DAVID AND GOLIATH | David e Golia | Orson Welles | Full Length Historical Movie | English

English Subtitles will start in a minute Who is he? – He is Samuel the prophet – That old man in those clothes is Samuel? He is the only man of whom Saul is afraid Your Majesty. The prophet Samuel is coming into the court Samuel You’ve always been a stranger to our court We bid thee welcome Who is that man? – He is Captain of Hosts. His name is Abner – Saul will have him as councilor of court And these, are they the sons of Saul then? Jonathan, Jishvi, ish-besob His sons His sons When I grew old, I made my sons judges for I had judged Israel all the days of my life But my sons would not walk in God’s but to bribe prejudice judgement And the elders of Israel came to me, and he did say unto me give us a King to judge us Like all the nations. A king and I prayed to the Lord and He said The people of Israel have not rejected thee, but rejected me

The Lord God…they have forsaken me and served other Gods So they do also unto thee, Samuel. Now therefore they must have a king to reign over them So spoke the Lord to me in the darkness of my heart and I told his words, to all of thee, who asked for a King and I said, this King will take your sons and he will set them to reap his harvests, to make his instruments of war but he will take your fields and your vineyards and give them to his servants And ye shall all cry out on that day, because of your King But ye would not hear me But we will have a King, like all the nations A king to judge us and to fight our battles The Lord told me in my ear I will send thee a man of the land of Benjamin And thou shall anoint him King over the people of Israel and he shall save them out of the hands of the Philistines Saul When I saw thee, the Lord said unto me behold of a man, who shall reign over my people Samuel Of all in His will, thou art beloved of the Lord We honor Samuel, of course But the last of the great judges have not called up the whole court of the kingdom only to tell us the old story, that all of us know so well Saul. I will tell thee what thou does not know I will tell thee what the Lord said to me last night Leave us Speak The glory of Israel is departed from the ark of God is taken In all of my Kingdom Samuel, everyone is aware that the Ark of the Convenent is in the hands of the enemy This was a needful sacrifice not to be avoided with making our peace with the Philistines Saul, when the Ark was taken from thee, the Lord has raked the Kingdom of Israel from thee on that day Pay no heed to him Sire Samuel is old beyond the years of wit Old indeed and near to death Saul Yet last night, the word of the Lord came to me again Leave us Samuel What said the Lord unto thee? The Lord said It repentive Me that Saul is King for he have turned back from following me and broken my commandments Thus speak the Lord and it grieved me and I cried to the Lord all night and when he answered me he said How long would thou mourn the fall, seeing how I have rejected him from reigning over Israel Am I not King?

Look with thine eyes Samuel Do I not sit before thee on the throne of Israel The Lord said I have provided me a King Another? Thou art a goodly young man Saul There was not among all the children in Israel a goodlier person than thou When thou were little in thy own eyes, did I not make thee head of the tribes of Israel. And did not the Lord anoint thee to be King? I have obeyed the laws I have followed the ritual Thou art a rebel in thine heart Saul The law has made an insurrection against God Because thou has rejected the Lord, he has also rejected thee from being King Samuel If I have sinned If I have transgressed the commandment of the Lord and thy words it is because I feared the people And obeyed their voice Samuel Who is he? Who is that man, who shall be King of Israel after me? The Lord said to me Look not upon his height for the Lord seeth not how men seeth One pure in heart Who is he? Before I die, it has been given to me to anoint one King who shall be chosen from Bethlehem And the spirit of the Lord shall be on him from that day forward Who is that man? I have not come to thee with prophecies but to bid thee farewell The Lord hath departed from thee And evil spirit hath made its home in thee I shall come no more to this hall Nevertheless, I mourn for thee David – Wonderful David – Hekla I have been awaiting thee Hekla The last born, does he please thee Ey! He is beautiful Make him walk No he’s too little – Oh come now, let’s put him down – No David, I don’t think he’s grown enough for that – See how he walks? – Look, he goes to his mother He’s very funny Look at him – Come Hekla – Close thine eyes – Why? – Now David, no questions Open them Tis beautiful Hekla, I’m in need of it I thank thee. I must try it right away Stay here and watch Why art thou sad now? I had a very bad dream Thou should not think of it Don’t laugh David. I dreamed that l had been taken far from thee, very far No one could ever separate us, beloved – Oh would what thou sayeth were true – Thou should trust me

The same way I trust my sling Watch this If I do not slice that tree, thou dream will come true No wait David, I’m so afraid Why art thou afraid, I am here with thee Thine eyes frighten me sometimes, my love But were thee otherwise, perhaps I would not love thee as I do – Does thou love me truly – Why does thou ask? Please forgive me Abner Often times, I think that the advantages of courting a King’s daughter, might well be the only source of thy feelings It will not be easy to carry out our plans, if you have such doubts I love thee Abner, I shall help thee realize thine ambitions Our ambitions Nevertheless, it will be an arduous undertaking Not for the Captain of the Host of Israel or the daughter of Saul There will be many hinderances – They will not be difficult – I am certain Abner My father, be not fearful of him A quick victory of the Philistines was indeed a terrible blow to him I with my great Host, will pass over the land of Saul The land of Saul Our last victory over Israel was not complete, because I did not slaughter that old imbecile But out new invasion will be the end of Saul, and thou shall be the new King of Israel Remember when old Saul was my captive? It was thee who asked me to spare his life What did we keep as our spoils? The Sacred Ark But now, I want much more than that Now I will have Old Saul’s blood Each one of ye shall rule over the land ye have conquered Aye, as Kings As monarchs governing by our laws and rituals ye shall command absolute obedience Receive tribute and pass judgement Yet none of thee shall ever forget, that I shall remain your King The King of Kings! These few days have passed so swiftly, David My turn to plow will pass swiftly too – And thou will think of thy glad? – Thou art asked me that? I shall be without thee for so long – Art thou afraid? – No David, with thee, not! And in a storm, if I were not with thee? – Then I should be afraid – But I should run to thee, wherever thy were – Truly? – Yes truly -And if it were raining very hard? – Of course, even if there was to be another flood Thou art so kind to me David – But David, I must go now – Please Hekla, don’t go now , it rains still – I must not darry, it’s late – Don’t go Why Lord? Why my Lord? Thy hope is a vain one Father

I know better what I do, than one who attacks innocents David. The Lord alone knows the scope of His own deeds on earth And there remains not else for us to do, save to yeild to his will But the death of my Hekla. This has destroyed my life, father God, by this deed, has only destroyed your mortal love, David But also rendered thy love more beautiful, for he makes of it a spiritual thing Thou shall love another time, thou shall see and then this will indeed comfort thee. It will comfort thee to think of Hekla Pardon me, father It is of the Lord, thou shall ask pardon, not me And I pray to the Lord, that He will give thee pardon King, the agility and power of the Persian chariots have inspired this model The chariot is drawn by four horses and is entirely armoured with leather and bronz Here and here. These lances will revolve like so many sides -And wreak havoc – Then thou thinketh we are invincible? Oh, no question my Lord But the most powerful weapon that I know, is an enormous man But the most powerful weapon that I know, is an enormous man He dwelleth in the caves, beyond the town of Gath, refusing all commerce with the world A human weapon that would so fierce set panic in the enemy ranks When he is unleashed, he cannot be stopped And who is this man? His name is Goliath Who is able to enroll such a monster in my ranks? A petty cut-throat. A rascal named Kreb He is waiting without, my Lord Show him in Glory to be, oh King of the Philistines Art thou Kreb? Yes, oh flaming, torch of my life, flaming paragon of all our virtues Thou art the most powerful, the most generous and the most Enough! -Enough! -He is my friend, he does all that I bid him too I want thee to bring him here Bring him to the feast of the God Dagon If he is, as my Captain says, I shall give thee they weight in gold Oh, but I’m very heavy As heavy as a camel Out with him Goliath Goliath. Where art thou? Goliath, it’s Kreb, thy friend, Kreb it’s Kreb, thy friend, Kreb My brother and friend, friend and brother At last I see thee again, after all these months Greetings to thee Goliath, from thy humble servant How many times I have thought of thee. I have jealously cherished in my soul, the recollection of thy affection for me And now, at long last, I stand before thee, and now I can greet thee as a flaming paragon of my life You are the only comfort of my tormented existence

How can I thank thee Goliath? But first of all, lit me pay tribute to thee with a tiny word of modest praise hou art invincible Goliath, everyone knows thou art the strongest man in the world No, no don’t kill me Don’t snuff out the wretched existence of thy only friend Have I not always brought thee gold? And wait til thou sees the gold I shall get this time There’s enough to fill thy cave Thou will always be my best friend Goliath I had better tell thee the reason why I came here to see thee The King has sent me to see thee. He is mustering men for a great war If thou agrees to fi ght for him, he will give thee all the gold of his iris And that’s not all, there’s more. There will also be the King’s personal presence to you The most beautiful girls in the court.Say it with thou will Goliath, thou must! The most beautiful girls Oh Mighty King! I have brought thee Goliath Bring the rock of Samson

This stone has never been lifted aloft by one man, since the distance days when Samson himself lifted it This will be the true test of thy strength And the Lord said onto Samuel, fill thy horn with oil and gold I will send thee to Jesse, the Bethlhemite For I have provide Me a King, among his sons To save Israel out of the hands of the Philistines Samuel I greet thee wife of Jessie The Lord has chosen one, from amongst thy sons And I am come to fi nd him and the Lord shall name him This is Eliab, our first born son The Lord said: Look not upon his height, nor his contenance, for the Lord sees, not as man sees If the foreordained of the Lord is here, it could only be this one Neither is he the one the Lord has chosen Neither is he the one the Lord has chosen Thou art certain, that thou has shown all the children of Jessie? – Blessed be thou, Samuel – Jessie – Thou has here all thy children? – David All accept my youngest son Here he is. David This is he David, son of Jessie The Lord has appointed thee to be Prince over his inhabitants Thou art troubled in thy heart David? It is true. I am troubled

It is written: Who knows what is good for a man in his life, in all the days of his earthly life which he spent as a shadow? For who can tell a man, what shall be art to him under the sun We know that thou art a Prophet Samuel That which ye have been already, and everything to be, hath already been And God seeks again, that which has been passed away It is also written, far better the poor but wise youth than an old and foolish king If thou thus speaks about me Samuel, it is true, I am indeed poor – But wise – I shall come to thee again for the Lord has told me that I am to annoint me King Did you say “King” Samuel?’ Yes Jessie. It is not the son of Saul, but you Son David who shall be called by God to reign as King in Israel But of the great events that await thee in the future David thou must not ever speak to any man These things must all be kept secret Forget it not! Go thy way, eat thy bread with joy, for God has already accepted thy works The Spirit of the Lord shall be upon thee from this day forward David Sarah, what art thou doing here? Thou should sleep now I could not – Art thou leaving? – I am going now – Then I will wake father and mother – No, no Sarah, don’t! – No, please say farewell to them for me – But may I not come with thee? No, not now Sarah. But I shall return…..soon I shall wait Thy will be done oh Lord Thy servant has left his loved ones, so that he may devote his life to serving his people of Israel May thy servant prove worthy of this mission With thy help Many trials await thee David, but with thy faith, thou shall be strong Thy departure in days to come, will bring great joy to your loved ones In three days and nights, thou shall have reached Jerusalem Help a poor blind man. Help me! Have pity on me

The finest snakes in Israel The most beautiful snakes in Israel Two shakkels I have slaves for sale Slaves from Moab Cheap at 30 shakkels In the fields, they can pull plows better than oxen, and you can feed them for much less They’re cheap at 30 shakkels It’s like giving them away What say thou? Fine. Unyoke them quick and give them to him Go you are free! Thou buy slaves, to set them free? And none of thee touch them either – Thank you kind Lord – Thank you Help! Oh, help me! Why are these men being punished? Because they had rebelled against Saul’s Captain and they are condenmed to die in this place of thirst. They are my sons In three days, they’d not had a drop of water Why should they let them die like this? How can the Lord permit this? Look at that Water……give me water They will kill you You must go, please Drink. Do not be afraid Jerusalemites! Why are you the curse of your own people You are prey to godliness, wickedness and cowardness Ye have trampled our laws under foot Ye have trampled our laws under foot Why? The Spirit of Evil is in thee Yet the Spirit of Evil is stronger than those who govern thee Saul! Thou art to blame for it Thy corruption and perverted ways of living have made thee an evil man It has destroyed the good life in us Rise against the false liberties, which the tyrannts of Israel have given you I say you will remain prisoners of your evil spirits, if you do not find in your hearts the strenght to rebel and redeem yourselves Damn shall ye be that still remain in the bottomless chasm of sin I come to arrest this man This man is under our protection Come shepard, into the house of God Miserable shepard

Telling the people to rise against their King Father, thou should not fret too much over all this, nor exaggerate all the importance of it – Exaggerate thou say? – Yes A shepard dares to accuse a King of Israel and moreover receive the protection of our own High Priests Are we to attach no importance to this? Have you all forgot? Have you all, so soon, forgot? The last prophecy of Samuel For he did not speak of ye, my sons He did not say one of them Not…….not once Jonathan When I die he said When I die, it will be given to me to annoint one King Your Majesty Your Majesty first to reign in Israel, he chose a warrior This David is a mere boy -I want him brought to me – But this is impossible father – He’s in the priest’s care – Yes, the High Priests protect him Protect him from what? – I want this David brought to me – How shall we do it father? – By force? – I have commanded you to do it Sire, leave this matter to me No, if I leave it to thee Abner, I will not leave him alone to all the others, thieves, criminals, to feed the vultures and the royal orchards No, first I will see him alive I would talk with this shepard Bring him to me Father may well be right. This young shepard may have things to tell us What does thou think Abner? What I may think, is not thy concern I apologize for having put a question to the Captain of our Host There is far too much stirring among the people now I would not have this David sow more trouble in the soul of my father Already vexed by the prophecy of Samuel So thou too, fear this David? I fear no man But I am tired of the evil spirit of these false prophets – Were I only King of Israel – And thou shall be Thou shall sit on this throne one day I tell thee, it is no desire of mine to advocate rebellion against Royal Authoritie I am not at odds with the laws of Israel, nor the rule of my King Does thou mean that it is no longer permissible to speak ones own mind? By stirring up the people, thou has gone against the supreme authority of Israel I have seen fights and corruption arise everywhere Wherefore I said, which I have said The insolence of this shepard, is an afront to the court Did David not make clear, the reason why he behaved the way he did? I believe that we should hear David further Unless of course, it does displease thee I will have an opinion on one matter, from this wise shepard This is ridiculous To seek the council of a shepard, one might as well seek the judgement of the people This wretched shepard is not here to judge us, but to be judged As one of the respected coucillors of Israel, Benjamin is fully entitled to speak here – So, if it please thee, thou shall put thy question to David – I thank thee Princess There is one clause in the peace, which we made with the Philistines putting a limit on the making of weapons and stating that only our officers and palace guards may bear arms David, son of Jessie, what think thou of these limitations My Prince. To my mind, there is not one way to solve that Tis shameful to ask a shepard to solve riddles, which concern only rulers

We will hear this shepard Leave us Leave us, I say Does thou believe in omens? There, above our head, sits the bird of night There, above our head, sits the bird of night David of Bethlehem David of Bethlehem Thou has grieveously offended me in public, I am aware of it I have a mighty heart Speak now about peace with the Philistines Your Majesty The treaty limits the use of weapons to the offi cers of our Host and guards of the Palace It is true, that it is only my officers and guards that bear weapons So then? But the treaty has put no limit on the number of officers and guards thou may have David, thou has sharp wits. I have heard much of thine sharp wits Yet, I cannot hate thee Come. Come here Come nearer to me Come, David of Bethlehem – Drink – I am not thirsty, Your King Thou may choose either cup and I will drink from the other No, I will drink from both They are not poisoned I have sent out my servants, to the markets and to the countryside I’ve inquired about thee, David of Bethlehem I hear that thou art a wiley hunter and cunning hands for music Will thou play for me David? Will thou stay and sing thine songs to make my spirit well again, David? I shall obey thee Oh King Thou shall obey me Thou shall stay in my palace Thou shall remain with me David of Bethlehem The sway of David over thine father waxes greater everyday We shall find a way to make him powerless before long I hope so. But I am troubled most of all, by the ways of thine sister – Think thou that she may cause vextation? – If David were to fall in love with her, yes – Oh, I have a watchful eye, Abner -That cursed shepard And now the people praise him to the skies If he remains at court, our plans will surely be in danger – Somedays it’s clear to me, what David covets. -What is that? The throne of Israel. Thou has forgotten the prophet of Samuel?

His spell is already on my sister, and on my brethern, not on me! Calm thyself Abner For thine apprehensions are excessive Bow Saul Bow to the victorious hero of a hundred battles Thou has suffered thine first defeat Why? Because thou art no longer the soul of yesteryear The Saul who was beloved of all the people of Israel The Saul who was feared by his enemies The Saul, of whom my father Jessie, often spoke Oh Lord, help him Forsake him not And defer that day that he will no longer be King Restore to him, his wisdom and thine protection I beg of thee David What art thy doing, all alone here, in the throne room? Nothing, my Princess I was seeking thee David. My father awaited thee in his quarters He is weary and would hear thine songs again – I shall go forth, my Princess – My name is Michel I thank thee…..Michel I rejoice that thou has made my father calmer in spirit Thy sweet presence and counciil are a very great help to him Were it not that it made its way into the minds of the wise, my council would be gone on the wings of the wind That is true. But thou were able to do more thy has made thy way, into our hearts When I said the wise, the one I truly had in mind was thee Go David. My father awaits thee Well done Jonathan! Thine arm is a strong and steady one – Like unto the arm of Saul – He was a great King in his time But age is upon him. And with his wits, he has also lost his strength He knows not, in which dire straits, his realm is in now Look at me. I am compelled to hurl darts at mere images of the foe, instead of bearing arms, so as to wrestle the sacred ark from those cursed Philistines Thus fear not Johnathan I tell thee that the day will indeed come, and that day is not far removed either – The day will come, when the people of Israel will once more – David, thou speak as a prophet Long have I ceased to hope anymore Thou art wrong Johnathan. I have not spoken as a prophet But as a man A man who has faith and devine justice and is ready to serve its cause Even by main forces, tis needed? Yes, I would even use force And this? How does it serve thee? This is a weapon of a prophet I will show thee In thine hands rests the fate of Israel, Benjamin Saul trusts thy wisdom and hence may be an adversary To redeem the authority of the King, the sacred Ark must be returned to Jerusalem – Thou knows that there is unrest, that grips our land – I shall try not to deceive his faith Even were it to cost us all the gold in Israel Whatever is demanded by the Philistines – Promise it – I will do as thou say, Abner Listen carefull Lazar

The Israelites are ready to pay, what thou wishes Provided thou returns their sacred Ark Abner, the Captain of their Host was my Lord also We’ll send Benjamin as emmersary to thee Thou this emmersary is a wise man, and speaks with a silver tongue, one needs not listen Tis my Lord Abner, who asks me to tell thee that thou shall never hear him oh King The madness of this Saul he dares ask for the Ark I shall take the Ark of Jerusalem only when I have slain old Saul Send Goliath to the Oasis of Goth, to lie in ambush for the emmersary And it is because of her that thou must always carry this with thee? Was she beautiful? Yes, Michel A man seeks an ideal in a woman’s love In my eyes, Hekla was everything She was true perfection Her presence alone, gladened my heart and soul So with such a memory as this thou will not love another woman easily I know not Michel before I thought this was true But now… now, I am not certain The murder of Benjamin is indeed a hard blow my King Israel will long mourn him He was one of Israels greatest men This mishap may stir up the feeling that we need a new king A new king to restore the good name of a crown now scorned But this peril could easily be avoided – How? – By making David the adversary of the Philistine King David? David is the only man, who has a chance in succeeding in this mission He has already given sufficient proof of his wisdom and cunning Very well, call him Thou has been helpful to my father, the King and thou art helpful to me, I thank thee very much I am no more the sad and lonely girl that I once was No, I am happy, but how long will it last? Michel It can last forever, if thou will it David, son of Jessie King Saul will see thee

Why art thou in my quarters? Has thou finished thy sweet trist with that shepard now? That shepard is a councillor in the court One who turns to the prophet of the evil spirit dwelling in the King. Our own father What says thou? That he is trying to strengthen his place in court, and is using thee to do it How is it possible for thee to say such things? David is deserving of the esteem of our people and of his King – He is worthy – And worthy also to have a royal Princess love him? Surely. Were he to have a royal Princess to love him Samuel is dead and all his realm mourns They have bedded him in his birthplace But the Philistines they are gathering themselves together, the Philistines I have seen them I’ve seen the Host of them Now I am afraid and my heart is greatly troubled When I enquired of the Lord The Lord answered me not Neither by prophetcies Neither by prophetcies The Philistines gather their army to battle There goes out a champion from their camp, named Goliath Goliath, of Gath. Goliath whose height is 6 cubits of despair He has a helmet of brass upon his head and his armor the coat of nail and the weight of the coat is 5000 shakkels of brass. The shaft of his spear is like a weavers beam And his spears head, weighs 600 shakkels of iron And this man has said I defy the armies of Israel Give me a man that we may fi ght together If I were that man Never Why am I not that man? Thy has great confusion in thy heart, David But thou must have no fear It is the will of God, that guides thee He will give thou strength, so that thou may return to his chosen people the sacred Ark, the symbol of Israel faith Go thy way David, son of Jessie And tremble not, in thine heart Aye Samuel David stay David, thou will be slain, as was Benjamin I beg of thee, David stay! Thou must not ask me to stay Michel Thou knows that I must go But if thou does not return -Where are you going? – Go no further my Lord

A great misfortune has befallen us. The Philistines are destroying everything. Tis the end of Israel Bau, return to Jerusalem and warn the court The rest of you follow me The Philistines have invaded Israel Tis war! We of Israel, have done not to bring about this grievous event A mercenary have invaded our land They have already destroyed our outer most cities and slaughtered our people As the new moon rises, they will be at the very gates of Jerusalem Johnathan, has thou forgotten that Jerusalem is the heart of Israel? And to leave it undefended might be a grievous error, for the enemy has more than 10 fold of the total of all our forces Remember that another defeat, may well be the last one No Isac. Fear. A cursed shameful fear Gaze on it. It’s here among thee It fits like a shameful mask on all your faces It is the same fear which prompted ye one day, to betray my father Saul in another battle You went mad with fear and fled Cowards! But there is no one who can stay that Host Johnathan This will be the end of us No, not yet The eyes of Ashdod will never come near enough to see the city of King Saul It’s for us to attack them! The Host of Israel oh King This is madness Wherefore art thou not stayed Johnathan, to defend Jerusalem? David, my place is here I shall attempt the impossible; to stem the Philistines

But, it’s suicide. Behold them The impossible is for God to perform I shall go alone to Ashdod, to speak with him, as I once did with Saul Who art thou? David, son of Jessie David, son of Jessie? The shepard David? The renown of thy wisdom has spread far and wide But it is useless Useless, stupid wisdom So it is in thee, that the Israelites trust? Thou art the one that calms down that old fool Saul? What does thou want? I tell thee, in the name of the Lord, to return to us the sacred Ark And not to pass with thy host on the land of Israel Thou shepard thy insolence has no limit hine Israelites have armed anew, despite the peace which we made with them at Goth And thou asks me to keep my host out of thine land? I do not ask thee to keep it out. But God wills it so, such as God’s law Thou cannot destroy a people that is defeated Such as God’s law My only God is gold My only law is Goliath Defeat Goliath, and I shall not destroy Israel David, son of Jessie Goliath Look at the sky Goliath. The vultures are flying for thee

Forward! Stop. The King has been slain We have been defeated What are you doing here? What is this?

What is this? What is this? A target? A wine skin? Are you rehearsing the murder of your King? No, the wine skin is below the throne This is proof, that the man we would kill, is thine enemy in thy very court I am very grateful I will now have you going and hold your tongues, or I will have them cut out of your mouths Away with you, away Return not to Israel Abner, are you mad? I told you to plan this deed alone It is a secret, known only to us A secret you understand From all Israel Abner! Abner, Abner! I beg of you, listen to me Do not do this But it is now we must smytte him, for it may well prove to be our last chance The people favor David. They will rise and father Thy Father is agreed. Thou knows how he fears David and when we are finished with him, the people will bow down to the will of the King No. Do not do this. Entrust the task to others I must not. I will not have it go wrong I must do it myself Listen Abner. Let us forego all this Let us flee from here Oh, do not do this. I beg of you, do not do it – Let me go! – No There is no time to lose Abner Abner

Now my father, thou art free Thou has slain thine evil spirit No, he has slain Abner And the evil spirit in Saul is still living It will perish only with his death I know my destiny I know also the destiny of the people of Israel. Take him away Glory to David! Hero of Israel -Long live David! – Long live Saul King of Israel I have sinned David, I admit that l wanted to do thee harm But on this date, I saw what is precious to mine eyes Michel Take thou my daughter, her will I give thee to wife Be thou vailant to Israel To fight the Lord’s battles To fight the Lord’s battles for thou shall do great things