EVELO Galaxy 500 Review – $4k Best Small Ebike, Enviolo Automatic, Gates Belt Drive

(bell chimes) – Hey guys, Evelo sent their Galaxy 24 This bike’s pretty cool ’cause it’s low to the ground and it’s approachable, the step through it’s got a mid-drive and I just wanted to show you what the box look like ’cause it’s actually a little bit smaller than some of the other boxes I’ve received for electric bikes and there’s gonna be some assembly and all I’ll talk about that, but it’s clearly labeled this side up Of course, when it got here, it was kind of on one end So hopefully the rack and everything is in good shape and yeah, we’ll go through what it’s like to receive these ‘Cause I think they’re predominantly online unless you’re near like their flagship headquarters So looking pretty good so far, you can see that this end, it’s like the handlebars and the stem and that’s all stuff that’s pretty tough In the middle, we got the fenders and extra wheel And then at this end snd this is what I was worried about, and this actually the end that the box was on, this is where the rack is, rear fender right down there Although the tire sticks out further and then the battery and the light, but the battery and the light are actually protected by the rack tubing It looks like that protrudes a little bit more So this was probably kind of further back against the side of the box Maybe not the tire is there And then the top of it, they’ve got extra foam padding So it looks like this is gonna be in good shape I’ll have to get it all the way out and assemble it to let you know, but so far so good Okay, so I tipped the box over and slid the bike out and I was careful to slide it with the disc brakes up because those are, they’re sensitive You don’t wanna bend that ’cause forever you’re gonna hear like, whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo It’s gonna be passing that disc brake rotor So the wheel was separate I took the fender and stuff off and everything seemed to be pretty well protected Nothing’s gotten scratched here and I just wanted to point this out ’cause as a single person, lifting it out is a bit too much So as long as you put it on your side and then are careful about which side so that the disc brakes are facing up, you should be good So far so good And then there’s this little tab here that you pull out that it makes it so that the disc brake calipers don’t pinch together, ’cause sometimes they can stick together and then it’s hard to get the disc brake rotor in there So you also wanna be careful and not to pull on either of the brake levers before you put the wheel on And again, you might need to remove this plastic clip A lot of the companies now have videos on unboxing, but these are some of the key tips and tricks that I’ve discovered over the years And here we go, we’re all set, it’s looking good Left this on just to keep it clean, wash my hands and take a closer look at all the components and stuff here Really excited about that Gates Carbon Belt Drive the Enviolo set up And while we’re at it, I wanna call this nice box, got like a magnetic clasp at the bottom I’ve got the charger in here This is just the standard 1 1/2 pound, two amp charger that I see on a lot of other e-bikes And they had a bunch of good guides and stuff in their, little tool kit, everything you need to get the bike set up I didn’t have to use any additional tools, which was really nice A lot of times the tools that you’re given are on like a, kind of a tool binder kind of thing And they’re difficult to use, and sometimes they strip and stuff They put it on that light, and then the fender attachment right here was probably the most difficult thing Getting the handlebar on, not a huge deal That was really it, you know? Seat, front wheel, handlebar It’s looking good So Evelo actually gave me this bike, which is pretty cool It’s given me time to take it out for more rides and dig into it a little deeper than when I just borrow a bike from a shop or maybe visit the headquarters I’ve gotta say their support is outstanding I’ve been working with them for many years I’ve visited their headquarters in Seattle, which recently moved to a bigger space You can still go in and physically test ride and buy one of these, but they’re predominantly a direct order company So you buy it online, they ship it to you and you go through the same steps that I showed earlier The Galaxy ST was the first version of this bike, and then they moved to the Galaxy 24, which calls out these 24 inch wheels, that’s the diameter And now it’s just the Galaxy 500, which comes back to that 500 watt Dapu mid-drive motor This bike is really interesting To me, it kind of seems small, right? And I think that’s partially because of those small wheels, they bring the whole frame down closer to the ground Even though they’re 24 inch wheels, they’re actually a little bit closer to 26 inch effectively because of these 24 by 2.4 inch Let’s see where’s the logo, there it is CST Cyclops Tires They’re a little bit wider, they’ve got nice traction and they’re a little bit taller and that extra air volume gives you some comfort, ’cause you’ll notice there’s no suspension fork

and there’s no suspension seat posts, though it does have this really nice sprung saddle And it’s fairly comfortable, Selle Royal It kind of reminds me of like Brooks, which has these leather saddles They’re very hard and they take a while to brake in, whereas this one’s just sort of artificial leather and a little bit more like plasticky and really cushy It says Royal Gel over there, so maybe there’s some gel infusion going on So coming back to the bike, they say that this is good for riders up to like maybe five, 10 So if you’re a petite rider or you’re someone I’m probably at the higher end of the height spectrum on this, I’m five, nine I have to raise that saddle really high to get those full leg extensions, but they did redesign the frame a little bit to sort of make it a little bit more comfortable for taller riders And there’s a lot of adjustability in this swept back handlebar Here, we’ve got ergonomic grips These are not locking, so they can kind of twist if you really bear down on them, or if it’s a hot day, they kind of twist, not the end of the world There’s a lot on this bike that’s really premium and all the components are fun to explore, but before I do that, I wanna really highlight the frame again So 6061 Aluminum Alloy, same with the fork, it is not steel And if we come up to the stem here, see how it’s like a 45 degree angle and it’s extra long, I think it’s like 120 millimeters and they’ve got these three spacers and then the tapered spacer at the bottom So they’re really putting that up high and then a little bit further out And that gives you that upright, comfortable body position allows you to spot traffic and just gives your back and neck a little bit of a brake, I find And again, it kind of brings the handlebars back to you ’cause when you stand naturally with your hands at your side, they kind of flare out a little bit like that and you bring ’em up and it fits perfectly on the bar versus a straight bar That’s more of a mountain biking thing to get really controlled, and there tend to be wider or really narrow bars that are kind of uncomfortable and twitchy This is a perfect setup To me this bike is almost like a cruiser in a way, just ’cause of the handlebars and stuff, but it’s probably more of a city bike and lots and lots of utility on this bike So coming back to the wheels for a second, these are a 13 gauge spokes front and rear, 36 hole, so it’s not 32, they’ve got extra spokes going on and they’re a little bit thicker, quick release in the front This is a standard, 100 millimeter Hub spacing with nine millimeter axle, quick release secure And in the back we have 10 millimeter threaded axle because it’s part of this Enviolo set up here And so it’s threaded, it protrudes on both sides and we’ve got these like 15 millimeter nuts with a one millimeter pitch So if you wanna do like locking hardware or something There’s no quick release back here and someone’s gonna have to, they would really have to mess with the bike if they wanted to remove that rear wheel And that does include you Thankfully these tires, I’m told, do have a layer of puncture protection built in I didn’t see any markings for that and it actually seems like Evelo has chosen the unbranded CST tires I was struggling earlier, I’m like, what brand is it that does side hops? Oh yes, CST ‘Cause there’s some printing, but it’s really, really small So back at the site, I have listed out the tire pressure range and some of the other stats on these tires I like that they kind of went with the tone down look and even the bike I mean, yeah, it says Evelo, but it’s not like crazy color scheme or anything, and I really like the dark gray and then light gray and they’re metallic, so it’s almost like a silver frame with a little bit of accents I was talking about the front of the frame before, and I wanna point out that they’ve got bottle cage bosses, of course, fender bosses, headlight, mounts, rack bosses And then look at this, there’s a split right here in the frame And the reason they had to do that is ’cause this has a belt drive So it’s Gates Carbon Belt drive CDX, which stands for this center track that goes down the cog on the front and it aligns with that little split in the belt So it keeps the belt from shifting side to side or falling off But there isn’t an actual brake in the belts, so they had to do a brake in the frame instead and that does add to the price of a bike like this In order to still be able to support 300 pounds max weight, which is what this bike is rated for, they really need to overbuild it and that costs money And also this like floating and sort of horizontal dropout down here, that’s kind of expensive and then the electronic shifting, which by the way does run off the main battery pack up here And I was asking like, well, that’s really great ’cause then you don’t have to have a separate battery, but what happens when you’ve used all your juice, maybe you’re doing throttle and you need to shift gears, and I was told that the system automatically recognizes you’re going low and they sort of, they force you to be in a lower gear Lower gears are easier for starting and for climbing, so that’s great ’cause if you completely deplete the battery and you no longer got motor support, at least you’re in a gear that’s easy to pedal with, but after that, you won’t be able to shift gears again So it might be a good idea to bring that charger with you or just keep an eye on the charge level

They do have a little LED readout back here with four bars and there’s five bar indicator on the display, which to me it’s not as great as like 10 bars or a percentage indicator We’ll get into those details a little bit later So coming back down here, 22 teeth, and I think 52 teeth on that front cog There’s really no gears or derailleur just this box right here It’s all sort of internal And then the NuVinci system which is this whole Enviolo NuVinci Optimized and stuff This has been around for a long time, but they’ve been going through a lot of rebranding And so these guys are using the automatic system and then there’s another one that’s AUTOMATiQ with like a Q at the end, it gets a little bit confusing I guess all I want you to know is that it shifts really, really intuitively There are a couple of different shift modes, but it’s all done electronically, which means that since this is a mid-drive, you don’t really need to worry as much about a mashing You don’t need to worry about a derailleur going out of tune It’s all internal, but it does weigh more, it does cost more So this bike is $3,999 So roughly $4,000 USD, it’s again predominantly sold in the United States And I think they do have some deals with Alaska and Hawaii So wherever you are, they’ll make it work And I think they’ve got a really good warranty, it’s a little bit longer than some of the other companies, really excellent phone support, and then they also have like a trial period So if you aren’t able to come into their showroom and test ride this, ’cause you don’t live in Washington state, you could still get this, try it for a little while and then they’ll work with you to accept and process a return, which to me is really great This is an expensive purchase You’re spending more for a bike like this There are bikes that are a fraction of the cost, maybe even less than half, but you’re not gonna get that really efficient mid-drive motor, you’re not gonna get the Gates Carbon Belt Drive, you’re not gonna get the automatic electronic shifting, NuVinci continuously variable transmission And the cool thing about this is, it’s not stepped, it’s not like gears where it’s like one, two, three, four, there’s like these balls inside and then there’s this pivot and it just smoothly pivots and it changes your gear ratio that way But there is this like traction fluid inside that adds some weight It is a little bit more complex and I guess that’s what you pay for when A lot of these like hybrid cars and stuff, they’re also using continuously variable transmission And I think the NuVinci company, they actually do a lot of automotive stuff So you’re getting, I think some of the best hardware and some really nice interfaces and some other stuff So before we get into the electronics too much, we’ve got this nice rack here, maximum 25 kilograms of weight, that’s roughly 55 pounds And that does get taken down just a little bit like two kilograms by the battery pack Okay, so you are eating a little bit into the capacity, but I think the rack is pretty good overall We’ve got this kind of, it’s sort of enlarged tubing and frankly, I’m not sure if it’s gonna fit with all of the aftermarket panniers that hang on the side because a lot of them have these clips that sort of go down a little bit and they might collide with the top of this battery pack And I almost thought like, Oh, there’s a pannier hanger down here But again, fitting it in that might be a little bit tricky once the battery is on the bike, as you see here, okay They do have a pannier blocker right here, which is really nice It’s gonna keep bags and stuff from touching that rear tire if you turn and it’s gonna give you something to sort of latch onto, a lot of them have hooks They do have a bungee loop right here, so you can use bungee cords if you want, and maybe some child seats like the Yepp Maxi Nexx, they can kind of clamp onto the side of this I’m not an expert in this rack, I’m just telling you what I perceive to be the case So you might be better off with just like Velcro strap type of bags I do want to compliment that the rack surrounds the battery completely, okay So this rear light right here will nail by spinning out This is two LED of light which is really nice It’s not gonna take impact from the back if the bike’s being shipped like we talked about earlier, or if the bike tips onto its side This whole battery is really well protected by the rack But at the end of the day, this is still a rear rack battery design It’d be nice if that weight was low and center on the frame, but then you compromise that deep step through very approachable, very low stand over height, and actually very low minimum saddle height on this bike too So if we open up this quick release on the seat post color, we can lower that seat pretty low, but I actually think the seat post is colliding here So what you can do is you can take this off and you can use a hacksaw and you can cut that a little bit shorter And then the saddle will go all the way down like this And see, it’s not gonna actually collide with that rear racks So they’ve done a really good job spacing This is 27.2 millimeters, by the way Very basic seatpost, so just single bolt clamp You could swap this out for a suspension seat post or something else if you want to There’s a lot of possibilities here I just wanna compliment this design choice right here

A lot of times you can also slide the saddle forward on the rails, but if that rack is too close, you’re not gonna be able to get so low So for a bike that’s just so approachable and kind of on the small side, I think the smallest riders, they said like four, 10 or something like that, that’s really short, a really petite rider Look at this low saddle and then the handlebars are like way up high at this point, but you can rotate them back and down to make them easier to reach You can also replace this stem if you want to with something a little bit shorter, remove some other spacers Lots and lots of choices with this bike And again, just so approachable and so custom with that brakeaway frame in the back and the horizontal sliding dropouts and stuff, good stuff These are 170 millimeter crank arms, so they’re full size that gives you a nice, strong cadence, and it’s really comfortable, you’re not gonna be like beating eggs And then these Wellgo Aluminum Alloy Platform Pedals with a rubber tread, so if you slip off, you’re not going to cut yourself on these I think these are decent choice And then the plastic fenders, right? So plastic tends to be lightweight and pretty resilient and it’s not gonna ding or get rusty the way that aluminum or steel might And then they’ve got these nice support arms They’re not the adjustable kinds that stick out, they’re sort of wrapped around, and I think they look pretty good I think the fenders could be a little bit rattly And if you look back here, one, two, three support points I’ve seen some bikes that have four support points, so it would it mount, the fender would like connect to a rear rack And so in this case, you can see how it might bounce a little bit, but it’s actually not making a ton of noise and I think that’s ’cause these are extra wide, they’re like 70 millimeters wide Down here, check it out, we’ve got what I believe is a cafe lock or like a frame lock mounting point so you can have this like half of a circle thing that puts a rod through the rear wheel and that way you can sort of disable the bike if you’re at a coffee shop or something, and you just wanna dash in and out and you don’t wanna park it out the bike rack It’s too much of a hassle, too crowded, you got a cafe lock and it probably be compatible with this bike, which is really nice The bike does weigh a little bit more And again, it is kind of rear heavy or just under 60 pounds I weight it several times and I do have all those specs and measurements back at the website And of course, when you’ve got that much weight going on, it’s important to have good brakes So I liked that they went with these Tektro Auriga E-Comp These are e-bikes specific brakes So you’ve got the brake line right here, and then they’ve got this extra cable, which is for motor inhibitors So whenever you actuate these brakes, it not only sends a physical signal to grab that rotor, and these are dual piston calipers by the way, but it’s also sending a signal to the motor controller that says, hey, you need to, to shut off ’cause this person wants to stop We don’t wanna be fighting that motor And that is, it’s like a 90 Newton meter rating on that motor, very, very capable 500 watt nominal is what they say up to like 600 watt peak, even though this is the Dapu 250 So I think technically it started out as like a two 50 watt motor, but they’ve got a custom motor controller, and again, integrated with these brakes It works really well, very satisfying I’m not having any trouble climbing and that’s the thing, wanting to be able to kind of override and control the weight of this bike and the speed with these brakes It’s done really well, Tektro Auriga, good stuff Three finger levers, adjustable reach, so there’s a little set screw in there so you can bring these in if you’re someone with smaller hands, maybe you’re a petite rider and you’re not able to reach as far or you’re someone with big hands and you can leave them all the way out Nice to have that, you don’t have that on mechanical disc brakes So this is another upgrade Big 180 millimeter rotor up front As you stop a lot of your weight shifts forward and the stopping power happens with that front wheel, the front tire, so that brake is excellent In the rear, we have 160 millimeter rotor, which is kind of standard, it’s okay, you know, it’s fine, especially given 180 upfront and they might’ve gone with this slightly smaller size just ’cause it does get crowded back here with the rack and they have this special mounting point for the calipers Again, dual piston calipers back here A lot going on, really nice set up And you can see that there’s these two bolts right here and that grabs the dropout and allows it to slide back and forth, and then this screw right here can push it, can push the whole sliding dropout back or bring it forward and the whole idea is that you wanna keep tension in that belt And these are very reliable Apparently longer-lasting more reliable than a chain and very quiet, very clean They don’t have a chain cover, but again, it’s not like you’re lubing this all the time, it’s not getting greasy the same way that a chain does And that might’ve been a weight savings or a noise savings things We were talking about the fenders rattling a bit They really don’t rattle that much, the bike is pretty quiet And I wanna point out that you do not need to leave the keys in the battery pack while you’re riding and that’s really nice You can take them out and you’ll be just fine So let’s go ahead and take that battery off

First thing to do is twist to the left and that unlocks the pack You can slide it out pretty efficiently There we go, it’s nice and tight so it’s not gonna rattle around too much About 7.4 pounds for this battery, roughly nine pounds for that motor And it says Turnlife but that’s because they ship this up to Canada and they were able to fill for this destination Normally this would be Greenway, which makes really high quality cells and in most cases, Evelo is shipping with Panasonic cells So that’s excellent They’re like some of the highest quality, 36 volt, 13 amp hour, 468 watt hour That’s about average, okay And maybe a little low for this generation of bikes And then we have the Bosch, which is what I use as almost a standard since they’ve been around for so long and there are such a big company Bosch batteries are like, they had the power pack 400, 500, now they have 625 So if this is 500, that’s kind of in the middle, it’s sort of average Keeps it a little bit lighter weight, a little bit more affordable in that case You can use a lot of energy with that mid-drive, especially if you’re using throttle mode, but you don’t have to, it can be various efficient if you’re in the low levels of assist and you’re pedaling actively So I think that’s pretty decent, 18650 cells in there Here is the little charging port on the back, very accessible, it’s not like you have to bend way down low It’s not like right down by the cranks or something like a lot of other e-bikes, you plugged in there and then the cable can kind of get bumped So I’m gonna go ahead and lock this I turn the key to the right to make sure it’s tight There we go Okay, it’s completely locked, it’s secured to the frame You might have noticed there’s a little power off button down here So that’s another way you can kind of keep people from tampering with your bike if you’re at the rack, otherwise people could come up here and they just press this power button, it says Evelo comes to life very quickly I’m gonna go through the display in just a second, but I do wanna call out that this motor controller is measuring pedal cadence, rear wheel speed, and pedal torques So it’s very advanced It gives you up to 110 RPM support versus 105 unlike the Bosch active line or 120 on the Bosch performance line and same thing with some of the new Shimano and Yamaha motors The higher RPM support you get, the more active the buy can be for like mountain biking and stuff If you switch to a low gear and you’re spinning, spinning, spinning, the motor won’t lag behind For a city bike, I think 110 is great That’s in line with Bosch’s active line plus motor, which again, I like to compare to, although this is a heavier motor at nine pounds versus six or seven pounds on some of those other ones I think the benefit here is that this mid-drive works with throttle mode and very few of the other mid-drives really do So I’m gonna complain here for a second because they’ve put this kickstand right at the center of the frame and it creates pedal lock You can see a little scratch right there, which happened when I was walking the bike out of my yard earlier, getting ready to film So you walk it backwards, ah, and it collides, and then it doesn’t automatically go forward, you have to like kind of kick it up with your foot like that So for me it’s a little gripe, but it’s worth calling out Evelo has addressed a lot of the complaints I had in past iterations, against the Galaxy ST or the 24, but they’ve lost the USB charging port, which used to be on their display and stuff They switched to what they say is a more reliable display It’s beautiful, it’s very big and it’s color, it’s adjustable angle, not removable, so it could take some damage at the bike rack or just weather wear over time, although these are all highly water resistant parts You don’t want to spray them hard, but you can kind of use like a damp rag or something like that to clean the bike off if you wanted to So this display, you control it with the button pad over here As we did earlier, there’s this power on power off button, and you just hold it for a couple seconds, comes to life If you tap that power button, one more time, we go from this like daytime view to nighttime view And that’s cool ’cause it’s not gonna blind you as much, it’s not gonna disrupt your night vision with like a super bright white screen And then the lights come on when you do that too So here are the two LEDs that I talked about in the rear, and then we’ve got this nice headlight as well that’s designed to sort of aim down It points where you steer ’cause it’s mounted to the arch of that fork And since this is not a suspension fork, it’s not like it’s gonna rattle around a whole lot There are quite a few cables going on up here, and I like the wire wrap that they’ve got, but you’ll notice that they do collide with that light a little bit And this was actually one of the hardest parts to assemble once the bike came, you have to like hold the fender there, put the bolt through and get the light on and then tighten, tighten, tighten and you need like a wrench on this side and that little Allen key on that side to get it all lined up right It took a minute, it was a little bit of extra dexterity and flexibility, but now it’s working fine and I even tightened up the bolts so that the light isn’t getting bumped down or side to side,

it’s really feeling secure, but it still feels a little bit vulnerable, just the wires and all this stuff going on Thankfully, a lot of that is routed through the frame It’s as good as it kind of can be when you’ve got electronic shifting, you’ve got throttle mode, you’ve got this nice display, brake inhibitors, shifters, all this stuff, there’s a lot going on up here and I think they just did the best they could with those wires, but I do wanna point out that it’s not the fanciest thing where they mount right through the stem or they limit those things And frankly, I would rather have those motor inhibitors, for example, than not, and have a little bit of a clutter going up here And you might be able to zip tie this back or something like that, I’m just trying to review this as it came So the display panel, back to how this thing works, I’m gonna press that power button again, switch it back to day mode where it turns the lights off It can be a little bit tricky to read it if it’s really sunny So I’m in kind of a semi shady spot purposely so that you can see that display a little bit more easily, but you can see how glare starts to happen, right like that So I guess keep that in mind Once you figure out the display, you probably don’t need to look down all that often And I like that it’s big and it’s up high versus down low or a little thing over on this side I’ve got plus and minus and that allows us to change through the assist levels It always starts in assist level one, one pedal assist, and the throttle is hot in level one So if you accidentally bump that, it’s gonna take off and it’s pretty powerful, like we were saying earlier So I think that’s okay but if you want to, you can always just press that minus button, take it down to zero and then the throttle completely disables I like that this throttle starts from standstill in those levels of assist because in past iterations of these bikes, you needed to get going like four or five miles per hour before the throttle would kick in and you had to do that all yourself and to me it was like, why do we even have a throttle? I want it to help me get going So thankfully I think that was one of the benefits, of switching to this display and the Dapu motors Good job, Evelo, they did a great job updating that We have lost a few readouts on this display, like we’ve got an odometer, you’ve got a trip distance right here but if you press set, I was expecting to get average speed, max speed, maybe some sort of range estimate or something and we don’t have that All we have is our current speed, odometer trip meter, battery capacity, five bars, as I mentioned earlier, 20% steps It could kind of leave you wondering when you’re on that last step, are we at 20 or are we closer to zero? ‘Cause that’s a big difference and then it’s gonna automatically shift to the low gears and you’re gonna limp home And then this STD like standard, I think that means like power level and none of that really changes if you just press plus or minus These are fairly reachable buttons, even though you have to reach over the throttle, it’s doable for me, I have medium sized hands, right, and so it’s like, there’s a bit of a reach going on Sometimes when I press the buttons, like I just clicked it, I just clicked it again and it’s not changing So it’s like, I have to be pretty intentional and press I’m almost like right in the center a little bit harder and this is a brand new bike, so for me, the guys at Evelo said, “This is very reliable”, but maybe it just takes a little bit more effort or force or something to get it to work So see, I’m at two, I’m clicking three, clicking, clicking, not working and really make those intentional clicks I hate to ding them for that ’cause it’s maybe it’s just this one, the plastic on the buttons or something’s a little sticky, it hasn’t been broken in yet, who knows? But I wanna be honest with you guys that’s what I noticed and it could be a little distracting You’re like, “I need the power”, and then you press it and it doesn’t go, you gotta look down down and that’s sort of a bummer So the other cool feature here is you can hold set and then we get into the manual, you can clear the trip distance, you can adjust the brightness So in addition to day and night mode, you can take that brightness down, which is great if you’re someone with sensitive eyes Speed limit, so it’s default at 20 miles per hour, making this a class two electric bike, since it has pedal assist and a throttle, but you can actually raise that up to 25 miles per hour for like off-road mode, which is kind of cool if you’re someone who’s commuting or just riding off-road and maybe you’re riding in the street and class three is allowed where you live I think you could completely remove the throttle and make this more of a class three where it’s high speed with no throttle I guess it comes down to having choice, which I appreciate Wheel size 24 Even though I said these are like effectively 26 inch with the taller tires, I think they just leave at 24, it works fine Change units for miles per hours kilometer, battery voltage is 36 like we talked about before Advanced settings, so this is kind of interesting that you can set a password, so that’s cool Lots of good stuff here Save and exit I think that’s about it as far as all the different drive systems and stuff, but we haven’t talked as much about shifting as I think we should, because this is super, super fancy, Enviolo NuVinci Optimized, the continuously variable transmission We talked about the rear portion, but how about the user interface?

This thing is cool It’s just a twist shifter, but it’s super easy So I’m just using a couple of fingers, it’s super easy to use A lot of times with mechanical shifters, whether it’s trigger shifters or the twisters, they’re so hard and it gets harder, like the further that you’re stretching a cable and over time those cables get gunked up and stuff Same thing for mechanical brakes Usually the rear brake is more difficult to actuate ’cause that cable has to go so far and over time it gets gummed up So hydraulic brakes is awesome and then electronic shifting right here is wonderful It’s really just, it’s sending a signal and the shifting is happening back here I’m gonna try to do this, you might be able to hear it (bicycle spinning) Pretty quiet So there are two ways to use this bike One is the blue one, so you can see there’s like a little pedal and it has like some motion icons around it or something and you can say, I wanna be at a low cadence pedaling really slow, or you can say, I wanna be pedaling fast And that’s what I do’ cause I have knee sensitivity I like to pedal fast, it’s more efficient for me and it’s also good cardio, so I can say, well, I want a high cadence When you set the cadence, the bike does everything else, that’s it You just say, this is how fast I wanna pedal and then the bike automatically adjust that and then it compensates with the motor It’s a very cool system Now, alternatively, and the bike just automatically went to sleep here, you can say, Oh, I want to set this as like a lower, slower gear, and I don’t want the bike to automatically adjust it for me So I know that when the bike gain some speed, I’ll be pedaling faster, but at lower speeds, I’m gonna pedal slow and it’s gonna be hard The bike isn’t gonna automatically adjust This is more like a traditional gear, you’re saying high gear and then when you go up here, you’re saying low gear for climbing and that’s where it’s like a hill, like the steeper the hill is, or the further up the hill that’s the lower gears that you’re choosing This can feel a little bit confusing to even me sometimes, I’m like, well, they both deal with cadence sort of I guess, with the orange version, you’re telling it, I want to get a harder or easier gear And with the blue one, you’re saying, I want you to choose the gear and just help me to pedal at a set cadence, a set pedal rate I hope that makes sense It’s fun to kind of mess around with this stuff and I guess everyone will dial it in for their own needs, but I think now’s probably a good time to hop on Before I do, I wanna call out something else that I noticed and it might just be this bike, but the rack is a little bit misaligned, a little bit to the left and I thought maybe that’s because of shipping, it got put on its side or something like that This is almost like an aftermarket rack with adjustability down here So that could probably be set up a little bit better Same thing with the fenders, the front fender was a little bit often, and I just think that’s the case when you buy a bike direct online I only used the tools they sent me I’m actually not like a bike mechanic expert, so I just kind of went with it I was like, this is probably what most people are gonna do, they’re going to put a few things on the bike and go for a ride and it’s working great It’s quiet, it’s efficient Let’s get on this thing So I adjusted in the seating position, look how high that is And again, keep in mind, I’m about five, nine, like 31 inch inseam Four, 10 to five, 10 is what they recommend for this bike And they do have a bike called the Aurora, and it’s also still very approachable step through with a nice sort of gender neutral color scheme and it has an even more powerful version of the step through So if you’re a larger rider or maybe you’re just a guy and you feel like, I want something that doesn’t have that rear rack battery, I want like the mid frame battery, check out the Aurora, that looks pretty cool too I’ve tested an older version of it, but I haven’t tested their latest one So here we go I’m just gonna start off even though I’m in pedal assist level one I got full throttle power and it’s just based on how far I push that I’m gonna use this going uphill a little bit and through some Rocky bumpy terrain, so you can hear the fenders and stuff, see how quiet it is (bike motor whirring) (gravel crunching) Not bad (bike motor whirring) A little bit of float to the side I was trying to see if it kind of do the hands free thing even off-road and a little bit of rattling over here and coming back to the tires and stuff, I do not have these at the highest recommended PSI, but they are a little bit more full That’s gonna be efficient for riding on streets and stuff, which is where this bike really shine So there’s a huge hill right here I’m gonna go off the curb (bike motor whirring) I felt pretty solid for going off a big curb and now I’m trying to hands-free again Okay, that’s good I’m not getting a lot of speed wobble or anything, which is really nice considering that this has the rear rack battery Sometimes that is a side effect and speed wobbles where like the handlebars will shimmy like this as you gain speed

and it’s sort of unnerving So here we go I’m coasting down the Hill, still feeling very comfortable (bike motor whirring) One handed braking Most of that work being handled by that huge 180 millimeter disc brake rotor Now let’s go up to one of the higher levels of assist here (bike motor whirring) Pretty responsive on the pedal assist On that last set of strokes, I wasn’t pushing very hard I was trying to test the whole torque sensing measurement that it does So this is a multicenter, it’s a little bit more advanced than some of the, just more basic like BBS01, BBS02 mid-drives from years past I’m thrilled with this setup and now I think it’s time to test this hill This is definitely an incline It’s pretty steep and with a 60 pound bike, this would be very difficult to pedal with and I would definitely be downshifting So I’m just gonna use the throttle and see what happens (bike motor whirring) So far so good Can hear it working (bike motor whirring) I only weigh about 135 pounds so keep that in mind, but this is still pretty impressive, about 7 1/2, eight miles per hour (bike motor whirring) And this is with like a middle gear, okay So we can make it even easier for the bike, with a low gear Let’s try that I’m gonna go up here, pedal rate Let’s see if that does anything (bike motor whirring) Yeah, can actually hear it like gaining speed a little bit And to be able to start halfway up a steep hill like that is amazing Mid-drives are very capable in this sense and it’s part of the reason a lot of bike companies are going to it The trade off is that they have to have a custom frame, right? With that like custom bottom bracket interface right there And again, they call it motion drive but this is Dapu which is like a Japanese company You can see that the frame is made in Taiwan Guys, I think that’s about it Oh, maybe one final thing I wanna point out, because they’ve got the magnet connected to the spoke in the centre right here, it feels like it’s fairly well protected, but keep an eye on that ’cause if the magnet ever gets bumped out of place, sliding up or down or twisted, you might get like a read error and that’s something that can be pretty simple to fix I think there’s just like a, there we go, yeah, just like a Phillips head I’m gonna pedal along in the highest level of assist here, just to give you some idea of the sound that you get from that motor and also how responsive it is There’s definitely a little bit of a delay for it to engage and then also disengage, but it’s not too bad And again, you can override with those brake levers So let’s do that (bike motor whirring) Excellent, this time I’m gonna shift gears or change the gear ratio while the motor is active This is not something that I would really recommend because you are putting additional stress on the NuVinci system There’s still a mechanical system in there and it’s applying pressure to shift the internals, but it’s something that you can do without like the banging and mashing that you get on traditional cassette or a freewill So let’s do that (bike motor whirring) Cool, so what I was doing is, I was twisting the half-grip shifter up front and I was in the orange mode, which just kind of lets you manually choose your cadence, it doesn’t automatically adjust or it like a low gear, or a high gear and you could hear the motor like reear That was pretty cool I wanna point out there’s no slap guard here on the right chain stay, and I guess that’s cause we don’t really have a chain and this is like a tight belt There’s no shifting going on, there’s no derailleur hanging down It’s pretty durable, pretty awesome setup You just get the extra costs and the extra weight for this sort of a drive train Hey guys, I thought it would be fun to take a ride with my friend Judy – Hi, I’m Judy. Nice to meet you – We’re just meeting at the park in Coquitlam and I thought this would be a perfect bike for you, Judy, because it is a little bit easier to approach I mean this bike weighs like 60 pounds – 60 pounds? – Which is a little bit heavy and a lot of that weight is towards the back, but by doing that, they made the frame very easy to approach and you’re around five, five – Yeah – So kind of an average size woman and this bike, what do you think of it just looking at it?

– I like the color, it’s good And it’s the first time I will try to ride those electronic bicycles, so I’m very excited – Awesome, and we’ll take our time and everything and we’re gonna have fun with this – Yeah – I’m excited to teach you about the electronic shifting and stuff ’cause it’s very fancy It’s high tech and you’re kind of a high tech girl, you got like your cameras and stuff We met, we were out filming, doing our own blog stuff a while back So the first thing that we need to change about the bike is, see how high that seat is? Like look how high that is – Yeah, that’s really high – [Court] So the first thing we do, we’ll just- – Adjust it shorter? – [Court] Yeah, we’ll adjust this a little bit We can take it way down and I’m actually gonna take it extra low just to start so that you feel really comfortable – Okay – And that’s as low as it will go unless we like cut the seat post I think that’s kind of it I turn the bike on over here by pressing the power button So we do that And then, have you ever written like a motorcycle before or something where you have a throttle? – Motorcycle, no – [Court] Moped, anything like that? – Moped, yeah, I tried that one – [Court] Okay, so see this throttle? – Mmh – You can push that and then it’s gonna give you power and it’s just gonna You don’t even have to pedal if you don’t want to – Okay – So that might be a good thing First, can you just go ahead and step over the frame and grab those handlebars real quick? Great, so see how it feels pretty comfortable, like you don’t have to hang your foot over the frame or anything? – [Judy] Mmh – [Court] Can you go ahead and stow the kickstand just kind of kick it back? – Mmh – [Court] Great job, you’re doing excellent And then it looks like you’re pretty close to the saddle, so why don’t you just kind of kick off gently and then use the trigger throttle real gently – Real gently? – Yeah, just go for it – Okay, let me try it – You got – Whoo, it’s so cool – (laughs) There you go Nice, okay, now we’ve gotta stop for a second here ’cause I’m realizing we’ve got Judy’s helmet, so we’re gonna swap that out real quick and then we’ll go for a little ride – Hi – Doesn’t she look awesome We got the glasses going on, we got the helmet I think that’s it So this is your first ride just take your time – Okay – [Court] We talked about pedal assist, – I’m nervous – [Court] the throttle You got it – Thank you – You got it Judy – Okay (gravel crunching) (siren wailing) – [Court] Here we go She was saying, it really felt powerful ’cause I think this is sort of the first time she’s ridden an e-bike, especially one with a throttle We tried to bring it to a safe place, this big gravel like football field here, soccer field What I noticed when I was riding is that the rocks kind of get stuck in the tire tread a little bit and they kind of kick up and you hear ’em like tinking against the fenders a little bit and maybe getting in your shoes, but for the most part, it works really well She’s just loving the throttle. (laughs) Here we go, now she’s pedaling (bike motor whirring) I can hear the motor a little bit (bike motor whirring) (gravel crunching) There you go, nice Bring it on back, I wanna teach you about shifting next – [Judy] Okay – [Court] There we go Okay, Cool – Oops – Whoa, that’s the things – I just stopped it – [Court] Anytime you do the brakes, it’ll stop the motor – Okay – You did a great job What probably happened there is maybe you pedaled a little or it had the throttle and that can kind of make the bike go We haven’t had any crashes or anything How do you feel so far? – I can feel like the power of this bicycle, I can feel speed and when you’re tired, you can just use this one to control the speed or something, yeah – [Court] Yeah, you did a great job on it – And I think, it like for, I think for someone who just first time tried this, I think, yeah, it’s pretty good and it’s easy to handle – [Court] Yeah, I noticed like right now you’re on the seat, but you’re able to put your foot down and the bike is stable Like you’re not – Yeah, it’s not shaking or something – [Court] Not shaking, not tipping You wanna talk about shifting a little bit? – Shifting? – Yeah So this, if you twist it forward like this, it makes it easier to pedal and if you twist it back like that, it makes it harder to pedal And that way if you’re climbing a hill, you make it easier and if you’re going fast, you can go the other direction And this silver button changes it from sort of automatic to manual So let’s try manual Let’s start you off in a really like low gear, that’s easy, okay And once you wanna go a little faster, twist it back – Just twist this? – Yeah, kind of while you’re riding Go ahead and give that a try – Okay – Let’s see how this goes (gravel crunching) Good job, there we go So there’s the fast cadence Here we go I can see that rear fender bounce around a little bit There we go, good job Good job, perfect, perfect, bring it back, bring it back

So she’s doing an awesome job I wanna point out, I just really appreciate these smooth welds that they’ve got going on, on this thing And just being able to start from standstill, like you’ve been doing either pedaling because it’s a torque sensor or using the throttle How was shifting to you? Was that intuitive or does it feel confusing? What do you think? – I think it’s not that confusing ’cause I can easily change this one – Yeah – I can feel like the speed changing, yeah – [Court] Do you have a regular bike? – Not- – Not right now? But have you used one before where there’s the trigger shifters – Yeah – Right – And that one, I thought it was a little bit harder to change because it’s not that I feel like that’s smooth something – [Court] Yeah, it’s just like tink, tink – Yeah, tink, tink, tink – [Court] Versus like Yeah, okay, great Well, you’ve done a great job on this Do you mind if I trade off and go for a ride too? – It’s okay – Sweet, sweet, good job with the kickstand Awesome job, Judy, high five – Hi – Rock on Okay guys, so I was talking about the frame materials and everything It’s an aluminum frame and I think Evelo has done a pretty good job with their extra thick welds up here and making this sort of like oval on the main tubing right here And that’s important for a step through because there is a lot of weight at the rear of the bike and the bike can kind of flex a little bit if you have a step through, that’s not set up with a bigger tubing So when I shake it, see how the rear of the frame it’s kind of wiggling a little bit when I do that? That’s what’s called frame flex Now when I was riding earlier, I wasn’t experiencing speed wobble This frame flex is something that most step throughs have at least a little bit, but I feel like this bike’s done a great job handling that And again, the welds and everything really smooth It’s a really nicely done frame A lot of times you’ll just see like the beading and kind of the metal that they just welded on Like more like this, but with the frame, see how it’s very smooth, that’s nicer It’s definitely nicer And then the final thing I wanna point out is, Judy was just riding this and she’s in a higher gear and now I’m gonna get on and I’m gonna start, and this might be you doing this to yourself You might be going fast and then you get to a hill and you forget to downshift Well, that can be a bummer on a normal bike with traditional gears On this bike, you can actually shift at standstill So see, I’m not even pedaling and I can change gears ’cause again, there’s continuously variable transmission So that’s a really nice thing Judy is new at this and stuff, but whether you’re new or you’re just, shifting is confusing and you don’t wanna worry about it, being able to shift at standstill is one of the big benefits of having an internally geared hub or continuously variable transmission like this So I think that’s it I shifted down to an easier gear, I’m gonna do my little ride test Here we go – Here we go (bike motor whirring) (gravel crunching) – Wait a minute, wait a minute Somebody left the seat all the way down here – [Judy] Oh, yeah That’s me – That’s the other I’m really pushing the limits here There is like a minimum insertion point that’s marked on the seat posts, so I made sure not to go above that just for safety And see, now I’ve got the good leg extension So anyway, here we go (gravel crunching) (bike motor whirring) Oh boy (bike motor whirring) Nice, it’s going well Okay, hand me off the camera, Judy – Yeah – I wanna show you guys some of the sand stuff that I was talking about before Did you get sand in your shoes too or not? – Yeah, a lot? – (laughs) A lot We don’t get to test water today, but we do get to test sand You’ll notice that the fender and everything, it’s pretty far forward One thing is if they put the fenders too far out, you can hit your shoes while you’re pedaling, but these are actually a pretty good place even for big shoes like I have And the sand is gonna be like water, so you’ll see kind of what that would look like (bike motor whirring) Yeah, so it’s bouncing up a little bit The fender is catching most of it, but it is getting a little bit into my shoes and kind of hitting my shins and stuff So these fenders are, they’re good Also be careful if you’re riding on gravel, ’cause it can feel a little bit shaky, right? Did you have that too, a little bit unstable at the tight turns? – Yeah, a little bit – Just a little bit? – Mmh – But the bigger tires do a fairly good job Back to the tire choice that Evelo had, they have these much wider, so higher air volume for comfort, a little bit wider, not quite as efficient, but a lot more stable So all in all, I think this is a pretty fantastic bike I’m always impressed with Evelo They have good customer support, they make bikes like nobody else makes with like the continuous variable transmission, the belt drive and the frame sizes and stuff Again, there is an Aurora,

which is like a slightly larger and more powerful version of this, that could be kind of like the guys version Guys tend to be a little bit bigger, but there’s nothing wrong with this if you’re like a petite guy Even for me, it feels pretty comfortable and I think it looks nice for guys or girls Like you kind of like the color, right? – Yeah, I like this color – [Court] It’s not pink, but it’s- – Yeah, but brown something I have a question, what’s this one? – [Court] Yeah, this is for the lock So like we can take the off, for example – [Judy] Oh, this the battery? – [Court] That’s the battery – Wow – Yeah, and actually that’s a really good point because this battery is 7.4 pounds, so if you need to put this bike on a rack or do service, you can take the battery off, or if you’re someone who like, you gotta park it outside and it’s raining or it’s really hot, extreme heat can be hard on the lithium ion cells and so it’s nice that they have a removable battery pack Guys, I think that’s about it I’ve recorded all the details for this bike and Evelo was really helpful, they were really responsive when I was asking questions and stuff, probably more than average and they were more technically knowledgeable than some of the other companies that I’ve looked at in the past There’s definitely trade offs with this bike, but I think it’s definitely one of the better or like city models, especially for like petite riders For the full written review, I’ll see you at electricbikereview.com Thanks again for your help, Judy – Welcome. Thank you guys, see you – Love y’all and there is a comparison tool and a forums and stuff that you can check out back at the site and we’ll see on the next review (gravel crunching) There we go It’s her first time going up a hill, and she’s using the pedal assist, keeping that balance Nice job, Judy We finished filming and she was like, “Hey, can I keep riding this?” (laughs) (birds chirping) (wind whooshing)