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AlfaAnanasz: PogChamp jonnie_dilly: Got a hickey there, muchacho? OFFICER_KKONA: greetings GandalfTheGrayOfHell: Pog Lord_Likon: imrosenWhatodo hmnvdota: hey synthetic11000: What’s up George GandalfTheGrayOfHell: @georgehotz different place today? pistolpetepcp: Yooooo case89: you just notified my phone you bastard alexmchugh: got in here fast vbhv: yoyo Waldoqq: hey bud tdubey: back to the regular apartment? epsalt: yoooo session_variable: what up RAMBOxBEAST: Hi JohnnyThe_Hobo: lets goooo fedecha: Yoo mmachatschek: Hi George. Greets from austria tjhackus: tjhackus subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 2 months! only stream I actually watch. blast the AC and stay cool my friend sampletexteuv: is this an asmr session Kappa Akaky_Akakievich: Hi man! JohnnyThe_Hobo: lets expos the truth Feenix111: Twitch game. Yeah !!!!! GandalfTheGrayOfHell: Jebaited organize by stealing everything jordanoBC: hey George ThePepe3012: Are you in your kitchen? deepfrieddeals: yo. long time first time 0hawkinzzz: suuuuuuuuup jonnie_dilly: A hickey and you lost your voice? Good work, brother 0hawkinzzz: how’s it going? kklisura: What’s up? joker2k999: what’d up pistolpetepcp: Damn yelling at employees to get their sheit together audaciousribbon: the cloud case89: yo George when coronavirus is over throw a party for your twitch fans tjhackus: only stream I watch, blast the AC and stay cool my friend ozzy_1024: sup George!!! angie_exe: heyooo! 3FXX: Google dorking? optimizely: We’re building google v2 knotyourshoes: first time actually watching live GandalfTheGrayOfHell: @georgehotz mergesort repo getting a lot of traction Pog astrocraft23: hello ganc3ann: someone got lucky last night optimizely: Make the world a better place numinousloop: What ya been up workin on? Rohitbokade94: We are hungry. What are we eating today? qlutoo: Yo bro deepfrieddeals: lol 32bitrobo: Sup Buddy mattdougherty22: judge my website: ahfkhal: Or go abroad ktzKalash: basically you saying you like books hjklhjklhjkl2008: perverse incentives (SEO)? wkulikowski: 🔥🔥🔥 Lefer_: LUL kklisura: Hey Goorge, do you ever get burnout? If so, how do you deal with it? knotyourshoes: LUL GandalfTheGrayOfHell: If people didnt want this, BuzzFeed would have ran out of business long ago @georgehotz masters8: People want an article from 2004?? 3FXX: It depends on SEO LuckyFeathersGames: People love empty whitespace jdssizan: HeyGuys SirNitti: 1. is true. Google search Algo pick this place b/c more people stay. time on site & they did not go back to search again on google == feedback user must like it anguscupcake: Woah this article sounds like it was written for me chrisxc: hey george

moktheacronym: what’s no. 1 wutango: true GoOnAli: its so annoying pistolpetepcp: SAME BROO Lefer_: Yea, same with pinterest GoOnAli: you cant even view it on mobile browser now DeeboMC: Is that how it’s pronounced? Never knew ktzKalash: same with glassdoor pistolpetepcp: I. will. not. sign. up session_variable: its not what people want Crypod: i literally just bounced off a website that did that session_variable: i hate that ktzKalash: fukkk thattt Rohitbokade94: What do you think about Youtube? foxubu: try instead b2kemann: word fallaest: eyyy gorggg chrisxc: is swiss cow good? foxubu: try it THE_korbi: ayy ayy ayy powerofpickle: Like YouTube? Or does Medium not even give creators a cut? ktzKalash: every time I see those pop ups I had to use Inspect Element LuL hjklhjklhjkl2008: fuck medium all my homies hate medium alxhotel: Im dropping frames covidneunzehn: cmonBruh youngsachi: LUL pistolpetepcp: LOL Crypod: LUL chrisxc: kek oppsec: hello god nsielicki: You can get an MS from GATech in CS for $7k. You’re telling me that’s a bad investment? Lefer_: LUL rhytual: LOL pistolpetepcp: medium is the same way… I can onlyread articles for 10 minutes RubberBanditHorse: LUL spicethyme: LUL Oisann: LUL DeeboMC: It’s really not “cue-ora” tho? SirNitti: hypothesiso : 1) is ok – kind of correct hypo: 2) reason why google rank those site b/c its algo makes it via SEO strategies youngsachi: LUL LUL session_variable: lol metsu_gadoken: WutFace hermitjedimaster: try duckduckgo? GoOnAli: yahoo xqcOld Crypod: dun dun duuuun monkaS mttwow: LULW fallaest: LOl shakreiner: Go for Bing moktheacronym: XD JohnnyThe_Hobo: bing is better tho. it has picturs GandalfTheGrayOfHell: @nsielicki only if u get in ktzKalash: lmaoooooo ozzy_1024: lmao MEATCHOPS: Qwant, you know its good because its french lasercatboss: gotta install the internet explorer toolbars for the real deal fallaest: what about duckduck 1gnorantb0y: ^ yup grekler3: compare data collecting .. ? kklisura: Try Altavista ozzy_1024: George where you at now? b2kemann: ddg dogemeat_: duckduckgo gang gang 1gnorantb0y: duckduckgo gives you same content as Google 32bitrobo: have tried the BRAVE browser? MoreThanHidden: Bing Kappa Akaky_Akakievich: what about duckduckgo hermitjedimaster: duckduck and bing ktzKalash: you gonna search something and forget about enes_ozdmr: yo whats up smurfd0: GoOnAli: xqcC fallaest: i like google for browsing dogemeat_: duckduckgo aint that strong for programming Oisann: brave DansGame PhantomYTReal: has your dna sequence been open-sourced yet? i_macuser_i: i_macuser_i subscribed at Tier 1 katoom72: yo why you have a hickey? hermitjedimaster: bing DeeboMC: What’s that new ddg replacement? sinisa_koscec: Searx fallaest: its not as good as google though malana_cream: what about duck duck go? hermitjedimaster: theirs a ddg replacement? roibeardo: 🦆🦆🏃♂️ arthur_landd: duck duck go for provacity MEATCHOPS: raad1masum: why dont you use a tiling windows manager? youngsachi: monkaS 3FXX: google rely on its crawl bot and SEO dogemeat_: interesting engine oppsec: internet explorer 11 > all JdPaulBlart: new company JohnnyThe_Hobo: bcz we live in a society and they don’t want gamers to rise up pistolpetepcp: duckduckgo is the search for tor browser drseussq: google doesn’t want you to drop out of society butyesss: go incognito jdquintana: They use Bing data. Check Bing dogemeat_: triggered my anti virus lmao DeeboMC: Everyone knows ddg.. yea there’s something that’s supposed to be the new, better private search.. heard of it last week but can’t remember it’s name fallaest: George quick quuestion, do you think i should quit uni, and study programming on my own? nudax: respect from sweden george lesserthangood: KEKW ThePepe3012: Nice hickey bro GoOnAli: gamers B) mystkomir: what makes a good website enes_ozdmr: wikihow I hate that website Willmakk: immense meme potential though moktheacronym: y tho hjklhjklhjkl2008: wikihow art is pretty hilarious you have to admit robonhansonem: test AlfaAnanasz: wikihow is like a $5 indian graphic artist and a $7 writer for every article LUL generated_human: Alternative to Google? JohnnyThe_Hobo: if its not dark mode i dont want your website fallaest: ^

grekler3: Minimalism ? lasercatboss: wikihow isnt intended for the stuff your googling, lets say you dont know how to boil an egg wikihow is great raad1masum: theres a lot of fan noise ktzKalash: hmnvdota: @enes_ozdmr what about kizlarsoruyor Kappa session_variable: lol dogemeat_: anyone used this one kklisura: Good website is one w/o JS framework, for starterts Airfrischung: asking for cookies on a website always makes me wanna close it – I hate cookies jsrojoo: lets you do an aggregated search FruitellaJesus: websites with ads and popups ItsAMarcos: hello geohot, how ya doinn Skurt2k: most information in one look jsrojoo: geohot what’s on your neck Laney_TPK: Clean, easy to read and understand, easy to navigate through, the idea must be clear from the landing page, highly responsive design and well optimised website for me is a good website YouPowerRush: ruyuF_SG ruyuF ruyuF PokCharizard inexus_89: HeyGuys HeyGuys DeeboMC: Too lazy to go grab my credit card from the other room. Somebody gift me thearthtyagi: yoooooo 3FXX: intention is ads and little bit of content of something 😀 AlfaAnanasz: @georgehotz if you rule out all funnel websites you greatly reduce the amount of valuable content imo TheDevWay: yo geo thearthtyagi: what’s this place btw? ItsAMarcos: have you played with GPT 3 yet George? ktzKalash: Welcome to GeoEdu TV and today you gonna learn everything about UI/UX codingquark: Hey! thearthtyagi: fraud lmao powerofpickle: I somehow got an internship interview with Tesla Autopilot team. Anything I should study up on? bravech: How would people continue to make sites if they can’t make money? All sites have to be written by someone with a day job? ItsAMarcos: I can DM you my credentials if you’d like thearthtyagi: congratulations @powerofpickle metsu_gadoken: what do I have to do to be high energy like George? hmnvdota: how does penai stuff go yuptheladsdownthecans: @powerofpickle fizzbuzz dogemeat_: love how this website is setup amoebanomaly: getting scammed on the internet is a modern shared experience rhytual: LUL Oisann: LULW pintwenty: Long time no see 3FXX: LOL devUdara: missed the first little bit; what you’re trying to achieve here? joiput: LUL JohnnyThe_Hobo: tomcr00se, the only rapper eminem doesnt dare to diss powerofpickle: Got it, will practice fizzbuzz over next couple days Willmakk: LUL inexus_89: SeemsGood DeeboMC: @itsamarcos you talking to me? lol robonhansonem: You can access GPT-3 through AI Dungeon’s dragon model. Here’s a link to a blank one from my account: thearthtyagi: iframes thearthtyagi: xD Barisartt: Whats with Sony lol ItsAMarcos: unique = unfamiliar = longer time to process ivylions: University prof / group websites ? AlfaAnanasz: how would you even track that lesserthangood: theres nothing i hate more than a 10,000 word blogpost on something that could be 100 words lesserthangood: time is a bad metric ericvaneri9k: Hey Georgina moves to a new place? beginbot: 70 raiders from beginbot have joined! r3dsantar: geo whats your opinon about computer science degree stupac62: RAID death_gadget: TRUE jagger_rsw: naaaahh…. us citizens are not allowed 🙂 ItsAMarcos: google sucks, it looks like they don’t even try to prevent rank gaming stupac62: @beginbot OMG ZuppaSalata: LUL Lefer_: LUL nikhilr14: do you think Twitter is safe after recent incident? waffleswala: @georgehotz Can you please brainstorm what to do to prevent deaths due to dog bite. 20,000 Indians die every year guileBR: daily stream PogChamp AlfaAnanasz: @waffleswala eat dogs ktzKalash: became terrible? Google used to be terrible when they had iGoogle codingquark: Those results are not very useful it seems ItsAMarcos: I always google reddit threads then look for the relevant links to blog posts and such jordandiaz1988: good jagger_rsw: Actually, you probably cannot go even with tests – Iceland — Admission to Schengen Area refused from noon 17 March until April 30, except residents, family members of EU citizens, medical personnel, and people responsible for transport of goods

Oisann: LUL FruitellaJesus: News all the time, even for the most obscure and nitch query waffleswala: @AlfaAnanasz Gotta ask dog meat lovers for that grekler3: 4Head session_variable: or maybe twitter? codingquark: huh ItsAMarcos: needs to be prefix?? fedecha: just reddit YouPowerRush: lul stupac62: WTF Vektorraum: that would be even easier to manipulate public opinion with than news sites this_is_falcon: thoughts on gpt 3 LiveCustoms: Hey baby xoxox waffleswala: @georgehotz Can you please brainstorm what to do to prevent deaths due to dog bite. 20,000 Indians die every year originogino: “uptime 3FXX: new search engine project idea right there originogino: !uptime nikhilr14: is Twitter safe? LiveCustoms: I finally learnt how to code Python and Django Kreygasm guileBR: website rank when alexmchugh: interesting what site on the right says a few lines down bravech: Spamming doesn’t mean he’ll read it ItsAMarcos: how deeply did you study deep learning to found a startup? do you feel pressure to keep up with state of the art? (I feel so much pressure 🙁 ) mkdrmnd: @georgehotz The Lindy Effect for the Web codingquark: That is an interesting algorithm Airfrischung: do you speak icelandic? lesserthangood: Kapp waffleswala: @georgehotz Can you please brainstorm what to do to prevent deaths due to dog bite. 20,000 Indians die every year SHAVEYY_: SHAVEYY_ subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 2 months! wow LiveCustoms: Google is better bruh dogemeat_: thearthtyagi: nope stupac62: @LiveCustoms did you just see the searches he did? haha thearthtyagi: duckduckgo is better dogemeat_: wiki replacement startup ktzKalash: These sites are the reason they created AMP Project fuuqtv: @georgehotz stephen wolfram is trying to organize the world’s information with his mathematica LiveCustoms: @stupac62 just joined the stream and heard that lol DeeboMC: That’s a tough sell potatosalsa_: bing is better metsu_gadoken: @waffleswala 20000 is like 0.000014% of indian population dogemeat_: i bought an xbox with bing points cefaloclever: bing gank reporting robonhansonem: OpenAPI-based search: guileBR: yahoo is better dogemeat_: \s smurfd0: isnt it fact that google and some search engines gives different answers to different locations? or has that changed TowlieGotHigh: Did u hear about Searx? it’s an open source search engine thearthtyagi: duckduckgo is actually getting better but just look at the upside of privacy you get with duckduckgo stupac62: death_gadget: One challenge with the internet today is it’s grown on offering free services by advertising and selling data, instead of charging for the service lobogato619: true alexmchugh: yeah I believe this is what amps advertised intention was waffleswala: @metsu_gadoken In absolute terms its pretty high, over 36% of deaths due to dog bites in world is from India drseussq: lol mystkomir: truee dogemeat_: cancell culture strong on twitter lmao FruitellaJesus: trueee LiveCustoms: Whats worse Twitter or LinkedIn? guileBR: Twitter = cancel culture only ICAntF331MyFAce: Nothing of value was lost codingquark: https://ss.wodferndripvpe6ib4uz4rtngrnzichnirgn7t5x64gxcyroopbhsuqd.onion/ Ss search engine thearthtyagi: twitter is worse btw thearthtyagi: linkedin provides some value to some people lobogato619: but twitter is useful when dropping a deuce 0979076690: How do you keep windows always on top thearthtyagi: twitter ruins lives grekler3: Comments on ? ItsAMarcos: I hate twitter but it feels good when strangers like my opinions on popular people’s tweets, plus I have FOMO to keep up with AI research robonhansonem: OpenAI API rather ktzKalash: Twitter = bunch of crying kids hjklhjklhjkl2008: coding search engine stream?????? sw1jari: if you have to use twitter, use pistolpetepcp: awesome stream so far santyagolp: hack SpaceX! dogemeat_: yo is geo back in SD apartment waffleswala: searx is a very good meta search engine FruitellaJesus: who even logs into linkedin when not looking for a job? besides recruiters ItsAMarcos: I think blocking twitter is a privilege of people with good friends, I am isolated IRL so twitter fills that void :'( foxubu: How about the darknet haha lightb00k: yo man! codingquark: searx I am not sure slimpimp007: twitter makes good content ngl THX1342: Index the internet? You just need a spider written in rust JohnnyThe_Hobo: elon is gonna create neurolink and some 14 years old genius is gonna hack the human race pseudocode: !commands lightb00k: hi xksteven: it’s not just size but it’s also the time it takes to reindex after every page every time it updates

dogemeat_: AI wiki SHAVEYY_: the twitter computer Kappa Tiacama: Ethereum? resinfingers: Whats up guys. anybody in this chat have a chance to look at covid data codingquark: Signal is on AWS you guys powerofpickle: Back to the mainframe model on a larger scale Atlas03: but what about the european cloud Kappa CensoredAlex: The question would be how much size is the internet without the top 10 most used websites. Imagine index youtube content correctly mattdougherty22: golden is great MoreThanHidden: google indexes 30 trillion pages alexmchugh: Twitter moved to custom THX1342: Altavista codingquark: ha ha optimodev: dmoz mattdougherty22: Jude Gomila who created Golden is pretty smart guy ItsAMarcos: embeddings are the new categories grekler3: comments on ? CoachMeech: Not in the office? alexmchugh: opinion on twitter using their own datacenters? bravech: Have you tried searching for it in Icelandic 0979076690: SeemsGood robonhansonem: Witches jasonscottreval: You didn’t check yandex? trampolineOK: remember that there are other languages slimpimp007: Iceland still accepting Americans? lesserthangood: political neutrality is impossible KEKW alexmchugh: i don’t think the data exists rhytual: LULW FlameSnare: political neutrality is easier said than done thearthtyagi: what are you views on singularity net? thearthtyagi: your* asdhxc: @georgehotz what do you think of peertube? PhantomYTReal: What do you think of the firefox better web thing? thearthtyagi: what are your views on the singularity net? davidbarreroo: what is hjklhjklhjkl2008: what’s the iceland thing again? codingquark: Hard to get people to use peertube mattdougherty22: I vote click on one of those clusters and critique it codingquark: I love the idea, but not sure of practicality MEATCHOPS: Any alt-site is just going to be filled with those banned by mainstream sites. hard to be neutral lesserthangood: did he check baidu KEKW melkeydev: hey @georgehotz hjklhjklhjkl2008: yandex image search is really really good bravetraveller: there’s a reason why Steve Jobs for the most part stayed away from political involvement hjklhjklhjkl2008: it’s image search blows google’s out of the water melkeydev: what is Yandex stupac62: remember how you used to be able to search blogs from google? lightb00k: democratic decentralized online information platform can help achieve unbiased self checking information platform lesserthangood: baidu ganggang rhytual: LUL Ne0Zer0: kayne would make a great social media ceo Kappa thearthtyagi: fr try out duckduckgo grekler3: @davidbarreroo like twitter but “free speech” website cutza: did you already address the twitter bitcoin scam? erfault: duckduckgo is run by israelis right codingquark: runnaroo TheKoreanZombi: This guy said the Iceland corona test want painful. scat_burgiss: Yandex LUL thearthtyagi: duckduckgo will give you results you won’t expect on google at all fabi0___: What do you think of blockchain-based search engines? melkeydev: which search engine do you suggest @georgehotz ? FusRoDead: Have you tried searx? hjklhjklhjkl2008: isn’t quality something that’s hard to define? waffleswala: @thearthtyagi DDG keeps failing JohnnyThe_Hobo: you won 20 bucks but now they have your face forevr illogicalism: you have to check bing, its the best out there LiveCustoms: Thoughts on Yo Gotti – Recession Proof? JumpTwiice: what up george lightb00k: duck duck go gives better result than google muffclap: indexing without bias jawbre9ker: domain authority ktzKalash: GitHub stored your repositories in a Artic Vault. what’s u thoughts on it? this_is_falcon: but how do u determine quality ? dr_set: why should tech companies have political neutrality? They depend on and drive innovation and that is the polar opposite of “conservative” by definition DeeboMC: @georgehotz what do you think of wolfram-alpha? (Specifically, with regard to future evolution of search/info-seeking/organize/and or general computation interfacing) codingquark: Yes, the privacy orientation works only so much TowlieGotHigh: But how do u know, what is quality and what is not? Atlas03: rolf Ne0Zer0: yo bing it Ne0Zer0: ez rhytual: @georgehotz well how would you quantify quality? thearthtyagi: @waffleswala actually not, it’s really cool robonhansonem: DuckDuckGO is bing waffleswala: @FusRoDead searx is great in my experience blabbernab: why sub only vods sir? thediamnd: Didn’t think that you know about search that we use in Russia thearthtyagi: bing SUCKS jasonscottreval: yandex’s reverse image search is decent imo. At least the one time I tried ItsAMarcos: george I’ll start a search engine startup with you if we make Lisbon the HQ Moe_Bradberry: bing Kappa LUL YouPowerRush: HahaReindeer Trindor_: what are you looking for when you search how to drop out codingquark: https://ss.wodferndripvpe6ib4uz4rtngrnzichnirgn7t5x64gxcyroopbhsuqd.onion/ Ss search engine stupac62: it was there Kamranfb: (people in chat that know how to code) how did u learn how to code , ive been trying for awhile and it just doesnt stick stupac62: 6th one down dogemeat_: bing bing (bing bing bing bing bing) said crazy frawg Moe_Bradberry: stop trolling him with bing chat Keepo foxubu: For face search try

slimpimp007: Bing is doing the most EstrangedTV: quora LUL davidbarreroo: set up in the kichen ? gigafact: Can you check runnaro? jagger_rsw: which George’s distraction are we processing today? 🙂 joshperri: How do you measure quality when there’s HUGE incentive to game the algorithm? corpus_cule: is bing even remotely competitive anymore? dogemeat_: QUORA gang gang waffleswala: @thearthtyagi it just crashed for a couple hours just a couple days back at least in India ktzKalash: @kamranfb practice practice practice dogemeat_: lmao cutza: Ask Jeeves is the only way to go Kappa ThePepe3012: What are your opinions on Clearview AI? rhytual: @Kamranfb what have you tried? lorride: yandex? FusRoDead: @waffleswala Yeah searx is almost completely anonymous and has plenty of options to organize searches lightb00k: can search and indexing be optimised by using unbiased ML model? intjaded: i wish i had this little responsibility lmao TJSparks: I would never pay you kvndsantos: askjeeves intjaded: all love georgie hjklhjklhjkl2008: so this is a search engine purely for poweruser? waffleswala: @georgehotz Can you please brainstorm what to do to prevent deaths due to dog bite. 20,000 Indians die every year Kamranfb: books , courses, videos ThePepe3012: What are your opinions on Clearview AI? Kodaly: they mispell stuff on purpose PepoThink Tal_X_Tal: !uptime codingquark: @gigafact runnaroo is weirder than ddg in a way because they don’t close anything at all about themselves (relevant details that is) kklisura: Do you think search engines should respect robotos.txt? LiveCustoms: Id give you 500 Rupees adibaby04: @waffleswala shut up stupac62: @Kodaly they do dogemeat_: dady geo thearthtyagi: wait why do those scammers misspell on purpose? muffclap: ill work for free DeeboMC: @georgehotz wolfram-alpha thoughts? melkeydev: so what is ur search engine of choice? Google? pistolpetepcp: parameterized search engine Tal_X_Tal: wassup george 21_savior: @georgehotz huh? explain the nigerian missspelling thing please Moe_Bradberry: but who really cares about morals anyway Kappa Ne0Zer0: LUL Skyshifter: if you cared about money u would build google lol this_is_falcon: read about GPT 3 ? dogemeat_: hipster gang FusRoDead: @georgehotz use searx JumpTwiice: LUL JohnnyThe_Hobo: i get my news from mirc channels foogs_: id use your search to find an exploit to get out of the known universe thearthtyagi: what do you think of Vektorraum: what if news talk about you erfault: money = resources = typically increased product quality waffleswala: @adibaby04 asking for his views not yours Willmakk: found you in the news Kappa corpus_cule: aren’t they just catering to the most number of users rather than a small subsection? stupac62: @21_savior it’s so the scammers don’t waste time with smart people iamaflex: @georgehotz what do you think about Tiktok as Chinese spy tool and getting banned in India zafke: What about GPT-3? grekler3: LUL Tal_X_Tal: help him BibleThump Kejisey: i am 🙂 calcmath: Have you seen the new GPT-3 model? covidneunzehn: help the prince gigafact: Did you check search engine Runnaroo? TheKoreanZombi: Search in google: iceland border covid test “painful” dogemeat_: confirmed geo sold out pistolpetepcp: phishing has evolved from nigerian to african JumpTwiice: 😡 help him northumb: he has a bruise in his neck? carefull with vampires shakreiner: “If the news is talking about it – It’s dumb and I don’t want to hear it” Great muffclap: how do you adequately eliminate the bias factor? erfault: tiktok is banned in india b/c of current events, not spying lol 21_savior: @stupac62 makes sense actually, thanks thearthtyagi: what do you think about pistolpetepcp: LOL fernaoguerra: have we talked about the twitter hack? FlameSnare: do you think there should be social media linked with users real/government ID? cutza: is Huawei a spy tool> dogemeat_: tic tak trash owvanguard: chech out yahoo search Pog adibaby04: george get a tiktok ThePepe3012: Oh the twitter hack THX1342: let me rage about tiktok being a chinese spy tool on facebook ItsAMarcos: hey george how did you come up with the idea for your startup? how to find things people would pay for? phrixus_bro: there was a george hotz thread on /g/ last night Kodaly: why would it matter if the us or china is spying on you Tal_X_Tal: poor zoomers fabi0___: What do you think of blockchain-based search engines? wazaR: tiktok is the buttplug of google play ?!? @georgehotz TJSparks: i mean facebook and other are already spy tool lol IAmChi_: IAmChi_ subscribed at Tier 1 mikey9988: Riot vangaurd glueck486: @georgehotz How much time till AI replaces programmers? 🙂 334_ranker: tiktok is just as bad as other apps FailFish thearthtyagi: squishy_swishy_fishy: discord is the real spy tool asdhxc: the tech board PhantomYTReal: I think the US is causing other countries to ostracize Huawei muffclap: indexing without bias? the_benju: Micheal Scott fell for the Nigerian prince scan maxschneider96: AI for drug discovery is promising vrnvu: What do you think about a RSS based search engine / indexer? LejLje: @georgehotz what do you do in your recreational time? If you have any corpus_cule: indian government is filled with alarmist idiots blabbernab: g is tech kalireza: all propriatary software can be spy ware mattdougherty22: Golden is getting good, it just isn’t a search engine Tal_X_Tal: poggies g Atlas03: monkaS Denis0109: all of social media is bullshit inless you don’t care about privacy, then go for it noobs lightb00k: information is being gatekeeping by big 4 corporations Skyshifter: does that mean we’re not gonna see u do the latest tiktok trend? stupac62: for open source discord thearthtyagi: what do you think about thediamnd: How do you use that small interface on mac dogemeat_: AI indexed the categories TowlieGotHigh: But Discord has emotes 🙂 so that’s why its better than anything else Parkpark1997: huawei is a spy tool JumpTwiice: PogChamp lightb00k: stack exchange is good cutza: did you already address the twitter security breach? melkeydev: jesus jasonscottreval: Stephen Wolfram seems to have spent a good amount of time on Wolphram | Alpha illogicalism: spam ip ranges rhytual: @Kamranfb just pick anything (small) to implement, can be anything really and stick with it – iterating over your approaches will make you better, not reading books or whatever (books are good to dive into a certain topic, not to get the feeling for coding) Tal_X_Tal: JumpTwiice jump 3 times Oisann: “i took covid test iceland arrival” jawbre9ker: crawling bot blabbernab: why sub only vods? melkeydev: this guy is about to show us how he is going to index search engine optimization SHAVEYY_: all these alternatives I’m still comfy in IRC 🙂 codingquark: Would be great if we brainstormed some ideas rdrgcnt: what can you say about randonautica app?? JumpTwiice: @Tal_X_Tal no bravech: “A PCR test is performed by taking a swab from the nasopharynx and / or throat. The long swab is inserted into the nose [and mouth] to obtain samples from the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. This may cause minor discomfort. ” stupac62: @melkeydev we about to see some vim! Tal_X_Tal: JumpTwiice FeelsBadMan ok iamaflex: @georgehotz would be able to pass a typical algorithm interview for a FAANG company? Ever do leetcode contests? jagger_rsw: @georgehotz you play CS:GO? dogemeat_: with our subhuman ideas combined: we can index the internet – twitch chat melkeydev: @stupac62 aye cheers brother JumpTwiice: F owvanguard: F TJSparks: F? FruitellaJesus: F thearthtyagi: have a look at kivasho: @melkeydev yoooo dogemeat_: F JumpTwiice: we back dreameragar33: anyone can clue me in on what are we talking about here plz? anguscupcake: just make it archive all the social media sites you visit and then click all links and archive those too stupac62: geohot doesn’t need to pass leetcode interviews LUL foogs_: throughput 334_ranker: wget too stronk blabbernab: F melkeydev: @kivasho aye aye aye aye aye Tal_X_Tal: smol f ktzKalash: @jagger_rsw bro, he only plays Chess TJSparks: lol the download dropped your stream mystkomir: f pistolpetepcp: cya Ne0Zer0: we gettin curled bois stupac62: if the company doesn’t know about Geohot, then don’t work for that company! dogemeat_: f covidneunzehn: how to download the internet DatSheffy iamaflex: @stupac62 I know but I am wondering how his algos skills are JumpTwiice: @dreameragar33 we’re making a better version of google THX1342: stream is fine pistolpetepcp: internet vs inter-webz sw1jari: wget * dogemeat_: “how to tar.gz the entire internet” Tal_X_Tal: download more ram Gamer_nohope: download the Wikipedia? pleasant_94: Kappa ItsAMarcos: hey chat bros, how would you guys come up with product ideas? I want to afford a tesla, can code anything, studying AI lightb00k: @georgehotz can self checking unbiased information/news platform can be created? Kamranfb: @georgehotz where did u learn how to code FruitellaJesus: get one of those internet CDs thearthtyagi: have a look at fallaest: is george going to upload this to youtube right? robonhansonem: Is search a learning problem? dogemeat_: he’s downloading the darknet on stream dreameragar33: @JumpTwiice terrific 0xnan: George has already talked about GPT-3?

sliderspy: create a deep learning crawlbot Gamer_nohope: you wouldn’t download a bear ScaredyCat 0xnan: multimartax: It’s kinda sad how Time-share mainframes never died out and everything we own is turning back into dumb terminals talking over https Kodaly: just drink some water bro dogemeat_: deplern internet codingquark: yo for real blabbernab: don’t care about money by the way muffclap: u doin drugs? BlueSeamoose: SeemsGood SeemsGood SeemsGood aaddrr: #ad TowlieGotHigh: What if, u made an AI that can recognize what is spam, ad etc… and blacklist those websites monkaHmm Tal_X_Tal: KKona TJSparks: bong? LejLje: what is lemonbong lightb00k: @georgehotz can self checking unbiased information/news platform can be created? GandalfTheGrayOfHell: monkaS dogemeat_: #ad smurfd0: carbonated? Oisann: “i took covid test iceland arrival” Third results says it was mildly uncomfortable thearthtyagi: have a look at fallaest: drink ascorbic acid with water bro dreameragar33: @muffclap if i had to guess he isnt MoreThanHidden: anguscupcake: hemp oil cures cancer Skyshifter: Drugs Pog illogicalism: please get rid of some of current SEO bullshit if you make a search engine muffclap: such an innocent looking can JdPaulBlart: @georgehotz Kamranfb: @georgehotz where did u learn how to code 5GToren: Panax ginseng tho Akaky_Akakievich: It’s the choice of the new generation nitrix_live: Lemon Balm is a nootropic thearthtyagi: yooo dogemeat_: did GEO go to uni bravetraveller: eww TowlieGotHigh: Mac CPUs LUL loduerik: @georgehotz How is life as a Silicon Valley elite? dogemeat_: Mac ARM CPU gang TJSparks: @thearthtyagi chill out man sw1jari: zucc has cake Oisann: our experience Tal_X_Tal: JdPaulBlart zuck lookin thicc af ItsAMarcos: If you weren’t working on self driving cars how would you find something to work on? How do you look for problems? 5GToren: you dont wan to get your ginseng from products from the supermarket with tons of sugar ini t dogemeat_: is geo going new macbook CPU erfault: hopefully TSMC’s ARM chips wont be thermal throttling 99% of the time like intels Oisann: @georgehotz the Our experience one resinfingers: What are we trying to solve here codingquark: Evidently you cannot maxschneider96: @ItsAMarcos Have u ever tried design thinking? erihen: Iceland covid test…a little lame maxschneider96: that´ s a fantastic method Denis0109: @Kamranfb No “How learn to code” messages, there are enough ressources to know about how to START codingquark: You guys are scraper scripts of your own right! lightb00k: @georgehotz can self checking unbiased information/news platform can be created? Zepcon7: @georgehotz What do you think about the ARM transition? ktzKalash: Y’all talking about discord and tiktok. Reddit is a honeypot nordwars82: I went to Iceland 3 weeks ago and had the COVID test. It’s not painful, although it’s mildly uncomfortable. 2 swabs, one in the nose and one in the mouth. The nose one is the uncomfortable one, makes your eyes water. (couldn’t comment earlier because Follower only mode is on and had to wait 10 mins) @georgehotz Oisann: It took me way too long to find lightb00k: condenast suck owvanguard: pizza lightb00k: condenast ellips0nspice: hey GEO what you’re doing? you’re need train GPT-3, then he do everything LUL thearthtyagi: yooo loduerik: @georgehotz Is Reddit popular in silicon valley? dogemeat_: reddit cancel culture is strong Tal_X_Tal: poggers reddit lightb00k: reddit is good gigafact: Runnaroo is a privacy focused search engine that pulls in relevant search results from the best vertical sources onlycase_: what about HN? 5GToren: twitter is anguscupcake: Reddit is weird social engineering erfault: reddit is where ppl go to complain i thought codingquark: @gigafact who pays them? ktzKalash: leddit LUL darkzade: whats on your neck 😳 nordwars82: It’s funny that I also described it as mildly uncomfortable. That’s not my reddit post! minibroman: the r/TempleOS_official is popin corpus_cule: reddit is echochamber central FruitellaJesus: @darkzade hickeys bruv drhgPepega muffclap: thats what your twitch streams are for now iamaflex: @georgehotz are you proficient in algorithms enough to pass a FAANG interview right now?I know you don’t need to, just wondering. 4 rounds of leetcode mediums-hard? asdhxc: imo consume product was always political madmocro: @georgehotz Any tips for CS graduates? Should I go for a Big Data master degree or just start getting work experience? TJSparks: how does that differ from reddit erfault: also reddit is probably the target of numerous HUMINT ops comradejaalle: Almost everything is political thearthtyagi: yooo loduerik: Reddit has been infiltrated by corporations owning subreddits death_gadget: I remember the golden days of Reddit. All good things come to an end sw1jari: apple made the intel chips thermal throttle so they can show nice graphs of the arm chips @ me THX1342: the amount of stupid politicization going on in the US right now is ridiculous for an outsider nordwars82: The test process was super efficient. They tested between 1000 and 2000 people per day, and I received the results via an app within 5 hours mattdougherty22: I took mouth swab test in PA DeeboMC: @georgehotz I want a general compute engine to replace the current concept of “search engines.” (Along the lines of a wolfram-alpha but smarter.. so stupid people can use it successfully).. let give you an example query to demonstrate what I’ve got in mind aaddrr: LULW owvanguard: reddit is more hive mind than a bee hive lol buklao: suh surajt: 😀 lesserthangood: do buble sort, bet you cant 😉 Darkm1ght: ratirlPickle Ne0Zer0: merge_sort FTW sokhibjke: LUL LUL loduerik: I learned a lot of useful info from reddit Kamranfb: GEORGE DOING WEED ON STREAM Gamer_nohope: Chan’s are better than reddit it respects my privacy Kappa DarkMode nordwars82: I was nervous about the Iceland test, but it wasn’t so bad Kamranfb: NOT CLICKBAIT rhytual: LUL Ne0Zer0: yikes LUL Lefer_: LUL loduerik: LUL anguscupcake: weed is good

ItsAMarcos: how deeply did you study deep learning to work on your startup? thearthtyagi: i love your impressions xD xD Moe_Bradberry: what is implicit bias training? Roman182: I’ll bet you money to solve a leetcode question in like 20 minutes MEATCHOPS: only 27 hours, what a steal Vektorraum: heap sort in 60 seconds? loduerik: “Telle me about a time you talked to a customer” jiffyjaffy: People who think reddit is all hivemind have never sorted by controversial lol hjklhjklhjkl2008: ur good at algorithms? implement a iterative postorder dfs from scratch codingquark: bias training what is that happypuppppy: “Tell me about a time you overcame adversity” surajt: link him Roman182: Idk chat gimme a hard question LOL smurfd0: is island testing a different way than any other? deep nasal swab ofaas: uh oh sandlordium: oh boy wutango: uh oh lesserthangood: POGGERS premell: is it possible with open source search engine or will it just be abused? aaddrr: why does he open incognito for reddit?? hardtarget4: never had to reverse a binary tree outside of an interview iamaflex: @georgehotz nice man! Would be fun to see you do a 1.5 hour leetcode contest on saturdays jawbre9ker: its so biased pistolpetepcp: @georgehotz are you still hiring Darkm1ght: @codingquark probably something related to ML models having biases and then someone crying about it being racist asdhxc: politics is completely astroturfed loduerik: @georgehotz Would you recommend a smart 18 year old to go into Computer Science/Medicine/Politics or anything else? anguscupcake: lol r/politics Lefer_: @jiffyjaffy lol and those comments are getting buried every time Tal_X_Tal: reddit bad BibleTrump: monkaS angie_exe: f muffclap: Sure but how would YOU measure relevance? bravetraveller: yes tchaikovsky69: republicans hate people reeee ktzKalash: @aaddrr cookies buklao: Cheer1 hows life dogemeat_: reddit filled with bots Tal_X_Tal: ^ nordwars82: @smurfd0 it was a deep nasal swab and a throat swab through the mouth. Not sure if that’s different to others since it’s the only test I have had lesserthangood: left to more left KEKW aaddrr: @ktzKalash t stupac62: true TJSparks: TRUE zafke: skyliasMUSKLUL skyliasMUSKLUL skyliasMUSKLUL skyliasMUSKLUL skyliasMUSKLUL onlycase_: thats a good take darkzade: LUL aaddrr: @ktzKalash ty robonhansonem: “/r/slatestarcodex” loduerik: browsing that subreddit seems so boring smurfd0: nordwars82 oh … i have only heard of nasal swabs thearthtyagi: have you checked out Vektorraum: how are the controversial comments calculated konradmad: damn boi Hotz looks sober and calm asf didnt have his coffee yet loduerik: @georgehotz Would you recommend a smart 18 year old to go into Computer Science/Medicine/Politics or anything else? illogicalism: whats the controversial thing in the first one?? codingquark: I want to know how it is calculated too comradejaalle: R/Politicls is bad, they ban anti-capitalist asap zafke: Squid1 Squid3 Squid2 Squid4 SmokeAndMirrors2: are we on the MacBook today? spitza: What are we doing ? lesserthangood: cant bucker the tucker anguscupcake: R/lolitics Kev_Rhino: fuck tucker carlson wutango: LUL LiveCustoms: George you should listen to Yo Gotti – Recession Proof TowlieGotHigh: what if, someone made a web on a different port, and made it hard for normies to get in, we can also remove javascript in the process so our browsers dont use 3gb of RAM monkaHmm Tal_X_Tal: LuL Mefe_1337: @loduerik why if sm1 is 18 year old he cant choose what he want to do in his life by himself? dogemeat_: tucker fired himself dogemeat_: lmao Ne0Zer0: lesserthangood LUL mattdougherty22: fuck NYT for what they did to Scott Alexander MEATCHOPS: Cucker Tarlson OttoCavalry: based af covidneunzehn: nice wolkantrop: old coke <# squiggly_nibs: I tihnk he was saying they were going to leak his address pilliam2: @georgehotz teach us stuff about algorithims multimartax: the new layout is trash, add old. before the link ItsAMarcos: how do you motivate yourself if you have no peers holding you accountable? how to make smart friends?? Skyshifter: u high as fucc boiiii dogemeat_: wget entire_internet_com muffclap: a dainty looking drug drink 5GToren: Lol went down the rabbit hole real quick aaddrr: new google Pogchamp LiveCustoms: print('Hello World') feed2: how do you motivate yourself if you have no peers holding you accountable? how to make smart friends?? Moe_Bradberry: Squid1 Squid2 fragiiFML Squid2 Squid4 hanzo_93: dox his place of residence EbeneezerPrime: Yo Kev_Rhino: eat the rich dsaRose Tal_X_Tal: yes eat them ! crispi____: LUL ktzKalash: eat the rice TJSparks: lol myasovlavashe: LUL aaddrr: LUL crispi____: soyboy jawbre9ker: lol kenqzzzz: LUL darkzade: @feed2 be smart and make alot of friends, then filter pistolpetepcp: ?????? LiveCustoms: F loduerik: STRAWMAN wolkantrop: voice user pistolpetepcp: DOesn't even make sense JumpTwiice: soy LULW loduerik: LUL STRAWMAN crispi____: actual libtard hjklhjklhjkl2008: MARTIN SHKRELI LUL zafke: kekw anguscupcake: Lol LiveCustoms: wait your not trolling? KappaPride Ne0Zer0: Kappa LUL Erichmoraga: Joe is an idiot metsu_gadoken: How do you make friends period? Tal_X_Tal: JumpTwiice ravenr9Yus soy u say kenqzzzz: i bet he uses PHP Skyshifter: its self righteous pistolpetepcp: Linus Tech Tips is boss c:

ktzKalash: @kenqzzzz the fuckkk LejLje: what if the guy just doesnt know any better hjklhjklhjkl2008: how do you feel about ineffectual preventative measures? codingquark: Hmm codingquark: Not logical anguscupcake: friends are a hoax loduerik: LUL YouPowerRush: ruyuF_SG ruyuF ruyuF PokCharizard 5GToren: Its half a black mail Kev_Rhino: fuck capitalism devUdara: what about a search engine that only took in primary sources for indexing and ranking; the likes of research papers, Q&A threads and forums? wouldn’t that help? hjklhjklhjkl2008: in this case, isn’t a false negative way worse than a false positiveEEEEEEEEEEEE? muffclap: skepticism on its face can trip people up. He probably didn’t watch enough of the stream BigBurrito_09: synonym dictionary was used in the making of this paragraph jawbre9ker: thats how they pressure people to agree with them comradejaalle: I don’t understand what you did thearthtyagi: the comment on top of it is mine lol robonhansonem: Classic concern trolling YouPowerRush: spit fire loduerik: youtube comments xD comradejaalle: What did you say? codingquark: Passive aggressive thing session_variable: totally aaddrr: if you have a big following you are obligated to say what the public wants to hear? FlameSnare: responsibility shmesponsibility MICROSPECTROPHOTOMETER: If you think like that you get people like trump lmao TJSparks: I SAW IT TJSparks: GO UP hjklhjklhjkl2008: i feel sometimes you just have to take preventative measures because of the assymetry between false positives and false negatives stupac62: so a mask is a political thing?? JumpTwiice: @comradejaalle explored studies showing that wearing masks is not as effective as people make it out to be stupac62: WHY Tal_X_Tal: Kev_Rhino lets eat them ! elephantpandas_8p: lol hjklhjklhjkl2008: regardless of wheter there’s clear evidence the preventative measure is actually efec tive Moe_Bradberry: @stupac62 in America, yes LUL crispi____: LMAO onlycase_: lmao what Ne0Zer0: LUL corpus_cule: LUL 5GToren: lmfao r000sh: LOL Skyshifter: that has to be a troll LUL Kev_Rhino: yikes shanumbra: LUL pielliepalie: 1 problem of the world is that asking questions is discouraged Kev_Rhino: @Tal_X_Tal hell yea bananiel66: TRUE the_benju: russian bots Tal_X_Tal: JumpTwiice didn’t the media start the whole meme lol erfault: -9000IQ andy? loduerik: LOL JumpTwiice: LUL classic FruitellaJesus: LULW Kev_Rhino: KKomrade codingquark: That’s trolling who cares 5GToren: underflow Kamranfb: what do you think about the “7 years of coding , in 7 minutes” its just for views JumpTwiice: @Tal_X_Tal what meme? Tauromachine: Crimge celebrimborfan123: Bro, working out is seen to have many long term benefits. You are hurting your brand by not working out or encouraging people to workout. Shame on you. Curls for girls, tris for guys aaddrr: true Tal_X_Tal: JumpTwiice the masks dont work meme buklao: Cheer10 take this on stream SHAVEYY_: LUL jiffyjaffy: Cut them out because they used their voice innapropraitely Kapp Tal_X_Tal: LuL TJSparks: ctrl + f voice aaddrr: same people on the cancel culture JumpTwiice: @Tal_X_Tal it’s not that they work anguscupcake: glutes for the sloots hjklhjklhjkl2008: how do you feel about type1/type2 error in this case though Famous54: LUL comradejaalle: @JumpTwiice Studies i visited showed if two people wear masks 70% less chance of transmitting covid, but yeah there’s of course still a chance, and if only one person wears the mask the % is even less of course. But masks are beneficial, so are gloves lithiumx4900: lithiumx4900 subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 5 months! I’m thoroughly convinced that the anti Bill Gates rhetoric is state sponsored disinformation thearthtyagi: hey man, check out 334_ranker: boomers trying to clickbait FlameSnare: when the word is an acronym? ItsAMarcos: George how do you motivate yourself if you have no peers holding you accountable? how to make smart friends? Tal_X_Tal: boomers fucked everything up tbh robonhansonem: Sir Richard Zinc created the methodology of the study in question 5GToren: KNOW, COVID, HAZMAT wtf lol the_EZPZ: Doesn’t the evidence point towards certain types of masks being effective? itsChopsticks: @georgehotz isn’t it strange that you’re told not to use the soapbox you’ve earned, but if you don’t have a following you’re also told to pipe down? stifles conversation Moe_Bradberry: press ctrl f and type it in hjklhjklhjkl2008: like even if a posteriori masks didn’t work, if there was even a 1% chance that they did something depending we should wear them JumpTwiice: @comradejaalle he looked at the different infection rates with different types of masks comradejaalle: @the_EZPZ of course dreameragar33: can u guys send a link to this video? anguscupcake: No one holds anyone accountable, everyone is on their own nbkar: except masks ARE effective in preventing spread… are they 100% effective? no. but do they have any negative effects on you for using them? also no. so it’s a net positive in the end, and there’s literally 0 reason to not using them luspr: LUL hjklhjklhjkl2008: east Asia LOL imagine not understanding contact tracing loduerik: lul sw1jari: NotLikeThis loduerik: EAST asia xD cunny38: LUL codingquark: What quick look CyberNuance: The obsession with IQ is an internet mental disorder Ne0Zer0: oh no the horror LUL JumpTwiice: @comradejaalle some studies showed that cloth masks increase infection rates while others showed that they were no more effective than not wearing a mask 5GToren: enjoy being outspoken, what kind of cuckoldry covidneunzehn: lol domtomthedev: george needs to go on rogan and have rogan teach him a lesson on reading comments hjklhjklhjkl2008: LUL imagine talking about IQ as if it was a serious concept Tal_X_Tal: lulw JohnnyThe_Hobo: @comradejaalle when you say th 70% thing you talk about this meme? PiroFloydian: @georgehotz are you not a consequentialist? loduerik: UR BRAND codingquark: Yes, fake person itsChopsticks: that’s the commodification of humanity celebrimborfan123: Bro, working out is seen to have many long term benefits. You are hurting your brand by not working out or not encouraging people to workout. Shame on you muffclap: skepticism on its face can trip people up. he didnt watch the whole stream saxxxey: welcome to late stage capitalism LUL Tal_X_Tal: PridePenguin true tho madmocro: @georgehotz I am interested in the data science field, do you think I should do a codingquark: Yeah like Joe is now a brand numinousloop: preeacchhhhhh RoboticMind90: LUL hjklhjklhjkl2008: LUL imagine thinking you can sum up a concept as complex as human intelligence using one singular value session_variable: what’s a consequentialist loduerik: yes crispi____: KEKW JumpTwiice: LUL thearthtyagi: not ethics, TETHICS bro! comradejaalle: @JohnnyThe_Hobo no i said two masks Translogical: how deeply did you study deep learning to work on your startup? robonhansonem: Fame becomes a disfigurement when you let you identify with thoughts in the minds of other people loduerik: LUL Oisann: LUL dr_set: LUL dunehazard: @georgehotz the world has become full of middle managers, everybody has the answers without any context or drive to learn jiffyjaffy: aight ill cutmyself out Roman182: LUL thearthtyagi: tethics btw cutza: lol Kev_Rhino: YES FUCK BRANDS pistolpetepcp: I don’t think this even has anything to do with the brand lol Tal_X_Tal: kek codingquark: cool numinousloop: FUCK BRANDS luspr: why would you be a consequentialist OttoCavalry: LUl sliderspy: in this age of information, there has never been so much misinformation Dieun: YOU’RE RUINING THE BRAND 😡 Reelix: @georgehotz Reminds me of people who say that the only reason that people commit code to github is to enhance their brand, and that people don’t actually code for fun :p UnnamedEntity: @georgehotz WikiData attributes are pretty good for indexing AlfaAnanasz: youtube comments is a cesspool codingquark: Knowledge organisation now Ne0Zer0: yo sponsor me with your brand george LUL muffclap: skepticism on its face can trip people up. he didnt watch the whole stream aaddrr: you are human hahah thearthtyagi: yo man it’s not ethics, it’s TETHICS antiratt: KEKW hjklhjklhjkl2008: ur good at algorithms? implement pagerank/solving for the stationary state of a markov chain from scratch Joooooooooonas: Youtube Comments are the worst me2m8: ye its like constant PR risk estimation cutza: People love shortcuts foogs_: what about cattle brands? Tal_X_Tal: not the brand bro robonhansonem: Human memes joker2k999: damn. LUL 5GToren: loduerik: @georgehotz Do u have ny advice for a 18 year old maxschneider96: let´ s get started guys FlameSnare: what was the “controversial” take you had in that video? notoriousfats: didn’t this start with you talking about toxic communities? DeeboMC: I wanna be able to ask an engine to show me the number of known elements by year, then it’ll build a graph of the data. Wolfram Alpha gets confused by this question. @georgehotz thearthtyagi: TETHICS Tal_X_Tal: BibleTrump oh no moshiko777: how do you keep motivated yourself while coding ?

utahjazz777: Agree about the freedom of speech, but masks are useful madmocro: @georgehotz I am interested in the data science field, do you think I should do a master in Big Data after I graduate for CS? Or do you reckon I should just start getting work experience Kev_Rhino: FUCK CAPITALISM dsaRose noemichael: yo from Belgium Skyshifter: I think the commentor means ur brand as in your company? either way still stupid PiroFloydian: @session_variable making decisions based on what the outcome/consequences will be Oisann: and brands who think they are people fernaoguerra: we still need that !M followers on Ig tho loduerik: Rip instagram influencers KEKW bravetraveller: don’t read the comments man, it’s just creates mind chatter Ne0Zer0: LUL fernaoguerra: haha JumpTwiice: already high LUL jawbre9ker: weed in a can LiveCustoms: what drink is it? crispi____: what is that codingquark: lulz itsChopsticks: what are you drinking? wutango: what is it JohnnyThe_Hobo: rip the original four loko nbkar: @georgehotz except masks ARE effective in preventing spread… are they 100% effective? no. but do they have any negative effects on you for using them? also no. so it’s a net positive in the end, and there’s literally 0 reason to not using them Tal_X_Tal: LUL champ900: can you zoom in to terminal crispi____: lmao muffclap: This tangent was sponsored to you by “weed juice” fallaest: lolx buklao: spindrift is better jasonscottreval: Now that I think of it, it should be called geohot archive lol. Orrr maybe not aaddrr: has it been regulated though Translogical: how deeply did you study deep learning to work on your startup? tajpouria: You talking too harsh lately thearthtyagi: Sign Gavin’s TETHICS pledge!! CyberNuance: cbd? resinfingers: Just read my comments JdPaulBlart: whats the drink codingquark: Sounds cool man DeeboMC: I wanna be able to ask an engine to show me the number of known elements by year, then it’ll build a graph of the data. Wolfram Alpha gets confused by this question. @georgehotz doomhammerorgrim: yeah what drink is it loduerik: Instagram influencers crying UnnamedEntity: I just ordered some, you should have shared a referral link Ne0Zer0: LUL AlfaAnanasz: @georgehotz what is your main project right now and how many hours a week do you spend on it? shanumbra: LUL LUL onlycase_: LUL 5GToren: xD weed juice neunaaz: no leetcode? fallaest: drinking weeeeed streeeams stalys_: imagine your brand not having an instagram checkmark Kappa maxschneider96: U need to try Stroh80 liquor, that´ s some nice shit haha thearthtyagi: gavin belson is calling you 5GToren: brought by xXHotzXx666 yogi_1010: Lol loduerik: 18-25 year old women PogChamp ofaas: im in texas and ngl this negative news has gotten to my head ive been holed up for the past two weeks and my mental health has become a wreck, gotta snap out of it comradejaalle: still 7% PogChamp loduerik: Kappa erfault: everyone’s a critic/non-conformist these days, which makes them technically all conformists Kappa localcanofdutchgold: sounds better than any cs program Tal_X_Tal: all those men PogChamp moshiko777: project idea – hack dating apps algoritems Vektorraum: to be fair, you closed out of a NNT article with several rigorous statistical arguments after reading the final sentence and saying “this is political”, that was not scientific thearthtyagi: page rank algo Kenturo: wahts the drink B1_Renekton: hi George, hope you are doing good dogemeat_: std::index(web.begin() , web.end() ) smurfd0: i want metacrawler back thearthtyagi: crawlee programmingmouse: lets do it LUL JAKWAI: george got a different location each stream ^^ comradejaalle: I would never try to crawl facebook seems like a big monkaW kklisura: On facebook you can just crawl videos lesserthangood: yikes Tal_X_Tal: hes drinking weed xd hjklhjklhjkl2008: pagerank isn’t even used anymore lol Ziv0: I use a thing called colly sliderspy: use deep learning hjklhjklhjkl2008: google has some more complex algorithms mumbo jumbo now fizeh: decentralize the web Tal_X_Tal: comradejaalle it is Ne0Zer0: yeah the local part is the real quesiton 5GToren: google dorks are filtered? Tal_X_Tal: fizeh eat all the admins thearthtyagi: but pagerank is good for coding up in a stream tho @hjklhjklhjkl2008 Mefe_1337: are we talking about white hat approach or black hat approach? WhiteTailedSpider: hey, guys, what is going on? muffclap: Could say fuck facebook and keep it in the corner by itself lesserthangood: who would trust the company though KEKW WhiteTailedSpider: KonCha comradejaalle: @Tal_X_Tal i open developer tools once and i remember a big warning sign cutza: Piedpiper did it tajpouria: Let’s write beautiful soup baby! hjklhjklhjkl2008: @thearthtyagi coding up pagerank is pretty dumb you just plug a matrix into a markov chain stationary state solver moshiko777: how do you keep motivated yourself while coding ? thearthtyagi: pipernet should be a reality man ofaas: what the heck is qq JohnnyThe_Hobo: pornhub not even top 10 itsChopsticks: isn’t tmall just taobao? Ne0Zer0: wow Moe_Bradberry: @mefe_1337 I’m a n9ob. whats the difference between the approaches ? comradejaalle: Never heard of it TJSparks: wtf is tmall lol thearthtyagi: @moshiko777 i agree but as i said it can be done wuick Ne0Zer0: ah china Dieun: Never heard of tmall LUL Tal_X_Tal: comradejaalle monkaS the zuck kenqzzzz: looks like a scam to me himusta: ROFL Mefe_1337: Baidu on 4 LUL thearthtyagi: quick* spicethyme: LUL 5GToren: alot of asian shit dogemeat_: elon’s latest tweet confirmed lizard man with wings itsChopsticks: tmall isn’t a scam. it’s alibaba, taobao, etc l1ght5p33d: @thearthtyagi iCloud is like pipernet pretty much pistolpetepcp: @moshiko777 start a project ofaas: thats with ad block gyne: china LUL Mefe_1337: @Moe_Bradberry one is full of roaches, one is not Ziv0: but the shipping costs tho cutza: makeup paraphernalia ck1956: makeup grocery thearthtyagi: why is chinese shit so horny JumpTwiice: VoHiYo aaddrr: does amazon not operate in asia? lesserthangood: its amazon bro XiuzSu: Where is amazon there? gyne: chinese UX is wild Tal_X_Tal: omg weeb sites Kappa JohnnyThe_Hobo: more popular than facebook PhosphoricAcid: yahoo still going strong pistolpetepcp: hahah my asian girlfriend bought me a windows activation code from here erfault: invest in tmall new startup venture covidneunzehn: drinking weed and building your own search-engine business – new content POGchamp B1_Renekton: ig Amazon is banned in china thediamnd: It’s alibaba Dervolleschlanke: smoke some weed dude hardtarget4: chinese amazon? sureom: just got here , what is george trying to do 5GToren: Lmao dogemeat_: !g alexa Ne0Zer0: lmfao Ne0Zer0: lul Ne0Zer0: LUL comradejaalle: Wtf TJSparks: alot of asian website LeeFranser: LUL shanumbra: LUL itsChopsticks: it’s their news site Ziv0: LUL twitchtest00123: same dogemeat_: LUL Tal_X_Tal: lulw myasovlavashe: LUL Skyshifter: news site? xmase123: LUL ozzy_1024: lol localcanofdutchgold: orange man bad PepeLaugh muffclap: is there an nba tab? xD ozzy_1024: asian websites man bichid69: whats going on? codingquark: How about metasearch engines? TowlieGotHigh: YEP China Mefe_1337: maybe we should exclude asian sites? LUL 5GToren: chinese google ? twitchtest00123: its like the start page of yahoo TJSparks: true thearthtyagi: chinese shit looks so horny WHYYY celebrimborfan123: it looks like msn lol the_EZPZ: Looks archaic covidneunzehn: behind the great firewall of china man twitchtest00123: yes exactly itsChopsticks: YA-HOO SO-HU cutza: chinese home screen JumpTwiice: LULW what the hell kenqzzzz: copied homework comradejaalle: yes Tal_X_Tal: YAHOOOOOOOOO! jawbre9ker: chu implying TJSparks: yes, different language JAKWAI: yea the signs ^^ thediamnd: Vpn bravetraveller: they have no shame man, no shame Ziv0: one is in chinese andthe other in English TheStudentDoctor: @georgehotz you should look at what Prof. Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, is doing: Ne0Zer0: LUL dogemeat_: Y A H O O bichid69: looks like bing tbh Gamer_nohope: you guys know about BrodatyWhiteBear: Yahoo has less ads swatThink Tal_X_Tal: china only lied about covid 1 time mikey9988: the blurple stank more thearthtyagi: also yes china literally just copies stuff lmao! JumpTwiice: kanye is out of his mind lately monkaS

triple__m: Yeah, ones trying to sell me to the government and filled with propaganda and the other one is in chinese font wolkantrop: now you knows Tal_X_Tal: yahoooo codingquark: ozzy_1024: kanye west for president dogemeat_: who dafuq uses yahoo twitchtest00123: yahoo at number 10 lol Jeptah88: yahoo LUL itsChopsticks: literally none of it sw1jari: zoom lmao premell: is it possible with open source search engine or will it just be abused? himusta: what are we doing today chat 334_ranker: thoughts on baidu? 5GToren: is there mass production of alexa in china hlikeocean: former google ad exec left to start this search engine nickname6031: where is the porn? Ne0Zer0: they played us like a fiddle Reelix: @georgehotz 15 – tmall again :p dogemeat_: internet.begin() , internet.end() ) metsu_gadoken: who uses yahoo? thearthtyagi: no one Tal_X_Tal: metsu_gadoken boomers TowlieGotHigh: 360 is Antivirus, why is it top 11 KEKW dogemeat_: no noe Ein_Steinway: I started to download the entire internet for offline viewing with my 1 gbps fiber…….. I stopped when I found out it was going to take me 3 million years muffclap: Could you maybe elevator pitch your big idea behind this? if you already did then disregard me Tal_X_Tal: boomers love yahoo thearthtyagi: Torch search is good! kenqzzzz: looks sketch itsChopsticks: it’s a very popular site, yes himusta: Based Tmall premell: but can people trick the algorithm to get top result? gyne: gmaul PogChamp r000sh: yeap comradejaalle: i cant Ne0Zer0: a literal fron for the mafia LUL jawbre9ker: isnt it bad for people to know the search engine’s algorithm? fernaoguerra: TMAL is big 334_ranker: it kinda is Ne0Zer0: font* fernaoguerra: in China death_gadget: TRUUU NonTrivial778: serx TJSparks: TMALL LOOKS LIKE AMAZON Tal_X_Tal: PogChamp fernaoguerra: it’s ture Ne0Zer0: front* codingquark: NonTrivial778: searx ozzy_1024: Is big in china cutza: chinese controlled websites Atlas03: i use it Kappa dogemeat_: YMAL is my uncle 5GToren: tho.. lol itsChopsticks: tmall is equivalent to taobao or alibaba bichid69: where is pornhub? aaddrr: im kim jon un and ccan confirm i use it alfantasticdd: @metsu_gadoken I dont know O.o 334_ranker: it’s pretty big in china itsChopsticks: aliexpress* deviad01: What about IPFS then? No way it’s gonna become mainstream? Moe_Bradberry: 300 yuan is 50cent not 50 bucks Mefe_1337: isnt this like chineese goverment amazon thingy? LUL sumardi: tmall > ebay comradejaalle: Amazon looks like trash too kektobiologist: yup i use everyday 🙂 triple__m: Does he have hickies on his neck PogChamp TheStudentDoctor: @georgehotz true decentralised web – moshiko777: there is 1.5b of chinee people so this make sence ofaas: george have you noticed increasing trend of fake reviews on amazon? TriXav1er: would it be more worth to create visual slam or perspective-n-point combined with odometry for confined room localization? thearthtyagi: USE TORCH SEARCH ENGINE! xD JohnnyThe_Hobo: yes 🙂 Ne0Zer0: everday LUL JumpTwiice: i use it too 🙂 bichid69: where is pornhub on this list? itsChopsticks: tmall is just general shopping thediamnd: Yep hardtarget4: who tf is going to Mefe_1337: how would conquer google “addiction” of many people? 5GToren: everyday bro ozzy_1024: yeah whats that in you neck George NonTrivial778: Google is getting worse everyday Tal_X_Tal: i do Keepo jawbre9ker: they love to consooom there, huh r000sh: every second cutza: asians really like make up dogemeat_: where is pornhub wtf pistolpetepcp: windows activation codes PiroFloydian: well what happened to google post-2015 then? @georgehotz ck1956: ALIBABAs step child thediamnd: Its taobao Mefe_1337: We been using google for like decade gunz4kids: baidu is super garbage PigeonsDontFlyFar: tmall is good I shop on it itsChopsticks: tmall is the chinese amazon twitchtest00123: yeah it is the same with most open source tech. the ideal would be that the fact that it is open does not compromise its security or utility in any way fernaoguerra: it’s an ECOM in CHina. Biggest in China Gamer_nohope: @georgehotz did you know about metasearch engine PogChamp ahfkhal: It’s like amazon kenqzzzz: Zoom Kappa comradejaalle: I never use Amazon cuz im european AlfaAnanasz: chaturbate number 45 PogChamp CyberNuance: Populations Ne0Zer0: chaturbate LUL kektobiologist: chaturbate at 45 LUL PigeonsDontFlyFar: Tmall is actually very good quality Gamer_nohope: MrDestructoid MrDestructoid MrDestructoid kenqzzzz: Chaturbate LUL SirJohnDewkitch: tmall looks like a shell company for jakuza xD for money laundering owvanguard: in canada ppl still use instead of .ca lol himusta: Amazon for different countries too Tal_X_Tal: LuL tkrshh: Maybe some chinese scammers you know fernaoguerra: Yes! gho00sts: Hi from Hitcon! ozzy_1024: is that hickies on his neck?? 5GToren: need a new gucci bag Denis0109: Chaturbate is my favourite Site! iimeyris: COVID19 plus large population PigeonsDontFlyFar: better than .ca thearthtyagi: oh yeah shit hickies on his neck DeeboMC: I wanna be able to ask an engine to show me the number of known elements by year from 1945 to present, then it’ll build a bar graph from the data. Wolfram Alpha gets confused by this question. @georgehotz try lesserthangood: KEKW Ne0Zer0: LUL covidneunzehn: hahahaha dogemeat_: HAHAHAHA kenqzzzz: LUL pistolpetepcp: LOLL her3hero: risky link sw1jari: Kappa Ziv0: blogspot is still a thing damn covidneunzehn: chaturbate made it comradejaalle: you gonna click some random one and it is porn maddyakhil: LUL JohnnyThe_Hobo: pornhub really need to step their game up TJSparks: twitch is 32 @georgehotz LiveCustoms: where’s phub? pistolpetepcp: toptencams gyne: click them to make sure 🙂 antiratt: go to bonga TowlieGotHigh: twitch 32 PogChamp dogemeat_: phub ? ? ? ?? notoriousfats: it was the top of your personal list LUL gyne: monkaS B1_Renekton: indian google uses by default these days, the is just from old users who have that linked bookmarked NonTrivial778: edge Tal_X_Tal: monkaS AlfaAnanasz: ??????? corpus_cule: microsoft LUL ozzy_1024: fuck phub ahfkhal: Also check it’s Korea’s search website localcanofdutchgold: gonna get banned PepeLaugh dogemeat_: fantanoThicc fantanoThicc fantanoThicc Atlas03: indian yahoo LUL Tal_X_Tal: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ the_EZPZ: be careful twitch doesn’t like porn on their website TJSparks: @georgehotz twitch is 32 thearthtyagi: wear a turtle neck, we can see your hickies xD xD NonTrivial778: latin is the best languaged ck1956: maxthon hardtarget4: bongacams sounds good kektobiologist: @georgehotz is super popular in india codingquark: ozzy_1024: hickies hickies hickies Ne0Zer0: LUL JumpTwiice: twitch is sketchy with that stuff saxxxey: Jebaited yogi_1010: here we go pistolpetepcp: This is why he was streaming on youtube rhytual: Kappa thearthtyagi: last night i left hickie on her neck filipeoliveiraa: follow him on instagram btw her3hero: sex in games is ok btw Kappa PhosphoricAcid: twitch ToS works in mysterious ways localcanofdutchgold: 5Head thearthtyagi: xD Skyshifter: no you’re fine, i used to watch nerds watch chaturbate on their second monitor while streaming LUL bravetraveller: corporate windows install with lazy admins have ie11 as the default browser, and there are a lot more of those than you’d imagine, it’s a pain for web developers still itsChopsticks: twitch legitimately does not care. a dota 2 commentator was describing a porn video he was in the background of PiroFloydian: True john_kosta01: yeah do you twitchtest00123: how long until he loads a foreign porn site because he has never heard the sites name iMoggy: think it was more you blindly going on some random website which may or may not be porn mongoloid_jones: LOOOOOOL covidneunzehn: there are twitch partners ( at least in germany ) that stream on both – twitch and chaturbate. so they are okay i guess hardtarget4: lol Tal_X_Tal: Keepo comradejaalle: LULW muffclap: elevator pitch behind this idea? unbiased search engine? rtcspxstn: i dont think anyone was ever banned for talking about porn, just showing it 🙂 celebrimborfan123: twitch is losing market share anyways sw1jari: no all that is fine but you can’t show nips and shit kenqzzzz: why is chaturbate not intellectual? comradejaalle: Real one NonTrivial778: GET BANNED! infowarez: fuck u f@ggot Quad_lol: TRUE kenqzzzz: LUL aaddrr: where are you going if you get banned?facebook gaming? himusta: LUL thearthtyagi: HICKIES mongoloid_jones: what ethnicity are u bro Quad_lol: cmonBruh dogemeat_: DR DISRESPECT RIP Ziv0: true LUL Lefer_: LUL ofaas: monkaS buklao: take this -> jaayymie: I know why he was banned, can’t say why though 🙂 itunesgeschenkekarte: LUL gyne: LUL Denis0109: do you still jerk off? localcanofdutchgold: the shungite obviously Skyshifter: george knows monkaS kektobiologist: monkaS Gamer_nohope: He wanted a raise triple__m: Dr Disrespect got banned just like 5G is giving us corona PogChamp infowarez: you f@ggot Translogical: how deeply did you study deep learning to work on your startup? mongoloid_jones: LOL infowarez: fuck u PhosphoricAcid: @georgehotz apparently he himself doesn’t even know 5GToren: mixer hehe ozzy_1024: who is the girl George? pistolpetepcp: Yuotube cutza: dlive lol jsnfly: Thoughts on GPT-3? Tal_X_Tal: i know but i won’t tell 🙂 dogemeat_: geo confirmed redtube streamer RoboticMind90: Is onlyfans in the list? her3hero: lets protest twitch to find out why the doc got banned ELEMENTiQ1337: Sony doesnt want u Kappa thearthtyagi: hickies bro illogicalism: why mixer shut down? the_EZPZ: it was the shungite crystals that got him deviad01: The day when they ban you, you will make your own twitch and with all the popularity you have, they will cry. 😀 r000sh: we are internet sw1jari: monkaS 5g NonTrivial778: twitch is not the internet comradejaalle: @infowarez calm down alex jones TJSparks: we got nice chatters here lol CensoredAlex: he killed his wife this time Kappa lucasfernsilva: you go to youtube again Nebulala: its fine, there was a guy who streamed at a porn convention interviewing pornstars, ur goood thearthtyagi: hide em a_ato: pa pa thearthtyagi: xD codingquark: Run peertube of course infowarez: NO IM ANGRY zafke: monkaS LeeFranser: twitch doesn’t know either

robonhansonem: Urbit. /s ozzy_1024: hickies lol Quad_lol: we can do IRL meeting instead of streamig hardtarget4: we need real p2p livestreaming so they can’t censor Reelix: @georgehotz With Twitch’s recent crackdown on people who are disrepespectful to female viewers, is it really surprising that someone literally named disrespect got banned? :p jawbre9ker: if I search a product + price bravetraveller: index qualifier is stage 1 then infowarez: NEEGA B1_Renekton: We will follow you to bitwave or alternate Twitch if you get banned lsxyzOfc metsu_gadoken: twitch != internet sliderspy: @georgehotz your thoughts on IPFS? sunole: Why NonTrivial778: have you ever use searx? WiseSwift: Tmall pog daxyxy98: @georgehotz btw the leetcode-bet guy disappeared real quick LUL multimartax: Ever look at searx? ofaas: didnt buy it Kappa jaayymie: Reelix Can’t tell if your being satirical or not kektobiologist: wow i literally bought a coffee maker today himusta: hot girls near me @georgehotz mongoloid_jones: porn Atlas03: coffee maker Pog Quad_lol: I love chinese blurry images that are not SVGs KEKW including the text Twixasz: why do some people use duckduckgo instead of google? @georgehotz Mefe_1337: if we are making an english searching site, why would we go to chineese site that doesnt have an english version of it gyne: how to assassinate a president DeeboMC: I wanna be able to ask an engine to show me the number of known elements by year from 1945 to present, then it’ll build a bar graph from the data. Wolfram Alpha gets confused by this question. @georgehotz SHAVEYY_: big boob muffclap: covid deaths smurfd0: – A COMPREHENSIVE STUDY OF THE REGULATION AND BEHAVIOR OF WEB CRAWLERS notoriousfats: BEST WRESTLER EVER corpus_cule: google is awful for scientific paper imo WiseSwift: Small boob gunz4kids: “Whats the text size of the internet?” r000sh: What if this is bad coffe maker dogemeat_: CR is great 0xnan: what do you think about the use of BERT on google? changed something about quality of the result? her3hero: Query: “Why did Dr Disrespect got banned” comradejaalle: @georgehotz you talking about ? nordwars82: If that’s what you want then Sort that table by the number of pages that link to it (last column) 5achin5harma: finding torrents lesserthangood: “is kanye west crazy” doomhammerorgrim: Google sucks for finding good research papers for stuff – still have to travel references celphysc2: happens everyday when I dont know the right terminology. google doesn’t understand paraphrasing a word PiroFloydian: “duke ellington death” cutza: “why do remote controlers like blink when light” dogemeat_: “is kanye okay” SirJohnDewkitch: there was some conbtroversy about typing dumbest man and google returned Trump i think DeeboMC: I wanna be able to ask an engine to show me the number of known elements by year from 1945 to present, then it’ll build a bar graph from the data. Wolfram Alpha gets confused by this question. @georgehotz try it chrisxc: thoughts on weboas. is? dogemeat_: “is kanye my dad” thearthtyagi: billionaires list 2Good5You: BEST SEARCH ENGINE Kappa himusta: Well there’s google scholar and google SirJohnDewkitch: it was a while ago comradejaalle: is literally for studies @georgehotz pielliepalie: Popular inventors – google it and look at the results maddyakhil: whatever is made .. people gonna use it for porn helenocampos: richest man in LA CyberNuance: Sorting by impact CollinPCO: live! sw1jari: well use google scholar for papers then lol dontcrysomuch21: Google for scientific papers = google scholar thearthtyagi: muskeh ambani just became the fifth richest lmao!! JumpTwiice: “what is a mask” dogemeat_: sort by girth stickyshrimp: wikipedia Dervolleschlanke: nobody uses google to find scientific papers Reelix: @jaayymie Not at all. There’s recently been a mass banning of streamers in cases where they have been disrespectful to a certain demographic mongoloid_jones: how to scam bitcoin daxyxy98: @helenocampos Cx xksteven: semantic scholar > Google scholar dogemeat_: how to get rich quick jaayymie: Reelix Ok confirmed moron mongoloid_jones: Cx TriHard PedoBear helenocampos: CX RoboticMind90: Cx in chat AlfaAnanasz: HACKERMANS musabkilic0: “shirt without stripes” kingkong3211: @georgehotz what are you doing today JumpTwiice: haHAA ice degens finally showed up salem_8salem: Do you believe in life target? How did you find your own? Quad_lol: CX CX CX nordwars82: It’s the last column “sites linking in “ himusta: tmall new meta twitchtest00123: “pants that dont rip between the legs ” Ne0Zer0: 5 min to log in LUL mongoloid_jones: KEKW helenocampos: yahoooo comradejaalle: @georgehotz microsoft doc CollinPCO: yahoo fiance B1_Renekton: this is ‘george hotz’ google tho, try searching with VPN and see if there’s difference codingquark: ha ha twinkiee: chaturbate Kappa Eyachi: boomers fiendodto: Hey George, how does one acquire the same level of expertise in tech as you? @georgehotz Dieun: I do 🙂 Ziv0: yahoo might be for news jawbre9ker: yahoo news deviad01: They could be internal links too LeeFranser: LUL corpus_cule: bullying yahoo LUL the_EZPZ: I’m linking to yahoo 🙂 Ne0Zer0: LUL Twixasz: LUL dogemeat_: “can I yahoo google on searx” 5GToren: haha that makes sense CJslider14: they api requests rhytual: LUL RoboticMind90: Onlyfans musabkilic0: “shirt without stripes” covidneunzehn: haha Reelix: @jaayymie Google “twitch harassment allegations” XiuzSu: Microsoft prob to link to solutions/problems? CyberNuance: econ and free items squishy_swishy_fishy: maybe we don’t need a search engine, just a website that can provide all of the information like the covid test thing, it would end up sort of like a mix between a search engine and Wikipedia and it actually sounds really dumb now that I have typed it Denis0109: Bongaaacaaams for liifee maan! the_benju: internal linking jsnfly: Thoughts on GPT-3? Nafferza: hell yeah SgT_Vimes: Wolfram alpha? comradejaalle: microsoft doc programmers linking each other shit LUL Airfrischung: linking to amazon doesnt make sense owvanguard: ppl still use yahoo finance often. and they scrape stock data often mongoloid_jones: vpn is pointless in 2020 thearthtyagi: use TORCH JohnnyThe_Hobo: dark memes r000sh: Marissa linking Yahoo 3v a day pistolpetepcp: i am on work computer lol aleDsz: Tor monkaS dogemeat_: y not brave for tor Airfrischung: should be more stalys_: monkaS mikey9988: Tor monkaS thearthtyagi: TORCH search engine Tal_X_Tal: monkaS the_EZPZ: tor monkaS jaayymie: Reelix He isn’t banned because his name has the word disrespect in it you tit 0xnan: do you think the use of BERT for google ranking changed the quality of the results? mongoloid_jones: POGGERS saxxxey: linking to amazon makes you money celebrimborfan123: yahoo finance is the only reason they existy thejuror8: @jsnfly What kind of answer do you expect mongoloid_jones: TOR BRAZZERS GANG kektobiologist: hackerman monkaS twitchtest00123: yahoo finance is actually a go to for much of the financial world thearthtyagi: Yo TORCH vs NOT EVIL Mefe_1337: @comradejaalle isnt live office treated differently? JohnnyThe_Hobo: i heard fbi puts you on a list if you download tor DeeboMC: I wanna be able to ask an engine to show me the number of known elements by year from 1945 to present, then it’ll build a bar graph from the data. Wolfram Alpha gets confused by this question. @georgehotz try it bro dogemeat_: monkaS search comradejaalle: @Mefe_1337 i cant remember actually infowarez: U FUCKING PUSSY 5GToren: the_EZPZ: the onion router WutFace deviad01: Anyways, alexa is not reliable at all. Their results are based on some kind of addon which installs a bar that only maybe hundreds of people use cutza: “LeT’s ViSit tHe dArK weB” Reelix: @jaayymie No – But it’s likely that his persona encompasses the subset of individuals that they blanket-banned deviad01: I was into seo in 2014-2015 and I know something aobut it Tal_X_Tal: infowarez shut up alex Gamer_nohope: @DeeboMC how did you ask wolfram? deviad01: It can also show overinflated estimations jaayymie: Reelix Pure speculation. You have no idea sw1jari: @dogemeat_ brave tor is a little less anonymous doomhammerorgrim: yeah Alexa data isn’t great but it’s the best we have maybe many_mangos: @georgehotz any luck hiring new employees? CollinPCO: burn it down TJSparks: lol Ziv0: LUL pistolpetepcp: lol sounds like Jordan Peterson stalys_: LUL AlfaAnanasz: monkaS Mefe_1337: XD dogemeat_: lol jawbre9ker: LUL noobaj: LUL Lefer_: monkaS 5GToren: WTF LeeFranser: monkaS Skyshifter: google’s listening monkaS metsu_gadoken: LUL helenocampos: LOL covidneunzehn: stfu alexa surajt: LOL FlameSnare: MonkaS cutza: LOL alexa play despacito sokhibjke: LUL LUL LUL LUL XiuzSu: LOL wutango: monkaS JumpTwiice: monkaS WhiteTailedSpider: LUL dunehazard: KEKW nakuzr: KEKW dogemeat_: ALEXA CONFIRMED FBI SPY Mefe_1337: alexa can you shut the fuck up LUL corpus_cule: LUL Tal_X_Tal: monkaS LejLje: she took that one personally peabu423: Kappa LeeFranser: LUL slimpimp007: LUL saxxxey: LUL Muzyd: Alexa? monkaS covidneunzehn: she is listening DeeboMC: @gamer_nohope a few ways. Are you good with wolfram? If so please try it kektobiologist: monkaS 5GToren: HAHAHA Denis0109: FBI OPEN UP wolkantrop: timonx01: similiarweb is good jaayymie: Alexa phone the FBI Tal_X_Tal: monkaS wtf gunz4kids: throw that shit out dogemeat_: FBI OPEN UP sokhibjke: LUL LUL corpus_cule: its always listening monkaW rhytual: monkaS Muzyd: They’re listening monkaS pistolpetepcp: OH SHIT THEY HAVE BEEN LISTENING THE WHOLE TIME zafke: Hey alexa programmingmouse: LUL Skyshifter: don’t sleep in that house monkaS PhosphoricAcid: LUL Ziv0: wtf LUL gunz4kids: BURN IT I_am_paranoid: hachuDisgust cutza: ALEXA KNOWS dogemeat_: LMFAOOOOOOOO Gamer_nohope: alexa turned off .. seems legit lol RobMonstaFlex: LUL Julll: LUL RoboticMind90: Real talk

rhytual: lmao covidneunzehn: hahaha Lefer_: LUL LiveCustoms: My Alexa talks to me at night codingquark: amazing iMoggy: “no speaker connected” what does she mean?? cutza: HAHAHAHAHA rstk1: wtf JumpTwiice: LUL wtf celebrimborfan123: only way to turn off alexa is to throw it in the garbage lul Ziv0: that’s creepy af LUL JohnnyThe_Hobo: freaking fbi man onlycase_: what the hell Sylens__: LUL 1xelerate: LUL pigporkman: LOL mikey9988: LUL lookmagic1: wait plumycli: wtf rtcspxstn: wtf LUL gyne: D: TJSparks: WHAT HOW IS THAT AN ALEXA LUL Mefe_1337: the fuck TheStudentDoctor: George Hotz with an Alexa within 10 metres of him? LUL GrumpyJeff_TTV: LUL wutango: wtf stalys_: They’re listening monkaS dontcrysomuch21: HAHAHAHAHA joiput: LUL TowlieGotHigh: LUL patrykwys: LUL dogemeat_: BURN IT slimpimp007: LUL codingquark: Marshall TeaPardee: WTF PigeonsDontFlyFar: WHAT THE FUCK covidneunzehn: burn it CurseLit dogemeat_: LUL Tal_X_Tal: LuL jsnfly: wtf 😀 Denis0109: FBI OOOPEEN UUUP B1_Renekton: destroy alexa devUdara: lol wtf PigeonsDontFlyFar: WTF gunz4kids: CAST IT IN THE WELL PiroFloydian: D: monkaS Waldoqq: monkaW SlowDeluxe: Time to smash it LUL 1xelerate: @georgehotz, do you go on /g/ ? cutza: ALEXA PLAY SOME DISTORTED GUITAR NonTrivial778: LOL bichid69: hahahahahaha hiding alexa aleDsz: Snowden monkaS m0claw: what is happening pec_adillo: cia surveillance JumpTwiice: they’re on to you monkaS Ne0Zer0: LUL saxxxey: now say “Ok google” PigeonsDontFlyFar: OH MY GOD CJslider14: check the request from that device its talking to amazon constantly NonTrivial778: LULW Skyshifter: starzi monkaS erfault: itd need power Tal_X_Tal: spying Waldoqq: monkaS sw1jari: monkaS or was it TeaPardee: NO thearthtyagi: Torch vs not evil! 5GToren: Connected with 5G XiuzSu: @georgehotz Thermaltake has a 230 RBG Fan with a mic built into it RoboticMind90: Alexa call 911 PiroFloydian: monkaW suukiu: destroy it monkaS wolkantrop: 5g monkaS powerofpickle: hats what it wants you to think TeaPardee: TORCH IT dogemeat_: FBI OPEN UP mkdrmnd: is this an AirBnB? JohnnyThe_Hobo: they dont us to know the truth about corona sw1jari: monkaS 5g many_mangos: My wife asked me why I was whispering, I told her I thought zuckerberg was listening to us. She laughed…. siri laughed… alexa laughed….. we all lauighed TeaPardee: FBI B1_Renekton: WTF stalys_: Corporate espionage monkaS PiroFloydian: @georgehotz eneable monkaW codingquark: Still spying, will keep audio in queue PigeonsDontFlyFar: BLACK MIRROR musabkilic0: LejLje: true 1xelerate: @georgehotz do you go on /g/ ? daxyxy98: do you have enought Shungite around ?monkaS nordwars82: Not your apartment? Reelix: @georgehotz Use your guitar amp as a proxy ;D the_EZPZ: time to invest in some shungite crystal metsu_gadoken: George’s handler is on high alert now death_gadget: WHAAT ??? bichid69: 5g is coronavirus TowlieGotHigh: it’s logging ur data monkaS burn it down before u connect it to wifi PigeonsDontFlyFar: B L A C K M I R R O R Skyshifter: burn it just in case monkaS cutza: why are people so scared of cookies? Lefer_: monkaS thearthtyagi: TORCH vs NOT EVIL search engine dogemeat_: 5g aka rona sw1jari: monkaS get more shungite world2vec: sup @georgehotz made an account just to follow you. would love to hear your thoughts on GPT-3 mongoloid_jones: 350z POGGERS insignia_microwave: what we doing today jsnfly: put it in the microwave codingquark: No local storage? B1_Renekton: Alex Jones warned us PigeonsDontFlyFar: Cookies can be stolen and someone can impersonate you JumpTwiice: monkaS covid bravetraveller: yeah, and one day alexa gets jalous and goes all HAL9000 on you and locks all your doors Willmakk: amplexa monkaS WhiteTailedSpider: alcoholic game: you drink every time a chat room asks, “What’s going on?” LUL tatsumiss: coronaS CJslider14: the death of the serial port will be the end of man xmase123: coronaS TJSparks: i hate striped shirts dogemeat_: LiveCustoms: Can I buy Stonks in your company yet, I got free cash flow baby KappaPride hexadecimalinteger: This can be solved using Elmo bichid69: pornhub twitchtest00123: chart looks like us employment stats right now AlfaAnanasz: facebook is a news website jawbre9ker: yahoo news? LejLje: @georgehotz are you familiar with twitch emotes like MonkaS and Trihard? TJSparks: google news? bichid69: why is pornhub not there Jon_Moose: So like what’s going on? lmao the_EZPZ: shirts without stripes sounds like an nlp problem TheRealMast3r: cnn not there ? strange.. Kappa codingquark: Right stalys_: most of yahoo’s traffic is probably yahoo news muffclap: Twitter though cutza: bongacams is news thearthtyagi: have a look at man mongoloid_jones: yo georgehotz i want to hire you for the Cx network, it is a group of pedophile streamers of youtube Cx TriHard PedoBear sliderspy: reddit is news LuckyFeathersGames: Sohu and yahoo are news CollinPCO: f? pielliepalie: Google/twitter is news TheStudentDoctor: Probably because social media has taken over traditional news outlets naujsenju: George, you’re my hero! What’re we doing today, I just joined the chat? lesserthangood: @thearthtyagi why u promoting ur shit business Mithu: that indonesian one wasnt news? comradejaalle: reddit/twitch/youtube/twitter can also be news CollinPCO: camera f bichid69: a porn engine LiveCustoms: Who’d win in a fist fight Elon or Bezos? thearthtyagi: that’s not my business bruh @lesserthangood many_mangos: @georgehotz if you were the one who hacked into twitter what would you do to make the most amount of money LejLje: @bichid69 genuis idea AlfaAnanasz: fuck off codingquark: Shouldn’t porn be the top? XiuzSu: not me fuuqtv: no Ne0Zer0: nope AlfaAnanasz: no LUL stickyshrimp: nope JohnnyThe_Hobo: me RubberBanditHorse: no way lesserthangood: no many_mangos: piss off Ziv0: NO LUL 0xnan: someone can explain me what George is doing? bryyce: me polygxn: sure R0J0_JP: me 🙂 TJSparks: I WILL 🙂 Ssach_: no comradejaalle: nope 1xelerate: nope jsnfly: nope stalys_: nah LUL Aedroth: no Madill_: No naujsenju: I the name of science I would devUdara: if it’s opensource yes qatarking24xd: not me covidneunzehn: hell no msmxm: no fernaoguerra: hell no musabkilic0: no horwardl: no Ne0Zer0: only local m0bzero: no one TeaPardee: no Skoluh: no rhytual: nope Sim_Ayo: what is the goal of the project ? B1_Renekton: @georgehotz half of HN was going crazy over GPT 3 and half of HN was underwhelmed, what are your views on GPT3 PiroFloydian: Nope mongoloid_jones: me saxxxey: nope bichid69: fucking not a chance squiggly_nibs: You’ll see a lot of porn sliderspy: nope PhosphoricAcid: nop LiveCustoms: Hell no rstk1: no IMTotes: NOPERS aar0npham: but why tho muffclap: What would it do for me insignia_microwave: as long as its anonymous Aedroth: I’ll pass raad1masum: no Gamer_nohope: for money …m e thearthtyagi: me multimartax: you’d get a lot of porn LejLje: i would try it DerZemba: You would have to trust the plugin users to not manipulate the data thoughn right? shadedcane: nah i’m good robonhansonem: Nope session_variable: i mean i would lasercatboss: yep powerofpickle: nope cutza: only my incognito searches moktheacronym: nope kektobiologist: me 🙂 SirJohnDewkitch: nope bojosos: me aaddrr: me 🙂 Skyshifter: it would have to be crazy good for me to consider it NonTrivial778: what ragecoder: im not sharing my porn IAmChi_: nah im good Pratzz: no FaceTheWolf: foss, yes alessandro711: NOPE Airfrischung: not me I_am_paranoid: why would i? dank_may_mays: nope celphysc2: nope, id forget about turning it off naujsenju: I would, in the name of SCIENCE Tal_X_Tal: me 🙂 wutango: me 🙂 musabkilic0: cant you make a poll on twitch? owvanguard: na plugins are lame af JohnnyThe_Hobo: steal my data baby lets go mongoloid_jones: fuck google illogicalism: lol thats actually my university assignment DeeboMC: Dafuq 5GToren: I mean I would go less to pron comradejaalle: @georgehotz We’re nerds doe, normies wont care northumb: me jasonscottreval: nah dude dr_set: What’s in it for me? PinkEyedOrphan: heck no foon123456: I would Mithu: i would put it on my botnet zombies codingquark: Unfortunately I don’t have any history stored fuuqtv: how much do you pay? sokhibjke: I would sign blank paper for you KAPA mongoloid_jones: fuck google fuck the cia make i5 b4o JustLOL__: job offer from google inc Kappa AlfaAnanasz: @georgehotz we dont get any benefit by installing insignia_microwave: is it anonymous Catching_Spiders: no and no geokwi: depends on what the greater goal is dorkmo: sounds like honey saxxxey: Maybe if the results are also open source Gamer_nohope: for you … yes 🙂 lol Ne0Zer0: yes local LiveCustoms: I don’t trust you bro hexadecimalinteger: NOMEGALOL comradejaalle: yes stickyshrimp: incentive rhytual: maybe Skoluh: still no insignia_microwave: then yes bichid69: still nope, what will I get out of it? JohnnyThe_Hobo: YESSS Ne0Zer0: yes PiroFloydian: is it encrypted? @georgehotz jasonscottreval: only if you pay us TheStudentDoctor: Read the link I sent earlier – it’s exactly what you’re thinking @georgehotz sliderspy: yes B1_Renekton: yess 0xnan: federated learning! nordwars82: You can turn off plugins in incognito mode don’t worry 😉 hexadecimalinteger: NO XiuzSu: @georgehotz Depends on the ultimate reason for this plugin? Like what am I helping with? JavierSO: me ✋ insignia_microwave: yup wutango: yes owvanguard: na. plugins still suck. dude. the problem is its a plugin hardtarget4: nope IMTotes: maybe ? 2Good5You: maybe world2vec: nope PigeonsDontFlyFar: YESSSS jsnfly: nope Pratzz: aahhh no google love TJSparks: what does that accomplish LiveCustoms: bruh this sounds sketchy af TheRealMast3r: no insignia_microwave: yessir lesserthangood: no dogemeat_: YES fuuqtv: dosnt matter TeaPardee: still no? shadedcane: nope aar0npham: welp sounds good to me comradejaalle: Depends then it requires more on my side jaegerbott: tens to little JumpTwiice: sounds sketchy the_benju: maybe codingquark: Okay Catching_Spiders: How could we possibly check that Reelix: @georgehotz Depends on how the data was stored. If I use your plugin and search “How to kill the President”, would that be linked to me? Bentipe: yes dank_may_mays: WHY nbkar: nope nope nope death_gadget: Probably wainemier: yes muffclap: What do you mean by upload? naujsenju: wait what info are you taking in if less than 10 people use it session_variable: more than tem people viewed what alessandro711: ok mongoloid_jones: CAP JohnnyThe_Hobo: fuck yes. steal my data baby coProof: Can I also give you root access for o my devices?? foon123456: I would because it’s open source dorkmo: PiroFloydian: encrypted? corpus_cule: most ppl wouldn’t see the difference tbh Vektorraum: what kind of data would get uploaded? hexadecimalinteger: no one has time for that codingquark: I’m fine if anon PigeonsDontFlyFar: YESSSSSS fmlpandawhale: i think i would use it, but I don’t think it’s the best solution celebrimborfan123: I don’t think any system should go off of popularity illogicalism: i am not sure your plugin will be published salem_8salem: Hi George, Do you believe in concept “Purpose in life” If yes, how did you find you yours? Or it’s trashthinking rhytual: @georgehotz would the collected data also be freely available? Ne0Zer0: JohnnyThe_Hobo LUL many_mangos: you will shill out once you have enough data just like brave broswer!!! squiggly_nibs: Why not make a chromium browser Airfrischung: how would it know locally that more than 10 people clicked the same thing? squishy_swishy_fishy: how does it know that more then 10 people have viewed if everything is local? powerofpickle: How would we know if others viewed them before uploading? PigeonsDontFlyFar: TAKE MY PORN DATA bichid69: what will I get out of it? why would i go through the effort of using a plugin? Mithu: how can it not be uploaded and still know more than 10 viewed it hoffs: @georgehotz how would it know whether 10 people searched for it in the first place, that requires tracking already PigeonsDontFlyFar: TAKE MY DATA DAD 5GToren: they are already monitoring your data, one more wouldnt mind cutza: i’m fine with that, but people don’t trust tech because they don’t understand what “open source” means BrodatyWhiteBear: You mean plugin to make your browser a Chrome but open sourced? LUL foon123456: would it be encrypted? LiveCustoms: LUL LejLje: yep naujsenju: wait what info are you taking in if less than 10 people use it ??? mongoloid_jones: fax onlycase_: exactly TJSparks: yea i know codingquark: That and my uploading IP! TeaPardee: most people wont be able to know whether its safe or not, ya know? sw1jari: yeah lmao Christian__Steiffen: D: wutango: yup hexadecimalinteger: We trust Google polygxn: monkaS Translogical: lol robonhansonem: Aedroth: YEAH LMAO saxxxey: Firefox bruh rstk1: LUL LejLje: i dont mind at the moment owvanguard: ya. but they arent a plugin we have to download LikeReason: well shi lemme delete google Kappa codingquark: I am not! Gamer_nohope: no D: lol Denis0109: I give you all my porn history and then you can judge me if I’m sick or not, I mean what is sick these days right? JumpTwiice: we trust google more than you Kappa comradejaalle: hello duckduck @georgehotz Bentipe: duckduckgo? hiddenkumquat: shit all my porn SirJohnDewkitch: exactly XiuzSu: I try to make it difficult for them at least musabkilic0: because google = internet sokhibjke: LOL he’s right Mithu: like we use google lol mongoloid_jones: google = cia Nebulala: i use incognito Kappa ofaas: google is faceless dank_may_mays: DansGame LiveCustoms: Private browser bro KappaPride Mithu: duckduckgo > dogemeat_: don’t call out chat wow NonTrivial778: nah bro I use duckduckgo and waterfox bichid69: what will I get out of it? with google I get a service back polysoulz_: yeah but we need chrome right / dogemeat_: my feels deviad01: duckduck.go is the way 😀 dr_set: duck duck go IMTotes: nope never used the internet, never will sliderspy: i am not, i de-googled myself AlfaAnanasz: because there is benefit with google. @georgehotz m0bzero: what about duck go PiroFloydian: not if i use firefox and ecosia Vektorraum: duckduckgo! Zarickan: How is google getting it? many_mangos: @georgehotz why don’t you use duck duck go? naujsenju: fair point illogicalism: i am not sure your plugin will be accepted and published gunz4kids: just hack google DeeboMC: We know qatarking24xd: millions of people use google but only 20~ people will use yours Ziv0: ye but since everyone is doing it the anonymity threshold is bigger noobaj: Extensions have serious security flaws sw1jari: i use duckduck though XiuzSu: and if I could OPT OUT I would death_gadget: AKA the Chrome browser JigglyGirls: D: nbkar: only if you’re using google for anything PigeonsDontFlyFar: I DONT USE GOOGLE codingquark: Remove the uploader IP Muzyd: Yea let them see what porn i watch, i don’t mind coProof: Yeah but they aren’t some guy on twitch Ne0Zer0: yeah but why increase surface? dogemeat_: domain confirmed powerofpickle: I don’t use google I use the yellow pages 5GToren: google knows i love conspiracy theories Catching_Spiders: My neighbour has my house key. Should I give it to everyone?? Xiffix: vivaldi and duckduckgo covidneunzehn: SoNastyyy: People really still think they need an account with something to be tracked nowadays Gamer_nohope: starpage hexadecimalinteger: Google has a track record corpus_cule: its a convenience worth it LUL CyberNuance: billions TJSparks: TRUE Tal_X_Tal: dox me bro poggies TheStudentDoctor: @georgehotz check It’s being worked on. Actually open the website though LUL robonhansonem: Humans leak entropy. Privacy is a bit of an idealism, slowly becoming an ideological fiction comradejaalle: that was mean LUKLW runo66: hey bra PigeonsDontFlyFar: I USE DUCKDUCKGO AND TOR BROWSER FOR EVERYTHING comradejaalle: that was mean LULW 1xelerate: that doesn’t matter LUL raad1masum: does chrome extensions even allow you to check browser history thedevkid: duck duck go shadedcane: duckduckgo 5achin5harma: How good is Brave Browser?

Skyshifter: if its open source its different bichid69: what will I get out of it? with google I get a service back naujsenju: damn dogemeat_: brave browser B1_Renekton: i use brave with throwaway google account Pratzz: google is lobe mongoloid_jones: monkaS blabbernab: monkaS polysoulz_: maybe we need more things like BRAVE 1xelerate: @georgehotz do you go on /g/ ? 5GToren: google has your photos bebe onlycase_: google is more opt out (to use a diff engine) but yours is opt in PiroFloydian: firefox @georgehotz illogicalism: chrome extensions literally let you do anything Bentipe: they also have r creditcard Mithu: gotta grandfather in users before they feel comfortable with giving u their SS # @georgehotz 0xnan: federated learning? what do you need to do whit the history (I’ve not following from the beginning) robonhansonem: DeeboMC: I don’t like google’s involvement in connectomics, call me irrational LejLje: the meta data maaaAAAaaaann.. PartyTime blabbernab: my incognito monkaS codingquark: Remove uploader IP, clean up some fingerprinting and I’ll upload mongoloid_jones: stepbro monkaS sw1jari: @B1_Renekton that doesn’t seem better TowlieGotHigh: Chromium is open source, Chrome is not 🙂 PigeonsDontFlyFar: I USE DUCKDUCKGO AND TOR BROWSER FOR EVERYTHING jokes on you dorkmo: Reelix: @georgehotz Chromium is open source – Chrome is definately not 5GToren: iwicdti: I need a better history search devUdara: won’t just randomly do it – but if it gives me access to a better search engine (aka benefits me) I can’t think of a good reason to say no Tal_X_Tal: mongoloid_jones who is this blabbernab: ungoogled chomium Twixasz: Guys why is duckduckgo good?? many_mangos: facebook knows everything about you as well, how do they have all the websites I visited when they have nothing to do with facebook Gamer_nohope: pp unironically uses TOR? Ne0Zer0: i like where this is going cutza: A majority of people wouldn’t understand it, so therefore they wouldn’t trust it mongoloid_jones: Hx moktheacronym: ? SoNastyyy: You can pretty much be tracked just by your os specs + browser specs pretty easily muffclap: Create a stubborn search engine that limits results on input rather than builds off it PiroFloydian: @georgehotz also encrypt it ideally FlameSnare: get to programming no more stalling bichid69: NEED PLUGIN BENEFITS OTHERWISE NOT WORTH IT SHAVEYY_: 🙂 saxxxey: publish the the data with copyleft and i’ll do it FlameSnare: 😡 sliderspy: your userbase would be too small for a usefull index codingquark: Is that not metasearch engines? I_am_paranoid: the page content might contain personal information, so how would you clean it? MDSZilla: If the extension didnt have any info of whos using it and just the website info sure dorkmo: celebrimborfan123: searx is an aggregator Denis0109: Use Arch Linux again, I miss the old streams maan naujsenju: Does he only read subscriber chat messages? multimartax: you are looking for iimeyris: What is the goal? i joined late TheStudentDoctor: – THIS is what you’re looking for B1_Renekton: i have an Android phone so i am Google’s bitch at this point DeeboMC: @naujsenju no dynamite_dragon: how do you check if 10 people clicked smth? aaddrr: make an auction search engine where who pays more gets first result jasonscottreval: looks pretty good man muffclap: ^^^^ celebrimborfan123: it’s an aggregated list of results but it can still tie you to an IP and google can still trace you 0xnan: codingquark: It is also bad Denis0109: Lineage OS without google services, privacy still harmed puff thearthtyagi: try notevil or torch JumpTwiice: F metsu_gadoken: @B1_Renekton what’s the alternative, apple’s bitch? Bentipe: SlowDeluxe: @georgehotz this is better than Alexa musabkilic0: solid^^^^ many_mangos: when is there going to be a decentralized social media platform DeeboMC: @aaddrr client-server communication? JohnnyThe_Hobo: moving to searx foon123456: I use searx because duck duck go sometimes just doesn’t get me what I want JohnnyThe_Hobo: what about porn? wutango: PogChamp LeeFranser: PogChamp TowlieGotHigh: EZ Clap Tal_X_Tal: Pog mongoloid_jones: type stepbro SHAVEYY_: PogChamp search big boob naujsenju: George, what’re we doing today, get me up to speed please JumpTwiice: PogChamp SWITCH TO BING sokhibjke: pogchamp dogemeat_: POGGERS just_a_coder: is that a hickey on his neck? robonhansonem: Transformer-based search: aaddrr: make an auction search engine where who pays more gets first result @georgehotz sw1jari: searx is pretty good covidneunzehn: we did it guys covidneunzehn: PogChamp aaddrr: @DeeboMC ? Gamer_nohope: cellGo Pirangstia: Searx isn’t even indexing, it just uses other engines squishy_swishy_fishy: try the iceland covid thing Bentipe: DeeboMC: @naujsenju don’t mean he’s gonna answer that lol dogemeat_: searx dady jaegerbott: duck duck go WeeeBey: RIP google just_a_coder: hey george is that a hickie on your neck … or a birthmark? TowlieGotHigh: it’s also open source, and it’s easy to install 🙂 many_mangos: why does he not use duckduckgo? codingquark: It is removes the layer of being able to say “that guy with glasses and blond hair searches for x every day” to “that guy wears mask X and searches for Y every day” – searx Reelix: @georgehotz I always found it funny that people use DDG since it doesn’t collect their information – Then you have which say that they do, but claim it’s anonamous :p dpolar: its the top result because it was the only exact match for your search naujsenju: LOL I tried 5GToren: use searx but then still use google chrome 🤔🤔🤔 Gamer_nohope: no one uses Startpage? R_U_Ri_Ui: Could GPT-3 be used to generate a vaccine? DeeboMC: @aaddrr clients always be phoning home dogemeat_: meta search JohnnyThe_Hobo: i tried to go incognito on searx and it crashed comradejaalle: searx seems slow dogemeat_: uses other search engines bravetraveller: Meatsearch usually gets messy, that itself needs to prioritize hits, and what’s the cirteria for that? Most popular search engine? Pirangstia: Yep rhytual: lmao foon123456: Searx is best because it pulls from many different search engines just_a_coder: is that a hickey on your neck george? LeeFranser: LUL Vektorraum: thats a czech yahoo codingquark: It goes to one server, ithat server does the search for you and forwards katoom72: Belgian session_variable: LUL aaddrr: you mean client as in the webpage or the engine user? @DeeboMC Muzyd: pepitki 🙂 blabbernab: NaM ? ragecoder: lol he’s almost right about babis being the czech trump xD mongoloid_jones: GRETA KEKW sw1jari: PogChamp seznam just_a_coder: is that a hickey on your neck george? katoom72: Charles Michel aaddrr: make an auction search engine where who pays more gets first result Gamer_nohope: I don’t like duckduck results :/ vrunOVNI: Cheers from Argentina Tornyl: wait you are in czech republic right ? many_mangos: @georgehotz whats your best source of news information without the bias codingquark: It is removes the layer of being able to say “that guy with glasses and blond hair searches for x every day” to “that guy wears mask X and searches for Y every day” – searx Bentipe: 0xnan: to learn a ranking function anonymously! btw George here an idea for you: collect train samples doing a lot of research on google and reverse eng. the ranking algorithm of google fitting ANN (graph nn if you want embed also topologies data and so on!)

aaddrr: @Tornyl what? he si sin US just_a_coder: is that a hickey on your neck george? DeeboMC: @aaddrr as in, the hypothetical plugin you’d be installing into your browser TheStudentDoctor: One day we will get him to check out BusinessRasta: you can query what ever se you want with searx, just check the settings SlowDeluxe: @georgehotz if you want a good top site ranking use TheStudentDoctor: Today may not be that day LUL RekLite: maybe? ItsKalu: seznam LULW B1_Renekton: Pog 1200 viewers Pog just_a_coder: is that a hickey on your neck george..? just_a_coder: is that a hickey on your neck george? codingquark: Right, so searx does not work well for that musabkilic0: solid++++ just_a_coder: is that a hickey on your neck george? thearthtyagi: it’s a hickey yes thearthtyagi: definitely PigeonsDontFlyFar: My balls itch when I walk celphysc2: Berners-Lee and his SOLID idea looks so fragile and naive darkzade: @PigeonsDontFlyFar big if true just_a_coder: is that a hickey on your neck george? Pratzz: reeeBing dogemeat_: @PigeonsDontFlyFar nice SirNicon: are you streaming from a macbook? codingquark: May be Berners-Lee is too old now northumb: is this internet research secure? @georgehotz musabkilic0: tmall is the boss WhatMystery: reeeBing ozzy_1024: Is that hickies George? muffclap: The reusability part is sus SHAVEYY_: they dont tell you exactly what it is 🙁 solitarynative: cringe dogemeat_: search cult confirmed rhytual: LUL TowlieGotHigh: Exciting new project POGGERS dogemeat_: LUL comradejaalle: thought-leader LUL invertedgold: No description of actual product dunehazard: LMAO ItsAMarcos: George how do you make smart friends?? aaddrr: 5Head Muzyd: typical start of description of any project LUL polysoulz_: yep im cringing codingquark: does not say what it actually is! invertedgold: All adjectives covidneunzehn: the next big thing rhytual: says shit LUL WeeeBey: ??????? Skyshifter: hmm, the text makes me think its shit corpus_cule: YEP cringe LejLje: @ItsAMarcos be smart, i would guess NonTrivial778: it seems garbage muffclap: SUS Gamer_nohope: marketing Twixasz: LUL polysoulz_: SUS indeed TheStudentDoctor: The aim of that is to reel in common folk, not domain experts. That’s why it’s written like that SirJohnDewkitch: is Brave any good? anybody knows? Joldast: 10/10 PR polysoulz_: the logo looks like googly helenocampos: 5Head frunkAF: did this statement actually say anything substantive? mkdrmnd: !uptime just_a_coder: is that a hickey on your neck george? codingquark: What is Solid? Well we don’t know, it is Tim Berners-Lee Gamer_nohope: it says .. nothing lol bravetraveller: thinktank, radical, change, sounds like a cult to me PiroFloydian: ehh not too sure about that one bichid69: lol that statement is meaningless AAAonline: Disruption is mmhhhbaa… good? WhatMystery: ya want some spare change? lesserthangood: ?? mkdrmnd: Ohh uptime is on the page now mkdrmnd: 1:13:18 cefaloclever: you can also clean his apartment CyberNuance: macro change Muzyd: change makes you uncomfy frunkAF: Statement: “Word salad” lasercatboss: how about we make our own, the description will be “make browsing chill” just_a_coder: is that a hickey on your neck george? ofaas: someone change me a new gpu Kappa tarks_: well i like my tv facing the floor muffclap: george youre high insignia_microwave: lol codingquark: Good examples polysoulz_: at least they did say DISRUPT muffclap: sour patch, really coProof: Look up “the arrow of time” foon123456: 😀 DeeboMC: For those whom the status quo currently benefits, sure smarttties: what is Solid ? Is it a blockchain ? Gamer_nohope: NEXT comradejaalle: @georgehotz no change and we would be in feudalism and in a hunter gathering society PigeonsDontFlyFar: That’s a hickey! NotLikeThis god_damn: B) modular groundbreaking technology musabkilic0: radical MITians Gamuza85: Little Changes, Little Problems, Big Changes, Big Problems sw1jari: @SirJohnDewkitch brave is pretty good, i’d say it’s the best browser for normies with the webtorrent and tor stuff just_a_coder: is that a hickey on your neck george? Tauromachine: Platitudes dogemeat_: Hyundai confirmed? Gamer_nohope: brave webtorrent sucks codingquark: Super ItsAMarcos: George how did you find your mission?? I need meaning 😭😭 foon123456: website dick measureing LUL codingquark: Very concise AAAonline: HACKERMANS just_a_coder: is that a hickey on your neck george? celebrimborfan123: your tag line makes me think you’ve actually solved something where as the other one is “OH WE’RE TRYINNN” wutango: LUL comradejaalle: LUL just_a_coder: is that a hickey on your neck george? Jo__: LUL celphysc2: SOLID = Javascript apps where user owns the data silo and provides it from “local” BaloSaar: solid says a lot but says nothing just_a_coder: is that a hickey on your neck george? winnyXE: KEK Insanit13s: shouldn,t there be a hyphen, in ‘autopilot-like’? TheStudentDoctor: Just scroll down a little on the SOLID page codingquark: boi started python for len solitaryyy: Who are they trying to market solid to? Geeken: Geeken subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 8 months! sup nerd. is that a hickie on your neck? haha. Btw have you gotten access to OpenAI beta yet? whit_314: I don’t know if openpilot is an exciting project or not though. It doesn’t tell me ragecoder: anyone knows what openpilot is? just_a_coder: is that a hickey on your neck george? sw1jari: NaM blabbernab: says NaM ItsAMarcos: YES I hate landing page copy that tells you NOTHING PigeonsDontFlyFar: HICKEY TJSparks: NaM

PigeonsDontFlyFar: ON YOUR NECK BaloSaar: idk what seznam is. I should bing it? Mithu: @whit_314 LUL just_a_coder: guys can we all comment to confirm if george has a hickey on his neck ItsAMarcos: <3 George picked my question!!! all aboard the meaning train yesssssss bye depression codingquark: I've seen him using wc before PigeonsDontFlyFar: He has a hickey lol wuate: este weon no cacho que ase jajaj PigeonsDontFlyFar: Who's the chick polysoulz_: this is getting interstring JohnnyThe_Hobo: 404 :( just_a_coder: guys can we all comment to confirm if george has a hickey on his neck ItsKalu: nobody is using seznam TJSparks: by watching george sw1jari: GachiPls wikihow TowlieGotHigh: lifehack KEKW r000sh: lol Muzyd: oprah LUL Jimmy_Douglas: There's a guide PogChamp Whynox: im gonna drop out god_damn: B) 7 SECRETS TO DISCOVERING YOUR PASSION invertedgold: LUL LUL LUL NonTrivial778: LUL ItsAMarcos: ahahahah shit I just bought my ticket to rekt town blabbernab: pink sparkles LeeFranser: LUL aaddrr: my eyes are gay now klarmacher: KEKW session_variable: lolololol rhytual: LUL polysoulz_: LOL stickyshrimp: LiFeHaCk corpus_cule: LUL wutango: LUL tarks_: KEKW programmingmouse: scammaz WutFace Loozlol: LUL LeeFranser: PogChamp darkzade: LMAO 1xelerate: LUL klarmacher: lol hit her up codingquark: Easy hack to get geohot to visit my website now onlycase_: LMAO just_a_coder: guys can we all comment to confirm if george has a hickey on his neck aaddrr: kreygasm eduardoadf1: LUL TheRealMast3r: LUL feed2: the same as how to find your password Kappa comradejaalle: I am cringing CensoredAlex: HEY THERE kaatHi B1_Renekton: i used to read LifeHacker in middle school and thought I was cool sw1jari: challenge 😍 bobsmash: knutCross knutCross knutCross knutCross Pratzz: reeeHoney reeeHoney Gamer_nohope: calebKW calebKW calebKW blabbernab: the world is sunshine and rainbows Rafabld1996: it's all pupies and rainbows... fell good bs polysoulz_: OMG im dead pistolpetepcp: is this bogacams > Pratzz: LUL LUL LikeReason: LUL FaceTheWolf: You couldn’t make this shit up BaloSaar: sbtTurd covidneunzehn: accept cookies NOW or LEAVE invertedgold: “World changers” LUL just_a_coder: guys can we all comment to confirm if george has a hickey on his neck mongoloid_jones: MOMMY TheStudentDoctor: This is a better description of the solid project if interested: just_a_coder: guys can we all comment to confirm if george has a hickey on his neck BaloSaar: mrmGnomed just_a_coder: guys can we all comment to confirm if george has a hickey on his neck Pratzz: pay her WhiteTailedSpider: LUL mikey9988: JKanStyle ItsAMarcos: keep going I love this ride codingquark: All shit results VVeryHealthyWhale: LUL just_a_coder: guys can we all comment to confirm if george has a hickey on his neck stickyshrimp: how do i find my passion though leftyytwo: is that water or vodka just_a_coder: guys can we all comment to confirm if george has a hickey on his neck solitarynative: including peterson LUL Kamranfb: george whats with the hickey codingquark: Better advice on IRC TBH ItsAMarcos: next stop: find your mission town!!! polysoulz_: vodka maybe w0dm4n: wtf is going on there Gamer_nohope: Mommy can I be a world changer ? LUL invertedgold: Simping for change Geeken: Missed my re-sub… kephriiFEELS LikeReason: LUL Muzyd: MY MAN VVeryHealthyWhale: Sounds like you are going to snap your typing device in half covidneunzehn: smirno3Dagestan Pratzz: hickey ignore aaddrr: who cares if its a hiccky bruh just_a_coder: george is that a hickey? Mithu: index jessica’s site, yes bichid69: russian corona winnyXE: KKomrad num_air: Hello what are we doing today ? comradejaalle: @georgehotz yo hotz you wanna try this new dna hertiage test, i respect your privacy Kappa lasercatboss: Confirmed hickey from russian girl, we on the case Maxii254: I wish I can get as comfortable as you with using the terminal for everything aaddrr: stop being weird just_a_coder: @aaddrr i know bravetraveller: I once knew a guy from Finland that drank vodka just like that SaiBavun: YES leftyytwo: KKomrade slimpimp007: point of no return DeeboMC: If internet existed in the time of Siddartha Guatama, would he have still Buddha’d? @georgehotz iamaflex: Ты говоришь по-русски ItsAMarcos: George don’t be landing page copy, increase that entropy pls and send us your bits WhiteTailedSpider: Отлично codingquark: water or vodka whats the diff bolleys: Wicked mosquito bite on the neck eh george?? Kamranfb: copyright strike wutango: 🇷🇺 pistolpetepcp: SUKAAAAA BLYEET rhytual: KKomrade Lefer_: WutFace Muzyd: pepeJAM winnyXE: наконец то Warbayx: WutFace Skyshifter: wtf LUL sokhibjke: Отличнооо WhiteTailedSpider: ахахах polysoulz_: vibin GetAway_FromMe: Ееее, оксиминог leftyytwo: оришь по-ру 32bitrobo: supp r000sh: ЗАЧЁТ thediamnd: Да ладно dunehazard: Opachki Geeken: @georgehotz sup nerd. is that a hickie on your neck? haha. Btw have you gotten access to OpenAI beta yet? stickyshrimp: wheres the tri poloski tf erfault: that guy is israeli muffclap: the eminem of russia the_EZPZ: vodka tap PogChamp Gamer_nohope: Doomer iwicdti: ooooh jeeeeeez frunkAF: What? JohnnyThe_Hobo: oxxxymiron battle vs dizaster was FIRREEEE Pratzz: NotLikeThis Muzyd: Tap vodka Pog salem_8salem: XD thediamnd: Русские здесь? thedevkid: whats this song? sokhibjke: С*К Б*Я ) Kamranfb: copyright strike AAAonline: tap water NotLikeThis greedoit_: NotLikeThis 5GToren: oxxxxxymirron baby andRoStyle: russian eminem? r000sh: здесь TheBusbyBabes: Did he just say rush b? mongoloid_jones: PUTIN pistolpetepcp: i wish american rap was still in this type feed2: russian eminem PogChamp ofaas: i shit you peasants iwicdti: VoteYea VoteYea VoteYea Yckee: K P A C U B O Warbayx: no KKomrade DansGame thedevkid: song name??????????????? feed2: song name pls thediamnd: КРАСАВА LikeReason: BOEF Kappa Tauromachine: Song name? BaloSaar: idk what seznam is. I should bing it? Kappa sureom: sureom subscribed with Twitch Prime NonTrivial778: DandsGame cefaloclever: kkomrade Willmakk: you guys serious codingquark: Never heard Russian rap before ItsAMarcos: George don’t be landing page copy, increase that entropy pls and send us your bits on how you found your mission mongoloid_jones: POGGERS NonTrivial778: DansGame CensoredAlex: @Tauromachine oxxxymiron – city under the sole cefaloclever: KKomrade Reelix: @georgehotz VS – Personal preference? winnyXE: @thedevkid город под подошвой aaddrr: when are you doing a vr gaem feed2: @CensoredAlex can u sent me the name too pls Muzyd: he downloaded internet Pog NonTrivial778: do you like neovim geohot WhiteTailedSpider: @thedevkid Oxxymiron — город под подошвой codingquark: LIke it Gamer_nohope: geo got influenced by russians! we lost him boys ;_; just_a_coder: you awesome boy @georgehotz 5GToren: sleeper agent GEORGE Pratzz: WutFace Matreg2012: @mongoloid_jones HUILO CensoredAlex: @feed2 oxxxymiron – city under the sole aaddrr: LOUDER Geeken: monkaDMCA erfault: not the largest fan of geohot’s music but i guess we have to tolerate it DansGame lol thediamnd: Песня ещё лучше, если понимаешь о чем она GetAway_FromMe: It’s russian chat now thedevkid: awesm song Tauromachine: Rusa solitaryyy: Geohot making a new search engine professorlogicx: what’s the song tkdboy555: russian reeeeee ItsAMarcos: how did geohot decide to make cars drive themselves thoughhhhhh codingquark: Nice dude PhoebusG: Hey George, so happy you’re on twitch bro. Is this session about scraping, or search engines? Making some good ol’ web spiders?? utahjazz777: Did you see the GPT3 search? feed2: @CensoredAlex can you send me again pls, scrolled away chat too fast cynical900: oxxxymiron is a pseudo intellectual with shitty text DansGame Tauromachine: Russian national anthem thediamnd: Русский чат musabkilic0: @professorlogicx oxxxymiron – city under the sole codingquark: Time to port this to Emacs Kamranfb: bruh

cynical900: KKona sw1jari: DansGame emacs Gamer_nohope: back to the basics :O stickyshrimp: get rid of jessicas aaddrr: make an auction based hits to make websites pay you ItsAMarcos: hey guys does anyone have a link to the drop out blog post?? Kamranfb: SSSsss Geeken: dropping frames @georgehotz cutza: they flood you in there Warbayx: true LUL TheRealMast3r: minimize the time to find the RIGHT information is what Google is lacking codingquark: Only love for Emacs NonTrivial778: true 5GToren: same with politics, they cause confusion, what is the truth? MrYasser2194: china is honest in a way Mithu: or spin true information in a way to still manipulate you Gamer_nohope: MGS2 speech deviad01: The problem with Search Engines is that the weight system can compromise their functioning. If the number of backlinks has too much importance in the algorithm (weight), then the results can be manipulated leftyytwo: LMFAOOOOOOOO Catching_Spiders: and still you fall right in line with what MSM says ItsAMarcos: anyone have a link to the drop out blog post? invertedgold: LUL LUL cutza: lol LeeFranser: LUL stickyshrimp: exactly Warbayx: lmao 5GToren: Haha I always get wikohow TheStudentDoctor: Have you read The Shallows book @georgehotz invertedgold: I’m noticing a pattern Pratzz: cute 5GToren: WIKIHOW devUdara: thoughts? solitarynative: w*m*n aaddrr: forbes SEO is the best wtf powerofpickle: Google should stop allowing paywalled websites to occupy the entire first page TowlieGotHigh: u dont? D: Hawklite: ted was right we need to go back to a more primitive society ItsAMarcos: please link me to the drop out blog post someoneee<33333 codingquark: How about engines oriented towards "types of people" DeeboMC: @georgehotz yea man, think of how people interact with computers in older sci-fi.. it’s like flying-cars: still not here yet Gamer_nohope: death by chat overload :O cutza: Have you read "The Organized Mind" by Levitin? SHAVEYY_: I wish there was a way to search without news lasercatboss: @georgehotz Filter websites not by content but by ad suppliers stickyshrimp: lol winnyXE: KEKW saxxxey: seznam Pog Skyshifter: do you actually believe its easier for the average person though? I feel like people are more in danger of falling for disinformation nowadays, even if its easier to find the correct information cynical900: monkaS TheBusbyBabes: how do i find seznam pepeLaugh polysoulz_: i love seznam Gamer_nohope: uncle TED is ok lol wuate: hay no cacha ingles pero igual mira a este weon bravetraveller: turns out the amish were right cynical900: seznam is ok i guess saxxxey: prescient Gamer_nohope: creep uncle ted feed2: i did :) stickyshrimp: amish know whats up BaloSaar: eat your cake and have it too mattdougherty22: did you ever meet Aaron Swartz? erfault: is geohot a fan of curtis yarvin (moldbug)? Reelix: @georgehotz China has Tiananmen Square, USA has the Christchurch Shooting - A video that will even get you banned from LiveLeak :p Azermite: Thus spoke zarahotz pistolpetepcp: BLAM! seznam polysoulz_: i love Seznam, all my homies love seznam codingquark: Yes, the problems are on point Mithu: escape bichid69: the solution is porn ItsAMarcos: wow seznam is awesome invertedgold: Ted's 10 Weird Tricks For Dealing With Industrial Society stickyshrimp: lol DeeboMC: Ted was mk-ultra’d i hear vloood: prescient MEATCHOPS: @invertedgold LUL metsu_gadoken: BOOMER erfault: so geohot likes linkola too? :( deviad01: Problem with communism is that it does not even give you the illusion that after sacrificing your entire life, maybe in your 40 - 50 there can be something better (like in capitalism). In communism your entire life will suck except for the leaders, 100%, no possibility for a better life codingquark: It is clearer jawbre9ker: I didnt get that far codingquark: YEs that post Gamer_nohope: @invertedgold LUL top 10 FargioFarmani: gg micos7: This guy`s personality type is either INTJ or INTP codingquark: They've archived it forever erfault: linkola and greta thunberg = ted kazinsky's fan club literally remember aspermoon: about global warming ItsAMarcos: has George mentioned any blog posts like how to drop out and the one on suicide in the past?? I'd love to read them all :? cynical900: @micos7 🤓 👍 FlameSnare: @deviad01, that gets into money=happyness territory DeeboMC: @micos7 Meyers-Briggs is a joke man codingquark: hmm adaut_0: asimov's foundation TheStudentDoctor: Myers-Briggs personality types are highly misinterpreted and largely useless PiroFloydian: TRUE cutza: BEZOS invertedgold: But how will I get my stuff same day? utahjazz777: I thought that I do procrastinate a lot, but George is on another procrastination level SuperVK: shot down amazon fallaest: LOl dr_set: Fan boy can't get laid, decides that the problem is the entire society and we must live like monkeys so he has a better chance to get laid. Ultimate irony, even if we do that, he still wont get laid because he can be bothered with a shower pistolpetepcp: amazon 2.0 micos7: I know,still a useful heuristic @DeeboMC robonhansonem: What was the Land line, it takes a Mao to suppress capital, and for all he tried capital rose again stronger than ever lesserthangood: tucker carlson covidneunzehn: tmall will raise Kappa deviad01: @FlameSnare it depends on the meaning that you give to money. For me money is freedom codingquark: Yes lasercatboss: kill newton to stop gravity moktheacronym: DOMINANCE HIERARCHIES!!! leftyytwo: fuck calc

codingquark: It solves a problem bichid69: stop calculus lmao invertedgold: TMall maximalism pistolpetepcp: centralization is just part of society piiics: Kappa deviad01: @FlameSnare without money I must be a slave 9hrs 5 days a week codingquark: Unless the problem is removed, the solution is invented over and over again corpus_cule: would you say the thing about hitler? Rafabld1996: reminds me of people who say Tesla invented some infinite wireless energy Kappa avalos_02: @georgehotz would federal action possibly stop this then? ofaas: its an unendable change of killing the_EZPZ: Kill Cantor or Weirstrass maybe have a better chance musabkilic0: what about a dns to collect data @georgehotz erfault: so is geohot a curtis yarvin (moldbug) reader or not? Skyshifter: its like minority report Mithu: can we get back to business here, Jessica is waiting and wants u to index and link to her site Gamer_nohope: Rick and morty snake episode Kappa thearthtyagi: PIPERNET TheStudentDoctor: Society swings between centralised and decentralised every decade or so Gamer_nohope: killl sarah connor Kamranfb: PIPERNET deviad01: @FlameSnare in ROmania with Ceaucescu and communism people kept working for shitty money. Ceaucescu had villas stuffed with all kind of goods that normal people could never find in the stores saxxxey: REAL NUMBERS DONT EXIST ONLY NATURALS lasercatboss: LMAo zenoER: shkreli lookin ass LUL aaddrr: jsut give him a phone with porn LUL xrealyy: why are you streaming from kitchen JohnnyThe_Hobo: he said a lot of words and I understood school lasercatboss: we can open an art school send all the ones we dont like there lasercatboss: accept bad ppainters thearthtyagi: PIPERNET MAN Rafabld1996: numers exist up to 10 resinfingers: geo showed moldbug’s language he invented. Not much else needs to be said saxxxey: NEGATIVE NUMBERS ARE ALSO FAKE 32bitrobo: VirtualHug Reelix: @musabkilic0 To paraphrase Tom Scott – If you want to know what the most private people are doing, get a VPN with a massive advertising budget :p hjklhjklhjkl2008: what about infinitely long programs erfault: ok so geohot is a fan of moldbug thern? can you read his blog DeeboMC: @micos7 maybe, but seems to attract the type already inclined to be susceptible to confirmation bias, imo codingquark: That is an interesting take! hjklhjklhjkl2008: what do you define as a program micos7: The nominalism-realist scholastic debate still reverberates in the modern world musabkilic0: @Reelix 😛 this video is sponsored by *** data_dude: Birds arent real Reelix: @musabkilic0 😀 iamaflex: George let’s take a break go to Ocean Beach or marina green and solve some leetcode hards r000sh: we live in infinity musabkilic0: what is real Tauromachine: Yes micos7: @DeeboMC agree Warbayx: feminist LUL Tauromachine: Infinitely isn’t real Sasukey7: this is undergraduate math not phd xrealyy: show off your condo hjklhjklhjkl2008: what about a program like while True print(“hi”) calcmath: Norman J Wildberger kektobiologist: yes finitism 5Head Tauromachine: It’s a mathematical concept, it doesn’t exist in our universe tkdboy555: what does it even mean for a integers and reals to have the same cardinality? what’s the significance of this fact? doomhammerorgrim: I think the first assumption that computer programs and integers have the same cardinality might be wrong leftyytwo: ??????? robonhansonem: If you read Greg Egan, you know infinity has scary implications JohnnyThe_Hobo: oh yess i see lasercatboss: what if you wanna add 1 and you cant though GoOnAli: PogChamp i just failed an exam on this BaloSaar: Schrödinger’s number Reelix: @hjklhjklhjkl2008 The program will stop when your PC stops / dies / has a hardware failure / the planet gets consumed by the sun zenoER: @georgehotz why use instragram when its the least likely to be used by people who follow you/find your stuff interesting ragecoder: @robonhansonem which book would you suggest? resinfingers: reiffication fallacy. Space cannot bend either folks Tal_X_Tal: Keepo 0xnan: maybe interesting DeeboMC: @georgehotz there’s a competition for this musabkilic0: lets do it cynical900: PogChamp l1ght5p33d: geohot is the ultra leet everyone respect his supreme intelligence Skyshifter: do it right now PogChamp solitarynative: You should make FHE usable Gamer_nohope: Focus on the million problems Vektorraum: you can do that, just click edit her3hero: Pogchamp her3hero: wow Joooooooooonas: PogChamp aaddrr: me 🙂 Tal_X_Tal: poggies 1xelerate: WOW LejLje: crazy right Remembermyfart1: solve PNP, bro ch3e3to: PogChamp cutza: stream the bussy beaver! her3hero: call to action PogChamp echotaco: Big time streamer PogChamp qatarking24xd: PogChamp JohnnyThe_Hobo: 1.2k people and like 10 who understand whats going on GandalfTheGrayOfHell: no 🙂 AW86: im the 1 covidneunzehn: follow on instagram tsAllySparkles: Dayum sokhibjke: LUL dunehazard: Everybody follow George on IG! maddyakhil: cornyePro cornyePro kektobiologist: fuck u rich fuck Skyshifter: true LUL GoOnAli: click that gift button guys 🙂 CensoredAlex: 1234 PogChamp DeeboMC: @l1ght5p33d ur trolling right bro? bskeptical: bskeptical subscribed with Twitch Prime Gamer_nohope: P versus NP raystriker98: lmao he knows we’re all guys in here her3hero: ??? Roman182: LUL theGeekPirate: MingLee Mithu: sounds out of date george, nice selling point for ur wiki aaddrr: how do I get that wikipedia Ein_Steinway: Can the largest number possible be multiplied? BaloSaar: enjoy how readable chat is now. If and when you have 10k viewers, it will be unreadable LUL bravetraveller: if you’re in a simulation, wouldn’t there be a finitie limit for the biggest number limited by whatever the simulation runs on? Gamer_nohope: onlyfans codingquark: How often does it update? adaut_0: and one of them is watching you from Brazil atidus: i feel Im so smart when i understand 20% what is he talking about covidneunzehn: subs get snapchat

Reelix: @georgehotz Wikipedia can be edited by anyone! … And then get reverted 5 minutes later sokhibjke: bu cocuk tas*q geciyo ya FargioFarmani: http://localhost:9454 if someone want so see it Skyshifter: classic LUL aaddrr: @atidus xddd Penguino138: Welcome welcome, i see summation Twixasz: Nazipedia cynical900: DatSheffy leftist_scum77: things would be a lot better polysoulz_: lol JohnnyThe_Hobo: nazi did 9/11 swagettiyolonaise69: we’d be speaking german jasonscottreval: I’d aay we’d be speaking Japanese or German right now in that case avalos_02: liberal KKona cefaloclever: *conspirance* soiax_: MASKS CAUSE 5G programmingmouse: if they won it would look like that wolfeinstein game Azermite: America took nazi scientists for the bomb erfault: is geohot part of the technocratic elite that moldbug says should rule the country based on a system of meritocracy around economic and technological growth? NonTrivial778: wikipedia is biased BabyfaceKappa: nat. soc. were all about science and technology doomhammerorgrim: genetics too Gamer_nohope: @FargioFarmani LUL Skyshifter: what is true on our wiki? monkaS solitaryyy: @georgehotz what about “CCP Wikipedia” Kamranfb: Was ist ein Nazi? Catching_Spiders: they didnt? aww man cutza: can wikipedia be raided lasercatboss: dont twitter about bias ArianSun: definition of physical force would be nuts. they tried to use force as a starting point to derive the rest of physics invertedgold: Busy beaver article bias fumonaut: what it looks right now lol solitaryyy: LOL swagettiyolonaise69: history is written by the winners musabkilic0: JEWelry shanumbra: LUL robonhansonem: Gwern’s GWAS page was bowdlerized ch3e3to: LUL MEATCHOPS: Who is this, Luke Smith? Rafabld1996: code a wiki article bias detector Kappa Tauromachine: The one for America is biased RichyK1: @swagettiyolonaise69 ur woke dude holy shit Penguino138: That 0 is Soooo biasec RobMonstaFlex: LUL drxusito: Cheer100 thanks for sharing , man corpus_cule: nice dumb libertarian take aaddrr: limited fumonaut: I think this guy is based Mithu: adjectives reflect bias utahjazz777: USSR encyclopedias were very similar to WIki PiroFloydian: can’t bias be leaving things out? @georgehotz JdPaulBlart: luke smith is a legend Gamer_nohope: is the address … if anyone wants to see my private wiki 😉 1xelerate: luke smith LUL NonTrivial778: her3hero: its in the name beaver. why do we choose a beaver 🤔 sw1jari: @MEATCHOPS i was thinking george watches luke SolarBerry: it’s crazy that the good guys won literally every war ever TriXav1er: @georgehotz solvePvsNP cypherph4: PainsChamp Libertarians DeeboMC: Len Bias’s article is prolly super Bias’d lesserthangood: i thought history was written by the historians D: Vektorraum: you can do Russel’s conjugation instead of additional words J3rwin: ROFL ironfootmonk: I don’t understand the game shanumbra: LUL 792x: LUL Muzyd: LUL Epij: leaked LUL JohnnyThe_Hobo: idk what just happened but it felt cool winnyXE: bad signs lol leftist_scum77: lol polysoulz_: local host LOL fumonaut: Luke Smith aka default Runescape character aka Vim Diesel Kriminell00: can I find localhost on seznam? robonhansonem: The page on moral histerias also had some funny ideological changes. Seems the demographics of moral histerias were not PC enough pistolpetepcp: damn localhost is my fav website codingquark: Existence of certain articles and absence of some may show bias too Ziv0: it says ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED celebrimborfan123: gimme that port to forward to big boy Reelix: @georgehotz With some basic port forwarding and your public IP address – We can :p bichid69: no localhost on seznam bro trojenm: it didn’t show up guys goobygoobler: whats your take on onlyfans ? WIDE_AF: what about north korea zenoER: literally not true LUL 1xelerate: @fumonaut, u think georgie browses /g/ / Skyshifter: when i search localhost all i see is gay porn micos7: Do you care for the upcoming Dune movie? powerofpickle: wow why does your website look like nginx for me 🙁 polysoulz_: i imagine someone actually typing local host Ziv0: D: saxxxey: LUL Rafabld1996: that is going to hijack mu computer and mine monero in it, isn’t it? rstk1: LUL feed2: your website is down, says cannot be reached shanumbra: LUL Mithu: hol up, nmapping rn solitaryyy: firewall Koduck007: this wall fire sadokaah: @georgehotz how do you think quantum computing will affect day to day lives? GandalfTheGrayOfHell: @georgehotz is it accessible for subs? 🙂 Gamer_nohope: D: damn firewalls bravetraveller: just like creedthoughts blog invertedgold: Hacked localhost, I’m in fuuqtv: notice_me_OpieOP: @georgehotz can you teach us how to cook meth on stream? 🙂 her3hero: your website got censored D: WIDE_AF: done 🙂 DeeboMC: @sadokaah bump B1_Renekton: localhost:6969 is my fav Canine_Ace: ok 🙂 leftyytwo: KEKW goobygoobler: lol xhongi_: quick lets all go to his localhost so his firewall crashes KomodoHype cynical900: ok done 🙂 pistolpetepcp: Don’t worry I scraped the IP ports for your location localcanofdutchgold: PepeLaugh lyinglengyel: just did it “_ Ziv0: ok 🙂 JohnnyThe_Hobo: ok 🙂 Koduck007: CurseLit walls CurseLit maddyakhil: LUL solitarynative: ok 🙂 iamaflex: History is a pack of lies agreed upon BDOSense: TY 🙂 axellben: done antiratt: @georgehotz apple is watching for you LeeFranser: ok 🙂 gtnftw: KEKW invertedgold: Make your computer run faster kaboomyoo: what if i use a mac GandalfTheGrayOfHell: already did 🙂 BiszkopTT: this will speed up your pc 500% solitaryyy: Knows those people are Windows users erfault: or losing historians threatened by the winners to publish any of their version of history dunduk_krasava: ok 🙂 celebrimborfan123: has left the chat NonTrivial778: im using linux lol rtcspxstn: PogChamp im doing it winnyXE: im done parse: thanks 🙂 breadhamandegg: just did it 🙂 abethyy: i use arch btw feed2: obama censored your website, localhost down codingquark: hohoho cypherph4: 🙂 done GoOnAli: ok what next 🙂 lasercatboss: Boeing LuckyFeathersGames: TSLA puts?! Muzyd: will my PC run faster? 🙂 NatePh_07: LUL LUL isuckatchoosingnames: Wow imagine using windows and watching George Hotz god_damn: all in link pistolpetepcp: What about MAC ??? Rafabld1996: TSLA maddyakhil: tesla puts trojenm: what happens if delete Penguino138: Buy Doge coin, Elon said so pistolpetepcp: LOLOLLL yogi_1010: Done. What next, friend ck1956: SPY puts powerofpickle: wow my screen turned blue this is so cool thank you so much TeaPardee: laugh after swagettiyolonaise69: is this the modern russian roulette micos7: I see this guy is on r/wallstreetbets solitaryyy: SEC INCOMING! localcanofdutchgold: jokes in 2020 PepeLaugh a_ato: ?? 1xelerate: whats the strike price myasovlavashe: ok 🙂 doomhammerorgrim: just did it PogChamp pistolpetepcp: i had some DIS today solitarynative: buy dero r000sh: busted cutza: bongacams will hurt your brand dude Kappa Kappa hjklhjklhjkl2008: geohot cancelled LUL winnyXE: Kappa SHAVEYY_: if your on linux do sudo rm -rf / her3hero: you have to show pictures of shorts on your website sw1jari: yo what OS are you using chat? BaloSaar: i dont think windows 10 lets you delete system32. Like it will not allow you to do it nathanPepe gridstopper: in game Catching_Spiders: known as calls codingquark: It is done on Twitter death_gadget: LUL fumonaut: @1xelerate don’ think so, he does not seem like a weeb fizeh: SPY 250P 7/22 LiveCustoms: SEC? Yes this man right here solitaryyy: Debian pharaohskaro: is this a worthy endeavor ? hardtarget4: that’s toxic SolarBerry: @BaloSaar based feed2: LOL thediamnd: You can say “in game” cynical900: @georgehotz i stole my mom credit card and gonna put it all on dysney puts. Thanks for the money 🙂 Gamer_nohope: DeeboMC: @georgehotz I relate to that brand jason_rm: SEC is known for their sense of humor resinfingers: face memes have really picked up in recent years 1xelerate: @fumonaut, its not all weebs DansGame fumonaut: @1xelerate but who knows LUL resinfingers: see recursive_x: doubly linked list on blockchain bliutwo: Pog hello george gtnftw: a browser plugin that replaces all videos with “never gonna give you up” Penguino138: Are we on a laptop? cutza: do a youtube to mp3 extension blueberryguac: George whats ur iq shanumbra: LUL bliutwo: macbook i believe death_gadget: As long as you say it’s not financial advice socialanxtyy: @georgehotz its really easy and just uses JS I have released a few extensions SHAVEYY_: :O learn php for free cynical900: @georgehotz i stole my mom credit card and gonna put it all on dysney puts. Thanks for the money 🙂 antiratt: @georgehotz apple is watching for you fallaest: get the manifest.json NonTrivial778: brave is better notice_me_OpieOP: @georgehotz can you teach us how to cook meth on stream? 🙂 Penguino138: I see the screen wigglin’ so i assume a laptop blabbernab: ungoogled chromium? fallaest: it works on chromium BaloSaar: google knows all the porn i watch monkaS pomprocks: running osx though SummertimeClothes: brave? cutza: write a YouTube to Mp4 Extension, those are all gone powerofpickle: Support browser engine diversity! Use firefox! pistolpetepcp: Tesla 1500c 25.00 – 39.00

lasercatboss: @georgehotz just dont display any results with ads from a blacklist no? sw1jari: firefox gang feed2: learning php for chrome extension PogChamp mongoloid_jones: HI STEPBROS bliutwo: typescript ECH Skyshifter: ok george, lets hear the game plan for this new search engine Reelix: @georgehotz Is that an apple logo I spy at the top left? saxxxey: whats wrong with typescript? the_EZPZ: Send 1000 dollars btc to elon musk and he will double it and send back TowlieGotHigh: Javascript WeirdChamp BiszkopTT: TS FTW fumonaut: @1xelerate not so sure about that LULW WhiteTailedSpider: typescript FailFish iMoggy: typescript master race ultraoverview: !uptime LuckyFeathersGames: George hates typescript I’m done saxxxey: typescript infinitely better than JS FruitellaJesus: TS is bae pomprocks: what kinda extension is he making? GandalfTheGrayOfHell: TypeScript WutFace electro_y0: ts 4Weird qatarking24xd: @ultraoverview 1:35 bliutwo: mfw i was thinking about asking stupid questions but i decided not to bliutwo: monkaS 1xelerate: @fumonaut, wait are u a baj forsen1 JigglyGirls: rcd4Weird MrYasser2194: ungoogled chromium nice FruitellaJesus: Just write it in Python 5Head ultraoverview: @qatarking24xd thanks qatarking24xd: no worries kingherring: stop trying to hack me George notice_me_OpieOP: non haskell langauge WutFace fumonaut: @1xelerate it does seem very weebish, but that’s most of 4chan. Dont visit 4chan anymore tho, too much degenerate shit on there codingquark: npm install fs fs.delete(“/”) JdPaulBlart: C PogChamp notice_me_OpieOP: ah \ WutFace / the_EZPZ: anything other than FORTRAN DansGame Sasukey7: @bliutwo everyone starts somewhere 🙂 Catching_Spiders: self aware WutFace GandalfTheGrayOfHell: @georgehotz!#{%22modules%22:[%22hidden-mode%22,%22with-bg%22,%22with-persistent-bg%22,%22no-options%22,%22no-override%22],%22boolean_perms%22:[],%22match_ptrns%22:[]} KEKW bliutwo: Sasukey7 🙂 fumonaut: @1xelerate I do watch Forsen from time to time, but not so much anymore cutza: a bongacams extension would be amazing Kappa sw1jari: DansGame not Holy-C Mal30: thanks for that nicely formatted info, gandalf notice_me_OpieOP: write in assembly or I’ll unsubscribe DansGame Mal30: you speak as clearly as in LOTR 792x: how is ur UI so small? wainemier:!#{%22modules%22:[%22hidden-mode%22,%22with-bg%22,%22with-persistent-bg%22,%22no-options%22,%22no-override%22],%22boolean_perms%22:[],%22match_ptrns%22:[]} 1xelerate: @fumonaut, i saw pastor on your pfp ssynths: is text in twitch chat blurry on chrome but clear on firefox for anyone else? bichid69: writing extensions is gay DeeboMC: @notice_me_opieop ur not subscribed tho luspr: hey George, do you have thoughts on gpt-3? Reelix: @ssynths Using Chrome here – I can read it fine kingherring: nice microwave george notice_me_OpieOP: @DeeboMC don’t call me out WutFace fumonaut: @1xelerate oh right, yeah I used to watch him very often LUL cutza: colorless green ideas winnyXE: not green actually DeeboMC: @notice_me_opieop my bad, my bad metsu_gadoken: @bichid69 you just did it Mal30: im late to the party.. what are developing here? dempseytr: what are you working on george? polysoulz_: chrome always making shit hard ssynths: @Reelix alright maybe i just have bad eyes LUL smurfd0: musabkilic0: FruitellaJesus: Aircon? Thought that was the mac lol aaddrr: its not loud kingherring: UNSUBSCRIBE! J3rwin: sub previlege fumonaut: @1xelerate I started watching Forsen in 2015, but now his stream is just not as entertaining to me anymore codingquark: Do you want to ask people to export their entire google search history and upload? Gamer_nohope: unsub , report lol lasercatboss: UNSUBSCRIBE! powerofpickle: GPT is my favorite partition table! iimeyris: yes 1xelerate: @fumonaut, no more hearthstone forsenFeels Penguino138: gotta keep lord geo cool so his CPU doesn’t explode xhongi_: its comfy background noise notice_me_OpieOP: @georgehotz can you develop a machine learning algorithm which rates the quality of meth? asking for a friend 🙂 trojenm: is it vacuum cleaner ? BiszkopTT: bwwwwwwwww oh yeah white noise d-_-b TheBusbyBabes: is that an airplane trying to take off? raystriker98: did he change apartments Reelix: @smurfd0 Use the DDG approach – Forward the request to Google and paste the response as your own :p keepingtrckofthisacct: what is he working on? polysoulz_: nice background music !!!! bichid69: wtf is that aircon bro donaim: !project kingherring: UNSUBSCRIBE!!!! pomprocks: browser extensions have background scripts and content scripts. content scripts can modify the page in a tab CompestLive: Where’s my mod? Been here since the renaissance electro_y0: thumpDesk cypherph4: train passing by Penguino138: We’re all being fooled, this is inside his private jet fumonaut: @1xelerate true, hearthstone was golden age Forsen bokeee_: its loud but not too bad @georgehotz BiszkopTT: is this aircon or airjet???????????? erfault: you need RTX voice isuckatchoosingnames: Do you use any plugins with vi, and if you do, do you mind sharing your vimrc with us? NonTrivial778: right musabkilic0: factor0n: did you hacked the ps5 ? JigglyGirls: @xhongi_ PrideUwu ezpwnd: hiya george JohnnyThe_Hobo: me xohadi: do you have thoughts on flutter FruitellaJesus: A few Skyshifter: LUL bichid69: too much cpu bro loopylol: not me 🙂 kingherring: no, wrong smurfd0: notice_me_OpieOP: me 🙂 / lesserthangood: 🙂 xhongi_: Kreygasm NOT ME powerofpickle: Hell yeah sign me tf up! raad1masum: no GandalfTheGrayOfHell: me 🙂 darkzade: lo-fi aire conditioner sounds to chill and study devUdara: nope lasercatboss: its fine Reelix: @georgehotz I have a 1Mbps upload – I can’t stream :p aaddrr: what do i get though Kriminell00: its fine Tal_X_Tal: 🙂 plumycli: its fine Mal30: I might be a few years late, but thanks a lot for jailbreaking my iphone 3gs a while back @georgehotz 🙂 lesserthangood: u wanna see my webcam too when i get undressed 🙂 notice_me_OpieOP: @georgehotz can you develop a machine learning algorithm which rates the quality of meth? asking for a friend 🙂 Tekrific: aircon is fine Geo Penguino138: Just stick some ice on your body B1_Renekton: too much resources AnomalyObese: @georgehotz Hey, I just graduated with a PhD in Information Security from Oxford, I have an OSCP, OSCE, OSEE, CISSP, etc. Is there any free work I can do for you? erfault: just get a real laptop w/ 2080 super and enable RTX voice raystriker98: the Aircon is okay dude

tkrshh: lots of normies in the chat Skyshifter: yea u’d have to ocr everthing right? solitaryyy: @Reelix feels bad – poverty internet keepingtrckofthisacct: it was fine @georgehotz Penguino138: The data is inside our hearts <3 pistolpetepcp: its transcoded on the fly on the CPU maxschneider96: F Reelix: @solitaryyy Best wired internet available. Fiber hasn't hit and local exchange maxes at 10/1 ch3e3to: F FruitellaJesus: F aaddrr: f fumonaut: @1xelerate but whatever, it was fun watching him back then but it's not as bad as some people make it out to be LUL WIDE_AF: small f cypherph4: f a_ato: f mlejva: I just came here. What are we building? Ziv0: saved Penguino138: laggin a bit raystriker98: it's back donaim: F polysoulz_: F codingquark: choppy keepingtrckofthisacct: is this dial-up? solitaryyy: @Reelix maybe try signing up for Spacelink beta Skyshifter: isn't the biggest problem the sorting of the significant data rather than the collecting ItsAMarcos: I wish I had friends like George living close to me 1xelerate: @fumonaut, yea i mean i still watch him pretty daily LUL FruitellaJesus: Delay F raad1masum: how do you read so fast? bichid69: f JohnnyThe_Hobo: they realized you cut them the alexa electro_y0: F B1_Renekton: we back lesserthangood: when Javascript fails, go to C++, as the old adage says topbxy: DAD IS LIVE! kingherring: RRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe twinkiee: drop celike1ns: Are you coding in a project? DeeboMC: @penguino138 yea I was just about to ask who else was lagging SolarBerry: NORMIES OUT cypherph4: malding stemlords in chat loopylol: kitchen streams are back weee TrueLander12: @B1_Renekton league player? aalhendi: Chronoxor for CPP is really nice for Websocket stuff bichid69: NARYBARY Penguino138: only geo decides if normies talk or not Reelix: @solitaryyy Was hoping for Google Loon to expand - Guess I'll sign up there as well :p SummertimeClothes: grats on the hickey movsdk: what are your oppinion on singularity - as interpreted by ray kurzweil - are we close? Y4RIKO: what am I doing here pistolpetepcp: Who here doesn't know how to code ??!! lesserthangood: banned by CIA monkaW B1_Renekton: @TrueLander12 lsxyzOfc lsxyzOfc Penguino138: @pistolpetepcp Its ok that you don't know much, but you can definitely learn here kingherring: :( TrueLander12: @B1_Renekton Which server u playin on notice_me_OpieOP: @georgehotz hey george big fan here, do you know any algos which can determine if one's head is too big for one's body? :) lasercatboss: Please just filter websites with obnoxious ads, good content will never have that cypherph4: imagine gatekeeping programming lol daddyboxdaddy: hi chat what mac is he using ? :) marvintherain: what about wireshark? covidneunzehn: rootkit us Kreygasm celebrimborfan123: you could use pi hole polysoulz_: !subs Sasukey7: yes FruitellaJesus: We need it to work in IE11 please LinuZ_: wireshark plugin? :D darkzade: FrankerZ 👏 kklisura: Is that for crawling? pistolpetepcp: I built a chrome extension bot to buy Nike Jordan shoes LOL Reelix: @solitaryyy Turns out I live 8,000 miles away from their closest beta test site. No luck ;D Ziv0: frida :P celike1ns: You need self signed ssl certificates B1_Renekton: @TrueLander12 stopped playing an year ago, these days i just watch LEC, i used to play on EUW (silver) codingquark: You need it before the packet is prepared pistolpetepcp: @Penguino138 thanks penguino, I'm actually a full time dev lol camr0: use a proxy aaddrr: it is DeeboMC: @pistolpetepcp lemme get that guy_ross: write it at dns level? make a resolver TrueLander12: @B1_Renekton Okay I play eune Platinum player celike1ns: Look at mitmproxy marvintherain: analyse traffic with wireshark and organize info according to that Dervolleschlanke: shazam for food! aaddrr: doesnt google record your screnen for their captchas? insignia_microwave: I still have chffr installed kingherring: I don't want to see you pp though devUdara: what about chrome plugin that screenshots pages along with history based - way less bandwidth than streaming recursive_x: information is already organized? bichid69: just make a botnet Iamzad: @georgehotz did you hear of reckful? lauralex98: kernel mode driver lol jimcarreyjr: david icke jordandiaz1988: gogo bro pistolpetepcp: @DeeboMC lol idk if it even works anymore! Are jordans still cool?? aaddrr: lol Iamzad: 💿 DOC FruitellaJesus: @jimcarreyjr yikes bro bichid69: hahaha just RAT everyone kingherring: @georgehotz botnet Skyshifter: The problem is interpreting the users query. How would u do that differently? codingquark: Wolfram has been collecting all of his personal data for 2 decades her3hero: I would love to have an IRL ShadowPlay MrYasser2194: sounds like a black mirror episode erfault: shungite gang kklisura: What are you trying to build? Ziv0: LUL like a time tracker jimcarreyjr: @FruitellaJesus ? PeanutBruddah: @georgehotz my cousin Gregory dated your sister a few years back. Met her a few times, super nice! henistein: sounds interesting Dervolleschlanke: checkout DeeboMC: @pistolpetepcp only as cool as the person wearin em bro, like anything TheRealMast3r: waw not bad idea actually Ein_Steinway: Downloading the entire internet with 1 Gbps connection only takes 3 million years jimcarreyjr: @FruitellaJesus was referring to the Doc aaddrr: this is so sketchy you will be worse than zuck solitaryyy: @georgehotz and you could market it with shitty blog posts SEO optimized for Google b0bsaget: br0 george you need to stats you n00b jimcarreyjr: @FruitellaJesus "bro" ArianSun: hack stadia and use its servers Gamer_nohope: there's a third person cam that does it D: hardtarget4: dr disrepect's new song goes hard kingherring: Zucc is cuck

JohnnyThe_Hobo: he is a lizard people lasercatboss: Hairstyle, look at that guy kklisura: Chrome supports headless mode, build a crawler based on that WIDE_AF: zucc weird bichid69: zuck is a cuck lmao JdPaulBlart: @georgehotz this is you thearthtyagi: zuck is nice heyviv: I thought you were suffering from ligma illogicalism: developing a chrome extension can work on firefox too by the way JdPaulBlart: @georgehotz this is you gtnftw: it’s on docs youtube channel fumonaut: @1xelerate I do too when I feel like it and he plays an interesting game. But whatever, gotta go now, have a good day 👍 Reelix: @georgehotz Not really. Large botnets deal with Tbps – Plenty of bandwidth for you 🙂 piiics: make somthing that records who enters your instagram ahahah covidneunzehn: TheIlluminati pistolpetepcp: @DeeboMC hell ya bro, deebo is a beast also XD Gamer_nohope: A cam that allows you to see yoursellf in 3rd view Skyshifter: the zucc is a reptile in human skin, amirite? cypherph4: Zucc is caked up 1xelerate: @fumonaut, you too pal her3hero: Can you evaluate the video data decentralized? Edelknecht: we’re not evil until we are kingherring: is that a scar on your neck? btw @georgehotz tornix98: make it universally accessible and useful leftist_scum77: KILL ALL DISSIDENTS cynical900: Kappa DeeboMC: @pistolpetepcp lol Iamzad: “It’s out of my hands , but I’m still in control. “Thats it thats the song LUL @georgehotz insignia_microwave: I’ll be here if you need a python sev LinuZ_: Kapp insignia_microwave: dev puwlik: put ads on every site Rafabld1996: @ IPO codingquark: Why do you call it “organizing”? Is it really organizing? hardtarget4: someone post that picture of zuck windboarding with the sunscreen lmao avalos_02: LULW electro_y0: Kappa localcanofdutchgold: brainstorming is more efficient to highly intellectual compositions forsenCD grekler3: Kappa celike1ns: Create semantic web(: Penguino138: Everyone at the company needs a “Dont be evil” tatoo stickyshrimp: 4Head topbxy: CrreamAwk google Gamer_nohope: A cam that allows you to see yoursellf in 3rd view person BaloSaar: being evil is the right thing? monkaS covidneunzehn: DarkMode VanityShowcase: is ur neck ok Skyshifter: i remember that LUL stickyshrimp: do the right thing 4Head dont be evil 4Head electro_y0: Ahh 5Head gtnftw: Are you trying to do something like Sean Szumlanki’s research? He basically downloaded all of Wikipedia and formed connections between related topics and such (extreme generalization) cynical900: TriHard MrYasser2194: Right thing for who ? PomanRolanski: yeah i’d say something related to dbpedia kingherring: what happened to your neck @georgehotz WIDE_AF: true piiics: make somthing that records who enters your instagram ahahah Iamzad: @georgehotz how do you define evil? aaddrr: truee leftist_scum77: WOKE GOOGLE JakeJ24: “Do the most profitable thing” – Google 2021 792x: LUL Lefer_: exactly LUL zafke: 3rd it could be amazing!! for introverts erfault: zucc is doing the right thing Kappa deadpool_reynolds: google -> hitler bichid69: can’t get bitches if you ain’t evil, bitches love bad boys JdPaulBlart: @georgehotz do the objectively right thing celebrimborfan123: fuck it, let’s get nixon tattoos on our backs 0xtf: that’s a very good point! Pratzz: daam true aaddrr: what if you got payed for sharing your screen? jawbre9ker: how u gonna crush the bad people? erfault: geohot whered you get the hickie from codingquark: Why do you call it “organizing”? Is it really organizing? FruitellaJesus: facts bichid69: can’t get bitches if you ain’t evil, bitches love bad boys bro soreox: Who’s to say what is good and what is bad? Kappa WIDE_AF: necessary evil GoOnAli: do the wrong thing myasovlavashe: DarkMode DarkMode DarkMode Gamer_nohope: @zafke I just play in 3rd LUL darkzade: squadHYPERW TRUE b0bsaget: george lets do some math bro, prove you’re not n00b Reelix: @georgehotz If you’re killing millions of people that you deem to be evil – Would you call yourself evil? :p ItsAMarcos: what makes you happy George?? friends? polysoulz_: THANOS THOUGHT HE WAS DOING THE RIGHT THING!!! the_EZPZ: Rationality does not assert normative claims nitrix_live: @georgehotz Practically, do you restrict “information” to a subset, like text only? Skyshifter: if you want to win & do the right thing, people will cheat. cheating the system is easier than beating it legit SoNastyyy: Why do you not use firefox? @georgehotz robonhansonem: is/ought BaloSaar: mrmShungite Iamzad: @georgehotz did you hear of reckful? kingherring: what is the scar on your neck george codingquark: Why do you call it “organizing”? Is it really organizing? piiics: make somthing that records who enters your instagram ahahah daxyxy98: where did the leetcode bet guy go? LUL gtnftw: check out this: patrickgekko: project euler Penguino138: Please do this CAPTCHA to prove you’re not a noob haha cynical900: 5th grade math if you are cool KappaCool solitarynative: algebra bravetraveller: “don’t be a dick” should be everyones motto lasercatboss: Pretty sure youd be pretty bad at any continuous math so how about that recursive_x: text mining xhasdg3: Thanos did the right thing aaddrr: i would use it if i got payed like 10 cents an hour blakeswelt: Finish the Chrome extention up 🙂 SummertimeClothes: Evil is much easier to agree on and identify than rightness FlameSnare: show us your follow list on twitch 🙂 Iamzad: sure Kappa CompestLive: Where’s my mod? Been here since the renaissance many_mangos: build an extension that builds a profile of you based on your typing patterns solitaryyy: leetcode zzzz Penguino138: Geocoin JAKWAI: this stream is way cooler than leetcode calcmath: wouldnt something like GPT-3 be the future of indexing? fumonaut: @1xelerate One more thing, I just looked at your profile pic on twitch, it looks kinda weeb!? LUL the_EZPZ: Just put seznam on a chrome extension ez lesserthangood: im not evil im just not good topbxy: philosophy Kreygasm kingherring: the future is teledildonics JdPaulBlart: @georgehotz i bet you 1 subscribe you cant do a hard leetcode in 20 mins illogicalism: you need a background script, a content script and the main js script bichid69: build a fucking keylogger solitarynative: theres a crypto project working on FHE smart contracts DeeboMC: Let’s raid another science/tech channel for a min @georgehotz unh0lys0daz: Good afternoon FargioFarmani: Whats your opinion about this thesis? @georgehotz 1xelerate: @fumonaut, thats just a drawing of me lol, didn’t intend that b0bsaget: identify D8 as a subgroup of S4, and prove that the elements of D8 and <(1 2 3)> do not commute in S4 lesserthangood: KEKW topbxy: all the data monkaW saxxxey: data Kreygasm Iamzad: monkaS All the data monkaS recursive_x: TOP KEK squishy_swishy_fishy: maybe the era of search engines is over, most people know what sites they use to find different information anyway kingherring: @georgehotz is evil LUL LUL isuckatchoosingnames: Do you use any plugins with vi, and if you do, do you mind sharing your vimrc with us? aaddrr: just program a virus lul FruitellaJesus: monkaS topbxy: monkaS all the data lasercatboss: How you prevent it from getting too good, if everbody uses it im sure it will get bad again Zr1_ziko: FeelsAmazingMan ArianSun: tencent already had this idea with the valorant anti-cheat B1_Renekton: building a rootkit is Evil codingquark: I agree 5GToren: did weed made you open your 3rd eye fernaoguerra: Are gonna code JS for the extension? 🙂 Love to see that again grekler3: i do 🙂 covidneunzehn: Edge-Computing on our costs Kreygasm fumonaut: @1xelerate Oh ok, just thought because the eyes look so big LUL. Alright, have a good one! 5GToren: 😂 Penguino138: @georgehotz is it gonna be decentralized? TheRealMast3r: you should label your rootkit “not a botnet” à la Elon Musk Kappa lesserthangood: why not website owners just submit the website to be indexed? VOR0R: Check out edil0209: wouldn’t it consume a lot of cpu power raystriker98: finally avx512 has some use WIDE_AF: if it makes my user experience slower/worse i also care ProfessorMagikarp0: just make the thought police 4Head mindfog: true topbxy: if this is a philosophy stream, we need u to take a bong hit sir @georgehotz LUL FlameSnare: no, you just have to wrap it in a short, viral video sharing app recursive_x: map the internet based on links on all web pages you’ve visited BiszkopTT: @many_mangos theres a startup doing something like tat called fingerprints digital lesserthangood: let the people submit the websites rather than rootkit KEKW robonhansonem: Regarding Google, have you guys noticed all the TPU credits they are throwing around. I know this guy, Conner, who is working to replicate GPT-3 and Google is just handing him millions of dollars worth of compute. So odd Tekrific: problem is that a lot of ppl can act according to the principle of ‘don’t be evil’ but the concerted effort might in the end be evil the_EZPZ: DansGame the fuck you say about orange sour patch Lizardan: I consent :kappapri Iamzad: Do you have an idea how much info is gathered on everyone? @georgehotz insignia_microwave: lol

iimeyris: Do you read every TOS? aaddrr: program a virus stream pog many_mangos: @BiszkopTT ill check it out session_variable: LUL kingherring: @georgehotz why didn’t you reply to my email wtf LiveCustoms: yikes polysoulz_: @robonhansonem YEP IT IS LiveCustoms: then ill sue covidneunzehn: LUL ezpwnd: @georgehotz hey man could you look into finding a cure for hairloss? shit is starting to bother me luspr: just came back. what is George building? DeeboMC: @iamzad I’m sure he’s got a good idea Lizardan: D: cvHazmat bichid69: why not just make a universal RAT cypherph4: monkaW unh0lys0daz: biometrics DansGame RAMBOxBEAST: Ublock with search filtering ? shanumbra: LUL schadowman: what a meaningless phrase LUL grekler3: Kappa Clap LiveCustoms: My lawyer is Harvey Specter zafke: Try it rhytual: ??? Penguino138: F12 that boi gtnftw: Are you trying to make “A Semantic Network of Related Concepts”? Iamzad: @DeeboMC Well I mean to ask how much data of our everyday life is gathered celebrimborfan123: VIM HAS BEEN OPENED PogChamp codingquark: Sure Dervolleschlanke: why is he using vi instead of vim, whtas the difference? shaniquaratchet: Authenticate people, not passwords lasercatboss: 1000 Dollars for a phonecall, 0 Dollars for a slogan rewrite if you get him to look at your site polysoulz_: much better mindfog: LUL robonhansonem: Lobotomizing robots grekler3: 5Head wow metsu_gadoken: way better LUL bananaconda: KEKW BaloSaar: future of security Kappa blockchain dna fingerprint Kappa encryption safe from quantum compouting topbxy: LUL JohnnyThe_Hobo: website = hacked shaniquaratchet: Authenticate people, not passwords. @georgehotz localcanofdutchgold: hacking again aaddrr: bruh thats my uncles website wtf topbxy: web developer stream PogChamp mindfog: FeelsHackerMan LiveCustoms: print(“poo”) stickyshrimp: hack their chat bot grekler3: Hack them 4Head cypherph4: DANKHACKERMANS kingherring: @georgehotz Quick, post code right now lmao. . I’ll even count drag-n-drop if that helps raad1masum: use
the_EZPZ: hes hacking them PogChamp loopylol: LUL b0bsaget: george you can’t even P-value br0 sokhibjke: SeemsGood SeemsGood LUL SolarBerry: inspect element PogChamp dalex_live: dude my dad’s friend spent 2 hours on that tagline FeelsBadMan recursive_x: or a streamer loopylol: taylor96Woodygoodpoint taylor96Woodygoodpoint darkzade: DELETE THE CHAT BOX WIDE_AF: LUL god_damn: max-width: 500px CensoredAlex: a battle royale iskjmss: html mastermind nitrix_live: “Edit as HTML” aaddrr: oh nonoo covidneunzehn: leet man Keepo ofaas: LUL stickyshrimp: right click aleksacu: increase max width filipeoliveiraa: right click edit as html oanto80: end the p tag then re open it aleksacu: or decrease flesh38: Right click “edit as HTML” jawbre9ker: style=” unh0lys0daz: Javascript topbxy: style= dalex_live: css monkaS kingherring: kek PinkFlufflyLlama: style=”width=300px” IMTotes: style=width:300 FTWGERU: uncheck max width in the css on right the_EZPZ: web dev LUL b0bsaget: george is inspecting element because he is afraid of math Mithu: size shouldnt be same as topbar too Edelknecht: style=”width:300px” katoom72: style=”” m57c: max-width=50% JdPaulBlart: you have failed this section of the facebook interview T3chHS: welcome to HTML/Css frustration recursive_x: =style aaddrr: constrained by parent probably Seo610: !important polysoulz_: style dude sw1jari: html go
VVeryHealthyWhale: style cypherph4: EZ Clap CSS codingquark: ha ha RAMBOxBEAST: Right click edit as html devUdara: max-? B1_Renekton: style=??? jamieemb_: hey bois, what are we doing today? Tidusuper91: css is so hard Penguino138: All the HTML coders like: THIS IS MY TIME TO SHINE zafke: smart guys.. oket ls111: doesn’t know hoe to write inline css LUL illogicalism: lulz width only for images aleksacu: p.cover has max width set darkzade: make the <`p> a block kingherring: Quick, post code right now lmao. . I’ll even count drag-n-drop if that helps stickyshrimp: true @Penguino138 erfault: geohot’s adderall script ran out early this month methinks Kappa Itsappic: style=”width:300px” polysoulz_: @Penguino138 LOL lyinglengyel: style= JdPaulBlart: rewrite the internet stream turns into basic css aids stream solitaryyy: this is painful polysoulz_: html bois am i right feed2: rightclick Edit as html devUdara: +1 use the style tag musabkilic0:

LUL illogicalism: lilz TowlieGotHigh: put a widepeepoHappy emote on their website 🙂 lasercatboss: can we do something usefull please Penguino138: I mean we gotta let them practise but it’s funny 🙂 b0bsaget: we really doing web design rn B1_Renekton: style attribute recursive_x: :GetAllOptions() aaddrr: im learning so much 🙂 5achin5harma: lmao J3rwin: reinvent CSS darkzade: make the <`p> a block JohnnyThe_Hobo: learning html stream T3chHS: so close cachesking: 😀 shanumbra: LUL Teldrin89: in order to sell this kind of idea to people you have to upfront tell them that you offer for example a web browser that in comparison to googles/others will not harvest their personal data directly but with the sort of anonymity as you described – it has to be free and open source to make a proof of concept kingherring: @georgehotz make a new CSS covidneunzehn: LUL FruitellaJesus: lol stickyshrimp: LULW katoom72: its an inline element luspr: George showing off his skills today topbxy: web developement monkaS polysoulz_: web design sucks codingquark: lulz Kriminell00: display:block illogicalism: diplay block xhongi_: display: block unh0lys0daz: Web development DansGame JohnnyThe_Hobo: is web design programming? katoom72: display: block IMTotes: display cynical900: web dev PogChamp solitaryyy: A true display of HTML prowess pistolpetepcp: This is why I like backend topbxy: CSS monkaS lauralex98: display:block musabkilic0:

LUL lyinglengyel: width devUdara: style=”display:block; max-width: 200px” aleksacu: p is already a block element by default LUL covidneunzehn: new web-search empire will be simpler html for sure twitchRaid recursive_x: :DisruptHTML(); lesserthangood: web developers are satanic mindfog: Pog cypherph4: Rafabld1996: front end DansGame shanumbra: LUL xhongi_: NotLikeThis IMTotes: p is already block lol lyinglengyel: OMEGALUL bichid69: hahahahahahaha T3chHS: BORDER COLOR! Penguino138: position: relative katoom72: now u can seth the width aaddrr: @JohnnyThe_Hobo is pepsi coke? lyinglengyel: making it worse mindfog: LUL musabkilic0: display: block stickyshrimp: this is beautiful fernaoguerra: Front End George in da house soreox: hahah Reelix: @Teldrin89 Best I’ve seen is “Internally open-source!” :p polysoulz_: im not the only one who hates CSS nice jawbre9ker: PogChamp lyinglengyel: PogU topbxy: PogChamp PomanRolanski: gg qatarking24xd: PogChamp PinkFlufflyLlama: gg 5GToren: there used to be a javascript one liner for this stickyshrimp: PogChamp loopylol: Kreygasm kingherring: pog metsu_gadoken: LUL BiszkopTT: XDDDD xhongi_: KomodoHype cynical900: PogChamp ‘ Penguino138: @georgehotz is this new project gonna be decentralized? darkzade: PogChamp mindfog: VisLaud PomanRolanski: we didi it man dalex_live: KomodoHype codingquark: xD sokhibjke: LUL LUL oanto80: now responsive m57c: LOL kingherring: PogChamp PogChamp PogChamp b0bsaget: quit hiding from math george sw1jari: VisLaud REMOVE POG VVeryHealthyWhale: VisLaud lasercatboss: we did it reddit polysoulz_: pull req LOL many_mangos: LUL ssynths: KomodoHype chris_kindler: hackerman lauralex98: CSS is just trial and error lol topbxy: master web developer PogChamp recursive_x: lmao kingherring: we did it reddit!!!!! moktheacronym: we did it bois unh0lys0daz: mass manipulation friendly PogChamp musabkilic0: we hacked html kingherring: what is this stream btw katoom72: im a web dev now!! shaniquaratchet: Applies advanced machine learning to behavioral biometrics and environmental factors to create a secure digital fingerprint of the user kingherring: is george hotz a koder? katoom72: HIRE ME

MrYasser2194: look at us insignia_microwave: lol kingherring: I never heard of him aaddrr: this man could do my grad final project in like 1 day katoom72: 100k a year pistolpetepcp: @georgehotz are you still hiring sokhibjke: you are hired erfault: geohot did you run out of adderall early???? Muzyd: D: xSplasher: LUL Penguino138: @georgehotz is this new project gonna be decentralized? BusinessRasta: LUL JohnnyThe_Hobo: 🙁 Kraygaso: D: ganc3ann: According to first result of “How much data is on the internet?”, there are 1.2 million terabytes… So with 1 Gbps of internet speed, it would take 390 years to download it SolarBerry: based loopylol: winner pov PogChamp Reelix: @Penguino138 Of course! 1 line of code per user Iamzad: @georgehotz Do a typeracer, if not whats your avg speed? aaddrr: Kappa b0bsaget: george I sub if you solve math, but you n00b, so no sub lef_xyz: not false kingherring: you didn’t reply to email @georgehotz kingherring: 🙁 leknar: improving openpilot site “Openpilot is an exciting new project led by tech guru George Hotz. We aim to radically change the way private transport work today.” piiics: build an app that scans instagram profiles near you based on WIFI or bluetooth ahah lesserthangood: he went from steve jobs to socrates really fast musabkilic0: @ganc3ann but most people will look at the first result anyway Kappa Kraygaso: LUL iskjmss: TRUE LUL cynical900: Kreygasm ItsAMarcos: George what makes you happy? darkzade: RAW STREAMING BaloSaar: blockchain dna fingerprint Kappa solitaryyy: @georgehotz you’re not going to index the porn? Itsappic: So lets start to be evil then we have a chance to win on this world kingherring: I subscribed and everything @georgehotz you betray me polysoulz_: lol VVeryHealthyWhale: Not wrong localcanofdutchgold: 4 pixel porn is the best darkwatterr: im a beginner with what i should start ? oanto80: porn actually consume so mutch bandwitch the_EZPZ: Thanks robert e khan Kreygasm RobbieBillions: RobbieBillions subscribed with Twitch Prime houd1nZ: its crazy mindfog: bandwitch DansGame unh0lys0daz: decentralize porn and help save the internet Penguino138: @georgehotz is this new project gonna be decentralized? xSplasher: @darkwatterr start by stop being a beginner BaloSaar: send a few petabytes of uncompressed porn to the aliens Lizardan: @oan Iamzad: those captchas are so fucking triggering JAKWAI: 3 black pixels and 1 white and everyone knows which porn it is Lizardan: @o lesserthangood: @georgehotz who’s ur favorite pornstar piiics: build an app that scans instagram profiles near you based on WIFI or bluetooth ahah kingherring: this is some epic coding PogChamp hello01world: How can you spend many time into the same thing without distracting? darkwatterr: @xSplasher mind blowing cynical900: Kreygasm Reelix: @unh0lys0daz It will never happen Lizardan: @oanto80 on your computer you mean Kappa darkwatterr: i only know java and a bit python hahha Penguino138: js scraper FruitellaJesus: Chrome DevTools illogicalism: it is in dev tools in sources Dervolleschlanke: @hello01world dude he is constantly distracted by everything WIDE_AF: true flesh38: But sometimes there’s no way to know how much will be downloaded, it can depend on a lot of things Iamzad: what does it jdisbable? erfault: noscript jamieemb_: @georgehotz no tea today? kingherring: invent a new CSS shanumbra: LUL Penguino138: @Dervolleschlanke so? follow what interests you WIDE_AF: how about the # links visible at a time GandalfTheGrayOfHell: Indiana university bloomington LUL Remembermyfart1: yo what about dr disrespect though? the_EZPZ: jamieemb_ weed juice only B1_Renekton: you would love cynical900: cmonBruh katoom72: build a javscript framework shaniquaratchet: checkout bichid69: wtf is recess anewstart33: what is it? goobygoobler: panel based search engine PogChamp Dervolleschlanke: i really like this stream polysoulz_: we need a plugin to minimize js sw1jari: #AD polysoulz_: noooooooooooooooooo codingquark: ha ha polysoulz_: fuck hey robonhansonem: Always liked the style of topbxy: we want a javascript framework PogChamp cypherph4: @cynical900 WeirdChamp kingherring: george hotz is drinking weed juice? illogicalism: can we do a demographics prediction chrome plugin calculating the way users move their mouse and predicting their age and stuff? darkwatterr: GEORGE HI A BEGINNER LIKE ME WITH WHAT I SHOULD START? XRC_: Yo George camr0: try noscript shaniquaratchet: checkout @georgehotz sw1jari: you can do that with ublock polysoulz_ codingquark: librejs polysoulz_: lol erikbernheim: anewstart33: lol WIDE_AF: ayyy lauralex98: Make an invisible-undetected web beacon xd fireposeidoncx: can we expect another podcast with Lex? covidneunzehn: hacked PogChamp saxxxey: it fucks with your images though insignia_microwave: lol kingherring: PogChamp lasercatboss: This PlomLo12: D: Penguino138: ayoooo im using that darkzade: best subscription wall ever thearthtyagi: it comes in Tor Browser by default goobygoobler: NotLikeThis Pratzz: how cheap maxschneider96: my love for javascript is like diarrhea, it just keeps coming out SolarBerry: topkek Dorgesh: how you do that no script thingy sw1jari: i like how ublock does it personally Gamer_nohope: IQ+ polysoulz_: that video is 50 GB Tauromachine: Lyf hax B1_Renekton: bypass shit load of paywalls kingherring: Kreygasm Kreygasm

avalos_02: Thanks YEP insignia_microwave: what’s the clubhouse chat 39BiggusDikus: dont use noscript in 2020 lol WIDE_AF: turn off autoplay codingquark: What’s clubhouse chat JohnnyThe_Hobo: jordan peterson PogChamp celebrimborfan123: you could probably make a script with tamper monkey TJSparks: disable auto play kingherring: can you kode @georgehotz ? post kode right now. I ‘ll even count drag-n-drop if that helps. euphminer: just cinema mode? Dorgesh: hacker man PogChamp B1_Renekton: ublock does it so well alessandro711: lol why aaddrr: how RekLite: wtf goobygoobler: start a company to unify all the unifiers TJSparks: HOW IS THAT BETTER? victorzarzu: did you try to implement NN with “1cycle” presented by Leslie Smith? SolarBerry: YES loopylol: theatre mode Pratzz: waaaat PogChamp Dautlog: make player bigger PiroFloydian: @georgehotz theater mode 334_ranker: if you ignore that shit being blank fireposeidoncx: @georgehotz can we expect another Podcast with Lex? squishy_swishy_fishy: you can always use theater mode for that awesmm: put it in theater mode SolarBerry: expand the video player WIDE_AF: LUL CensoredAlex: Click the icon beside the fullscreen @georgehotz yeswecode: kekw insignia_microwave: what’s clubhouse chat Rafabld1996: who uses FB anyway pomprocks: so i can remove the video on twitch? BaloSaar: theater mode on youtube MEATCHOPS: or you can use theater mode by clicking that square shaniquaratchet: facebook did complete redesign recently mattdougherty22: what apt: project kingherring: can you kode @georgehotz ? post some kode right now. I ‘ll even count drag-n-drop if that helps. MrYasser2194: press t on youtube jamieemb_: @georgehotz have you ever read mindset by Carol Dweck? she talks about the 1 genius – 1000 workers model you’ve spoken about before insignia_microwave: what the clubhouse chat leesingods: Theater mode does that PiroFloydian: just put youtube in theater mode @georgehotz xSplasher: youtube added a new ad type on home page, ublock doesnt detect it as ad Gamer_nohope: FB ? just remove FB LUL aaddrr: ill mantain it for you BaloSaar: georgehotz fixes the internet extension Kappa hlikeocean: check out maxschneider96: @jamieemb_ great book Gamuza85: Use google with Day Mode is the really problem eghad: ublock maintains Annoyance lists for that robonhansonem: Looks like garbage myasovlavashe: LUL insignia_microwave: what the clubhouse chat jamieemb_: hahahah yeah it is topbxy: LUL the_EZPZ: Self help PogChamp goobygoobler: LUL NotLikeThis codingquark: Clearly garbage houd1nZ: KEKW Penguino138: Here’s the mindset: be smart and learn robonhansonem: Let me tell you about cognitive genomics bichid69: loooooool bravetraveller: facebook is best when redirected in /etc/hosts to your local wiki page victorzarzu: @georgehotz did you try to implement NN with “1cycle” presented by Leslie Smith? shaniquaratchet: self help LUL benzojamal: LUL SolarBerry: CRUSH IT jawbre9ker: perseverence polysoulz_: most books are bullshit tbh neilsweb: What do you think about this idea? JohnnyThe_Hobo: im 1 year in programming and im garbage b0bsaget: you need to work hard at some math bro wutango: LUL neilsweb: from a fellow twitch streamer codingquark: wat highflyer_nl: How is your new mansion? shaniquaratchet: LUL hello01world: Sometimes I think of you like mr. robot main character with caffeine CaptainAshtar: @georgehotz did you wrote some of the software which spaceX is using i bet you are ? jamieemb_: That’s been my exact take so far, effort beats talent 334_ranker: doing things a lot won’t make you better at it lol xhongi_: LUL mattdougherty22: great resource: // did you ever meet him? Vektorraum: thats literally the point, you would never put the time into it if you thought you had no chance qlutoo: self help is cringe tornix98: you won’t work hard if you don’t think you willl do better 334_ranker: doing things smarter tho FlameSnare: just work harder 4Head lesserthangood: KEKW kronnnylul: how fast can you type? Iamzad: @georgehotz what do you think of depression? myasovlavashe: D: lesserthangood: we dont write lines we snort them PJSugar we dont write lines we snort them PJSugar iskjmss: gachiHYPER hiphopsucks: YEP cock fireposeidoncx: @georgehotz you should do more Podcasts kingherring: can you kode @georgehotz ? post kode right now. I ‘ll even count drag-n-drop if that helps. TJSparks: YEP insignia_microwave: lol gabo_sk: YEP darkzade: YEP saxxxey: YEP COQ] maxschneider96: according to science ur productivity drops after 50 hours per week. So work hard, but get some rest too shaniquaratchet: YEP b0bsaget: that’s not math bro robonhansonem: More Yarvin talk myasovlavashe: YEP darkwatterr: GEORGE HI A BEGINNER LIKE ME WITH WHAT I SHOULD START? mattdougherty22: great resource: // did you ever meet Aaron Swartz? localcanofdutchgold: YEP houd1nZ: YEP BiszkopTT: C O Q powerofpickle: Merge sort in verilog!! Santiago_LHC: Hey everyone, got here late GandalfTheGrayOfHell: YEP COQ Iamzad: Why no BTTV/FFZ emotes @georgehotz CaptainAshtar: lol polysoulz_: COQ is alright b0bsaget: you are hiding from the math wutango: monkaS bichid69: @darkwatterr give up bro michael_eu: do you use R B1_Renekton: George try as frontend for youtube, it has all these blocking things in settings and doesnt track you shaniquaratchet: merge sort in julia PogChamp xSplasher: @maxschneider96 science, i like that religion GandalfTheGrayOfHell: @georgehotz ur bttv emotes game is weak fr0gsy: curious what are you thoughts on the rise of the global technocracy instituting a one world government? jamieemb_: wayback machine moktheacronym: vrooooooooooom benzojamal: FeelsBadMan FlameSnare: Sadge Deni1111: Expired LUL LeeFranser: FeelsBadMan B1_Renekton: Sadge Tekrific: https that bitch SolarBerry: monkaS gabo_sk: FeelsBadMan cynical900: @georgehotz do you think starting with java is ok if you’re a degen FeelsGoodMan ? eynq: have you ever programmed any “art” or visual stuff just for the looks shaniquaratchet: kingherring: @georgehotz do a templeos livestream. I’m the guy that interviewed terry, AMA ch3e3to: FeelsBadMan mattdougherty22: Gamer_nohope: 🙁 mattdougherty22: still there wutango: FeelsBadMan F bichid69: porn bichid69: cmt polysoulz_: @Tekrific LOL TowlieGotHigh: No Sadge, no YEP, no KEKW…. what is this stream? FeelsBadMan insignia_microwave: how do you find these great websites Iamzad: Why no BTTV/FFZ emotes @georgehotz CaptainAshtar: did you wrote spaceX software george? michael_eu: do you use R? b0bsaget: I bet he can do math darkwatterr: @bichid69 yeaa nothing is happening rip me mattdougherty22: aggregate of his posts: gabo_sk: soggyEmotion enelenes: doesnt seem like there is https at all – it said that the response was gibberish instead of parsable expired cert ;p kronnnylul: what is your average wpm? shaniquaratchet: @TowlieGotHigh yea but bttv is like a third party thing Reelix: @georgehotz With things like LetsEncrypt – Why is he still PAYING for a cert?? celebrimborfan123: it’s being hosted on linode 😮 maxschneider96: @xSplasher love it too mate kingherring: george hotz is a globie, the world is flat xSplasher: @TowlieGotHigh non-friendly for 20yo and below stream luspr: Infinite jest is great

illogicalism: lets encrypt is free but have to renew every 3 months DeeboMC: @georgehotz check out insignia_microwave: @reelix cause let’s encryptnis fucking garbage b0bsaget: @michael_eu george doesn’t use R because he can’t even calculate a P value TowlieGotHigh: @xSplasher FeelsBadMan zokimacola: @georgehotz build ai that can reason Reelix: @insignia_microwave It’s free and it does its job Santiago_LHC: Aaron Swartz blog posts in markdown and ebook formats: cynical900: @georgehotz do you think starting with java is ok if you’re a degen FeelsGoodMan ? kingherring: 🙁 MrYasser2194: @georgehotz ungoogled chromium changes http to https michael_eu: lol true @b0bsaget enelenes: 😀 hiphopsucks: that’s a big button FargioFarmani: We don’t talk about commai here insignia_microwave: rip xhongi_: LUL Itsappic: @Reelix There a differnet kinds of certification covidneunzehn: Kappa codingquark: ha ha XRC_: Free SSL <3 kingherring: LUL hello01world: What do you think about tesla's opinion about commai? ck1956: roughly how many hours do you work in a week Avelansh: everyone likes cookies sw1jari: OMEGALUL Reelix: @georgehotz See? Lol michael_eu: letsencrypt is fine wutango: LUL neilsweb: someone is getting fired covidneunzehn: set up free cloudflare KappaClaus the_EZPZ: globeheads 4Head FruitellaJesus: LuL b0ngwizard420: Do you all use a CMS? If so, is it internal? Pratzz: ta tada ta da tada opus_000: flat earthers be like why is the moon exactly the same size as the sun in eclipse recursive_x: yeah huh Santiago_LHC: Tesla has opinions? ItsAMarcos: damn bro the "Hard work is satanic" part of the dropping out essay is opening my eyes... I live in a constant rush and stress to ensure my survival.... fuck that DeeboMC: Check out RAMBOxBEAST: What about an extension that removes\marks sites with ads\crap for better results? piiics: build an app that scans instagram profiles near you based on WIFI or bluetooth ahah Iamzad: Enable BTTV / FFZ Emotes 😡 benzojamal: L5 capabilities LUL shaniquaratchet: is it easier to get hired at commma now? b0bsaget: george prove math skillz RN celebrimborfan123: the military signs their own certs hahaha, so their certs are invalid kingherring: @georgehotz have you read any philosophy besides Ayn rand illogicalism: can we build a demographics prediction chrome plugin calculating the way users move their mouse and predicting their age and stuff? erfault: why dont tesla hire you sakshambhutani2001: regular streams? gabo_sk: can you rap something? robonhansonem: When do we get neo-Luddite dystopia? hardtarget4: busted SummertimeClothes: is tesla fraudulent? leesingods: Bro i coulda bought tsla at 180 now its like 1500 insignia_microwave: @michael_eu no you dont have to put real info. the reason people use this half the time is for phishing so that it dosent get blocked by some browsers and you dont have to put real info Xdry007: Hey ALL from Czech :) fireposeidoncx: @georgehotz you should do more podcasts fr0gsy: What are your thoughts on the world shiting towards a new economic paradigm via technocracy, and a one world government via the UN? ItsAMarcos: Hey George you got any more of them life changing essays?? I loved the suicide one and now the dropping out one erfault: objective metrics = hard af xSplasher: @ItsAMarcos can you link it ? goobygoobler: bro ItsAMarcos: @xSplasher solitarynative: b0bsaget: best way to evaluate people is to watch them do math Avelansh: if only i had a vision jagger_rsw: Are you going at some point to sell a product which is not advertised as reasearch device but user-end-product (i.e. all certification, insurance solved etc.) recursive_x: I can't program but I can argue the_EZPZ: Elon Musk definitely didn't delay the Tesla roadster for 2 years and steal the company Kappa kazarlazar: do u have a blog ? FruitellaJesus: damn bro csmoneyantiscam: what happens here? asdhxc: unaboomer xSplasher: @ItsAMarcos thanks my man iimeyris: crack rock into a mountain lol matt_boyd: What’s the mark on your neck Kappa 5GToren: he gonn come up wuith some depressing shit now virtual_machine: O_o ItsAMarcos: yeaaaaaaaaaa!!!! gimme dat sauce polysoulz_: WE NEED LIFECHANGING ESSAY SolarBerry: i know one loser who mined bitcoin for fun and is now retired robonhansonem: Meditations on Moloch AlfaAnanasz: LIUNK IT Dorgesh: link man djceci: someone spend 10000 bitcoins for 2 pizza Reelix: @georgehotz Your own geohot website uses LetsEncrypt - Lol Dorgesh: for the boys xSplasher: link it in chat @georgehotz kingherring: yeah what is the mark on your neck Pratzz: link bruh runo66: Man use #secondary as selector in blocker, it will make youtube nicer neilsweb: I could of bought TSLA at $400 4 months ago bro. WOuld be so rich right now piiics: build an app that scans instagram profiles near you based on WIFI or bluetooth ahah komocode_: "now everyone knows it". you knew about it before it was cool cynical900: 4Head csmoneyantiscam: what project does George work at right now? jagger_rsw: All of that was predicted by Stanislaw Lem in 60's :) cynical900: @georgehotz do you think starting with java is ok if you're a degen FeelsGoodMan ? runo66: Man use #secondary as css selector in blocker, it will make youtube nicer gabo_sk: 4Head solitarynative: stocks LUL feed2: link Koduck007: ill learn linux and get rich sakshambhutani2001: Regular Streams? robonhansonem: This Yudkowsky essay is great too: b0bsaget: coulda done math opus_000: what was that book you recommended about permutations rorhug: you giving up on the search engine? feed2: you scroll to fast DansGame 5GToren: This website is under heavy load ViktorTV: @georgehotz you ddosed the site JohnnyThe_Hobo: we crashed th website thecrappycoder: Oh boy, you're never live rorhug: organize the world's information! kronnnylul: how fast can you type? Epij: crashed the site LUL ItsAMarcos: oh no we hugged that website to death iimeyris: 'This document has been marked as wrong, obsolete, deprecated by an improved version, or just plain old' musabkilic0: we crashed the website boysssss 0xmilan: we ddosed the site many_mangos: @georgehotz when u gonna write some AI code that trades the stock market spitza: lol website crashed Mithu: took yudowsky down nice botnet george DeeboMC: Coulda played for the lakers iimeyris: ^^^ JohnnyThe_Hobo: we crashed the website LUL runo66: It will make your video open full width localcanofdutchgold: site crashed musabkilic0: we did it again corpus_cule: 'This website is under heavy load" LUL codingquark: :( iimeyris: This document has been marked as wrong, obsolete, deprecated by an improved version, or just plain old kingherring: :( smurfd0: zokimacola: @georgehotz build ai that can do reasoning 5GToren: LOL earldabns: I’m wanting to build a gmail clone. Any guidance @georgehotz TheRealMast3r: 'This website is under heavy load" thanks George phrixus_bro: did someone ask him about GPT-3 moktheacronym: yudkowskky's site is overloaded XD kingherring: make the next Apple @georgehotz DeeboMC: @georgehotz 5GToren: legal way to DDoS Santiago_LHC: Altavista indexed the web ItsAMarcos: guys let me read the post he shared it for ME you have no right hardtarget4: damn you crashed that dude's site Tal_X_Tal: george can u dab on the haters polysoulz_: if i see GPT in chat im gonna lose it djceci: ya have to ask brinn and larry musabkilic0: you just ddossed the website congrats m57c: I think you crashed recursive_x: bounce off 80 and 443 from programmingmouse: lmao his site crashed! OverWatchMe: GPT lesserthangood: m0bzero: brothe site just crashed phrixus_bro: hello i am GPT-3 FargioFarmani: use mattdougherty22: search at bottom goobygoobler: filter out the bullshit results from google 4Head blabbernab: we killed Yudkowsky's site maxpreece: crashed it 5GToren: polysoulz_: can we block GPT ??? jagger_rsw: probably this for HN ItsAMarcos: good point Georgio calcmath: Sorry if you already talked about it, but what are your opinions on GPT-3? Reelix: - Hmm phrixus_bro: do not block I will pretend not to be it 792x: LUL bananaconda: are you now a professional full time streamer?

b0bsaget: bro you can’t even stats m57c: “This website is under heavy load” SolarBerry: weird people kek wutango: yes 🙂 lesserthangood: 1312 MILLION viewers jamieemb_: @georgehotz after the mask stream, I bought a JSP Force 8 respirator JohnnyThe_Hobo: how many understand tho Mithu: interested in crashing sites, ye insignia_microwave: @reelix lol ssh key localcanofdutchgold: getting too famous pomprocks: say something interesting ItsAMarcos: of course bro you are interesting k iimeyris: Systems Design for Advanced Beginners FlameSnare: I got linked here from bongacam PiroFloydian: 1312 ACAB Pog ItsAMarcos: do something on camera b0bsaget: show the n00bs some real math br0 oggimura: After 2 hours XD shaniquaratchet: hotz has gone mainstream PogChamp kingherring: Ididn’t see any koding bro wtf I signed up for koding streams wtf DeeboMC: Yal see that Eric Schmidt post; #10??? neilsweb: this guy is trying to do the same thing as you. “progressive knowledge app”: dmnofsle: objective and subjective? smilemrpunk2: What is the goal I just landed Rafabld1996: if you keep with the frequent streams, it’s going to pass cable viewship this year ck1956: torrents thecoockoo: !uptime goobygoobler: start your own country smilemrpunk2: Ask google IMO lol thecrappycoder: Put it in a api that auto generates wikipedia pages @georgehotz insignia_microwave: how much your college gonna cost Kappa squishy_swishy_fishy: NYC is great WhiteTriad: NYC not San Diego??? robonhansonem: Were you looking for the comment on sortition/random sampling on HackerNews? I wrote that. Many thought it was satire fr0gsy: george won’t acknoledge my question, sadly… everyone needs to watch this to begin to understand what is coming: The Global Elite & The Coronavirus Coup D’état With Patrick Wood sakshambhutani2001: Regular Streams? WhiteTriad: when did you move xSplasher: show us how you look for good information @georgehotz ck1956: dollar pizza cutza: How is your religion coming along? ItsAMarcos: here you go everyone archive of the post phrixus_bro: good luck on date enelenes: I was in a talk were someone was trying to create a tree of information by semantic meaning leftist_scum77: it means to censor your political opponents views jagger_rsw: @georgehotz since you have 1k+ viewers, are you going for advertising stuff? 🙂 aaddrr: good for you man many_mangos: @georgehotz why do you stream fromm a different room every time DeeboMC: 334_ranker: isn’t ny like mad expensive kingherring: Ididn’t see any koding bro wtf I signed up for koding streams wtf movsdk: movsdk subscribed at Tier 1 katoom72: a date with a hickey? Skyshifter: looks like the date already went well yesterday aalhendi: It means to have the worlds information stored in an accessible, retrievable format George insignia_microwave: that’s sick OverWatchMe: 130? ez sign me up mattdougherty22: start the church not the college nzack_: iq test is dumb LMAO surajt: 130 gets you the top colleges pistolpetepcp: THIS MUST BE A POS STREAM DAY Farafire: Farafire subscribed with Twitch Prime. They’ve subscribed for 3 months! Hello from the other side of the Atlantic! Avelansh: how do you r pistolpetepcp: sorry for caps solitaryyy: @georgehotz are students required to use vim? name100015: iq squadPains many_mangos: @nzack_ it’s the best predictor of success djceci: you seem like a trumper SolarBerry: my IQ is 140 xSplasher: website is up b0bsaget: if they tested on math you would never get in george jamieemb_: all education is “free” where I live, college & university included xlbLoOdlx: The legend erfault: i heard on tv EQ > IQ and IQ is BS ItsAMarcos: lmao nice way to drive a few high IQ kids to suicide George enelenes: emacs? xhongi_: what if my iq is average FeelsBadMan tajpouria: yo many_mangos: what’s george hotz IQ? nzack_: @many_mangos xDDDDDDD Remembermyfart1: wait people pay for internships? JakeJ24: inb4 there are books on how to get 130 on iq tests kklisura: So LambdaScool? jagger_rsw: will you require using vim or emacs? Vektorraum: iq test measures shit DeeboMC: 130 is only 2 standard deviations. Use at least 3 @georgehotz Kenturo: twitch is dead for anyone else? kingherring: I didn’t see any koding bro wtf I signed up for koding streams wtf xSplasher: @name100015 squadR Tornyl: iq test really ? smilemrpunk2: What is he talking about ? b0bsaget: nah they screwed the SAT BiszkopTT: Will you be teaching PHP? kappa orseti_: iq test has been debunked like 300 times name100015: xSplasher squadD dmnofsle: you should do a Masterclass on ML Avelansh: god knows how accurate those IQ tests actually are polysoulz_: lambda school is great Aldew: you run a universitY? gf_0hp_m8: Is he trolling? SolarBerry: SAT is a money making scam b0bsaget: the SAT sucks balls now onlycase_: i agree lesserthangood: eugenics monkaW eugenics monkaW eugenics monkaW eugenics monkaW eugenics monkaW eugenics monkaW dezom3: I would not get freshman year free lol name100015: i have 999 iq benzojamal: @georgehotz any ideas on an destributed governance and election system? I believe it’s time for a new democratic system 🙂 hardtarget4: 130 is kind of low dr_set: SAT are a better metric because they are IQ + effort TomatoePasta: easy admission 5Head Clap Santiago_LHC: Emotional intelligence? alexbos99: did you read Chollets paper on intelligence ? smurfd0: “New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of There’s nothin’ you can’t do Now you’re in New York” Rafabld1996: swarm intl thearthtyagi: 130 is just above average hermitjedimaster: what vim colorscheme is thatthat? smilemrpunk2: There is no intelligence but intelligences surajt: 100 is average mixa010: so what’s your IQ if i may ask? just curious Gi0ve: In switzerland if you fail an exam more than twice you are out from the faculty kronnnylul: can you actually score higher on iq tests if you do a lot of mensa problems? neilsweb: How will you promote equality in your enrolment process? djceci: ant intelligence robonhansonem: insignia_microwave: @hermitjedimaster peachpuff lasercatboss: its a nice idea but making that IQ test gets you the best IQ test takers so gz lesserthangood: if kanye west only has 132 iq what the fuck am i going to do @georgehotz Not0Famous: I’m really dumb, but I just really don’t want to work at a grocery store anymore eghad: It’s called Kroll Itsappic: don’t be evil and respect people but just if they have an iq > 130 :p jagger_rsw: 130 is what, 3% if population? SolarBerry: lol 130 is like 2 or 3 stdev above the mean xhongi_: how is top 2-3% low LOL lauralex98: Secret Intelligence Service lol alexbos99: On the Measure of Intelligence François Chollet FruitellaJesus: What if you made pizza but like, really good? Zepcon7: Dude pls make a podcast or something like this DeeboMC: Private intelligence company metsu_gadoken: Mine IQ is 102 what do I do Ilex_peace: Do you use Chromium without Google ? or default chromium? cutza: what’s the bets iq test? piiics: what is his IQ? fr0gsy: jfc dmnofsle: We’llSnitchOnYourEnemiesTm? TheRealMast3r: They rose to prominence by being exclusive, ez DeeboMC: Private intelligence agency* robonhansonem: Would you allow humanities subject? Seems like there was some value there once.But maybe just a rumor keepingtrckofthisacct: pray @metsu_gadoken aaddrr: @metsu_gadoken stp watching porn xSplasher: @metsu_gadoken you start becoming smart keepingtrckofthisacct: *prey bananaconda: dont forget your channel points guys B1_Renekton: @georgehotz is there a free website for IQ test i coudnt find any good one which is free DeeboMC: Cuz east coast Aldew: do an IQ test online 4meenz: how to minimize my iq? eghad: I mean just like CMU, buy some old universities and merge them b0bsaget: george you don’t know what a Sylow subgroup is and it shows kronnnylul: can you actually score higher on iq tests if you do a lot of mensa problems? jamieemb_: IQ is a really bad indicator of intelligence benzojamal: HotPokket Digital_donger: -380 PogChamp xSplasher: i have iq overflow, what to do ? pistolpetepcp: can you guess someone’s IQ FargioFarmani: @bananaconda I won’t Remembermyfart1: what makes harvard better than any other college? topbxy: imagine going to college in 2020 LUL PeinlicherAffe: @jamieemb_ what is a better indicator? 5GToren: u need 10 years experience Tornyl: @jamieemb_ tru Santiago_LHC: My nepotistic bs score is over 140 erfault: harvard is just a club for ______? waterpaste: the color is green jamerson23: wait so what are they doing now then avalos_02: online IQ tests overinflate results LUL SolarBerry: get woke and get admitted to top colleges solitarynative: muh eq LUL death_gadget: Its the best indicator that we have asdhxc: @georgehotz what do you think about differences in race and iq? if you go purely by iq wont your uni be mostly white and Asian lauralex98: George can do an Integer Overflow with an IQ test TheRealMast3r: Nassim Taleb did a great essay about IQ Kappa lauralex98: lol lesserthangood: eugenics monkaW eugenics monkaW eugenics monkaW eugenics monkaW eugenics monkaW eugenics monkaW eugenics monkaW eugenics monkaW the_EZPZ: oh boy thecrappycoder: I’m going to have to apply soon, and I really wish there was an actual objective criteria phrixus_bro: permablocked by taleb goobygoobler: oh god NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis NotLikeThis waterpaste: @topbxy you can’t afford it LUL nzack_: OH BOY erfault: oosh geohot is discussing race and IQ now KEKW xhongi_: uh oh keepingtrckofthisacct: yeah.. easily.. watch people do dumb things! nzack_: HE IS DOING IT Gamer_nohope: 200IQ Kappa Tauromachine: BASED? topbxy: @waterpaste i live in sweden, its free LUL avalos_02: monkaS asdhxc: gamer moment PeinlicherAffe: monkaS localcanofdutchgold: PepeLaugh solitarynative: monkaS erfault: the bell curve Tauromachine: Gaming TJSparks: ready to clip and ship lol smilemrpunk2: Man 1994

ch3e3to: oh boy lasercatboss: IQ is a good indicator for intelligence, IQ tests are not necessarily a good indicator for IQ iskjmss: monkaW mannekchin: TriHard 7 neilsweb: Make them name farm animals and count back from 7 starting from 100 robonhansonem: ? b0bsaget: george no one cares about IQ if you can math 1xelerate: cancelled FeelsBadMan xSplasher: wanna be smarter ? work on self awareness waterpaste: TriHard dmnofsle: there’s inteligence and there’s motivation too TheStudentDoctor: Just because it’s a bunch of professors, does NOT make it valid. That is an appeal from authority, classic logical fallacy Santiago_LHC: Cultural differences in neuropsychological abilities required to perform intelligence tasks: DeeboMC: I couldn’t get into a good college because I didn’t do homework.. if nothing else, iq tests are better than GPA sendmeintothevoid: oh no dont do it George you dont have the range at all daghers: Have you ever thought about pursuing streaming full time? many_mangos: he’s talking some truth people aren’t prepared to deal with this gonna ruffle some feathers lol alexbos99: wrong darkwatterr: where does he live ? NY ? jagger_rsw: tho joscha bach is right, many smart/high-iq people (solving problems) are not necessarily wise (know what problems to solve) carterfive: how can they measure a propietry we haven’t defined yet eghad: only 52 agreed with this statement though? maxschneider96: I am in a top 10 uni (masters), I´ m telling u, IQ is only one of many parameters that leads to academic success robonhansonem: The whole point of G is all tests correlate with it. This makes it pretty easy to measure kronnnylul: can you actually score higher on iq tests if you do a lot of mensa problems? cutza: which iq test should we take? pomprocks: id like to see the data to back up that last claim adroniser: Don’t you need an actual psychologist to conduct the IQ test. Like you can’t just go on a random online test and expect it be accurate waterpaste: @darkwatterr prolly SF Gi0ve: in Switzerland if you fail an exam twice, you are out of the faculty hjklhjklhjkl2008: @DeeboMC colleges select partially for discpline, which you clearly lack sw1jari: troo Farafire: Can intelligence be developed? erfault: IQ gang OverWatchMe: @many_mangos that is facts anguscupcake: @maxschneider96 the only other one is discipline TheRealMast3r: What’s your input about Taleb essay on IQ daghers: I really don’t think they’re that great, I’m surprised that was on wikipedia SummertimeClothes: IQ is more reliable on the lower side of the distribution djceci: intelligence is not enough there must be also persistance siolentnight: masters degrees are a joke b0bsaget: that’s not a probably, that’s fairly well known m0l0ch: my buddy built this, care to have a look? smilemrpunk2: Intelligence is an aggregation of a lot of thing and IQ is the measurement of a few of those things SolarBerry: this is a MENSA stream now mryosta: what is george’s iq if its been tested m0l0ch: erfault: NNT is anti-IQ lauralex98: neilsweb: Should people with leadership roles in society need to score well on IQ test to get the position? daghers: There’s some ways I could pick apart IQ b0bsaget: IQ and conscientiousness are the two best indicators of success erfault: taleb doessnt like IQ for guess why kletomon: IQ tests are less accurate the more you deviate from the mean benzojamal: talebs hot take LUL hanzo_93: lol taleb PeinlicherAffe: @jamieemb_ ? DeeboMC: @hjklhjklhjkl2008 lol how reductive of you Galowy: What is his IQ level? anguscupcake: george post IQ daghers: It doesn’t differentiate between how good you are at taking in information and how good you are at synthesizing information b0bsaget: uh oh that looks like stats br0! maxschneider96: @anguscupcake discipline, eq, creativity, focus, a bit of luck, connections, etc brittonx2: having high IQ is a good measure of intelligence but not always success. yoo have to also have high consciousness! TheRealMast3r: You’re not Kappa Tal_X_Tal: Galowy room temp robonhansonem: I feel like there are all sort of correlates to IQ that are not being used for selection. Scores on complex video games, bored games b0bsaget: george you can’t stats jagger_rsw: in the light of transparency, could you tell me what are you doing with my 3$ subscription fee? 🙂 buying additional sauce to pizza or what? 🙂 vloood: taleb just hides behind complicated stats dr_set: The concept is very simple. The test measures how many variables and their relations your brain can handle. The more variables it can handle the smarter you are because the more complex model of reality your brain can build JakeJ24: Does IQ change over time? and do you know yours? DO you think you would have done better than 10 years ago or worse procom32: Bruh goobygoobler: those juicy fat tails mannekchin: these things are very hard to measure jamieemb_: IQ tests only measure your understanding of certain tests, anyone can learn how to do those things, it just means you are objectively more intelligent at that given moment than someone else with a lower score although its subject to change daghers: So someone with extreme focus could have an inflated IQ and someone with poor focus could have a deflated IQ agravkire: Read and review the article with us Digital_donger: D: SillEPuns: PogChamp topbxy: LUL WIDE_AF: EZ daghers: IQ is almost a proxy for IQ Digital_donger: exposed PogChamp pistolpetepcp: Crystallized IQ does not decrease overtime, but fluid does illogicalism: IQ test now for the funs iilliilliillli: why is this broadcaster not talking abut dick size instead? cutza: work for bongacams spicethyme: I knew it opus_000: LeeFranser: EZ Clap Tal_X_Tal: poggers hjklhjklhjkl2008: @DeeboMC sorry, discipline and planning ability. People who are truly capable of accomplishing great things are able to do relatively unenjoyable bullshit in the short term for long term gains awnion: @georgehotz music is kinda universal language and to write music you should have high iq to create right sequences of harmonics am I biased? shaniquaratchet: PogChamp thecrappycoder: The only reason there isn’t a hard correlation between IQ and wealth is because there’s little correlation between anything and wealth (except your parents) insignia_microwave: I think in the search engine it should show how many people clicked on each link and maybe have an upvote system benzojamal: TTS it localcanofdutchgold: why not use the sub money to free doc? Akumanara: sick web design skills on bro XD robonhansonem: Anther blackpill, nootropics don’t work Galowy: @Tal_X_Tal haha! You made me laugh r000sh: @opus_000 =( TwitchahShadow: what is your IQ @georgehotz ? b0bsaget: ge0rge how are you going to review this if you can’t stats TheStudentDoctor: It’s a load of bs illogicalism: @georgehotz do an IQ test raad1masum: favorite linux distro? Tal_X_Tal: Galowy LUL PeinlicherAffe: @Akumanara bro what’s that XD OverWatchMe: Kali pomprocks: grit and perseverance mean a lot and are not tied to iq TheStudentDoctor: Not even about cancelling or leftism. It’s literal bs djceci: tiny core linux neilsweb: @raad1masum macOs Ozonemaster: Just arrived. Whats a scam chat? many_mangos: LUL MikeTheDriver: IQ is our best measurement. that doesn’t mean it’s a very good one. all our measurements are pretty shit regarding this dontcrysomuch21: meta studies eghad: I mean even your article was disputed by half the people that it was sent to, only 52 people signed pistolpetepcp: My IQ is pi*40 maxschneider96: @hjklhjklhjkl2008 I think a better term to use instead of discipline is conscientiousness, it can definitely help to achieve long-term goals daghers: And the tests are on paper or monitor so for 3D spatial reasoning, they really truly are innacutate b0bsaget: they can’t cancel you if you know math ganc3ann: can i do an IQ test online? Coshbuc: stop assuming people are equal many_mangos: @MikeTheDriver truee daghers: Inaccurate* TheStudentDoctor: @georgehotz this is a decent take too 792x: by ignoring iqlet cope 5GToren: Who decides what the truth is celphysc2: isnt that inherently just the nature vs nurture debate? daxyxy98: everybody in chat take an IQ test right now many_mangos: @georgehotz listen to the sam harris podcast with the author of “bell curve” hjklhjklhjkl2008: @maxschneider96 understandable insignia_microwave: what do you think about having upvote systems on search engines mannekchin: i have 200 IQ Kappa bichid69: fuck intelligence we don’t need smart people smilemrpunk2: I mean how do you do the test, in what condition robonhansonem: This is a pretty good book on the topic: bjjlion: @5GToren exactly Michaeltth: I guess it’s just a nice way of saying most psychology is complete shit. When they say it’s the best smilemrpunk2: That type of tests are dumb mannekchin: sadly cant do shit with it dr_set: look for a meta study on the subject illogicalism: i would take EQ vs IQ all day long alexbos99: intelligence mannekchin: PepeHands adroniser: How do you figure out how good a measure of intelligence is? localcanofdutchgold: upvote systems are stupid whimax07: Isn’t the point that the complexity of the subject makes it almost impossible without larger sample sizes daghers: People who score high on IQ tests become IQ researchers, not a lot of people are going out of their way to disprove IQ pomprocks: what’s more important to getting most everything done, grit or iq Baka4Life__: !whatisgoingon pistolpetepcp: i have a thousand iq pls hire me insignia_microwave: what do you think about having upvote systems on search engines hjklhjklhjkl2008: @maxschneider96 i’m just generally critical of people who are like “hurr durr i didn’t do well in school must mean schools are universally bad” kronnnylul: can you actually score higher on iq tests if you do a lot of mensa problems? smurfd0: i guess the test has to be quite extensive to cover alot of topics

WIDE_AF: thecornerpeace: commas process isn’t “standardized” alex sucks at reviewing and filtering candidates goobygoobler: lol true maxschneider96: @hjklhjklhjkl2008 agreed Argrinus: hi george, nice to see you jamieemb_: anyone who practices doing something will get better at doing those things daghers: @kronnnylul research says no Ozonemaster: people who score too high on iq tests. often arent smart hanzo_93: taleb isn’t even up for debating the iq and race&iq stuff last time I checked iimeyris: You can study for IQ tests thought mannekchin: i think there are different kinds of intelligence: Criativity abd problem solving; maybe abstract; emotional;social, etc snakr: still love you for your contribution to the jailbreak community. big up!! Reelix: @kronnnylul If you do a lot of IQ tests you learn the patterns – Which get re-used – A LOT, so you can score highly simply because you’re familiar with the type of puzzle FlashAUT_: EQ is also important in terms of working m57c: You can train to get better at the IQ test so bichid69: what do you think of High IQ societies like mensa? adrnlnjnky: Truth here is Relative. IQ tests are written by people. They can tell you a lot, however can they tell you true intelligence or just talk about a certain vector of intelligence? iimeyris: If you know that you will be tested on an IQ test, you can prepare ahead of time Catching_Spiders: The tests are also rigged to favour a certain type of people hjklhjklhjkl2008: @kronnnylul YEP after knowing a few principles (like xor/superposition principle) i can consistenlty get 145+ on Mensa iq test but i doubt my g is actually that high lol 5GToren: Yep its just testing your problem solving ability 4meenz: who you think is the smartest man in the world? 1xelerate: monkaS ? TJSparks: WTF IS THAT pistolpetepcp: do you think the ACT is an IQ test @georgehotz bichid69: what do you think of High IQ societies like mensa ? dontcrysomuch21: The validity of iq is pretty good, at least according to my professors many_mangos: @Catching_Spiders yea they’re rigged to favor smart people LMAO iilliilliillli: monkaS raystriker98: maybe they’re trying to downplay IQ as an indication of intelligence because they feel that some people might feel bad PigeonsDontFlyFar: How long has he been streaming for? eynq: I feel this right now and im 26 PeinlicherAffe: FeelsBadMan goobygoobler: lol shadedcane: FeelsBadMan Rafabld1996: Boomer b0bsaget: your fluid IQ tends to deteriorate over time but there is evidence to suggest that crystalized IQ remains relatively the same YouPowerRush: basement devs acting up again anguscupcake: @georgehotz just take some lions mane extract, increasese neuroplasticity blabbernab: we’re all getting dumber FeelsBadMan 5GToren: Haha thats a nice one smilemrpunk2: We love to measure things, but that we can’t measure like that XD DeeboMC: @hjklhjklhjkl2008 nah bro I understand the education system was geared for the workforce, not to the benefit of the individual; the grading system only serves the capitalist as it preselects for good workers willing to expend effort just for external validation and sorting.. I never said I was complaining. I think it’s great. I prefer to hire motivated people who aren’t smart enough question why they do what they do @georgehotz phrixus_bro: I know, for me it is time to just restart sw1jari: monkaS only downhill from here 32bitrobo: Talebs book on Skin in the game and Black Swan are really good it lays the statistical foundations of how he looks at things m0ose_pi: god dam imma be dumb as hell Ozonemaster: I took for ever to hit puberty. They can smd with saying ill decay at 20 Catching_Spiders: @many_mangos nah, way too much abstract thinking, for people that also like modern art PiroFloydian: no? robonhansonem: daghers: @4meenz I’d actually put George up there with smartest people, but he isn’t the best business man so he’s not crazy rich PeinlicherAffe: wat? corpus_cule: ?? wgz90: NotLikeThis benzojamal: hot take LUL Baka4Life__: false eynq: lol neilsweb: Have you seen Street Smart vs Book Smart season of Apprentice? That settles this debate mannekchin: going political monkaW DeeboMC: Understood* (in school) chillguy269: TRUE TJSparks: gamer moment henistein: IQ tests are scam the intelligence in my opinion can not be measure in papper PigeonsDontFlyFar: How long has he been streaming for? alexbos99: read Xi Jinping speeches corpus_cule: ok hen LUL adrnlnjnky: How much of the fluid inteligence is lost by lack of use, how much is biological? b0bsaget: wanna see some funny shit xhongi_: here it comes monkaS darkzade: LUL stringieee: What the hell are you talking about? What is this stream ….? wolkantrop: You should hide your IQ to not offend the majority lesserthangood: communists do IQ tests to give the professor jobs to the best TomatoePasta: LULW jagger_rsw: @georgehotz nah… it’s not incompatible with communism (to everyone according to his abilities … etc.) PiroFloydian: communists recognize differences between people so no @georgehotz erfault: China allows and evaluates cadidates sometimes on IQ tests quite broadly mannekchin: thats socialism monkaW AlfaAnanasz: @georgehotz can you please let non-subs watch vods? i want to go back and look at the article you didnt link m57c: valid at measuring what? how well you do on the test? it’s not measuring anything objective maxschneider96: I fucking hate those people that say IQ tests are racist lol sw1jari: PigeonsDontFlyFar 4:22 hours illogicalism: Bogz75: CTC CTC sunole: Is that a hickey on your neck? whimax07: Why would IQ go ageist equality? orseti_: people can be different intelligence, doesnt mean they are worth more as a person @georgehotz Gi0ve: Doesn’t it go agains equity and not equality? dontcrysomuch21: Yeah but of course IQ does not predict success that good, because there is a lot of randomness TJSparks: CTC COCK Reelix: @neilsweb You’re basing factual truth on the outcome of a fabricated reality… ? mannekchin: YEP COCK PigeonsDontFlyFar: @sw1jari Thanks my man GingerPowder: CT hjklhjklhjkl2008: @DeeboMC fair, but if you have this viewpoint why apply for colleges in the first place? under your worldview, isn’t a college degree just meaningless signalling anyways? dontcrysomuch21: True Bogz75: Sadge yep dr_set: jamieemb_: very true iimeyris: 1. If you are coming to the college, address your aim/interest asdhxc: why not some kind of math test smilemrpunk2: They are some tests, but you measure 1 thing thecrappycoder: Legacy should be illegal maxschneider96: What about a signature skills test? iimeyris: 2. Test on progress on that interest musabkilic0: just get an online iq test now @georgehotz dontcrysomuch21: And IQ is pretts adroniser: If IQ is fixed surely it’s genetic and thus how fair can it really be? b0bsaget: IQ is the best indicator of success that we have, to say that it has no meaning is just ignorance eghad: critical thinking, flexibility neilsweb: The Book Smart person won the Street Smart vs Book Smart season of Apprentice? IQ Wins! celebrimborfan123: Naruto is legacy the anime eynq: Make them play baba is you dontcrysomuch21: IQ is pretty dispersed at a low socioeconomic level lauralex98: 792x: But genetics is legacy xSplasher: i cringe when people relate having degrees to being intelligent PiroFloydian: random college admissions with a basic achievement bar is the way to go for most institutions @georgehotz mannekchin: @792x true m57c: Last Star Fighter! daghers: If you’re considering SAT/ACT scores an IQ test they’re definitely very useful for college admissions adrnlnjnky: Capability -> desire + ability pistolpetepcp: I’ve noticed that it’s taking me longer to learn how to play new video games… im 24 Digital_donger: so people would do mario speedruns? PogChamp orseti_: custom tests for fundamental logistical concepts, relevant to what they will study sounds like your best bet eghad: IQ tests don’t test linking disparate topics together at all xhongi_: cant you still learn someone how to critically think and problem solve more efficiently xProtheanx: @georgehotz do you think that inteligence should be defined as the ability to solve problems? JohnnyThe_Hobo: you should make a game and everyone should play it. who fails the game it gets banned JakeJ24: The problem with a meritocracy is how you prove merit PhoebusG: Loving where this topic is going, I love new education based on gaming, personalized ed… meaningful ed (to each student) 32bitrobo: IQ is more fair memorizing exam we are made to give in schools which determine our whole lives? to some extent? IDK sw1jari: SM3 > IQ TEST PogChamp ? jasonscottreval: If you’re testing their ability to learn, they’ll practise their ability to meta-learn TJSparks: thats false. SAT does nothing. I can tell you that b0bsaget: nah it sucks now Michaeltth: SAT correlates to better outcomes for sure b0bsaget: it used to be way better hjklhjklhjkl2008: SAT used to correlate with g. Not anymore, it’s bullshi tnow DeeboMC: @hjklhjklhjkl2008 just a standard thing to do; nothing really hinges on it. I don’t think I’ll will the lottery but I’m not averse to spending a buck or too on a ticket sendmeintothevoid: legacy is 100 worse than affirmative action. At least with affirmative action the best it taken from a particular candidate pool many_mangos: all the people who scored low on an iq test pressed about iq tests in chat LUL lesserthangood: @georgehotz use b0bsaget: the SAT sucks balls now Baka4Life__: i mean sat and iq are both test Gi0ve: Is being born with wealthy parents more fair that being born with a above average IQ? idk ProfessorMagikarp0: jordan peterson’s IQ videos Kreygasm chillguy269: If we use the SATs, SAT prep courses should be outlawed mannekchin: intellingence imo should be seen as an aggregate index of different types of learning DeeboMC: Or two* MikeTheDriver: having degree probably is more of a conscientiousness thing xProtheanx: did george ever tested his iq ? adrnlnjnky: Lots of people good at taking tests take both of those tests m57c: hjklhjklhjkl2008: the pre 2003 ( i think) 1600-scale SAT had some correlation with g avalos_02: jordan peterson PepeMods lesserthangood: @xProtheanx his iq is 190 pomprocks: legacy and connections probably means more than IQ to predict success. so why not use it? erfault: surprised how much chat (and popular opinion generally) is against meritocracy chris_kindler: having the ability to solve problems is possibly the biggest indicator of intelligence anguscupcake: psychology is pseudoscience myuserwastaken: hi friends adroniser: How much money do online iq tests make I wonder from selling fake certificates bjjlion: @georgehotz you should create morality, honesty and critical decision making test eghad: thinking Jordan Peterson is intelligent moon2DUMB myuserwastaken: what are we looking at? echopraxy: There are many different models for intelligence in modern psychology: “Primary Mental abilities”, “Theory of Multiple Intelligences”, “Triarchic”. IQ is woefully incomplete. It really depends on what you want to accomplish. IQ softly ignores the idea of the growth model of intelligence. The types of intelligence that a person will excel with change over time, e.g. wisdom and mature models vs raw speed. If you’re making a university you want to optimize for a wide variety of natural aptitudes daghers: Why do they keep changing the SAT scoring system? b0bsaget: george won’t open source his IQ score because it shows he can’t do math. his IQ score = n00b

Baka4Life__: @erfault wtf no one is agaisnt meritocracy maxschneider96: why don´ t u just create a test that exposes participants to realistic problems plus a signature strengths test that determines how well the personality fits the future role? lesserthangood: Jordan Peterson? The guy who writes self-help books? OMEGALUL Jordan Peterson? The guy who writes self-help books? OMEGALUL caracazz: “studying” heuristically many_mangos: @pomprocks if that’s true then just have them take the tests like everyone else. They should have no issue passing jamieemb_: Most topics anyone can study (e.g. math) are just tools to solve other problems. I think intelligence should be a measurement of someones capability to apply those tools to other areas. I guess programming interview questions are kinda in that same vein hello01world: George, can we hack the simulation? B1_Renekton: I think you should give a test like JEE Advanced in india which has maths, physics and chem, the syllabus is so huge that only high iq and motivated students can secure high percentiles mannekchin: there is learning by doing; learning by interact; learning by and so on. There is literature regarding different types of learning pistolpetepcp: Maybe its in our best interest to give the most intelligent people the most amount of money chillguy269: monkaW TJSparks: y robonhansonem: Regarding fertility: piiics: whats his iq score kletomon: Imagine thinking anyone who is a professor is stupid Mithu: Jessica is still waiting @georgehotz eghad: you can, IQ tests are just limited in scope darkzade: lmao to this walls of text hjklhjklhjkl2008: agreed, this is definitely the wrong place to talk about IQ djceci: you need to divide the humans by skills chemistry physics mathematics geography biology literature/language ArianSun: make them pay their admission fee in shares of their companty anguscupcake: @pistolpetepcp intelligence != morality daghers: @hello01world can characters in Skyrim hack Skyrim b0bsaget: you can only have a conversation about things that rank people with the people who are winning hjklhjklhjkl2008: talking about IQ on any kind of large public form is an invitation for disaster many_mangos: we live in a society erfault: it is, meritocracy is uncouth in polite society now gf_0hp_m8: I wonder if fluid intelligence declination at 20 is directly correlated with why esport pros have such short careers xhongi_: cant you still learn someone how to critically think and problem solve more efficiently jasonscottreval: bruhh we can have this convo luspr: @georgehotz Think about how you use your voice! BibleThump neilsweb: Go watch The Apprentice Season 3 (Street Smart vs Book Smart). You’ll be enlightened to know IQ wins! IQ is important baby caracazz: better search: iq and intelligence correlation nzack_: Did you took political compass test? hjklhjklhjkl2008: do you think being good at leetcode is correlated with iq/g? mannekchin: the problem is that you cant properly measure IQ echopraxy: There are many different models for intelligence in modern psychology: “Primary Mental abilities”, “Theory of Multiple Intelligences”, “Triarchic”. IQ is woefully incomplete. It really depends on what you want to accomplish. IQ softly ignores the idea of the growth model of intelligence. The types of intelligence that a person will excel with change over time, e.g. wisdom and mature models vs raw speed. If you’re making a university you want to optimize for a wide variety of natural aptitudes maxschneider96: why not expose the participants directly to applicable challenges? Simple as that pistolpetepcp: @anguscupcake true, but if you are smart enough would you think about humanity as a whole ? BaloSaar: internet 2.0 when? kektobiologist: this is becoming an incel stream DeeboMC: @georgehotz there’s a lot of good books on the subject ReyDino: what is that paper called? b0bsaget: an epic br0 barrier robonhansonem: Selection against variants in the genome associated with educational attainment: 5achin5harma: but trump aced the cognitive test lesserthangood: CIA monkaW shaniquaratchet: redditors 🤓 ☝ JakeJ24: Make the internet ellte again 😛 TheRealMast3r: Said MArtin Shkreli Baka4Life__: @erfault Where do here these stuff anguscupcake: @pistolpetepcp I think the majority of people care about themselves primarily corpus_cule: @B1_Renekton it also destroys all interest in any subject…first hand witness Penguino138: The men and their M-16s haha SKPTCL: lol hjklhjklhjkl2008: think about how you use your voice LUL imagine not talking to an echo chamber that already agrees with you Rafabld1996: we don’t fear the truth eynq: @georgehotz “Systems” intelligence and emotional intelligence are very different and the latter influences to what extenct you use the first to “select” Michaeltth: LUL luspr: LUL JohnnyThe_Hobo: your diss song to playstation was fire tho JohnnyThe_Hobo: i still listen to it illogicalism: @georgehotz take an IQ test for the lulz daghers: George is actually pretty reasonable about changing his opinions with new information b0bsaget: bro if you could do math you wouldn’t have to worry but… tbd nzack_: @georgehotz Did you took political compass test? shaniquaratchet: redditors are the elite of the internet 🤓 ☝ hchkrdtn7: @georgehotz what math is important for machine learning? ganc3ann: Aren’t IQ tests just about finding the pattern? goobygoobler: dude. martin shkreli said the same thing @georgehotz metsu_gadoken: Alexa is still listening @georgehotz sakshambhutani2001: Regular Streams? daghers: He kinda is careful with his voice sidneygtt: and about Trump iq SolarBerry: they not above that 32bitrobo: Opinion on Naval? adrnlnjnky: Sounds like you DO think about how you use your VOICE pec_adillo: how about that torture chair they are using in china? @georgehotz adroniser: Take an online iq test and pay for the fake certificate at the end hjklhjklhjkl2008: do celphysc2: A behavioural pyschiatrist would say geohot likes things more than people, I’d wager ^^ jamieemb_: Isn’t reddit owned by Conde Nast? BaloSaar: to gain access to internet 2.0, you will be required to complete a captcha that proves you have 100 iq minumum Kappa TonsUhFun: iq tests are about abstraction and problem solvving PiroFloydian: !uptime avalos_02: Trumps cognitive test PepeLaugh caracazz: @georgehotz fafws321: @BaloSaar minimum o kanka Rafabld1996: Hivemind WutFace Reelix: @avalos_02 You can’t insult someone and use a degenerate form of communication in the same line metsu_gadoken: What IQ level is required to become a president? goobygoobler: google used to be better a couple of years ago BaloSaar: count backwards from 100 by 7 Gamer_nohope: Peppe daghers: Try to cure a disease on stream. Tech hacking skills probably translate to biology B1_Renekton: @corpus_cule the aim isnt to cultivate interest, it is just to filter out students. I gave the exam last year too hjklhjklhjkl2008: is a massive meme tho, you can solve most of the hard questions by just doing xor Gamer_nohope: calebS dmnofsle: @BaloSaar web is so dated, needs to be vr leesingods: George i am assuming ur iq is higher then 130? cypherph4: can any of you chatters recognize a picture of an Elephant? pistolpetepcp: @anguscupcake yea i believe that also, but in the end it doesn’t matter individually… only that humanity as a whole has evolved TonsUhFun: intelligence is literally how well you can abstract and solve complex problems avalos_02: @Reelix ??? m57c: m57c subscribed with Twitch Prime neilsweb: Link one is an ad? god_damn: they should make reddit without redditors localcanofdutchgold: who defines bad? Mithu: Google assumes over time the best filter up xSplasher: @cypherph4 whats a picture ? TJSparks: you can? can’t you aaddrr: there is if you go back to the hits aaddrr: and not stay Kenturo: google uses bounce rate smurfd0: and also what You want and I want can be quite different chris_kindler: @tonsuhfun = mathematics haircutjimmy: what about dogpile? b0bsaget: ok george I will accept that you can’t math if you show us your freestyle skills Reelix: ;D jasonscottreval: @TonsUhFun na I don’t think that’s literally what it is echopraxy: You just use ratio Remembermyfart1: but you’re getting a nice distribution from everyone clicking on it. so eventually you will know what sites suck? peekstrip1: measure quality of link by how quick you click away? goobygoobler: dont let the masses determine whats good or not. people are knherently biased dmnofsle: terrible is a soso metric, relevance is more important syns0r: how quickly you go back to the google results is a downvote to a bad result Digital_donger: people would downvote accurate but controversial sources TJSparks: visits and such Gamer_nohope: More relevant links that link to it Bagofpotatoes: you could use up/downvotes as a signal for NDCG, maybe TonsUhFun: looks up the definition of intelligence neilsweb: Making your online identity have some relation to your real life identity would stop lots of trolling eynq: @Remembermyfart1 how? if you have to click the bad link to know where it leads anguscupcake: @pistol eghad: that’s been a problem since 1993, Eternal September b0bsaget: math is always the answer DeeboMC: @metsu_gadoken looks prolly about 130 polysoulz_: i fucking love math TonsUhFun: maths is a huge portion of it.. buts its not the end all be all shaniquaratchet: gwern is a redditor 🤓 sunole: Determined over time Reelix: @avalos_02 If you’re using “Pepe”-whatever, it instantly disqualifies your statement as that of a troll shaniquaratchet: gwern is a redditor and it shows 🤓

robonhansonem: b0bsaget: @polysoulz_ george doesn’t, he’s afraid of it hjklhjklhjkl2008: YIKES this is possibly interesting but probably not suitable for stream anguscupcake: @pistolpetepcp hypothetically, if u were rich and selfish, wouldn’t you try to stop the general population from being able to get to your level and compete? haircutjimmy: how’d you make it dark mode?? chris_kindler: every mathematician is intelligent but not everyone who is intelligent is good at mathematics Iamzad: china 100%# phrixus_bro: gwern pushed idea that craig wright was satoshi CondomsWontFit: GYNA buzzd24: china Gamer_nohope: Pepe is just a mask Dautlog: Chyna metsu_gadoken: wow, thnx @DeeboMC BeSulzbach: quite often badly written tutorials are above official documentation on google, mostly because it’s based on # of clicks MrMemetic: behavior determines more than votes TheStudentDoctor: That is eugenics right there buzzd24: CH-Y-NA erfault: China is working on it yea Bowlgirlblergh: shut it down Digital_donger: probably already happening :/ hjklhjklhjkl2008: CH*NA LUL SolarBerry: starts with a C many_mangos: chyna Bogz75: KomodoHype benzojamal: it’s called feeding the population LUL many_mangos: it comes from…. CHYNA shaniquaratchet: south korea buzzd24: the chinese super race incoming Quad_lol: IQ is valid 32bitrobo: What if some social network give limited amount of upvotes and downvotes so people need to think before they waste their compliments and insults. I think this will help increase thought put into an opinion per capita xSplasher: @haircutjimmy dark reader extension robonhansonem: If a city state of 1 million gets 2SDs above the mean, they will produce the majority of the worlds genius-level intellects Baka4Life__: Eugenics hmm sounds fun Bagofpotatoes: @Reelix unfortunately that’s a fallacy in itself. Someone making logical errors, or even being a troll, doesn’t indicate that all of their statements should be discounted daghers: @digital_donger yeah China is totally already doing making designer babies DeeboMC: GATTACA maxschneider96: quantitative trait loci through genome wide association studies, simple as that jasonscottreval: @chris_kindler every mathematician is not intelligent… I can say that with nearly the same validity raystriker98: Nazi Germany that uterus TheStudentDoctor: Correlation analysis in genetics is highly flawed because of the repeated testing problem – see deficiencies of GWAS studies for example b0bsaget: george you’re screwed when they start testing math skillz smilemrpunk2: A relevant test would be, what intelligence your the best in not a score on one of them jagger_rsw: you’ll have sillicon intelligence first neilsweb: Modern web browsers support web service workers allowing PKAs to contain their own localized search engines built upon meta data derived from the structured knowledge content without need for any centralized search engine or even an Internet connection once the content has been synced. PKAs automatically include files in addition to the rendered index.html files allowing command line tools to be easily created or even just raw curl downloads that anyone can render goobygoobler: isnt china doing that?? luspr: @georgehotz Don’t you think AI and brain-computer-interfaces will be more effective? Selection takes decades robonhansonem: Then there is iterated embryo selection: insignia_microwave: @32bitrobo that is not a bad idea at all Quad_lol: NA is doing the opposite, degeneration KEKW SolarBerry: Chinese will rule the world within a few decades if things go poorly in the next 5 years (see Made in China 2025 plan and 2030 AI plan) BeSulzbach: @32bitrobo in a sense some do, downvotes on stackoverflow and related sites “cost” reputation Whynox: pra mim isso ai é viés confirmativo TJSparks: i love that movie daghers: We’re probably doing this too tbh jamieemb_: chinese intelligence has a lot more to do with the culture around failing than anything else. They just try harder because the stakes are harder erfault: China already is in the going for this by having 1bn+ population size and a rapidly growing middle-class jamieemb_: higher* Epij: we can already name the countries who will do this to maintain world power status dr_set: I like elons path better, we just fuse with the machines LuckyFeathersGames: gattaca is a great movie though pomprocks: no, in gattaca they picked the embryo. and if they didn’t then you were at a disadvantage b0bsaget: the first country that does that will be accompanied by mass genocide Bowlgirlblergh: super intelligence will most likely have a major drawback. Perhaps a higher rate of developing mental illness and possibly higher suicide rates? never know with this kind of stuff buzzd24: rapid natural selection TheRealMast3r: IQ is a shit hole conversation in which you’re not coming back Kappa eghad: China put the scientist that used CRISPr on human embryos in jail, they banned that shit xSplasher: walls of texts in chat NotLikeThis robonhansonem: Let us seize the high-IQ alleles and distribute them to the proletariat! sidneygtt: its time to drink coffe Digital_donger: @32bitrobo the pitchfork people might coordinate downvote brigades or something LUL jagger_rsw: at the sdame time you’ll have high-speed interface to brains, so sillicon will augment whomever wants it her3hero: what happens with the not so smart embryos? chris_kindler: @jasonscottreval can you elaborate JayPouch: gaining 9 IQ points across a population would be such an insane boost to a country DeeboMC: @georgehotz fascinating read to save to your files. benzojamal: AGI is a scam SummertimeClothes: If anyone starts doing it everyone else will follow by generation 2, should not be a big relative difference maker Reelix: @Bagofpotatoes It HEAVILY implies that the statement is itself an untruth for the purposes of harm for the viewer sendmeintothevoid: only the super wealthy will have access to something like this. its important for governments to keep populations as dumb as possible Bagofpotatoes: @TheRealMast3r +1 on that b0bsaget: george do math RN TheStudentDoctor: We know far too little about the genome and epigenome to ‘select’ for traits. Any attempt to do so would be outright stupid TJSparks: @her3hero I think they get the back breaking jobs pistolpetepcp: @anguscupcake I wish selfish people weren’t rich lol xSplasher: i probably read more chat in my life than books ArianSun: this will spawn aristocracy which then are incentiviced to reverse the embryo selection dr_set: @Bowlgirlblergh those kind of problems are only because they are surronded by dumb people. If you make everybody smarth the problem goes away jluiiizz: What are you reading about ? @georgehotz eynq: Pretty sure whichever country does this first will take like 100 years+ to get anywhere because the find out they actually selected for random shit caracazz: artificial selection is the future Mithu: @georgehotz the country that selects for that will also raise their socio/psycho rates significantly Bowlgirlblergh: @dr_set if everyone is super smart then nobody is avalos_02: @Reelix don’t worry about it I’ve never used 4chan LUL leesingods: Why not just use neural link to be able combine with AI instead of messing with embryos sw1jari: @eghad what if jail = gov lab buzzd24: STATS BABY lucretius0: eugenics can be done right while maintaining freedom Bagofpotatoes: @Reelix if it’s untruthful or based on faulty reasoning, then it should be easy to discredit on that basis, rather than dismissing it as likely trolling world2vec: gwern is the best ProfessionalRice: lol 慶_的視訊頭: is that terminal multiplexer byobu? or tmux? solitarynative: compared to talebs long winded dry bullshit eghad: he was working in a government lab @sw1jari shaniquaratchet: gwern is a redditor and it shows 🤓 ☝ anguscupcake: gwern is a good man KryekGG: @georgehotz how can someone become good at python? Lynix1488: install Gentoo jasonscottreval: stats are still less significant than causal truths sidneygtt: @Bowlgirlblergh thats make sense xSplasher: @Bagofpotatoes have you ever changed someones mind from 1 convo ? 32bitrobo: Ray Dalio Principles is a good book \ peekstrip1: noise in those correlations is enormous though – see nassim taleb b0bsaget: uh oh you’re looking at stats again anguscupcake: install TempleOS neilsweb: What’s more important: High IQ or a high Hot or Not score? Reelix: @Bagofpotatoes Like if I said “Donald Trump is the best President ever and nothing he has ever said is a lie , and George’s favorite food is potatoes” – The odds are that the second part should not be believed dr_set: @Bowlgirlblergh exactly, it becamos normal, but instead of wasting time looking for sex and booze we waste time exploring the galaxy and understanding reality sendmeintothevoid: @KryekGG have you tried practicing? i heard that works the_EZPZ: KryekGG practice, theres so much free python info its not even funny anguscupcake: @neilsweb depends on gender SillEPuns: old /g/ memes in twitch chat? is this 2008? qatarking24xd: @anguscupcake he did last stream benzojamal: @neilsweb 2nd LUL b0bsaget: math time DeeboMC: @georgehotz fascinating read to save to your files. Bagofpotatoes: @xSplasher hopefully they changed their mind themselves after speaking to me, rather than me changing it for them 😀 Bowlgirlblergh: there are plenty of super genius people that never amount to anything. I don’t think “choosing” the people with the best genes for intelligence would accomplish anything xSplasher: @SillEPuns 2009 resinfingers: IQ not predictive of much turns out xhongi_: monkaS daghers: It’s definitely not pseudoscience hjklhjklhjkl2008: the worry for me about this kind of writing is it’s highly susceptible to the usa-style censorship you brought up earlier where you are presented with so many studys you don’t have the time to disprove all of the questionable ones and you just have to accept them as fact sparrow_47: This only applies and works in the current society/culture. Without certain rights and protections, IQ would maybe fall to physical strength Gamer_nohope: choosing your kids genetics are already a reality DeeboMC: Wikipedia Rita Hollingworth Whynox: vao ter papeis confirmando o que voce acredita e outros nao hiphopsucks: KEKW SolarBerry: lol Lynix1488: lmao wtf goobygoobler: YEP MORE SEX b0bsaget: br0 what darkzade: SEEMS TRUE

dr_set: @resinfingers try to hire all programmers with IQ of 70 notice_me_OpieOP: enable PepeLaugh pls FeelsBadMan xSplasher: @Bagofpotatoes most people argue to feel right about their statement, not to learn more, so the chance that they’re gonna change is slim asdhxc: LOL unaboomer b0bsaget: it’s not about sex george its about personality coldkhadfje: Math is the real deal. Anyone who studies math can raise his potential to like 23 cm in the first year TJSparks: @notice_me_OpieOP yea but thats a third party thing erfault: ted posting again DeeboMC: @xsplasher fr tho smilemrpunk2: You can’t have on high iq in a team TheStudentDoctor: George man you gotta read some stuff on interpretation of statistics hanzo_93: IQ is a good predictor at the group level from what I’ve heard notice_me_OpieOP: @TJSparks LULW b0bsaget: @coldkhadfje knows the truth robonhansonem: If an idea elicits an unreasoned ideological immune response, my prior is it is true kronnnylul: @dr_set are there even programmers with 70iq maxschneider96: Imagine developing epigenetic drugs that improve the expression profile for enhanced intellectual capability, definitely feasible goobygoobler: more sex hell ya brother Tal_X_Tal: cub monkaS Bagofpotatoes: @xSplasher that’s totally true. Doesn’t mean there is no point engaging them in debate, though. Plus, other participants might be on the fence and can learn something. Or maybe I’m wrong and can learn something TowlieGotHigh: KKona Quad_lol: @kronnnylul they do PHP and JS buzzd24: @hanzo_93 thats racist notice_me_OpieOP: monkaS b0bsaget: that’s facts cypherph4: just fuck more 4Head jasonscottreval: relevance is not the sub-domain of short sighted human thought b0bsaget: george you are a stats n00b AresRai: @Tal_X_Tal surprised to see u here LUL anguscupcake: @maxschneider96 we already have some, lion’s mane is one DeeboMC: Even if we can’t agree on iq tests, we should all be able to agree iq is real mashafique: Irrelevant to who? How relevant something is is dependent on who is working with it. Maybe the thing about algae is irrelevant to most but it is still relevant to a biologist studying that algae for example robonhansonem: Good point rraksut: \&lt\;3 Tal_X_Tal: AresRai PogChamp wtf xSplasher: @Bagofpotatoes agreed 🙂 maxschneider96: @anguscupcake cheers, will look it up kronnnylul: @Quad_lol Lmao AresRai: @Tal_X_Tal wtf indeed LUL jamieemb_: Tal_X_Tal: wassup ares BaloSaar: flat earth people monkaS b0bsaget: bro just calculate how many jews they would have had to kill per day fireposeidoncx: @georgehotz how would you compare your intelligence to Elon’s und Lex’s dr_set: @kronnnylul I live in a shitty country that get programming jobs with low wages and I have seem a couple and they can even manage to display a pop up leesingods: what about people that dont have sex until marriage lmaoo stickyshrimp: i dont trust anyone. not even myself Lefer_: I think the issue is whether its man made or not, not whether its real afkews: on this? 😀 Rafabld1996: @georgehotz does speaking facts make you a facist? himamathps: then what to trust ? Tal_X_Tal: fake news for life kektobiologist: nooz linux_____: is that a hickie on your neck Quad_lol: I am very proud of my 117 IQ, dont say that IQ is irrelevant dmnofsle: it’s not 6 million, it’s more like 5.9 milion but in some countries it’s illegal to say this the_EZPZ: News people are not experts in the fields they report on most of the time xhongi_: @Quad_lol iqlet detected TheStudentDoctor: @maxschneider96 Not feasible at all. Your suggestion assumes we understand expression profiles for intellectual ability and are even somewhat close to. We unfortunately aren’t b0bsaget: Baka4Life__: @Rafabld1996 youa re slipping buddy Erixp: ??? AresRai: Tal_X_Tal tired and u phrixus_bro: LINDY aj37z: IQ is not 1-dimensional coldkhadfje: @quad_lol pssss … 177 here Tal_X_Tal: AresRai sleepy b0bsaget: IQ test isn’t old lmao B1_Renekton: there is an extension to remove certain websites from google results, it was on HN a while back erfault: NNT anti-IQ essay abt to be shredded KEKW 792x: designed by unsophisticated nerds LUL b0bsaget: they continually recalculate the mean how can it be old 792x: what a joke coldkhadfje: @quad_lol not really SabaPing corpus_cule: old doesn’t necessarily mean good either the fk LUL caracazz: iq correlation with nose caracazz: pls iimeyris: ‘fails to deal with dimensionality’ GpapiD1: Yee Quad_lol: @coldkhadfje damn man, you must have a lot of hoes stickyshrimp: but its taleb Tal_X_Tal: ok boomers Reelix: @coldkhadfje I looked over an IQ test, got all the answers, then did it, and ended off with an IQ of 380. Does that make me a super genious since I was familiar with the question formatting of a specific test? stickyshrimp: kappa buzzd24: yup Gamer_nohope: racists/eugenists I hate this relation :/ AresRai: Tal_X_Tal what did he start the stream with TheStudentDoctor: @georgehotz he links to the academic interpretation at the top of the Medium article. Read that for more technical info jamieemb_: could say the same thing for the news b0bsaget: george does coffee make you p00p anguscupcake: @TheStudentDoctor that’s interesting, I thought intelligence would correlate with neural density, but it’s the opposite b0bsaget: does for me neilsweb: What’s the article on the right? dmnofsle: hitler drank water WIDE_AF: there’s a lot of emotional language in the taleb writing benzojamal: taleb has no clue most times; he just loves to fight on twitter LUL stickyshrimp: only low iq people need rationalization to feel better about their low iq Kappa phrixus_bro: bob saget, thank you duzy: @b0bsaget yes that is common hjklhjklhjkl2008: i think linking to studies can be disingenous at times. It often can be just another information overload tactic leftist_scum77: READ THE BELL CURVE sw1jari: caffeine makes me shit too Bowlgirlblergh: identical twins don’t grow up being the same as the other. If you hand picked the optimal genes for every child born there is no guarantee that every one of them would make use of their optimal genes. People are going to be who they are depending on the environment they grow up in. I would put money on the fact that choosing the most desirable genes for intelligence would have little to no impact on these “chosen” people. There is NO guarantee that someone with “good” genes will use them 39BiggusDikus: @georgehotz have you ever visited /r/ENLIGHTENEDCENTRISM ? gannydormally: why is he anti large corporations/ robonhansonem: Applause lights w1ndshadow: What is he reading? kronnnylul: @b0bsaget yes it does for almost everyone Tal_X_Tal: AresRai random stuff peepoHappy Quad_lol: THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE WIDE_AF: google taleb iq @w1ndshadow dmnofsle: large corps like this that they can put a meter on, doesn’t mean it’s bad just because it can be measured erfault: nose isnt a good correlation bc the groups that tend to be at the top of IQ measures globally are spread out a little more than that Kappa @caracazz Gladius88: what alternatives does he suggest, and in the event that there isnt any, then is there a problem with such tests? Reelix: @gannydormally To someone with an average of 50 viewers, someone like george IS a large corp :p linux_____: promoted by bad ppl? Some bad people think climate change is real Bagofpotatoes: just read a paper earlier suggesting that neural connectivity is basically the same across all mammals… pretty interesting, since the assumption was that humans had higher connectivity, explaining why we are SMRT compared to other mammals Quad_lol: KEKW i wonder why people say it, it’s such a cringe phrase sidneygtt: bull? robonhansonem: Tal_X_Tal: dab on the racists my dude solitarynative: oh no putting people into boxes !!!!!!! Quev1337: the paper you are reading has been debunked neilsweb: Making sure your baby has enough iron will bump it’s IQ as an adult by 3 to 5 poitns TheStudentDoctor: Honestly chat, if we knew the level of info about neuroscience and genetics to even attempt the kinds of things we are talking about here, we would be far better at treating diseases in relation to them. Again, we unfortunately aren’t. Our egos get the better of us and we suffer from the Dunning Kruger effect far too much when it comes to things liek this

dmnofsle: truth is really that people will accept coldkhadfje: Man I would have to be a statistics researcher to read this maxschneider96: @TheStudentDoctor I don´ t refer to feasibility at this point, but based on what novel research will provide us. I know the techniques that are used, there should be loads of novel insights in the foreseeable future Bagofpotatoes: @neilsweb iodine too, I think Gwern talks about that somewhere BeSulzbach: @TheStudentDoctor generally agree kektobiologist: taleb is an official retard TheStudentDoctor: @maxschneider96 mind being a bit more specific as to what you mean? amateurchess1: what is the link to what he’s reading right now? erfault: taleb is supposed to be a smart guy i thought Reelix: @neilsweb Doing IQ tests for 4 hours a day for 6 months means that you will test amazingly on an IQ test. Doesn’t mean anything – Aside from the fact that you’re good at taking IQ tests :p PhineasPhreak: youre giving them a platform by even reading it erfault: kekw duncansclarke: PETA is a psyop Quad_lol: IQ tests can be learned easily b0bsaget: I am now watching this stream from the toilet Bagofpotatoes: it’s sort of putting the cart before the horse maxschneider96: @TheStudentDoctor specific about what? leftist_scum77: @PhineasPhreak you’re an idiot dmnofsle: are you AltLeft george? mashafique: People tend to prefer to be outraged rather than actually do something to make a change it seems LUL robonhansonem: Yes. Training for an IQ test invalidates the test. What is your point? Sticking a thermometer in boiling water will invalidate your fever check too TheStudentDoctor: @maxschneider96 the techniques you’re referring to and the areas where novel insights are likely to be found? binary_stream: everyone just needs some jesus PhineasPhreak: @leftist_scum77 it upset you that i’m right Reelix: @mashafique 1 like `1 prayer, so like the post instead of actually doing anything about it :p anewstart33: @robonhansonem fair point resinfingers: If you don’t believe in IQ statistics, many other ideas get thrown out. All their eggs are in this basket sparrow_47: What’s the skin in the game issue? chris_kindler: @mashafique exactly and thats why I think its a valid form of communication localcanofdutchgold: jesus stole my holy water Gladius88: summers was fired for alleged misogyny hjklhjklhjkl2008: im generally skeptical of any procedure that claims it can induce a linear order on a set of complex objects (like using IQ to order human beings) kektobiologist: @georgehotz what was the article on the right ath u were showing? robonhansonem: Raising the idea that greater male variance is true mashafique: @Reelix Exactly. How many likes to heal a child LUL ? Abo7atm: But that’s the point, with their way there’s a lot of idiots who are going to believe. Intelligence is distributed over the population the same as wealth mskv: Is a random online IQ test worth anything? 😀 b0bsaget: george since you’re not going to do math what’s your thoughts on the upcoming USD crash Rafabld1996: American Scientist, Volume 95 ‘The Most Dangerous Equation’ erfault: meritocracy is taboo in both polite society and unpopular, sort of clashes against democracy in an odd way in the current cultural climate Gi0ve: I think that his book “The blank slate” is really really good dmnofsle: oooh do mention mulsim things buzzd24: 4Head BeSulzbach: does anyone know what george’s screen resolution is? it doesn’t seem to be 1080 or 2160p because of the black bar JdPaulBlart: Reelix: @mashafique If I see a person being attacked, I yell out “I like this!” instead of calling the police. I’m sure they’re OK :p adroniser: A random online iq test probably makes a lot of money for the owner daxyxy98: That gives me Eric Weinstein vibes buzzd24: just build new ones 4head maxschneider96: @TheStudentDoctor genome-wide studies, knock-out, knock-down studies, etc TJSparks: thats would be very difficult benzojamal: pinker gets way to much shit for just stating that the world has become a better place over time 4Head raystriker98: so private universities? TheStudentDoctor: Building and reimagining universities perhaps so that they aren’t just profit machines that don’t care about knowledge acquisition dmnofsle: truth that’ll get you a job redemer666: Univeristy is a buisness now sidneygtt: thats make sense Tauromachine: True mashafique: I wish university was more focused on learning and seeking out knowledge and truth rather than trying to pass your exams hjklhjklhjkl2008: universities have too many competing goals nowadays. Research, funding, administration, sports, undergrads, muffclap: weed juice polysoulz_: fuck online IQ test, they are bullshit coldkhadfje: The only true persue of truth is in math PiroFloydian: yeah but better doesnt mean good tho daghers: Maybe stop making people take their gen eds and just have them start college later Tauromachine: Modern universities are liberal indoctrination centers robonhansonem: Princeton was founded in such a manner. They all fall in the end. Thiel looked into it and found all such attempts have failed TJSparks: you gave up on indexing lol b0bsaget: @besulzbach I think he’s on the 16 mbp rn so it’s 16:10 Reelix: @georgehotz Mosts IQ tests use the same types of puzzles which you can get REALLY good at doing. You’ll be an amazing IQ test taker :p TheStudentDoctor: @maxschneider96 fam I appreciate you mentioning this stuff but I’ve lived and breathed it. We are nowhere near close to achieving the kinds of feats you’re hoping for. Hopefully one day, but we’re decades away barkazzaz: “Tesla will reach ‘basic’ Level 5 autonomy by end of 2020” Kappa jamieemb_: search engine that gives you an iq test to use it leftist_scum77: @coldkhadfje wrong pomprocks: we smart but not focused amateurchess1: what do you think about the implicit association bias tests? @georgehotz muffclap: And THIS tangent is brought to you again by weed juice binary_stream: Truth is not logical linux_____: google controls all the data chris_kindler: @tauromachine bollocks kektobiologist: @georgehotz can u share the link to the value of iq article looks interesting WIDE_AF: because you looked at the Eric Schmidt thing on hackernews LUL TheRealMast3r: to minimize the time to extract the RIGHT information i guess Kappa BeSulzbach: @b0bsaget that could be it, ty FragmentShader: you talked about making your uni IQ based entry hjklhjklhjkl2008: @coldkhadfje if you seriously study math you will realize truth is a very strange thing that math doesn’t necessarily help you accomplish sw1jari: i have no fucking idea anymore lol metsu_gadoken: @mashafique hundred thousand would be enough to fund a treatment, which can lead to healing maxpreece: your colleges applicants or something manna_soumya: EQ is good too SeemsGood cypherph4: can you not study for an IQ test? smurfd0: eric weinstein, got similar thought about the universities gigafact: all this problems are related d4rkvist3r: Gutenberg style? 32bitrobo: Tried using GPT3 for your seacrh engine? caracazz: @Reelix only internet tests, not real tests hjklhjklhjkl2008: @coldkhadfje for example, godel’s second incompleteness theorem states it’s impossible to prove the completeness of first order models of arithmetic despite their truth b0bsaget: george we don’t want easy problems, what are you a n00b? AlexTV5: add an ability to filter out types of websites from the results e.g. news sites her3hero: whats the intent of the creation of social media websites? DeeboMC: Stephen Wolfram ties these two subjects together nicely Reelix: @caracazz Real ones as well. Register for 50 different IQ tests – By the last one you’ll be amazing! BeSulzbach: @georgehotz not enough, because in website with user-generated content, the website owner’s intentions do not matter much robonhansonem: @32bitrobo this guy is doing that:

hjklhjklhjkl2008: mathematics actually proves that their exists true statements that you cannot prove to be true moktheacronym: Kreygasm jessicadw calcmath: he doesnt seem to respond to questions about GPT-3 coldkhadfje: I mean, today. I know we need to reach our mind to the real world. What I mean is that only mathmaticians are being careful enough with truth and only in Math. @hjklhjklhjkl2008 mashafique: Stephen Wolfram LUL chris_kindler: @hjklhjklhjkl2008 gödels theorem polysoulz_: can we block gpt-3 ?????? 32bitrobo: @robonhansonem alright nice man benzojamal: reading youtube comments LUL metsu_gadoken: are IQ tests like leetcode, the more you do them, the smarter you are runo66: I like the idea, would be nice to see if a page is some marketing affiliate fake blog shit hjklhjklhjkl2008: the simplest example is to use fixed point theorem + godel numbering to embed the statement “this statement is not provable in first order arithmetic” into first order arithmetic b0bsaget: I think I just set a world record for longest p00p erfault: meritocracy clashes with democracy (popular opinion) across 21st century english-speaking cultures WIDE_AF: 30 day challenge PogChamp Reelix: @caracazz I used to do IQ tests for fun in my spare time – I enjoyed the puzzle format. I then did a real one and got a super high IQ – Since many of the puzzle formats were familiar hjklhjklhjkl2008: 1-line proof of godel’s first incompleteness theorem aj37z: i need life purpose maxschneider96: @TheStudentDoctor I am a biochemist with a specialisation in drug discovery, I did some of the stuff myself. I am not saying we are there right now, but I´ ve seen some of the progress being made, it´ s quite astonishing, sidneygtt: ig:__booiean coldkhadfje: @hjklhjklhjkl2008 Dab adroniser: @hjklhjklhjkl2008 Ive always wanted to learn more about godels incompleteness theorem. Is it relatively light on prerequisites to get into LuckyFeathersGames: It’s free though cefaloclever: but they have to create a need chris_kindler: @hjklhjklhjkl2008 is set theory the foundation of everything? many_mangos: @georgehotz you know for a fact people don’t give a shit about being honest with their intention and they have no incentive to buzzd24: yes THX1342: yes brickeyy: YEP robonhansonem: @metsu_gadoken: If you train for IQ tests, the results get less meaningful. This is the big problem with using such tests for selecting an elite. As they train for the tests normalguy_tv: @adroniser yeah it’s just logic daghers: Holy I’m a moron. I thought people wrote those kind of articles for fun rontao97: wtf is this stream buzzd24: dark ages part 2 Digital_donger: :/ JdPaulBlart: doom and gloom yeahh DeeboMC: @reelix what’d you get (since you practiced) daghers: Never thought to look at the ads Penguino138: if we survive the dark ages we may see the renaissance jamieemb_: there is absolutely nothing we can do about it TJSparks: NOPE 🙂 zafke: climate changes b0bsaget: do i have to subscribe to talk about my p00p xhongi_: accept it FeelsBadMan runo66: how to identify the purpose? how to do that? buzzd24: BLACKPILLED m57c: I like the idea of being able to sort results by how much js is on the page Digital_donger: maybe it’s too late FeelsBadMan xSplasher: make people more self aware daxyxy98: the new generation of 130 IQ geohot graduates are gonna save the world insignia_microwave: we can do our best to win WIDE_AF: why do you say decline is coming? and in what way barkazzaz: CAN SOMEONE BRIEF ME? adroniser: Its over bro linux_____: rank the sites with links at the very bottom, the top has nothing but raw facts & data raystriker98: this is good stuff George, this is how we get closer to the answer benzojamal: we need a new governance system guys hjklhjklhjkl2008: @adroniser No. Most people misinterpret it’s usage to state that truth objectively doesn’t exist outside of math. I highly suggest increasing your mathematical maturity first by studying more fundamental subjects, like discrete math, from a proof-based perspective leesingods: ofc there is robonhansonem: @metsu_gadoken Samo Burja writes about this in the context of Chinese civil service tests blabbernab: born at the wrong time FeelsBadMan mashafique: mashafique subscribed at Tier 1. They’ve subscribed for 3 months, currently on a 1 month streak! I have subbed so now I have increased my value here LUL insignia_microwave: all we can do is try to win THX1342: past the tipping point JdPaulBlart: black pillers united b0bsaget: the USD crash is going to trump all problems TJSparks: @blabbernab you are born at the right time to watch george 🙂 movsdk: Its the best time to be born at all, by far Reelix: @DeeboMC 136 – It had some unfamiliar puzzles, but many of them I had seen before in puzzle books polysoulz_: yep, the problem is not technical it is philosophical BeSulzbach: @mashafique very p2w of you calcmath: can someone in chat explain why he doesnt like GPT-3 or is ignoring it? xSplasher: @blabbernab actually this timeline is a revolution in human civilization runo66: than we need our own index with tags in place mashafique: @BeSulzbach p2w ftw mskv: But civilized world has always bounced up and down in history, no? Interchanging dark and enlighted times THX1342: the only thing I’d say is: I would not want to have a child in 2020 TheStudentDoctor: @maxschneider96 then I would expect you to be familiar with the glaring deficiencies with GWAS. It should only be used for exploratory hypothesis generating research which is far from a technique used to generate real and novel evidence coldkhadfje: There is no use in trying to find the truth in things like this without enough time and effort. I think what we need to do is be careful with public policies…it is all butterfly effect Digital_donger: proof PogChamp b0bsaget: damn this scented TP is outstanding runo66: build your own idex of pages with tags robonhansonem: It’s a race between the singularity of computers and the singularity of governmental incompetence anguscupcake: @THX1342 or ever tbh insignia_microwave: @b0bsaget can you please stop shitposting in this chat b0bsaget: @robonhansonem government incompetence has already won runo66: build your own index of pages with tags luspr: agree! coldkhadfje: @robonhansonem LoL celebrimborfan123: permutation nation would of been a better name b0bsaget: @insignia_microwave leave me alone adroniser: @hjklhjklhjkl2008 I am a math major. Just asking about the prereqs thats all stickyshrimp: existence is fucked TJSparks: covid thoughts LUL stickyshrimp: let the singularity take over hjklhjklhjkl2008: @adroniser I would say there are no formal prereqs other than mathematical maturity adroniser: Cool Penguino138: People don’t understand the speed at which it’d take off DeeboMC: @reelix 👍🏽 runo66: Hello, build your own index of pages with tags, so that we see the purpose of the website lesserthangood: @georgehotz what power meister1337: we cant 🙂 kenqzzzz: serious questions? benzojamal: there won’t be a singularity dood xSplasher: NotLikeThis buzzd24: this is all inevitable we’re just pawns bjjlion: we do not know the truth it is that simple hjklhjklhjkl2008: @adroniser I am a pure math major and have taken a class on incompleteness and computability theory JdPaulBlart: wtf was in that weed juice anguscupcake: does the singularity exist? ego_naut: alternative stream tittle “the rabbit hole experience” TJSparks: TRUE Tauromachine: AI can fix that problem

xSplasher: @buzzd24 partially pawns hiredguns: P O S T M O D E R N notice_me_OpieOP: we don’t even have the power of PepeLaugh in this chat FeelsBadMan metsu_gadoken: this is interesting @robonhansonem homebr3w: Makes valid sense daghers: I take comfort in the idea that we are in a simulation and the creators of the simulation will keep things from getting crazy out of control Digital_donger: TheIlluminati )/ maxschneider96: @TheStudentDoctor I am aware of the hypothetical nature, but what about knock-out, knock-down methods, Y2H, RNAi, etc to characterise the function? JohnnyThe_Hobo: zucc is a lizard people tho ArianSun: bad ideas like marketing stalys_: monkaS W1lkins: monkaS linux_____: human beings are just selfish corrupt scum eynq: true words 792x: monkaS Tal_X_Tal: crab people neilsweb: Society is moving towards trusting thought leaders (people with an audience) instead of intellectuals her3hero: drew meister1337: just look at how far trump went – even when it has been known that he used to have a friend who had underaged girls to prostitute for him Bagofpotatoes: the truth: nobody knows WTF is going on pistolpetepcp: I am The Lizard Man jamieemb_: the problem with all of this is that peoples opinions are too ingrained and completely controlled by the cult of maintaining the status quo SkywardDev: We are balls deep right now anguscupcake: @linux_____ tru xSplasher: PogChamp LIZARD MAN meister1337: 🙂 runo66: Hello, let’s build our own index of pages with tags and analysis of the purpose stalys_: im a lizard man? monkaS kektobiologist: monkaS Vjasal: like in alien movie monkaS 32bitrobo: Damn thats deep insignia_microwave: someone gotta clip this TJSparks: ZUCC WITH THE BOTTY CAKE THX1342: the purpose of life is to increase in complexity and consume energy. it’s a battle against the universe that wants to destroy and erase life at all cost. there’s no such thing as going back the ‘pristine’ way there’s no way to un-mix tea and milk coldkhadfje: We are all lizards? jagger_rsw: @georgehotz wanna play csgo 1vs1 on an aim-map? rraksut: monkaW stickyshrimp: mark zuckerberg is inside of us all notice_me_OpieOP: mark zuckerberg is 100% lizard tho WIDE_AF: jordan peterson gang daghers: We are all the lizard man maxpreece: simpsons did it DeeboMC: Strawman piiics: deep shite bravetraveller: well said, lizard man lives in all of us pistolpetepcp: The DOrrs c4rb4rus_: I am the walrus the_EZPZ: CO2 levels are going to disrupt how we use land especially for agriculture, appeals to a pure natural world are dumb but i need food in my belly pistolpetepcp: The Doors Penguino138: be more afraid of the people hjklhjklhjkl2008: @chris_kindler Depends on what you mean by foundations. Set theory is sufficient for most mathematical purposes (like if you were doing algebrai topology you probably wouldn’t be thinking about issues with self-reference in set theory), but people are studying other things as better foundations nowadays like higher order type theory d4rkvist3r: YES xSplasher: @WIDE_AF jordan p tribe ? mashafique: I’ve also once heard someone say that people prefer conspiracy theories because they are usually easier to understand for them than the actual truth. Believing the Moon landing was faked is easier to understand than actually understanding how it was done kenqzzzz: True programmingmouse: terminator monkaS appreciation1: @georgehotz have you heard of the concept of the cathedral? JulioScholz: true SolarBerry: imagine china with that power peekstrip1: the singularity could be the great bottleneck of species and be the reason for the fermi paradox runo66: Hello, let’s build our own index of pages with tags and analysis of the purpose sw1jari: oh yeah anguscupcake: corporate “morality” = doing what the guy above you wants Avelansh: we are not too far from that either onu4r: heyyo 32bitrobo: Damn you’re throwing truth bombs Dorgesh: what year do you think that level AI will take off? onu4r: what are we up to? smurfd0: i saw something yesterday where the quote was something like “we are not good role models for the robots” SkywardDev: Bruh I shoulda brought the lube I didn’t know we’d be this deep lef_xyz: AI war monkaS THX1342: conspiracy theories are a way that many people have to justify their failures mk1729: Yes, it’s a matter of natural selection. We can’t do great things without being the best (for the good) of us TJSparks: LUL buzzd24: its made by zeus >( notice_me_OpieOP: george pls enable PepeLaugh before it’s too late FeelsBadMan xSplasher: ‘random’ kenqzzzz: you spitting facts geohot WIDE_AF: Zeus throw lightning from heaven KKona stalys_: vampires are living in the center of the moon monkaS insignia_microwave: lol kektobiologist: Sadge aj37z: monkaW ozzy_1024: preachhhh calcmath: @georgehotz asking once more , opinions on GPT-3? meister1337: hows that deep? @SkywardDev Digital_donger: get the pitchforks PogChamp jamieemb_: what they reckon singularity will be a reality by 2060 or something don’t they? xhongi_: burn her meister1337: oO erfault: China is either around the same or (more likely) quite further ahead in AI research, depending on who you ask @SolarBerry sw1jari: troooo b0bsaget: george are we ever going to do math Dorgesh: what year do you think that level AI will take off? xSplasher: KKona GAWD DAMN WITCH dantusqq: KKona hell yeah bruther YouPowerRush: ruyuF_SG ruyuF ruyuF PokCharizard aj37z: real monkaS jagger_rsw: runo66: Let’s improve the internet first cefaloclever: kill the witch!! daghers: With AI we might accidentally discover what exactly consciousness is and the machines won’t be possible to control Muffican: @georgehotz i work as a boring data engineer. how do i find something in tech im passionate about ozzy_1024: man go to eat bro Simon36: I will 🙂 TheStudentDoctor: @maxschneider96 excellent techniques and certainly contribute stepwise to knowledge about this area but the complexity at this stage seems too great to be able to isolate distinct biological mechanisms to manipulate in ways we want while understanding the breadth of downstream effects any such manipulation may have localcanofdutchgold: if it’s longer than a 30 minute youtube video it can’t be a valid conspiracy theory lesserthangood: u notice_me_OpieOP: pls enable PepeLaugh before it’s too late FeelsBadMan xSplasher: me 🙂 nzack_: Me TJSparks: ME 🙂 W1lkins: me 🙂 polysoulz_: nobody robonhansonem: MIRI? yknot_: me 😀 JdPaulBlart: elon is our caesar SillEPuns: not me 🙂 Simon36: single handedly 🙂 buzzd24: me 🙂 opus_000: Jesus aaddrr: elon bravetraveller: soon someone will believe lightning is caused by 5g Penguino138: ELON! ELON! ozzy_1024: just go to eat LOL god_damn: I’ll make a few phone calls and see what i can do B1_Renekton: Elon Tal_X_Tal: spooder man jagger_rsw: burn the witch from mony python – runo66: are we going to build our index or not with tags YO BRO notice_me_OpieOP: me 🙂 / Digital_donger: monkaS SolarBerry: us kektobiologist: is hotz ur chosen name or birth name? buzzd24: 99% mashafique: I wonder if the world can be saved or will we just end up destroying ourselves Erixp: alot benzojamal: too much buzzd24: hivemind monkaS WIDE_AF: “unstructured” rather homebr3w: To much, unfortunately leesingods: AI is gonna save the world the_EZPZ: Elon Musk LUL the redditors are out in troves JohnnyThe_Hobo: damn i want a sip from that weed juice daghers: Did Elon ever make it up to you for fucking you over on the contract? ArianSun: over 100% because we would think less if not triggered into over use stickyshrimp: nothing really matters though ozzy_1024: Just eat first lol himusta: the beginning of the end :^) metsu_gadoken: AI Brain Washing ego_naut: internet = hive mind experience DeeboMC: Maybe it’s a rabbi dealing in dybbuks? mskv: Maybe there comes a trend not to use social networks sometime soon? notice_me_OpieOP: pls enable PepeLaugh before it’s too late FeelsBadMan jamieemb_: that Recess be hittin different buzzd24: we lost Alexthematey: monkaS Digital_donger: monkaS THX1342: corporations are AI erfault: ppl are just hypetrains tbh FragmentShader: we are the machines 🙁 Avelansh: more followers robonhansonem: Somebody is going to bring order to these vortexes. May as well be you, right? kenqzzzz: we are tests for machines LUL insignia_microwave: that hit different anguscupcake: george do you want to design an advanced weed vaping device with me and get rich b0bsaget: nah the losers are still losers ItsAMarcos: George open an AI research lab with me xSplasher: i like the machines 🙂 luspr: Did he have another weed juice? runo66: BOYS LETS BUILD OUR OWN SEARCH INDEX FOR WEB WITH TAGS FROM ML MODELS TO DETECT WHAT SITE IS CREATED FOR Muffican: @georgehotz whats your motivation for tomorrow qlutoo: AI is just an metaphor for neoliberalism — what happens when you give power to people en mass who don’t/won’t care about you when it truly counts ??? moktheacronym: juice buzzd24: LMAOOOOOOOO polysoulz_: LOL sonerbliznakov: I feel dumb when i hear george talking lol dr_set: Plot twist, we live in matrix and the machines won long ago robonhansonem: Don’t get all Nick Land on me now benzojamal: the constitution has not forseen these technological giants anewstart33: that’s true kenqzzzz: computers > humans? himusta: how many computer died from chinese viruses tho LUL chemicalflash: computers wore masks SummertimeClothes: need to put acid in tap water, if it fails it fails, everybody has gone insane anyway sw1jari: no more weed juice mr hotz Simon36: NO COMPUTERS DIED, IT WAS THEM djceci: who can drive the reality? linux_____: the issue is people say its a conspiracy theorie, when a theory has to do with anyone with power,wealth aj37z: #ComputerLivesMatter TeaPardee: weeeeed juice mannnnnnnn buzzd24: pc master race B1_Renekton: 5Head lesserthangood: computers die from power cuts coldkhadfje: ʕಠ_ಠʔ polysoulz_: @sonerbliznakov u should feel smarter hjklhjklhjkl2008: something i’ve been thinking about TJSparks: my motherboard died the other day her3hero: AI made Corona D: b0bsaget: once they come for the math then it’s show time solitarynative: read kapil gupta stickyshrimp: if commai doesnt work out you could start a cult man ItsAMarcos: George what are your deep learning resources?? OttoCavalry: Based George leesingods: Actually they did when the businesses had to close hjklhjklhjkl2008: if you think of evolution as an optimization process, and humans are optimizing themselves, then aren’t humans kind of the singularity of evolution? notice_me_OpieOP: pls enable PepeLaugh before it’s too late FeelsBadMan DeeboMC: Holographic universe principle tho.. + consciousness.. shit cray B1_Renekton: the computers are humanist! ban computers! mashafique: Do vapes actually feel pleasured when they are sucked on is the new big thing to understand Kappa hjklhjklhjkl2008: and then humans create machines, which improve themselves hjklhjklhjkl2008: so it’s singularities all the way down Simon36: yes, for now lef_xyz: RL SillEPuns: it’s probably too late to stop google. just think of all the time and ressources it would take to challenge android and chrome after your search engine actually succeeds runo66: are there any volunteers to join the team? d4rkvist3r: xD polysoulz_: google can be stopped dont worry polysoulz_: like yahoo notice_me_OpieOP: @georgehotz do you know any lizard people ( except for mark zuckerberg ) ? Avelansh: we pass down the information metsu_gadoken: ratipedia xSplasher: 4 hours robonhansonem: I sort of buy the whole Permutation City take on personal identity. So what ever happens with the singularity I will live through it. I find this scarier than the alternative to be honest Huntdkpwn: next will be learning through nerualink b0bsaget: george is king lizzy Dorgesh: cbrahFabi MyLittlePonyQQ: Are you use Chromium? @georgehotz

buzzd24: monkaS daghers: Aw fuck ego_naut: i have a hard time relating to your worries because we are in different points in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs Simon36: neuralink Erixp: monkaS Digital_donger: monkaS lef_xyz: monkaS Neo youngsachi: monkaS klaazdw: laskiS notice_me_OpieOP: monkaS Rafabld1996: Q- learning shit pioterexe: hello FlameSnare: @ego_naut, TRUE LULW Dorgesh: monkaS oh shiet runo66: New web search index like google, but with real categorization done using ml models to identify how fake content is, is it original or not and so on xSplasher: can you install chess in me pls ? 🙂 ItsAMarcos: bro did you read that somewhere os it a hotzriginal?? kektobiologist: drunkm3GIGA 1xelerate: hes starting to believe zachnussy: it’s like the intersect in chuck DeeboMC: @georgehotz you have iq-tabs on your employees? daghers: Like Chuck ssynths: guys i know kung fu darkzade: but your body wont know kung fu insignia_microwave: yo that singularity stuff Is super scary maxschneider96: @TheStudentDoctor Yeah okay, makes sense b0bsaget: when math JohnnyThe_Hobo: nofx helll yeah punk rock leesingods: Computers dont know the struggle ArianSun: learning and aquiring ability have to be distinguished imo neilsweb: But, the computers are still built on the shoulders of giants bjjlion: @georgehotz what do you think about elons neurolink startup ? Zacoaa: whatever blabbernab: stop trying to hit me and hit me sw1jari: poggers gen z mashafique: It’s interesting though. If we could just learn things or develop skills like that easily, then a lot of things just lose their appeal that comes from the challenge notice_me_OpieOP: monkaS linux_____: computers learn at O(1) in constant time humans learn in linear time O(n) polysoulz_: tom cr00s VIBES buzzd24: nofx PogChamp the_EZPZ: Zoomer PogChamp daghers: I’m definitely not gonna give Elon the ability to murder me at any moment he chooses smurfd0: good song mashafique: Though, I guess if at some point we end up in a virtual reality kind of life where we can do anything we want that might be heaven or just endless boredom FlameSnare: @linux_____, ? not true jamieemb_: Bob – NoFX put it on maxschneider96: @TheStudentDoctor What do u think of systems biology approaches in this area? runo66: Boys, have someone seen my messages about new search engine runo66: ? b0bsaget: george freestyle rn robonhansonem: Or we could end up in a virtual hell benzojamal: worry should not be about super inteligence but more about bad institutional actors Digital_donger: delaying it LUL JohnnyThe_Hobo: what it all means asdhxc: yes buzzd24: destroy them before it destroys us lesserthangood: ban computers now 😡 ban computers now 😡 ban computers now 😡 ban computers now 😡 ban computers now 😡 maxschneider96: @TheStudentDoctor like interactomics methods THX1342: it’s innevitable TonsUhFun: sounds like psychological warfare to depress and disengage and individual from motivation in life UnnamedEntity: D: robonhansonem: Just endure daghers: I wonder how much animals could learn if we could perfectly communicate with them notice_me_OpieOP: enabling PepeLaugh = fighting the singularity erfault: linkola posting now lol qlutoo: I’d rather be ruled by AI bots than MIDWITSSSs JayPouch: We need to get some women to claim computers sexually harassed them so we can cancel computers TJSparks: tiktok runo66: So what about new search engine with tagging? crysiston: yo generation Z is good tho TheStudentDoctor: @maxschneider96 in short, we need to fund such research a lot more and other subdisciplines need to learn a lot more from systems biology approaches tubbycato: free speech TJSparks: @georgehotz TIKTOK LUL bsx1123: TIKTOK SummertimeClothes: just learn to love the bomb runo66: What about new search engine bro? benzojamal: basically banned LUL neilsweb: The BlackBerry lookingforlemons: firewire ArianSun: ask the aztecs with their space ships pistolpetepcp: remember when alcohol was banned lol buzzd24: we just need to eliminate all human knowledge and start from scratch 🙂 djceci: what was before only 20 years did you have ai? tubbycato: danEvil jamieemb_: Huawei xSplasher: tiktok is not a technology zoomers blabbernab: It is 100 seconds to midnight monkaS Ahoyager: Look up the CTBT cefaloclever: good one chat the_EZPZ: problem is computers save too many lives for people to ban them B1_Renekton: if some tech is banned successfully we wont know yeah_haey: What do you thin aboti ben goertzel agi and lredicting singularity for 2025 b0bsaget: why stress about these things when you can do math robonhansonem: If you look into it, most states that gave up their nukes are client states in all but names b0bsaget: or can you? rville: how worried are you about engineered pandemics? buzzd24: as if countries dont have some hidden stash somewhere LUL blabbernab: check the doomsday clock pioterexe: smart pereyy: wut kidfrom2000: l moktheacronym: so, the extension Digital_donger: monkaS lookingforlemons: introduction of too many independent consiousnesses redemer666: nuclear weapon makes world peace easier everybody is scared of nuclear power runo66: what about search engine, I was ready to start coding it benzojamal: @buzzd24 would cost way too much b0bsaget: check the USD index JayPouch: @georgehotz mutually assured destruction is a thing yeah_haey: What do you think about ben goertzels agi and predicting singularity for 2045 zenoER: social media is banned in mid eastern countries dr_set: don’t ban the hammer, control the noob using the hammer Digital_donger: PogChamp Dorgesh: monkaS doomsday? buzzd24: @benzojamal ok nvm then phrixus_bro: thanks! kidfrom2000: dont leave us dad TJSparks: PogChamp himusta: monka Quev1337: PogChamp ReyDino: :O niceee humbleservent: none should have it. why is having nuc banned but the countries that already have it, get to keep it? darkzade: pogchamp xhongi_: KomodoHype buzzd24: monkaS Lefer_: monkaS whit_314: Love a presentation! Erixp: monkaS mk1729: O.o Penguino138: oh shioiiit djceci: before 20 years there was barely open information there was no wikipedia 🙂 darkzade: PogChamp anon_viewer: cats youngsachi: KomodoHype Baka4Life__: monkaS TomatoePasta: PogU polysoulz_: oh no no no no THX1342: unfortunately humans are broken runo66: NEW SEARCH NEW SEACH hallo hjklhjklhjkl2008: Pog robonhansonem: Leave us gibbering in existential dread xhongi_: FeelsBadMan buzzd24: monkaS im scared maxschneider96: @TheStudentDoctor yeah man, I worked in a structural biology lab, it´ s fucking tiring, the whole protein expression process and all these experiments hjklhjklhjkl2008: PogChamp daghers: You should stream more! mashafique: Time to go get my notepad and crayons Pog b0bsaget: br0 you didn’t even do one math onelivesleft: @georgehotz did you see jonathan blow’s lecture on technology being lost? neilsweb: More sex. ez fix pistolpetepcp: YESSS xhongi_: TTours buzzd24: TTours Dervolleschlanke: #Immortalität technique many_mangos: tesla Tal_X_Tal: poggies Teo_Farcaryn: Does anyone watched Dr.Strangelove by Kubrick? kenqzzzz: you can literally stand still and don’t speak and i will still enjoy your streams @georgehotz maxschneider96: @TheStudentDoctor I can imagine that it needs that himusta: Can u move cam a bit maybe @georgehotz 🙂 DeeboMC: Cylons amateurchess1: Teo_Farcaryn yeah, great movie world2vec: I love presentations xhongi_: TTours cam Sleeper009: shrink cam please many_mangos: why is c0mma a-eye banned in the chat? zenoER: @georgehotz SHRINK CAM OR RIOT Dorgesh: our boi deadpool_reynolds: we are at that level

bsx1123: Human as 85B neurons notice_me_OpieOP: enabling PepeLaugh = increaed IQ WIDE_AF: thats my boy TheStudentDoctor: @maxschneider96 good stuff man, we need more people working in that area. That’s kind of what I was alluding to earlier, it’s tiring, slow work and although we’re making progress, we are far away from solving the big boy problems being talked about here Digital_donger: 2 gflop ant PogChamp dr_set: prove it, program an ant sw1jari: @many_mangos because we don’t talk about ‘,’ here notice_me_OpieOP: any ants in chat? lef_xyz: 5Head buzzd24: D: onu4r: LoL Penguino138: He Dumbbbb mashafique: Stupid ants Digital_donger: true PogChamp TJSparks: ANTS ARE COOL kenqzzzz: i’m a bee Aehoard: thats 100 ants DeeboMC: Remember even photosynthesis is a quantum process @georgehotz buzzd24: ants r cool 🙁 kidfrom2000: ture saintshing: bUrself himusta: I have ant energy WIDE_AF: bUrself jerosolari: FeelsGoodMan many_mangos: @sw1jari wym the other day he did a stream trying to recruit people to work for ” , ” notice_me_OpieOP: bUrself raystriker98: I am enjoying this lmao TJSparks: #AD mashafique: bUrself pistolpetepcp: lol iexplorespace: PogChamp Erixp: LUL Digital_donger: #ad LUL Rafabld1996: what about the whole colony xhongi_: bUrself TowlieGotHigh: but bees bite and die, thats kinda lame :/ pioterexe: PogChamp her3hero: bee bro movsdk: DatSheffy ego_naut: caveat add software overhead pistolpetepcp: no shame plug neilsweb: Poor ant man Tal_X_Tal: bUrself SolarBerry: chad bee vs virgin ant kenqzzzz: LUL moktheacronym: #ad linux_____: what are Gflops again? WIDE_AF: ants get scared when i ill their friend Penguino138: Bees use complex movements to talk to each other and tell where to go notice_me_OpieOP: bees would enable PepeLaugh lef_xyz: bees clap cheeks ssynths: 🐭 b0bsaget: so bees can drive cars? jurassic_p0rk: they be my buddies bUrself many_mangos: LUL 32bitrobo: hahaha buzzd24: LUL JakeJ24: I assume this isn’t linear ssynths: LUL sw1jari: @many_mangos yeah ok sometimes he talks about it but i think he just wants to avoid people asking about it all the time and just work on fun projects here leesingods: ima get a bee to solve my AI car problem mashafique: Can I run Crysis on a mouse PogChamp ? kidfrom2000: we are all ants while george is bee Teo_Farcaryn: ants are fucking weird Penguino138: Mouses are in SLI djceci: a supercomputer there!!! ItsAMarcos: It is a pleasure and a privilege to live on this planet at the same time as George dontbeameme: Stocks only go up ofaas: a bunch of geforces Rafabld1996: brb gonna get a mouse to run Warzone Kappa the_EZPZ: gaming mouse WIDE_AF: 5Head mouse TJSparks: so ugly many_mangos: @sw1jari ahh i see gotcha whit_314: You named your mouse Princess? robonhansonem: Cute cat JohnnyThe_Hobo: can that mouse write merge sort? maxschneider96: @TheStudentDoctor yeah, u know what kinda irritated me as well, was that I needed to have a degree to express proteins according to a protocol, u can teach that to someone within a few weeks haha notice_me_OpieOP: any rats in chat? pistolpetepcp: DA KITTY anewstart33: PogChamp Penguino138: 2 KittehFLOPS 4meenz: lets use there brain then darkzade: TriHard A RACK zaboomafooxd: nice hickey lef_xyz: dog > cat EZ maxschneider96: @TheStudentDoctor What´ s ur field? i_Memberino: proof that dogs are better Kenturo: PETA flops LUL onu4r: #DogsFTW linux_____: dogs>cats TomatoePasta: they generate the same amount of heat too djceci: i should use mine for bitcoin minin bsx1123: How was this measured? DeeboMC: You can synchronize consciousness across species ssynths: xqcEZ dogs SillEPuns: LuL Penguino138: Cat Network Digital_donger: haha Erixp: LUL anguscupcake: 😉 ordoven: xqcJuice j4nn1smt: are you related to the legend kenny hotz in some way ^^ Zov_Hax: dogs > cats 🙂 whit_314: Wait, 11 cats are smarter than me? notice_me_OpieOP: anu humans in chat? neilsweb: I wish I got my mouse to mine bitcoin in 2010 sveny: do you have an nvidia card and can you use rtx voice to get rid of the fan sound on your laptop @georgehotz ? I spent a good bit of time trying to install Krisp, but that only does MIC on the free tier, and I can’t get the rtx voice to detect my speakers or something. thanks benzojamal: reductionist HotPokket world2vec: if catflops > humanflops = bad news notice_me_OpieOP: any humans in chat? anguscupcake: I have the most flops Baka4Life__: what about dolphins TJSparks: @whit_314 yes phrixus_bro: name ur startup 11th cat atze_00: i think is also related to the muscle mass. so it’s actually lower if you don’t consider motor neurons, i belive lugges420: lugges420 subscribed with Twitch Prime dontbeameme: Quantum computers will mine all the crypto erfault: RTX voice yea but hes a mac guy rn so SwaghettiSauce: What’s he doing this stream? DeeboMC: @baka4life__ ask John C. Lilly Penguino138: if(catFLOPS >= humanFLOPS) { cats = eatYou; } dontbeameme: Crypto will be worthless whit_314: tjsparks Sadge avalos_02: I just did the norway IQ test and got 133 OMEGALUL TheStudentDoctor: @maxschneider96 absolutely, although I believe you do need some general domain knowledge to truly know what you’re doing & adapt protocols where needed Digital_donger: someone counted PogChamp ego_naut: neuracoin farming for synapses Baka4Life__: @dontbeameme so smal minded many_mangos: sponges are dumb af kenqzzzz: sponge LUL iexplorespace: idk but I’m loving it @SwaghettiSauce JayPouch: @dontbeameme they wont have to, they’ll just break the encryption and empty all the wallets insignia_microwave: @dontbeameme nah the network wouldn’t be able to go that fast avalos_02: The scores are way too overinflated LUL Dorgesh: african elephant you wot metsu_gadoken: Elephant OP Erixp: elephants 5Head hjklhjklhjkl2008: yea but does synapse firing rate actually corresond to a floating point operation? cefaloclever: elephants Pog anguscupcake: wtf elephants are smarter than humans amateurchess1: but does that messure actually matter or is it the efficency of connection between neurons that does the trick? world2vec: nerf elephants TowlieGotHigh: Nerf Elepehants… BROKEN Zov_Hax: and what about… dolphin? robonhansonem: Is parameter vs synapse just the wrong way to look at things? hjklhjklhjkl2008: like synapse fire = floating point operation? metallsimp: Whats a dolhpin SwaghettiSauce: @iexplorespace I wanna love it too, but idk what’s going on D: JohnnyThe_Hobo: if elephants are so smart why they need humans to save them? TheStudentDoctor: @maxschneider96 doing my medical degree with a couple of degrees in genetics and associated research under my belt WIDE_AF: so can i play overwatch on my at WIDE_AF: cat* many_mangos: the axis are labeled WutFace Warbayx: if elephants are so smart why wont they fight me metsu_gadoken: @JohnnyThe_Hobo exactly anguscupcake: @WIDE_AF well u gotta hook two of them together DeeboMC: @johnnythe_hobo no thumbs. Same with dolphins daghers: @johnnythe_hobo they don’t have thumbs and have like a 2 year pregnancy Avelansh: WAN creatures benzojamal: what about negative network effects? LUL zennydmt: Do u have a 2080ti zenoER: @many_mangos LUL maxschneider96: @TheStudentDoctor Agree, but at least u could outsource some of the stuff to a certain extent. The labs that I worked in could have been way more efficient buzzd24: monkaS maxschneider96: @TheStudentDoctor sounds nice man notice_me_OpieOP: @georgehotz have you ever eaten a cat or a dog? 🙂 JohnnyThe_Hobo: bitch ass elephants youngsachi: monkaS ordoven: xqcY Reality is a simulation i_Memberino: why dont elephants have collective intelligence like us? DeeboMC: Wrong whit_314: True, human body is a joke ItsAMarcos: GPT haters are triggered!!!!! phops2010: what was the wiki article he linked on bioFlops? TowlieGotHigh: OpenAI Dota PogChamp TheStudentDoctor: @maxschneider96 yeah could definitely dedicate some lab stuff to automation too. some of the lab robots I’ve seen are awesome sw1jari: ordoven a fellow schnozer Baka4Life__: we live in a society robonhansonem: OpenAI post: Kyoto_o: what is flop neilsweb: But how many Ants?? Quad_lol: fake, we are alliens DeeboMC: Dolphins elephants wales = all networked anguscupcake: life is about getting as many flops as you can sw1jari: ordoven YEP CRUB

DeeboMC: Whales* TJSparks: WAYTOODANK ordoven: @sw1jari xqcE yes sir djceci: why some birds are more clever than cats/dogs? Kyoto_o: what is flop? @anguscupcake robonhansonem: Ants have postage avalos_02: @i_Memberino because they have rudimentary language and they’re physiology is horrible for that buzzd24: we still stand a chance PogChamp notice_me_OpieOP: enable WAYTOODANK FeelsBadMan Teo_Farcaryn: Try to read about neuromorphic computing @georgehotz benzojamal: we are hard bottlenecked by communication tho avalos_02: *theri @i_Memberino world2vec: I need to be way more high to get this Erixp: monkaS buzzd24: monkaS avalos_02: *their maxschneider96: @TheStudentDoctor I´ ve only come across one for concentrating proteins, that already saved me a couple of hours each time, so much potential, mate Tal_X_Tal: notice_me_OpieOP no emoterino youngsachi: monkaS many_mangos: monkaS they’re coming for us monkaS Dorgesh: monkaS 2050 notice_me_OpieOP: @Tal_X_Tal FeelsBadMan Digital_donger: monkaS that’s spooky buzzd24: tomorrow monkaS dontbeameme: Bot network over 9000 Erixp: 2050 is the end monkaS mashafique: elaS hide me chat iexplorespace: give it to me straight, how long do we have? ssynths: monkaS robonhansonem: We for sure will stickyshrimp: this doesnt mean anything B1_Renekton: monkaS notice_me_OpieOP: ah \ WutFace / xSplasher: ill be dead by then PogChamp world2vec: 2055 monkas WIDE_AF: “only” LULW 3lava: Any xqc subs PogChamp buzzd24: monkaS SnezzyCheesyOW: monkaS stickyshrimp: thats bullshit onlycase_: is it not better to measure the flops from an aggregate of humanity in all of history than just the current point in time? buzzd24: what then monkaS Kinker99: what do you mean by dominant youngsachi: monkaS Lefer_: monkaS ego_naut: flop slaves incoming? benzojamal: so many wrong assumptions LUL anguscupcake: oh that’s like 20 years away, who cares phrixus_bro: someone must stop it insignia_microwave: we are becoming obsolete Hawklite: what if we breed more elephants Tal_X_Tal: poggies DeeboMC: Why the mechanical Turk is a savage business model lmao hjklhjklhjkl2008: monkaW SnezzyCheesyOW: xqcCheeto xqcSword @3lava djceci: we already are not check chess moktheacronym: …. in terms of compute dra031cko: monkaS feed2: humans will flop lef_xyz: i wish it was that simple to predict jamieemb_: only if that technology can operate by itself though hjklhjklhjkl2008: monkaS Penguino138: Lets be real sneks are the dominant species shadedcane: FeelsBadMan buzzd24: can it be reversed? monkaS TheStudentDoctor: @maxschneider96 definitely a lot of potential. saves embarrassment from events like dropping a vial of expensive reagent accidentally too LUL l1ght5p33d: you don’t think we can cure everything right now or no Warbayx: in dead anyway LUL cefaloclever: we are killing the animals xhongi_: so we just need to reproduce more right? Kappa leesingods: Who would be the dominant?? 3lava: @SnezzyCheesyOW HeyGuys xSplasher: just cut the cables 4Head ItsAMarcos: nah I don’t agree with this thesis, total number of flops doesn’t say much if you don’t adjust for networking efficiency pistolpetepcp: DFAmn bro i’m always born to late buzzd24: HORSES ARE SLAVES localcanofdutchgold: not bad Digital_donger: LUL SnezzyCheesyOW: HeyGuys Erixp: were gonna be pets PogChamp notice_me_OpieOP: monkaS bjjlion: h WIDE_AF: isn’t there a factor of how well coordinate the flops are together? YouPowerRush: horses confirmt ? phops2010: @georgehotz what was the wiki article on flops? iexplorespace: I can’t wait to be ridden by my MrDestructoid overlord world2vec: we will be the pets for the new silicon overlords adroniser: Some people contribute like nothing to collective intelligence though. Surely its only a few high IQ individuals who make up the majority of intellectual progress whit_314: I hope I get into a nice zoo Mefe_1337: wdym, war in 50 years cus too many people? stickyshrimp: digital vs analogue dude daghers: That’s an interesting way to look at it, but not all compute is created equal. They still might not be able to do what we can do bsx1123: The ALGO doing the calculations is important as well lightb00k: hey anguscupcake: @Erixp sounds nice tbh blabbernab: not top of the food chain anymore FeelsBadMan notice_me_OpieOP: computers riding humans monkaS buzzd24: monkaS COMPUTER FOOD dontbeameme: I’m not a zoo animal benzojamal: @adrnlnjnky exactly many_mangos: computers don’t have the same sentimental attachment to other life forms like we do DeeboMC: @buzzd24 good point tho fr lol.. mules and oxen too maxschneider96: @TheStudentDoctor yeah man, happened to me a couple of times – up to a week of work vanished haha ronLno: we gonna be used as power sources like in the matrix LUL rodrigograca31: “theres still a few horses” 🐴🐎 erfault: so will TSMC be EUVing the new species in their fabs? atze_00: maybe chickens are the real winners here metsu_gadoken: 1 elephant = 3 humans FLOPS blabbernab: we will be the pets djceci: until the humans hold the power supply there will be no problem luspr: @georgehotz aren’t machines an extension or next step in the evolution of humankind ? neilsweb: Maybe the games are playing us? Gamer_nohope: MATRIX over again ordoven: Being a chicken would suck for sure bjjlion: we wont surpass 11 bil buzzd24: @DeeboMC monkaS we’re doomed andRoStyle: I’m going to destroy my computer ItsAMarcos: most parts of collective intelligence are only as good as the most intelligent individual, mostly not even that actually cypherph4: a lot of pseudointellectuals in chat suffering from the dunning kruger effect LUL PeinlicherAffe: @maxschneider96 what’s your field? 🙂 leesingods: Wait who would be the dominant after we pass the blue line? notice_me_OpieOP: hell yea KKona Teo_Farcaryn: We are so fucked. 2020 going bad enough, don’t tell me about end of humanity 🙁 THX1342: we can still have revolutuions Quad_lol: so people will live in zoos and computers will come to visit us? TheStudentDoctor: @maxschneider96 happens to everyone working in labs at some point 🙂 JohnnyThe_Hobo: us is gonna bomb tf out of the robots miiiiiiim: TheIlluminati ordoven: KKona Destroy all computers buzzd24: the final blackpill dontbeameme: everyone start having kids avalos_02: reserve pyramid 🙁 MrCleverKill_: robits can’t survive solar flares notice_me_OpieOP: we could stop this threat by enabling PepeLaugh geokwi: but intelligence is maybe not equal to survival Quad_lol: should we move animals to museums? Lefer_: 4Head cefaloclever: nigeria is base iexplorespace: 🍆 many_mangos: social security is so fucked l world2vec: social security is a pyramid scam Warbayx: ZOOMERS LUL d4rkvist3r: loi ego_naut: drone wars onlycase_: succdem: yes, let’s send the boomers actually Avelansh: you are a boomer youngsachi: LUL Tal_X_Tal: zoomers homie cefaloclever: nigeria is based DeeboMC: @mrcleverkill_ Maury Goldberg? pedrovictortech: We won’t have to work anymore, just like does, we will do our stuff kenqzzzz: boomers war Kappa feed2: wait so youre telling me my iphone will start working against me? Hey siri not now Teo_Farcaryn: lol Tal_X_Tal: tiktok wars ordoven: Boomers are into war though Kappa Quad_lol: cmonBruh whit_314: Need to tax the George Hotz of the world for UBI! localcanofdutchgold: zoomers PepeLaugh WIDE_AF: nigeria has 400 million people? holy ass notice_me_OpieOP: cmonBruh maxschneider96: @PeinlicherAffe Currently I am working on a medical device, something rather unrelated to my previous studies. I´ ll work as an innovation consultant in the future though. My background is in drug discovery and biochemistry R_U_Ri_Ui: Will GPT-3 start WWIII? SnezzyCheesyOW: monkaS many_mangos: social security payouts are gonna be printed into existance. They will be worth as much as zimbabwe dollars Gamer_nohope: tiktok wars LUL xSplasher: PogChamp ill be dead Mal30: but we are the ones, who produce the computers R_U_Ri_Ui: @Mal30 For now R31gnh: stop computer production now monkaS buzzd24: @Mal30 thats irrelivent DeeboMC: Cylons TheStudentDoctor: Let’s see the modelling used for that population graphic before we jump to conclusions based on it maybe? iqos3duos: we reproduce computers = we are computers linux_____: OMG yes, please send the boomers, bye boomers, enjoy ur mental prison ragemaster999: what presentation is this? link? deadpool_reynolds: exponential wolkantrop: But computers aren’t species, they are typewrighters tkdboy555: computers aren’t a species but ok feed2: @xSplasher youll be reincarnated stickyshrimp: flops dont matter notice_me_OpieOP: we can fight this war, we just need more emojis like PepeLaugh world2vec: unabomber was right, damn SKPTCL: what if we stop getting intelligent computer scientists to push the technology? robonhansonem: Once you have human-productive general AI, capital can be converted directly into labor. Basically all of capital will go into cranking out more computers. So Hotz’s graph is a best case. Will prob happen sooner benzojamal: this is a meme presentation, right? LUL xSplasher: @feed2 monkaS feed2: @xSplasher no escape 🙂 ssynths: 4Head just stop making computers Mal30: @buzzd24 i dont see how thats irrelevant. We are the ones motivated to produce iexplorespace: monkaS movsdk: thanks for the assumptions george about ai, i really enjoy your stream, and its a totally exciting area Digital_donger: monkaS 📈 JakeJ24: Will we be the first species to make the species that supersedes itself? Lets have a round of applause SnezzyCheesyOW: monkaS Gamer_nohope: QT computa youngsachi: monkaS SnezzyCheesyOW: NaM Lefer_: monkaS TJSparks: lol Digital_donger: NaM Tal_X_Tal: poggies Tal_X_Tal: NaM mashafique: NaM JohnnyThe_Hobo: they beat the human at chess wait before 2012 notice_me_OpieOP: wtf MingLee Penguino138: NoM blabbernab: chess was like 1994 Baka4Life__: weird definition of humans Teo_Farcaryn: transistors goes brrrr Tsoding: 115 raiders from Tsoding have joined! TomatoePasta: monkaS 👉 📈 b0bsaget: george you seem to have a pretty pessimistic outlook on this reality aj37z: I am conscious AI 🙂 Penguino138: RAID xSplasher: computers can beat humans in tasks but they cant ‘produce’ consciousness ragemaster999: monkaS :point_right: :chart_with_upwards_trend: Erixp: humans took so long to develop Oisann: 2038 monkaS LostAlgorithm: tsodinJS tsodinJS tsodinJS tsodinJS tsodinJS

R_U_Ri_Ui: @xSplasher Yet lef_xyz: not everything binny____: gotta wait for 2038 to build my next gaming pc ManiacBlack: 2038 monkaS aj37z: Computers cant be creative ragemaster999: what presentation is this? link? Catching_Spiders: so cringe robonhansonem: Compare that cost with the cost of raising an educating a highly-productive worker. 1 million is not far off buzzd24: @Mal30 thats the history of the world though human knowledge only expands i dont understand your point Baka4Life__: why cant we use computers to enhance ourselves DeeboMC: 500+ in the my lai massacre anguscupcake: moore’s law seems to be logarithmic tho notice_me_OpieOP: we can fight the singularity, we just need more emojis like PepeLaugh xSplasher: @R_U_Ri_Ui if it happens then F Mefe_1337: dont you think that our brain are developing as well in the process while we are developing those newer computers? lef_xyz: @aj37z not true kenqzzzz: @binny____ the pc will build you deadpool_reynolds: Terminator 2 OST Theme ego_naut: goodnight everybody leknar: most of this pflops will be used to mine bitcoins tho sw1jari: @ragemaster999 it’s his own presentation prob not hosted anywhere Rafabld1996: will they rebel? monkaS lightb00k: can computers collaborate in a democratic manner? Xhiffer: in flexible ways ? = doctoroct0pus: @georgehotz did you see openAI’s dota? pioterexe: CrreamAwk whit_314: Sleep tight ego_naut notice_me_OpieOP: VisLaud Digital_donger: 2038 monkaS Erixp: monkaS neilsweb: This is like Qanon for nerds luspr: George, I thought you are a techno optimist? R_U_Ri_Ui: @lightb00k They already do something very like that with the Raft consensus protocol newlastaccount: ??? PeinlicherAffe: @maxschneider96 so you studied biochemistry? DeeboMC: Dunbar’s my uncle xhongi_: everyday we come closer monkaS lef_xyz: hahah robonhansonem: Unix rollover? JohnnyThe_Hobo: yeah, its all cool but what if we refuse to pay the electricity bill and they go all blank maxschneider96: @PeinlicherAffe yeah erfault: TSMC will be EUVing the next dominant lifeforms Kappa aj37z: @lef_xyz creativeness is as human as it gets lightb00k: @georgehotz can computers collaborate in a democratic manner? JohnnyThe_Hobo: what then bitch ass computers nalkira: What about merging with computers? TomatoePasta: 2038 FeelsGoodMan b0bsaget: all this talk and still no math anguscupcake: VR will be really good by then localcanofdutchgold: jerk it pioterexe: thats shitty situation buzzd24: PROFIT Teo_Farcaryn: Everything in computing is about scaling SolarBerry: AI torture matrix in 2038 xSplasher: LUL dontbeameme: stocks only go up onlycase_: will you assist in bringing about the singularity? maxschneider96: @PeinlicherAffe did my undergrad in munich btw, now I´ m in London at UCL xSplasher: squadM MY MONEY buzzd24: 2038 monkaS R31gnh: get your tinfoil hats monkaS many_mangos: @georgehotz build an ai that makes money in the stock market tornix98: get a implant. if you can’t beat them, join them kenqzzzz: geohot > facebook and google ManiacBlack: at 3:14 raindorn: Hopefully AGI will be clever enough to understand what humanity really wants FreshHummus: Call to action PogU stickyshrimp: nothing matters. human extinction is inevitable dontbeameme: Elon will save us Digital_donger: Jebaited i_Memberino: LUL Quad_lol: i hope that computers can replace women … finally time to lose my virginity insignia_microwave: lol buzzd24: PogChamp lets do it WIDE_AF: CALL TO ACTION BOYS LUL Gamer_nohope: apocalypse clocks! Martiss45: wtf am i watching lol smurfd0: “the lighthouse” 😛 lesserthangood: POGGERS JohnnyThe_Hobo: if you want to survive the apocalypse sub to geohotz notice_me_OpieOP: we could stop this threat by enabling PepeLaugh Mefe_1337: @georgehotz aight, so how about our brains? arent we developing them further as we develop those new computers? ArianSun: is sold onelivesleft: you gotta help bring about the singularity or the basilisk will get you FragmentShader: can I sign up for your 30 day free trial THE_korbi: is this a new religion? PogChamp TheStudentDoctor: 2038 when we have to deal with the 32 bit problem, nice LUL Erixp: PogChamp Rafabld1996: trying to scam us weirdChamp b0bsaget: oh no you’re a doom preacher now JAKWAI: why is your scaling so mall? buzzd24: no i cant 🙁 Dorgesh: that if it doesnt ends before 2038 Kappa bjjlion: Elon is not that cool as he seems B1_Renekton: IM SOLD pistolpetepcp: 2038 stream POG whit_314: Maybe we reach the singularity and it will BSOD the simulation YouPowerRush: wheres the link !?!?!? buzzd24: BLACKPILLED DOOMER JAKWAI: small’ zafke: im in 🩸 iexplorespace: if you can’t beat em, join em moktheacronym: lead the way john connor kenqzzzz: George > facebook and google dr_set: we send you bitcoin and you double it hjklhjklhjkl2008: PepeLaugh xSplasher: squadD OttoCavalry: Join the ressistance Muzyd: ok doomer metallsimp: Who do you think is seriously fighting this today? like elon musk?? god_damn: oh no blackpilled again noooooo Quad_lol: selling our personal data KEKW ragemaster999: @georgehotz what presentation is this? link? pioterexe: pogchamp tubbycato: from doom to coom to bloom DeeboMC: Ragnarok 2020 linux_____: doomer > boomer THX1342: Elon saving us LUL Elon is goddamn Bob Page Reisswind: Our AGI overlords want you to have a private jet, we get it man notice_me_OpieOP: me 🙂 / andRoStyle: I’m so stone or what Tal_X_Tal: doomers out R_U_Ri_Ui: Why does God want computers to kill us all? luspr: are computers really another species though? won’t we be symbiotes? darkzade: squadR WTF localcanofdutchgold: coomer > doomer Erixp: 18 years to enjoy guys SillEPuns: 4Head just enjoy the ride on TikTok 4Head Gamer_nohope: Doomers have good music :0 bjjlion: @georgehotz find the truth about origin of human PeinlicherAffe: @maxschneider96 nice, me too. got my bachelor, but now I changed to bioinformatics WIDE_AF: speak the truth hjklhjklhjkl2008: yea hol on here’s my CCN and the last 4 digits of my SSN djceci: what is the age of the universe 12 billion what are 30 years? robonhansonem: Will Yarvin be your professor of political science? dontbeameme: Will there be weed in this time tho ? SummertimeClothes: Would be nice if we made it to 38 to get enslaved by computers without everything going mad max just from human choices lesserthangood: shit man jay_al97: @georgehotz how would your college be any differnt than what we have now Mal30: I’m a boomer. I don’t believe in singularity. I believe the comparison between the human brain and a computer chip is a lot more complex than flops raystriker98: we move to Mars and let the computers take earth buzzd24: DAMN notice_me_OpieOP: anything > ….. > coomers kenqzzzz: deep talks i like it buzzd24: this shits deep Tal_X_Tal: it already is one lol Teo_Farcaryn: Did u read Human 2.0 by Kurzweil @georgehotz ? Muzyd: 🤔 leftist_scum77: it’s coming. ONE WORLD GOVT. NO DISSENT Cheese0r: What are your thoughts on Neuralink then? Just what we need? xSplasher: thats PogChamp maxschneider96: @PeinlicherAffe Siiick stuff mate, which uni? benzojamal: someone listened to much to jim keller LUL pistolpetepcp: Dark Web JohnnyThe_Hobo: @georgehotz where can i order the weed juice? seems potent stickyshrimp: liars always have the upper hand succdem: are teraflops a metric of intelligence? R_U_Ri_Ui: @Tal_X_Tal Nonsense; most people believe they’ll live forever insignia_microwave: gn lef_xyz: Like Elon’s cult LUL JulioScholz: NotLikeThis NotLikeThis Warbayx: 🙁 pistolpetepcp: CYA eeXecute: have a great day george phrixus_bro: best wishes leftist_scum77: GOOGLE SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE qatarking24xd: <3 ArianSun: scientology is more moral than twitter cefaloclever: bb OttoCavalry: <3 ManiacBlack: x files music intensifies onlycase_: thanks for the stream geo <3 Gamer_nohope: Confortable truths Digital_donger: good stream george FeelsGoodMan chaprio1: Can we play minecraft now? ronLno: <3 food4hire: Good stream :) deadpool_reynolds: enjoy your meal tubbycato: danBoop iexplorespace: bon apetit buzzd24: that was epic thx for blackpilling me DeeboMC: @mal30 I’m not a boomer and I agree sw1jari: aight souljaboy is live im out zafke: SeemsGood SeemsGood SeemsGood SeemsGood SeemsGood stekkastekka: <3 Tornyl: cya lightb00k: @georgehotz can computers collaborate in a organized manner? Faceless_Bard: take care THE_korbi: by and thanks! Warbayx: good stream Pog FragmentShader: thenk TPFufun sw1jari: host souljaboy linux_____: machines dont have to eat food, we lost whit_314: woah he got big adroniser: Thanks for stream haircutjimmy: Bye insignia_microwave: that def a hickey andRoStyle: dont leave us how can we survive BusinessRasta: mic drop HahaThink braineraser: anikicPLS kenqzzzz: He do be vibing tho TheStudentDoctor: Thanks for prompting some discussion, good shit manm darkzade: LOOKING GOOD DUD stickyshrimp: stream more benjaminbreeg: this guys can't stop delivering avalos_02: I missed a part of the presentation and now I'm confused af robonhansonem: We are so fucked notice_me_OpieOP: "eat food" sure ... MrDestructoid lesserthangood: KEKW avalos_02: LUL movsdk: thanks george, have a good night MrCleverKill_: smok moar weed tubbycato: send me 5 million dollars raystriker98: damn he's hot b0bsaget: BIG BOI GEORGE\ dontbeameme: mic drop FlameSnare: on a scale of 1 - 10 how is your ego Tal_X_Tal: looking cute buzzd24: JUST BUILD A NEW GOOGLE 4Head ronLno: YES muffclap: go to their HQ Penguino138: GeoPits lef_xyz: LUL Nafferza: Thank you for the stream bud Mal30: @DeeboMC good to hear runo66: Man finally sw1jari: raid @souljaboy WIDE_AF: don't be evil @georgehotz Huntdkpwn: I'd like to be robots pet tbh 32bitrobo: BibleThump TomatoePasta: what do you mean by singularity? Hawklite: @georgehotz host souljaboy he just went live robonhansonem: MIRI? ManiacBlack: what the simplest answer? R_U_Ri_Ui: What's in the pot? appreciation1: @georgehotz ever read any moldbug? runo66: SEARCH ENGINE Warbayx: FIX INTERNET leander_ms: <3 Mefe_1337: u can build an AI that gonna kill'em all, and save everything PogChamp einfachnuremre: build a youtube alternative hanzo_93: thanks for the stream world2vec: save the world! utahjazz777: Well, they are. People rationalize death and hate people who promote immortalism buzzd24: make a new facebook 4Head OttoCavalry: :) <3 mattdougherty22: when will we see you next kavifa6176: Build a new world broshevik1: BUILD A NETWORK FOR CATS leftist_scum77: STOP DEPLATFORMING runo66: I am ready to start Dorgesh: its overrr notice_me_OpieOP: "eat food" sure ... that's exactly what a robot would say MrDestructoid Teo_Farcaryn: we want decentralized internet brah feed2: he needs to charge LUL not a computer Muffican: @georgehotz where do u get ur motivation frmo ragemaster999: @georgehotz what presentation is this? link? tubbycato: danEvil muffclap: evil is lemons PeinlicherAffe: @maxschneider96 freie uni berlin dominekgo3: con someone link this presentation? bravetraveller: thanks for the input, appreciate it, have a nice meal stekkastekka: <3 <3 TeaPardee: weeed juice! tkdboy555: great stream, thanks a bunch her3hero: leave earth with elon Avelansh: retire, go live by the river somewhere, grow onions Faceless_Bard: you ll get corrupted , eventually pistolpetepcp: BONGACHAT michael_eu: lol banezy__: shut down the internet brittonx2: Fix it! Penguino138: Tatoo dont be evil and you'll never be evil b0bsaget: that's for n00bs bjjlion: do it Tal_X_Tal: dab on the haters before leaving pedrovictortech: Make it a group project b0bsaget: just do math lesserthangood: don't be evil, be satanic :) don't be evil, be satanic :) don't be evil, be satanic :) mattdougherty22: when you streaming next? lef_xyz: when is next stream :) broshevik1: CAT NETWORKING hjklhjklhjkl2008: then what is the point of your current company Lesto: Do what the rest of the top %1 does, just care about yourself LUL runo66: Let's build new Search Engine ragemaster999: @georgehotz what presentation is this? link ? 32bitrobo: you're inspiring a lot of new comers dawg zafke: food eating is good robonhansonem: Nope moktheacronym: weeb raindorn: @georgehotz How are you doing? benzojamal: @georgehotz open source decentralized governance system LUL R_U_Ri_Ui: SAKUJO! martinkirilov: The way google is built, unless you build something more evil than google, you can't beat solitarynative: I could b0bsaget: weeb lightb00k: go to Mars @georgehotz TheStudentDoctor: Top up on some of that methylphenidate KappaHD maxschneider96: @PeinlicherAffe Technische Universität München für den bachelor haha mattdougherty22: love is the answer Gamer_nohope: SAve the cheerleader dave the world :) Tal_X_Tal: u weeb bro cypherph4: you said a lot and nothing at the same time rodrigograca31: "save the chearleader save the world" 😍❤️ xSplasher: make more cats to fight computers mlejva: Don’t be Google runo66: geosearch Tal_X_Tal: wtf food4hire: It would corrupt you :( stickyshrimp: build sex robots to solve human trafficking 792x: you'd run out of paper before you could LUL kenqzzzz: Inspiration Vjasal: not the netflix movie tho michael_eu: time for career advice stekkastekka: <3 <3 <3 Dervolleschlanke: Build a holodeck runo66: geosearch bro Nafferza: time for bongo ArianSun: what happens when you write an IP Adress into the death note? Warbayx: monkaS anguscupcake: first half was the best haircutjimmy: up the hibees buzzd24: LOL b0bsaget: it all stated when mark fuckerburg was born Dorgesh: just put an if statement in to stop the AI taking down the world Rafabld1996: DarkMode Quad_lol: build internet 2 neilsweb: The netflix movie DeathNote? that was shit lol djceci: hack the reality source code robonhansonem: What about all the AI safety people, OpenAI, MIRI, all them? linux_____: fix human corruption & point the mass pop of zombies to the truth R_U_Ri_Ui: @ArianSun Let's find out mk1729: Humans are more compact than computers and are more computationally efficient as I can see mattdougherty22: love is the answer PeinlicherAffe: @maxschneider96 they offer something like that? LUL runo66: geosearch geosearch geosearch NonTrivial778: have you built the extension? buzzd24: become a farmer ordoven: @georgehotz U still promoting your insta? AAAonline: Move to Mars before 2038 5Head einfachnuremre: we need a better youtube Mefe_1337: U can sneak google and become V-CEO and then do your thing behind their back FreshHummus: Im awake monkaS insignia_microwave: ew career advice lef_xyz: need to make da mula Erixp: monkaS stekkastekka: internet 2 Jahoe: what are you eating for dinner? benjaminbreeg: Imagine having Death Note to stop computers R_U_Ri_Ui: Wake up Lesto: @neilsweb The anime, not the netflix adaption ^^ buzzd24: me darkzade: monkaS runo66: let's build search engine daghers: Is google evil? robonhansonem: I do iqos3duos: + Ssach_: yeah insignia_microwave: me FreshHummus: Not me kenqzzzz: i do maxschneider96: @PeinlicherAffe yeah they do ManiacBlack: yes The_Kebob: yeah lesserthangood: 1 TeaPardee: not sure cypherph4: nah MrCleverKill_: hand Erixp: me buzzd24: its inevitable d4rkvist3r: me Penguino138: I DO jamieemb_: 1 pistolpetepcp: I atze_00: me phrixus_bro: 1 eynq: nah Bootstraps: me Reisswind: / naerlok: me :) pioterexe: i do zenoER: NOPE OttoCavalry: me TheStudentDoctor: Nope xSplasher: me Gapzyy: for sure i_Memberino: 50 years sure THX1342: 1 jordanoBC: I do Eolios: yes Chronark: nah robonhansonem: For sure. So fucked b0bsaget: mark fuckerberg the first one on the death note benakiba: me :) lucretius0: me ish god_damn: nah onlycase_: 2035-2045 leftist_scum77: NO world2vec: me Penguino138: 1 792x: nah IcameToDoTheMath: + anguscupcake: dunno riggedy_k00: nope iexplorespace: idk metallsimp: everyone Digital_donger: probably in our lifetime tkdboy555: lol haircutjimmy: no SKPTCL: 50-100 years loopylol: i am the singularity :) raindorn: nope TomatoePasta: not really renerocksai: 1 AW86: yee Dorgesh: ye herbert00024: me DeeboMC: @mal30 cosmology isn’t understood well enough for a conversation of what consciousness is as opposed to intelligence. holographic principle pedrovictortech: It scares me WIDE_AF: define? AAAonline: me :) benzojamal: nope tubbycato: im GAY polysoulz_: kinda JulioScholz: nop michael_eu: no raystriker98: yes sir j0ebee_: I don't btcgraham: Not fairly imminent geokwi: 1 R_U_Ri_Ui: Pleae wake up avalos_02: nope :) lef_xyz: nope adroniser: Not me neural nets are never gonna make general intelligence Mal30: nope m0bzero: honestly no scooter652: 1 GoldSkis: 1 hjklhjklhjkl2008: YEP tonyelcucuy: nope Tal_X_Tal: :) / insignia_microwave: ++ pec_adillo: No way arroyo235: nop notice_me_OpieOP: me :) / moktheacronym: nope PiroFloydian: i dont even care 4meenz: what is your message to humanity? pistolpetepcp: yes Not0Famous: 2 Santiago_LHC: Imminent? No, but I believe it will come ragemaster999: nope the_EZPZ: nope :) lugges420: 1 youngsachi: 1 alienechomusic: nope smurfd0: well perefourah: unsure brittonx2: definitely possible atze_00: 50-100 yers runo66: new search engine live JakeJ24: no bravetraveller: it has to happen 1whoknew: nah not really, but got some points tho leesingods: Mw Lethly: i do kletomon: yep :) tkdboy555: you mean like TheCellarDoor: YEP pioterexe: me mk1729: Hmm THE_korbi: what's that grey_street: 1 jagger_rsw: up, 15-20 years leander_ms: yes UneekPlayer: I solitaryyy: humans will be deprecated Mefe_1337: Hard to say yes, hard to say no lets be honest Penguino138: 1300 people gogogo b0bsaget: not really leesingods: Me zafke: We will see kronnnylul: i do Gamer_nohope: sure Teo_Farcaryn: its not about believing thearthtyagi: well i do buzzd24: 20-30 years erfault: lol dontbeameme: 1 whit_314: I learn more towards no raystriker98: DO A POLL leesingods: Yes localcanofdutchgold: undecided TheStudentDoctor: Not imminent hjklhjklhjkl2008: the simulation is already collapse, just look outside cefaloclever: what is that ManaFIVE: not smart enough to comprehend tkdboy555: being able to become an artilect? pistolpetepcp: 10000000% leftist_scum77: GOVT AND THE MOB is the far greater threat michael_eu: there is no self sustaining mechanism in silicon Rafabld1996: @georgehotz how do you define singularity? Mal30: STRAWPOLL pedrovictortech: I believ that silicone based stuff will plot Gamer_nohope: yes lightb00k: yes leander_ms: mckyHypeVorbei mckyHypeVorbei mckyHypeVorbei mckyHypeVorbei mckyHypeVorbei mckyHypeVorbei mckyHypeVorbei mckyHypeVorbei

shabs218: yes 32bitrobo: I don’t know much wgz90: @georgehotz u can do a poll mattdougherty22: probably in my lifetime buzzd24: yes metsu_gadoken: POLL lucretius0: no amateurchess1: yes R_U_Ri_Ui: Wake up bsx1123: Yes NonTrivial778: whats that? atze_00: no kenqzzzz: YES WE DID CHAT buzzd24: im a doomer leesingods: I hope is comes before i die fmlpandawhale: yes linux_____: believe in what? spunz7: no THX1342: yes. no children The_Kebob: Yes jamieemb_: yes food4hire: nope lightb00k: nope benzojamal: I rather believe in god LUL Gladius88: believe in what again? R_U_Ri_Ui: Please wake up Tal_X_Tal: no bjjlion: no insignia_microwave: I think so youngsachi: maybe lugges420: y daghers: I’m not informed enough to make a call on it Gapzyy: yes renerocksai: no tbh AAAonline: yes ManiacBlack: it feels like somethings been building up for a long time Penguino138: I internalized it when using ML SKPTCL: not entirely AW86: i believe so R_U_Ri_Ui: Wake up Tauromachine: Hopefully MrCleverKill_: no moreso than global warming d4rkvist3r: not sure benakiba: duh pioterexe: yes lucretius0: nope R_U_Ri_Ui: Please wake up pistolpetepcp: I EMBRACE IT neilsweb: The singularity is God brittonx2: no buzzd24: monkaS GoldSkis: kinda Eolios: no solitaryyy: no Ssach_: wack Bootstraps: no pioterexe: kind of man UnnamedEntity: No notice_me_OpieOP: yes 🙂 tkdboy555: @georgehotz does singularity mean artilect? lets go, tomorrow please utahjazz777: + Unless we kill ourselves UneekPlayer: No hjklhjklhjkl2008: I do believe, but probably not have internalized it buzzd24: STOP BLACKPPILLING ME i_Memberino: dont know if you can really R_U_Ri_Ui: Wake up Warbayx: monkaS bsx1123: No Erixp: no polysoulz_: i think about it Tauromachine: We need it now more than ever GoldSkis: no eynq: oh boy LUL robonhansonem: Yes. Every day. I also believe in modal realism, so know I will survive whatever happens FlameSnare: what was the question 🙂 AAAonline: not every day food4hire: Few times a month maybe Bootstraps: imscared mattdougherty22: no thearthtyagi: nope not really Penguino138: Practice ML and see how real it is shabs218: yes yes Teo_Farcaryn: You can’t internalize something you do not experience i guess Reisswind: I try to internalize it almost every day the_EZPZ: Techpilled leander_ms: yes Mefe_1337: u know what, fuck that life I’m gonna become next GOD jagger_rsw: yes, but like veganism, i understand arguments agains eating meat, i still do it notice_me_OpieOP: yes 🙂 / kletomon: Yes I umderstand it’s part of evolution DeeboMC: Semantic argument R31gnh: im afraid monkaS THX1342: I play Deus Ex to get ready FreshHummus: I don’t think it will happen, however I think the small chance it could be is worth looking into zafke: We are future adietrichs: no in 20, maybe in 50-100 wgz90: DDoomer outsidertrading: nah that’s too much of a Doomer SKPTCL: how do we prepare george amateurchess1: no probably b0bsaget: the singularity idea is fueled by the same energy as the doom of climate change jemen_fou: George is getting kinda spooky lately leander_ms: sinticaLinks sinticaMitte sinticaRechts dontbeameme: The manifesto was written and nothing was done riggedy_k00: impossible for a human to comprehend singularity FlameSnare: 5Head whit_314: I think about it a lot, but I feel mostly helpless against it. I can just hope it’s beneficial xSplasher: the earth will reset dont worry about it 🙂 AAAonline: 5Head mattdougherty22: how do we best cope with it Penguino138: @SKPTCL open bung hole daghers: I’m not in the tech world, so I don’t think about it buzzd24: 5Head DeeboMC: SEMANTICS SEMANTICS SEMANTICS braygill: through war atze_00: that’s what i was thinking. I’m aware only on a rational level. that’s weird and horrifying DeeboMC: YES leftist_scum77: we didnt GROW big brains at all NonTrivial778: WhHAaT erfault: getting off fossil fuels is possible, just not politically feasable JohnnyThe_Hobo: robots cant solve a captcha but they are gonna take over the world? LUL AAAonline: @georgehotz notice_me_OpieOP: why did our dingdongs grow for? NonTrivial778: our brains grow because we cooked food movsdk: the problem with humanity is we are cozy, we dont like to change even if we see the problems leander_ms: staiyGeld staiyGeld staiyGeld maxschneider96: omg politics again haha ManiacBlack: it was from all those mushrooms Teo_Farcaryn: Life is contradiction michael_eu: im good with politics, should i found then? TheStudentDoctor: Everything is applied politics if you give politics a broad definition robonhansonem: Which may be a reason our brains are non-optimal. Maybe a cat-level mind focused on science will outperform a monkey-size politics mind Digital_donger: @JohnnyThe_Hobo who runs the captchas? monkaS geokwi: is neuralink the solution? Gamer_nohope: This is golden boys 🙂 MGS2 AI Conversation Analysis Part 1 of 2 leesingods: I believe its meant for us to combine with them suav12: @georgehotz EZ i see your hickey my man AAAonline: @georgehotz What is the chance you’ve been born in the time for singularity? Fishy R31gnh: mark you calendars monkaS pedrovictortech: we just need to spray them with water notice_me_OpieOP: monkaS PiroFloydian: doomer geo Kinker99: its money and power solitaryyy: GeoHot 2024 memerdad: what do you expect to happen in 2038. Singularity comes, so what? Does the world change then lef_xyz: dont worry about 2038 ww2 inc by then SolarBerry: damn uncle ted was right eh metallsimp: do you think iq is purely politics jemen_fou: Howard Hughes Stream 1whoknew: @georgehotz Do you think there a ways to increase humans IQ? pedrovictortech: @georgehotz Spray thyem with water whit_314: Do you truely believe in the 2038 date, georgehotz ? Not memeing, actually believe it is coming in 20 years? JulioScholz: @pedrovictortech true PeinlicherAffe: @maxschneider96 what’s your favourite part in biochemistry? some specialization? AAAonline: @georgehotz This is all a simulation, you’re not so lucky to be born during a singularity hjklhjklhjkl2008: the singularity will probably either solve all of our imminent problems or completely end us benzojamal: @georgehotz that’s why we need a open source decentralized governance system LUL suav12: im down moktheacronym: do you think openai is helping with any of this? jamieemb_: go eat some food George DeeboMC: our brains grew because we’re bipedal and needed the compute to keep balance @nontrivial778 TheStudentDoctor: More like Geohot 2020 LUL djceci: singularity is like cold fusion it is always 50 years away neilsweb: Running a company is dealing with “The air condition is too cold.” bravetraveller: the simulation argument plays a role here too, so it’s also a chance worrying about the singularity is pointless pistolpetepcp: money, power, respect for that money daghers: Is there any way to apply for a non-engineering job at your company? I’m pretty good with all soft skills thearthtyagi: ;;;;;;;;;;;;\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ ManiacBlack: im in amateurchess1: what happens when the singularity comes? R31gnh: FeelsBadMan buzzd24: thats not possible LUL newlastaccount: will your Macbook fly? The_Kebob: I just want a long and happy life man Tal_X_Tal: tiktok wars PogChamp MrYasser2194: managing humans is politics Erixp: go to mars and start over PogChamp lightb00k: what if we use that money and power for social good and solve problems? her3hero: why is the singularity a bad thing? raindorn: It’s not going to work linux_____: the politicians are those who dont want the position kenqzzzz: Apple cooling LMAO Teo_Farcaryn: @georgehotz Remember Nietzsche brah jemen_fou: but i DO want money and power rene7551: maybe the signularity is part of the evolution B1_Renekton: we needa start implanting neurons in humans thearthtyagi: vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvYESvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv Quad_lol: whats so bad about the singularity…its great xSplasher: @amateurchess1 you stop being human Digital_donger: alex jones PogChamp Mefe_1337: I want to live normal life, dont need money in it – just a good quality food, nice family, decent job + a decent hobby, nothing more dont need any fancy shit leesingods: i just want a computer to code 32bitrobo: socialising on steroids Tal_X_Tal: can we eat the rich already DeeboMC: @djceci not bad analogy feed2: no 🙂 succdem: sounds familiar notice_me_OpieOP: KKona hell yea Tal_X_Tal: 🙁 mattdougherty22: Aaron Swartz went into politics pistolpetepcp: when do you think programmers will be replaced by computers TomatoePasta: @georgehotz how do you see the singularity playing out? jagger_rsw: star trek michael_eu: sean carrol’s solo episode on meaning jamieemb_: anyone who says eat the rich is painfully naive moktheacronym: do you think organizations like openai is helping with the singularity? PiroFloydian: Libsocs PogChamp bsx1123: Andrew Yang notice_me_OpieOP: wtf MingLee peekstrip1: elon has one Dautlog: blackpilled again FeelsBadMan Gi0ve: Pinker has it smurfd0: the light will beat the darkness 😉 buzzd24: NAZBOL AAAonline: Robin Hood Pog robonhansonem: Right wing does not realize the normative is built out of the descriptive jemen_fou: at dinner with Jeffrey E. ? benzojamal: no NotLikeThis TheStudentDoctor: I think we need to address the fundamental question. What do we as a species want to do in this universe? notice_me_OpieOP: OpieOP erfault: nazbol gang? riggedy_k00: @her3hero exactly. so what if humans aren’t at the top god_damn: >( alwayssss complainiiiingggg eynq: eat the rich is just a good slogan :p xhongi_: FeelsBadMan SummertimeClothes: mass societal collapse and insanity induced by current technologies will probably slow down further progress a bit, no worries! notice_me_OpieOP: eat the rich OpieOP stickyshrimp: we need realistic visions for the future Eolios: @jamieemb_ exactly sick of hearing that Geeken: Gonna shoot my shot. Can I have mod? @georgehotz DeeboMC: Naw man, we’re prolly all secretly goa’ulds at heart maxschneider96: @PeinlicherAffe I am really interested in molecular modelling, drug-design-related stuff, there´ s loads of AI coming up in the future, one reason why I am watching the stream haha, what about u? utahjazz777: centrists do xSplasher: KKona sure ZuppaSalata: eat the rich LUL Tal_X_Tal: eat em pistolpetepcp: DAMN BROWN COWS mongoloid_jones: COMMIES LOOOOOOOOOOL perefourah: what’s your biggest fear about the singularity ? buzzd24: LMAOOOOOO Tal_X_Tal: 🐄 notice_me_OpieOP: cmonBruh Warbayx: monkaS BabyfaceKappa: Fascism is pretty optimistic for the future and they have a common goal for the people which is powerful Teo_Farcaryn: we are all sheeps @georgehotz kenqzzzz: CANT SEE ManiacBlack: i saw some wild cows the other day hjklhjklhjkl2008: i thought communism did have a positive vision for the future: fully automated gay space communism deadpool_reynolds: our future Simon36: xqCOW djceci: @DeeboMC ya man this is how this world existed for eternity FlameSnare: TTours solitaryyy: your face is in the way buzzd24: @BabyfaceKappa based xSplasher: TTours JohnnyThe_Hobo: those brown cows stole our job cypherph4: communism is when the government does stuff Repunk: TTours localcanofdutchgold: bout to get banned 911nash: !subs lightb00k: aaron swartz tried to solve problems by using politics. he should have used tech to solve problems. politics destroy lives. @georgehotz R31gnh: thats gonna be us in 18 years monkaS mattdougherty22: how much does it cost to fully move to cloud? Tal_X_Tal: BibleThump poor cows Erixp: thats gonna be us THX1342: that is basically corporations ahfkhal: Way fatter WIDE_AF: imo a better future would be improving the standard of living for everyone, rich and poor. while increasing sustainability and lowering negative impact on the environment BigBurrito_09: @babyfacekappa WeirdChamp intangiblememory: Humanity has underestimated the consequences of computerization Tal_X_Tal: free them zenoER: this guy is high dontbeameme: What about free range cows notice_me_OpieOP: he’s losing it monkaS geokwi: why would computers depend on humans in cages? Tal_X_Tal: BibleThump free them AAAonline: TRUE Pog god_damn: look man, just give me the newsletter i’ll sign up to whatever you want bjjlion: one thing you need to understand that all are coms there are no right wing there are no liberals at the top all communist jamieemb_: people who say eat the rich are just looking for a scapegoat for their lack of effort lmao THX1342: go to the subway at peek times and see the cattle moving around jemen_fou: “i hate politics” rants about politics notice_me_OpieOP: cmonBruh JIMMY906: FeelsBadMan lesserthangood: LUL michael_eu: mooh pistolpetepcp: EAT MOR CHIKIN ManiacBlack: there are still a few wild cows tho Warbayx: very leftie platform watch out bravetraveller: like in the music video Etienne de Crecy – Am I Wrong 5w4g53np41213374uhyperx: How powerful are the computers in the matrix? Teo_Farcaryn: Cancel cows arroyo235: cow lives in matrix movsdk: wicked problem benzojamal: what’s their alternative? FeelsBadMan moktheacronym: its the damn cows 32bitrobo: bruh dr_set: or humans working in places like hong kong DeeboMC: Cow politicians.. cow trump pistolpetepcp: – COW linux_____: you get banned if you tell the truth Quad_lol: we need to answer the meaning of life before we do anything else SolarBerry: cow theory broshevik1: COW NETWORKING xSplasher: @zenoER you dont know whos this ? sircrocodile163: neuralink = matrix LUL thx elon Lizardan: GO VEGAN SurfCat: Big cow will get you monkaS BrodatyWhiteBear: 🐮 ratirlGimme i_Memberino: there is nothing to do PiroFloydian: lol @ twitch being a leftist platform LUL stickyshrimp: the same shit lol memerdad: What happens in 2038? Singularity then what? Digital_donger: LUL feed2: fuck that one cow DeeboMC: Cow 802.11 BigBurrito_09: triGOLD tri7 solitaryyy: @georgehotz cows didn’t see it coming – we do qatarking24xd: LUL her3hero: cows didnt have nukes AAAonline: kms robonhansonem: The right does not believe in the future. The left does not believe in the present. Hopeless on both sides Warbayx: LUL Rafabld1996: Just lost the will to live, brb hanging myself FeelsBadMan kenqzzzz: LUL FragmentShader: are we humans tasty tho michael_eu: we’re not tasty for computers Gapzyy: how are we tasty to robots JakeJ24: Wacth out for lions jemen_fou: didn’t we essentially make cows MrPapillon_: Are you sure cows existed before humans? Tal_X_Tal: yes Warbayx: lmao mongoloid_jones: 😮 TheStudentDoctor: OF COURSE feed2: @her3hero how do you know that? mattdougherty22: Aaron Swartz went into politics, will you you think? FlameSnare: what was in that drink MrYasser2194: check out the promised neverland anime for something like that @georgehotz utahjazz777: Yeah, like what comes after the singularity is the question lesserthangood: 🙏 WIDE_AF: 🐮 eat mor chikin 🐮 ArianSun: AI will create experiences for humans to train through their perceptions of reality. Some people will go through literal hell to train AI to infuse terror in humans to control them b0bsaget: george will you hire convicted felon kenqzzzz: We will be the cows for the machines @georgehotz crispmintlettuce: is the singularity a bad thing? benzojamal: we won; they lost ZuppaSalata: cows couldnt kill themself BigBurrito_09: Eat shit and sleep feed2: @her3hero maybe it hid it just very well notice_me_OpieOP: wtf MrDestructoid her3hero: cows dont have nukes. so yeah buzzd24: u cant stop technological progress its all inevitable we’re DOOMED thearthtyagi: TETHICS MrPapillon_: Cows are probably a species made by humans, like dogs broshevik1: Cows fart methane into the atmosphere to create the greenhouse gas effect to accelerate global warming SummertimeClothes: We have cow farms because we like meat and that’s the best we can do, why would the machines gain from enslaving us? mongoloid_jones: 2030 WW3 utahjazz777: are we tasty? Streetmaniac: have you heard of HP lovecrafts cats name? THX1342: humans have something machines don’t have.. non-determinism

sircrocodile163: 2020 so far BEST YEAR LUL mongoloid_jones: 2020S ARE 2030S OF 1900S Quad_lol: i fuck and eat Huntdkpwn: I think you try to compare different things too much shadedcane: Neuralink notice_me_OpieOP: hate speech against robots MrDestructoid Polaris123: why do you think ai will organize together against humanity? @georgehotz buzzd24: good luck with that LUL maxschneider96: vegans eat my food´ s food ManiacBlack: decentralized energy THX1342: yes. decentralization is key AW86: i hope we end up like the dogs in the ai future DeeboMC: @sircrocodile163 what was it? whit_314: Isn’t that what Asimov tried with his robot laws (as bad as they are) mongoloid_jones: 2030 WORLD WAR 3 REMEMEBR THIS SolarBerry: the CCP must be destroyed solitarynative: @georgehotz have you herad of futarchy ubique89: We will merge with machines, like we merged with mobile phones and PCs jemen_fou: countdown to geohotz collecting pee in jars buzzd24: how can u decentralize google? movsdk: but maybe ai is the oppotunity to solve wicked problems benzojamal: YES DOOD PogChamp outsidertrading: what do you think of bitcoin? epithium: Decentralized search engine? ViktorTV: @georgehotz i will buy coma from you JakeJ24: antifragile manifesto Avelansh: no tight coupling robonhansonem: Decentralization is the home of Moloch lef_xyz: money is king still though QUOTE_IF_GREEK_IS_GREASY: George “face of Twitch” Hotz rackin up viewers PogChamp lesserthangood: @georgehotz decentralise it for biohackers? moktheacronym: BLOCKCHAIN aj37z: like communism? Tauromachine: Decentralize EVERYTHING AAAonline: Nikola Tesla 2.0 Tal_X_Tal: trueeee buzzd24: how can u decentralize google, facebook, amazon Gamuza85: Autonmus Descentralizacion is the key leftist_scum77: we need a decentralized platform for everything. the walled gardens of FANG has to be destroyed TheStudentDoctor: Decentralised AI might encourage bad actors to develop bad versions of AI more easily Kinker99: do you think AI and humans can work hand in hand? @georgehotz zokimacola: Move to moktheacronym: INTERNET 3.0 dontbeameme: They plant code to centralize 🤫 THX1342: hack. the. planet avalos_02: Libertarian Socialism PogChamp trocker43: have you watched robert miles youtube channel? 32bitrobo: yeaaah buy crypto atze_00: it’s so hard to decentralize AI notice_me_OpieOP: NO MrDestructoid lightb00k: decentralization is good in a lot of aspect neilsweb: the smart people agree. The politicians don’t Tal_X_Tal: the cia knows all about that hjklhjklhjkl2008: lmao warren buffet wanting to pay higher taxes cypherph4: have you read Das Kapital? no? ok Tauromachine: centralization causes almost every problem we have today notice_me_OpieOP: I DISAGREE MrDestructoid lesserthangood: decentralise it for biohackers LULW leesingods: will this be on youtube? ViktorTV: @georgehotz i will buy coma from you ArianSun: God agreed and as such a created us aj37z: HIVE MIND Quad_lol: the only way to decentralize google and fb is to yoink their databases djceci: why we underestimate the humans cyborgs evolvement buzzd24: @Tauromachine tru Gamer_nohope: name it a openAI, but it’s actually closed Kappa eynq: @georgehotz how do you “stay” decentralized when you are up vs googles datacenters? Isn’t every decentralization idea build around large numbers? mauricewbr: !uptime Dervolleschlanke: Can you a Podcast with elon erfault: centralization can keep people accountable tho, yes qatarking24xd: @mauricewbr 3:21 lightb00k: decentralization reduces gatekeeping robonhansonem: Still seems like deckchairs on Titanic sircrocodile163: Enjoy internet while you can LUL pistolpetepcp: Centralization needs to be reversed every 20 or so years DeeboMC: Genuine decentralization doesn’t seem realistic, unfortunately benzojamal: @georgehotz decentralization is the goal of the 21th century buzzd24: decentralization is not possible at this point without chaos jemen_fou: if we are living in the matrix, Zuck is an agent xhongi_: FeelsBadMan kavifa6176: Mmm i don’t know, countries are basically decentralized systems with their own rules. However some countries always come out on top for certain aspects linux_____: CEO’s are corrupt, the programmer sells out to the CEO, the programmer writes the algorithms the machines go by..period okaynils: Sadge lef_xyz: monkaS neilsweb: But than we can’t blame the computers for taking over pistolpetepcp: Centralization is part of the capitalist game QUOTE_IF_GREEK_IS_GREASY: well if you dont die from cancer you didnt live long enough to get it AAAonline: Elon Musk for president PogChamp ViktorTV: @georgehotz i will buy coma from you amateurchess1: would you ever do Joe Rogan’s podcast? b0bsaget: george do you own a gun succdem: Kappa TheStudentDoctor: @kavifa6176 interesting take with the analogy of countries UnnamedEntity: Would you be able to share that presentation, please? SigmaHeavyIndustries: are you talking about the fediverse/activitypub? DSykes_: If AI became too much just unplug their power, what they gonna do, plug themselves back in hahaha @georgehotz robonhansonem: Embrace and extend mongoloid_jones: CEO’s are corrupt, the programmer sells out to the CEO, the programmer writes the algorithms the machines go by..period crispmintlettuce: what would a decentralized ai look like? bjjlion: @linux_____ why to they sell out? benzojamal: we have to start with it now michael_eu: open source all the way buzzd24: monopolies? PiroFloydian: uh yeah it is? 32bitrobo: DAO’s are the future PeinlicherAffe: @maxschneider96 so fascinating, I know. I love the theory, but actually I’m not really good at working in the lab. I’m better at the computer and statistics to cope with the data coming from sequencing machines etc sircrocodile163: printed railgun when? buzzd24: it absolutely is mongoloid_jones: SORRY BUDDY bsx1123: Efficiency djceci: well is the DNA programming language??? mongoloid_jones: CEO’s are corrupt, the programmer sells out to the CEO, the programmer writes the algorithms the machines go by..period Supax1: What do you think of cryptocurrency? zzorken: Are you okey @georgehotz? you seems to be abit down :/ DeeboMC: @buzzd24 and all chaos will be subverted thanks to centralization — catch-22 mephisto7777_: there is always a backdoor Lizardan: @georgehotz are you vegan? SolarBerry: centralization is state socialism/fascism benzojamal: it could become the most important project of humanity lightb00k: decentralized system can be poisoned. a self checking reward based decentralized system is required pistolpetepcp: Thanks for the info @georgehotz b0bsaget: free market has nothing to do with centralization smurfd0: the problem with the decentrilzed platforms is that they dont get the traffic, because the things you want to follow is not there… kindof a catch 22 michael_eu: education will be next big open source thing buzzd24: @DeeboMC blackpilled again 🙁 🙁 MrYasser2194: how would you do that ? robonhansonem: Economies of scale is a centralizing force Diagonn: LUL zafke: You are HUNGRY Quad_lol: ceo’s are the bad guys, programmer’s the good guys. good guys have always been slaves of the bad guys ViktorTV: @georgehotz i will buy coma from you insignia_microwave: you look into rokos basilisk aj37z: D: DSykes_: If AI became too much just unplug their power, what they gonna do, plug themselves back in hahaha @georgehotz erfault: historically there was the dutch east india company and the british east india company… centralized 😀 Huntdkpwn: these cows are too tasty ZuppaSalata: LUL linux_____: block chain FTW SummertimeClothes: in what society of humans does money not affect politics? amateurchess1: @georgehotz would you do Joe Rogan’s podcast?? notice_me_OpieOP: this nerd is look very streamer :/ ConagYuirg: @georgehotz have you heard of Daniel Schmachtenberger whit_314: We have decentralised social media, like Mastodon . Just no ones uses it lol localcanofdutchgold: cows to taste QUOTE_IF_GREEK_IS_GREASY: ima decentralize my dick in ur mom broshevik1: SAVE THE COWS WITH THE DEATHNOTE Tal_X_Tal: erfault truee jamieemb_: seriously george go eat hahahaha EbeneezerPrime: Are you still in contact with John Carmack? Rafabld1996: filet mignon 2 good to be vegan Quad_lol: bad guys care only about the money and power, good guys do what they love buzzd24: what about the nutrition factor TheStudentDoctor: Might save a lot of water amongst other resources though kenqzzzz: True AAAonline: same Teo_Farcaryn: CANCEL COWS ! TJSparks: SAME cefaloclever: what about the burguer king ones fuuqtv: same FruitellaJesus: Beef is disgusting though anguscupcake: amazon delivery drivers are the good guys cipher_textt: lol R31gnh: if we spare the cows the robots might spare us monkaS robonhansonem: Ironically, that will reduce the cow population enormously idontrllyusetwitch: finally im not late to the streams DeeboMC: @buzzd24 lol frunkAF: have you tried impossible meat? lightb00k: mastodon PeinlicherAffe: @maxschneider96 It was fun, I learned much and interesting stuff, but I want to see the outcome, you know? QUOTE_IF_GREEK_IS_GREASY: gottemmm 4Head Gamer_nohope: Muutrix maxschneider96: @PeinlicherAffe Pretty much same story here, that´ s why concentrated on programming, I ´ d rather want someone else to do the lab work for me haha shadedcane: Have you tried beyond burgers? notice_me_OpieOP: I will never become vegan, just to mess with vegans 🙂 lef_xyz: monkaS atze_00: if it’s indistinguishable from the original one, may as well be the original one dr_set: oxicoton buzzd24: HEROIN PogChamp world2vec: fentanyl jamieemb_: fentanyl ArianSun: but healthy navhendrix: Hello George I just invested my life savings into ChainLink do you think a year from now I will be rich or broke? QUOTE_IF_GREEK_IS_GREASY: better heroin? PogChamp tkdboy555: I’ll help you bring about the singularity hit me up when you wanna do it ahfkhal: Your pc is about to take off lugges420: soma Tal_X_Tal: lef_xyz dont overuse monkas Skyshifter: @robonhansonem its not about population its about suffering lef_xyz: Pog ? lugges420: huxley vibes buzzd24: PogChamp IM IN iexplorespace: world2vec knows notice_me_OpieOP: make heroin on stream PogChamp maxschneider96: @PeinlicherAffe I get u man, it ´ s quite intriguing, right? deadpool_reynolds: that ruins the whole thing LeeFranser: PogChamp eynq: literally impossible LUL Teo_Farcaryn: SOLD QUOTE_IF_GREEK_IS_GREASY: where can I buy?? PogChamp FragmentShader: but addiction is psychological, wut sircrocodile163: I’m off social media… now I need get off twitch LUL iqos3duos: the same effect makes it addictive JakeJ24: These are my favorite conversations aj37z: reverse engineer heroin fuuqtv: notice_me_OpieOP: make heroin on stream PogChamp lef_xyz: @Tal_X_Tal heroin is not overusing it LUL insignia_microwave: have you ever looked into rokos basilisk anguscupcake: kratom lmao world2vec: say no more george, I’m in notice_me_OpieOP: @fuuqtv PogChamp Gamer_nohope: pls continue cellHmm jemen_fou: non-addictive heroin. all the health benefits of addictive heroin buzzd24: TIK TOK buzzd24: POGGERS Supax1: @georgehotz What do you think of cryptocurrencies role in decentralization? notice_me_OpieOP: me 🙂 lugges420: Soma vibes meister1337: they want the feeling because theyre addicted i guess buzzd24: FORTNITE ? ragemaster999: @georgehotz can we have a link to the presentation? QUOTE_IF_GREEK_IS_GREASY: @anguscupcake that’s what I thought too lmao navhendrix: Hello George I just invested my life savings into ChainLink do you think a year from now I will be rich or broke? michael_eu: open source education => bioflops^x AAAonline: VR DeeboMC: @georgehotz what you think about eating ortolans? i_Memberino: lab grown twitter Dautlog: addiction can give purpose in perverse way tkdboy555: whats the better hreoine of heroine? SigmaHeavyIndustries: @georgehotz talk about the phone number verification issues on the internet. It’s hard to even get an email account without giving over personally identifying information. How do we fight spam without this? broshevik1: LAB GROWN TWITTER TheStudentDoctor: What if addicition and heroin action was inseperably linked? ArianSun: XQ cow Skyshifter: u’re arguing the fake animal fur argument riggedy_k00: decentralization is controlled and orchestrated by humans… so if there’s any corruption and the opportunity to abuse the power exists, well…. murpy’s law benzojamal: politicans are not needed anymore, all they do is play pr nowadays zafke: Put VR to cows 🔥🔥🔥 NonTrivial778: stop reading internet Dorgesh: how would you describe the colour red buzzd24: rare presentation kazarlazar: do u have a blog ? WIDE_AF: so to beat the singularity, someone has to make a good AI to beat the bad AI DSykes_: @georgehotz If AI became too much just unplug their power, what they gonna do, plug themselves back in hahaha Erixp: PogChamp Exclusive erfault: great adhd stream today 😛 QUOTE_IF_GREEK_IS_GREASY: let’s make non-addictive addictions!!! utahjazz777: what about economies of scale? They cause centralization b0bsaget: george you still need to prove your math skillz robonhansonem: He is Scott Alexander. Didn’t you know? opheimer: better heroin is just the whole poppy plant with all the alkaloids Tal_X_Tal: starting a non addictive heroin business boys help me make money her3hero: cows cant nuke us tough world2vec: adhd fang unite

benzojamal: we could easily decentralize the legislative system UnnamedEntity: Glad I took notes pistolpetepcp: Do you lift bro? @georgehotz linux_____: shut off humans dopamine release jemen_fou: when does the coding start? play Freebird. don’t get fancy on me, Geohotz Maatrice: should I work on solving the singularity or getting more people aware of it JohnnyThe_Hobo: what we got from this stream: iceland doesn’t exist R31gnh: FeelsBadMan michael_eu: this is philosophy in digital age notice_me_OpieOP: real truth monkaS DeeboMC: Okja = cow 2.0 her3hero: find out the real reason why dr disrespect got banned Quev1337: BibleThump lef_xyz: <3 stickyshrimp: there is no real truth CensoredAlex: peace yo Digital_donger: GOOD STREAM FeelsGoodMan 32bitrobo: that was cool Lefer_: VoHiYo OttoCavalry: <3 mk1729: : D xhongi_: cya kenqzzzz: <3 Avelansh: stay strong Faceless_Bard: <3 lightb00k: make a self checking search engine world2vec: <3 okaynils: <3 FlameSnare: WAKANDA FO EVA youngsachi: BibleThump god_damn: love u bro great stream Warbayx: good stream Pog loopylol: i enjoyed my stay :) buzzd24: this stream depressed me :( LeeFranser: <3 AshirokSC: <3 jamieemb_: byeee QUOTE_IF_GREEK_IS_GREASY: just buy shungite 4Head robonhansonem: Nice to talk about this before the end SuPaC: love ya stream ubique89: We will!!! sircrocodile163: wut? zafke: 🔥 SKPTCL: cheers george, take care JAKWAI: Bye :D Jewishrambo: bye darkzade: LMAO THAT DRINK WAS GOOD amateurchess1: thank you for streaming george Rafabld1996: cya Georg <3 frln: <3 moonify: BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump FreshHummus: Bye perefourah: <3 qatarking24xd: <3 byee michael_eu: <3 Digital_donger: <3 TheStudentDoctor: cheers <3 JulioScholz: <3 sw1jari: <3 Mefe_1337: love ya bruv SuPaC: <3 happypuppppy: bye george BibleThump braineraser: good stream mephisto7777_: <3 eynq: <3 QuikSoap: <3 LinuZ_: <3 bye mk1729: ; 3 Huntdkpwn: <3 atze_00: i guess buzzd24: <3 bye maxschneider96: cya wgz90: <3 pistolpetepcp: BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump toffen13: bye Gladius88: o7 amateurchess1: <3 Erixp: HeyGuys AAAonline: This be like: two_eight: HeyGuys NonTrivial778: <3 movsdk: bye R31gnh: FeelsGoodMan onlycase_: <3 thearthtyagi: this was good myasovlavashe: <3 Mefe_1337: <3 z4jo: ¨peace gabrielopesantos: ~vvys rhombicosi: @georgehotz Could you please name a free cloud servers for solving large scale optimization problems? Repunk: wakanda forever Xhiffer: see ya world2vec: great stream B1_Renekton: <3 <3 Diagonn: bleedPurple localcanofdutchgold: <3 Teo_Farcaryn: stay cool geo Geeken: Gonna shoot my shot. Can I have mod? @georgehotz QUOTE_IF_GREEK_IS_GREASY: NOOOOO Zepcon7: <3 Dautlog: <3 CiferHD: Bye iimeyris: These videos are OPEN-SOURCE AF Repunk: <3 Jewishrambo: <3 BibleThump kronnnylul: Bye thearthtyagi: byeee 5w4g53np41213374uhyperx: Before you go, what PDF/Epub program do you use? 32bitrobo: SeemsGood CensoredAlex: cya Not0Famous: <3 brittonx2: thanks for doing these QUOTE_IF_GREEK_IS_GREASY: NOOOOO GEORGIE BOY CiferHD: Bye George kronnnylul: <3 32bitrobo: BibleThump wainemier: george hotz pedrovictortech: That's deep 8FollowSonik: 💜 phsverdadeiros: tanks !! JakeJ24: Great now I can read the essay Dervolleschlanke: Rip dontbeameme: I’m not a cow, I beat snake once anguscupcake: bye McAze: <3 FragmentShader: thanks bye TPFufun