Gospel Testimony I "A Pastor's True Colors"

I really used to look up to Pastor Li in my old church He gave up his family and career and traveled to work for the Lord I believed he was really devoted I’d help with his transportation and my husband and I drove him to a lot of places where he preached I also gave ten percent of my salary to him He’d stay with us each time he came to visit the church and every evening he’d discuss the Bible and pray with us if he could He’d give us his blessings and it felt like he was part of the family At that time, I felt that God would definitely approve of me looking to Pastor Li in my faith No question Once I accepted Almighty God’s work of the last days, his true colors and the facts gradually revealed themselves to me Five years ago, I was lucky to hear Almighty God’s kingdom gospel I recognized God’s voice in Almighty God’s words and Almighty God is the returned Lord Jesus I’d been hoping for Our whole family was happy to accept Almighty God’s work of the last days Thank God I was eager to share all this wonderful news with Pastor Li, thinking about how great it would really be if he accepted God’s work of the last days, too, leading everyone in the Lamb’s footsteps But then I remembered he told us quite a few different times not to explore Eastern Lightning or ever speak with members of The Church of Almighty God He was always saying that the Lord will come on a cloud and any testimony that He’s come in the flesh is absolutely false And he said, “Never accept anything that’s not the Lord Jesus coming on a cloud.” This concerned me deeply Would he accept the gospel if I shared it? But then I thought: He has been a believer for a long time Surely he longed for the Lord’s return? I figured he’d recognize God’s voice if I read Almighty God’s words to him Pastor Li came to stay with us about a month later and I said to him, “Pastor Li, I have a new understanding of the prophecies about the Lord’s return Luke 17:24–25 says that, And Matthew 24:27 says, All these verses clearly mention the coming of the Son of man This shows us that the Lord will return in the last days to appear and work as the Son of man The Son of man is clearly born of man and possesses normal humanity That’s a reference to God in the flesh God’s spiritual body wouldn’t be called ‘the Son of man.’ ‘The coming of the Son of man’ refers to the Lord returning in the last days in the flesh to work among mankind.” At this point, I thought Pastor Li would actually give it some thought, or want to know more about it, but to my surprise, he just shot me down He said, “There’s no way! Revelation clearly prophesies, The Lord will return on a cloud for everyone to see How could He come in the flesh?” I responded, “Pastor Li, that isn’t the only biblical prophecy about His return There are also many prophecies that He’ll secretly come in the flesh.” There are “For example, There’s also Revelation 3:20: Yes “These mention ‘at midnight there was a cry,’ ‘I come as a thief,’ and ‘I stand at the door, and knock.’ These all say He’ll come quietly, and in secret

And with the verses about Him coming as the Son of man, we can see that when the Lord returns in the last days, He’ll come in the flesh in secret as the Son of man If He came openly, why would people shout ‘behold, the bridegroom comes’?” That’s right “If the Lord truly returned on a cloud, why would He knock on someone’s door?” Yeah “If He returned on a cloud and not any other way, how would prophecies of the Lord’s secret return ever be fulfilled?” Right “It’s clear His coming is in two stages First He arrives secretly in the flesh and then He appears openly to all on a cloud The appearance of Almighty God in the last days fulfills the prophecies about the Lord coming in secret.” Exactly Amen! As soon as I said that to him, Pastor Li’s expression just darkened He interrupted me angrily, saying, “You’ve joined Eastern Lightning, huh?” I told him frankly, “I have Almighty God is the Lord Jesus returned He came among man secretly in the flesh a long time ago He’s uttered millions of words and is performing judgment beginning with God’s house to purify mankind.” Right “God’s work in secret is soon coming to a close and He’s made a group of overcomers in China The great disasters are coming and God will finally reward the good and punish evil After that, He’ll appear to all nations and all peoples on a cloud.” Yes “At that time everyone who has condemned Almighty God, Christ of the last days, will fall into the disasters, gnashing their teeth People of all nations will cry bitterly, which will fulfill Revelation 1:7: Exactly I was shocked when at that moment, Pastor Li screamed at me and told me to shut up He said, “No matter how reasonable that sounds, I won’t believe anything except the Lord Jesus returning on a cloud I’d rather die first!” That’s so arrogant – How dare he – It is I was just dumbfounded hearing all this Was this the pastor I’d seen before weeping in prayer, longing for the Lord’s return? Yeah Why didn’t he want to seek the truth, but instead was so resistant to news of the Lord’s coming? I gave him this suggestion earnestly: “Pastor Li, isn’t His coming what we’ve been waiting for? Now that He really has come, we should seriously look into it and see if Almighty God’s words are the voice of God Then you’ll know if He’s really the Lord Jesus returned or not If we just look at the prophecies of Him coming on a cloud while ignoring all of the other ones, we’ll more than likely miss our chance to welcome Him Then we won’t be able to get into God’s kingdom!” That’s true “Besides, we’re only specks of dust before God How could we fathom the work of God? If we just cling to our notions and imaginings, thinking that the Lord will only return on a cloud and not in the flesh as the Son of man, wouldn’t we be limiting God’s work? Wouldn’t that be really arrogant?” Yes I hadn’t even finished when Pastor Li stood up abruptly, his face red as a tomato, and he paced back and forth, waving his hands He angrily barked at me, “I’m arrogant? I’ve preached to and baptized thousands I’m sure there are at least five crowns waiting for me in heaven? How can I not get into heaven?” – That’s so arrogant of him – Isn’t that very arrogant, though? – It is – Yes, it is Then he just kept slandering Almighty God’s work of the last days, and he said, “You say Almighty God is the Lord Jesus returned in the flesh who’s come to China in secret So can I go meet Him? I’ll believe it when I see it.” Then he went back to his room all in a huff I was just a mess and was so confused, so I quickly kneeled before God in prayer, asking Him to help guide me through this I felt much calmer after praying and then I watched a reading of some of God’s words It included this passage that really just moved me: When the Lord Jesus appeared and worked,

Thomas heard Him express countless truths and saw Him perform many miracles But he still didn’t recognize Him or acknowledge Him even when He’d resurrected He insisted on touching the scars on the Lord’s hands before he believed That’s why the Lord Jesus said, Thomas only believed his own eyes God doesn’t approve of such belief Right When I look at Pastor Li’s behavior, though Almighty God expressed many truths, he still wouldn’t look into it at all, insisting he had to see God in the flesh with his own eyes to believe it Wasn’t that like Thomas? Yes Lord Jesus hasn’t a follower who believes in Him only after seeing His face in person We believe He’s the one true God and follow Him entirely because of the truths He’s expressed and because He’s done the work of redeeming everyone, all mankind – That’s right – Right God has incarnated once again in the last days and expresses all truths that will cleanse and save man Many people from many denominations have heard God’s voice in Almighty God’s words, and have turned toward Almighty God Clearly, the key to whether someone can accept the true way is if they love the truth and are able to hear God’s voice Yes Going by what Pastor Li said, people wouldn’t believe in God incarnate unless they saw Him in person But the Pharisees saw the Lord Jesus’ face, so why didn’t they accept the Lord Jesus? Why did they insanely oppose, judge, and blaspheme Him, and in the end have Him nailed to the cross? Yeah In my heart, I suddenly knew the answer In truth, Pastor Li didn’t seek God at all Yes His only hope was to see the Lord’s coming on a cloud and be taken straight into heaven He didn’t really love the truth or genuinely long for God’s appearance That’s right But I was still a little disturbed when I thought about how Pastor Li had been like part of our family, but he’d become like a stranger I also didn’t understand why he resisted God’s work of the last days and even condemned it He just didn’t revere God I continued praying to God, and then through God’s enlightenment, I thought of a passage exposing the Pharisees I rushed to go find it Yes

God’s word distinctly exposes the Pharisees’ God-resisting essence in their faith The Pharisees were stubborn and arrogant They didn’t know the work of the Holy Spirit and didn’t look for the truth at all When the Lord Jesus appeared and worked, they saw clear as day that His work and words were powerful and authoritative, but they didn’t look into this Instead, they clung to the Scriptures The Lord Jesus wasn’t called Messiah and He didn’t keep the Sabbath, which they all took as sins, and they wantonly blasphemed Him, condemned Him, and judged Him, and in the end had Him crucified Yes I compared all this directly to Pastor Li He was acting exactly like the Pharisees who God exposed He knew the Bible very well and wept and prayed for the Lord’s return when he gave sermons, but when I shared that the Lord returned he didn’t have any desire to even consider it He just condemned it and even said to me that he wouldn’t accept anything unless it was Lord Jesus coming on a cloud, that he’d rather die first! Saying that showed that he didn’t truly long for the Lord’s coming Yes I’d thought to myself as long as my testimony was clear and I read him Almighty God’s words, he would accept it What I’d told him was simply irrefutable but he still clung to his old outdated ideas, without a hint of wanting to look into it He just quibbled over it, and like the Pharisees, was stubborn and arrogant He showed hatred for the truth and for Christ, and through God’s work in the last days, was exposed as a Pharisee Yes I used to think I’d get in the kingdom of heaven by following Pastor Li, but now I realize how foolish I’d been He was just the blind leading the blind, straight into a ditch I knew I had to run from that sort of false shepherd – That’s right – Absolutely When Pastor Li left the next day, I didn’t give him any money for transportation He left very upset And guess what happened next? He messaged my younger brother right away, condemning me, saying I was on the wrong path and I was leading the whole family astray He also spread lies in a WeChat group condemning Almighty God’s work of the last days, trying to stop people from investigating the true way What was even more surprising, he went door to door telling everyone to cut ties with my family As a result, all of our fellow believers, relatives and good friends in our town began to shun us Even my best friend did everything to avoid me anytime she saw me on the street Back then, if I ever stepped outside there were people behind me pointing at me Even my younger brother and all of his kids judged me behind my back The rest of my family was impacted by this as well, and began to weaken How did you get through it? Yeah That was a really hard time for me So I prayed to God a lot One day these words from God came to me: And the Lord Jesus also said, Mulling these words from God brought me a lot of comfort

I’d been rejected and condemned by the clergy of my old church and shunned by my relatives and friends, but I was keeping up with God’s footsteps and experiencing the cleansing of God’s words That was an incredible blessing Amen I saw that no matter what I face or how much I suffer, being sure it’s the true way and God’s work, I simply have to keep following God – Amen! – Yes Thanks be to God With the guidance of God’s words, I was able to face it all Amen! The rest of my family also realized the essence of the God-resisting clergy by reading Almighty God’s words They didn’t feel constrained anymore – Thanks be to God – That’s wonderful! Some time later, a message from Pastor Li came to me from right out of the blue It said, “Sister Zhang, have you been making your tithing contributions? Have you been saving up your offerings? I’m holding a rally. Can you contribute anything?” He had the gall to say that? Wow I was so nauseated and so angry when I got this message from him that day Yes I replied no A couple days later, he sent me a bunch of lies slandering The Church of Almighty God He tried to stand in the way of my faith again, so I ignored him What a vile pastor – Terrible – Exactly Seeing him behave in such a despicable way reminded me of what the Lord Jesus said to the Pharisees: The clergy aren’t getting into God’s kingdom, and they try every trick in the book to keep us out of it, too They’re determined to drag us into hell, to turn us into the children of hell Is that not evil? It is I thought of something Almighty God said: Almighty God’s words are so true! The pastor knew the Bible well, but he was always using his scriptural knowledge to mislead believers They thought he loved the Lord better than anyone But in fact, he didn’t remotely understand God’s work and hated the truth Yes Facing Almighty God’s appearance and work, he didn’t want to look into it at all, but just hysterically condemned it He wouldn’t accept it and spread lies to lead believers astray He tried to seal off the church and stop others from investigating the true way After we accepted God’s work of the last days, first he tried to mislead us with some lies, and then he got others to reject and ostracize our whole family That was how he tried to force us to completely renounce the true way – Yes – He’s really an antichrist I realized that all Pastor Li’s preaching wasn’t at all to bear witness for God or to bring believers before God, but it was so people would idolize and follow him He wanted to confine people to religion and live off the money they gave He threw himself into condemning Almighty God’s work of the last days

and snatching God’s sheep to keep his status Wasn’t he being an antichrist? – Yes – Exactly Wasn’t he being an evil demon, devouring the souls of others? He deserved to be cursed by God! – No doubt – Yes, that’s true Living through that experience I saw how the clergy hate the truth and are complete total enemies of God and completely rejected them I also experienced that on the road to the kingdom blindly following a leader without seeking the truth makes it easy to be deceived by lies and fallacies, lose God’s salvation and be cut off from His kingdom That’s right That’s really dangerous – Absolutely – It is Being able to liberate myself of the religious world’s evil servants and coming before God is entirely due to God’s words This is God’s salvation Thanks be to Almighty God! Thanks be to God! We wouldn’t have any discernment without God’s words Yes