Full Movie: The Bigfoot Alien Connection Revealed

um since humans first look to the sky we have wondered if there was other life out there ask the question are we alone have we been visited by alien civilizations our galaxy is in existence for more than 10 billion years so in principle if you take the life forms actually started within the last five billion years there is still enough time to do this absolutely now more and more people ordinary people like these are coming forward with reports of their contact with the paraphysical contact was something that dramatically changed their lives contact with uaps unexplained aerial phenomena formerly called ufos and contact through interdimensional telepathic communication with unknown intelligences and with surprisingly bigfoot an elusive magical human-like being they’ve had a weird experience like mine where they’ve seen either footprints they’ve had some throw something at them you know when they went out deer hunting a big rock comes up and whacks the side of the tree or they see one and then at that point they become obsessed you know when you can’t blame them they want answers their life changed when i first started like every bigfoot person they want to prove bigfoot exists you know partially because they’ve gotten some flack from a friend or a relative i don’t do it for that anymore in fact half the time i don’t even have a camera on me i do it for my own personal experiences when you’re out and you’re having experiences you feel like the man on the moon or the first woman on the moon it’s a customized personal experience for everyone i don’t think that i i would have a hard time putting it in a box or compartmentalizing it um i guess you’d have to maybe call it spiritual because it’s just so personal no longer afraid of ridicule people are coming out of the shadows with their contact reports and have formed communities of shared experiences you live long enough you’ve seen things that you can’t explain and i think every one of us has seen it you know whether we think it’s something that we just imagined or we put it in the back of our minds and i think probably like a lot of people had this phenomenon but until you have tv in the internet everybody can’t communicate about it because most of us just put in the back of the minds and it disappears from their reality because it isn’t something it’s almost like this this event that happened maybe twice or three times it doesn’t keep happening and there’s really no point in talking because most people aren’t even going to believe you it sort of turns your whole world upside down in what you believe to be you know real and not real it’s it’s totally out of the realm of anything you’ve experienced in your life it’s not like anything you’ve thought of your whole entire life so when you see something that does not match up with your known database and your brain is what exists it really throws you for a loop and now it’s happening in the ufo arena so is it just that we’ve transposed this process to a technology in a language that appeals to us now people are not talking about fairies the way people talked about some of these same things hundreds of years ago so maybe just the clothing of the experience has changed to suit our modern age

but the process seems to remain fairly consistent throughout the ages and it results in the same sort of thing transformation of consciousness which affects the body affects how we think how we interact with each other and awakening of what in spiritual terms would be called superpowers this possibility of transformational alien contact is being studied by serious investigators across the planet looking for answers today many of those investigators suspect that the facts and knowledge of extraterrestrial contact are being kept secret and have been kept secret by governments around the globe it was elmendorf and i was sitting there waiting at the flight ops desk to try and look at the schedule to see what an outgoing flight was that i was trying to catch and the ops desk people were actually out loud in public discussing the previous night’s ufo activity and i was really shocked i was like i was like you guys are saying this out loud and they’re like we’re not just saying it out loud we’re logging it we’re we’re documenting it rco is tired of this stuff i don’t know that he wasn’t forced to retire but um he was trying to document it and put it out there because he was tired of it being a secret the secrecy of the ufo phenomenon if at area 51 or anywhere else is based on the bateal institute report in the 50s that was conducted by the cia who indicated to the cia and to the u.s military that we have to belittle and make fun of the people and organizations that believe in the ufos to maintain the secrecy that we need to have with this because if we let this information out there could be sociological religious monetary crisis that would develop should people know that there is someone out in the universe that’s smarter than we are anybody who says secrets can’t be kept is saying well i don’t know about any so there must not be any which is a very self-centered and egotistical and inappropriate way of thinking about things secrets can be kept and are being kept all the time at some stage after blue book the us did get a program the the infamous atip advanced aerospace threat identification program but there is little or no exchange of information between us and uk france certainly not with any nation where perhaps relations aren’t that good so we we don’t we certainly don’t for example in the the uk and the us exchange information with russia or china but even between the us and the uk or germany france canada australia new zealand where there is a lot of information sharing for example on intelligence programs we don’t exchange ufo information one of the things that’s happening right now is there’s all these death bed confessions going on there’s all these uh baby boomers who are going away who are retired and they don’t want to take these secrets to their grave so we’re learning a whole bunch of stuff these days by people who were sworn to secrecy but are finally deciding i’m tired of keeping the secret and i don’t understand why this needs to be a secret that’s kept from humanity now instead of looking to distant solar systems for extraterrestrial life many experts are coming to believe through experience and contact reports that aliens are already here observing us this is not new what is new for mainstream science is a high probability that aliens are with us in the form of bigfoot and they must be considered smarter than we are the first time someone sees bigfoot run across the road they see an animal an undiscovered ape after just after investigating the topic for decades if they stay with it their thinking is probably going to evolve certainly did for me there is a strong case to be made that bigfoot or as they are called by native people sasquatch are in fact non-human intelligent alien beings what really interests me are some of the weirder aspects of the bigfoot phenomenon where people have claimed to have seen these creatures and they’ve sort of vanished in a flash of light or they’ve literally just almost dissolved or they’ve been seen in conjunction with strange little balls of light flitting around the woods sort of the size of tennis balls maybe sometimes the size of basketball

and the the creatures have been seen in almost exactly the same location and the same time but then you have other cases where people have claimed to have seen sort of huge objects flying sources ufos in the areas for example in 1973 in pennsylvania there was a huge wave of bigfoot slash ufo activity throughout pennsylvania predominantly in like the forested areas and stan gordon researchers still in the field today did a lot of really good research into that and you know in some of those cases they weren’t talking about blurry lights or they were taught fuzzy lights they were talking about solid craft of some sort of kind in addition to the pennsylvania sightings of ufos and bigfoot together the other place that awakened the world to a possible connection between the two phenomena was around the small town situated on the hickory apache reservation on the new mexico colorado border dulce new mexico is part of the san luis valley an extensive valley nestled between two mountain ranges extending from the great sand dunes national park in southern colorado to the taos plateau in new mexico in addition to its extraordinary beauty the valley is known as one of the nation’s premier hot spots for paranormal phenomena and events events ranging from haunted hotels to black helicopters to cattle mutilations to the well-documented aztec new mexico ufo crash to interdimensional portals and vortexes to local native american legends of skinwalkers and of course to bigfoot and unidentified aerial phenomena sightings a focal point for paranormal activity in the valley is the ufo watchtower north of hooper colorado it is run by judy meseline a local cattle rancher she is well aware of the arguments that major paraphysical occurrences are clustered together geographically in her case two vortexes next to the watchtower where people bring offerings to a supposed gateway to a higher dimension and this garden back here it’s got two large vortexes and it’s amazing how people can pick up the energy from those vortexes and others when they see see a ufo then their body reacts differently and they say that they are just filled with lots of love so that’s not bad i know that there is definitely something going on let’s face it this cosmos is too dang big for there not to be life someplace else and i feel that that life is in a different dimension they can pop in and out at will not long ago the military came to the watchtower i had the navy come visit me here a couple years ago and they spent a couple of hours here and i don’t know why i just know they came so they sent me their report and it goes on and on and on and then at the end it says non-human intelligence not from this world that’s what is said at the end of the report and this is a navy you know although the watchtower has all the characteristics of a paraphysical hotspot it can easily be dismissed as a tourist trap this is not the case with what’s been going on at dulce new mexico i have seen strange things in this community i did stop a van one night about two o’clock in the morning i remember it was new mexico plates there was a cage in the back of the van and there was two military personnels one was driving one was on the passenger side and both of them were heavily armed and these guys were special op guys they went regular military soldiers they were i could tell

there were special ops and all they told me was just let it go let us go don’t worry about it that’s what i did i just walked walked away i just let them go and i didn’t i never talk about it until recently i told some people its modern paranormal history dates back to the early 1980s when paul benowitz a businessman believed he had located a secret joint alien and military facility that he called dulce base located deep in the archuleta mountain overlooking the city by 1982 benowitz began to spread his ideas regarding dolce bass to others in the ufology community in 1988 benowitz wrote a paper entitled project beta since then reports of all manner of paraphysical activity including bigfoot and ufo sightings and surprisingly constant cases of unusual military presence continue to this day if you go to the reservation nearly everybody has stories of their own paranormal contact experience however ask them to go on camera the typical response is politely no way one exception is a full-blooded apache dory v hill a bigfoot and alien investigator he believes bigfoot and aliens are connected even little kids once i know they’ll be running around today and they’ll see something in the air or sometimes they go to the river or something or the lake and they hear that noise of some kind or a knocking some kind of tuck duck duck duck and sometimes the light all of a sudden like over here this other side there’s orbs out there you can go there about maybe 10 to 11 uh in the night time you just park there and here comes the oars big old oars about this big and it’s about maybe it goes to uh probably around this big right here and nothing but the light shines all the way around but it stops to a certain point and after that and it flies around every it goes around the vehicles and everything that heads off and after that that was this one uh episode there’s other episodes where other people seen the same thing so we marked it off over there where you can actually go and look at it you’re out of towners but we don’t recommend for them to go out of town out of the reservation without a tribal member dulce is surrounded by rugged forested mountains well known as bigfoot habitat just like last last week in fact about maybe four days five days ago yeah there’s a lake here called stone lake and this stone lake right there on the east side right there we don’t that was i had a witness too i have a witness that was with me that time and after that we saw a bigfoot from across the lake and there was it was walking or a big giant one little big old black something right there my girlfriend style and everything look at it look at that look at it are you serious are you serious so all of a sudden after that says you yeah i see it i see it i see it all the time so next following day we went back over there before it rained and we got the footprints and stuff i got pictures of footprints from over there even where it sat down the footprints were pretty pretty decent size and everything and all that and relatives of dory tim anderson a former reservation policeman and his son francisco are determined to make contact with bigfoot they have identified a couple of locations in the high mountains on the reservation where bigfoot occasionally makes their presence known tim and francisco agreed to take us to one of these places unlike the typical bigfoot hunters these men are well armed a um medicine man one time he told me that a lot of people don’t believe it but we live in a parallel world he said there’s a parallel world next to us and he said the bigfoot lives in the other world and sometimes it comes over so when he’s doing his track he goes back to the other side i have never seen it but i have smelled it we tracked it it through through objects it is and we just can’t explain those how those things happen just feel like something’s watching you something’s out there looking at you and you just get an eerie feeling like there’s something watching me looking at you my first experience that i had was back

in the summer of 2005 when i was going into sixth grade i think i knew there was like a smell in the area i was just strange i never smelt that before and then my dad i just kind of ignored it and then i started loading the wood into the back of the bed of the truck and my dad finally turned off the chainsaw and looked towards me and he was like he’s like dude he’s like you notice that smell and i kind of like looked at him i was like yeah i was like i was like i was just a kid and i never smelt that before and i was like i don’t know what it smells like then i was asking him about the smell and he told me it’s not like an old billy goat which i heard before from my uncle brian wheel he told me that that bigfoot might have a smell of a billy goat or something right when my dad told me that i kind of like dropped the log and then i was just looking around and then all of a sudden that feeling came something watching you and then i think that was probably one of the creepiest sightings we had well my first time often on a bigfoot hunt investigators looked for signs of nature out of place unusual bent trees tree trunks stacked or on occasion a footprint i don’t know this might be one on an earlier trip to this area tim made a cast of a bigfoot footprint this one here we found legera one day i showed it some other people one guy told me it’s a juvenile bigfoot almost always when cameras are present nothing happens except for that felt sense of being watched in a playful way it’s as if sasquatch doesn’t want to be photographed it’s as if they’re having fun with us and of course everybody on the reservation has seen strange aerial phenomena i’ve seen a few things objects flying in the sky that disappear and one night i was parked on the point up here and this light bright light just lit up the whole valley and flew up one of the kangas and disappeared so it was like three o’clock in the morning then just a few weeks and a few weeks ago me and my son-in-law were out behind the um correction center here and we saw a bright light up and that disappeared actually videoed it i videoed that that light later that day tim and francisco took us to an overlook of archuleta mesa where tim captured on his cell phone that aerial phenomenal light that lit up the valley do people report a lot of strange lights on that kind of thing over here yeah they do a lot of people want to talk about it a lot of military activity sometimes you got c-130s or that fly real low like helicopters that come in here it’s weird i don’t know there really is a base why there’s somewhere sometimes why there’s so much military activity if there is an alien base here it certainly must be one of the best kept secrets of all time we need to remember that what’s important about flying saucers to many people on this planet is their technology they would make wonderful weapons delivery and defense systems the first country to be able to duplicate them is going to rule the planet because they can fly circles around anything we got flying we’re primitives and so one can understand that the governments of the world do not want to tell their people that there are alien visitors here first it would be admitting we’re not the center of the universe we’re not the all-powerful all-knowing etc second no government wants its citizens to owe their allegiance to the planet as opposed to that government interestingly the beginning of the modern idea of an alien presence here on earth started not that far from arculetta mesa not far from the first nuclear test site it started just outside of roswell new mexico where something crashed clifford clift executive director emeritus has been a long time member of mufon the mutual ufo network and has thoroughly investigated what happened on that fateful evening

over 72 years ago july 7th in 1947 or approximate date thereof brazil a rancher that was northwest of roswell out looking for his sheep the next morning after a severe thunderstorm discovered this debris in the field and it wasn’t something that he had seen before having lived in the desert like that he had seen numerous weather balloons that the military had sent up this objects that he saw on the ground were not of the weather balloon type that he had seen so he went to town and talked to the sheriff about having discovered some objects in the field out by his ranch and he didn’t think that they looked like anything he’d ever seen before they might be something more than debris from a weather balloon the sheriff wilcox then told him to go to the air force base which he did and then jesse marcel senior went out with another gentleman to the site and discovered that it was something maybe a little bit more than what he thought on the way back to town that night very late at night he stopped at his house this is jesse marcel senior and showed it to his wife and sun and told them that this was extraterrestrial well the air force came out with their first in 1947 said that they had captured a flying disc and that went out all over the radio stations and the press everybody got it all over the world were calling the local roswell newspaper and the sheriff’s department to find out what was going on it became apparent that something did go on but the next day they reversed their statement and said it was a weather balloon and then they showed a picture of a weather balloon this is a strange change of events from a flying saucer to a weather balloon whatever was found in the roswell debris field material from an alien spacecraft or simple fragments of a military weather balloon were gathered up by the military and flown to fort worth texas accompanying the objects was major jesse a marcel of the 509th bomb group intelligence office one of the original officers to actually see the objects as they were found on the ranch in fact he helped gather them up so if all the people involved in the roswell incident he would be the one who would know if there was a government cover-up or not in 1978 nuclear physicist and author stanton t friedman interviewed jesse marcel three quarters of a mile long and several hundred feet wide so we proceeded to pick up the parts that it was not a weather balloon nor an aircraft nor a missile it was something else which we didn’t know what it was but the most interesting story to emerge is that roswell was not actually the crash site but the place where the alien craft ricocheted to the eventual crash site a site not far from cecaro new mexico and the place where the national science foundation operates a vast network of radio telescopes today the debris field was quite wide and quite long at roswell according to brazil and his son so the sheep wouldn’t walk across it they’d walk around it the object according to stanton freeman may have ricocheted there and landed at another place and at that point that’s where the object impaled itself in the side of a hill and there apparently there was three to five depending on who’s who’s talking uh alien beings two of which were dead and one was alive there was an archaeology group that were studying the terrain in that area they came across this before the military got to it and they were ordered to be shut up and as mufon we have archival files and we have letters from these archaeologists that were at the scene of this depicting what they had seen and they did say that there’s some there were small people there on the ground and the craft was somewhat delta shape wasn’t exactly round but it was torn open

and there was destruction from the crash after all these years the unsettled and controversial nature of the roswell event is still the focal point of humankind’s biggest unsolved mystery are we alone in the universe two things happened as a result of the roswell incident and of course what have we seen ever since an escalation of this phenomenon multiple reports credible reports ufos seen by pilots police officers military personnel tracked on radar performing speeds and maneuvers that seem way in excess of anything we have and governments all around the world have programs to research and investigate this at the same time mainstream scientists began cataloging stars and planets in our galaxy and in galaxies beyond and asking what the possibility is that life or non-human intelligence exists out there in particular astronomers looking at our galaxy attempted to predict how many possible sophisticated civilizations might have and are still existing in our milky way the famous drake equation set forth by astrophysicist frank drake the father of seti science predicted around 8 000 such civilizations should exist consequently the seti institute was established and began searching for extraterrestrial radio waves sent from distant civilizations frank talked about maybe 8 000 planets in the galaxy the latest notion is that there’s we start looking at stars and now we can actually observe planets around other stars it’s very neat science that we can detect the presence of planets out there it looks like there’s 1.6 planets per star if you take hundreds of planets that’s the average you get out of it that means in our galaxy we’ve got over 100 billion planets that changes the picture from six or eight thousand uh i think that is a big difference so just as we thought you know we’re the the center of god’s creation if i can put it that way we now realize that’s absurd that we’re not around the same time the great italian-american physicist enrico fermi was having lunch with fellow physicists at los alamos when the conversation turned to a flood of recent ufo sightings all over the united states during the discussion fermi supposedly asked his famous question where indeed is everybody where are the extraterrestrials especially since alien life may have had a half billion year jump on us here on earth and it is now estimated there are perhaps as many as 11 billion inhabitable planets in our galaxy the question where are they became known as fermi’s paradox the famous italian physicist enrique fermi once said that if there were extraterrestrial civilizations why don’t we see them why they have not visited us yet and the question is very very important because you can think of a civilization that has developed interstellar travel but they don’t have to really go on their own that is bodily to another planet beyond their planet actually they can actually make robots which will go to another extra solar planet and extract material from the planet and make a lot of other self-replicating robots which will go on their way to more planets and this particular process or method can go on at infinitum uh in that way actually a very intelligent life form or civilization can colonize a large fraction of our galaxy within a very short period of time and the machines the self-replicating machines were first actually described by von neumann so in principle we are not very far from the day when we can actually send out self-replicating robots into the nearest star system there is a planet which has been which has already been discovered in our nearest star system alpha centauri and people are thinking about actually sending

spacecrafts albeit very small ones to those to alpha centauri so if we can already think about that then it is not unreasonable to assume that there are intelligent civilizations in the galaxy if there are intelligent civilization in the galaxy then they would be thinking about this also and some of these von neumann machines would be already here on earth in contrast to the seti movement which has not a bit of evidence at all to say that anybody is sending signals here the ufological movement says we have enormous amounts of evidence that aliens are visiting we can’t answer the questions of what do they want why are they here how do they operate in 1952 project blue book was established by the united states air force to answer these questions aided in its investigations by astrophysicist dr alan heineck to this day project blue book has been controversial here’s a montage of declassified images from project blue book the project was headquartered at wright-patterson air force base but is no longer receiving documenting or investigating ufo reports many claim the project was a massive cover-up of evidence of alien encounters major general john a sanford speaks however there have been a certain percentage of this volume of reports that have been made by credible observers of relatively incredible things it is this group of observations that we now are attempting to resolve our basic difficulty in dealing with these is that there is no measurement of them that makes it possible for us to put them in any pattern that would be profitable for a deliberate uh custom sort of analysis to take the next step we have as a date come to only one firm conclusion with respect to this remaining percentage and that is that it does not contain any pattern of purpose or of consistency that we can relate with any to any conceivable threat to the united states project blue book special report 14 two important things about it it was done in the mid 50s they looked at 3201 sightings in air force study and they found they there’s all kinds of charts tables graphs maps it’s chock full of data and it was found that 21.5 percent of the cases couldn’t be identified that there were some cases had to be listed as insufficient information there was aircraft balloon astronomical etc but they found the better the quality of the sighting the more likely to be unexplainable which means that it’s probably real data they looked at a chi-square analysis the characteristics of the unknowns versus the knowns the two groups match the chance that the unknowns are just misnomes less than one percent but in the press release the report was not distributed but a press release was given very wide distribution in the mid 50s they said even the unknown three percent could have been identified as conventional phenomena or illusions if more complete observational data had been available that’s a complete and total lie the unknowns weren’t three percent their own tables showed 21 and a half percent so three is not or 21 and a half is not three rounded off by any stretch of the imagination it was a flat-out lie and that set the tone for the next 70 years perhaps one of the most remarkable cases of an unexplained aerial phenomena occurred on a clear night over phoenix arizona the phoenix lights happened march 13 1997 with an object being reported northwest of phoenix up in the prescott valley area lights very bright lights the object appeared to have been bigger than any aircraft that the united states or russia or any other country could get up in the air and fly at 100 miles an hour which is what it was clocked at it was viewed by thousands of people numerous pictures and videos we at mufon have evaluated those pictures with our photo analysis and we can’t find anything wrong with the pictures

it appears that many people saw a transparent solid object others saw a solid object one report of a dentist traveling along the highway from phoenix to tucson said that he could look out the window of his car on the driver’s side and see one wing tip and look out the window of the other side the passenger side and see the other wingtip that’s pretty large craft everybody did report that it was five huge lights on the bottom of this object transparent or solid we don’t know the technology that they have if this is extraterrestrial would allow them to do that type of thing people can see through them they can’t see through them we don’t know why that happens but it does happen the object was seen by air traffic controllers at the sky harbor airport in phoenix the object was seen by commercial airline pilots that reported it there is no doubt that thousands of people saw something real that clear phoenix night but what the phoenix lights i believe were extraterrestrial craft of some type i have no idea why maybe it was time for them to show themselves to us and and maybe not interestingly the craft was described as having some interdimensional qualities often reported during bigfoot encounters including semi-transparency as if they’re not quite solvent or of this world however the most convincing alien craft contact came as a result of videos shot by american naval aircraft and released as part of the top secret a-tip program against the wind the wind’s 120 knots the first video came from what is known as the 2004 uss nimitz incident off the coast of san diego fighter pilots from the uss nimitz flying super hornets encountered an aerial object that was described as 40 feet long and shaped like a tic tac there’s a whole fleet of them oh my gosh the object flying a random pattern appearing at eighty thousand feet and then dove to twenty 000 feet at incredible speed when the american fighter plane approached the object it suddenly came at the plane head-on before peeling away although the fighter pilots were no longer able to detect the object the radar controller at the nearby uss princeton was able to follow the alien aircraft for a few minutes before disappearing the next incident we know about occurred 10 years later off the east coast of the united states and is known as the uss roosevelt incident it is reported that many strange aerial objects one of them like a spinning top moving against the wind appeared almost daily from the summer of 2014 to march 2015. navy pilots reported to their superiors that the objects had no visible engine or infrared exhaust plumes but that they could reach 30 000 feet at hypersonic speeds in late 2014 a super hornet pilot had a near collision with one of the objects and an official mishap report was filed some of the encounters were captured on video including one taken by a plane’s camera in early 2015 it is unknown how many of these types of contact have happened and not been made public by the late 1980s another kind of alien contact captured the public imagination people who claim physical alien abduction people whose stories would have been dismissed as delusional a generation earlier were being interviewed by oprah in addition books about alien abduction experiences such as whitley streiber’s communion and bud hopkins intruders were best sellers however in the 21st century reports of that kind of negative alien contact diminished and were replaced by something more interesting emerging of alien contact with the paranormal there are other kinds of contact experiences going on that people associate with aliens or extraterrestrials and for lack of a better term i think we need to call them non-human intelligent beings because we really don’t know what they are where they’re from they could be interdimensional from a parallel universe not from another world far off in space and a lot of these contact experiences

take place in what would be called a matrix reality that is the contact d is suddenly transported to kind of a liminal between world which some would describe as sounding like the astral plane which is neither here on earth nor somewhere else like a craft per se where they are having some sort of interaction with an intelligence which they may or may not see but there is telepathic communication there is a sense of a presence there is usually some information imparted but we don’t seem to get much evidence that these beings are specifically here to warn us help us enlighten us give us technology give us medical information there but they’re here to have some sort of interaction with us that awakens something in our consciousness as we learn this is often how a bigfoot encounter is described described as spiritual in nature this kind of contact has been a big part of most native cultures bigfoot is known in north america through ancient rock art and stories of native american encounters it’s where the name sasquatch or harry giant got its origins it seems that native or first nation people are more open to bigfoot encounters both in the past and even now in the present winona kirk lakota had her own transformational bigfoot encounter some elders would say they’re they’re spirit part spirit part animal but the first nations people my relatives have kind of a mystical or spiritual way of looking at all creation so i did talk to some elders who said oh you know i had them you know around my camp research has shown that after world war ii reports of sasquatch encounters were growing in number but the big change in the awareness of bigfoot occurred in 1967 when what became known as the patterson gimlin film showed the mysterious beast as it lumbered along a northern california riverbank since then not only have reports of bigfoot encounters skyrocketed across america and the world but also in many ways it initiated a new era of cryptozoology researchers in particular bigfoot investigators bigfoot investigators who begin intense searches for the big hairy beast cliff barrickman acclaimed bigfoot researcher and one of the hosts of the hit animal planet series finding bigfoot is one of the major proponents of bigfoot being a living breathing animal from my personal experience i’ve never had anything happen ever that would convince me that these things are anything other than a perfectly normal species of ape or higher primate of some sort that shares a planet with us while working for the american museum of natural history in new york dr esteban cermiento was the go-to primatologist on evidence relating to bigfoot if bigfoot did exist and he is a great a he didn’t come from north america he must have came over from asia and that’s the other thing too when you look at you know first nation or you look at you know american indian law it’s not an animal that lives down in you know guadalajara you know in mexico or the other it’s an animal that’s really coming from the northwest and it has like the same distribution as other animals that came over the bering strait from asia because of so many reports from nearly every corner of the world all the bigfoot investigators agreed that there must be at least a couple thousand bigfoot distributed across the planet however descriptions vary the appearance of a sasquatch is somewhere between like an adult gorilla and a human being generally speaking an adult male sasquatch stands between eight and nine feet tall they’re very very broad shouldered about me about three and a half four feet wide at the shoulder a lot of times they kind of narrow with the hips a little bit very very muscular they obviously have a different neck structure a different leg structure a different bone structure than we do i’ve heard of sasquatch’s uh being reddish in color black in color gray coyote colored sort like all the fur runs the gamut and so does the skin tone as well i’ve heard of like caucasian kind of skin tones i’ve heard gray dark black i’ve heard reddish all these things sasquatches have a huge genetic diversity as would be expected of a species like that at the same time numerous bigfoot research organizations were established across north america

and europe the granddaddy of them all is the bigfoot field research organization trained investigators examine and record hundreds of bigfoot encounters every year and of course there are an endless parade of sketchy videos showing obscure images of bigfoot oh there you go most are easily recognized as hoaxes after more than 50 years of failure to capture or videotape clearly a single bigfoot the attitude towards what this creature is began to change change as contact reports were catalogued and a group of investigators noticed some patterns that pointed to not an elusive primate but something more paranormal something alien something that is a non-human intelligence greater than our own the characteristics that are associated with the paraphysical nature of bigfoot include telepathic communication people who have had especially multiple close encounters and a lot of these would be individuals who spend a lot of time in the woods like people who are hunting fishing camping or maybe they live in remote areas they feel that they have telepathic communication with these these beings and that they are intelligent maybe even superior to human beings and many of these messages are uh benign uh or friendly there there are people who have had more aggressive encounters where the sasquatch is is a little more hostile and maybe it’s because they feel that their territory has been intruded upon so we have telepathy we have what would be called as bilocation or rapid transport and that’s the ability to be here and then suddenly there without visual means of getting there that has been described on many occasions where people will see a being like in front of them and then suddenly it’s behind them and they don’t see it go behind them how did it get there it’s just suddenly there he was walking into a clearing which i could see that was lit up by the sun there was trees that were about 20 yards apart and he was walking in between two crops of trees pine trees going out into a clearing and as you walked into the clearing there was a shimmer that began as a circle and it came in like this and it kept going like this and as he kept walking everything that was on the outside of the shimmer disappeared and it got to the center and it just went away and at that point it was gone and i observed closely to see if there’s any way that it could have shifted right or left or if it went straight ahead but it didn’t it’ll walk again with the clarity and it just vanished and everybody got excited we couldn’t believe what we saw it was just really a life-changing experience for me if if a bigfoot seems to want to be material and tangible it seems to have the ability to do that and then to turn itself into something intangible as though it’s going through an interdimensional doorway jim myers is typical of a bigfoot investigator who has changed his mind about the nature of bigfoot i came to the conclusion that bigfoot’s more than an ape more than america’s great ape and probably even more than just a an undiscovered species in america or around the world actually i think they’re they’re not categorized yet obviously we don’t have a body we don’t have bones there’s a lot of reasons for that i think but um probably the primary reason that that led me to concluding that they’re maybe even extraterrestrial in origin is the fact that they disappear in front of people i have two personal friends that have watched a sasquatch while they are watching it literally shrink and disappear to nothing kind of go pixelated and be gone and i’ve experienced something and i have other friends as well who’ve experienced something that we would call cloaking where there was something there but you could see through it but it was there was just something there that you couldn’t actually see i call it the predator effect from the movie predator and so those two things the cloaking and the disappearing said to me anyway these are my own conclusions sasquatch can disappear seemingly at will

um one where do they go did they go did they go cloaked and they’re still there or did they go out of this dimension my own opinion and of course nobody has anything but opinions in this realm is that they go into a different dimension and started looking out the windows through binoculars and just kind of scanning the the beautiful scenery and came over between these two trees these two parallel trees and something looked odd and it was this kind of pixelated image and as i drew it into more definition it was in the shape of a sasquatch and i took the binoculars down to make sure that i wasn’t you know and it was still there i thought wow and i put them back up and down and back up and then i thought in my head in order for me to believe what i’m seeing you’re going to have to move and then it moved because it was it was facing full front turned to the side and it turned back and i just immediately was just overwhelmed with gratitude that i got to see something like that arguably if they were just normal unknown apes there shouldn’t be any paranormal aspects at all you know what i mean there should not be anything that that deals with animals vanishing you know you don’t get reports from africa of people seeing gorillas vanish or weird lights around them you don’t see um like monkeys you know for example things like that vanishing in the flesh of an eye so why should you see bigfoot the answer is you shouldn’t you should not see a creature even if we don’t know what it is it shouldn’t be vanishing it shouldn’t be be seen with strange lights and ufos in the sky so there’s got to be something that goes beyond that it’s kind of funny uh i think there are there’s ample evidence that there are creatures that i will call bigfoot because i don’t know what else to call them here whether these are transplants from someplace else maybe the heavy lifters for the aliens that are coming here i don’t know uh i think they’re part of the picture of us having to realize that we need to expand our view of ourselves our planet our neighborhood another bigfoot investigator who changed his mind about the primate nature of bigfoot is ron moorhead his what is called the sierra sounds recorded in the california sierra mountains are some of the most compelling evidence of bigfoot’s alien origin unearthly voices are another paranormal feature associated with bigfoot when i first encountered a family these things in the 70s we thought they were probably just an ape out there and we treat them as such but they’re more than that we couldn’t trick them we tried we couldn’t get a picture we tried one thing we captured was our vocalizations which has been scientifically studied now and by dr karlin a year-long study showing that there was a below above and in the human range which suggests that they can mimic just about any animal out there the aptitude is what gives them away they’re huge these creatures are huge it wasn’t until 2008 till a crypto linguist trained by the navy as a crypto language to transcribe foreign languages languages unknown and uh he he transcribed a complex language within these sounds [Applause] and that puts in a whole new frame we knew they were when we were listening to we knew they were talking to each other and sometimes talking to us but until you got a professional behind you saying that you know no one’s going to believe it so anyway that happened and most recently just very recently a guy did a 20 20 minute episode on the sierra sounds and he he claims that he’s established that in one uh one tone they can make five octaves and if that’s the case and if i can get that corroborated by a biophysical engineer or someplace it’s it’s profound it should be smoking out a bigfoot discovery even james bobo faye another of animal planets finding bigfoot’s hosts no longer takes the series flesh and blood bigfoot line seriously anymore he has personally experienced some of the typical paranormal features associated with bigfoot i saw a blue ball of light going through the woods

and where it was going there was crashing sounds like a big foot walking it sounded just like big bipedal long steps and crashed breaking branches but uh i didn’t see it turn into a bigfoot or anything but it was definitely associated and that same night there was this weird flashing up in the trees before before i saw that ball of light there was a it was like three or four big uh pine or fir trees and we have like 100 something feet up near the tops they were lit up like a strobe light like five flashes really fast but there was no like there was no discernible angle the light was all encompassing it wasn’t like one direction so there were shadows and stuff it was it was all lit up like daylight almost and but in a box so i’m gonna and i’ve seen orbs out there and i’ve been squatching uh i was actually with renee on the show as a skeptic and she was standing right there the whole production crew was sitting there watching these two orbs just bounce along they ended up we measured it later they were 70 feet from us going walking pace and the natives tell me that when they travel sometimes until they travel in their spirit form it’s like a ball of light the phenomena associated with their manifestations defies natural explanation and i think that we must turn to paraphysical or interdimensional considerations if we’re going to fully understand their presence on earth and their interactions with humans the conclusion many bigfoot alien and paranormal investigators have come to is that an important way these events are all part of a spectrum of alien contact experiences occurring right now on the planet paranormal events that are showing up in thousands of what are called hot spots found throughout the planet hot spots that are said to be thin to the other side or another dimension some like the shimayo shrine in new mexico are places of healing and christian spiritual realization some are places like virginia’s monroe institute where people travel to higher planes of existence and learn remote viewing others like stonehenge have long-standing sacred significance for indigenous cultures and are often mentioned in connection with ancient alien contact others are places where geophysical and energetic anomalies can be detected and felt one such hot spot is the montana vortex just outside glacier national park identified by the indigenous tribes of the area as a sacred place of healing it was turned into the house of mystery a tourist attraction in 1970 then in 2014 long time bigfoot researcher joe hauser bought the property as an opportunity to explore the paranormal paranormal that included strange photographic effects the sudden appearance of stick glyphs the presence of orbs [Laughter] unexplained aerial phenomena emerging from columbia mountain and a resident bigfoot whose arm was mysteriously captured on a tourist cell phone photograph the renovated facility and grounds are open to guided tours during the summer season joe showed us some of the rather unusual gravitational and visual effects the place is known for i’m just going to be a point of reference in the center i’m not going to change you’re the show now you’re looking pretty tall there give me an eyeball here pretty tall there change sides go all the way to the end of the platform so you’re back there by the rock wall no no i think you shrunk over there didn’t you instantaneously from one side of the energy field to the other come on back this way walk real slowly watch her grow as she goes right in front of me just like that you grew right back up again walk around the back yeah go to the back too same thing you know and just like that you shrunk yeah you got to marble with you by chance just in case my level wasn’t on the level once you put a marble down there anywhere you want to put it you can even move it around if you’d like and if this platform wasn’t level we’d have to have about three or four inches difference here that marble would probably take off and roll somewhere what do you guys think pretty level the housers have located on the property at least five what are called vortexes well we found the center spiral lines we found straight lines and then we found these whirlpools and the whirlpools get bigger the further they go out and they actually match up to those mathematical points that fibonacci

figured out in the 12th century still holes for you today vortex spirals that can produce disruption or distortions in the earth’s geomagnetic field and perhaps the bending of locally generated electromagnetic and electrical fields this kind of bending could produce some unusual phenomena phenomena that include visual distortions cloaking and many of the paranormal events associated with bigfoot contacts as well as unusual personal feelings and sometimes healings healings that occur particularly in the big vortex it’s always a good calm energy in there we built a labyrinth in there it’s kind of a meditation healing walk these vortexes because they are magnetic in nature have a really good healing quality then there’s the house of mystery built around one of the smaller vortexes inside it exhibits rather strange gravitational effects as demonstrated by joe hauser the house is tilted at 18 degrees on purpose so we can come inside and have a good time that’s only about a four and 12 pitch so as a carpenter we could easily walk around on a roof a lot steeper than this and not constantly get pushed downhill but here’s what’s going to happen i’m just going to demonstrate everything for you really quickly and then you guys can play around with it a little bit yourself this platform right here is level people want to know what the house would be like at this level here’s your chance to find out when you stand on it most of us look at our feet when you raise your head you say i’m not standing straight i’m leaning forward a couple bubbles off center you’ll do the same you guys try to stand up straight on here you can’t the energy will push you over backwards but once you get on here give it a try just lean back you’ll know exactly when you’re 90 degrees because you’ll feel it it rocks you back on your heels lifts your toes up just like it wants to toss you through the window so even if the house was level we’d have to lean in the field a little bit while the unusual vortex effects are interesting it is the reports of bigfoot unexplained aerial phenomena and orbs that make it a paranormal hotspot as darkness set in we were hoping to film the presence of orbs because they’re out and they’re out of our our visual light spectrum they’re probably in the infrared section of the light spectrum we don’t see them then there’s some people believe that orbs are souls many of the photos we see here have faces in them that look almost like you’re looking at a human face some of them have animal faces and then some of them appear to be be almost like visitors from another dimension they’re they’re like a drone they fly around they have intelligence they move around people they circle people they avoid trees and it’s like they’re being controlled from somewhere else where they have some sort of intelligence that they can move around as hauser and his wife tammy snapped pictures with their cameras we began filming them in the grounds with our infrared night vision turned on perhaps no other paranormal phenomena is more closely associated with bigfoot than orbs while we had no luck capturing orbs the housers were more successful pew right there a lot more and then a whole bunch right not there big ones though tammy got something on her camera so these are the first pictures and then that you see that cloudiness it’s like a it’s almost like they’re starting to manifest the red orbs see that big red orb up there see that giant one by far the most interesting results occurred at the end of our filming in a sequence of pictures with us in the frame taken within a second according to the camera timestamp there’s two or three of them with them in there and then there’s some without oh yeah we’re here we could detect no trickery in the sequence of images next we turned our attention to columbia mountain where many sightings of uaps have occurred but on this night nothing happened but earlier something remarkable happened while in the mystery house we took a number of readings with the usual paranormal detection devices there were no results out of the norm except that the gamma radiation readings inside the house of mystery were 30 clicks per minute compared to outsides 20 clicks per minute but what about the resident bigfoot that

joe claims to have regular contact with he talked about him in the mystery house he’s big he’s probably about seven seven and a half foot tall big shoulders narrow waist he’s a would be a sub adult you know he’s young guys still probably maybe 20 20 20 plus years old but uh yeah in here yeah and he um he’s in here we’re pretty sure during the summer sometimes i’ll bring a chair up and you can hear like a 800 pound person walking across in here and there’s nobody in here yeah and or he’ll as you come in you’ll hear him walk out like he’s already in here but he shows he likes this area over here kind of like he can just stand there and eyeball everybody that comes in and stuff like that as he’s talking about his resident bigfoot something startling moves into the frame as you come in you’ll hear him walk out like he’s already in here a fairy moth-like creature appears for a little over three seconds here it is in slow motion inexplicably it’s the brightest thing in the frame as if self-illuminating of course one of the most reported capabilities of bigfoot is their ability to shape shift to morph into multiple forms and orbs there is a bit of irony here in that this giant creature is perhaps showing itself as a tiny fairy like being it’s as if they have a sense of humor sense of humor is one indication of higher intelligence the more you study the sasquatch as an entity the more you start to see sense of humor being thrown back at you with the games and tricks that they play tom powell is one of the early bigfoot investigators who recognize bigfoot’s alien paranormal nature he thinks because we were able to capture something on video that whatever they are they are aware of what we are doing in this documentary and approve so it was natural that we would ask him to lead us on a visit to one of the new paranormal hot spots a hot spot dubbed the owl moon lab by bigfoot investigator tobe johnson is just outside of eugene oregon where multiple paranormal bigfoot and alien phenomena are occurring regularly we wanted to understand why we’re going to head out to what we call the al moon lab uh it got the f name for a reason i can explain that when we get there it’s uh it’s a parcel of property out of cottage grove not too far from where the london tracks were on february 12 2012 122 prints of a possible bigfoot were found by tobe johnson south of eugene oregon accessed by london road a road that parallels cottage grove lake they became known as the london footprints their origin was controversial either they are the best example of bigfoot prince or a great hoax the flesh and blood bigfoot community came down on the side of a hoax but tom powell is not so sure they found not just a few more prints but dozens of prints that went way out into the lake bed and all the way to the shore of the much reduced reservoir so they got very excited and called up cliff barrackman and i up in portland we gathered together a bunch of plaster and came down here and cast a quite a series of prints in the end there was approximately 130 some of them better than others they had all been sitting there for a few days by the time we got there uh but they’re still pretty well preserved because the mud was so sticky and stiff by then so we did cast a whole bunch of footprints and it it is one of the more famous uh footprint finds of late for a couple of reasons number one there were so many of them and uh number two they seemed to indicate something about a behavior the thing walking out on the lake bed and cruising around and then turning around and walking back so we cast as many as we had plastered a cast and the controversy continues there there are people as always who insist that they’re they’re fakes and then there’s others who dispute that i’m convinced that they’re genuine

footprints the owl moon lab a few miles away from the footprints turns out to be a property and home owned by daryl and his wife transplants from california who wanted to be near their grandchildren surprisingly the portal or the origination point of the paranormal activity is an ordinary shed okay so from here on out daryl’s only going to be known as daryl and cindy because the house is actually up for sale and we want to keep it a good sale so tom what’s up tom daryl nice to meet you thanks for having us helen hello nice to meet you cameraman hey you can attest to the craziness here yeah like i always say i was normal when i got here yeah yeah this is the epicenter if i would call this anything this would be the faraday cage the transmitter and putting a capstone on this okay is kind of like bottling up a fizzy soda this seems to be where everyone wants to come for whatever reason it’s brand new it’s less than a year and a half old all the siding was put up new garage doors that cement foundation was laid there was just gravel and lumber before in a roof that was it strange events started occurring when tobe and daryl cast some bigfoot kneeprints and brought them back to daryl’s place as soon as we brought those knees and housed them here it seemed like a giant welcoming committee said oh okay you got something we like it you like it maybe we’ll come visit more often well the axiom there is that when you start studying them they start studying you so uh they it uh that’s that’s a john keel ism uh that he tendered in back in the 60s when he was looking into these paranormal matters and the more he looked at it the more he became aware that he was being observed or scrutinized and many a bigfoot researcher has had that experience that they they know where i live one of the most common forms of interaction with bigfoot and other paranormal entities is called gifting the unexpected appearance exchange and moving of objects such as feathers rocks and personal items the gifts here are extremely personal they seem to not only listen to what you’re saying but understand who family members are that may have been to this property or haven’t been to this property some of the things that have happened here are apportations objects that appear out of nowhere or seemingly nowhere for example one day i came home from work i was living right over here in the tree site in a little camper and daryl and i walked inside the uh garage here to download some audio from the evening prior and i walked back out i looked at my camper and there was something sparkly sitting on top of the camper yes and it was gold and i thought well what the heck i just looked at the camper i know it wasn’t there it’s up you know a good eight feet a gold shiny object well we go this by now is kind of a routine of bringing things off this camper awning when we turn our back but recently cindy said bring us a bag of gold bring us some gold so when i see gold sitting on top of there like is it gold gold well they got a sense of humor and so you bring it down you get it and pyramid slide there no it’s an old rifle casing from the 1800s oh i don’t know i don’t remember the old peters peters just sitting right up there on top of it so that’s the kind of sense of humor that we have right that’s a bag of money we’ll leave a bag with three blackberries sitting hanging on that tree there how’s that that’s your bag of money cindy has heart surgery his wife they bring her a little glass heart and set it by the hummingbird feeder so this was our rock set up here and one of the things that we would do actually only recently after we found out that this was a thing that people were doing is we would spell things out with letters one of the one of the major things that happened here was only recently where i spelled out in letters here thank you for gifts three days later actually i think after henry franzoni was here in kirk’s secrets and spelled out with letters and numbers because they didn’t have enough letter letters and numbers letters to spell out this word they used numbers underneath thank you for gifts was spelled welcome and they used the letter three to make an e and the number four to make a c because they ran out of letters now an animal could do all this

stuff i’m aware but we’re beyond the fact that it’s anything other than an animal at this point because of the fact that we have the sounds of them interacting vocalizing speaking and oh by the way they don’t walk in when they interact with a puzzle because we record behind this wall they interact with the puzzle like they’re hanging like tom cruise in mission impossible they drop into existence you hear them vocalize huff they do the percussive whatever and then they work the puzzle and then they’re gone people in the neighborhood constantly report many cases of an unexplained aerial phenomenon daryl describes what he captured on his cell phone one evening i believe it was a like a sunday night right when high school graduation stuff was going on and i brought my dog out about 11 00 at night and right above that tree line there i saw something that appeared to be fireworks going off so i thought that maybe there’s some kids up in the woods doing fireworks for graduation or something as i stood there for a minute the things started coming this way and it wasn’t fireworks and i tried to hold my phone as good as i could and it just kept going all over the place it was really hard to stay up with but then it would just flash look like a jellyfish or something like flash expand and flash go off vanish for a minute sometimes and then come right back in a little different area and then it just kept doing that doing that and then it got right over me and it just went out and it was gone and i stood there for a while and never came back here’s the uap enhanced and slowed down watch it change shape it also has an unusual center much of the most significant paranormal activity here comes from tobe and daryl’s evps known by ghost hunters as electronic voice phenomena that is audio recordings that let you hear from spirit voices that are not picked up by the human ear some of these have the quality of ghosts we got an evp the day of the funeral of the boy that committed suicide that grew up in this room the prior owners the day of his memorial we got an evp of a child saying i’m dead we went in there to check the evp and we found these these are little tiny four-fingered hand prints that are infused into the bedroom door their chalky white hand prints about twice as small as mine these are the actual prints here and if you can see they’re very unusual anatomically they have hard line edges in the palm here they’re gnarled at the fingertips and kind of twisted tobe invited tom to listen to a number of the unusual sounds they have recorded in and outside the shed this is what this place turns into that’s right here for 30 minutes not a thing moved off the counter not a dent not a bird [ __ ] tearing the camp up at night and in the morning there is nothing touched that’s where this place is uh you want to hear a bigfoot sound okay i don’t know if it gets better than that’s your standard moneymaker screen that’s from the apple orchard that’s in the backyard here are a few other voices and sounds that have been recorded at owl moon lab as evening settled in we including one of daryl’s neighbors wren decided to see if we could record any paranormal activity in the shed tobe described the setup we’re going to use so it’s as simple as putting a recording device here and a speaker outside so everyone’s going to come outside and kind of let this little portal for lack of a better word start to introduce itself to us in the area and some new faces and whether or not

that makes a difference i don’t know i think it might and then one by one we’ll send people in here to see if we can measure that on camera we waited outside and listened for something to happen finally we heard a knock from inside the shed was good okay nice work so that’s kind of how you warm it up the time had come to send some of us into the shed and see what we could record nothing happened until our co-producer alan margargle went inside with his camera camera audio and infrared lights at first there was nothing but then things started occurring i heard that nope but i heard it loud sounds coming from inside the shed i heard that with no apparent cause ask it a question alan can you make more noise so i know you’re here i heard that a little cracking this is your home ask it if it’s from another dimension small crack why do you come here i heard that small crack have you actually have you ever had stuff actually move while you were in here no only heard the sound of movement never saw anything move crack sound loud crack sound i don’t even know what that sound was it sounds like something trying to get in i feel something i got cold in here are you here i heard that that’s uh the corner right by you that was a little noise center wall towards you i feel that chill again i did not hear a knock a kind of a coldness across my whole body later allen described the feeling of a strong presence surrounding him it felt like something had entered the shed fortunately we were able to verify to some degree the peculiar nature of the al moon lab and his potential as a portal a paranormal hot spot with a wide range of unusual events constantly occurring in a single geographical location all pointing to the emerging idea that most paranormal phenomena are part of a connected otherworldly landscape in this case bigfoot ghosts voices from the other side evps and unexplained sounds coming from an otherwise normal shed i heard that small crack what we constantly heard from paranormal bigfoot investigators

was expect the unexpected what we’re starting to find is that there are power spots there are places where things happen much more frequently than the rest of these places it appears that there are places throughout the earth where energy is focused people describe them differently ley lines vortexes even even black holes are considered to be one of these places where energy is concentrated what we’re finding i think is that these places exist on the surface of the earth and if you put yourself in these places if you can first identify these places and then put yourself in them things happen with a lot more regularity and things happen a lot more dramatically so as much as anything we’re just going around trying to find these power spots trying to find these vortexes wormholes whatever you want to call them and then see what’s going on there that we can hopefully begin to understand so what is going on here the evidence is growing stronger and perhaps governments already know full well that we are not alone here in our solar system that we are moving towards an alien contact singularity they will change everything we believe about ourselves and our place in the world perhaps all you have to do is open your mind to your own personal alien or bigfoot awakening and they will find you after all it’s their game we are playing you