ready and be careful out there understood cool so we get the email straight away so you’ve learned the emote splash nice okay so we want to go over here don’t we okay so here is the the daily quest I guess that you can do over and over for the price or the price is I should say so yours your noble warrior okay so be will be your guide on the path to becoming an e or Z honorable warrior so are you ready to face the E and W course to risk it all for a chance at glory if so you come to the right place before you begin allow me to acquaint the rules of course it is divided in its a free pass which you have to complete in order there is but one objective to reach the chaperone standing on the platforms you can take as long as you need and if you fall off you just go back to the beginning of that section to try again the first chaperone you need to reach is J who will tell you where to go next and I’ll step onto the jet of water and make us proud okay so obviously I won I mean I’m confident I’m not gonna fail okay jump yah yah yah yah yah yah yah yah yah there we go so are well done but don’t pat yourself on the back yet there’s still a long way to go once you’ve caught your breath make your way towards H at the end of the second section best of luck okay where is the second section okay that way ah okay so there is another course that we have to go through oh Jesus

okay good jump oh that’s close yeah right so let’s work this out and fall off and I need to jump yeah eek yeah gotta get nightmares of the tower in kudani all over again can I jump that high yep oh oh I landed on nothing okay there we go I mean I wasn’t worried at all such poise such grace a fine demonstration of what members of the guild are capable of however I must save my most heartfelt congratulations for you when you’ve conquered the third and final stage luckily for me I will have the perfect view of your ascent at the top good luck okay so the final stage look God’s sake so they would add a tower puzzle to this white game wouldn’t they damn it okay Oh God huh crap because if you jump too far then you risk going all the way down to the bottom again eat like that for example and see how he felt now you won’t die you don’t have a die from full damage aha zero deaths so you did it I knew you would right from the start I had a feeling about you I couldn’t help but follow your progress every step of the way let’s ignore that fail right at the beginning and it seems I wasn’t the only one your young friends jumped for joy when you reach the top this reminds me that you better go and let H know that you finished a course he struggles to watch the competitors and handle all of the registrations so we asked all successful entrance to report in afterwards it helps us keep a track of things you don’t have to hurry though I think you’ve earned a risk by after all your exploits and watch your footing on the way down we can’t have you breaking your legs in front of everybody that will certainly take the shine off your achievement cool that’s complete so that is done so shall we jump off here we the hearts though I took damage right okay so we now need to go back to and way over there so I said if at first you don’t succeed give up that yeah I think that’s how the saying goes totally totally okay but whatever we succeeded so I’m happy so yeah now well we are slowly swimming towards a thing because people have been asking me a lot have I quit five I see 14 it’s like I said before no I haven’t quit I’ve just got other priorities right now so and I do want to thank everyone that’s continued to show support towards everything I do so and yeah I’ve been playing what’s of other games recently but you know I don’t want you guys to worry like Final Fantasy will always have its place in my heart sort of thing anyway here we go right so we will get a endless summer coffer which is of assuming full of outfits so H which is such a you was praised while RT prepares to tackle the obstacle course so the heroes returned I was watching intently from start to finish a truly breathtaking display if ever there was one that was incredible I never seen anything like it I want to try to huh maybe when you’re bigger Missy how about you are it’s not too late to change your mind I think not witnessing thing with sorry witnessing me three spectacular victory has lit a fire in my soul today I shall fulfill my destiny fame and

glory here I come so wait there’s one my spin guy but I did have a few words of advice for him but perhaps he won’t need it hopefully he will have learned a thing or two from you me free still I can’t help but worry for the lad could you keep an eye on him I’m coming too so I are we gonna have to do the course again and save him okay no we have to just go here just a seasonal events don’t end until you get an achievement always trying to stay limber isn’t it aha here I go okay so he didn’t even make the first job so oh no we have to help him at least he’s motivated they’ll give him an A for effort so I might have been a little overzealous sir after all my grand words what a fool I must look I saw have a long way to go why why are you laughing it’s not funny you’re a big stupid face so M what Evers gotten into her I don’t stand there go after her she doesn’t seem like a – like big stupid faces law no go after your sister right where did you run off to now please help me look for her sigh right ok so where is she ok she’s next to Costa del Sol so let’s go just to save myself you know a Minotaur swimming right so let’s go okay hey she is so huh em and what’s the matter go wait stupid face it’s no use you won’t talk to me well you leave me no choice there’s only one way to deal with this with sulky little girls hmm come on me free splash some water on her to make her laugh well shall I do it okay so I wonder if the command splash will work there you go /yeah it’s cold did it so is miss Sookie going to tell me why she ran off I’m sorry Miffy you’re not cross with me are you so it’s just so after the festival my brother’s going a long journey to become an adventurer long journey what gave you that idea I heard you talking about it with mummy and I know how much you want to be an adventurer he didn’t tell me because he thought I’d be sad I’m right aren’t I I’ve known all this time and it does make me sad but I wouldn’t want to you to give up on your dream for me that’s why I told myself not to cry I thought you’d be upset when you fell in the water but you were laughing you’re right I should have taken it more seriously especially since you and Miffy came to watch me but I am serious about becoming an adventurer you see me free we don’t have a father so I help our mother look after em I realize that I needed to become a man to become strong enough to support my family I just didn’t know how but when I went to moon fire fair a few years ago

and saw the Cascadia drive off those dreadful bombards I’ve discovered my my calling in life to become an adventurer if I was brave as the heroes of the adventurers guild I could protect my family from harm I could provide for them as my first step towards becoming adventurer the movie affair presented the perfect opportunity what better way to prove my worth than by overcoming the BMW course but I was so eager to prove myself I got carried away and you know the rest I humiliated myself in front of everyone so I tried to laugh it off I didn’t know what else to do I never meant to upset you but I haven’t given up hope what do you think me free if I keep training do you think that I could make it as an adventurer great oaks from little acorns grow as the saying goes there isn’t much call for bit come on their Lord client ate acorns are you saying I should become a botanist huh I think I understand now yes I shall do my utmost to one day become a great oak and you’re right about a lot of things is true I am going to be away from home for a while and my face yes it probably is a big stupid looking from time to time I didn’t mean it your face is fine how it is well most of the time anyway but if you’re going away will you make me a promise don’t die no matter what you don’t have to be a hero just be safe that’s all I want it’s very yes immediately gang of flash back to was it called a film called but it’s just like what’s it going to say I will never die very well and my promise I will never die well not anytime soon at least now that’s settled I think it’s time for us to go home thank you so much see you again wait don’t go running noggin before I chase after my sister again I’d like to thank you you know the kind of adventure I aspire to be and it was an honor to meet you if there’s one thing I’ve learned is actions speak louder than words that’s why isn’t it yep yes maybe I should aspire to be strong silent type too something to work on as I embark on my journey but before I leave I would like to spend some time with my family please give my regards to H and the others till we meet again cool so now let’s return to H me free man of Filth five years guys five years it was a very quick five years I got to tell you okay when le that so welcome back I trust all as well so oh he decided to become an adventurer after seeing the moon fire fair well if it isn’t a testament to the festival’s power to inspire I don’t know what is so it wants the cookies of my heart it does so and as for you you’ve helped me make the festival a huge success after all the casualties we’ve had I was worried that the guild would accuse us of constructing a deathtrap we’ve had a few minor maimings true but no one’s died yet that has a to count for something a of course this year’s movie affair is far from over so why not stay and soak up the atmosphere you can even run the E and W course again if you feel so inclined on behalf of all the chaperones you have our heartfelt gratitude cool so we got the achievement tonight the stars are mine let’s take a look at what we got

cool so we got Oh okay so we got a pair of glasses where are they are those these nope these ones and then a summer top okay and then summer bottom and then summer sandals okay make sense yeah there you go there’s me free in the latest outfit we’re gonna quickly go see if there’s any other rewards we can get by doing the daily thing but I don’t think there is especially given that the the daily quests only gives you like fireworks it doesn’t give you anything else let’s see fair crier maybe there’s other other rewards somewhere else but I’ll have to take a look at it another time so anyway guys that’s it for this episode thank you for watching as always and remind me to set up my webcam before I start videos hope so anyway guys thank you for watching if you liked that video remember to give it a thumbs up you can watch around the video over there you can watch the latest upload down there or you can click down here to subscribe thank you guys bye bye