Suzuki Boulevard C50 Bobber Build Project Day 3

well I’m gonna get started taking stuff off I’m just gonna kind of wait can’t host something I was really surprised about I confused this one with the one I test drove just a couple days before looking at this one the one I test drove had a white speedometer with a red needle and I was kind of bummed because I really wanted the black one because that’s gonna blend in a lot better with paint scheme that I’m doing so I almost bought another gauge and I found the replacement doesn’t land everything it was gonna be like 80 bucks and the odometer would have been different so you know I didn’t pull the trigger on it would have been a pain the but I was gonna try and live with the white but I noticed this when I got home I don’t know why I had that white in my head but man am I happy it’s black because that looks really cool well I guess I’m gonna start at the rear and work my way forward something else I discovered and I suspected this might be necessary anyway it needs new steering bearings you can only tell that when you get the front wheel off the ground and of course this having no center stand like my up jr. you can’t do that without a lift so I’ve got it up in the air two ways I can tell but one surefire way that you guys can tell if you can get your front wheel off the ground usually what happens is the bearings you got two sets one at the top of one of the bottom here the frontier frame they’ll develop flats they’ll develop a little notch usually straight down on and it’s from hitting potholes if you’re buying like a sport bike like an r6 or you know ninja or CBR or anything like that that you know 20-something year olds you’ve been riding and probably wheeling what happens is when that wheel slams back down on the ground and you know they don’t set it down nice gentle it develops flats in those bearings because it hits them straight up bearings are not designed to take that kind of load in that direction so what happens is instead of swinging completely naturally through the arc it almost feels like once it’s a self Center there’s a notch and then it just keeps going it’s not smooth it should be absolutely the same all the way through the arc of the steering I can even hear them squeaking it’s kind of noisy outside but if I shut the garage door you can hear go right there at the center point sure sign the bearings are gone not a huge deal to replace not very expensive front ends gonna be off anyways I’m going to do the fork work but it requires taking your triple tree clamps off punching out your bearings and either buying new bearings or packing in your own depends on the bike and then you’re good to go and that’s normal maintenance on a bike anyway this I’m sure just has to do with mileage like I said before it’s 40 to some thousand miles what it can very quickly develop those from doing wheelies or hitting anything hard like a curb a crash anything that puts a lateral load on that front end or even a vertical anything directly off the plane they’re going to develop a flat spot alright I need to grab some tools here I guess I’ll start with taking the seats off looks like I need my allen wrenches and I’m sure I’m going to be back and forth into that tool room a million times which means I need to move these pipes because that’s gonna drive me crazy wrong time of the year for this project let me tell you it’s hot my wife’s crap is in the way yeah no room I’ll figure that out weird I’m just going to do some real basics and easy to get your stuff today because it is quite toasty should be really easy to strip this thing pretty darn quickly almost down to the frame it is we’re going to get one screw to take the seats off one screw to take the pencil off one screw to take the tank off saddlebags just lift off we should see a dramatic difference just a few mint lyft is working it really nicely run it up to a nice comfortable working level for doing anything down low there we go never forget these seats off

I also need baggies it’s left to heap with the parts although I’m not sure if I should keep that screw with the fender or at sea so there’s the rear seat comes off you know pretty much any other bike little tab and tongue and groove just slides in there where these saddlebags I gotta make sure there’s nothing in those I looked in one side not the other now I’ve got two Allen bolts here holding on the brighter see little snook you we had this off when I first suspected it so I could look at the battery that’s something else they need to verify I didn’t pull the battery out because I didn’t disconnect the cables but I pulled it up enough to see that it was an aftermarket battery looked like there was a little age on the label but I still want to pull it all the way out check the date if it’s more than four years old I’ll put a fresh battery in it and if not I will use it because it does crank over just fine what surprised me if it’s a rather recent battery the 2006 so I would imagine this might be the third battery in the unit at least depends on how it was maintained so this little bracket comes off these screws I guess I should keep the screws with the seat I’ll sell the fender separately I guess I’ll keep this bracket with writer seat this should just pop off this with a girl tongue there foam support rubber supports voters to it no storage underneath the only storage they give you on this is little tiny compartment just good enough for the factory toolkit inside here it’s not this big got my keys right here if you want to see if I can get a better Suzuki or Pike key this is just an ill Cove like it’s a friggin huge head yeah it’s just kind of ugly this is the ignition key it’s a Boulevard key looks you know better at least and this one this is a copy of the original for the but it works on in the helmet lock on the storage compartment here on the gas cap and then this is a replacement ignition whoever don’t know why they replace the ignition it it just doesn’t quite make sense but I don’t think I’ll ever know cuz the previous owner didn’t even know that it wasn’t supposed to come with two keys he thought that was normal I mean the guy I bought it from this one takes a different size a little smaller this is for the tank just going to loosen this one right now not take the tank off yet I don’t think this has ever been off grab a rich real quick okay take now battery I’m gonna go ahead and just disconnect the brake now this I know has to be disconnected and it looks like somebody’s in wasting in here we’ve got some sloppy Electrical team not sure why they maybe they turn to tie into this extra brake light not sure it’s an add-on you there and with that let’s go ahead and should be a 10 mil socket for the battery tell you what one thing I really love if I had more room in a nice big tool chest that room in there it’s great for storage but it’s like a closet size door it’s not big enough to roll anything in and out of so that really worth the investment we got a big board in there and big desk set up so it’s good enough negative off here and hope I don’t lose

that little brick eat those sins let’s do it back in always be careful when you’re taking out power sports vehicles battery terminals cuz they got the backing block in there especially if the batteries that named ordered something man nothing pulled out so easily it goes into the bottom of sits inside your bikes just a pain in the butt so always pull your bolts out Street disconnect things evenly put the bolt right back in alright most battery up and see if we have a deep sticker should it’s an ever start to Walmart brand looks pretty new the plastic isn’t faded at all looking for a date serial number up here six one eight oh one four I don’t know if that’s a date stamp though the one for might be 2014 but I don’t know what the 6180 would mean usually there’s a stick around manufacturing date or sold date but I am not seeing anything but it does look very recent it doesn’t look like it’s been cooked nothing on the bottom so I will throw it on my battery charger just to make sure it’s nice and tapped off and I’ll keep using it I don’t see any corrosion on the terminals it does look like a recent battery so good to go there that’s good it seems to me 50 bucks I was planning on buying one so now that can go to something else lots of dirt in here I’m not gonna dig too deep and right in there things in there from where the seats rubbing up to touch those up that’s a rough starting nothing real major all right burger I’m gonna do that next this piece of crap not sure what brand it is no it’s a zoo it has a well it may be sesame it’s got a Boulevard in here but there are lots of knockoff Chinese parts and that do that it’s like for each side to attach it to the fender and then we’ve got this electrical cable coming down here and this is sort of like the guy added in that’s what these three wires are and yes that’s what these homebrew spliced in wires are so I don’t want to do some electrical later no sitting boy your ties see how it’s got this white mountain looks like it might be glued yep it is hot glued to the back of the bar will be some leather there quick connector there’s the great quake doing that is just garbage so it’s the wire and I need to see them to that will just be about taking this off completely and I’ll just leave it as an assembly I’ll just take off the wiring that you put on grab we have like suck it no emergency or similar by the way anybody is local and you’re watching this all around the time I’m putting it up you see any of these parts that you want I’ll make you a deal you can’t refuse trust me I don’t want to ship anything so real real good deals trust me I just need to clear this stuff out not really worried about recouping cause I’m worried about space it’s hot there’s mid-nineties in its garage in the shade sweat it’s like this one’s just spinning does that mean probably something back here not not in there of course doubt it’s going to be a 14c I’m gonna need slightly smaller wrench

players should do just fine through this but got it titled on fleek today got my insurance on it yesterday so as soon as I get it runnin the world would be it’s gonna go very quick process as long as you’re doing it in state and it was a foreign title so no issues there actually went into the DMV and then I was out for 10 minutes there’s nobody waiting that will write up soon as I got my little ticket right through the window Bing Bing boom come on spinning the nut by hand getting new players not what I’m saying is there’s there’s some corrosion here these are not chrome-plated they looked like almost chrome stickers and lots of air fulness if it’s chrome plating and it is super super cheap really crappy that’s why I think it’s a chinese-made bar not actually one long volt but what does that go into that went into looks like a spacer got nothing to mold it into the side of the fender mania Jenna came I’ll see it when you get it out the other side vault spacer nut we put all these together do this one over here too that one was tighter than had a lock washer apparently optional this is the drawback of heavy work glasses and I’ve got contacts but and they’re no better with your sweat Wow I’ve have even doing anything it’s just that hot oh you son-of us this fastener is so pop metal it is stripping you’re trying a different Ellen and see if I can get a little better fit because he will be a little better another signs of cheap Chinese crap even the cheap Chinese bars are going for 250 bucks which is ridiculous I would sell this for like 50 to be rid of it there we go so let’s keep it just a smidge higher enough to not make it want to strip definitely a golden em nuts in this front ones the front pair go space your

let’s hold onto this wire here and snip him just her now we got one that’s tying into the brake light and it looks like the dude was just flying blankets he’s got four wires sliced and probably taped back together only one of which is live the others are just taped back together and then one ground on to here which I’m surprised actually work something to see what these are attached to I’ll take this battery tray out some snips do I’m only interested in song bar so it’s going to take in the light completely off while you’re running up back here why you’re Chinese zip ties garbage and two out one bar already the cell air-conditioned but functional completely functional you know what on a an older or an expensive bike that isn’t in great shape maybe you’re putting it on something like this you know what one spend hundreds of dollars on a bar fifty bucks you’ll spoon fifty bucks that’s easy-peasy these guys that’s garbage okay closer now what else we got it’s getting fun now I’m seeing progress let’s disconnect this rear late plug connector this is from the taillights and the plate light brake light and turn signals but I’m gonna need this I’m gonna have to clean up these wires I may be able to just snip these because I’m not going to be using this end connector so the fact that he screwed these up or whoever did that’s completely fine I don’t need’em I guess let’s take the whole back fender off now it should be just a matter of maybe he looks like six bolts or so I’m not sure if this is even hot as I click that one here that ran through for the bar no I can see through that one so let’s see what else is holding us up looks like maybe the big guys here let’s see I got a I got a wrench for that I gave you guys if you watch my other videos a tip on getting this set of very large socket Ellen wrenches Harper free got it for 1995 on sale I got it for my axle bolt it has the huge ones necessary to pull out your axle bolts and that’s used on a lot of different bikes and it had both of them from the front the back in the one set and it goes all the way down to an h6 so it works on a lot of fairly normal sized bolts but also these huge ones you occasionally run into and this one looks like maybe 8c haven’t even used most of these because they have the money normal size sockets is they’re technically impact so they’re very beefy yeah eight and my big erection I use my breaker bar aka my old torque wrench that I don’t use anymore as a torque wrench it’s just fine yeah every time I break this out every time I break this out and I’ll even say exactly what I just said it’s an old torque wrench that I don’t use I did a great job video did a couple FJ our videos every time morons will comment you shouldn’t use it turner great sleep it hmm

gotta love YouTube commenters not all of you most of you are awesome some of you freakin Shortbus you know who you are well maybe you don’t but the rest of us anyway your free entertainment does it’s kind of tight sure the other ones have never been off they’re just gonna be as tight and we come full circle man I can’t wait to see this done I have vision in my head I haven’t seen a picture of exactly what I want I see bits and pieces you know like hey that that I like that piece I think that might go good with its other piece but we really kind of take a shut the door what you got I’ve got creative juices I know how to match color I know how to design I’m a photographer I’ve done my share layouts and wedding album listen all kinds of things that weren’t knowing what you’re doing with different color combos just knowing what looks good and what doesn’t so I think it’s going to come together very very well we’ll definitely be a first as far as I’m aware for the specific combo of stuff and these guys are junkies up here to loosen this one and then take off the other side man that is tight here t this has never been off not that it should have been but it makes it a lot easier to use some rear rent service then again I’ll thinkers haven’t done any service on this plate that’s solid all right I’m a fast forward here who let me tell you how much torque these are under the bolts are almost too hot to touch just from the friction of taking them out no joke smokin all right I think I am about done today let’s see if we get this whole back section off whoa there we go glad I don’t need that these are have your doobie and I thought all right washer the spacers in there one whole back fender assembly set that aside lights helmet lock which I’m not going to be using cool well right here you can kinda see the look I’m going for pretty close to a bobber just picture a seat right flat here just shaped like this tiny little hugger finger it’ll look like they don’t nothing the plates gonna be down here just right on the side and right where these passenger pegs are aware my brew lights are gonna be this is gonna be a lot smaller and the whole front end will be smaller too to match that’s looking badass man weird wearing the tire a lot of coming it’s down to the where bars in some spots see this spot here it’s like a triangle and this trip goes around it well this triangle part is half the depth of this center section I have the profile of the tires weird it steps this Center squiggly here is twice as tall as the other sections that’s probably all that weirdness I was feeling it rides like let me tell you this is a kenda k67 3-1 70 80 15 Cruz can’t are using a Kenda Cruz do not buy a Kenda Cruz let me tell you what terrible terrible handling tighter so there you go guys that’s the end of day three next I will

continue working my way forward and we’ll strip more of the bike a couple parts I’m gonna put back on but most of them they’re gonna continue to come off and get sold thanks for watching don’t forget to subscribe check out the site tool obsession calm we’ll see you next time Oh question of the day I almost forgot I’m gonna give you guys a question of the day question of the video at the end of each of my videos so please feel free to comment with your answers to the video my question is if you were getting a bike be it your only bike be it just adding another one to your collection would you get one specifically just for yourself or one that your significant other could also ride and let me know why all right let’s see you later guys