Erik Wahl, Creatives and Business & When the Bubble Bursts | #AskGaryVee Episode 243

– On this episode, Erik Wahl stops by and we get artistic and thoughtful (hip hop music) – [Gary] You ask questions, and I answer them this is The #AskGaryVee Show – Hey everybody, it’s Gary Vay-ner-chuk and this is episode 243 of The #AskGaryVee Show and I’m super excited Another guest, Erik – Dude, you do that so good – Actually, I’ve been rusty lately, but since I did it recently, I remembered what the title was You’ve got a big Sharpie with you Erik Wahl, welcome to the show Thrilled to see you, my man – Thank you kindly Appreciate the opportunity to be here – I’m excited because you’ve got a big book launch We’ve got a call-in show You are a killer of the arts I mean, people who are seeing this, you might have seen the version you’ve made for myself In episodes of DailyVee You are a very talented dude that I’ve gotten to know in the last year or so, and I’m excited to introduce you to the audience So for the people that don’t know who you are, how do you sum yourself up? – I am a disruptive strategist So, I’m a performance artist who speaks on the corporate lecture circuit I’m also an author Flying around, doing 100 shows a year for the last 12 years in a row Sharing about disruption, how to innovate, how to differentiate from the competition, how to embrace the future of business But it’s a very niche market, so it’s all corporate Conferences, sales events, but I don’t do many public shows, so I’m not a household name I’m invisible to pop culture – Because you’ve been more into a B2B strategy – Exactly – Right – Speaking to corporate – So how did you get there? Did you come, I’m going to assume, just knowing your vibe, you came up as an artist and then, did you stumble into that world? Or did you go the other way? Help me – Negative I’m a former,– – See? – I’m a former suit – That’s why you don’t assume, people Sorry, Stephan – I have a very logical, linear background I went to school, went to, got a job out of school as a partner in a firm – Jesus – Did that for eight years, then had an early mid-life crisis, and, – So at 30? – At 30 – I did too, a little bit – Yeah? And that’s where I found the arts I didn’t care about creativity in the arts because there was no money in it – Yeah – You can’t make it There’s no ROI – So what kind of kid were you? So you drawn, you were,– – I was an athlete – You were an athlete? – Athlete and I was an alpha dog, so divide and conquer, kick ass If it was in school,– – What did you play? – I was a wrestler I also, you know, football, baseball, basketball – Where did you grow up? – In Seattle, Washington – Okay, are you a Seahawks fan? No? – I’m a recovering Seahawks, so I, because I watched it with my dad,– – Yeah – I was a Seahawks fan, I was Mariner fan – You loved Steve Largent? (both laugh) – You know who Steve Largent is? – Listen, we’re old – Yeah – I do – Jim Zorn – I’m 41 years old – Jim Zorn through to Steve Largent Sherman Smith is who carried the pill Dan Doornik,– – Oh, you? In Seattle, people that I know – You’re bringin’ it – And I also was there, – But I remember Warner and David Kreig I’m like, I remember those mid-’80s Seahawks teams – And I remember Al Toon – Yep, that’s my boy – I remember, I don’t remember Joe Namath – Yeah, me neither – That, my dad told me – So, – My dad told me about it – So Seattle athlete – Yep – Alpha dog, win, win, win – Yep – Go into job, get a good job, duh, duh, duh – Win, win, win, there – 30 years old, freak out – Dot-com bomb, I got flattened – Got it – So I,– – Why, did you put your money into the market? – Everything, yeah So I was, because I,– – Was that? – Yeah because you,– – Because Seattle, mmm – At that age, well, I didn’t, all I knew is that when I graduated from college, everything you touch didn’t,– – Which was what year? – ’93 – Okay, so you’re five years older than me Go ahead – Everything you touch turns to gold You buy InfoSpace at five and in seven days, it was at 75, so I knew,– – This is interesting timing – I was going to, and it actually, you know, I thought I was going to retire at age 27, 28 – So you were making good money at a corporate job, taking the money and investing in the market and making a killing – Killing for me – For you, correct – For me, it was – I’m not even trying, but you know, listen Buying stocks at five that go to 170, even if you put in $10,000, you’re making real money – Plus, the rush of how that feels I’m so smart – So, what, were you? Listen, it’s funny because I, again, I keep yelling at all these kids on Instagram that life’s too good right now When this crashes, shit’s going to get weird Were you, I forgot about this This actually reminded me Were you at a place where you had your job, but you were struggling to even focus on it because you kept looking at Yahoo Finance and watching the money? – Yeah, oh yeah – Yeah – Refresh, refresh – Guys, – Refresh – Doo, doo, doo, doo – You were watching your stocks and every time my stock went up, I was like, a little bit happier I was a little bit smarter I was a little bit,– – You thought you were a real genius? – I was closer to retirement, but when my stock went down, I started to get pissed (Gary laughs) I started to maybe not treat people as well And it was like losing a sale,

was when my stock went down And it then, it all went down and,– – Are we talking about 2000? – Yeah – Yeah, it burned – And so, I got destroyed – Hammered – I got destroyed – So what happened? – It was like a shark attack – Were you married at this point? – Yeah, to that, – Yeah, I know I know, I see her – To that beautiful woman right there. 22 years – So wait, you like, literally, it was April, right? It was April, so what? You just come home and like, “Fuck”? – Well, it felt like that, but it lasted a lot longer So the suffering, first of all, you lose everything, then you think about everything you lost and then you just walk around the house at night because you can’t sleep because everything that I was was wrapped up– – In the success of that – In the success of that and the money, my security – Your self-worth, yeah – I was addicted to security – Redaction of security of those finances – Yeah, and so when that was taken away and they said, I basically had to start over at ground zero That was really depressing – With three little kids – With three little kids – [Woman] Yeah – And no money – Did you have, yeah And what, did you have mortgages and all that good stuff? – Oh, yeah – [Woman] Yeah – So what happened? (Erik laughs) – So,– – So wait, did you lose the consultant, did you lose the job you had, too? – I left the job because that dried up – Because you were just like, yeah – Yeah, what I did was, I brokered entertainment and so, at that time, – Well, this is the thing that, again, like listen, we’re going a little somber start It will get better (Erik laughs) But I want everybody to pay attention because you guys know that I’ve been on this kick that this good times can’t last forever It’s not only that you don’t get paid $8,000 to take a photo in your Instagram with a fucking tea or thing like that You also actually lose your other job So like, who else? So, somebody making a buck 30 a year right now, 24 years old doing sponsored posts on Instagram around clothing brands, and fruit, and protein shakes, it’s not only that you lose that because the brands dollars shred up when the economy goes soft, it’s that when you then go to get a job, those jobs aren’t there either Like, it goes from here to here – And you’re balancing, I was balancing my ego in this as well So my ego,– – Well, what you think is wrapped up and when you say in your Instagram profile you’re an influencer and you’re traveling to Ibiza and Coachella, and telling all your friends that you’re making $180,000, $400,000, $1 million a year – They expect that of you in perpetuity, and if you can’t showcase it all the time, all the sudden you start to feel less I felt less It was a very difficult time So let’s bounce from there – Let’s go – That’s where I, – I want to stay there the whole time, just so everybody knows because I want you fuckers to actually understand what the fuck we’re talking about, but we’ll bounce for now – It, it– – We’ll go to this clip in 16 months when the world melts Go ahead – There you go (group laughter) – So I needed to find a reason to get up in the morning I needed to find a reason to go on and I didn’t want to go back and try and build this business from zero and try and find what I want to do with the rest of my life And so, I actually found life with other artists Like, other people who had suffered a little bit, I could relate to them (Gary laughs) And they started sharing,– – Suffering artists like India – Starving artists – Yeah – And the reason it’s a cliche is because it’s true Now India’s work is unbelievable and she’s going to be worth millions, but there’s, – I agree, I agree She doesn’t know this, but I own 49% of it when she signed her contract (India laughs) Sorry, India Go ahead – There’s actually,– – India, you need to show her You got to show her She hasn’t been on The #AskGaryVee Show in 100 years – Hi – [Gary] Alright – India! – For two years – India and I have worked closely here for a while – So go ahead – So I’ve realized that gosh, a lot of these artists actually aren’t that happy, even though they have these philosophies, they don’t have any income They don’t have any,– – Sure – money. They don’t know how to build traction or build a brand, and so,– – Well, they’re probably like India, they get happiness out of complaining and being starving (Erik laughs) and the negativity By the way, I’m that way too It’s actually why, you know, you want to hear this? It’s actually why I really associate with that I like the pain of the process – Mhmmm – I really do, like, the reason I keep fantasizing about melting is I’m excited By the way, you think I’m excited to fire 280 people because a third of our clients fire us? You think that’s interesting to me? You don’t think I think about that every day in a world where we’ve had nothing but growth? I’m scared shitless of the pain that’s going to bring me Truth is, you have no options – The way things go If you’re an artist looking to build a brand, I think there is a lot to learn That’s what I found is that artists did not have that grind of learning how to amplify their brand to scale How to push their genius out there, and so that’s where I come– – So you were business-y, went to art, and then went back to business-y around art – Right – I love that – And this time is when I started to create I’d never painted before, but it was so fascinating to me – You’re so good at it! No really, he is – [DRock] He’s very intelligent – Are you fascinated by that? One thing I tell a lot of people is, people ask me, what’s my passion Gary, right? And I’m like, well if you never had a hot dog, would you know if you liked eating hot dogs? Did you find it, were you confused that you were good at it? – Good is a relative term I sucked when I started, but I loved the process I loved the idea of creating, I loved the idea of getting better Painting was just where it kind of opened up and I got branded as a graffiti artist early on, partly because I loved it so much, I loved their philosophy, I loved street artists,

and also I started doing it and hanging out with them But I also started landscape painting, figure drawing, writing poetry, doing photography, so that was the gateway drug to understanding creativity as a whole And creativity is not just painting or graffiti, it’s a way of life, it’s an energy – It’s a mindset – It’s a mindset So that’s why I took it not only into writing and into sculpture but also into business, because business is all about being creative – Of course – Marketing, strategy – So actually now I’m really deep into the vortex of this So you start making shit, right? You’ve got three kids at home and the wife What happens? Give me a quick five second 2000 to 2005, like, what happened? – I started writing all these ideas that artists had the genius but no discipline to how to get their message to scale Businesses had this incredible discipline but no disruptive thinking or curiosity, so that’s where I wrote a presentation about how to merge the two I called it The Art of Vision, started painting onstage, started cranking rock music – How did you get your first gig? – Marketing. Hustling My wife and I created a manufactured brochure We taped a presentation, so we asked a local college, hey can we come and deliver a presentation for free – How much did they pay you? – We got paid zero And we also paid a film crew to come and film us – Negative! – And make it look like, make it look like this is something that it isn’t – How many presentations did you give for free in the early days? – Fortunately, and I know where you’re going with this – But that’s okay, I want your truth, I don’t want you to appease my strategy – Yeah, I did probably three – No, no you have to understand Enormous amounts of people feel like that’s three too many – If you want to be a professional speaker, you should be doing hundreds of present– – If you want to be a professional anything that nobody else wants to pay you for, you should do it for free That’s your only way of doing it – When I first spoke, I sucked! My wife was super – Disappointed in you? – She was super supportive (woman laughs) – She’s like “You suck”! – Somehow she was able to muster, instead of saying “You suck”, she still was able to say, “Let’s go Hon” So I felt affirmed, I’m like okay– – But she’s more glass half full, right? And you’re more glass half empty – I would say so – I know you guys, not that you’re so horrible, but I mean she is a little bit more, like her natural reaction is a little bit more positive – She’s my Yoko Ono So I’m this kind of confused John Lennon I’ve got ideas but insecure about putting them out there That’s the truth She’s always been behind me and pushing that out there, like “You know what? “I think this is gonna be awesome “You know what? They’re gonna go for this” And so I had a lot of support and encouragement early on from her, and I ended up doing a presentation She hustled for me to speak to some American healthcare association, kind of a national meeting, and inside there’s 50 state associations, so– – And that blew it up! – It’s kind of like hitting the lotto – That was the moment – [Woman] That was the moment, and you just kind of learn as you go – Yeah a hundred percent – [Woman] What’s the best way is you start big and you go backwards, you reverse engineer – Hundred percent We’re about to get into a phone call I want to do two things before we get there, Andy Oh you’re Facebook, Instagram, start putting your phone Oh you’re doing Facebook! Instagram, sorry Facebook Live is doing the phone numbers this time Please post your phone numbers and we will call somebody – I wanna make one connection really quick – You’re gonna be able to do that for sure I got two other things before we do calls Go ahead, you start – Okay. You gave a presentation in Dublin called Clouds and Dirt? – Yes – That is the spark and the grind It is the idea and execution – Wait you just wrote the Clouds and Dirt book that I’ve been wanting to write one day? I’m very upset right now! – I beat you to market – Is that the spiel? – That is exactly it, and that’s why I brought Rodin’s Thinker, because he’s a man of great muscularity, so it’s not just this sage, he’s a doer, and so he’s kind of been my little mascot that I’ve been bringing around with me – This one – Yes, the Heisman trophy – And so this, why don’t we study for another second the book You’ve written several books? – This is my second major published release – And did some direct to consumer stuff before, but you feel like this is your second book – This is my second baby – How do you feel that process has been? This is your second book How do you compare it to your first? What do you think you did better? What’s different, da da da – The writing process was similar in that I love it I love the grind of writing – You love writing? – I love writing – I hate writing I don’t write – What I don’t like is the marketing The fact that I’ve gotta like, Hey everyone I actually don’t care– – You hate selling? – I know you love selling– – No, no, be careful I’ve said this, some of you that really know me, I actually hate microselling The way I like selling is giving so much value, and building so much brand, that it’s sold before, I hate selling I actually decided not to raise a fund last year I was raising a big fund, Vayner Capital, a new fund And I stopped ’cause I so disliked asking people for money – I hear you – I hate it. I hate selling I hate it

– I hate the fact that this is tipped up like this like we’re trying to pimp it – I agree. No, no– – I would prefer– – Like, yeah – Let’s put those over there Let’s just talk– – I agree – We’ll let the thinker stand in– – I agree. I get it I mean, every time when I’m on book tour and I’m doing something like this, they’re like, “Why don’t you tell us “why they should buy the book?” I’m like, “They shouldn’t!” – Yeah (group laughter) – Don’t buy it! – I’m not interested in going through chapter by chapter or anything about that book It’s the brand That’s one channel of my brand – By the way, I’m thinking about calling it “Crushing It.” Not “Crushed It.” I’m writing my next one called “Crushing It.” – Okay – It’s a follow up And the process, but I do it totally different I have a ghost writer I’m recording it, like doing interviews, sliding down icy driveways in Colorado while I do it, but I was curious how everybody’s different process I’m always curious about the second time – So, mine is a verbal vomit I write every single day That’s what I do That’s how I process thought That’s how I think So, I write, write, write It’s called a verbal vomit And then I send it to editors (Gary murmurs) And like, Random House – Yeah, yeah – And they’re incredible, because they put it in bite-sized chunks where consumers are like, “Oh, yeah. That makes sense “Oh yeah, That makes sense.” But when I think, I’m just writing So that’s what it is – You have an ungodly amount of 20 to 25-year-old entrepreneurs, wannabe entrepreneurs, and we have the full gamut, but growth on Instagram for me has translated to a much younger audience What do you want to tell those characters right now? Let’s do our first phone call What’s on your mind for that demo? I know this is generalizing – That structure creates freedom So, that’s kind of the paradox of creativity or innovation That discipline and routine and hard work is what makes way for constant creativity And then, of course, patience – You agree with that? – I’m living that It’s more than just agreeing – It’s not something that came natural to you in your younger age? – Patience? (woman laughter) No, no I’m an alpha dog – But I am, and patience comes very easy to me – That’s awesome – I do both – And that’s awesome for you I’ve learned more patience in the last 12 months than I’ve had to endure my entire life– – Whoa, whoa, whoa Before we go into this phone call, I’m sorry there In the last 12 months? – Yeah. Should I get comfy on the couch? – Yeah – Do the psychology thing? – You intrigued me before we– – Yeah? – Yeah Tell me that – That I thought my brand was gonna launch I thought that I’ve done the 10, 12 years of hard ass work, slaving away doing 100 shows a year– – Mmhmm – Logging 250,000 miles– – That as soon as you went out, weirdly, and did the videos and all this– – [Woman] Yeah – Dude. Shit, man That makes me so, so, I don’t know if you know this, but I have a TV show coming – I do – I’m convinced it is not gonna be the thing that people think it’s gonna be It’s Apple, it’s tens of millions of dollars in marketing I think my ecosystem thinks it’s gonna be the moment that I become massively mainstream famous and I already know that it’s not going to be that It’ll be another piece – Mhmmm – But the punchline is, it happens Simon Cowell, it happened It happens But I get it, man And I think about it all the time The amount of times this was gonna be the thing that changes my career Remember Facebook video? We had the inside track on Facebook video Like, “This is gonna be the thing!” You know? Like the other thing were working on at the same time? It’s never the thing – I’ve gone through a lot of suffering to learn how to be patient, to realize this will take time on setbacks This too shall pass And all of those are building resiliency for wherever this thing goes And I don’t know that there is such thing as, you say there’s no such thing as an overnight success, but I wonder Malcolm Gladwell’s tipping point I’m waiting for that ‘Cause I feel like I’ve done a lot of this backfill When does it tip? When do you, “Ah! That was sweet. That was the moment.” – So, I think the question becomes, “Are you able to reframe your brain into “that same place when you were learning how to create?” – Mhmmm – Yeah – You need to figure out how much do you love this journey and how you actually change it to love it more if you’re yearning for the tipping point I would tell you that I’m sitting here psychoanalyzing myself in parallel to you and saying, “Or am I secretly hopeful that the Apple show “won’t work so big?” Because I do love the grind I like losing Let me give you an example Tony Robbins was here the other day – Yep – Right? – I saw it 10,000 viewers on Facebook – Yep, right – That was insane – Yep. Ready for this? Ungodly amounts of comments that I suck shit because I interrupt when I interview You would not believe how much I love that I love when people call out my shortcomings Perceived shortcomings! Tony Robbins has eight trillion interviews out there If you wanna go watch or listen to an interview where the person doesn’t interrupt them? Mazel Tov I’ve got my style of my show It’s free And I need to do it my way, but it was funny I read them all – Yeah – During my little pockets over the weekend, I read them all All of them Every Facebook and YouTube comment that says, “Shut up, Gary. What the fuck? “You’re a douchebag. I hate you “You suck shit.”

And I’m like, “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.” (mimics eating) More I love the process of losing in a world where I’m alpha and want to win more than anything – I’m still learning that I am emotional I’m an artist I look at trollers or haters – Yes – And I’m like (groans) – Yeah, to me, I pet their little, fluffy hair and go, “I’m listening to you.” By the way, I’m empathetic This is live This is super live Super no-edited It’s not the only thing I do in my life I’m not a professional podcaster that makes one fucking video once a week and sit cozy in my booth and have unlimited time and it’s the only fucking thing I’m doing that day Sorry, was that– – It’s a channel– (laughter) – But– – Oh my word! – I do think that the battle scars are attractive – They’re what make the joys that much higher So, I don’t know that success would feel as good if you didn’t feel the pain along the way – I think when I’m listening to you– – [DRock] Brendon Marshall just texted me and said, “You interrupt a lot.” – Brandon Marshall did I love Brandon, but now I don’t care about Brandon Marshall’s feedback because he’s not a Jet anymore Brandon, you only have so much weight with me – That’s the Jet’s wide receiver, for anyone who doesn’t know that That’s cool, hey Brandon, what’s up? – It’s my natural feeling, I go fast, I anticipate, and I know it’s not enjoyable to watch at all times, and I’m empathetic and I do apologize, but I just can’t not be me And I think this goes back to where I was actually going with this, which is the greatest thing to hack is figure out what parts don’t make the journey exciting and either fix them or cut them out cause you lose otherwise – And to love the journey Like I realize at this point in my career, if I don’t love what I’m doing, (phone rings) I’m not gonna grind at it, so I love the hard work, I do too (phone rings) – Who is this? – [Andy] Blake – [Blake] Hello – Blake, it’s Gary Vaynerchuk and you’re on The #AskGaryVee Show with Erik Wahl – [Blake] Get out of here – You made it Blake Where you from and what’s your question? – [Blake] Wow, from Harrisburg, Hershey, Pennsylvania, chocolate-town USA – Very nice – What’s your name, your name’s Blink? – Blake – Blake Dude, my great, great grandfather is Carlton Hershey, invented the Hershey bar long ago – The hell we doing here? – So, shout out (crosstalk) shouldn’t there be some royalties, right? No, so anyway, cool, I’m glad you’re calling from Hershey, PA – Blake, let’s do it – [Blake] Sure, well you talk a lot about documenting the journey, and you know, I was trying to figure out, the chicken or the egg here You know you talk about starting and just doing and going for it, but then you talk about how you didn’t start talking until you actually built, you know, built a business and built brand and built awareness, but you were quiet for quite some time So Gary, the chicken or the egg? Which one do we do when we try to build a personal brand? – I’m glad you asked that, because there’s a very strong clarification here that you’ll give to the whole audience if they’re confused and I can see how they’d be confused I would’ve started documenting the Wine Library journey, but I wouldn’t have at 22, come out and said I was a business expert because I hadn’t successfully built a huge business, so I would have documented being, “Hey guys, this is 22-year-old GaryVee, “I think that I’m going to be really successful “because for the last eight years, “I’ve been selling baseball cards, “I’ve been in my dad’s business, I think got this, “the internet’s going to be big, you’ll see it.” So I would have been documenting my truth when I say I didn’t come out and talk until I did, as an authority worthwhile of writing business books that I thought people should have followed, and so that’s the clarification I would have documented the early days of my entrepreneurship What happened instead was, I became, I felt comfortable coming out as an authority because I had serious business success at that point Does that make sense? – [Blake] Yeah, I understand that – So, I think you can choose one or the other I would recommend the documenting, because if you’re willing to do it, the upside is extreme It gives you another place where you might be able to be successful in or I’ll for example, I think Wine Library would have done a lot more revenue, if there were also tens of thousands of people following my journey of building the store, they would have come and visited because they would have thought the 25-year-old punk kid was interesting and intriguing, so it would have had greater reach along the way – I want to also say, Blake, I think you learn a lot my documenting So just by the process of documenting, your mind is working differently than if you’re just on to the next product – What happened when you– – Documenting– – So, you started documenting behind the wall, I know it’s ideated across the way, it’s like what were the biggest eye openers when you started doing the vlog in your world – That I sucked at it That I knew I was good live on stage when I could see the whites of people’s eyes, and I could adjust, but behind the camera, when someone said, “Action,” or “Now you’re on,” I would tense up and I would become less authentic So for me, it was just massaging through the fact that I’m not that strong yet at being on camera

– Did winning in artistry and getting better at that give you like a quiet confidence in the back of your head because you solved that thing? – No, it was a hook Art was more therapy, I use art in the presentations because people think it’s cool But for me, it’s a sanctuary back in my studio just to grow, but it’s also documenting, that’s why I write, to document – Blake, I think the key is always reverse engineering yourself I think the fact that we’re capable of today’s technologies to document is really cool To be very frank with you, one thing that I also want to throw out is, I think people are underestimating the documentation of their lives and the impact on their families I would tell you, no question, the coolest thing from documenting all this and what I’m doing, is the amount of content my great, great-grandkids are going to have in watching me, and seeing the similarities in their DNA and me Like it just cool, like having, I don’t have a lot of family photos I know nothing about my two, when I tell you I know nothing about my two grandfathers, I know nothing And so, like, I think there’s some cool, the documenting is a lot cooler than you think, just from that part, let alone the business impact it has in the short term – We also talk, we opened the show kind of talking about Ibiza and the couple hundred grand and private jets and that’s one thing for Instagram and social media, but to actually see people who aren’t winning yet, to watch the process, the challenge, that documenting I think is as interesting, if not more interesting that the actual bling bling – So Blake, I think you could document the journey now, and that would be cool and it has it’s upside, or if it’s more interesting for you, you put your head down for a decade, and if you want to come out as an expert, you come out after you’ve already won, cause it’s a lot more fun to talk shit once you’ve accomplished something – [Blake] Exactly, I’m trying to do both, so I appreciate that I knew you also said that, you know, instead of putting like CEO in your profile, put like “aspiring artist” or something like that, so how do you build credibility if you’re aspiring while trying – You don’t, you don’t deserve credibility if you haven’t accomplished – [Blake] Okay – You may, you might become fascinating to somebody with your bravado of predicting your accomplishments, but people are trying to get credibility before they’ve earned it, and they think some way they can create a facade for it, and that’s my fucking problem with it, because it’s undermining you You may trick the 10% losers, but you’ve lost with the 10% winners – [Blake] I’m with you, I’m with you Just want to make sure I’ve got confirmation on it – No worries brother Let’s move it along because I know we’re, time limit constraints I don’t want to get yelled at for interrupting – If you’re an aspiring artist, don’t race to commoditize Keep working the brand building the brand, you might lose authenticity if you try to commoditize too early So aspiring artist, stay hungry, build the brand, but don’t, be careful about when you turn and try and turn into a business, because you could lose some of your authenticity – 100% (phone ringing) – [Andy] Randy – Randy? – [Andy] I’m going through exactly what it – Well this is right – [Andy] We’ll see – Randy this is Gary, Randy this is Gary Vaynerchuck, you’re on The #AskGaryVee Show – [Randy] What’s up GaryVee? Shout out to DRock first off, Mark and Gary (radio feedback on phone) Oh my god, I’m gonna need to turn this off real quick Alright, sorry, sorry about that My question to you is, I’ve created what I believe to be a high end brand It doesn’t have a whole lot of followers, but it’s hard for me to position myself to create another brand that will help support me through this Because I’m doing photography and video, which is why I shouted out to everybody that’s using the Sonys there Like what should I do? I’ve been doing this for 10 years, I haven’t really gotten a whole lot of traction I’ve been struggling, and I need to know what to do – Eric? – Yeah First of all, the, in photography, there’s– – [Randy] Excuse me, I apologize because you know, I do photography, video, and websites But more photography and video – What do you want to happen, before Eric answers it? Like what do you want to happen? Do you have a side job, do you have a regular job? Is this your side job? – [Randy] No, no, no, this is all I’ve wanted to do I used to do club flyers, so my friend used to, he used to own the club by the street, he got shut down And after doing club flyers for awhile, I realized I hated flyers So I got into– – Don’t blame him – [Randy] I really hate doing flyers So I decided to do photography and videography, it comes easier to me, and if you check out my work, you actually messaged me back one time And it’s really good, I’m not one to toot my own horn, but a lot of people like it But not enough to sustain a living What I really want to happen out of this, is a roadmap Because I’ve actually looked for a mentor, not in photography, video aspect, but on the business side of that stuff, because like, I was transitioning to marketing – Do you think that, do you think you need a business partner that understands how to do the business part, and that you’re the creative? – [Randy] There’s not enough upside for them to come in, and I live at a local college down the street – Sounds like an artist – [Randy] Even for the internships, they’ll like, they’ll learn what I teach,

what I teach really well, and then they’ll just take off on their own Which is great because, I taught somebody really well how to get to at least where I am, but it’s not enough upside for somebody to come in and say hey, whatever – Do you love photography? Like if you hit the lotto this afternoon, would you do photography next week? – [Randy] Would I do, if I hit the lotto, I would, and I’m at the point where– – Tell the truth – [Randy] Huh? – Tell me the truth about this lotto question Five million dollars – [Randy] Yes, if I won five million dollars, they invest in what you know, Warren Buffet, and you said it yourself, I can only invest in what I know, I’d be stupid to throw my money into something else So yes, it’d be photography and videography I’d love to build a building beside you I understand your concept of looking to build a building and not worrying about everybody else, not destroying everybody else’s building I’d be up under you somewhere else I’m not saying I’m gonna be the next Gary Vaynerchuck because I don’t have enough energy Because I pray, but for the love of god I do not understand how you’re not on self meds, Jesus Fucking Christ, you have a shit ton of energy I’m really sick of it – I do – [Randy] You’ve got to tell me how you do it I don’t know if it’s the Russian Jewish thing, I don’t know, either way My idea is that photography and videography by itself is not enough, considering the saturation of the market to actually sustain a living So I started to put my photography and videography in places where it could be more useful, i.e. the marketing side This is what this picture can do for you, versus here’s a nice picture You’re like, oh I’ll just put it on my Facebook on my Instagram, and then hope they some attraction – What’s his name? – [Randy] That’s what I’ve been doing, and I’ve been talking to people I just talked to a lady who has a younger– – Hey Randy, Ran, Ran First of all, your energy excites me (group laughter) so I think you have so many, listen let’s let, you know I kinda let you go here just for kind of like show, to be very frank, let’s pull this back in So you’re trying to make a living creating for clients, is that correct? – [Randy] Absolutely – How much time do you spend trying to get new clients? And don’t bullshit me Randy, because I will hang up How much time every day, do you spend DMing, do you spend creating a brochure and hanging it, or putting it on somebody, I’m gonna remind everybody, me printing flyers and going to the Short Hills Mall and putting it on people’s cars, because I had no money Everybody thinks it’s easy, once it like, no, no we all start out at zippo Like, how much time are you spending trying to get clients, for real, daily? Don’t bullshit me, don’t bullshit me – [Randy] I’m spending two hours doing it, because I have so much content that I have to get out – So what are you doing? – [Randy] What am I doing? I’m more so stuck Photoshopping which I– – No, no, no, no, no On your two hours a day of trying to sell, what are you actually doing? – [Randy] I’m sitting on the computer I mean, what do you – No, I’m asking you in detail, brother – [Randy] What’s my day to day look like? – No! One more time, you told me that you spend two hours a day trying to sell and get clients, correct? – [Randy] Oh, what do I do during the selling I go to the clients that I already have and I ask them to, you know, their hair salons, again, the yoga studio, see if they have clients that’ll fit my profile versus cold calling – Yeah, so I think that you are not a natural salesperson I think that you need to get very comfortable around cold calling, cold DM’ing, emailing websites that are local, and driving for an hour up and down main street and knocking on doors because that’s your issue right now You need to grab business It’s not gonna come to you The end – [Randy] Alright, thanks – You’re welcome, my man Good! – And that’s tough ’cause he’s a starving artist and there’s millions of them out there – One more, let’s get one more call – It’s tough You’ve got to build your brand, you’ve gotta build the value proposition, and you have to hustle – Yeah, I mean look, it’s super hard This is being in the creative business He wants to have a business The problem with a lot of people when they want to have a business is they don’t want the business part – The hard work – They wanna do the, and by the way, it’s hard work to create the art, it’s hard work to be handy, and some people are great plumbers, it doesn’t mean that they should have a plumbing business that they own They should go work for somebody and be the most valuable plumber The craft is separate from the business – [Korrina] Hello? – Korrina, it’s Gary Vaynerchuk, and you’re on #AskGaryVee with Erik Wahl – [Korrina] Oh my God! You have to be kidding me right now! – You made it, Korrina! – [Korrina] Oh my God, that is awesome! – What’s your question? – [Korrina] Okay, my question is if you have too much passion to do too many things,

like for instance, like you have too many things, like right now you do so much, like you just don’t like that you have the– – Yeah, you’ve got to many things that you want to do – [Korrina] Exactly, yeah – How do you pick one? – [Korrina] Correct, yes – Pick one! (group laughter) – [Korrina] So that’s the only advice? Okay – Erik, what do you have? I mean, this is my most common asked question “Gary, I have 11 passions, “how do I choose the right one to build my business around?” – I’ve got 11 passions as well I pour my time and energy into the ones that I’m best at, and that make money, and then I keep the other ones as side projects that I will tend to as hobbies until I can actually turn them into something either that I’m very good at or that I can commoditize and make money at, and so, yeah – Korrina, I think this is a humongous excuse by the majority of people that they have so many different things that they are passionate about, as an excuse to not actually put in the 15 hours a day against something I really mean that, and I don’t know if that’s your issue, but I’m saying that because a lot of people are watching, and I wanna get to this once and for all No joke, flip a fucking coin Write all your different passions on a dartboard and throw the dart, like, just pick one I love when people are like, “Gary, I love them all so equally.” I go, “Great, then there should be no concern.” The other things is if you’re trying to decide between two, when you flip the coin, a funny thing happens Your heart will tell you, your brain will tell you which one you actually wanna do – And Korrina, this is, the fact that you have 11 things that you’re super pumped about, I think that’s awesome There’s a lot of people out there listening or watching that are trying to find what they’re passionate about They don’t know, they’re trying to seek money or financial security The fact that you have so many things to choose from is a blessing that you get to pick one and not try and find something in the world I think that’s awesome – [Korrina] Alright, that’s awesome That was all my questions, thank you guys for calling me This is like a really cool experience– – Korrina, don’t leave yet, I got a question – [Korrina] Go ahead, yeah – Which passion are you gonna pick right now? – [Korrina] My passion, I’m probably gonna be a trader I wanna do penny stock trading I am also really passionate, like I have a great charisma with people, so I’d actually like to just get in on modeling right now, ’cause I do that, so, my main one is– – Wait a minute, we’re deciding between modeling and penny stock trading? (group laughter) This is amazing! Do both! (group laughter) – Korrina, if there’s anything that I can do to talk you out of penny stock or day trading– – How can she find oyu? – She can’t find How can she find me? – Yeah, like email you where or hit you up on Twitter where? If you’re gonna agree to help her, let’s do it – Korrina, hit me up on Instagram or Twitter @erikwahl and send me a note and I’ll respond to you, but I would– – Korrina, great news, he’s gonna turn you into a model He’s gonna talk you outta penny stock! – There you go, there you go Future modeling career, congratulations! – What’s that? – [Andy] That question really remind me of your Jason Calacanis rant – Yeah, I agree Alright, so this is like the big moment of the episode So this is insane That’s right, thank you I’m giving this away because this is so sick And just like, I just To be very frank, I kinda want it for myself, but here’s why I wanna give it away: I’m so convinced in your value prop and my belief of like what this is gonna be worth to one of, so you’ve gotta come and pick it up This is the weird thing So, like, I’m not shipping it, I decided, and so if you live in Seattle and you win this, come and visit me I’ll high five you We’re gonna pick one person from the comments randomly, but you have gotta answer Erik’s question of the day As a guest, you get to ask the question of the day, could be any question, and one of you randomly, in Facebook, or Instagram, or YouTube, one of those three places, will win this How long did this take you to make? – That took me a couple of hours, but that’s just a box that I shipped And before we get to far, I just wanna explain that number one, I don’t sell any of my art anywhere, so you can’t buy it anywhere, but I’m also into value proposition, so whoever calls in, or whatever India sets up is gonna get this, but I also wanted to throw this into that box So this is I was talking about the thinker This is the clouds and dirt, this is the hard work, this is the heavy lifting and the thinking, so not either or, it’s yes and It’s the spark and the grind, so that goes inside that box – Okay, so actually, should I ship it? I should probably ship it We’re gonna ship it So what is the question of the day, my friend? – Okay, so what I do is I, since I don’t sell any of my artwork, I hide it all over the world I hide pieces of artwork like this and then I tweet it out in what are called art drop treasure hunts, and the first person to find it on social media

gets to keep it, and so with something like this, I wanna know from whatever city you’re at, what city would you like me to hide a piece of artwork from? Whatever gets the most response is where I’ll be aiming to hide the next piece of art for art drop – Erik, also, I wanna wrap up with this Tell everybody where they can find you Obviously, you mentioned your Instagram, but video blog, the books, like what’s – My website, Let’s link that up (bell rings) – Yeah, all of my social’s on there Because of you, I have become fluent in Snapchat the last year, Instagram stories, so I’m kind of new to social media, but I’m building my plane as I fly it Learning the game like everyone else – I love you, buddy – Thank you, pal – It’s really good to have you on the show – Pleasure being here – You keep asking questions, we’ll keep answering them (hip hop music)