Yamaha R3 – How to Remove R3 Fairings 2015+

welcome back to motoi B if you’re wondering how to take off Yamaha r3 fairings I’ll show you guys stick around so to take off the Yamaha r3 the tools you gonna need are allen set keys I got these from Harbor Freight pretty good company the tools are lifetime warranty so you’re gonna need to take off pretty much these pieces all right here all around if you want to take those off the view the rears I can show you that later on but I’m just gonna take off these alright guys and that’s let’s get through this alright so that’s good and allen set keys ready let’s be careful don’t lose these bolts if you lose them you have to order new ones little trouble with that ok guys I’ll to take off them your seat probably you don’t have to let’s try this up you don’t have to take it off no the thing that I like to do bolt I like to put it back so I won’t do that and for later on to see what they are just put back on it’s a lot easier then we should turn him down you don’t have to put him in the ball separately or mark them in the bag I should like to put it back up to my parents and they’ll be a big help so these boats need to come out this one there’s another one down here bow the bottom and there’s another one down here I’ll show you guys there the other one is nearly down here you can see it right there that’s sound now focus now this piece come on like make sure you bring it down gently because there’s a little group in here like a hook that holds on these piece you yank it out it breaks it off so be careful now as you need to unplug my wife have a underglow if you guys want to know no

more about it let me know I make a separate video comment comments about the video and show you guys on to these so slide this out you guys don’t have underglow but you don’t have to worry about these would be easy to come out so guys now boats like I said I’d like to put it back onto the bike if series just finger tight it’s gonna plug pretty much put them back together we don’t want to do something put them all the way it’s a 1 on screw at the bottom one I guess that down here and there you go what’s the fat guard now that’s finger the other piece we’re gonna take off will be the this piece rider two boats this one right here no no we’re when you take off this you need to slide it back if you just try to pop it off there’s knobs down here if you do it they’ll break off not a big deal but it’s not gonna sit flush so grab oh forgot three pieces soon there’s team rivets back here one one will be right there I don’t have mine mine pretty much broke off and there’s another one and you can be able to see it done right there but mine’s like I said mine broke off you got to unscrew those it’s a it’s a quarter turn ribbit turn it says a quarter turn it pops off they could take the ribbit out well for me I don’t have it up now to take off the ferry now you got to unplug your turn signals I have aftermarket ones is the GTR make a separate video about these if you want to know more about them let me know comments like the video and I’ll show you these up but I’m gonna unplug them cut me right down here push the cable and here’s the blood plug right there so you have to lift up a tab that was right here my literally broke off bits of my crash but uh there’s a tab right here just lift it up and pull there you go turn signals unplugged same thing in the other side so now you gonna need a

screwdriver for a screw right here take that off I’m sorry guys I think the camera went out but onion screw two bolts in the bottom one down here one up here now the this piece should be able to pop out I forgot something there’s a bolt right here you take off oh you guys something about this piece you can see Saudi broken on mine this sucks but yeah now we need to take off another bolt right down there at that one right there there you know that boat is up now to move take this off got really push it forward to get their snobs here holdin it so tiring we got have lights down here it’ll connect it and stick down her you know got the side bearing off stop for the night guys so you got this fair enough already there’s a bunch of water and oh what’s in there like this part right here oh yeah I got my wiring for my lights here these there’s wires for the hand warmers the controller’s over here you can see you guys oh yeah alright yeah so the boats like I said put it back don’t move them down there you got this piece and videos two of the pieces won’t go back on track your phone so one piece right here the other piece would be right up here

there we go now I’m gonna be taking off the front I’m not gonna take off the front cover here I’m not gonna take it the front cover off I’m just gonna take these off so I could take off the whole head assembly if you guys want to know more about that hope you guys set the video but for right now I’m gonna take off the right side now all right guys break the nut the school’s new system the bees you do I have a seat off it’s been stuck on these so that seems a bit hard to take off I can actually those harder because actually I had one screw slightly different from the other ones is our last hour no same procedures the other one forgot like those what let me sell without apologies these letter so quarter-turn doesn’t slide pops out and there you go a little bit on the other side it didn’t have it because the accident they broke off I have actually have some coming in I’m a proud make a video but those but I got him on Yamaha parts this one I do have one ribbon on here same area little slutty to finish this pops off oh there’s your shoes like down like at that the careful with the knob right

here so this one did not break the other side was broken already because my crash I put it back on but it broke off again so now I got mouth off lights you guys will know about the life let me know I’ll make a video how are you did the wiring it’s uh pretty much a whole kit already well that pops off it’s my lights and I set up do that man some other video all right there so yes I’m gonna put these boats they are so yeah it’s in the back I figure guys there’s a rivets I’m pure like I said mine broke this one right here the one on the other side same area right there but like I said I don’t have it you guys should have it hello guys sorry for the interruption at the time I did not notice the camera went out but the part did come off I will show you in a bit that was how to take off sufferance probably media cut off I don’t have a lot of space but um yep you see the front frames are off well there’s a piece you see you came out all one piece took up the lights Paul got the other

one back there so now that’s how it looks like oh yes thanks for watching if you guys want to see how to put it back on but you must send my situation the reverse process so what guys thank you for watching motoi be stay tuned for all the videos thank you guys have a good one you