How to Get Prayers Answered Fast – Sheila Shaw NDE Part 13

Many people are aware of this strategy that I used to place the signs to help my neighbor recover her 6-month baby Chihuaua puppy that went missing in the forest for four nights and my neighbor was just crazed as I would be Hi, I’m Peggi. I’m with my best friend, Sheila, of almost 30 years We’re making this video, because her message is extremely important, specially during this time So Sheila passed away three times The longest time was for 15 minutes, and that was at the hospital They gave her three heart attacks Once she came out of the third heart attack, and they took the breathing tube out of her, the first thing she said to me was, “Jesus came to me three times.” [Sheila] And here’s the actual recording [Peggi] Yeah, and here it’s the actual recording when I said, “Hold on.” And then I got the recorder [Peggi] What was your dream? [Sheila] I woke up, I was in a Lucid dream, half sleep and half awake, because Jesus woke me up And He said, “Get up.” He said, “Do you want to come?” I said, “No.” And I was real matter of fact about that And I could tell that He was disappointed [Sheila] And then He went on to ask me, “What do I want to take?” [Peggi] What did you what? [Sheila] “What do I want to take special back?” He did not say that but I got the feeling [Peggi] He didn’t say that but you got that feeling? What did you want to take? Back from wherever you were to here? [Peggi] Hmm, running out of steam now? [Peggi] No, careful with your eye, She You don’t want to… [Peggi] Careful, I’ll do it. Here you go [Peggi] Okay, so He ask you what did you want to take? He didn’t ask you, you had the feeling [Sheila] Huh? [Peggi] You’rere telling me about your dream, the Lucid dream with Jesus [Sheila] I know [Sheila] Peggi, can you back up a little bit? [Peggi] I could barely hear you Sheila [Sheila] He was [Sheila] Last time He was disappointed [Peggi] So how’d you come back? [Sheila] Back [Sheila] I said, “No, I want to stay.” [Sheila] I don’t know what I was thinking [Sheila] Then I started to get tube out [Peggi] So you said, He gave you something? [Peggi] Do you know what He gave you?

[Sheila] Life! [Peggi] Life? [Sheila] Yeah Hello and thank you for tuning in As usual, before we get started I want to say thank you so much for all of your wonderful comments I cannot tell you what a thrill it is, just to even have you participating and even giving me your feedback and your thoughts And while we are on this subject, I want to say many of you have asked me a question that I’ve not responded to, please know that I’m in no way ignoring you I just get overwhelmed and sometimes I say I’m going to go back, I forget to go back and then more comments come in new video But I do want to say, I read all of the comments What I try to do is give you a heart to let you know that I see it, I have read it But there are times that I have not left heart and I have not commented neither And the reason why I have not left a comment, I mean, a heart it’s because it’s a little it seems like it’s inappropriate because I’m being asked a specific question and I don’t want to heart it without then responding, but I haven’t had time to respond So I think I’m going to say tonight, this is a new rule, I’m gonna heart everybody, whether you asked me a question or not, just so you know that I have seen your comment And if it’s a comment that requires a response, if I have time at that moment, I will respond Otherwise, if I don’t respond t’s because I don’t want to- at the moment, I don’t have the time or the proper mindset And I want to be sure that when I comment respond back, that my mind is focused 100% on what I’m doing and not on what I have to do So, please forgive me if I do not get back straight away to your comment, which actually is what happened with tonight’s topic, kinda, sorta Charmaine Pentz in South Africa, she asked me a question that inspired tonight’s message But before I ask Peggi to read that comment, Charmaine happens to be one of the people that asked me a question a month ago that, not only did I not heart her, but I didn’t even respond to it So, even though that comment is off topic, it has nothing to do with tonight’s subject, but since I’m answering one of her comments, I thought I would go ahead and answer that one as well So, Charmaine, I’m going to go ahead and have Peggi, please read the first comment [Peggi] “Hi, Sheila What an eye opener this part 6 has been May Father continue to use you as a tool in communicating with us, His lambs PS.: Please show us pictures of your cats and dog.” That was her question, or her request, and it was back in part 6, and we’re in part 13 now Oh my goodness. Anyways. Okay What I’m going to show you is what a typical day in 2014, what my life was like feeding the animals in the morning And I chose that because I had all of the animals in one shot that I could then show you the animals And actually, I was making a I was making I think it was when I was building my cat fence And I was recording a lot back then And that’s how I got the recording But anyways, this is to answer Charmaine’s request from a month ago,

Watch out. There you go, there you go, there you go And then Casey, eats right there So you have… Niles, Rocky, Zoe, Prince, Boogie, Jasper And I don’t know if you can see Casey, but this is where they all sit every morning They chose their own spaces, so I just kinda follow suit Come here, Prince Come here That’s all of them All the animals here Hi, boy. Hi Okay, have a good day We’re having nice weather here, so I just leave the doors open And there you have it, our morning routine Thank you, Charmaine for being patient and thank you for not responding as if I blew you off because I didn’t Okay, having said that, now, tonight’s topic is going to be how to wait for unanswered prayers And it was inspired by the comment that Charmaine asked, in reference to video number 11 And Peggi, would you please go ahead and read that? [Peggi] “Hi, Sheila and Peggi I have a question pertaining to the fact that we can go to God with anything (as mentioned in this video 11) I know and believe that this is true, but if we ask God for something, do we sit back and wait for things to happen, or do we also have our work to do?” Okay That’s an absolutely excellent question And this is the I’m going to give you a solution to what you can do while waiting for your prayers to be answered And I want to be sure to say that it’s not the only solution, but it’s a solution that I have learned to be very effective And it shows a pattern without even realizing it Actually, I didn’t even know that it was a pattern until I reflected back, and I realized 90% of my prayers that I asked were answered through the services of others Me reaching out to help others Many of my prayers have been answered, and I would like to share with you tonight, three personal stories of mine in which two you’re already familiar with And I chose to use two of the stories, because you are familiar with them and I’m unraveling it a little more I’m sharing more of those stories today versus when I shared them to you the first time because this section did not apply to that video and I never want to give you what doesn’t apply to the topic But tonight it fits in, and I’ll keep unfolding them for you Alright, so The first example I want to give you, you’ll remember back in video- Answered Prayers video, number 4, when I talk about the television show, “You’re the Talk of the Town.” And that’s when I invited my friends on- well, not just my friends, but everybody on the show and I would help them promote themselves or an idea, whatever it was As long as I was serving and helping others Not just them were benefiting, but all of us could benefit from whatever they had With the Talk of the Town, as you know, I invited the guests on, but what I didn’t tell you the first time, there’s two things I didn’t tell you, but this is a very important thing

I would always, because of my health, I had to pave my own paths I could never really accept a job that required that I was going to be, that they were going to be depending on me to be there And it was only because I never knew what my health was going to do So I had created my own company, which was very successful And when I would ask God for prayers, I would always pray that I would always be able to stay employed through my own means So I would have money to do the things that I wanted to do And so I wanted to say that because that was always a prayer of mine that I would ask God Okay. Now, having said that, now I’m getting back to what happened with You’re the Talk of the Town So, one day I was at the studio and I was walking down the corridor and this gentleman was walking on the corridor coming towards me And you can tell that he was a bodybuilder but you could tell that he was probably a Mr. Something because he was built Oh my goodness And he had a book in his hand Okay. So I stopped him, I said, “Hi Wow Are you a title, a bodybuilder?” I didn’t say that, but that’s what I meant I didn’t say that, I said it better than that And he said, “Yes, I was Mr I forget Something, Mr. Something. Anyways And he said, and he had a book in his hand I said, “Oh, what’s the book?” And it was a book that he had just written I said, “Wow, would you like to come on my show?” Because I think I looked at the book a little bit and I could tell he’s smart And I said, “Would you like to come on my show? Beause I would love for people to see that not all bodybuilders are just muscle, they’re actually guys that have, or people that think, and that was important to me to help get that message out, especially about him And he said, “Yes, I would love to come on your show.” He didn’t ask me what it was or did he? I can’t remember Anyways, I invited him on the show, we go ahead and we record the show There was an article that you had written and it was talking about not just picking up heavy weights right away So what’s the conditioning process of the body? Really learning, learning your body, learning the fundamentals, you know, what was hard for me doing power bodybuilding first is that’s more cosmetic, you know, when we’re powerlifting the shortest distance between two points is a straight line So learning the biomechanics and About a week goes by, I think it was, and he called me up and he said, “Sheila, this is Rob. I was on your show And I have the opportunity, as I told you, to have my own talk show And they want to see something that I have done on camera And I just realized I just recorded the show with you And if I can have a copy of that, I can share that with them.” I said, “Absolutely Come on over in about an hour or two and I’ll make a copy and give it to you Okay. He comes over, I give him the copy, and about a week goes by Yeah, about week or two maybe And I get an email and it’s from a lady and she says, “I’m such and such, and I would like to know if you would meet me for lunch or coffee, whatever is convenient for you Please call me.” She leave phone number And I called her, I said, “Yes, this is Sheila I would Sure, I would like to have lunch with you, no problem.” Because she had said she saw my show and I thought, because on the show, I tooted my own company So I was looking for an investor So I’m thinking maybe this is what this is all about So I go ahead and I meet her It was convenient, right across street, close to where I live We sit down at the table and she’s real sharp, beautiful lady I mean, her clothes are beautiful She carried herself so professional and she was really sweet and I was dressed pretty sharp myself, because I knew I didn’t want to When on a business, you should present yourself as such So I’m sitting down and she’s looking at me and I’m like, “Okay.” You know? And I’m trying to be courteous and not run the mouth and she said, “Can I know…” First she told me, she said, “Rob, the guy I interviewed”,

she said, “He showed me a recording with him, with you And I saw you and I want to know, where did you go to school for broadcasting?” I was not expecting that And I didn’t know what to say because I’m thinking First, matter of fact, let me back up She first said, she introduced herself and she said, “I own..” Her and her husband, they own television stations, networks from the Bay area all the way down to Los Angeles Wow. You know, so I was like, “Okay.” And she said, “And I’m having another show with Rob and I asked him for the tape and I saw you And I want to know, where did you get your training for broadcasting?” I didn’t even know what to say to that, because at one point I was nervous because I was thinking, “Did I say something that I wasn’t supposed to?” Because, you know, I don’t know I don’t know how this works I just took class, was answering the request of the teacher as a project we had to do So I just kind of sat there and she looked at me and she said, “What’s wrong?” And I said I said, “I’m not sure how to answer that I never took a class on that.” She said, “You didn’t?” And I said, “No, I took a class on trying to learn how to make videos And actually, that class that I took didn’t even have anything to do with what I wanted to know how to do, it turned out to be a television production course, which I had no idea of And that was an assignment that I had to do.” She sat back in her chair and she just, I mean, she just let herself go She was just like, “Are you kidding me?” She said, “You never had any training with that?” I said, “No.” And she uncrossed- her legs were crossed that’s right She uncrossed her legs and sat up and said, she tapped on the table and said, “Listen, I am such…” that’s when she told me she was, she said, “I’m such and such, my husband and I own television stations here, up and down the Northern California, all the way down to Southern California And we’re opening up a new network here locally with cable TV, and I want you to come over and join our team And I said, “Oh, wow!” But now I’m excited but I’m not, because I kinda liked my show And she said, “And I would like for you to do the local sports.” The high school sports and I think like the little league, but the little A league, the A league And I want you to be the broadcaster for that.” And I sat back and I was like, you know, I kinda I was trying not to look disappointed And she said, “What?” I said, “I really like my show, You’re the Talk of the Town Plus, I got another show I do as well, Taking Back Control when Dealing with a Chronic Illness and I kind of liked those shows and she said, “Listen, you can bring those shows No problem I’ll let you have those two shows and I’ll give you prime time hour wise, like seven in the evening If you do the other show too.” Now, I still have a problem So I’m not wanting to jump up yet And that’s kind of sitting there and she said, “Okay, is there something wrong?” And I said, “Well, you know, I have lupus and every now and again, it’s hard for me to really commit to things that I know are important that the schedules are kept because I never know when it’s going to hit me And I wouldn’t want to commit if I couldn’t And she had had another solution She sat up again, she said, “Listen…” She goes, “Here’s how we can do it Give me…” I think it was 7 episodes in advance She said, “If you just always stay seven episodes ahead that won’t be a problem because we would air them” I think it was like Every other week or something with my shows Yeah, it wasn’t something that They do that though, they’ll have way in advance for just that kind of reason And she said, “Is that satisfactory to you?” Wow How do you turn that down? And I said, “Absolutely I’d love to do it.” And that’s where the story ends because the rest of it doesn’t apply to tonight

The point I’m trying to make is when God gave me the vision to take that show and not use it as my own personal platform, but to invite others in, that’s what opened that door for me Because if I had not been interviewing him who showed the tape to her and he didn’t show tape for me he showed it for himself and she saw me And that is how I ended up with that invitation She was just so impressed with me She was willing to do whatever it took to get me on her show, on her team Okay. That’s the first example I want to give you The second example, let me get my my monitor goes, the screen times out on me Okay Now, the second one you’ll remember, in video number 10, I believe it was when I asked Peggi to help me with the lady’s house with all the cats that were peeing and pooping all over house Okay. That’s continues as well Now, as you know, she offered to edit my book, proofread it for free But she also went on and she proofread my company- I had two websites and she went through all of the websites and made any suggestions to make it even more professional About three months down the road Now, let me remind you that I would always ask God to give me opportunities, so that not only could I provide a way to finance myself, but that I could excel with it So I didn’t want just a little bit, I wanted to do something in such a way that I would be able to enjoy life at the same time Okay About three months goes by, she asked me if she could nominate me, if I would be okay with that Nominate me to receive an award I can’t remember what the award was Something citizen I can’t remember Anyways, doesn’t matter But she goes on to say, “If you accept the award you will do it We are going to have a ceremony with the other nominees And you get to make and present a Power Point presentation or a video about something that you feel passionate about, whatever you want, basically.” And I said, “Okay, and who do I present this to? People of community or? She said, “It’s going to be other leaders in the community Prominent leaders, leaders with the money to make things happen.” Wow, and I’m thinking, “My goodness sakes.” I remember going home that night and sitting down and saying Wow, here on the Talk of the Town video, when I pitched my company, I was trying to reach that very crowd I was trying to reach But I didn’t come close to it because I never got feedback for my presentation on the Talk to the Town Well, I got some feedback, but not the feedback I was hoping to get And here I go to her house, this lady’s house, asking for her to proofread the book of mine I turned out serving her, but I had no intentions of receiving anything other than the fact that of God I’m helping one of my sisters and brothers And it turned out where God answered a prayer for me I was able to pitch my company pretty much one-on-one, 12 feet away from the audience that I wanted to be in front of Wow! And that’s lesson number two I’m seeing a pattern here where I set out, but not with that in mind at all I was just serving a person in need and the answer came to my prayer in such a way that I would never thought it would ever happen the way it did

And that’s the end of that story I cannot take you further because it doesn’t apply The third one that I want to share with you is about how the Sheila Shaw NDE YouTube channel came to be because I was not, that was not my path or focus at all After getting out of the hospital, I think it was February of 2000… No, no, no March 2019, that’s when I actually came back home When I came home, I couldn’t really speak I could speak, but it’s amazing how well I speak on camera because when I’m off camera, I don’t speak this well at all I’m always calling things cabinet Everything is a cabinet And God bless the people that are around me, especially Peggi, she knows exactly what I’m talking about all the time And thank you, Peggi, for that She’s laughing at me half of the time but that’s okay I’ve learned to laugh at myself since the accident Anyways, make a long story short Okay, so I get out of hospital Now, mind you, my life before any of this happened was very productive I mean, I was always doing something I had full autonomy I was able to drive, I was able to go to the pet store, I was able to help people if they need it Computers, whatever, I was doing something Now I’m out of hospital Okay, I should tell you, remember I had the real long dreads? They were a mess They knocked out my front tooth, when they were putting that tube in mouth, and they crack two of my other teeth by doing it, every time they did something to my tooth. Okay Then when I’m walking, I walk like I’m drunk So it’s not like I could really go out and be productive because people are going to perceive me as a drug addict They have no idea what happened to me, because I was about that thin, super skinny, ta boot Okay, so I’m sitting here on my couch and I’m feeling so I’m just bummed out For the first time in my life, I was really depressed because I’m thinking to myself, “Okay, I was at home I was with God I had everything at my fingertips Goodness sake, now I’m sitting here in the house alone I have nothing to do, no one that I could contribute and help God, don’t ask me again, next time I come home, just move If you don’t move, I’m gonna tackle you I’m going to do a sliding, I’m gonna run and I’m gonna slide underneath your robe Get under your side and keep walking I don’t even want you to ask me questions.” This is what’s going on in my mind sitting on the couch Meanwhile, Peggi, she’s constantly saying to me, “Sheila, could we make the tape, a video, because I want to have it for YouTube If something happens to you, I want to be able to share the story because I think a lot of people will be helped by it.” And I didn’t want any part of it I just not You know, I said, “Look, when I had PEVA I couldn’t get anybody going to that and that was all our plastic pollution and everything I know this is something I hold dear, and I don’t want anybody pooping on it I just didn’t, you know? Anyways, a week goes by, same thing Knocking on door, knocking on door, “Sheila, please, please.” And mind you I’ve been running around When I was in the hospital, I couldn’t stop talking about Jesus Oh my goodness. I was wearing myself out with it And when I got out of the hospital, everybody that would listen, I would stop and talk to Now, mind you, Peggi, she is chaperoning me everywhere So she is hearing this and she said, “Sheila, can we make video? Because if something happened to you, I’d really like to have it for YouTube.” That way maybe more people can hear it because I believe your story is phenomenal I said, “Okay, not today.” Because I couldn’t- I’m still not speaking right I don’t have tooth in mouth That’s right. I didn’t have a tooth This tooth was knocked out They knocked it out putting tube in mouth to breathe So I don’t want to get on TV with no tooth in mouth It’s bad enough I’m talking the way I’m talking This was going through my mind, I’m used to being on TV sharp Beautiful dress, teeth perfect, well-spoken, and now you want me to get on there looking like a drug addict” No, that’s out! She comes back week later, “C’mon Sheila, please, please, please.”

Year goes by, finally one day, just out of the blue That’s why we looked the way we do We didn’t bother trying to make ourselves up Peggi, when I said, “Peggi, okay, let’s make video.” She stopped and said, “Let’s do it.” Because at this point, she was thinking I better get it while I can I’m not going to think about it, let’s just go do it, okay When we get in there and we make the video and we put it up on YouTube and Wow Now, meantime, I wanted to say God’s always talking to me I can hear Him really clear now, since I’ve been back And I’m doing a lot of contemplating and I share all this with Peggi I said, “Peggi, there’s some nuggets that I still need to share with you guys that are pretty profound And I just have to get the opportunity to say the nuggets Anyways. So I make the first video, we pop it up there and we get a wonderful response Plus, Truth Rabbit, who has a channel of near death experience people, e-mail us and ask us if we could put our story, my story over there And he had like 70,000 subscribers and it just took off Wow And they asked me more questions and I said to Peggi Peggi, she now gives me There were some recordings she didn’t want me to see because they were bad things that happened to me in the hospital But she said, “Sheila I have all these on tape, if you want to listen to them.” And I said, “Wow!” A lot of it I didn’t remember Thank God she did those recordings because it’s kept it fresh, which allows me to share with you today because of her recording Anyways, the one recording that’s online now, it’s the one that says nugget That was the second one we uploaded And again, we get positive response I said, “Peggi, I’m being asked questions and I’m a person I don’t like ignoring people So I start number 3 and that’s when I start sharing my couch time nuggets Which I think I’m going to call them couch potato nuggets now And now the couch nugget is going to be couch potato, with glasses and skinny arms and skinny legs sitting on couch contemplating Anyways So, I do part 3 and again, I get positive response And I was not expecting this at all And I realize now making this video tonight, when I look back, every time I reached out to help others, God came back with something beautiful for me Because now I still don’t get to go out on my own and I can’t drive, but I have something to do that is helping people in such a way that I never My goodness, I never thought I would ever have the opportunity to do and be so well received because I can’t tell you how many times in my life I tried to do something and it just never seemed to be appreciated And here I have to die, come back with no tooth, talking funny, hair messy, same shirt And I’m just, “Thank you, Jesus, for giving me purpose again.” Because it’s hard sitting on the couch knowing what I gave up And this is I would do it all over again Just to sit here and talk to you and share with you from my heart everything that I believe to be true and what I learned when I was on the other side, about our Heavenly Father and how much He loves us And He will always answer our prayers And I’m saying As I said at the front of the video, that this may not be the only way to wait for your prayers But it’s a way that I have learned, that I have received so many answers for my prayers when I stopped and took the focus off of myself and put it on somebody else and help not only help them with a solution, but saw it through with them as well

So I didn’t just drop the idea and leave them Like the girl, I knew she couldn’t put the signs up with the dog I did it for her and I wasn’t trying to get anything other than helping someone in need And I always thought if I lost my animal, I would want somebody like me to come and help me Somebody that didn’t want anything from me, but just wanting me to find my animal And I say that, maybe that’s why, because my intentions were sincere that I always got something beautiful out of it without even realizing it So, Peggi, is there anything that you would like to say or share? [Peggi] I witnessed all of this, because I’ve known you for so long And I remember each time you prayed about it and it would happen like that And you would talk to me about your prayers And then after the near death experience, what you didn’t realize is how much God would speak to you That was amazing God has said this, God has said that So, I think I’m gonna go shopping and try to get another shirt So I can change shirt Well, I lost 40 pounds when I was in the hospital and I wasn’t the type to gain weight and I’m not gaining it now So none of my clothes, none of my clothes fit me, but my little cute pink shirt that my sister gave me And I like it anyways But yeah, it’s time to see if I can get another shirt so I can have something else to wear on camera so you can tell the difference between the videos Ok. Having said that, thank you so much for joining us and that, as always, I love your wonderful comments and your thumbs up Peggi and I really appreciate it Have a nice evening See you next week, same time, same channel