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– Have you been publishing your book through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing, and starting to wonder where else you should publish your book? Well, in today’s video we’re gonna talk about how you can reach more readers when you self publish a book, with Amazon KDP and beyond Make sure that you stay tuned to today’s video (cymbal crashes) (electric guitar humming) This is Self-Publishing with Dale where you learn to publish books that sell and build an unstoppable author brand And if that resonates with you and you want to learn more about self-publishing, make sure that you subscribe and turn the bell notifications on, so you don’t miss (bell rings) a single video And it is a Wednesday night here 6:00 p.m. Eastern day time, in beautiful Columbus, Ohio so that means we’re doing this as a live broadcast It’s gonna be a little looser than normal If you don’t want to miss out on any of these live broadcasts and you want to get the exclusive, no replay, question and answer session, you gotta come tune in every week, every Wednesday 6:00 p.m. Eastern day time So today we’re gonna go ahead focus on publishing a book on Amazon KDP and beyond And I just want to let you know that you wanna make sure that you know, you stay tuned, stick around till the end because I’m actually going to give you a bonus tip This bonus tip is going to singe your eyebrows Some of you might know it, but I’m thinking 90% of you might not know it I’m gonna take a gamble here on this one so make sure that you stick around for that So, I’m going to be captain obvious here, folks, captain obvious, Amazon is the biggest player when it comes to self-publishing your books In fact in publication profits, a lot of it’s driven through Amazon itself And, so now that we got that out of the way lets just assume that most of you that are watching this, are publishing through Kindle Direct Publishing in some capacity, and you’re probably driving a lot of your income through that avenue If that’s your primary platform that’s great, but one of the things that I really try to suggest to a lot of you, is to diversify your self-publishing portfolio Consider some of the options off of the platform because believe it or not there are other readers that don’t even touch Amazon In fact there’s even regions throughout the world that don’t have Amazon at all So, that’s, consider some of these other avenues How do we publish wide though? What do we need to do without endangering our Amazon account, because yeah, we can publish on other avenues but we gotta be careful about how we do it And there are certain best practices, too, to kinda cover your, for lack of better words, your assets So, where else can we publish anyway? So, this is what we’re gonna to talk about, other publishing platforms and I’m not going to go too in-depth about it, but I’m gonna kinda cover some of those restrictions that we can kinda anticipate And I wanna also want to cover the three main publishing iterations We’re not just gonna talk about eBooks today Yeah, probably a vast majority of our conversation’s gonna cover eBooks, but we’re gonna talk about print books as well as audiobooks, because again, if we just kinda keep going to Amazon KDP we’re really limiting the amount of readers that we’re gonna be able to reach So the very first thing that we gotta touch on, folks, is the basic rules of ISBNs, that is the International Book Standard Number, and essentially is a product code of some sort Now, there is a couple of methodologies we can do this You can own your own ISBN and that’s buying it through Bowker here in the United States Wherever region you’re at you’ll probably purchase elsewhere Canada, they’re able to get free ISBNs Canadians, I’m gonna see about getting dual citizenship, but ISBNs are nice because what it does is you own the imprint, you own that portion that says you know, published by As opposed to this other way, the platform-owned ISBNs, you know its free but technically it comes at a bit of a cost because whoever you got that from has their name on the imprint so, typically for instance if you do through Amazon KDP it says independently published, but in the back in the day when it was CreateSpace, it used to say CreateSpace independently published, I think some sort, nonetheless, but whoever you’re getting the free ISBN from remember at the end of the day that is not yours so, (inhales) you’re kinda put in this position that it’s not 100% yours so you can’t just take this ISBN and utilize it in other platforms You can’t take a KDP ISBN and publish it they say, through IngramSpark or go to Lulu and use that because they’re gonna go no, no, no, no That’s not your property, you can’t bring that over here And vice versa if you get, say, an ISBN created through Lulu you can’t just take that ISBN and put it over on KDP

They’re gonna be like, that you don’t own that So that’s probably one of the benefits of owning your own ISBN, in that you can just have one publication iteration underneath one ISBN that you can produce widely out there The other limitation, and I’m just gonna briefly cover this, is brick and mortar distribution You’re a bit more limited when you’re taking some of the imprints that are owned by Amazon Now Keith Wheeler Books, a good friend here of the channel, and also part of the dynamic duo on Wednesdays, Keith actually is one of those exceptions to the rule He actually got out there, hit the pavement, went to brick and mortar stores and was able to get his Amazon ISBN imprinted books over into those stores So it is possible to do that, but your odds of getting in there are greatly diminished by not owning that imprint So the next thing you need to be very aware of is, avoid duplicate publishing You’re gonna find and I’m gonna suggest some of these avenues here in just a minute, that they have similar distribution, there’s some crossover As a for instance, if you publish on Amazon, and then you publish through IngramSpark, you’re gonna wanna deselect the Amazon avenue underneath IngramSpark, and you won’t want to utilize expanded distribution on KDP because who fulfills the expanded distribution on KDP print? Ingram Content Group, who owns IngramSpark, and naturally if we already have that, so you see the dilemma that we’re running into, so if you’re publishing on IngramSpark, and you do it on Amazon make sure that you’re not, duplicate publishing Now naturally if you have the same ISBN on those there shouldn’t be an issue with duplicate publishing, but nonetheless it could be another example, we see Draft2Digital and PublishDrive, both distribute to Google Play You don’t want to have both of those distributing to Google Play because you’re gonna have two of the same book with different ISBNs on it, and (gasps) Google Play won’t be too happy with you doing that So just duplicate publications, stay clear of that, it can be a real, real issue Lets start it out with the eBooks All right, so this is probably gonna be the bulk of our conversation but you’re gonna want to make sure you hang out, again I got a cool bonus tip you all gonna be liking here Ebooks, we’re gonna start with just kinda focusing on KDP, in general we’re gonna focus on that area KDP Select, as some of you may be aware of, is a program to where you enroll your eBook in, and it agrees to exclusivity on the Amazon platform So when you check that off, for the 90 days that you’re enrolled, you cannot publish that eBook elsewhere Now disregard print or audiobook, you can publish those elsewhere while the KDP Select program’s enabled on a particular publication, that’s totally cool And also remember, just a heads-up, is with eBooks on the KDP Select program, if you do not deselect it, it will auto renew, so that means the 90 days will keep rolling until you otherwise deselect it or ask them out Nonetheless, so we got that all out of the way This limits distribution of electronic books for 90 days General rule, a lot of people always ask me, okay I’m enrolled in KDP Select, when do I switch over, when’s a good time for me to do this? Now, this is a general rule, I’m just gonna throw this out here Most times you’re paid per page flipped when you’re enrolled and it’s about roughly less than 1/2 a cent, about .004 cents, it just kinda fluctuates from time to time, so anytime someone checks it out they’re flipping through your book, you’re getting paid per page flipped Ideally lets say your book is 2.99 when somebody buys it Okay, when somebody buys this, this is not KDP Select, you’re probably pocketing around about $2 per sale with the 70% royalties, two and some change So in order for us to actually get that much through page flips, we have to flip through about 500 pages per day in order to equal that $2 So as a general rule think about the number of sales that you’re having for a particular eBook, and try to equate that to the number of page flips that you’re having I try to recommend that if you’re thinking about, oh, is KDP Select worth it, ultimately you’re gonna be able to determine that Are you getting plenty sales of it on the Amazon platform? Because if you’re getting plenty of sales

but you’re not getting too many page flips, you’re only getting 500 then I’d say it’s about time you may wanna look at the other avenues I’m gonna discuss here Good metric, just gonna throw it out here randomly, 10,000 to 100,000 page flips in a given day, if you’re starting to get that, it’s substantially boosting your Best Seller rank, and you probably would be doing yourself a great disservice if you took it out of KDP Select to go on to the other platforms Nice thing is if you do end up publishing wide, you can always delist on those platforms, and come back to the safety of KDP Select We’re not gonna talk about that today It’s a little more in depth So, here are some examples of Amazon alternative publishers And its gonna start out with, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble Press, Kobo, Google Play Books This is what I call the big four, these particular avenues are probably the main competitors, with KDP, especially Apple Books, and Google Play books, for sure, and Kobo is definitely starting to inch their way into the lead because of their recent partnership with Those are the top four, so if you’re thinking about going wide you can go directly to each one of these platforms The next one’s gonna be aggregate publishers I talk about aggregate publishers ’cause I’m the type of person that honestly, I just don’t have time to be going out to 50,000 different websites, putting my eBook onto them I would much rather sacrifice some of my earnings to have someone else do it for me So IngramSpark goes at the top of this list, I brought them up on a couple of occasions I personally don’t upload to them, only because I utilize these other avenues of Draft2Digital, PublishDrive, and Smashwords Beware again of overlap, don’t duplicate publish So this means that if you’re utilizing, lets say, Smashwords to distribute your eBook, they’re already putting it to Apple Books, you’re gonna need to deselect Apple Books on Draft2Digital and PublishDrive if you utilize those avenues Double check those things before you fire it off All right so we got the eBooks, lets talk about print books Super simple, it’s a free-for-all folks It is, you know, you can go buck wild at this point, there really is to my knowledge no exclusivity contract for print-on-demand distributors My good go-tos are KDP and IngramSpark You kinda heard me talk about it a little bit again before but I’ma go ahead, come back to the well on this one If you really want to see the widest distribution and get the most profit margin utilizing KDP print, don’t utilize expanded distribution because expanded distribution is fulfilled through Ingram Content Group, so lets go over here to IngramSpark, utilize them to get that avenue you’re gonna get more of that profit coming back They have really good print by the way, print books, and I’ve actually done that in Self-Published Book Unboxing Link’s inside the description down below Utilize your own ISBN if you can, if you’re gonna use those two avenues, that way you can really maximize the most out of the brick and mortar distribution, you’ll get through IngramSpark, that’s a nice little thing right there Good friend of the channel Julie Broad, really swears by having that and check out Book Launchers by the way folks, great channel So examples of POD pubs as I would say, you got IngramSpark, folks fair warning, upload fees they do have a $49 upload fee, and if you want to update any files it’s an additional $25 If you join Alliance of Independent Authors by the way, you will find that there is far less issues because they waive the fees for IngramSpark The other one’s gonna be, Lulu actually, I’ve kinda dabbled with them just for a little bit and I have found their products are great, I really like their print quality The biggest issue I foresee is you have to kinda drive traffic towards their website if you want to get the most royalties possible Barnes & Noble Press, another one, excellent, excellent print quality as I’ve covered inside the Self-Published Book Unboxing series, but their limitation is the US distribution, nothing outside of that Soon to come, soon to come, actually it was about December this past year I had the CEO of PublishDrive, Kinga Jentetics, she came on here she, last-minute interview with me My boy Adam Woods couldn’t make it ’cause he was stuck en route heading home on a flight, so Kinga came on and she actually, I asked the question about getting print-on-demand

Unfortunately, it’s not coming along as quickly as everybody would like it to, but it’s probably gonna fall in place just as it should And then Draft2Digital some of you actually have beta access right now Someone asked me how is this workout and blah blah blah, well Draft2Digital hasn’t given me beta access to the print-on-demand option for Draft2Digital, so what gives D2D, ya know So those are soon to come, keep your eyes and ears open I’m going to definitely report back to you when I hear of these two distributors using that That will be a game changer, when Draft2Digital and PublishDrive offer this because, everybody’s looking for alternatives and it’s great to have options as a self-published author these days Okay, so, lets talk audiobooks This is really cool, this is a lot of fun I’ve already said this so many times that audiobooks are on the rise I think it was about two episodes ago that I’d shared I think it was 25% increase this past year, and year before that it was 35%, two years in a row, so this continues to grow and hopefully you’re starting to do that within your portfolio Now as some of you are aware, Audiobook Creation Exchange, is an Amazon owned company How do we get off of that? How do we spread ourselves wider? How do we get just away from ACX? See, ACX has good reach, it has Audible, Amazon, and iTunes Not bad okay, but what if we want to get into libraries, and what if we want to do other things? Here’s the deal, if you’re using ACX they have two options when it comes to percentage You have either the 40% for exclusive distribution on ACX and this includes anybody that’s done a 50-50 royalty split so if you’ve done a 50-50 royalty split, you’re stuck for the next seven years you are stuck on that platform It’s gonna be 40% you can’t spread out Sorry, this conversation of going out is not gonna be really applicable until your contract is up or you somehow manage to finagle yourself outta that In that event you’ have to get ahold of support over there The other one is 25% , that actually allows you to publish elsewhere, and you can probably think about other options, and when it comes to audiobook options, there are two of ’em that are right of the top of my head One of them is Author’s Republic and the other one is Findaway Voices Now, Findaway Voices just started about two years ago, but they are really starting to gain traction In fact, I actually had a conversation with one of the gentlemen at Findaway Voices headquarters about yesterday and they’ve got a lot of really cool things on the horizon, they had just announced about a month or two ago that they’re looking into doing the royalty split option on their platform and right now they’re just kinda gathering together the narrators that were going to agree to something like this, so when they do that, that’s going to be an awesome alternative to ACX And here’s the big bonus is, when utilizing Findaway Voices you still get the same distribution that you would to ACX and, you ready for this? You have across all of their various avenues, you’re getting 80%, let me repeat that, 80% royalty Author’s Republic, if I recall off the top of my head, correct me if I’m wrong, is 70% on theirs Both exemplary in my opinion, so it would behoove you to look into this avenue, Findaway Voices is definitely worth considering All right, so in any event, you know it is that time, it’s time for the bonus tip All righty, big flashy screen just indicates that yeah, it’s time for that bonus tip All right, so some of you probably are aware of the Alliance of Independent Authors They actually have something really cool Believe it or not folks, everybody comes to this channel and they kinda go, man, you know so much stuff I haven’t scratched the surface in which the world that they have built over on ALLi, though the Watchdog services list It is hundreds if not thousands of services vetted for publishing, and they have a very stringent policy It’s not like anybody goes over and greases their palm, they’re a non-profit organization And what they’d done is they go through all of these different platforms, there’s some I’ve never even heard of I look at it and it has the green sticker on it, awesome its great, so let me just go ahead, and I’ll switch over here to screen, and we’re gonna go and look at their website so I share this By the way, ALLi is not paying me to say any of this at all They have service ratings What you can do is you can scroll down It’s based on excellent, they’re a partner member, recommended, mixed, caution, and Watchdog Advisory So if you’re ever curious about a specific company, let’s just say for instance we’ll type up IngramSpark

Let’s see how this one pulls up Okay, hmm, it’s going really slow Nonetheless, you get the idea You can choose a service category of some sort I’m looking for printing, there we go, maybe it’ll pull this up Okay, we’ll go ahead, hit refresh on this one You get the idea in that they have all this stuff laid out, there is hundreds upon hundreds of selections here that you can scroll through, take a look at, and you’d just be amazed at what they have to offer here I definitely highly recommend you take a look at that All you gotta do is visit this quick link again that’s I get zero benefit from this so if it’s new to you put #newtome inside the comments In the meantime, hey while we’re talking about publishing away from Amazon I think it’s important that we take a look at some of these other avenues that I was just talking about so I’m gonna send you over into this video playlist series about publishing away from Amazon Till then I’ll see you there! (upbeat instrumental music)