231: Inspiring Your Superior Self, Baltimore, and Blue Collar Life

all right Trey we’re live on video standby for audio all right good day and good evening ladies and gentlemen welcome back to another LIVETHEFUEL show so this evening I’m bringing on a new co-host for you and this gentleman got connected through the power of influential networking. shout out to Mary Shores who’s now been on the show twice and she said I have to reach out to this gentleman so let me catch you up on the skinny on this guy he’s actually a fellow East Coaster which I’m excited about since usually I’m talking to other countries and time zones so this gentleman is a 30 something year old dad of three got me beat dad of none except for a dog here but living in the suburbs of Baltimore Maryland south of Baltimore absolutely love it there I have partied in Inner Harbor many times but his wife Marisa is a labor and delivery nurse love the medical professional and together they are striving like most working-class families to find happiness and balance but there’s a lot more to this gentleman trying to get into today and he’s also let me shout out to a fellow podcaster he’s actually the host and owner creator founder whatever you want to go with here of Your Superior Self so without further ado welcome to show Trey Downes! sir what’s going on Scott thanks for having me on brother I really do appreciate it yes and we’re uh you know popping the cherry so to speak in regards to you’ve actually you’ve not been on other podcasts have you no I have not I this I I’m up to 36 episodes of my own podcast and this is my first collaborative effort if you know you can call it that yeah well I want to say thanks for having me on and I’m super excited and and and shout out to Baltimore I’m actually speaking to drinking a Monument City Brewing Company beer I’ve not yet sponsored but I did throw them a little shout-out today so maybe something’s in the works I don’t know is that one of the like a more of a localized kind of like home brew type of situation yeah it’s it’s brewed right here at the city okay but it’s called battle IPA you know because we have Federal Hill here where you know the Francis Scott Key and the and the star-spangled banner’ twas written so we’re very into our history here in Baltimore I respect that because I live here in Allentown Pennsylvania and I’ve gone to Baltimore many times and I love the history up here the Northeast and two cities over with sound town Bethlehem easting that’s why the airport code for our Airport here is a b e mm Easton Easton there are inner circle each city has like an inner circle but the inner circle in downtown Easton there’s a big monument there and that was famous because that was one of the locations when the Declaration of Independence had that in its journey they had paused to read it in the cinema many many years a little history buff there mm-hmm I love it I love it do you listen to hardcore history at all oh no but I like the fact he’s hardcore it is branding that means he’s really committed he or she sorry is it he I can’t remember his name so like I listened to it because it goes back to it’s very its storytelling II I mean I cannot believe I cannot remember his name right now I think all right that’s why we have that’s why we had the internet his name Dan Carlin yes yes yes he likes oh my favorite one where is where he’s talking about War two and he talks about some of the Japanese soldiers that continue fighting for thirty years after the war had ended they found him they found them actually in the Philippines they didn’t know the war was over they kept fighting for thirty years and they did not stop until they were quote-unquote relieved by their their captains yes and wasn’t there one man left behind that never gave up that one Japanese soldier yep there’s actually I noticed were you yeah it’s quite a few he talked about that on his podcast and I was like are you kidding me like can you imagine in today’s world like this is taking a typical American guy middle class whatever do you think they would have gone thirty years and fought their own battle like I mean come on think about that third eye uh yeah it’s funny you bring this up because this is going to be a very fresh episode 34 us so I went Facebook live the other day because I have no problem going live my fiance calls me on that all the time she’s like what is with you and going live all the time I’m like I just keep it real alright so I decide to vent you’ll appreciate this about where we’re going with this is integrity and work ethic right that’s run here honestly so but it’s a different genre it’s a different generation it’s a different ethnicity it’s a different way of life like I studied Okinawan martial arts when I was younger whole different level of training my one sensei sensei Sonny used to beat me with

a bamboo stick when I wasn’t listening well yeah that’s awesome that’s like not like a very aggressive like beatdown way but he’s like you know I can’t come up behind me he’s so sneaky oh hai just whack right across the back of the knees or the calves I can’t remember which one hurt more but luckily with our Gyan the ghee was like more of a canvas style material so it took some of the hit but you know if you didn’t like react enough or drop down right away like he made sure the next go-around he’d get a little more into it so did you ever get waterboarded is what my next question no I feel like that might take a little too far I don’t know have you tried to lick your legs not high enough come here come on in the bathroom yeah that’s sorry towel over the face let’s let’s just not really focus in your training got terrible discipline Scott yes I was a very high-energy child now I’m just a high-energy adult so clearly the training and focused me but it did not remove the the energy from my full wide life force so sure that gentleman man those stories those soldiers you did that that’s what so connect us all together basically earlier this week I had gotten home and part of my brand right fire in the logo is I’m a former wildland firefighter from out west so I served one of the elite hot shuckers and right now there’s some tragic fires in California that burned thousands of homes this California is kind of used to it by now but this one’s officially these two fires are the worst in that state’s history and I’m seeing all kinds of political crap going on I can’t stand the politics right everybody’s like oh they assume you know what the hell talking about and that’s that set me off and then obviously there was the shootings in California earlier that week that was tragic one of my clients lives like a mile down the road from the fire and the shootings crazy so I just and right now we’ve been trying to save our dog’s life I had to we had to cut his leg off a couple weeks ago to save him from cancer turn him into a tripod then he was going through like partial renal failure because of the damn drugs they put him on for the pain relievers like so far today we’re bouncing back so this is real-time updates for you Wow so I got all this going on right because I know you got a lot going on here so it’s like okay I decide it’s like you know what I’m just going to vent on Facebook live because I think a lot of people don’t realize that not everybody’s life is perfect jaakor yeah I think and especially the social media space it’s very easy for us to only share what makes sense right now or what is filtered and sometimes I think it’s really crucial that we realize that you know a podcaster like yourself and a podcaster like me something as simple as a podcast not just a social media space but we do create end up creating followers and and we end up literally falling into this role as an influencer so I decided to go off Facebook live and just I lost my shit and I just said you know what guys I’m sick and tired of people who think they know what they’re talking about and they stick their nose and the stuff they had these take take 5-10 minutes and do a little research people just spout off and think they know what they’re talking about and the hotshot Creed is part of the heart chakra is three keywords duty respect and integrity and I actually had them tattooed on my ribs and so I take that very very seriously it’s that’s kind of full circle for you because the way Suze you brought up trying to fatten somebody today committing like that soldier did generations ago duty respect integrity is what pops into my brain no so wow it’s powerful like exactly like I don’t feel like today’s generation has that type of commitment like it’s always what is owed to me like I am I was born in 83 so like I’m teetering on that line yeah you’re more cusp like I’m 77 so I’m 41 I would definitely say you’re closer to the Gen X side of the spectrum so there is and again as I told you before the show this is I try and influence positively influence and guide the Gen X into that millennial on genre right so technically you’re I guess you you’re technically in the Millennial Generation but you’re not like the newer I’m like the old Malinin yeah you’re you’re like old school Millennials hairs receding like I’m bicoastal listening to like dr Dre and Tupac yep cool I like the old stuff you know like I like though I’m like the Millennial like the old guy oh I love those guys did you listen on your nirvana yeah I mean like a weird mix so it’s like it was like and I grew up in Delaware so southern Delaware near the beaches down by Dewey Dewey family garland a light-hearted down there my first go down my friends gonna do he all the time oh yeah it’s a party it’s the party Beach it’s my brother my brother used to

bartend at the Lighthouse and rusty rudder and all that good stuff and okay it was so weird because down in Sussex County it’s like a mixing pot of like different like cultures it’s it’s like you got the the people that grew up there who are country they listen to nothing but country and then you have the tourists that come in and they bring in like DC vibe the Baltimore vibe the rap mix the alternate alt-rock DC 101 and you got you know what is it I can’t remember what the the other stuff is but I like grew up with this this mix of like music so like I loved Nirvana I loved at every album 311 oh yeah a couple times yeah and I’ll any Rusted Root mixed in there no no no yeah but this all at one time the percussion with the drum solos were just ridiculous yeah so I can name everything it pretty much in that country genre as you know but the older stuff so like Hank Williams Jr all that good stuff trace adkins all those older guys and then the rap stuff like I was into you know like biggie Tupac all that kind of stuff so I’m like an older millennial but I still watch the documentary film on all that oh yeah yeah that was awesome absolutely so dating ourselves like millennial when people say Millennials now just like not young but you know what I’ll take it I’ll take it if it means that it’s interesting because we’re talk about Millennials and I feel like it’s it’s oh everybody’s forgotten about Gen X like they don’t even I don’t even hear people talking about like I feel like I have to include it on my braining to make sure we don’t disappear I don’t think people understand it though I don’t it’s either baby boomers or they go right to the Gen X because well let’s be real I think I think the sorry some rights on millennial nuts right the Gen X because the next largest generation is really the closest of the two population wise there is millennial to the baby boomer know so there we are a smaller sector in between so I think we absorb Gen Y like do you remember Gen Y yeah what which generation had the flannel shirt I don’t know I’m rocking our walks in air walks and janko’s dude I actually own a pair of jegos one I had one pair that’s all that’s that’s that’s all I had was one packet that’s it I was scared to death to buy anymore like I was a one of my side hustles out years ago I was a bouncer at a bar for like three years and like that I think the last year all of a sudden janko’s got big and I liked how much I can move in him it kind of got me flashing backs when I was a kid in karate because the gi’s had a lot of space in the leg for kicking sure I was like I can always move the move so I was wearing and bouncing not grande I never had a roundhouse anybody but it was just so nice to have all that broom but you had that option if you could if you had to you could with the Jenkins look man you can drop into a full full max depth squat and your butt cheeks are tickling the floor like that’s I mean you get such a range of motion and the hair cuts back then we’re phenomenal like the it was like you grew the top out really long and then the underneath it was shaving like or you didn’t do the ponytail I had a I don’t know what you called it I think I called it I think it would call it nowadays like a flop like it parted down the middle so I’m like down here I my fianc I can’t even fathom me having hair like that because I have it more cut short than I got I gotta go back and find a photo well let me ask you this were you ever into wrestling a lot of my friends were into wrestling I never did it as a sport you mean like double NWO WWF okay so like yeah what was the guy with the face paint sting no ultimate warrior warrior yeah I was that generation so I was and hopefully your listeners can relate to this and doesn’t read fwe I mean hey NW n wo New World Order was my shit like that was I was legitimately trying to join the NWO tell me did you guys do backyard shit Oh like how people how did how did us kids not break spines dude I’m telling you right now like my hometown and this is a shout-out to them we actually have two professional wrestlers come out of my hometown of Laurel Delaware they are the Briscoe right yes brisk Briscoe Brothers look them up they’re actually they actually hold a title I can’t remember which Federation it is I think it’s like ah they’re gonna kill me but they’re

actually tagged by a video we could screenshare for YouTube yeah Briscoe Brothers I spelled him wrong so it’s be aria is see ss-sorry BR is co e yes here’s the question though are they good enough where they have their own brand and website because that would be awesome they should I mean it should be in there they’ve got a reddit feed they’re on Wikipedia or Wow people people writing Wikipedia pages here we go screen share all right Briscoe Brothers Jay Briscoe and Mark Briscoe yeah oh but they have that’s not the real name oh no no no there I don’t want to say the real name because I don’t know it says peel it says regular Wikipedia yeah yeah P ugh yeah yeah well you can’t hide it it’s right there well I just I just saw you want to like drop their names and then like ROH so what is that all right free of honor that’s what it is bring up Ring of Honor I can’t even keep up with all these Fett is that a federation yeah like they just I made a good they go to Japan they just they they were up in Baltimore not too long ago yeah so I mean they’re actually tag team champions right now obviously they’re not as big as like this Federation is not as big as like but actually yeah but they actually have a pay-per-view though so they were the last time they’re on oh yeah they’re on a pay-per-view so I remember going to they we play football together and I remember watching videos like they had how many videos of them actually jumping off of their house doing like like backflips onto their each other with like plywood and – you know construction horses and like I mean it was crazy like these guys these guys are nuts like this is we used to go to their house and play mad and watch them cage fight but uh they were the real deal as far as this is a little ridiculous yeah that’s from my hometown Laurel Delaware right there see so yes I do not keep up with wrestling that sums that up because I didn’t know what the heck and ROH was so NWA that’s all you need to know new ruler so wait so so what are the parent brands over everything I know WWE is the biggest is and then as a new world order is the competing no no so it used to be WCW WWF WWF is what our yeah yeah they all kind of merged together and created WWE okay so it’s all just one thing but like the Ring of Honor is like a like a smaller brand of that so they’re not up – WWE yet but you know it’s just it’s like the you know the New York Yankees of wrestling is WWE okay oh man Oh a second do they still have this redneck theme yes okay part of the term but this is the graphic here you go yes you should you should watch them on YouTube it’s pretty pretty hilarious there’s dad actually gets in there – it’s pretty thorough what their dad yeah their dad like does the role-playing with them and it’s pretty cool tag these guys in the show notes for the website because anytime anytime I mention any type of influencers I mean clearly they have some level of influence so sure we name drop on the show they’re getting tagged so absolutely good tag amount be the first time I’ve tagged wrestlers in a podcast history so I’ve been doing this for over two years now that’s an awesome thing so you’re you breaking some cherries am I in here I hope you enjoyed it listen I think it’s funny that you and I actually what was it three years three so we only have six years apart mm-hmm and it’s funny how we do have common ground let people think six years a lot of time it really isn’t so granted if I was talking to a 21 year old right now I’d have 20 years on them there might be more of a gap there so since let’s kind of rewind back to a little hint on the Millennial factor so do you find like with your show and where you’re at being a dad of three and trying to be that I mean I don’t know let me only four out there your superior yourself right are you trying to create influence in a positive way with that I am trying to reach like the blue-collar workers like okay the blue-collar entrepreneurs so like when I was I’m a blue-collar guy like straight straight up I ladies and gentlemen your superior self.com I’m gonna do some screen share and why you you absolutely so I grew up thank you I grew up as a third-generation railroader my dad and my grandfather both for locomotive engineers I became a locomotive engineer I love my job don’t get me wrong very blue-collar shift work and you know

I just followed their path right okay i you know i i’m just gonna admit i crave their affection growing up i create their love and it was only through if I did things that they really enjoyed that obviously they would like pay attention and kind of give me that that attention that I wanted yeah so I think a lot of us do that and so about probably ten years into my career that I started thinking to myself man like I mean I was containing up to a point but then something inside of me was like you can do something else you I don’t know what it is you can do something better so yeah I started to you know read a couple books on on investing because I really wasn’t well diverse in that area I was kind of scared of because I didn’t understand it so wait a second you mean to tell me our educational system doesn’t teach us know anything about investing let alone entrepreneurship no it does it all it teaches you I’m serious all the teaches you how to do is remember something for a test let’s take it one step further it take it does teach you blatant memorization which basically is robotics right which in turn cuz I was a product of this teaches you to be a great employee absolutely independent thought no independent creation creating side hustles creating that self education that I’m a huge advocate for self development personal development professional development I mean I’m a product of it I mean what I’ve taken risks on over the years I’ve had to put in motion myself you we have to take accountability for that ourselves shitless well is that what triggered you for the investing research like oh shit I was gonna teach this to me I better figure this out well of course I get a job with a company that offers a 401k and they’re like alright we’ll just put it into the 2050 fund all right fine so you know a couple years thirteen years go by and I’m like man like there’s gotta be I can’t just plug and play stuff every time in my life I have to be able to create my own thoughts make my own decisions and that’s when I started learning more about investment that’s when I took my money and I started investing for myself and making my own decisions my own risk and calculating that ISO and it really helped me and that gave me the spark inside of myself to kind of like you know what what else is out what else can I do so I started researching different things I started researching communication because I took a management job two years ago and it makes me I have to do like presentations and and conference calls and and public speaking stuff so public speaking was always a fear for me like it always was a fear of communicating was always a fear because I wasn’t very good at it which of it you know let’s pause and real quick I took a public speaking course my very first one was freshman year at Penn State and I was paying my own way through school I was working full-time while going to school full-time at a local Penn State campus so it wasn’t like I was you know like a traditional college student I even dropped off a little while before I went back years later but the point is is that I took that public speaking course yeah scared the shit out of me but then it’s funny cuz I fast forward years later and I now speak on stage and I have a podcast and I joke around I go Facebook live whenever I feel like it so but you know it takes like anything else you put in the reps like go to the gym and you focus on the form and technique and things we get better but I find interesting because day in and day out we are public speaking soon as you step out of your house you’re out talking to the mailman or your co-workers or friends and it’s like you’re speaking in public the only difference is we’re making it more formalized right no clue so I started to think of ways think of different ways that I could improve myself that I thought that I could do like I am I get nervous right everybody gets nervous everybody gets I think it’s natural yeah everybody gets clams up they don’t know what to say they don’t know what thoughts are coming through their minds so like I didn’t go take a class after that I you know what I did I started podcasting I started this I started your superior self because I met so many of my peers that were were kind of like on cruise control they were waiting for the 30 year mark to retire in their pension like that’s it they were plug and play I’m gonna you’re on a treadmill so yeah absolutely and it was like you guys like wake up like you guys like so many my friends have so many talents they just don’t no like I have a friend that is a brilliant artist but he chooses not to do anything with it I have a friend that for fun he reads physics books and sorry whoa yes yes yes you have a friend for fun yes reads physics the science yes reads it for fun but he’s a bleep another guy he’s he’s in this he’s on the treadmill right now he’s on cruise control like he doesn’t see this like he likes that kind of stuff and I’m like look man we are the creators of our own success like wake up to it realize that you know what

if you fail and pursuing your dreams you fail and guess what it’s okay it’s not very filling you get to learn dream plan do ya have the dreams and you if they’re in plan but you have to do something you have to take action sooner or later that the biggest problem there goes back to your point was fear right and the hope with fear is to start taking the risks and making the mistakes the mistakes is what teach you the most powerful things they have the most emotion tied to them mm-hmm you’ll never forget those mistakes you made and what you’ve learned to make sure you don’t do them again yeah I mean well Thomas Edison what took him ten thousand times yeah I read something like now now we love our lightbulbs right it’s that yeah yeah absolutely now they’re LED I mean come on I’m anti LED I seriously I have all incandescent I don’t give a shit about my electrical because I can get into the science all and whose ball in right now I could get into the health behind it I can I had a world-renowned neurosurgeon and neuroscientists on the show he’s still the most downloaded episode ever really oh yeah dude he’s like did the negative impacts of those frequencies of an LED bulb on your eyes impacting sleep health brain health everything no way I’m kidding right of mine yeah well or worst case scenario do this oh look at that sorry look at that no I don’t they look good with locking glasses this is these block the blue light frequencies that light give off blue light comes off your smart phones iPads television any technology but lights and it basically the blue light frequency we’re gonna geek out right now that as many times in the show I love to pass this on sure blue light frequency is identical to the Sun hmm so what you’re doing is in the evening is you’re teaching your brain that you’re not ready to go to sleep and you’re it’s still daytime mmm so when people sit there and play with their phones while watching TV like my fiance does every night and that’s why I bought her up here like let’s say if you’re gonna keep doing it I mean that’s a very highly intelligent woman and she’s a gonna leave you son I should be wearing him anyway it’s nighttime she highly intelligent woman doctor she’s a equine doctor for horses horse vet doctor of chiropractic for animals smart girl dude I don’t know how the hell I landed her but but she loves playing the mind games on the iPad which were like puzzles and stuff and then has the TV on so I was like oh you’re wearing some blue blockers keep doing your thing and she could she wonders why she has sleeping problems okay okay anyway don’t my rant why can’t I can’t sleep because I drink too much coffee though I mean like dude I’m telling you it now yeah you know that you want to remove again this is stimulants that’s a stimulant so you want to reduce the amount of stimulants before bed so I mean so that uh my name is dr. Jack Cruz that’s the guy I’m talking about sure and his science are water light and magnetism hmm so water obviously hydration lights like these different frequencies for example the opposite he does hob viously highly recommend daylight but a lot people were stuck in an office all day and then don’t get out into the sunlight until the Sun is setting at the end of the day and you wonder why a lot of people stuck in offices have a very unhealthy lives sure just throwing that out there i I just interviewed me wash parabola on my on my podcast I call him Milo he’s rebranding his name so it’s he’s going by his natural name of me wash parabola and he lured ya home I was I just saw his name on your site let’s do a little screen share again sure on your you yeah there we go head your casts feed right there yeah he used to be a New York Attorney live in that life every day going in and hating life saw his future down the road of his bosses you know 20 30 years from now that’s where he was gonna be and one day he said screw it man I’m not doing I can’t do this anymore I’m not I’m not happy about where I’m at I’m not excited about work yeah goes out and becomes a like like explore a modern-day Explorer he goes out and he what he does for money is he’ll go out and test these brands he’s clothing in these extreme temperatures and he great reviews and him I think he has a pot his own podcast I’m not sure but doesn’t he should but I mean he should for sure it has his own blog and he guy’s brilliant like think about that like you go from a new New York attorney to modern-day Explorer like you right now or living your best life yeah it takes drones with them he goes out there and you know

photography’s big for him selling his images he and I would get along great oh yeah dude I’m a huge outdoors no I have all the gear and I’ve always joked around that what you’re referring to is he’s a gear tester yeah and a lot of companies if you gotta especially if you build a decent social media following everything else people they just said you the gear for free I mean I mean I could have been a I could’ve been a great gear when I was doing the wildland firefighting out west man I had all the gear I was like Dave ice if I would have know what I know now I should have been posting all that stuff and tagging the companies so when you were out there firefighting were you dig in like the trenches or around it yeah that’s how you can’t put a wildfire out you have to contain it so slow hotshot hotshot crews are the elite there’s their smoke jumpers and hotshots and then everybody else is just a regular type to while I’m firefighter which includes helitack and all that I divisions but hotshots they hike in and smokejumpers skydiving some either way you’re those crews there’s only a hundred and five hotshot crews in the nation last time I checked there’s only 2,000 of us so yeah you’re right like I think it’s like what 13 inches or something to get down to the minerals I mean you are digging basically a hiking path around a fire you go in with on average at least two to three saw teams I ran a chainsaw as well so you’re hiking with a you know 25 pound chainsaw on your shoulder 40 50 pound pack you’re doing a 16-hour shift on the fire line you do a two-week straight before you get a day off because that’s for medical reasons make sure you get enough you get your two days of medical recovery then you’re right back at it again and you want to talk about intense blue collar there you go you don’t you never spires I didn’t shower for two weeks dude that’s that’s some tough so that’s bone there’s a movie about it now so because unfortunately in 2013 brothers of mine were killed in 2013 the Granite Mountain hotshots in Arizona the entire crew was burned over only one man was left alive because he was at a lookout position so he was lucky enough to get to the safety zone and get Eve act out of there unfortunately the rest of his crew were trapped in a canyon and they had to deploy their fire shelters and try and basically ride it out but unfortunately candy was shaped like a see mother nature shifted the wind shield off the canyon and created a vortex super eat of the canyon they don’t survive so all nine team were killed that’s horrible so I do charity workouts in their honor every year here on the East Coast in their memory is we’re big it’s very big in the CrossFit space I’m a Cross Fit trainer so CrossFit creates heroes workouts in honor of fallen military police fire you know in this case we have one called hotshots 19 I was a lot of people that petitioned CrossFit to create it so mmm that is amazing that you do that like I am trying to get involved in like more of an outreach program I also had a interview with a guy named Chris Shaffer on my podcast is he is the creator of sharp dressed man which is he’s a tailor here in Baltimore and I take that very seriously these days like you know people understand the power of getting a properly tailored search shirt I can’t stand blousing when people like the shirts billowing out of your belt buckle I’m like dude tailoring it’s ten bucks just spend the ten dollars he he is a custom tailor yes in legit suits he actually started a nonprofit called sharp-dressed man yeah what he does is I think it’s every Wednesday night or so he will go down to his storefront down sharp-dressed man and he will tailor suits for guys that are recovering addicts homeless I love stories like this they go out and they they’re able to get interviews they’re able to go out and get a job possibly it’s all donations so he just moved to a new location I helped them move and let me tell you something I just moving him like I didn’t really do too much but I mean obviously heavy heavy lifting but like actually helping him do something that was four great calls like that like lit my heart on fire bro like I mean that was probably the best feeling in the world is giving back and I didn’t expect anything in return now and that’s so you understand you’re defining some of the principles behind live the fuel in your when you apply to might your details to come on the show I noticed I’m one of your favorite authors is Ernest Hemingway mmm-hmm one of the quotes you shared with me was there’s nothing Noble in being superior to your fellow men true nobility lies in being superior to your former self so I like that whole you know become superior over your former self self-improvement professional development so one of my favorite quotes from Ernest Hemingway was live life to the fullest and that was my favorite quote while I was firefighting so when I decided to create live the fuel I created my own version of that that

quote inspired that and I created live the fired up epic life which is what that fuel spelled out that’s what fuel stands for is fired up epic life so look actually your superior self my podcast is actually a tribute to Ernest Hemingway in that quote he’s my favorite author I love his books just his life in general like I wish I could just sit down with him have a bourbon and just talk some crazy you know what have you done those conversations so I can you can’t even fathom it like wait what one question that you would you could ask her in any way right now what would you ask him honestly I would tie back to that quote and I would ask him when you think of your quote live life to the fullest what is the one most simplest way you’ve done that in your life just one example because not everybody knows everything that he did in his life do that I don’t need 50 examples I just need one and I mean just his writings and his and his quotes alone have inspired millions of people I was like if I want to hear that one moment like that one moment is life actually deal with deeper on that I actually want to know what is the moment in his life that inspired that quote oh that’s right dude that’s deep like why didn’t like what drove that quote something significant part a powerful quote like that was it when you’re running down you know with the Bulls was it when you were you know hammered in Paris looking at you know the Eiffel Tower like what was when was it like that that’s exactly what I want to know like that’s perfect exactly it’s like clearly I don’t need a story backs I just like okay what was that one moment that’s sick cuz I there’s word to take it so casually you know but like for example here since you don’t know my whole backstory a little screen share for you first of all let me let me first of all let me do a proper before this isn’t about me this is that its brands at his website or that is it should be his nonprofit he has Chris Shaffer would would be his brand what’s the last name Chris Shaffer Shaffer like s CH AE f ir or yeah yeah let’s see we got here sometimes are SCH sometimes are Sh there we go all right let me see if you recognize this yep that’s that’s them that’s them so sharp-dressed man org ladies and gentlemen most not-for-profits org that’s a little fYI if you ever decide to register your own but passion experience and diligence great word choice I like diligence yeah he was actually my first in studio interview he lives actually right up the road from me and great dude great dude his sons actually out in LA right now they’re starting up their their second store out there oh he’s going west coast okay he’s going west coast he’s actually a great dude I remember for marketing that’s his son right there Seth yeah he actually I remember him actually being an inner harbor like as a kid in a suit skateboarding like they’re big skaters to skateboarding in a suit and people would just walk up and like where’d you get that suit yeah of course you know Chris Shaffer you know yeah Taylor you know and it was great it was great for the brand well I I I just got I haven’t seen a funny thing is like another great quote God so now I’m gonna blank on a name founder a virgin a master brand look I’m actually reading this book right now which I was newest one ya know what is it the Virgin way no one no it’s not the newest one but yeah it’s still the more current one anyway one of his famous quotes I it’s not word for word but is the way I use it I say I want to make my money in jeans and spend it in a suit Oh flip years ago when I was in the corporate space before firefighting I always chasing the money and chasing the promotions and chasing the job titles and I lost track of what was important mm-hm and all I was doing was and I was like building up debt you know overspending stupid shit because I didn’t grow up with a lot so I just like oh my god I had a clue and I had a good career and I didn’t have my degree done either I was I was actually making more than my friends coming out of college so I just was living with it and I use the term keeping up with the Joneses was what I was doing back then anyway I like Richard Branson’s quotes why I it’s funny I stopped wearing suits eyes like I’m never gonna wear a suit against a 2009 and then I was firefighting in 2010/2011 I moved out west came every way gave away everything I owned I went from a 2,000 square foot townhouse to a 1999 subaru outback so bought that for three grand got rid of the Audi a4 and gave everything else away so I could do a whole podcast on minimalism well it’s all about content right it’s all about where you’re at like I was content like 10 12 years ago

doing what I was doing and if you ask me back then would you ever consider doing something else so but like hell no I’m good sitting here working here for 30 years collecting a pension but now I’ve changed as a person we all change and my content is trying to be the best version of myself every day that I could that I’m alive because it’s not promised it is when I die and leave this earth I want it to be on my terms I want to know that I gave everything every day to be the best version of myself whether it’s reading a book reading about investing reading about how to create my own business or or or anything or whatever makes you happy get you know if you can’t read it here’s another thing too you can’t read a book about push-ups and expect to get cut you have to do the work but you have to do the push-ups to get in in physical condition oh yeah I’m people all the time like do you like what I’m doing burpees and stuff and I workout and like the one when I when I was coaching a couple times I would do slow-motion push-ups to show on this and push-ups was a standard movement that you had to do well as a hotshot when you show up like pull up strict pull-ups and push-ups with my two fundamentals because it’s been that way since 1910 and that’s when wildland firefighting was created by always a book about it I got into my library but the the the simple fundamentals were all obviously driven by the military everything comes from the military so the Marine Corps is a book of methodology kind of bled over into the firefighting world but well one other great quote that I love is how you do one thing is how you do everything mmm and what you just said all that’s your point right man it’s like dude like I when it’s reading a book listen to a podcast like you you have to just put your all in this stuff and yes so give yourself a break once a while don’t beat yourself up too much I’m guilty of it too I hold myself to a very high standard you gotta unplug once while the past couple weeks with our dog and everything else like that whole Facebook live thing I was you know I was burning myself a little bit I was burned everything on two ends and I knew better and I I guess like today I other than I went in for a huge workout across the gym and that’s all I did I mean I went out I’d really do much today and was good like I needed to just well how do you go run errands yeah how do you respond or yourself though like you have a lot of emotional you know stuff happen to you right now like how do you resent it yourself when you can get back and honestly or I’ll tie this back to what I said earlier since you don’t know my past here you go if you if I could do this I could do anything man that’s crazy I was like I was like it’s fine because I have a beard right now and my fiance doesn’t like me wearing a beard but it’s it’s no-shave November so I’m I’m you know creating awareness we’re donating money like all my CrossFit buddies the gym we’re all grown beers out so I mean it’s not as big as that beard that’s got a few months in there man healthy like is there any that’s actually groomed because right before that fire I think I got it singed and I had to like not it got bigger than that wow dude like is there any school or Copenhagen in those pockets uh no really I’ve never smoked a cigarette I’ve never dipped I’ve never done any tobacco products in my life and believe me in that job holy crap dude like you’d see the dashboard on the front of our our crew carriers or our superintendent’s truck and it’s like a badge of honor like everybody’s got their dip cans lined up in there all the empty ones throughout the season it’s like a collection thing like guys are buying where the column logs logs yeah yeah dude yeah when you’re ready to roll into a fire there’s there’s three things that everybody stocked up on either logsam we call it logs of school equipment yeah yep whatever all that stuff I call it you there you go Chu you forget a log of that and then you’re like you’re like a god because people run out like oh he’s got a couple logs right so there’s a hole I feel like it’s like that prison exchange system where in prison like you’re trading cigarettes for money or something I don’t know anyway so this goal becomes your currency and then for me I became like the healthy like salty snacks guy so I was buying every flavor of those those almonds mmm I was getting like the wasabi almonds and like the fiery almonds I had every and then another guy on the crew he would do the because he wouldn’t he had quit dipping so he was using all those seeds you crack the shell on in your mouth Oh sunflower seeds yeah yeah but he would not buy them already shucked you have cuz you get 16 hours of firefighting like sometimes you’re standing there literally just staring off into the wilderness making sure no embers fly over your you know already dug fire line and and and so that’s called the black everything burning is the black and

everything not burning is the green so when you get done establishing a line you got to hold the line so you literally turn your back to the fire and just stare there for hours maybe a sort of line is secure so you can get really bored yeah I used to quite a bit I was probably the hardest thing I ever had to quit like that was hard oh yeah it’s yeah well it’s every morning have a coffee put in put put in achoo and it was like the best thing ever and then once it’s not there anymore it’s just like what do i do man I don’t know what to do like it’s just it you’re so used to it see I’ve been since I’ve been a health and fitness nut for so long I just knew too much like valve kit mouth cancer and gummy issues and everything else I’m like you know what I got there’s enough things that could be killing me out there let’s let’s not let’s not add that on the list so I just never did it but you know teach their own I think it’s powerful that you were able to break yourself of that habit that’s not easy wasn’t easy no it was it was cold turkey and it was probably the hardest thing that I ever had to do because so what was your breaking point what was your earnest Hemmingway moment what was your reasoning before saying you know what I’m done you know what I wish it was as simple as I have you know I looked at my kids or I wish it was like that but it wasn’t it was I could notice like my gums just they were just disappearing they were they were just going and and it was like it started getting real sensitive and bleeding constantly and it scared the shit out of me it was like if I don’t quit this it’s going to take my life it could possibly take my life it could take my jaw it could take you know I wonder it yeah I won’t be able to kiss my kids anymore I won’t be able to kiss my wife I won’t be able to do anything like ID to stop this it was getting to the point where I had to how long ago was that that was probably about two years ago okay yeah so wasn’t I get like every other hard decision in life let me guess the next 90 days wasn’t easy was it oh my god like I had to like get the sunflower seeds I had to get like you know I had to get chewing gum and I had to put it right there and I I mean it’s it is an obsession like and I always put it on one side so if I I couldn’t put it on on the other side just because it was too sensitive but once you roughen up that skin underneath it’s like you just put right in there it develops like a little slot so anything fits in there really yeah yeah when I quit it was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do because it to me it was there’s nothing better than chewing like it was just it was crazy it’s habitual that’s all the way when I saw like literally half my crew dipped chewed whatever you want to call it so and it’s just it was the way of life it doesn’t mean I had to follow it well I got a lot of reference to like I’m a big like marine buff like I love the Marines I love anything like that really but that’s that they all they chew they chew all the time just because they chewed over there whenever over in Iraq and Afghanistan and they came back home and they just do it all the time and you know I get around them it’s so hard not to do it man tell you what hey you know it’s funny one of my best friends here we were hanging out having a bro night last night you know just to help it’s actually further answer your question like I was putting all my energy into my fiance because this is her dog it became my dog but in a a little background on vets the veterinary profession has a very high rate of suicide mmm because of the strain of you know ending and you know people’s loved animals lives it’s over and over again not not good so I take that very seriously so when Cal Calvin our coon hound started having issues we were planning all this stuff over the past month and a half it was like dear God like I was just trying to put as much as I could into her and I knew that cuz I know a lot more than I did five years ago but I know okay there’s only so much energy to be expelled you have to recharge I’m very big into psychology I studied that when I was in school so yeah I mean when heat my buddy called me up yes he’s like you have any plans as we go I’m like honestly I don’t because I’ve been so busy with growing the business and podcast and taking care of Kristen and taking care of Calvin and all this stuff I was like yo it’s guy night tonight I’m like you and I are going out to dinner we’re have a nice scotch mmm just and his hang and talk yeah because he cuz he’s actually going through a divorce right now too so it’s like I get to be there for him he gets to be there for me get quality bro time yeah you be mature emotional adults and talk through shit stop trying to be the tough guys they you know you know don’t show weakness it’s okay to show vulnerability I’ve been big about that on this show I’m sure you can appreciate that absolutely a little bit cuz I’m part of your brand your superior self is that there’s a whole new podcast we could probably tell my just want to come on your show but it’s like the sooner you start embracing vulnerability I didn’t get it until the past couple years when

my fiance well back when we were just boyfriend/girlfriend she broke up with me and because I just I had so many walls up and I was a bachelor for so long and the firefighting life did not help with it it was the same thing from the military world like you’re you keep yourself so focused and you know allow other distractions right plus I saw like my fellow fire brothers like they’re all stress because they’re worried if their girlfriend or their fiance or their wife was cheating on them while they were off on a fire I was like this is why I stayed single I want to worry about any of that so but I didn’t realize the negative impacts is on your emotional state and not because when you shuttle that down and you don’t allow it to happen it’s not just a rusty factor it’s like dude you’re not balanced you’re not living a balanced life like you get this because you’re you’re a husband your father there’s a whole different level of programming yeah you have to let shit happen to you man like you have to honestly live your life and your life only like you have to wake up every day and just live your life the best that you can and when I say that I all mean like try to be the best version of yourself you just have to go out there and you’re gonna you got to expect shit to happen to you like it’s going to that’s how you get stronger like you get you know somebody breaks your heart all right well something else will grow in its place that hurt that pain will only last for a couple months or so six months mm a year maybe I don’t know but it all depends on the person but when that pain leaves that callous or that that hard spot will grow in its place and you’ll be a better person for that same thing with the Marines like I have a friend that used to be in the Marines and he went to Army Ranger School came out used to be a sniper he’s like yeah oh he dude is legit he actually works with me and his philosophy has been like I have to live with a lot of shit shit that happen to me but if God didn’t think I could handle it he would he would have gave it to somebody else oh yeah I love that that’s good do you does he or you listen to those there are any of the Navy SEAL books or read them read them I’m an audiobook guy because I’m a podcaster asylum I’m really what I really wish every every author didn’t just write the book that they also audio blew a big I’m a big jock a willing fan oh yeah I do his podcast is legit he said there’s a man who says that how it is he’s like I don’t have a brand I’m me I’m Jocko I guess he corrects me it without you think I’m Brayan dude I’m choco okay I’ll give me that and uh what uh he had some old Navy SEALs like I love when he brings in two old guys from like the old frogmen the game that started this you know the the units and I read I cannot believe I cannot remember it but I read a book like I just looked up one of the books I read an eighth former Navy SEAL yes what is it fearless yes the undaunted horn on fearless theand thought it selves written by Eric blend pronounce it it was a story I mean the guy in a dying that seal but you know what that dude went through dude because he was like if this is the same but we’re talking about it the guy was like a football star like athlete mmmn turned to alcohol and drugs and rebuilt himself to earn his way into being a seal and I’m like and then even once he achieved a seal he still fell back and and made those mistakes again mmm and had to rebuild again where human did for unit like hell or who you are right now Scott and who I am right now we built ourselves like we we are not like I don’t know like right now I I built this person that is talking to you right now on your podcast and and we’re still being built yes every day and that’s the goal right to build ourselves in this in this person that we want to be and any day we could fall back any day but it you have to keep the strength inside of you you have to keep the passion you have to keep the disciplines that you do every day to keep pushing you and building yourself into that into that role that you want to be or that person that you want to be ya see I’m loving this man you know on that on that note actually we can use this to help close the show out but it’s with your superior self about your concept like me answer your question really I’ll do one last screen share just this is my second year well first year you’re a rookie second year they call us smokey you’re a second-year rookie you still you still don’t know shit but thanks to my athleticism I was actually by way I was the old guy on the crew I was 31 and 32 when I decided to go do this well yeah whereas normally hotshots are like just like the military you’re 18 to

like 24 is the average age so I was like the age of my squad bosses so you might call every call me old man like papa hey papa yeah this is there’s a shot of my that’s it this is what you hiked with that’s good yeah little bromance you know that’s like let me tell you so now to this day I just want to get that full circle talking about your theme they were putting in the reps and building yourself stronger every single day there’s one thing that I never let go of that job it’s my love of chainsaws really oh yeah so there’s a local park down the road from here that I used to help build some of the trails at years ago because I’m a huge mountain biker so I volunteered I just go down there every time a tree gets blown down I’m like i run i run i buy launched a Facebook page for our trail system so people could reach out to me when it’s time to take care of a tree issue so I own three chainsaws and I literally have designed a backpack system I mount bike in with a chainsaw on my back so it’s not I mean brand it’s more of a portable salt compared to that compared to that thing that I hiked with like that that saw was I mean yeah a 28 inch bar on it and a hell of a power head but anyway yeah so that’s that’s some part of my Zen that’s all right now my buddy’s got a tennis pro facility out in new jersey it’s hour and a half from here and two weeks out of last month I was out there cutting through his jungle behind him because he wants to turn into like a house outdoor entertainment or Mike I was like that’s about Jersey money they’re gonna charge you thousands of dollars to work on the trees yeah I was like you’re gonna take me out to nice steak dinners then you’re gonna cover my expenses I’m gonna go in there and I’m gonna rape the shit out of those trees and he’s like sounds like a great idea that’s good I think you got the nice steak dinner yeah it’s like okay thousand dollars per tree or take Scott to a steak dinner and let him get get get into his Zen moment by running a chainsaw it’s Paul he literally has he has five massive slash piles I built and there’s still more to go and then when we’re all done I’m gonna I’m gonna help rent while those bake chipper shredders and we’re gonna basically cover the whole hillside with the basically the mulch from a tree material so it’s awesome yeah this is what I do so meanwhile they might buy fresh and I do online sales and marketing growth and I build people’s brands of businesses but that’s not as exciting as running a chainsaw well I mean come on now I doubt it is so that helps helps you understand a little more about how I Zen out I’d balance my life but see I didn’t know these things back to your point right I had to put in all these different reps and yes I’m an outdoorsy nut like I I see a mountain bike I rock climb I skydive you know I don’t have kids for this exact reason I want to be able to make sure there’s no chance in hell so they can interrupt that like my kid is our dog so and I will say though in the past week especially the past two weeks I think I start understanding a little more about the responsibilities as a parent but he’s been my dog for five years as we’ve been together but she’s had him for ten and I don’t think the parenting gene really kicked in until the past two weeks really it was like whoa like it was like because like what if he could die right I know for some people that gets a dog not it’s not a human but I’m sorry he’s our dog he’s our kid like he’s a member of the family so I mean Calvin used to be able to chase my mountain bike wild mountain biking and howl and like and then try and get ahead of the all my buddies and then he’d be leading the ride now he can’t do that anymore so mmm so it’s definitely been a more of a metamorphosis in the past few weeks because of the medical issues and the cancer and the surgery and trying to save his life and literally thousands of dollars to save this dog so I’ve never spent that much on the dog ever tell me about it we got a golden retriever and nothing is cheap like I remember the pearly event and I’m like are you kidding me dude like what like back in the day they didn’t do shit like Here I am spending $1,200 on shots yeah it’s insane and then they’re like you guys want some health insurance for the dog I’m like what no I don’t want health insurance for the dog are you kidding me no my wife’s looking at me she’s like we’re not giving it back no I don’t care well I guess I picked him up from two days of IV fluid treatment over at over 48 hours just trying to flush his system to try and kickstart his kidneys again and save him and luckily my fiance went to school with that vet so she only charges 250 bucks for that session so I was like oh that could have been a lot more so it pays to know people yeah absolutely I mean they got crazy services now for dogs they got I mean look in Baltimore they have dog walkers that are making over a hundred grand a year it’s insane in sounds like la shit yes I

mean you do like oh shit I’ll walk ten dogs like that let me take make a hundred grand I mean I don’t know picking up picking up a shit might be a problem but uh that’s a lot of shit hundred grand worth I mean I don’t know if you if you look at the dollar value to labor ratio I don’t know I guess it comes down to what balance is you makes you happy so you don’t get up when you want go to work they don’t talk back to you they’re always happy to see you you’re outdoors a lot outdoors a lot get some exercise their own some tennis balls hang out I think it could be a good thing it’s possible you know something wrong so let’s full circle us back to you and your brand helps close the show out sure everything you’ve done to create this how many shows are you and your show now 36 36 up online and this is a classic example what your earlier point was which is putting in the reps and building this your superior self brand concept right this lifestyle concept this inspiration you’re trying to get back to the blue collar as you hinted at right so you got your dad honest dad blog on there and everything else so thirty some shows in is that just one of the ways you’re helping build your superior self like what else would you give an example on absolutely absolutely like this has not been an easy thing for me like I am a very like I feel like I’m outgoing but I get nervous all the time in social situations like what ever I am at a party like it takes me a while to like warm up and and communicate with others I just feel awkward like this podcast forces me to like get outside of myself and it’s whenever I’m outside of myself that I start to grow as a person like and it sucks it sucks so bad because I’m so comfortable just hanging in house like watching TV doing work or whatever working on my brand mm-hmm but it’s you’re not gonna grow unless you get outside of your comfort zone but you’re just not gonna do it so this podcast has allowed me to one start talking to other people and interview others and it’s like it it’s like so cool because I get to talk to a bunch of influencers that around Baltimore around this you know around the country who are doing great things and I’m taking I get to talk to them and take notes and find out what they’re doing and so it helps me as an entrepreneur get their secrets their little their little techniques that they use to build their brands and it’s it’s like a it’s a win-win for me because I’m also speaking like right now like I’ve never thought that I’d be on your show Scott and and and hanging out with you and talking to your audience like if I was still that same person that I was 30 shows ago 30 shows ago I’d be on cruise control looking towards retirement hmm you know I mean like right now I and you still can’t look forward to retirement but what are you gonna learn along the way yeah that’s why I understand going back full circle back to your earlier part in the show where it’s like look on a hamster wheel or on a treadmill and just like well that’s my end result and you’re just happy doing that I get everybody’s at a different place in the timeline yeah but if it blows my mind if I mean listen if that’s what truly truly is the deepest steps of your heart makes you happy dude go for it that’s all you care about is hey I have my goal set I’m gonna retire at 50 I got my retirement plan my 401k blah blah blah awesome but to me I’m like what what are all these other things like you and I mmm we’re the things you’re missing out mmm think you’re learning along the way that you could be sharing with other people we’ll think about it like Les Miles said you know the richest place in this world is a cemetery because that’s where all the dreams are that’s where all the people that wish they could have done something better that’s where the ideas are like about you on your deathbed right now and the people that are surrounded you or the people that you could have been like saying why didn’t you choose to be us like why didn’t you why didn’t you choose to do this go down this path my hell on earth is meeting the person that I could have been I I got a good friend of mine actually the guy who owns a tennis facility he and I spent 11 years ski race coaching together kids here in the Pocono Mountains uh race team and I I’ve done a lot of stuff I joked around with bouncing fire fighting like I he literally joked around he asked me one day we were hanging out in the in the coach’s office and he’s like Scott here’s a piece of paper and pen write down every job you’ve done now this was like this is years ago I think and he’s like how many jobs have you had I’m like well depends I mean I didn’t have to but I I remember when I was in the corporate space I was still bouncing until I moved into executive management then another time but I was bouncing and I was

teaching spinning classes at a gym mm-hmm then I got into ski race coaching and I was still teaching spinning and I was still working my corporate job then I went back to school and I was still ski race coaching I was still spinning I was still working the corporate jet hub then I gave it all up and went firefighting you know for two years but then I’d come back in the winter throwing the offseason and still go coach ski racing because I love that and you didn’t do it for the money trust me there’s no money there and then I’d go back firefighting and then I moved you know Arizona Colorado it’s the point is like it’s experience and there’s so many people like they used to criticize me because they said well dude he said you were supposed to go to Penn State and be an engineer he’s like all these years later you could be a master engineer and I’m like sounds pretty freakin boring like just doing the same job day in and day out and that’s it like I can’t even now at 41 I’m young I’m like dude I can’t even fathom that yeah I mean I would ask people like I still ask people and I’m sure you do the same thing hey what’s going on – how you doing man thirty more years five more years I got a I got a freaking retirement clock on my phone lets me no longer be tired like are you kidding me dude like that’s something a Dethklok yeah right look you might not even make it that far dude like you might not make it to retirement you have to realize that you might not make it and you know what you’re gonna be waiting till retirement you’re wasting your life you’re looking forward to to something that might not happen yeah you know they look forward to tomorrow you need to look forward and wake up and be grateful and show gratitude that you woke up this morning and we are living in the greatest country in the world we have all these opportunities we have Google for Christ’s sake at our fingertips and you can take yes if you don’t know something google it youtube it that’s what I did I had no clue how to start a project I call YouTube YouTube University right okay you have got podcasting to write your car there’s no excuse if you’re on a commuter your car should be your mobile University yeah audiobooks are YouTube red now YouTube red if you have YouTube red you could play the YouTube video in the background and stuff your GPS some it’s just like listening to a podcast like there’s no excuse I had no idea how to build a website like the one that you’re looking at even the one that you’re looking at the one that looking like the website dude it’s okay I mean I did not know how to do it so I had a YouTube it right so it looks like it’s been YouTubed pretty much I mean I have a couple things on there that are not bad like if you go to the home page like like weeks bro weeks it took me to build this I had no clue but you took action you did it absolutely it take it all it start it starts with one step bro it starts with one step I built live the fuel calm myself that’s amazing and then when I launched my podcast I had to migrate the site I use podcast websites calm is the back end of my system so I actually had to leave my old site behind and then rebuild it on their platform because I just wanted seamless I want to make sure the podcast had no effort to me at all because I I knew that wasn’t I wasn’t launching a podcast to make money yeah I it was a it wasn’t supposed to be a cash stream yes it builds influence yes it it’s actually landed me a couple of marketing clients awesome but technically my shows no monetized because I’ve gained clients because of it I don’t have ads I don’t have sponsors like so I just don’t care but I didn’t know what I was doing yeah dude you should have seen you should listen to my first podcast it’s like well it is hilarious because it’s like I so scared I’m so tense this is my first interview like I need to go back and listen to my first episode oh my god dude I hit I was like hi my name is Trey welcome to so like it’s in thing did III have something to show a couple weeks back and they’re like man you sound really good he’s like I love how he’s like you actually have the voice inflection and it’s changing and the raising and lowering as I was reading his bio he’s like that was one of the best reads of my bio ever and this guy was like a well-known author public speaker as I was honored he said that I said yeah I definitely did not speak this way as a podcast host two years ago dude you got it bro I mean you definitely experienced right it’s with anything like you have to keep going like that’s what makes you successful is that you keep going when others want to quit or do they do quit you know like I mean as we’re recording this it’s been over two years in September so this is November 17th as we’re recording this and I have 230 shows up online Wow and so is your show weekly or shows a week is a week that’s insane founding I’ve never broken it that is crazy content that is that is crazy content that’s crazy right like III kind of freaked myself out I was like cuz I first I was gonna go for three am i maybe I need a little life balance and it’s a lot to put in an episode dude like it is people don’t realize that it’s a lot it but you know what I love about it is the creativity that you can apply to it the

the finding out what people really like and you can see the stats and when they dip off and stop listening and when you can kind of like alright let me just change it up a little bit here and try something different okay tomorrow I’m gonna record a solo episode I’ve only done it I take two times ever in the show’s history maybe three but after that Facebook live session the other day and the inventing I decide want to make a podcast around that theme and and just every so often I like to just dip people back into my life solo as you can tell today I kind of let it trickle out a little bit but I’m actually writing a book right now I’ve never really I’m not an author like okay now I’m an author so so are you writing it yourself for you do you have a gross ghostwriter don’t whit’s me really okay are you gonna self publish it yep my man that’s what I’m talking about it’s it’s been crazy but I I have to practice – you’re back to your point there was a local magazine that I had met through some networking two years ago it’s called Network Magazine for businesses and then I’m the health and fitness nut and people see them I in my Instagram and everything else and all of a sudden they reached out to me early last year actually last winter and they said hey we want to reconnect they have a podcast they’re nowhere near at my level and I don’t mind Pat myself a little on my back compared to those guys and and they said dude he’s like actually we were wondering if you could write a piece on life style for the magazine so I did and and I didn’t really take it that seriously and then they kept saying hey can you do it again he do it again I’ve been published in four back-to-back issues now and I got it I got a consume it a piece by December 1st again if I want to be in the next issue but they keep inviting me back so that’s the awesome bro and so Mary Shores our mutual contact she’s like on our podcast skater she’s like Scott you do know that you’re already an author right I’m like why she’s like do you meet people wish they could be podcast and sorry be published in any magazine absolutely I was like I never really thought about it that way yeah so what’s the book what do you plan on releasing that hopefully early next year yeah I’ve officially moved into editing now so I have to go back and now put my chapters all together and mmm because I basically cuz I don’t had a time I don’t like I don’t like making the time sit down and write so my hack was i voice transcribed everything that’s perfect so when I’m driving on business instead of listen to podcast I pause podcast activate a voice transcription app and I just talk my chapter and then when I get home I just export the file as a text file put it in the word and there’s my chapter that’s I’m definitely getting I’m getting that bad boy that much I appreciate that well it’s gonna be I believe the title is not going to change but it’s probably be called so you want to be a hotshot oh and if but it’s gonna be around the symbolism of the word hotshot but obviously tying into the firefighting experience and the life lessons I learned from that and just giving a much more deep deep dive in that background and then I’m gonna donate fifty percent of all proceeds of the book to Fallen Firefighters that’s beautiful man that is awesome I love that yeah that’s great I I decide I’m like I’m not writing a book anybody who writes a book and thanks for gonna make millions of dollars no I’m writing a book because I didn’t heed to get this story out there mmm and if I can get through to people mm-hmm that maybe can’t hear it on the podcast who some people are into podcasting some people want a book mm-hmm but then if I can create something that can also give back at the same time that’s what that’s what finally got me to pull the trigger I’ve been talking about writing a book for three years yeah a lot of people look at it now is like another notch in the belt or like it’s like it’s something well I think that it’s awesome that you’re doing it but I think most people nowadays especially motivational speakers they just want it to say I’m an author you know I mean or they’ll they’ll I don’t know I don’t know I just don’t I would agree with you actually people basically said Scott if you want to increase your public speaking it really helps if you’re an author because like oh he’s a published author sounds like fine I’ll that’ll I was gonna write the book anyway yeah if that helps me get on stage and help positively influence other people more great I love telling my story so but something like that where you can donate fifty percent of the proceeds to a great organization or a great calls dude like I’m off all up for that bro like you got to get that well that’s that’s how I look at it I’m like there’s no reason why somebody wouldn’t want to buy a book they know they’re also giving back at the same time like I switched my business two years ago over to a for purpose business model so I have it hard-coded that I right now it’s still not a huge amount cuz I’m wiping out some past debt from other business adventures that I attempted but I have hard-coded 5% of all my gross income goes set aside into a for purpose business account that’s used for charitable activities so technically as my business grows and as I succeed I can also influence or not-for-profit activities because it’s a hard-coded percentage so even if it’s only 5% of all of a sudden I have $100,000 a year well 5%

is already hard-coded and set aside mm-hmm for not-for-profit activities so awesome I love it I love that so listen I’m looking forward to popping on your show I gotta hop on your calendar but we went a little long forum tonight like that’s never happened on this show so listen I always want to give the honor of closing out the show having some final powerful words to my guest co-host and I love everything behind your brand and what you’re doing I’m excited for the growth of your show and and the growth of you along that road because I will tell you the podcast has helped me grow is there some final words that’s all encompassing behind everything you’re doing right now that you’d want to leave behind for the audience just kind of sum up who you are and what you’re trying to do in case they forget everything else we talked about tonight sure absolutely I want to say to you the listener that doesn’t matter what it is that you’re thinking about right now whether it’s business or personal fitness or investing or being a father or spouse all it takes is one action one step into that direction and opportunities will open up that you never thought that maybe might have been there like for me it was I didn’t think that was would be a podcaster I had a dream that I wanted to make a difference in the world I wanted to voice my opinions about self growth and self betterment and I just took one step I went to Google and I YouTube how to be a podcaster and I learned how to put a show together and a website and now I’m over here talking to Scott getting after it about self betterment and self growth so don’t be afraid to take that step and don’t and don’t hesitate because the more more time that you take the less opportunity to get better or faster it’s you know you’re losing time and I the biggest regret that I have is is not starting sooner so that’s that’s pretty much it man like just get after it there you go ladies and gentlemen hang tight I wanna give you a proper goodbye off the air. I couldn’t have said it better do not have regret in life anyway but obviously don’t have self regret because you just failed to take action start taking action even the smallest action will build that momentum and Trey has to find that tonight so again yoursuperiorself.com check it out go subscribe to the podcast listen to it I’ll be coming on the show soon I’m excited for them and again this is what it’s all takes it’s sometimes just a matter of launching a site and launching a podcast you don’t have to do that go read a book or listen to a new podcast you’ve never listened to before get yourself outside your comfort zone so again ladies and gentlemen that was trade downs of your superior self.com I feel we definitely fueled your health your business and your lifestyle tonight so without further ado thanks for tuning in to another LIVETHEFUEL podcast show looking forward to talking to you guys again on the next episode again yoursuperiorself.com Thanks for tuning in and remember you too can LIVE THE FUEL!