iGO Electric Elite Video Review – $1.8k Ergonomic, Low-Step, Short Electric Bicycle

Hey guys. it’s a beautiful morning. We’re, near phoenix Arizona. We’ve got a new one from iGO here. Just arrived They ship these things to the United States but it’s a Canadian company based in Montreal They’ve been around since 2006, they’ve got a two-year warranty and they’ve got what looks like 30 or 40 dealers at this point A few in the United States – there’s nice wheels in New York city ebikes of New England and then there is [Amp Brothers Electric Cycles] in Michigan Again, having a, bike ship, like this especially international is a really interesting i’m excited to see what’s inside but it looks like it was was packaged really well. We’ve got all these extra kind of straps and stuff and I think it was even certified, with ISTA the international shipping transport association So, yeah i’m just gonna jump in. This is the elite model so it’s really approachable low step through, a lot of neat features. Let’s get to it. I love that iGO is so focused with doing partnerships with shops. It makes the experience a lot better in my mind, but if you do have to get it shipped that is free, so it’s included. I just got that top open, looks like there’s some extra cardboard padding so this thing can be flipped or placed on the end and it wouldn’t Mess up the fenders or the saddle. It’s looking pretty good, i’m gonna keep digging in. Okay guys this is what it looks like when you’ve got it out Kinda… You know, I had to cut some zip ties and stuff. The front Wheel is completely unattached and then that front rack is also just, you know, really Well protected. Nothing seems damaged except possibly a little bit of a scratch on that cap there for the top We are gonna need a pump because I noticed that both tires were basically uninflated – you can see that down here – so make sure you have one. I always carry mine around I really like these air tools from specialized. Also if you speak french it’s kind of neat that they give you a french manual, right, then this little tool kit there’s the skewer for the front and some wrenches and stuff gets the job done, also the charger this is a 2 amp, charger that’s kind of basic It weighs about one point six pounds so not too heavy and it’s got the little circular plug and again Here’s the the inside of the box it just seemed like it it did a Good job it didn’t punch through too much there’s a little bit of a rip, but for something that’s being shipped Internationally like this that’s not bad at all, also i wanted to point out its Amp brothers electric bikes in michigan just To, give them a shout out and not to confuse you guys too much i’ve never been before but Being able to go and actually see one of these bikes in person, take a test ride is definitely worth it. This is, you know, still a fairly big purchase for a lot of people and you might be familiar with Some of the earlier iGO electric bikes from like twenty seventeen. They had one it was called the explorer and it had two top tubes right that protected the battery and might have added some frame strength and reinforcement but this one’s a little bit lower stand over height just very approachable Tthe founder of iGO running the company told me that this is designed to fit people From five foot all the way up to six two so it’s just really, you know, kind of like do everything platform with that step through and if you want to make sure that you can Lower the seat enough and adjust the handle bars and stuff being able to go to one of those shops Is great I wish I could, tell you all the shops in Canada But i’m sure at their website you know they’ve got a good dealer tool. So i’m gonna go ahead and build this thing this has sped up so much you can just see the sun the shadow, sort of gracing across the driveway there and i’m messing with the stem and trying to get that all set up right at this point the bottom bracket tightening Some things – putting the pedals on it didn’t say right or left for the pedals so I kind of just had to fool with it until I got to figure it out and then there is the light it was trying to be really careful with that, got it all set up and then the front wheel Wow, well it took me about 50 minutes to assemble that bike completely I definitely took my time, one thing I want to recommend being really careful about is when you’re cutting the zip ties, because there’s this tiny little wire for the headlight, also the wires up here I actually scraped this one a little bit because I was cutting and it just kind of grazed it – just take your time go slow you don’t want to clip something and then end up with A bike that’s not going to work Also, when i was adjusting the handlebars I pulled the brake lever a little bit and when the front Wheel isn’t on and you don’t have, this disc going into those callipers sometimes the callipers can pull shut and then get stuck that way, and it’s it’s hard to undo them so before you have the front Wheel mounted just be extra careful with that brake lever. These are really nice brakes Tektro – they’ve got the motor inhibitor here so anytime you pull them it’s gonna kill the motor, also Got an integrated bell – really like that. One of the other sort of challenging parts from you was getting this new adjustable angle stem on So you have to slide this little lever down open it up and then position the handlebars all the way down for this whole I’m just gonna try to do this for you So you open it way up and then position it way down and see how that hole lines up and then there’s a bolt that you sort of screw down

And that’s what clamps this stem right right down onto that steering tube and you want to line that up so that the bike is steering straight before you tighten those other bolts on the side So, there’s just some some extra little little steps but once you’ve got it set up you can Adjust these handlebars really nicely, bring them way up like this for a comfortable upright position angle the bars all kinds of adjustability there However when you tighten this see it kind of locks in just, you know, Pay close attention to this because I have seen where sometimes you could be riding a bike like this hit a really big bump And over time this could kind of loosen up and the bars might accidentally tilt forward on you especially if you’re a big person maybe a little bit more weight and you’re really wrenching down on those handlebars so just, you know, keep an eye on that kind of thing. The rest of the bike assembled pretty well. I was inflating the tires they are 50 to 85 psi i’m a relatively lightweight rider i’m like 135 pounds so I Inflated them to about 60 I wanted to be at the lower end of the pressure so that i could actually have Some shock absorption, a little bit of comfort, this does have a suspension fork it’s a little bit more basic But it’s SR Suntour and see these caps. These plastic caps on top you can, actually pop those up and adjust Preload, okay, so that’s kind of cool because if you’re, someone who’s a little bit heavier you can, preload that suspension And sort of tighten the spring down so that it’s not always just like squished all the way down you’re, still allowing yourself Some travel length But the shock is loaded that spring is loaded this is a coil fork so it’s a little bit heavier a little bit more basic You don’t have lock out you don’t have, you know, rebound adjust Any of the fancy stuff like, air suspension Also, we’ve got that kickstand It’s kind of in the way of that that left crank so if you’re let’s say that you’re in the garage You’ve gone in you parked it and then you’re getting ready to go for a ride and you back the bike up See that crank arm collides with the kickstand and over time it’s gonna Scrape the paint a little bit but it’s an aluminum alloy it’s not gonna rust Same with the rest of this frame we’ve got a rear rack here 25 kilogram max weight it’s about 55 pounds not bad and it does have these external pannier hangers so you can add panniers and they’re Gonna be protected a little bit from the tire from the rim And those spokes it’s got a bit of a guard here and this triple bungee that comes just stock with The bike i really like that they’ve got bottle cage bosses here, that’s another place to add either you know A cup holder for some some fluids or maybe a Folding lock or a mini pump or something and that way you don’t have to have a Bag in panniers and stuff you just have you know something for around the neighbourhood you know you can enjoy yourself And have some drink with you, and then this front rack they’ve done a really Good, job because when you steer the bike see the rack doesn’t steer it just stays straight and that means it’s it’s mounted to the frame here it’s really sturdy However the light is also mounted to the rack so when you turn And that light is not going to turn it’s just gonna be pointing straight You know it’s it’s kind of a trade-off. I like that the light Is suspended it’s not here on the arch of the suspension it’s possible you could actually mount it there But then it’s gonna bounce and kind of vibrate as you’re, going over rough terrain So that really thoughtful a couple other things i wanted to mention back here when i was talking About the stem and tightening it down the tool that they gave you you know They’re, it’s a little bit more basic, some of these are already Starting to strip a little bit at the ends and they just aren’t as long, okay so i think i was using like This tool! Trying to get all the way down into that stem and tighten in it and then you don’t have much leverage up here so i got a Pair of like pliers here to grab on to that to really tighten it down and then eventually i just opted for my Own tools they’re much longer and they could go really deep down there and it wasn’t quite so precarious it seems like They, are missing, some washers and so the reason that those, washers will be important is because when You’re, mounting the light it says you’re supposed to sandwich the bolt and the nut You know i have to have, some washers in there But they didn’t have enough i ended up using Most of the washers for this front rack Because it said you’re supposed to have four for that but one of them is a little bit thicker so i feel like Maybe they just don’t have, washers for this front rack or maybe the one i got didn’t have it i got five Washers so i chose to use one on just the top part of the light they Wanted to have two and then four on this rack And and you know then e’re gonna mount that front fender here in a second and it’s supposed to have Some washers there too so it doesn’t scratch the arch and i don’t have them i don’t have the washer so anyway That’s still still a couple steps left i’m gonna charge this thing up make Sure we’re all set before we do a ride test but i wanted to give you, that feedback About what tools, you’ll need there was one other tool that didn’t come with, which is just a standard that’s Phillips Screwdriver so i’ve had one of those laying around i went and grabbed it and i’m getting excited about this thing man it looks really Comfortable really nice tires you can, see that there’s reinforcement eyelets on the rims so they’re Gonna, be a little bit stronger Schwalbe energizer plus energizer’s like the ebike specific tire from Schwalbe Ah, and they’ve got their rated up to like 28 mile per hour riding really efficient they’ve got puncture protection they’ve got reflective sidewalls and this platinum

Metallic color is also going to give you a little bit of visibility at night if you’re riding around so you’re Gonna be seen you know. Lights reflective sidewalls there’s there’s just a lot here Yeah, i’m really excited, also the rear fender i adjusted this a little bit kind of extended these struts, so that the the fender would be raised up i’m not gonna rub on that tire and create like a ‘bzz, bzz’ noise, but also both of the sides are adjusted so that it’s positioned really well it connects here near The bottom bracket up here near the seat stays and then there’s nothing in the middle so this is where it might bounce around And rattle. Plastic fenders tend to be very durable you know you can bump them and stuff and they just spring right back they, don’t get bent Like aluminum and they’re kind of not gonna rust like, steel but they do tend to have vibrate a little bit more and if there was just one more support strut right here somewhere in the middle of the rack That would really tighten it up and it would be a little bit quieter i’ve seen that on some of the even nicer bikes but Considering this thing, was just shipped to me there really aren’t aren’t a lot of you know there’s no damage that i’ve seen the only damage is me scratching up the the cables so again just be careful with that And yeah let’s we’ll take the next step hey, guys So the bike is all set up i’ve been having a blast riding around the neighbourhood And just really diving into the the menu system and exploring all the details on this bike i want to go through Real quick and just and do an overview Because there’s so much to appreciate here starting with, the black rims with those reinforcement eyelets i talked About before these are 12 gauge spokes in the rear, also black. Black hub Motor 500 watt nominal that’s pretty zippy. Geared hub motors tend to be lightweight they freewheel Efficiently they produce a little bit more buzzing noise but look how Small that is you know it really hides behind this cassette this is Shimano Altus it’s an 8 speed Cassette 11 to 34 teeth we’re in the lowest, gear right now And it’s it still takes a little bit to get going this isn’t a mountain bike but the idea is that at 20 miles per hour you’ve got these smaller sprockets and you can Pedal pretty efficiently 42 to chain ring up here this is a steel chain Ring a little bit cheaper if it gets scratched it could start to rust or something but i love that there’s a chain Cover to keep your skirt or your pants from rubbing on that chain there’s no guide there’s no bash guard on it but again This, isn’t kind of a neighborhood bike in my opinion 170 millimeter alloy crank arms that’s pretty standard vp plastic Pedals with rubber tread, and that’s nice because if you slip off you’re not gonna cut your shin However you might slip off a little easier because they aren’t quite as big they don’t have metal pins you can Replace those for like 20 bucks with, some Wellgos off amazon so not a Big deal i don’t think you’re gonna have too much trouble with the chain dropping off on this this is it’s not a Mid drive but, again, there’s no guide and if it does drop off it’s gonna fall Kind of back in there might be a little bit hard to deal with so my hope, is that again The type of riding you’re probably not going offroad. Shimano Altus that’s like one step up from the entry-level Shimano Tourney, so it’s you know it’s decent eight speeds it’s kind of what what i would expect it’s a Value play for sure but it’s gonna get the job done And then the chain, does look like, maybe it’s rust proof it’s A little bit bit nicer back there i already touched on the tires a little bit but There’s the stamp so it’s 50 kilometer Energizer this is this is a nice tire very nice actually it’s probably one of the nicer parts on the entire bike because they’re Not going to get flats very easily it has the puncture protection that’s the performance line greenguard Built in let’s see if i can there it is performance line greenguard so it’s got puncture protection they’re efficient They’re rated to go a, little bit faster they’re ebike specific They, have the reflective sidewalls i just i can’t stress that enough they’re They’re, really nice to have and changing flats on electric bikes for the front, wheel isn’t a Big deal because it’s got that quick-release cure but on the rear, wheel it’s not very fun, you’ve got the Cassette there the derailleur you’re, gonna have to get your hands a little greasy And then you’ve got these, big nuts i think the axle on this is threaded 12 millimeter axle with nine point eight millimeter cut Out so it’ll slide right up in there and then there is a quick disconnect Point right here on the power cable, going to the motor So that’s really nice you can disconnect that and take it off but You’ll notice there’s still zip ties down here you’re, gonna have to cut the zip ties and stuff Do watch the tire pressure on these, okay, again, they’re rated from 50 to 85 psi you want to make sure you’re at least at 50 and if you’re heavier person You know raise it up a little bit if you Live somewhere that doesn’t have these nice sloping curbs and you hit like an angle curb or maybe a rock or a Bump or something the the tire can squish in and then the inner tubes gonna get pinched between the tire and the Rim and that’s called a pinch flat and you’ve got snake Bites because you’ll have two holes one where it pinched on the right one where it pinched on the left so Anyway i’m again nicer tires but you got to take care of them to really help them last Especially the rear you’ve got this rack you’ve got the weight of the motor Thankfully a lot of the weight on this bike is towards the middle it’s relatively low It’s very nice actually considering this is a step through

Because a lot of the older bikes would have rear mounted batteries and it just creates this like frame flex crack the whip there’s still a little bit of frame flex but You can see this big gusset here that’s connecting that down tube to the seat tube if i shake the bike You can see that there’s there’s definitely like, some spring going on that’s frame flex that’s what i’m talking about But again, when you’re pedaling, when you’re riding around the neighborhood in an upright Body position, and stuff you’re probably, not standing up going offroad you could even distribute some of that weight onto the front rack They’re doing the best they can and that’s one of the compromises that any Step through is is going to face i already talked about the plastic fenders and stuff but coming Back here to the rear rack i just want to give you Another close up here this is a really nice rack and i just love the hangers i love the Integrated light so this is Duxo so by Spanninga Integrated so it has a power cable right here that runs under the fender all the way up to the battery Same thing with the headlight so that’s the blaze light it’s the L3000 it’s got dual beams You know i’m actually gonna turn those on real quick so you power up the display comes, like pretty quickly and then you press the power button one more time and the display becomes backlit there’s a little icon there and Then both lights turn on so there’s the rear it you know it’s a little bit blocked By the top of the rack however if you have a, bag up here or on the sides at least the Main reflective portion of the light will still be visible i wish that the light kind of came down A little bit more maybe the light, was mounted below. This bar because i think a lot of times it cars And stuff will be higher up and they’re not going to see the light, because the rack Blocks it it’s a minor complaint at least it has a light and at least it has reflective sidewalls same thing with The front light though if you have cargo on that rack you know You can, see the light down here pretty easily but not up here and also from the sides There’s a little bit of a kind of a cutout so you can see it a little bit from the sides there pretty good Back to the wiring it’s all internally routed Really nice there’s a little bit of rubbing happening here up front because of that rack You, don’t have to have the rack on you know i installed that myself And then i think the light would mount either to the fender yeah probably just to the to the arch right there on the That’s not the fender the fender, also mounts here but it would mount to the suspension fork and then that, would be the Bouncing, that i talked, about earlier even the rack. Has these gussets You know it’s it’s interesting it probably, adds to the weight i was weighing this before and it’s about? 61.5. Pounds it’s a little bit heavier but That’s because it has racks and fenders and a basic suspension fork and a pretty decent sized Battery 48 volt 13 amp hours, okay a lot of times i would, say you know 36 volt Ten amp hours is average you know it’s like 350 360 watt hours, so to go up to 48 volts you’re getting A little bit more zip and power and this does have an 18 amp controller and i was told that it runs at 18 amps, when you’re using pedal assist And when use the throttle it drops down to 16 amps so it’s supposed to be a little bit gentler and a little bit smoother, and maybe not kind of throw You, off i’m gonna get into that a little bit later but, while we’re on the topic of wires you can See that the wires are run pretty nicely down here and that there’s even this Like protective tab right there i don’t know If you can see it but it’s actually pretty nice a lot of times wires are just strewn About near the bottom bracket and very exposed, and they could get bumped if you have Some sort of a rock strike or a curb strike or something right here so i feel like This is pretty nice before you ever hit, this you’re probably, gonna hit the plastic chain Cover here and bend or break that so it i don’t know If it’s really even necessary, but it’s just another attention to detail and then this plastic Piece here with the wire coming out that’s the cadence sensor so there are twelve magnets inside high resolutions Responsive and it’s like almost completely sealed it’s not like the older ones Where you actually see the magnets and a sensor this one’s all built in and it’s just it’s just really Well done so i think they’ve done a good job but you can’t see down here this is square tapered, spindle it’s not like One of the fancier mountain-biking, ones it’s just it’s got four edges versus splined Again kind of what i would expect i already complained about how, the kickstand is mounted in your way, but at least it has adjustable Length so you can tilt the bike or make it straight up and down Depending on your personal preferences thirty point four millimeter seat post right here this aluminum alloy That’s pretty good a lot of times i see 27.2 millimeter This one’s just a little bit fatter And maybe gonna give you a bit more strength and less flex going on it’s about 340 millimeters in length and This the saddle itself is from velo brown it matches the grips and everything really nice It’s got some bumpers built in but if you Wanted to make this bike a little bit more comfortable and we already have the suspension fork but You could go ahead and add a suspension seatpost now if you, do that the saddle Won’t be able to drop down quite as far they’ll be like probably About three inches of additional height to it because the the spring has to go up and down

There’s all kinds of suspension seatposts – the cheapest ones are like 25 bucks and you can pay Upwards of one hundred and fifty dollars for something like a Thudbuster or the body float connect Without adding a seat post suspension, you’re able to lower this seat down really really low Look at that. That’s that’s pretty phenomenal and you’ll notice that it doesn’t collide with, this rear rack okay That was very intentional they designed this thing to have plenty of clearance To have the rack bolted down very solid And see how its kind of hanging out towards the rear So that it’s clear you can actually have a trunk, bag here this bike is designed to really accommodate those petite riders or people Who just want to be able to put their feet down at Any time maybe you’re just using the throttle you’re not worried about leg extension and pedaling You’re just on this thing zipping around, using the throttle the handlebars go way down, way up it’s it’s nice i like This kind of setup but, again you’re trading a little bit of stiffness in performance for the ergonomics and i think they call it like Ergofit or whatever I like that the branding on this bike isn’t too overwhelming you know Just says iGO right here and it’s got some kind of graphics mixed in i’ve got this nice You know designed in Canada and then the sizing details and stuff back to those bottle cages It’s just it’s pretty nice like all-around Good stuff and the little compromises they’ve, made just on the the drivetrain the gearing are appropriate for a Bike, like this and then a big take, away that that i found, while digging into this the bike actually came With the throttle kind of unscrewed i think it just got loose and i noticed it wasn’t it wasn’t responding quite perfectly so i peeled Back this velcro These nice neoprene covers and you can see these connectors are excellent, like, not only are they color-coded but They’re, threaded so you can really snap them together And that means if you pull on the the cables like this really hard And twist you really shouldn’t twist that far because see how it’s Stretching the cables and everything but at least the cables won’t come unplugged Okay, and they’re watertight they’ve got a rubber, washer in there this is this is really nice Stuff and it’s the same thing on the other side so We have brake inhibitors on both brake levers the display and then the throttle so that’s the extra cabling the brake themselves These are Tektro Airies forefinger levers so you can really bear down but mechanical breaks They can stretch over time they take A little bit more hand effort and you can’t really Adjust the reach so this is just one set reach if you have smaller hands or you’re wearing gloves you Can’t bring them in the way you could on hydraulic disc brakes so that’s one of the big trade-offs However the brake rotors are 180 millimeters that’s really good that’s bigger and it gives you a mechanical advantage over these larger tires these are 700 by 38c Which is 28 by 1.5. Inches a good compromise between Efficiency like a road bike and a little bit of comfort Which would be more like a cruiser type of bike The other really big benefit of this rear rotor being 180 millimeters is that you have plenty of room for The callipers to kind of adjust those, and get in there and tune that sometimes with, hub, motors like, this you can See the hub, motor itself is you know it’s it’s taking up, some space sometimes if you have A hundred and sixty millimeter rotors you can’t get in there very easily to make adjustments and tighten tighten the the callipers down over time, also, while we’re on the topic of The motor i was measuring the the rear hub spacing it looks, like this is a hundred and fifty millimeters Which is much wider a lot, of times i’m just seeing 135 millimeters that’s kind of standard but i think they Made it extra wide to accommodate the eight speed cassette and a disc brake i can’t say for sure that’s just What i physically measured with, my, own callipers but one of the things i noticed down here Is that the motor power cable is actually see how It’s coming out right here Just outside of the the disc brake but inside the frame so it’s really tucked in there so many times i see the motor cable coming out Out of the axle and a lot of times it comes out on the right hand side of the bike and Then you’ve got extra cables so you’ve got the derailleur it’s going in and out the derailleur cable and then a power cable and it’s just a mess so iGO really you know went the distance and Design their motor cable to be tucked in and safe so if the bike tips over Or you’re driving close to some brush it’s not going to get snagged just phenomenal really nice and in addition to those standard rack Bosses you’ve got another One right here maybe for some other fender attachment or just whatever that the bike is really versatile i was asking them About their motors and they said, yeah you know, we actually, we actually designed this one we’ve been working on it for a while And it is zippy it works pretty, well there’s just a lot of stuff to talk, about here i’m gonna patch this up But before i do let’s go back into That display panel and in fact i’m gonna take us into some shade so you can see the backlighting on that okay guys we’re back over into the shade i wanted to take the battery off before We get into the display panel and notice how it springs, okay, so that’s kind of cool Because it means you can unlock the battery you just pull out on that lever and

Then you can, completely remove the keys like that if you want to And you don’t need the keys to lock the battery Back onto the bike so here it is 48 volts this is about eight pounds i was measuring it earlier And then it says 48 volt 13 amp hour 624 watt hours it’s a pretty sweet battery and does have a usb type a full-size port on the side Which is really nice let’s go ahead and set this in delicately Go, and then click it back in and see what i mean you hear it click and everything it’s really nice and there’s the Usb port that i was talking about if you do plug something into this amazon Has these, like right angle adapters so you can Keep that cable close to the frame and then run it up to your Maybe an additional light or maybe if you have a phone mounted up here there’s lots of room on this handle Bar for maybe a cup holder and a phone mount if you wanted to because the display is built into the button Pad it’s over there on the left That’s kind of cool but just keep that in mind when you’re pedaling you know Your, leg could, be right here you, don’t, want to snag that if you if you’re. Pedaling, while Using it on the bike the neat thing about having a, usb port built right onto the battery however is that you can Take that off you know, bring it with you and use it as like a Backup, power source and that’s a lot of energy in there lithium ion battery there they’re designed to be lightweight reliable they, don’t develop a memory as easily as some of the older sealed lead acid and Nicad batteries the other thing, about this battery pack is you, want to keep it away from extreme heat And extreme cold i’m in Arizona right now it does get extremely hot sometimes in the garage on the other hand lithium-ion Batteries can be a little bit sensitive you, don’t want to drop it you, don’t want to have some sort of damage that’s why They’re real sensitive about Allowing them to be shipped on planes and stuff so just kind of keep in mind like, well where’s the place that’s cool And dry that’s also maybe you know Safe where i can Charge this battery or leave it if you haven’t used the battery in a few months you Want to charge it up every once while and i try to avoid getting it below 20% because then the the chemistry of those lithium-ion cells sort of changes, so that’s some battery care tips for you Here’s the charging port and if you’re charging on the bike it’s it’s a little bit vulnerable because you can See the crank arm and the pedal pass right, by it right there and sometimes these rubber plugs they Don’t they don’t fit in very easily you have to kind of work with it so i take that out and then Actually this one fits in a lot better than some of the other ones that i’ve experienced in the past maybe they’ve updated that It just fits right in okay Not bad so you know i’m seeing all kinds of improvements and there’s a little handle that helped Me carry it and get it off earlier there’s a locking port they do give you two keys so You know it’s all around pretty good stuff and while we’re up here this is a straight inch and an eighth Straight headset right here so it limits kind of what kind of forks you can get and everything And then it’s got a couple risers here and goes straight into that extra tall promax stem Let’s go ahead and explore the display panel, again, so press power for a couple seconds comes to life and it is Monochrome but as soon as i press that power button then it does the Backlighting so i can see it change a little bit it’s still really bright, where, we are and go ahead and Take it up Maybe a little bit darker Up here yeah and i can see the headlight beam on the wall up there it’s not super, bikes it’s just such a bright day out So anyway, here’s the display, but the light icon speed it’s in miles per hour right now but i’m going to show You, how to switch to km/h pedal Assist level it starts in zero so the throttle is not active but as soon as you arrow Up to one through eight the throttle does become active and they’ve set it up so that levels one through three are Ecopower so it’s a little bit more efficient it doesn’t it doesn’t send quite as much voltage so eco 1 2 3 and now as soon as i go to 4 goes to normal so you get a little bit more zip out of this thing 4 Those are normal and then as soon as you get to seven six six seven and eight That’s where it’s in power mode so that’s automatic. Some of the other displays in the past you actually got to choose The power setting but it was confusing he had to go into the settings to do that so iGO is try to make this simpler Which i appreciate so pedal-assist, aid is going to be the zippyest but you’re going to drain Through the battery quicker and then over here where it says bms that’s your battery voltage so it’s giving You some idea of okay what kind of voltage are we at it’s a Fully charged battery right now but the infographic just shows five dots Well that’s twenty percent increments it’s not quite as Fine it’s not quite as precise as being able to look at the voltage directly or it’d be really nice if they had battery Percentage or something but those are the two battery readouts And then down here it starts in trip mode so trip distance we found zero miles so far if i press set again though It takes me to timer so this trip time has only been zero minutes it started riding yet and then the odometer Got about zero miles so it’s a brand new bike i actually did go for ride earlier but i think i reset some stuff And i’m going to show you how to do that now, so we’ll go ahead and hold the set button

Brings us into these different menus here and if we want to change which Menu in it we’re in right now so it says trip distance is flashing i hold set now let’s see It’ll be set again, okay, that’s wheel size There we go i think this is speed, miles per hour or kilometers per hour. There we go so What’s changing over on the right so that’s kind of how You do it. I’m gonna leave it in miles per hour cuz i’m reviewing this in the United States there’s a little bit more trip this is where i cleared the trip distance by pressing – earlier now i’m gonna hold set and we exit There we go good i think everything’s everything’s set up right i’m going to press power one more time to get back lighting And then you’ll notice here that the the plus button has an orange circle around it if you hold + for a couple seconds it Does walk mode and that could be handy if you’re Hanging out in a park or something and you you Want to walk across the grass or have them forbid you get a flat tire like We were talking about earlier this bike is 61 and a half pounds pushing it all by yourself it can Be a little bit difficult but if we press though the walk, mode let’s try that out here, okay, so i’m holding walk There we go So it’s not too fast you know 2.8. Miles per hour and this is really just on flat terrain that’s that’s it guys i think that’s That’s a really comprehensive look at all the details and stuff that i’ve discovered i’m gonna go ahead and hop on now and just take A little ride Okay i’m gonna start off in pedal assist 1 Because i was told that they designed this to start a little bit slower and stay Slower in the lowers level of assist in the past there were ebikes where it was like yep i’m getting less Power but it would still take You, like all the way up to 20 miles per hour, which is the top, assisted speed on this bike sometimes you actually Want to go slower so they dialed it in they don’t let You, adjust the top speed on this bike that, wasn’t part of the menu system we explored a minute ago but Again it’s kind of neat that each level of assist gives you a certain amount of power and a certain speed top speed Also, you’ll notice that i raise the seat really, high for myself here so i can get full leg, extension and that’s back to the adjustability they, say it’ll fit people up to about 6 – and i’m 5 9 Ok, so here we go i’m pedaling It is just super super quiet i can, barely hear it and it’s really not giving, me a whole lot of support We’re at a you know six and a half miles per hour assisted and it’s very flat here unfortunately there are no hills Where i’m at Near Phoenix right now but as i arrow up let’s go up to level four Because that’s gonna go from kind of the eco to normal power and a little bit more speed There we go so this one’s getting me up to you know Maybe 14 miles per hour i think i need to shift gears because i can’t keep up there you go let’s try it again Okay, yeah, about maybe 12 miles per hour, and pedal assist for and then as soon as i arrow up to eight wow You can see the power meter lighting up there Giving me some feedback it’s really putting out the juice and and i can hear it zipping but it’s really not that loud There, we are we’re up to 20 miles per hour there’s the top speed go ahead and break this is one-handed with that a 180 millimeter rotor not bad not bad this thing is is great i have a feeling Oh yeah. There we go let’s try the cadence sensing real quick you know there’s a bit of a Delay there still 12 magnets with that sealed design is pretty good and the bike is feeling very stable So i’m not getting, like, speed, wobble You know even if i shake it a little bit like that the bike seems to be tracking very Well i can ride with no hands comfortably like this And again i think that’s partially because of those tires and with that larger wheel diameter i’m going to be able to ride over bumps and cracks and I’ll have a lower attack angle and it’ll just give me a nice rolling momentum really smooth that’s, why, you see the larger Wheel diameter on like road bikes and city bikes and stuff, okay, this first view is designed to give you Just some audio feedback on the motor you are attached to the seat post so the vibrations are gonna sound a little bit louder i’m Gonna start in pedal assist level 3 And then i’m gonna use the throttle, which gives us full power Also, you might be able to hear the fenders and just you know i’m gonna switch through them through some gears and stuff too Okay throttle time

Now that i’m breaking with two hands it stops a lot faster the the motor is really quiet in those lower levels of assist It’s nice to have options, but you do have to press that plus and minus button eight times you know And it doesn’t loop so if you’re at eight you want to go back down to zero one two Three four or five six seven eight and you’re all the way down again so you know it’s it’s kind of a mix, okay Guys, from this view you can Watch me pedal and you can listen to that motor i’m going to be in pedal Assist level eight the highest so that you’re going to be able to hear the motor Really clearly and get an idea for the lag like how quickly pedal, assist starts and stops Not too bad it was pretty responsive especially when i started because i was in a lower gear so My pedal cadence was faster and then with that much power there were there were moments where it was like, okay i might be moving the pedals but i don’t want the motor to activate so i just pulled the brake levers a little bit and activated those motor inhibitors and And then i felt really in control the motor didn’t kick up and i think the last thing to discuss here is that You know you could be in a lower level of assist like level 3 that’s the highest eco level it’s very efficient but it’s definitely Helping, me fight in the breeze here Don’t have to strain my knees but at Any time i can tap into that trigger throttle and i get full power so let’s do that There we go Fantastic, now i’m up to that 20 miles per hour that we talked about before And do another little break test here for the stop sign It’s just fantastic i think this bike has done a lot of things right and the price point is $1799 USD is is great in my opinion especially with the two-year warranty especially if you can find this at a dealer who can Build it for you, because it Did take me probably an hour in terms of like Opening the box and getting all this stuff out and then Actually assembling it and being extra careful with the wires and stuff when you work with a shop they’re Gonna be able to do that for you, and they can help you get something like a Bag for the back of the bike or panniers or maybe a helmet that kind of thing So i really enjoy working with shops for that reason just the service i feel like this is a good Value i’m definitely impressed i feel like iGO has done a great job with their Elite model They have improved it over the explore i haven’t actually tested that one but in terms of Clearance here and just the aesthetic and possibly even the weight because the frame you know They got rid of that That additional top tube i feel like They’ve just done a really good job and i like the color yeah it only comes in one frame size Yeah, there’s a little bit more weight and some of that frame flex we talked about more basic Drivetrain but for the money for for the kind of riding this is built for i think it’s a fantastic bike For all the details and specs that i’ve measured i’ll see you back at electricbikereview.com Those include stand over height and things like handlebar width And length and stuff so you can figure out if this is going to fit in your garage you know Again i go to extreme lengths to get those details you can Compare this against other bikes that i’ve reviewed i’ll see you back at the site and otherwise have fun out there ride Safe and share your comments here or back at the forums