XS1100 Cafe Racer – New Kevlar Clutch = Insane Traction

G’day everybody and welcome to andy’s motorcycle obsessions alright so basket-case got a top end rebuild build you know we’ve got it tuned within an inch of its life and it’s going really hard the only problem that I’ve got at the moment is that the clutch can’t hold it so I’m getting quite a bit of slippage you notice it i guess when you really get hard on the throttle and it starts to free rev you’re really you’re really pick that up but there’s other other areas through while you’re driving that I know that this clutch is starting to slip a bit even though you may not pick up on it straight away why so when I why essentialy because thirty-seven-year-old clutch when I put it together I measured all the clutch specifications in terms of the thickness of the friction plates checked for warpage of the of the clutch plates and to see if I were turning blue or had blue spots on from overheating that wasn’t happening the free length of the springs was fine so i put it all together assuming that was going to be okay however over time those friction plates will lose a coefficient and they will start to to slip so what to do well I was a little bit torn i looked around for quite awhile that options and ultimately settled on a brand-new Barnett Kevlar clutch kit and the clutch kit contained friction plates clutch plates and heavy duty springs now it’s probably overkill but the price was okay you know i mean i could have just bought a new set of friction plates standard friction plates and put heavy duty springs in it and it would have probably held it but you know like I said the price was right so i bought I bought the Barnett kit and I’m gonna throw it in now so I’ve got I’ve got them all out of their packets they’ve been soaking in oil for a couple of hours so I’m going to start pulling this is clutch apart and we’ll see if we can’t get a little bit of friction happening again Alrighty then so what I’m I’ve ah drained the oil out of the sump and i’ve tucked this rag up under here because it usually spills oil all over my frame rail when I remove this side cover so we just need to start stripping that apart I’m trying out a chest mount hopefully it works okay in terms of perspective while I’ve got this in this position I’m going to release this nut this is the adjuster for the free play on the clutch and I am gonna release it i’m going to replace this assembly it’s a little bit dodgy and and seeing as we’re putting a new seeing as we’re putting a new new heavy Springs in there we probably want to err on the side of caution and just replace it just going to back this Center adjuster off now if you’re just replacing the clutch you don’t need to replace this actuator however like I said it is a bit a little dodgy this one’s not so bad oh it is it’s cracked i don’t know if you can see that but this is fractured through here and the pin’s quite worn so we’ll put a new one on right part number 4X7 163 40 dash zero zero one piece voila nice alright so we might as well just hoik

that on there pull that out of the way it’s gonna come out anyway Hmm it’s nice and firm on there there is a bit of there is a bit of play in that shaft too quite a bit of slop actually it could probably do with re-bushing or machining and putting a bush there i’m not going to worry about it today but maybe another job for the future alright let’s get this cover off and it comes away reasonably easily reasonably easily on this bike because I don’t glue gaskets on nine times out of ten the gasket will break and this one has so we need to replace it that can go in the bin all right one clutch exposed so I have to remove these six retaining bolts on the pressure plate and start pulling the pack apart and there’s a bit of old gasket there you’ve gotta make sure that you get the old gasket off off both surfaces anyway we’ll worry about that later these pressure plate bolts are easy to snap and it’s also important that you take them off evenly so take out wind out in a star shape patern going diagonally opposite each time trying to reduce the impact of the spring load on these fragile di-cast zinc di-cast aluminium you notice i called it aluminium because that’s what it is not aluminum I don’t know how you guys came up with that alumina is a product that aluminium made from you get everything else right cadmium titanium just can’t get aluminium one clutch pressure plate factory springs ok so next step is to get his tab washer out of the way one dodgy old screwdriver and one knockometer now we need to get this retaining nut out 27 millimeter impact socket and impact gun if you don’t have this actually prior to doing that what we need to do is pop two springs one opposite each other and that should stop it spinning when we when we go to do undo the bolt now if you don’t have the luxury of an impact gun when you go to undo it with a breaker bar it’s likely try and turn through the gearbox and turn your back wheel so you need to put it in gear and jam a piece of timber or something in between your spokes and swingarm to stop it from turning around alright we can now is a little washer in here as well we can now remove the entire clutch basket assembly right okie dokie now this first disc in line has an anti

jutter assembly behind it let’s just pop that there for now let’s not pop that there so they recommend that you don’t actually remove it this wire there’s a wire clip in here and it pops through here and it retains everything in there and just looking at this plate actually looks pretty good so I’m going to follow Yamaha’s advice just leave it in there I don’t think it that one plate’s going to make one iotta of difference however so what you need to do geez there’s no oh well as long as you can feel that with your thumbnail you should you should still be ok but what I’m going to do is remove this pack and and replace it obviously with with a new one so in order to remember what order it all came out in i’m going to keep them in order so I can remember what the first thing was that I put in there and that’s it is there’s our bottom plate pressure plate okay friction plate they don’t matter which way they go just try and keep them all roughly in line it makes life a bit easier when we’re trying to assemble it all but these ones and of course you want to bath it in the same oil that as long as all these I think are going in the same direction you want to bath it in the same oil that you use that use in your motorcycle so in this case its Yamalube four stroke mineral oil wunderbar there’s a washer goes on here let’s not forget pug hair so the washer’s in the back there let’s just put those two factory springs and bolts back in to the clutch basket so it all stays together it’s sort of bouncing off that oil pump drive it’s actually um the gear itself there it goes the gear itself is on the shift linkage shaft right the washer back on we also have a brand new yamaha part number 902 15 19 139 one new washer because the last one was getting pretty bloody tired I’d used it a few times this gets done up to 50 foot pound that’s how it’s done good these guys out

brand spanking new Barnett springs just comparing them they’re a couple of millimeters longer and they feel stronger just trying to squish them in my fingers super important that we try and do these up evenly now all that extra weight squishing down alright so now they’ve all bottomed out the you should actually torque these up to a thing that 7.2 foot pound but I don’t have a torque a low range torque wrench and you don’t want to try and pull them down at the bottom of a large torque wrench like a ten whatever that big half inch drive one I’ve got because all you do is snap the bloody bolts off just err on the use your feel if if you don’t have one like me right new clutch in as simple as that now we just need to put the cover back on if it stops dripping oil everywhere put the cover back on and start making some adjustments before I put this cover back on though i’m going to change the sight glass because it’s pretty scabby and quite frankly gives me the irrits so we’ve got another one there a brand new one I bought from Yamaha but I’m gonna try and tap that out now without busting it to pieces I’ve had a bit of a scout around i don’t really have anything to soft to knock it out with so I’m gonna go medieval on it well it survived so it’s here with the new gasket shiny might just put a bit of rubber grease on that that now has definitely seated wunderbar right that spring hooks up over part of the casing there sits into a bush but you want some pre-load on the spring so I mean I don’t have a Kickstarter but one of these days I’m going to do that fit one now in place right let’s check this now that we’ve been playing with it it’s got to firmly it’s got to contact the pressure plate you want to back it off quarter of a turn and it’s obviously important that it doesn’t turn when you’re tightening it the lock nut the screw doesn’t turn right free play set you also obviously set your free play at the lever but this is the bottom end of the free play that needs setting I just want to make sure I’ve got a bit of play up here all good okie dokie all that’s left to do now is pop this cover back on fill it with oil and then

we’re good to go the eagle-eyed among you will notice that the skull cover is gone my wife won the argument in fact I think the comment was what are you 12 common sense prevailed all right lets throw some oil in there my favorite oil oh geez I should have shares in this lot I’ll tell you because I don’t run any air filters stupidly I need to change my oil quite regularly because it goes black because all the dirts being sucked into the top of a motor and turned into carbon nice hard carbon is what um diamonds start out as really good to have in your engine don’t know whether or not you can see that clearly but um sight glass is lovely and clean makes it nice and easy to see the oil level alright so we have exchanged the clutch friction and clutch plates new springs new oil and a couple of other nice nice to have little bits like a new activating lever for the clutch and the new sight glass for the oil so all that’s left to do now is go and do a road test so I’d better go make sure that this thing grabs ok let’s go Wow holy dooly I can tell you now without a word of a lie the front wheel lifted in 2nd gear and in 3rd gear and this is a bike that pushes the back suspension down actually tries to drive the wheel into the road holy crap man I’ve been missing out happy guys so I’ve got a lot of grab now it’s unbelievable actually I think that that clutches been slipping for so long and you just don’t seem to notice it but now you just feel it push you back in the seat every time you get on the throttle so really happy the front wheels coming off the ground for the first three gears which is I mean I don’t like wheel standing bikes but you know it’s it’s sort of it’s just controled it just carries the front wheel then when you change gears you feel to come back down again but no very happy so now I’ve got a bit of clutch the next thing i want to do is go to a local bike shop here and put it on a dynomometer and we’ll see what sort of horsepower we can get out of this thing and make sure that they are carburetor tuning is right so that we’ve got the right pilot jets the right main jets and that our primary circuit is in the right place where it needs to be well thanks for tuning in don’t forget to Like subscribe and comment and come back next time we’ll be back for more with Andy’s Motorcycle Obsessions buy for now ok this is it all gps with a stepper motor technology hold on