Atomic Power of Prayer (FULL, Fixed, Anointed) by Dr. Cindy Trimm! Spiritual Warfare

father, in the name of Jesus the author and finisher of my faith, I arise to establish my legal right and dominion over this region and over every territory But you have given me jurisdictional authority according to (Daniel 9) and for you are the only great and dreadful God keeping the covenant and mercy to them that love you and to them [that] keep your commandments I appeal to the God who said in second Chronicles 7:13-16 if I shut up heaven that there be no rain if I command the [locals] to the bow the land or if I send Pestilence amongst my people if my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from Their wicked ways then will I hear from Heaven, and I will forgive their sin [I] will hear their land now my eyes shall be open and my ears attend unto their prayer that is made into this place for now have I chosen and Sanctified this house that my name may be there forever and my eyes and my heart shall be perpetually there I Declared that this place is sanctified. I present my body as a living sacrifice By the shed blood of [Jesus] christ my savior and redeemer make these prayers Holy and acceptable unto you I confess my sins and the sins of our fathers Let Grace and Mercy prevail over us I declare I have a free passage for my prayers to ascend into the realm of the supernatural [and] will not be earthbound I come into agreement with the supreme good of Heaven I am seated in heavenly places with Christ Jesus Therefore war from this plane and realm I declared that the anointing of God breaks every yoga Open every portal and assign angels to reinforce me as I advanced into new levels new dimensions new realms and Territories [let] there be a breakthrough in the heavens I tap into apostolic and prophetic veins I shatter glass ceilings [I] smash spiritual bars and iron Membranes I declare a breakthrough atmosphere is established [I] recalibrate the spiritual climate and Decree that every bit of lukewarmness must be replaced with the pyre and the seal of Baptize me with the holy ghost and with fire Let there be pyre in my mouth as I advanced in this prayer, I take Authority over Demonic satanic atmospheres and climates are created by cultic activities destiny altering images incantations [gill] Spoken Words Which Grab Hostile environments fear Terrorism [racial] Ethnic Hatred violence In the name [of] Jesus I [command] that the spiritual climate to shift economic climate Shift Social climate Shift cultural climate shift educational climate shift of Political climate shift Ecclesiastical climate shift I command that the atmosphere must be filled with the Glory of God [Father] fill the atmosphere filled the environment with your Gloria [I] altered this environment and declare it is now suitable for my ministry [to] thrive my Relationships to thrive my children to thrive my loved ones to [iver] my business to drive My ideas to [drive] my nation to drive my government to bribe my economy to Thrive [I] Establish a [supernatural] environment for miracles to occur [I] wore in the name of Jesus and [by] his shed blood Which is the shed blood of the lamb the [lamb] that was slain before the foundations of the [world]? By him hallelujah Evil must be destroyed For this reason was the [son] of God made manifest That he would destroy the works of the darkness I decree and declare the works of Darkness is destroyed I decree every curse over my life is reversed I break through prevailing and sustaining powers of darkness Over this region in the name of Jesus I arrest every demonic spirit through your word Empowered the Angelic host to war in my behalf I Resist Toriel stronghold sir I sever ego entanglement sir open [the] case of psychological prisons and deliver us from the spirits of shame embarrassment Harassment Iniquity deliver us from the spirit of Strongholds and pride deliver me from stigmatization emotional blackmail social impediments, or seductions Satanic Limitations Satanic illusions, Or addiction to Demonic

restrictions cultural entrenchments Cultic Strongholds of Bewitchment traditions, and that Christ’s cultural environments free me from limitations handicaps Impediments, I [refuse] to be marginalized stigma as [immobilised] [Terrorize] characterize criticize tolerated [censured] Misjudged Mishandled Mismanagement [I] wear a cloak of favor. I disengaged Demonic triggers and psychological [buttons] I short circuit damn I am Non-responsive to Demonic Depression I established my superior Authority over this region By the blood the word by the spirit of God For this reason I remind you that the son of God was made manifest that he would destroy the works of the devil I decree that the works of the devil are destroyed in a destroyed above this region It is destroyed over my neighborhood It is destroyed over my body over my family over my children over my loved ones Over my ministry over my pastor over my doctor and lawyer over my government Works of that devil is destroyed [I] declare in Decree that the plans and the purposes of God Shall prevail the word of God prevails Hallelujah his will prevails my prophetic purpose and destiny reveal so my vision prevails my business prevails my ideals Prevail I Prophesied to the four winds and that things that have died prematurely And try up because of Satanic activities are cooking it come to life I declared that the pieces of my destiny and Financial ministerial relational puzzle, it comes together my life comes together, [I] decree Hallelujah that my money is coming together my business is coming together my relationships are coming together My family is coming together the body of Christ is coming together Ministry is coming together my marriage my family are coming together my budget is coming together our Governments are coming together and leadership sar coming together Everything is working together according to your will father. I thank you Hallelujah with you nothing is impossible, Sophia form [Saga]. [I] decree and declare Halloween that the floodgates of Heaven Are opened up let it rain? Spirit of God assure us into times of repression that you [promised] will come from the presence of God I [Decree] and declare That there shall be no [more] demonic drought no more demonic dryness distress disease depression [err], and no more Demonic trauma we come in the volume of the book it is written of us We come in the power of God Halloween the God of Joshua Hallelujah, and we Decree and declare that every impenetrable wall must come down in the name of Jesus and in the power Of the most high God, I shatter Berryessa blockages barricades and polders I declare that I am advancing uh According up hallelujah to the purposes and the plans of God Hallelujah that the cause [of] Christ is advancing in this region and in every region I am promoting and proclaiming that Jesus Christ is Lord of [Lord] and King of Kings [then] the kingdom of God has [come] Hallelujah over every region and his kingdom is at hand We take Authority over every demonic stronghold and break the [chords] and bands of wickedness We shake evil out of their illegal place and take our rightful seat of Authority We take Authority over Satanic altars in the in the mountains We stand in the spirit of Elijah, and we decree and declare that the God that answers by fire He is God we agree that the fire of the Lord destroys every altar We commend that the powers of the enemy be broken up of our life, Be broken of our ministry, be broken over our home, be broken over our mind, be broken over our Relationships, and they are broken of our body, over our life, over our children, over our marriage, over our spouse, over our business, over our practices. We decree and declare Hallelujah that evil has no control hallelujah over our lives anymore We break free of Evil control Hallelujah of the enemy we break free over patterns

Marriages have charms amulets Good luck pieces Talisman Chains stop luggages incantations and diction sir and generational curses spirits of Inheritance Dead Poverty apathy hopelessness abuse helplessness prayerlessness, we decree in the clan they are destroyed wherever and whatever The which is the wallets the Sorceress the cycads the religious Manipulators are using as points of context to release curses from being pictures of clothing strands of here personal items Garments bones dust blood voodoo dolls [Altars] amulets Bowls water Brews Mixes, whatever it is I commanded to be disintegrated in Jesus name hallelujah we interrupt lines of communication between familiar Spirits and Several illegal activities designed to frustrate the plans and purposes of God in our lives We command every attachment to be broken up We command cords to me broken. [how] [do] we command every strongholds to be broken up? We take Authority over the spirits of doubt investment entanglement fear terror confusion unbelief intimidation, sin Iniquity we release ourselves from the straw all of the enemy and over dark spiritual forces Which bombard our mind? Name of Jesus as we stand a brain we break through the strongholds of the enemy by the hand of God the word of God the blood of Jesus christ and the power of the holy spirit the anointing of God hallelujah by apostolic interventions Angelic Assistance [ur] Father we arise in the spirit of the Robe Obama And Elijah and speak Grace Grace to the Mountains and their diabolical [altars] Father caused them to be destroyed by [your] pyre we establish the lordship of Christ over this region [I] declare that their powers are made impotent over this region I declare according to ISaiah 9:6 and 7 for unto us a child is born unto us a son is given and the government shall be upon his shoulder And his name shall be called Wonderful counsellor the Mighty God the everlasting Father the [prince] of peace [a] big increase of government and peace there shall be no [end] upon the throne update upon his kingdom to order it and to establish it with judgment and [with] judgment from Henceforth, but even The Lord of Hosts will perform this Lift up your head O you gates and be ye lift up ye everlasting doors and the king of Glory Shall come in. I remind you once again hallelujah [that] the seal of the Lord Shall perform this Hallelujah there is none like my [God]. There is none. That is powerful How do we ask my God he is Jehovah Cavora father? We worship you [we] praise you we have not power knees to any other quarter father There is no, other God like your home father we take [the] authority over the prince of the power of the era and Establish our superior authority over this region in Jesus name bring to an end Satanic oppression and Satanic opposition false [burdens] in your [rap] [scared] of the activities of our enemies and in your score and Orchestrate their division well we decree and declare that our mind is free of any and all Strongholds whom the sun sets free is free indeed? And we command the heavens to be open up father clear the paths and rich supernatural highways of every satanic Barricade that will hinder our prayers hallelujah. We arrest violently in the name of Jesus those entities that are responsible for Demonic trafficking and prohibit further interference and interruption and Interception I would prophetic and apostolic pressure upon the heaven now I command every demonic portal to be open a gates of brass bars [I] [envy] open up father [clothes] every Satanic portal I’ll give the enemy no access to the regions that are off-limits [let] there be no demonic and satanic Encroachment as I advance I decree and declare that every stronghold over this region is broken From off of my mind. [I] decree. I declare that the law jams in my mind are cleared giving the holy spirit Unrestricted unhindered access to my mind soul and spirit, huh? I’d agreed that there will be no demonic hijacking of supernatural inside prophetic revelations [witty] ideas and creative inventions Divine inspiration and wisdom now flows freely in the name of Jesus every Mountain must be made lower Every Valley must be brought up. Every crooked place must be made straight so that I now advance on a level plane With wisdom strategies and divine tactics are made available to me upon demand

I’d agree that Spirit of Mountains relational mountains political mountains you must be move I break through [that] which is insurmountable And unpalatable [I] break through impenetrable walls and barricades Into the realm of the miraculous into the realm of the supernatural into the realm of Increase abundance of Prosperity influence affluence and wealth I declare that I advanced fast current problems and situations inflexible people who stand in the way [of] [favourable] legal economic spiritual Negotiations are strange occurrences, [huh] I command you to move by the power of the blood in the name of Jesus I take authority over the power of the enemy that is responsible for building Satanic altars and Coulson Ancestral spirits of inheritance to interfere with my advancement and interrupt my progress [I] plow my way through Demonic barricades I decree and declare that every Jericho wall must come down. I possess my possession. [I] take authority over issues Originating from the Camp of the enemy [Ida] created by another intervention and miracles [I] command every situation and circumstance to come into divine alignment in the name of Jesus I reverse every curse. I ask a beta and unearth Demonic sea Illegally planted in my mind my [soul] and my spirit they shall not take root They shall not be incubated cultivated nurtured nourish fed or water tub. [I] destroy them [now] I receive only [bed] which emanates from the mind of God Seeds of hope and seeds of fate destiny power success and prosperity and seeds of [holiness] seeds of righteousness seeds of Godliness seeds of apical dealing seeds of morality I Resist and a boy that refused all accorded activities I carry [full-term] I bring out of Demonic limitations and prison Doors [empresa] bars of irons being blown into smithereens By there you [rocket] and winds of the spirit, [err]. I choose to break out of limiting situations I break the power of IMprison my mind my ministry my soul My spirit destiny my future my voice my families my finances are I break out I break free I declare and decree that I have authority over all destiny altering activities Satanic sanctions and Impositions in the name of Jesus I decree that every demonic prison be open up I release my church my future my nation my Government my family my children my ministry my anointing my influence my reputation my name my peace my joy My happiness hallelujah my health hallelujah I release [it] up in the name of Jesus from being controlled by Demonic forces I break out of I break out of various limitations in the name of Jesus I break free from pSYChological bondage emotional foundation physical violence sexual bounded Spiritual Mountains Financial bondage [voltage] that is created by substance organizational bondage ego entanglement Demonic Sorority and Fraternities in the name of Jesus everyone who is plotting my demise? [to] secretly harvest resentment of my success I free your mind and soul from [that] destroy horror I demand you Let me go release me from your heart release me from your soul and mind [I] decree and declare whom the sun sets free is free indeed If I have inadvertently hurt or disappointed anyone father free me from the strong hole of offense unforgiveness bitterness hatred and indifference [I] repent of my And immaturity I do not allow my past to negatively affect my future. [I] break free [of] unrealistic expectations psychological prison superficiality False Identities and ego entanglement soul ties label stigmas that undermine who I am in Christ I claim my true identity [I] decree that today is the dawning of a new day I cancel every demonic psychological emotional presentment of my success [I] free your mind and soul from that destroy horror I demand you Let me go release me from your heart release me from your soul and mind I decree and declare whom the sun sets free is free indeed [if] I have inadvertently hurt or disappointed anyone father free me from the stronghold of offense unforgiveness bitterness hatred and indifference [I] repent of my ignorance and immaturity I do not allow my past to negatively affect my future

I break free [of] unrealistic expectations a psychological prison superficiality False Identities and ego entanglement soul ties label stigmas that undermine who I am in Christ [I] claim my true identity [I’m] in Korea Is the dawning of a new day I cancel every demonic? psychological emotional financial Debt by the Blood of Jesus Christ Redeem my [soul] and the soul of my loved ones employees ministries business government ETc from Satanic God markets free me from the spirit of Judas Friends loved ones colleagues associate business partners and [employees] and all those who have sold me out to free me from Hallelujah father I decree and declare Hallelujah, I am liberated You have set me [free] father today according to pSAlm 49th and and PSAlm 72 verse 14 Jeremiah 31 verse 11 to 14 I’d agree that my soul is delivered [in] Ransom by the blood of Jesus [heavily] from Satanic [Margins] and that power of the six regions of the underworld my soul Shall not be held hostage It shall not be besieged. I break free from the snare of the fowler I mount up with wings of an eagle I employ and apply the blood of Jesus Christ which has [whence] of everything concerning my life and destiny and [purpose] I have been wrentham my family has been rents of my few Jasmine [treads] of my Ransome I secure my future and destiny in Christ Jesus, [Er] I secured the future of my loved ones my ministry and community in christ. I secure the future of my siblings [my] children my grandchildren God children nieces nephews aunties Uncles cousins parents grandparents, in-laws and Outlaws in Jesus name redeemed their soul from the powers of the underworld And declare a decree that they shall not become victims of fornication Prostitution pornography or gang violence. They shall not beg to eat They shall not experience homelessness helplessness. They shall not die prematurely or from addictions They shall not become a statistic. They shall not drop out of school They shall not be seduced from the love of God have removed their souls From out of Satanic markets and risen to remove Some debt from their lives and superimpose the spirit of life in Christ, Jesus over the spirit of death I veto and reverse the curse within our bloodline Hallelujah we Decree and declare our family is delivered to we break free from the bondages Associated with family idols word curses which grab prayers our blood Sacrifices ill wishes demonically arranged Marriages brides of Satan astrology. I stroll article signs dabbling in the Dark Arts, Ouija Boards Juju who do astrological projections Seances tarot cards Hallelujah tea Leaf, we [Harmer] reading up in the name [of] Jesus we Decree and declare that our family is free and haven’t we are from the dark arts in the name of jesus from Santeria In the name of Jesus I thank you. God hallelujah [that] you huh hallelujah are delivering us hallelujah every single day Father in the name of Jesus [and] by the blood of Christ. We reverse the effects of demonic injections hexes spells Hallelujah and deposits placed in our food vitamins waters our hallelujah prescriptions Hallelujah reverse the effects of Satanic implants that causes addiction to cellular mutations disease proliferation Deformity Handicaps abnormalities disfigurations Hallelujah Paralysis inabilities, Dementia Lethargy listlessness, Insomnia stunted growth and development confusion a suppressed immune system attention disorder hyperactivity bipolar disorder incurable diseases cancer compromised ation of organs [to] [Klotz] [aneurysms] [handicap] birth Defects complication in child works, huh? Spontaneous abortion we represent in the name of Jesus and father we repent of all Covenants and contracts that we have made knowingly and unknown With Demonic spirits we repent of taking [counsel] from Demonic spirits and Satanic? Representatives our father we decree and declare Hallelujah that the reproductive organs of our spirits are holloway is free

Probably from any kind of sin telling Penetration father we repent for bowing our knees to idols to end at Christ’s cultural images embracing doctrines of Demons accepting Satanic ideological Philosophy religious heresies our father deliver us by your Word is truth from any and all misdemeanors misunderstanding Malice carnality rationalization indifference Hard-Hearted and father we in Korea declare that the evil one has no place in us we decree and declare Hallelujah our independence from all these strongholds Cleanse our mind by the washing of the word of your water Creating us a clean heart and renew a right spirit in us Let the words of our mouth and the meditations of our heart be acceptable In thy sight o lord [our] strike our redeemer now set a watch over our mouth and keep the doors of our live let not even communication proceed from our lips to impose the fruit of the [spirit] over the weaknesses of our temperament and the proclivities of our flesh hide us in your pavilion and your secret place of the most high God Lead all the paths of righteousness for your name’s sake uh we decree and declare that we have integrity and whom the sun sets free [I] reiterate is free indeed according [to] deuteronomy 32:39 job 29 and [6] Make us to ride on the high places of the Earth To eat to the increase of the fields to suck the honey out of the rock sir Watch our steps with butter and cause the oil to flow under the plenty [rocks] We Decree and declare that our past is past and we press toward the mark of the high calling of God [in] Christ, Jesus [forgive] us father for Carnell [Ania] wash [our] minds of the hidden agenda, sir We Decree and declare that our feet have been loosed from the snare of the enemy which causes bondages Immobility and Paralysis father we Decree and declare that [we] are free to advance to fulfill our purpose and to maximize our potential we Sister stop ended or prevented her our territories are enlarged. We shall not be marginalize us But we shall not be held back tolerated beat down broke down [changing] hurt and curtain bitterness trapped in disbelief or depression hallelujah. We shall not be cheated of our inheritance Prevented from Advancement and ascension of Heaven involved a supernatural. God God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob on the covenant making the covenant keeping gone Grant us the [Grace] and courage and capacity to walk out of the hole into the new sever all inappropriate and diabolical soul ties and entanglements and grant us wisdom inside and instructions for renegotiating all covenant relationships reveal to us [divinely] open portal so and reveal to us your daily assignment and genders and Timetable so hallelujah so that we can operate in a correct timing uh father We are saying that time there will be no Spirit and no individual that would cause us to move out of the timing of the Lord We are synchronized and syncopated [-] to your divine timing up and to your divine timetable So father in the name of Jesus and in the power and authority of the holy ghost We break curses associated with Idle words and actions extinguish Satanic fire [reds] reverse diabolical [cycles] release us from We’ll be waiting a relationships reverse all evil arrangements are we resist and reject manipulations and [manipulator] Reverse Sabotage in the name of Jesus Father free us from the [things] conditions behaviors mind sex activities and people that have less old us Restricted us bound our soiled us terrain that stained us distracted us [control] us have [been] deliver our souls from the mouth of the lion and [the] Venom of the snake Destroy the Serpentine spirit with your fire Even as you led the children of Israel through the great and terrible wilderness we and we’re fiery serpents and scorpions and drought Where there was no water according [to] Luke 10:19? hallelujah, I take my place of Authority and enforce it over serpentines and And declare a degree that even as you led the children of Israel through that great and terrible wilderness Way and worse fiery serpents scorpions and dropped her where there was no water according [to] luke 10:19 Father we take our place of Authority And enforce it over serpentine and [scorpion] sir and declare and decree that we shall not suffer any heart Hallelujah, we shake off every demonic attachment a father by [your] pyre to our out the serpentine spirit from its

Inconspicuous rocks Hallelujah cause your fire to utterly destroy it in the name of Jesus how to do your father we decree and declare hallelujah that we are free and that you were causing the anti Venomous power of Of Jesus Christ. [I] live to protect us venomoth activities of the serpentine spirit [causes] Venomous activities to be made And the lives of our loved one associate employees ministerial colleagues, ETc put a hook in the mouth of my biotin you are Jehovah Kapur and in the name of Jesus we call on you to destroy the Affection that Satan has had on [our] communities our cities our countries and nations we cry out for every institution Probably prevail in prayer for the family for marriage for the church for school and for government free us from Strongholds as we decree and declare our economies are free from recession and inflation In the name [of] Jesus we Decree and declare our societies and communities are free from violence unemployment illiteracy Poverty Homelessness rape domestic violence lawlessness incest Terrorism Drug abuse Alcoholism perversion and secularization Witchcraft Cultic activities Satanic Technologies bewitchment [12:7] economic hardship incurable communicable social diseases and anti-semitism and portion Crimes of Hata ethnic cleansing [Endeavor] And Satanic Stupors father we decree and declare that our families are free from Demonica domestic violence Hallelujah [Cobra] and [over] incest dysfunction of hunger lack lying shame child abuse neglect and abandonment Our marriages are free from cheating adultery spousal abuse the breaking of covenant divorce emotional physical and Financial Abandonment our businesses are free from White-Collar Crime bankruptcy loss of customers and clients Our schools and colleges [and] universities [are] free from ignorance secular and humanistic in Doctrine Ization perversion game banging drugs illegal solicitation For version deviance and illiteracy our churches of weave of compromised carnality look anti-semitism Humanism disunity persecution religious and denominationalism from Immorality and unethical dealing our governments are free from Tyranny dictatorship [Coupe] Detector Green underhandedness thievery Cruelty Harshness severity Insensitivity bigotry and bias we declare and Decree [adjust] and Moral government replaces two reticle governance We declare [that] those in high places and places of [authority] who mean us no good we replace Hallelujah by those that mean us good. Bring alive into our government and world in leadership We know that the hand of the king [Queens] presidents vice presidents premier prime ministers are are in the hands of the Lord Save our world leaders and protect their minds and hearts from Satanic oppressions and seductions give them wisdom to lead with verity and Compassion as their companion give them more Happening, so we pray for Magistrates governors Parliamentarian senators we pray for our senators, huh city officials [Congressman] congress women house of representative Supreme court justice of Peace police [firemen] military a state legislature federal and state government school board City Planners politicians Policymakers we cry out Hallelujah [for] every system in the name of Jesus bring divine alignment to every facet of these systems environmental system educational system economic system cultic system hallelujah defense system spiritual system medical system entertainment system technological system a governmental political system an astronomical system Scientific system I decree a declare that our neighborhood our communities our cities our parishes our counties our countries Shall rise and shine for your light has come and the glory of the lord is risen upon you How you shall prosper and be in good economic health even as the shoal of these cities and communities? And country prosperous, and you shall obey the commands of God And you shall know the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob [the] wealth of the sea Shall be converted and positively impact the GDP and Gnp You shall know Jehovah hallelujah that he is the true?

God your Gate Shall receive the wealth of nations You shall be nourished and nourished by the press a royalty so instead of [bronze] God will give you gold instead of stole. God will give you so much hallelujah violence shall no longer be her [he] shall be your governor and righteousness your ruler [now] hallelujah instead of stone. God will give you sober [now] you shall not experience ruin and destruction of hallelujah as a Nation you shall not collapse up for ruin nor destruction shall no longer be within your borders [Ross] Darkness shall be eradicated because God will be your everlasting light and gloria your days of sorrow and Struggle And hardship is coming to an end the heart of the people Shall rejoice again As they place their hope in God, you’re set? and depression shall be replaced with the joy of the Lord your lack shall be replaced with Abundance your prejudice and treachery shall be replaced with celebration of all ethnicities That they were of the lord Shall confess like the waters of the sea Your sons and daughters of your soil shall grow to be great world leaders Innovators [trailblazers] Standard bearers of Excellence Honesty morality Integrity credibility righteousness and ethical dealings I sever the head of the boa constrictor light forces that attempt to Strangle suffocate stagnate Stifle and crush let the sword of the Spirit Destroy the hand of the Cobra lights Which strikes with it’s more? and it’s responsible for [Mesmerize] ation of seduction [Terra] ego entanglement manipulation mind control and destiny altering activity [room] work eliminating Demonology New-age Centuria spells [hexes] sorcery and Chapman to drain Penetration Deception and broken focus, huh let the all-consuming fire of God Destroy the Python like spirit that overwhelms a creates false furnace exasperate sir swallows our blessings Hallelujah everything that the enemy has swallowed up Overwhelmed exasperated her I command it to be sped out [puffed] up and release her I command our children to be released our marriage to be released our money to be released our business to be released our Opportunity to be released our riches to be released I destiny to be released our success to be released our house to be released our purpose to be release our miracle son Hallelujah to be released in the name of Jesus release our blessing Father we give you praise how to do you we know that you are hearing us even we just stopped to release our praise We [give] you Gloria. We give you honor. God Because we recognize that without prayer Hallelujah it seems as if and hallelujah nothing occurs Now that we begin to prevail into a higher power of prayer Hallelujah, we shit Hallelujah into a position of dominion and authority again. We thank you all carter. How do you propose that are listening? Uh we think you all God that their lives are turned around How do we take you all carter have a clear voice turn around things will change? They’ve got to change [the] throne of Heaven we thank you all God even as we prevail in prayer hallelujah Eva – Hallelujah there are many in the Bible on Halloween that raised our heart and their spirit Huh hallelujah because they understood that Halloween you did not intervene there would be no intervention How do we even is a turn up if you’re cried out to you? How do you you should them? Deliberation father today we cry out to [you] We call the sons of God Hallelujah we commend them to be released in the name of Jesus [Conde] in the name of Jesus release everything Hallelujah that the enemy has illegally held up and held back let the power of the holy ghost and the power from on high Destroy the redness which causes Venomous contamination malicious gossip [ah] let their tongues cleave to the roof of Hallelujah this spirit causes touch [sicker] and not sick relationships. It causes pain and discomfort it causes confusion and causes hemorrhaging of Joy Peace finances natural and spiritual resources are by Decree and declare [then] there will be no more hemorrhaging her a joy will not leak out our peace will not leak out our

Resources will not have richer any more Bind up the wound Further we Decree and declare that deterioration of disorientation of disillusionment and Devastation is destroyed every kind of fatality hallelujah that [this] spirit causes is reverse Railings allegations abusive relationship and death I decree and declare Hallelujah that this is reverse. We are free to our children are free the loved ones of freedom we intervene right now interceptor Halloween the activities of this theater in the name of Jesus father we agree that We shall not hold bitterness strike false with Jealously slander and Via Defiance or offenses in a heart Hallelujah Toward anyone This spirit Shall not control us have free us from negative emotions our father We come against hunters of the night those that camouflage themselves and those that slither under rocks to hide Awaiting the right moment to strike at us we pull the covers off of their charades. We’d agree. I declare also, a Trader resinous subtlety duplicity hypocrisy [when] agreeing to claim that they are exposed the [chem] apart of Paul’s litter is exposed in the name of Jesus own duplicity [the] fraudulent Activities [and] disloyalty and deception we destroy you by the power of God And we decree every weapon formed against us is impotent every trap constructed malfunctioned every diabolical contract every Smear campaign Gayle’s Every evil curse is reversed and set back to its originator Every spiritual snake wolf in sheep clothing Raymond Walter Leach Vampire is paralyzed in Jesus name Father destroyed the Anaconda life spirit to deliver us from Great waters water [spirit] spirits of the deep spirits of the underworld Father we Decree and declare. We shall not be overwhelmed or drowned in Sorrow Sadness Depression helplessness hopelessness death in the name of Jesus Hallelujah Hallelujah can you set us free? Whom the sun sets free is free indeed? Father we thank you o God we are coming out Hallelujah we are not losing our breath. We are not losing control [father]. You are in control of our lives Hallelujah hallelujah. We are like Joe. We are saying though. You slay us yet will we trust in you [for] [we] know our redeemer lives? [Terra] – right there heart with your glory to God thunders and hailstones Describe them with clothes [afire] firebrands and lightening up, bright brighter Hallelujah your arrows and stop them in there The poisonous thing like weapons [ineffective] [a] break their page [Alleluia] [Granta] me Community by the antiviral effect of [a] blood of Jesus Christ destroyed the serpent’s eggs Hallelujah the nesting festering and incubating her hallelujah before they hatch Destroy at the viper show. How like Spirit err in the name of Jesus we Decree and declare? Hallelujah that even as it’s nesting [uh] hallelujah and pastoring uh hallelujah We decree that we will not [touch] [hallelujah] be harmed Hallelujah by the spirit of Judas Jezebel belial, but I hit the bell Absalon Haman [sembilan] [Tamiya] Let the sword of my enemy pierce their own heart when [benzes] go let it begin Repairing broken out let their arrows disintegrator Extinguish the fire of the fiery flying serpents and cause it to bow to its own death and destruction [let] the enemy return back and Forth to [confusion] that divides my hurt in the name of Jesus her bruise the head of the enemy and wound A scalper of the wicked her let him be slayed [by] his own evil and never to rise up again Let them to set this spirit of labor Which operates in the marketplace be exposed to clothe him with shame and dishonor and you caused me? To triumph over him, [I] take Authority over human [spirits] Which are being used as demonic host hotel and guest houses whether they are friends relative business partners? Ministerial colleagues associate spiritual sons and daughters and [proteges] father Expose their hearts Expose their motives and intentions

fake friends Huh in the name of Jesus and associates and employees and colleagues bring their masquerade to a whole tub I’ll cover their true identity expose their hidden agenda reveal the driving forces behind their Evil enquiries fault-finding missions astral projections and suggestions and say let Evil enquiries [Holla] We are both finding her hallelujah missions and projections are hallelujah suggestions fail her let them fail now In the name of Jesus father we Decree and declare [now] Hallelujah that your hand is stretched forth hallelujah causing the Evil eyes of Satanic surveillance and surveillance to be blind into Destroying envious Rivalry and competition, err break the Backbones of conspiracy, huh? Tyranny and treachery are blind synthetic watches and those that fear from the use of astrological and cultic devices Cause the [years] of eavesdropping spirits to become death sister antagonistic spirit ancient Spirit Irritating Spirits irrational Spirits argument of Spirits Frustrating spirits retaliatory spirits are provocative spirits are lying Spirit Deceptive spirits Hallelujah to be destroyed to every abortive spirit Philistine spirit Emma right Spirit Ferroic Spirit is destroyed we come against mine Controlling spirits and prohibit you from hijacking a compelling thoughts emanating from the mind of Christ Divine insight and revelation creative ideas of winning Invention wisdom my [cutting-edge] concepts strategies and tactics Hallelujah those things that you prevent from flowing I decree declare that they shall flow our ideas Shall flow our wisdom will flow our cutting-edge concept will flow we will be on the cutting edge and the Competitive edge in our industry in our field in the name of Jesus [who] we blind Satanic Networks and alliances let their evil communication be confused and compounder their minds Divide their talks and bring their plans to [nota] put the shame Hallelujah them that seek [undermine] in the name of Jesus who? according to PSAlm 69 22 to 28 and let their table become a snare before they Overturn their tables overturned [Anna] that which have been for their welfare let it become a trap let their eyes be Dark enough that they see not and make their loins continually to shaker pour out your indignation upon Dama Name of Jesus sure [I] let the raffle Let their habitation be desolate and let not dwell in their tent let them their habitation or palaces and iniquity unto day iniquity and let them not come into thy righteousness let them be flooded out of the book of the living and Not be written with the righteous, [err]. I resist advancements to Destroy My life my fluence, [Er] my ministry [my] business my prosperity my relationship and opportunity I break out of Satanic bondage and resists the Richmond a father sever illegal spiritual attachments covenant contracts obligations [mouser] in the name [I] reverse Satanic contaminations cause the blood of Jesus to purify and Decontaminate my soul and spirit in your name. [I] break free from Every Evil thoughts pSychic power projection suggestions innuendos that have designed to discourage, Miss [Li] derail or confuse Destroy Evil spiritual transparencies Cancel illegal soul ties and ego entanglement, sir unravel and sever [eagle] entanglement Hallelujah nah wash me and I shall be clean free me from Satanic emotional manipulations I not abide the spirit of Sabotage Seduction and Deception [I] shall not be undermined underestimated or undervalued another fine defamation of character through Slander I reverse bad reputation and stigmatization by association I declare that all contaminations are regretted [aided] [by] by the blood of [Jesus] [I] declare my name is associated with honesty integrity righteousness holiness [a] brightness and purity now frustrate and bring to know the evil prognosticators father reverse evil decrees Disappoint those operating in the spirit of Haman as you overrule and veto diabolical originated legislations policies hallelujah and regulations expose and disgrace the enemy in all their scheme strategies tactics pots cleanser and

Devious ways I put up a resistance and let the fire of God Destroy the activities of the enemy those that have constructed Satanic snares a demonic tractor let their plans be thwarted and assignments frustrated to unveil and exposed Evil Collaborate and Collaborations let those who have gathered be scattered to never to be rude [regroup] together let their eyes be darkened And that they see that their ears be plucked that they hear not to let them seek their sustenance out of desolate places Stretch Forth your hand against them and cover them with reproach dishonor and shame Persecute them with the tempers of judgment and a storm of displeasure make them afraid of the errors by day in the terror by night Arise [O] gonna let your enemies be scattered to close every doing gate to Satan [fro] giving him access To my personhood and property be my fire by night and my swamp by Day But let not the enemy track or trace me as I advanced in my kingdom assignment and fulfill my purpose Cause every Satanic agent assigned to hold up hinder app or slow down my blessings to be frustrated boiled hinder filling their assignment [up] let every prophetic word be manifested in their proper time [and] season a hallelujah father I reiterate my Times are in your hand let every and all Demonic activity [son] Associated with financial hardship power failure and setbacks be terminated to father paralyze that which hinders me from Moving into greatness. How that roll the rocks and boulders away now that are blocking my financial social hallelujah physical and spiritual breakthroughs in the name of Jesus or neutralizing the effect of all Satanic operations our overthrow Satanic tables of negotiation a Consultation and exchange. I declare every table is forward roll And destroy every evil device strategy and technology are fashioned Failure now I overcome by the blood of the lamb and by the word of the [testimonia] hallelujah through Christ I bulldoze my way past Demonic Doorkeepers and keepers of the gazer cut asunder the gates of brass and the bars of iron Ax open my eyes and ears to the things of the spirit to Overthrow and overrule the assignments of spirits that will cause spiritual blindness deafness Hallelujah cause my voice to be muted to I lift up my voice like a trumpet in Zion Claire, Jesus is Lord I declare he rules and reigns over my life and this region But this reason was the son of God made manifest that he would destroy the works of the enemy I pierce the darkness with the light of your presence Illumination wisdom insight and power let not darkness comprehend abraham or prevented from fulfilling its assignment I lose every strong man Associated with spiritual blindness and inability to hear from your assignment and mine you to a new [assignment] And [that] [is] to become a part of the foot [stool] of Jesus. I command prisons and walls to come down I bring through all anti destiny anti purpose anti passion and I [define] anti success and die And that christ Demonic force by you God I run through [truth] by you I leave over walter hallelujah in two new rounds of unlimited possibilities and opportunities Around which has no limits and no boundaries? [hallelujah], [I] break my way into a wealthy place [I] tap into thrive prosper and sustain in the realm of the supernatural [I] decree and declare in you. I live in you. I breathe in you I have my being I live in my prophetic goshen uh oh, God I decree that my spheres of influence are now enlarged Every spirit [that] causes abortions and accidents whether by Waterway or highway or by way, huh? I take authority over it now. I bind you by Divine firewalls and smoke screens [I] blind you by Divine firewalls and smoke screens I decree and declare that your Satanic GPS systems malfunctions, and irreparably destroyed every illegitimate activity I arrest the name of Jesus and reverse your affection Jehovah you have given me authority over all the power of the enemy the Kingdom of Heaven Suffereth violence and the violent take it by Force Ideal for possess my possessions and take my voice [I] declare according to PSAlm 92 8 and 14 That the Lord is the [most] high forever, but love thy enemies o lord below by enemies Shall perish All the workers of Iniquity Shall be scattered, [too] But my horn shall bow exalt like the [horn] of the unicorn [ax] I shall be anointed with Fresh oil My eyes shall see my desire and my I shall see My desire all my enemies and my gear shall hear my desire of the wicked ax that shall rise up against me The Righteous Shall Flourish like the Palm tree

He shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon those that be plenty to the house of the Lord Shall Flourish in the courts of our God They shall still bring forth And old age and they shall be fat and flourish [I] declare that my times in your hands therefore I am released from Demonic cycles seasons calendars Timetables, I am instant in season in sequence I activate good times and bless moments and destroy the spirit which controls bad times hard times are Hallelujah struggling times since my times are in your hand I decree and declare that this year and the years to come [I] shall be filled with my blowing supernatural occurrences that will bring me great joy. I dis large hallelujah Demonic Anchors that keep me in old cycles cycles of Poverty hardship black struggle Chronic sickness and diseases [I] destroyed these anchors now by the word by the blood and by the spirit, Er I am anchored in the lord. I decree and declare that my struggle is over I declared Sudden surprises or supernatural increase [breem] delight in the Lord and sustainable Glory favored wealth Riches power and influence I am anointed for a seasonal old things have passed away behold all things become new I enter a new season and declare new seasons of strength peace wholeness focus prosperity diminished I declare [that] my head will never I increase in density Potency I’m in the name of Jesus I decree that this oil acts as a seal [of] approval upon my life it endorses me equips me Empowers me makes room for me [caused] me to live in the overflow Assure me into prophetic destiny and prominence through Jesus in whom I have obtained an inheritance being Predestined according to the purpose of him who works all things according to the counsel of his will [I]? Sealed this prayer in the [name] [of] Jesus and by the power of his blood The word and the Spirit [tell] now until him that is able to do the exceeding abundantly above Ask or think according to the power that How do you get name of Jesus Christ? Every Year strong and start giving New Year Empower a may other amy