101 Facts About The 1970s

greetings mother factors my name is Sam and today we’re going to be talking all about the history of your grandma’s favorite decade the seventies it was a time of long hair mustaches economic uncertainty and new technology that continues to fascinate people to this very day ask your parent about it I’m sure they love another opportunity to tell you how good you snowflake Millennials have it today but which frustrating cube was invented in 1974 I mean are there that many preferring cubes but hey which year of the 70s was the longest year in history and why was everything in the seventies covered in fake wood paneling was it a status thing was there too much wood in the 70s ah I don’t know two out of three those questions are going to be answered so put on your bell-bottoms turn on your fondue pots and prepare for a dizzying array of wood-paneled information as we count through 101 facts about the 70s baby make peace not love oh no I messed about number one the 1970s commonly abbreviated as the 70s was a decade of the Gregorian calendar that began on Thursday the first of January 1970 and ended on Monday the 31st of December 1979 that’s the basics gang it’s only gonna get more complicated from here number two a period of great change the 70s saw major economic upheavals as the post-war boom dwindled while women racial minorities and the gay community continued to fight for equality advocating socially progressive values that began in the 1960s there was also increased violence in the Middle East further decolonization in Africa and disco baby it was exciting and terrifying time number three novelist Tom Wolfe famously referred to the 70s as the me decade in his essay the me decade and the third Great Awakening published by New York magazine in August of 1976 Wall foo in my head is a real Wolf Clan the decade saw a shift in attitude away from the communitarianism of the 60s and towards individualism number four the 70s began on a literal hi for many people when all the 21st of January plan American Airways became the first commercially scheduled Boeing 747 service from John F Kennedy Airport International to London Heathrow prior to that most people have to cross the Atlantic in small row boats or if you had the money you could have a circus strongman skip you across the ocean like a stone it was a different war primitive time number five on the 13th of every 1970 Black Sabbath released their eponymous debut album which is widely regarded as the first heavy metal album of course metalheads will argue ad nauseam about which is the first real heavy metal album or heavy metal song well what’s exactly heavy metal actually is because that’s how metalheads are best just leave them to it number 6 on the 21st of March 1970 the first Earth Day proclamation was issued by San Francisco Mayor Joseph Alioto and roughly a month later on the 22nd of April the very first Earth Day was celebrated in the United States and in many other countries around the world but hey they don’t matter do they the day was created to demonstrate support for environmental protection and it’s a good thing too otherwise we would have continued to pollute the planet and wreck the environment Oh bullet missed am i right guys oh oh wait no number 7 on the 10th of April 1970 Paul McCartney publicly announced he was leaving probably the most famous rock band in history smash know the Beatles sorry McCartney ow McCartney was the first to announce his departure publicly after which the band finally broke up number 8 on the 29th of April 1970 the u.s. invaded Cambodia in order to hunt out two Vietcong guerrillas and disrupt North Vietnamese supply lines as part of the ongoing Vietnam War the conflict had become increasingly unpopular among the American people leading to growing tension among the population and widespread anti-war protests across the u.s. number nine days later on the 4th of May the Ohio National Guardsman opened fire on students at Kent State University during protests since the invasion of Cambodia leaving four students dead and nine others wounded to the students who were killed have been active participants in the protests while the other two was simply bystanders who were walking between classes the reasons why the guardsmen began shooting remains unclear and has been widely debated but nevertheless constitutes a dark day in American history number ten minutes after the shooting took place a photojournalism student named John filo captured one of the most famous images in history which showed the emotional reaction of 14 year old Mary Ann Vecchio kneeling over the body of Geoffrey Miller one of the student protesters killed by Ohio National Guardsmen the photograph was soon put out on the AP wire and printed on the front page of the New York Times after which at 1 fellow a Pulitzer Prize in 1971 number 11 on the 24th of May 1970 the Soviet Union began work on the Kola super-deep borehole an attempted drill is deep as possible into the Earth’s crust the project consisted of several holes branching from one central 23 centimeter wide hole the deepest of which is called sg3 since drilling on this hole in particular finish in 1989 sg3 extends down to a staggering 12 point 2 kilometers of roughly 726 miles making it the deepest artificial point on earth number 12 on the 18th of September 1970 the American musician Jimi Hendrix died at Samarkand hotel in Notting Hill London at the age of 27 the celebrated

guitarist who was described by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as arguably the greatest instrumentalists in the history of rock music died after choking on his own vomit having overdosed on sleeping pills number 13 the next day although that’s just a coincidence I should stress on the 19th of September 1970 the very first Glastonbury Festival was held at a farm belonging to dairy farmer and founder and keen draughts enthusiast Michael Eavis it was originally called the piltan festival which has far less of a ring to it and was originally to feature the kinks and Wayne Fontana as a headliners however both act pulled out sporting EVs to replace them with a bangle Tyrannosaurus Rex later known as t-rex which isn’t too shabby as things go number 14 on the 4th of October 1970 little over two weeks after the death of Jimi Hendrix the American rock soul and blues singer Janis Joplin also died at the age of 27 Joplin died as a result of an accidental overdose of heroin which was thought to be far more potent than usual just goes to show kids be careful of age 27 and also don’t just don’t do that number 15 on the 20th of November 1970 the Miss World 1970 beauty pageant held at the Royal Albert Hall in London was disrupted by women’s liberation protestors he viewed the competition as degrading and misogynistic the protesters disrupted the event by stirring Rotten Tomatoes smoke bombs and bags of flour which startled the host American entertainer Bob Hope’s so much that he ran backstage and refused to return for a considerable amount of time number 16 on the 7th of February 1971 the nation of Switzerland which is often praised for its tradition of direct democracy finally granted Swiss women the right to vote if that sounds wildly misogynistic and it is this change in law only applied to voting at a federal level some areas of Switzerland didn’t allow women to vote at the local until 1991 good god Switzerland on only got cheese and chocolate and everything but get it together number 17 on the 30th of October 1971 the Reverend Ian Paisley founded the right-wing unionist political party the Democratic Unionist Party against the backdrop of the continuing conflict in Northern Ireland known as the troubles fought between the largely Catholic Republicans who supports the United Ireland and the largely Protestant unionists who wanted northern liner to remain part of the United Kingdom the violence of the troubles peaked in the early 70s and would eventually claimed the lives of over 3500 people number 18 in November of 1971 English Family Care activist Erin Pizzey established the world’s first domestic violence shelter in Chizik London the organization eventually expanded to include numerous houses and in 1979 became a registered charity now known as refuge number 19 on the 15th of November 1971 Intel released the world’s first commercially available microprocessor the Intel 400 for now I’m no computer whiz but I’m pretty sure the genius of this development was that data could be processed but likes smaller is that it am i close anyone mother’s no one in here with me number 20 and approximately 3:00 p.m. on the 24th of November 1971 a well-spoken well dressed individual aboard flight 305 from Portland Seattle informed air stewardess Florence Schaffner that’s he had a bomb in his bag and demanded a ransom of $200,000 along with several parachutes the man then directed the crew to land in orders for the plane to be refueled and for the money to be delivered to him Schaffner informed pilot William Scott who contacted air traffic control then did as he was told or a story fact did it continue in the next one number 21 after the plane landed at the seattle-tacoma Airport the hijack had directed everyone to leave the plane except for himself and four crew members after which the ransom money inheritance were delivered on the plane via aft stairs at the back of the aircraft at around 7:40 p.m. after the plane of hidden refueled Scotch was directed to take off once more about 20 minutes later while above southwestern Washington the man opened the planes rear steps and jumped disappearing forever number 22 boo tennis mr. O’Neill attention here now the hijacker actually identified himself as Dan Cooper but due to a reporting error his name was published as DB Cooper by which this mysterious gentleman hijacker is now mostly commonly most experts generally believe that coopered likely didn’t survive his high-risk jump but despite extensive investigation speculation from a number of sources his fate has never been conclusively determined which is why I turn to you do you think that DB Cooper survived let us know in our snazzy tide our YouTube pal or if you are DB Cooper just comment below number 23 on the 19th of December 1971 Stanley Kubrick’s dystopian crime film a Clockwork Orange was released in New York City based on the novel of Anthony Burgess in 1962 the film employed the use of violent and disturbing imagery to comment on the range of issues including psychiatry juvenile delinquency and youth gangs despite its critical and commercial success the film proved to be extremely controversial and was banned in several countries for decades afterwards number 24 on the 24th of December 1971 lanta flight 508 between the Peruvian cities of Lima typical pas was hit by lightning during a severe thunderstorm the aircraft disintegrated midair causing the deaths of everyone on board with a single exception of a German Peruvian teenager named Julianne Koepke who survived a fall of over 3.2 kilometres while strapped into her seat with a broken collarbone and gasps to her right arm and her right eye swollen shut kuroky trekked for 11 days before she

was found number 25 only a month later on the 26th of January 1972 a bomb exploded aboard a flight between Stockholm to Belgrade causing the aircraft to break into three pieces 10.1 kilometres above ground and crashed near a small village in what is now chechi at of the 28 people on board 27 were killed upon impact with the ground leaving only Serbian air she would s vesna vulovic as the sole survivor as a result vulovic set the Guinness world record for surviving the highest fall without the parachute which I’m sure she was thrown them out in retrospect but probably had bigger fish to fry at the time number 26 on the 30th of January 1972 members of the British army opened fire on a crowd of unarmed Irish protesters who were marching against anti-catholic discrimination in the City of Derry a total of 14 people were killed many of whom were running away or attempting to help those who had already been shot the incident which later became known as Bloody Sunday inflame sectarian tensions in Northern Ireland and significantly increased support to nationalist groups like the IRA number 27 two investigations into the events of Bloody Sunday were carried out the first of which launched the exam at the British Army and was discredited by the latest Savile report which concluded that the soldiers had blatantly lied about the threat posed by the protesters and that their actions were entirely unjustifiable upon the saddled reports publication in 2010 then British Prime Minister David Cameron made a formal apology on behalf of the UK despite this only one soldier was ever prosecuted for the shooting number 28 on the 2nd of March 1972 the Pioneer 10 spacecraft was launched from Cape Kennedy and on the 13th of June 1983 became the first man-made object to leave the solar system radio contact with pioneer 10 continued into the loss of electric power for its radio transmitter on the 23rd of January 2003 at a staggering 12 billion kilometres from Earth number 29 on the 24th of May 1972 the Magnavox Odyssey video game system was first demoed and became commercially available several months later in September making it the first commercial home video game console color was added to the consoles black and white visuals by the use of physical overlays to stock on the screen of CRT TVs which is aa technology number 30 on the 5th of September during the 1972 Munich Olympics members of the Palestinian terrorist group Black September took 11 Israeli Olympic team members hostage and demanded the release of 234 Palestinian prisoners jailed in Israel as well as the founders of the far-left militant organisation Red Army Faction andreas Baader and ol Rika Meinhof during a failed nighttime rescue attempt all the hostages were killed along with one West German police officer and five of the terrorists the events later became known as the Munich Massacre number 31 the last manned moon mission today to follow 17 launched on the 7th of December 1972 crewed by American astronauts Gene Cernan Ronald Evans and Harrison Schmitt after doing a spot of sciencing and doing sick donuts per on the lunar surface the crew returned to earth on the 19th of December concluding the programme of Luna exploration humanity hasn’t been back to the moon since which feels a tad rude sorry moon we’ve just been busy number 32 a little over five hours after launch the crew of Apollo 17 took a photo of plant earth dubbed the Blue Marble which has since become one of the most iconic images in history owing to the fact that it contained the location literally all human history with the exception of NASA space missions that made such a photograph possible oh there I go getting all full of optical again what am I like sorry I’ve had a sherry number 33 for the first and last time ever on New Year’s Eve 1972 a second leap second was added to the year making 1972 366 days and 2 seconds long the longest year ever to exist within the context of the coordinated Universal time standard this was done to align human methods of timekeeping with Earth’s a regular rotation because time is ultimately arbitrary and everything is meaningless number 34 for the April 1972 edition of Cosmopolitan magazine actor Burt Reynolds posed nude on a bearskin rug for the centerfold catapulted him into instant fame and producing one of the decades most recognizable and titillating images Reynolds later said though he requested posing for the photo believing it cost several of his co-stars awards from their roles in the 1972 American thriller film deliverance well we here at team 101 love your nudes Reynolds Academy be damned number 35 on the 1st of January 1973 the United Kingdom the Republic of Ireland and Denmark entered the European Economic Community which later became known as the European Union and we’ve been happy there since and we all lived happily ever after oh that’s not what happened oh ok I’m just gonna pause for angry comments you done got out of your system ok good moving on number 36 on the 14th of January 1973 Elvis Presley made history with his Aloha from Hawaii by satellite concert performed from the Honolulu International Center in raqqa Honolulu the concert aired in around 40 countries across Asia and Europe and is widely

considered to be one of his greatest triumphs while it’s often stated that the show was watched live by between 1 to 1.5 billion people this claim is widely regarded as a gross exaggeration as the combined population of the countries which aired the show was somewhere around 1.3 billion number 97 on the 22nd of January 1973 the US Supreme Court delivered a landmark decision in the case of Roe vs. Wade which overturned state bans on abortion since then the debate around abortion and a woman’s right to bodily autonomy in the United States has continued to rage and numerous attempts have been made quite recently to curtail the decision with varying success number 38 on the 12th of February 1973 Ohio became the first US state to post distant on signs using the far more intuitive and easy-to-understand metric system sadly it hasn’t really caught on in the good old US of a they just love their feet too much you could even say that America has a foot Oh can’t say that ok fine number 39 on the 11th of August 1973 in the Bronx New York to make an American DJ Kool Herc first debuted is innovative DJing technique known as braking which involves extending enjoyable sections of a song by repeating them on two separate records one after the other it is this date that is now widely considered to constitute the birth of hip hop which has been doing really quite well since then number 40 on the 20th of September 1973 Billie Jean King thanks tough against Bobby Riggs and a televised tennis match after Riggs claimed that the women’s game was inferior and that even at the age of 55 he could best any female player billed as the battle of the sexes the match was attended by record 30,000 492 spectators and viewed on television in 36 countries by an estimated 90 million people art a little over two hours King beat Riggs in straight sets Bagon car a cool 100 grand and forever changing the public perception of women’s tennis number 41 on the 20th of October 1973 the iconic Sydney Opera House was officially opened by the queen of Australia elizabeth ii after 14 years of instruction before us to annoy some people anyway designed by Danish architect Shawn Hudson the distinctive building has since become one of the most recognizable symbols of Australia up there with kangaroos boomerangs and Steve Irwin’s huge double grin Misha Steve uluru vomiting over life on the 30th of October 1973 the Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul Turkey was completed physically connecting the continents of Europe and Asia across the Bosphorus for the first time in history Bosphorus number 43 on the 15th of October 1973 the Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatry Federal Council declared homosexuality not to be an illness the first son’s body in the world to do so weeks later on the 15th of December the American Psychiatric Association followed suit based largely on the research and advocacy of the American psychologist evelyn hooker truth gay people like human beings revolutionary number 44 the 26th of December 1973 saw the release of the American supernatural horror film The Exorcist starring Ellen Burstyn and Linda Blair which depicts the demonic possession of a twelve-year-old girl and the attempt by two priests to save her the film is now widely considered to be one of the greatest horror films in history and made a significant impact on popular culture despite low expectations Alex hum of release the Exorcist has since raked in worldwide profits of over four hundred and forty million dollars number 45 on the 29th of March 1973 the US combat troops left South Vietnam ending America’s direct involvement in the Vietnam War by this date almost 60,000 American servicemembers and as many as 3.8 million Vietnamese soldiers and civilians had been killed number 46 on the 4th of their prey 1974 heiress Patty Hearst was kidnapped outside her Berkeley California apartment by left-wing domestic American terrorist group could the Symbionese Liberation Army as the granddaughter of newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst the SLA hoped her kidnapping would attract the attention of the American news media and foster support for their extreme anti-capitalist agenda number 47 less than a month after being kidnapped the SLA released a video featuring Patty Hearst in which she appeared to sympathize with her captors and several days later she participated alongside the SLA in a bank robbery in San Francisco following her arrest several months later Hearst repudiated her allegiance to the SLA claiming she had been brainwashed Hearst ultimately served less than two years of a seven-year sentence before she was pardoned by President Bill Clinton on his last day in office and has since become known as a famous case of Stockholm Syndrome number 48 on the 29th of March 1974 the Terracotta Army of Qin Shihuang was discovered at Xian China by local farmers digging a water while approximately 1.5 kilometers east of the Shin Emperor’s tomb mound in mount Li the army which dates from approximately the late 3rd century BCE is made up of approximately 8,000 soldiers 130 chariots with 520 horses and 150 cavalry horses which are thought to have been constructed either to protect the Emperor Qin in the afterlife or simply is an extremely badass monument to his glory number 49 on the 26th of June 1974 the universal product code better known as the humble bar

code was scanned about the very first time to sell a package of Wrigley’s chewing gum at the marsh supermarket in Troy Ohio whoo Ohio you have a claim to fame baby you gobo hiyo number 50 on the 8th of August 1974 President Richard Nixon announced his resignation effective at noon the next day Nixon’s decision to step down constituted the climax of the Watergate scandal which began two years earlier in June of 1972 when several individuals connected to Nixon’s re-election campaign broke into the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate office complex in Washington DC and stole documents and wiretapped phones number 51 in these subsequent months after their arrests it emerged to Nixon and engage in numerous illegal activities to cover up the scandal including the payment of harsh money this is despite Nixon’s famous assertion in 1973 that he was not in fact a crook though he was very much so number 52 on the 16th of November 1974 the radio-telescope are the Arecibo Observatory if you don’t know it that’s in Puerto Rico sent an interstellar radio message carrying basic information about humanity in earth towards Messier 13 the great globular cluster in Hercules in the hope that it may be received and deciphered by extraterrestrial life the message will reach his intended destination in around 25,000 years and he’ll probably take just as long for a message to get back to earth I mean talk about a long-distance relationship oh thank you tip your waitresses I’ll be here all week number 53 on the 21st of November 1974 two pubs in the English city of Birmingham were torn apart by bomb explosions killing 21 people and injuring 182 more at the time the attack was widely believed to be linked to the provisional Irish Republican Army who never explicitly claimed responsibility for the attack though Ciaran Conway one of the IRAs most senior former officers admitted the group’s involvement in 2014 IRA members had apparently attempted to deliver a warning call much sooner but couldn’t find a functioning phone box which significantly increased a death toll number 54 within hours of the attack six Irishmen were arrested in 1975 sentenced to life imprisonment for the bombings the men who came to be known as the Birmingham six maintained that they were innocent and had been forced to sign false confessions under severe physical and psychological abuse but police after 16 years in prison their convictions were overturned in 1991 and the men were released concluding what is widely considered to be one of the worst miscarriages of justice in British legal history number 55 number 20 what on the 24th of November 19 Simmons for a skeleton from the hominid species Australopithecus afarensis was discovered in the awash Valley of the afar triangle in Ethiopia the specimen lived approximately 3.3 million years ago in Africa and was subsequently named Lucy after the Beatles song with Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds number 56 in 1974 Hungarian architecture professor Erno Rubik produced his most famous invention the Rubik’s Cube originally called the magic cube Rubik’s creation was licensed to the ideal toy company in 1980 after which it subsequently won a number of awards and became one of the most popular and most infuriating toys in history number 57 not only that 1974 also saw the release of the fancy tabletop role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons designed by Gary Gygax and Dave Anson the game has become a byword for nerd culture despite the fact that it’s played by a number of well-known movie badasses like Vin Diesel who’s well aboard the choo-choo DND train not sure if my darling angel of cinema Jennifer Lawrence is a fan of the game but if you’re out there Jen I’d be more than happy to teach you I just have to learn how to play myself first number 58 on the 8th of March 1975 the United Nations celebrated the first ever International Women’s Day I know you’re thinking guys went international men’s day right it’s the 19th of November ok to be quiet number 59 on the 4th of April 1975 super nerd extraordinaire Bill Gates and other guy Paul Allen founded a little company in earnest Mike Rowe soft in Albuquerque New Mexico Microsoft McRoy Nick whatever it is has since grown into one of the world’s largest tech companies and they also make X boxes which is nice of them number 16 after almost two decades the Vietnam War finally ended with the so called fall of Saigon on the 30th of April 1975 as communist forces from North Vietnam overthrew the remaining South Vietnamese resistance as the capital was taken South Vietnam surrendered unconditionally beginning the transition of the reunification of the nom into its current state as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in their failure to stop a communist victory the Vietnam War is often called the only war that the United States ever lost number 61 20th of June 1955 the SAR guys but oh well the classic thrill of Jaws was released in 450 cinemas across North America I’m trying to do the theme tune it’s not really working though is it I’ll just read normally now despite a troubled production Steven Spielberg’s adaptation of Peter Benchley’s 1974 novel the same name quickly became a smash hit and is now widely considered to be one of the greatest films ever

made and one of the very first true blockbusters not burned of a film about a big angry shark number 62 on the 11th of October 1975 NBC at the very first episode of Saturday Night Live the live TV variety sketch show created by producer Lorne Michaels controversial comedian George Carlin appeared as the show’s first host with billy preston and janis ian as the first musical guests today SNL is still going strong and continues to make super stars after the lucky few comedians who get a shot on the show I audition for SNL once but I couldn’t just leave you guys no matter how much lon begged me I still get phone calls from the guy sorry Lorne and I ain’t gonna happen please call me Lorne please number 63 on the 31st of October 1975 the legendary rock band Queen released the legendary song Bohemian Rhapsody which went on to become one of the most popular songs in his tois at the time however studio execs on the band had almost 6 minutes long the track was far too lengthy to release as a single luckily Queen refused to back down ensuring Bohemia wraps this place in music history Nintendo 64 hey look at that we’re in 1976 now all the 2000s – January 1976 the French British turbo jet powered supersonic passenger airliner Concorde made its first commercial flight with a maximum speed of 1254 miles per hour which I hasten to add is more than twice the speed of sound Colcord was one of the fastest commercial aeroplanes in history number 65 assault Concorde was capable of making transatlantic flights in less than half the time of other airliners sadly though a combination noise complaint wildly expensive fares and a general downturn in commercial aviation following 9/11 resulted in the end of concorde tenure in 2003 after 27 years of operation number 66 on the 1st of April 1956 Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded the Apple computer company apparently confident that a business formed on April Fool’s Day was bound to succeed 42 years later in 2018 Apple became the world’s first trillion-dollar company so oh I guess they were right number 67 on the 18th of July 1976 the Romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci and the first of seven perfect scores of turn on roots of winning three gold medals and the 1956 Summer Olympics in Montreal after delivering a flawless performance on the uneven bars the scoreboard read one point zero due to its inability to properly display her perfect score a testament to her triumph over what’s believed to be impossible number 68 on the 20th of July 1976 NASA’s Viking 1 space probe landed on Mars and soon after became the first successful mission to the Red Planet Viking 1 wasn’t actually the first man-made object to reach Mars though as the Soviet Union had beat them to it several years earlier with their Mars two and three probes however Mars to literally crashed into the planets rocky surface and while Mars 3 did manage to land safely it sadly stopped transmitting after only 14 seconds awkward number 69 14 seconds on the first of December 1976 too controversial Punk van The Sex Pistols made a live appearance on The Tonight program hosted by Bill Grundy who appeared to take issue with the band’s punk ethos after goading from Grundy members of the band responded with profanity whoa oh well Jessica nated to a string of insult from Johnny Rotten after Grundy appeared to make lewd comments toward Suzie Suh then a member of the band’s entourage while the incident effectively ended Grundy’s career it only increased the band’s notoriety and turned them into punk icons number 10 and now it’s 1977 time on the 22nd of April of that year the general telephone in electrics corporation the snazzy named guys sent the first live telephone traffic through fiber optics in Long Beach California five optics are now widely used in telecommunications and in those colorful lab thingies our farm for approximately 30 seconds number 71 the 25th of May 1977 was one of the most important days in the history of science fiction and indeed film in general it was on this day that George Lucas blessed us all with Star Wars which became the highest-grossing film of its time and changed the landscape of sci-fi entertainment gates to come to infinity and beyond No is that it no that’s not it live long and this is sparta nailed it number 72 on the 15th of June 1977 Spain held its first democratic elections with the authority to write a constitution for Spain the elections came roughly a year and a half after the death of Francisco Franco who ruled over Spain as a dictator for over 40 years number 73 in August of 1977 the celebrated American wrestler Hulk Hogan debuted as the super destroyer for Championship Wrestling from Florida and John Carroll Catholic High School’s gym in Fort Pierce Florida super destroy and lost at Don Serrano he measured in as a relatively compact height at five foot seven compared to the imposing six foot eight figure that would later become Hulk Hogan something tells me this whole wrestling lark is a setup you know number 74 following a year of attacks that left six people dead and several others injured David Berkowitz was finally captured in Yonkers New York on the 10th of August 1977 widely now known as Son of Sam not me Berkowitz terrorized the city of New York with a series of shootings and left a number of menacing letters which talk to the police and promised further crimes he

continued to be one of the most notorious killers in US history number 75 on the 15th of August 1977 a radio telescope nicknamed the Big Ear that was operated by Ohio State University as part of the SETI project received a radio signal from deep space that defied and naturalistic explanation known as the WoW signal after Owen Wilson wow I’m just kidding it’s actually after the note that astronomer Jerry R Eamon wrote the computer hand out the anomaly has inspired numerous hypotheses for its origin none of which have led to an adequate explanation as such the WoW signal remains the strongest candidates for an alien radio transmission ever detected number 76 on the 26th of August 1977 the National Assembly of Quebec passed the contentious chart of the French language making French the official language of the Canadian province of Quebec many Canadians especially those in the english-speaking majority saw the law as contrary to the federal government’s initiative to mandate bilingualism and debates on the law’s passage continued to this very day fun fact – that was called bill 101 number 77 on the 10th of November 1977 a 27 year-old to Newton convicted murderer named Hamidah John doobie became the last player in France to be executed by guillotine in 1977 France guillotine someone in the late 70s Wow number 78 on the 11th of September 1977 Atari Inc released its video computer system in North America later sold as guitar e 2600 the system is credited with popularizing the YouTube video game cartridges in contrast to other systems which would usually only play games that been physically built into the unit however Atari were not the first to utilize this system that on a go to the almost-forgotten Fairchild channel F which was released the previous year in 1976 number 79 on the 14th of October 1977 anti-gay activist and Nita Bryant was famously pied in the face by four plucky gay rights activists during a televised press conference in Des Moines Iowa having previously referred to gay people as human garbage and implied that granting rights from non heterosexuals could lead to intercourse with beasts some would say she got what was coming to her number 80 on the 26th of October 1977 the last case of naturally occurring smallpox was discovered in ally mal Marlin a hospital cookin murki Somalia who was infected with the Mulder strain variola minor the last case of the more deadly variola major strain was discovered several years earlier in 1975 in a two-year-old Bangladeshi girl named her Hema Banu several years later after extensive verification smallpox was officially declared eradicated v2 considered to be one of humanity’s greatest achievements give yourself a pat on the back humanity you’re done good number 81 on the 8th of November 1977 the city of San Francisco elected Harvey Milk to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors making him the first openly gay elected official of any large city in the United States within the first few months of his political career Milk sponsored an important bill banning discrimination in public accommodations housing and the employment on basis of sexual orientation sadly though milk was assassinated in 1978 along with mayor George Moscone by former city supervisor Dan White after the pair refused to support is very pointment to the board number 82 on Christmas Day 1977 the legendary English comedy actor Charlie Chaplin died in his sleep and was buried two days later in a cemetery near his home in Switzerland however several weeks later on the 1st of March 1978 Chaplin’s body was stolen with his car by two immigrants who are planning to extort money from the actors family Chaplin’s body was found several weeks later after which he was reburied under almost two meters of reinforced concrete to prevent any more attempts to make money from the body of a dead comedian be fair I’ve never heard of that happening since number 83 on the 21st of February 1978 electrical work it’s in the middle of Mexico City accidentally uncovered the remains of templo mayor the main temple of the Aztecs Empire in their capital of Tenochtitlan work on the temple began in the mid 14th century and was dedicated to NEC – oh gee we’d sill Apostoli the God of War and flog the god of rain and agriculture number 84 on the 25th of May 1978 a bomb exploded in the security section of Northwestern University in Evanston Illinois wounding a security guard this would have become the first in 14 attacks attributed to Ted Kaczynski also known as the Unabomber Kaczynski believed that the rise of modern technology was eroding human freedom and felt that his attacks while extreme were necessary to bring attention to his cause by the time he was apprehended in 1996 he had killed three people and injured 23 others in bombings targeting academics and business owners involved in technology and engineering number 85 on the 9th of June 1978 the Church of Jesus Christ of latter-day saints also known as the Mormon Church officially extended the priesthood and temple blessings to all worthy males ending a policy of excluding Canaanites also known as black people from priesthood ordination and temple ordinances the ban was based on a variety of extremely racist beliefs including the idea that black people have been less virtuous in their pre mortal lives at a moment sure number 86 on the 19th of June 1978 the sarcastic little feline named Garfield

made his debut in 41 US newspapers created by cartoonist Jim Davis Garfield would eventually grow to become the world’s most widely syndicated comic strip and today Garfield Murch raked in 1 billion dollars every year somehow which I have on very good authority could buy you an awful lot of chicken nuggets and all’s Anya number 87 on the 28th of June 1978 – the rainbow gay pride flag flew for the first time at the San Francisco gay Freedom Day Parade created by actors Gilbert Baker the original design featured a pink stripe the top and turret coins and indigo stripes in place with a blue stripe however the pink stripe was removed due to the unavailability of pink fabric and the turquoise indigo striped will replace with blue stripes to give the flank an even number of colors allowing the flag to be equally split in half and paraded down each side of the street I never knew such thinking went into a flag number 88 on the 25th of July 1978 a little girl named Louise Brown was born in Oldham in the UK number 80 joking that’s not it the waist was no ordinary baby she was in fact the very first baby to have been born after conception by in vitro fertilization also known as IVF her birth served as a beacon of hope for childless couples throughout the world and since then over 8 million babies have been born worldwide as a result of IVF and other advanced fertility treatments number 89 on the 17th of December 1978 the Camp David Accords was signed by the Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin and the Egyptian President Anwar Sadat at Camp David in the US state of Maryland the agreements were made to recognize Israel’s right to exist and to stabilize the tense relationship between the two nations which have been involved in a number of military and diplomatic conflict since the establishment of Israel in 1948 number 90 however the agreements were extremely unpopular throughout the Arab world and led to Egypt suspension from the Arab League in 1979 and Sadat’s assassination in 1981 indeed many of the issues the agreements sought to resolve remain contentious to this very day number 91 on the 18th of November 1978 over 900 members of the Peoples Temple movement died at the group’s Jonestown compound in Guiana founded as a new Christian movement by Jim Jones in 1955 the organization moved to the South American nation in the mid 70s by which point it had developed into an apocalyptic cult that preached against the sapota drives and fascism in the United States number 92 after followers of Jones murdered US congressman Leo Ryan who had come to investigate the group Jones threat to this followers to drink a soft drink of flavour rate and kool-aid laced with Valium and cyanide in protest against the conditions of an inhumane world 909 people died that day at Jonestown number 93 between January of 1978 in February 1979 the matron of Iran revolted against its Western back monic Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi and replaced the government with a theocratic Islamic Republic led by Ayatollah Ruhollah for many in what is now known as the Iranian Revolution supporters of the revolution continue to rule the country to this very day in fact number 94 on the 13th of every 1979 the guardian angels vigilante group formed in New York City initially created by anti-crime activist Curtis sliver to combat widespread violence and crime on the New York City subway system training first aid and CPR law conflict resolution and basic martial arts the group is known for their snazzy red berets and jackets and continued to operate in a number of cities around the world number 95 on the 8th of March 1979 philips and sony demonstrated the compact discs publicly for the first time showcasing a new technology many regarded as revolutionary ah get it because it’s fear number 96 on the 28th of March 1979 reactor number 2 or 3 Mile Island Nuclear Generating Station suffered a partial meltdown constituting the most significant accident in u.s. commercial nuclear power plant history cleanup started several months later in August of 1979 and officially ended 14 years later in December of 1993 with the total cost of around 1 billion dollars number 97 on the 3rd of May 1979 the British people voted in Margaret Thatcher as the country’s first female Prime Minister that too led the UK throughout the 80s and became one of the country’s most polarizing prime ministers in history so much so that when she died in 2013 some areas of Britain saw mass celebration number 98 in June of 1979 purveyors of the dreadful e unhealthy yet exquisitely delicious fast food McDonald’s introduced the happy meal named after the emotional solicitude among kits everywhere because happy meals are amazing I know they’re bad for you but they’re so so good god damn number 99 after passing nearest territory of Guam on the 12th October 1959 typhoon tip reached a record intensity of 870 millibars making it the most powerful tropical cyclone in known history tip was also the largest tropical cyclone on record with a wind diameter of 1380 miles which is by the way approximately the distance of New York City on the East Coast to the Texan city of Dallas number 100 typhoon tip also reached peak sustained winds of 190 miles per hour thankfully tip was at its most powerful while careening through a mostly uninhabited region of the Philippine Sea and had weakened significantly by the time it passed over Japan as a result

the most powerful cyclone in recorded history caused less than 100 casualties number 101 on the 15th of December 1979 the Japanese animated action adventure comedy the castle of Cagliostro was released in Japan representing the directorial debut of the one and only Hayao Miyazaki one of the founders of the acclaimed Japanese anime company Studio Ghibli see it all started in the seventies you’d lovable anime nerds so there we go that was 101 5 to 5 1970s what a bleak decade but would you want to go back to the 70s to experience all that raw culture let me know in the comments down below also what you want to see next let me know in the comments down below also remember to like this video and subscribe to 1 on the factory I’m done so already because we are we’re pretty good I’d do it if I were you in the meantime though goodness me look at this 2 videos for you especially if you served up on a little platter be sure to click and wanna make your dreams come true I’ll see you next time