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$ale of the Century 1507 GS477621 (Don Morrow) This week, players will win a complete kitchen, this fur jacket, beautiful jewelry and a trip to England, and continue a journey towards a fortune in cash and prizes including an Oldsmobile Cutlass and $50,000 in cash In total, over $100,000 on $ale of the Century! And now, here’s the star of the show, Jim Perry! [audience cheering] Thank you Thank you very much Happy to have you here with us And we’re delighted to have you with us this whole week for the $ale of the Century Let’s get back to business, welcome back our champion This is Emil Uremovich Hello, Emil Hi, Jim The pride of Mesa, Arizona Oh, you just missed that Big Money Game on the last show Yeah, you It took you a moment to put What was it, Ted Koppel? Koppel Yeah, and that just add an extra second, ’cause you missed it by about half a second However, you got a beautiful prize, which is always nice You’re gonna get something for winning If you win today, Emil, you’ll be playing for $7,000 up there Are you confident? Yes, sir Alright Good luck, sir And to introduce the challengers, Summer Bartholomew Hello there, Summer [audience cheering] Hello Well, he just missed it Our first contestant is from Phoenix, Arizona Let’s welcome Pattie Gerardo Hello there, Pattie [audience applauding] He was a grand slam daddy from Orange County, California, say hello to Rick Webber Hello there, Rick I will see you later with some Bargains, Summer Okay Thank you Rick, uh, a grand slam daddy? That’s right, Jim As a former NCAA Varsity Letterman, I was attempting to impress my young son, Joshua He pitched a plastic ball for the first time, and I ripped the line drive right through the front room window Oh, that will do it [audience laughing] Yeah You taught him a good lesson there Yeah, it was a shattering experience Oh, good Alright [audience laughing] And if Pattie looks familiar to you, Pattie was with us a while back There was a possibility she might have been disadvantaged Whenever that happens, we always give the player the benefit of the doubt So, Pattie, we’re delighted to welcome you back I think it was a question where we might have asked for more information rather than saying it was wrong and we always like to be fair And you are a visitor from Phoenix, right? That’s right So, do you ride a How close is Phoenix to Mesa, Pattie? We’re almost Right on the border Yes Oh, you’re pretty close there Well, I got a couple of Arizonians and an Orange, Californian gentleman Well, good luck to all three of you Beautiful diamond pendant worth $2,300 goes to the winner And, of course, back in the Winner’s Big Money Game So, good luck With $20 starting you all off, we’ll get into the match with this Whenever he gets the chance, Tom Cruise likes to race cars with what famous blue-eyed Pattie? Paul Newman Yeah Whoo! He’s with the Paul Newman Race… Oh! [audience laughing] That was an editorial comment, Paul, if you’re watching out there Pattie gets $5 for the correct answer Usually, what two choices do you get when someone flips a coin? Emil? Heads or tails Yes, just beating Rick to the buzzer, Emil gets his first $5 of the day Only one percent of all Americans play this musical instrument and Lawrence Welk is one of them Emil? Piano No Oh, no, I’d think a greater percentage would play that No, Lawrence Welk is famous for playing the accordion, and cost you $5 And you are not one of the one percent, Emil No It cost you $5 If you want to get things accomplished, just remember that “Actions speak…” Pattie? Louder than words And, again, beating Rick to the buzzer, Pattie is right, goes to $30 [audience applauding] No matter how you spell it, this popular sauce tastes great on french fries and hamburgers Emil? Ketchup Ketchup it is And Emil to $25, yes [audience applauding] But with Instant Bargain, player on the lead can buy a Bargain Merchandise And, Pattie, that’s you with a five-dollar lead over Emil, you came back just in time for this luxury Pattie, take a break in this comfy prize Beautiful furniture, elegant, hand-carved Louis XV chair and ottoman Feather cushions covered in lovely plain-stitch fabric making an exquisite setting from Sam Moore Industries It’s normally priced at $975 But today on $ale of the Century, it’s just for only $5 Oh, that’s beautiful [audience cheering] It’s beautiful, just beautiful Pattie, that chair and ottoman has Phoenix, Arizona written all over it All over it I see it 975-dollar chair and ottoman, costs $5 You’ll be in a tie with Emil $100 in cash, makes it over $1,000 [buzzer sounds] You got it! Over 1,000-dollar Bargain for $5 Enjoy it That’s very lovely Thank you very much It’s beautiful Lovely chair and ottoman, over 1,000-dollar Bargain for $5 We’ll knock it off You and Emil in a tie And Rick, who has just been beaten to that buzzer, is just a question behind Very close Here’s a multiple choice Captain Hook, Captain Kirk, or Captain Ahab, who commands the Starship Enterprise Rick? Captain Kirk And we’ve got a three-way tie, yes Yes! [audience applauding] Oh, your son would never forgive you if you missed Captain Kirk

In what US state can you visit the Hall of Flame, a firefighting museum in the city of Phoenix? Pattie? Arizona! Yeah, that’s right Yeah! [audience applauding] You’ll never know how Rick, did you feel the disadvantage of two Arizonians there? It’s Arizona against California, right Pattie goes to $30 What contrary nursery rhyme girl had a garden with silver bells Pattie? Mary, Mary And cockleshells, Mary, Mary, it is And Pattie to $35 Ten-dollar lead for Pattie $10 Money Card up on the Board with the Fame Game and a lot of information about a famous thing I am a television show that lasted from 1966 till 1973 and returned to the tube in October 1988 I always open Emil? “Mission Impossible.” Nicely done And, again, you got it with a little information Well done [audience applauding] $10 Money Card, where, Summer? Behind Number 8 We locked the lights, the flashing lights into your buzzer, hit the $10, you’d tie Pattie for the lead, Emil Good luck $10 Money Card Now! He got the $10 Money Card! [audience cheering] And as we add it to his score, puts he and Pattie into a tie Rick, $10 behind You get the feeling we’ve got a good close horse race going here? We’ll be right back [audience applauding] Thank you, Don Back to a good match here And our champion is trying for his third win Emil’s at $35, and Pattie is right tied with him at $35 Rick just $10 behind at $25 One of the most popular breakfast in France is a cup of caf au lait and this light, crescent-shaped roll Emil? Croissant Croissant, croissant Well, you got it You got another $5 [audience applauding] In January, a never-before-heard record will be released called “Tear in my Beer” by the late great country singer Hank Emil? Atkins No. No, no, no Chet will be surprised to hear about his demise [audience laughing] No, Hank Hank Williams Williams Hank Williams They found a record And his son, Hank Williams Jr., is adding vocals And it’s gonna be released as a duet with his father who is deceased And Emil loses $5 Hopefully, October 30th, you remember to set your clock back an hour Pattie? It was Daylight Savings Time To mark the end of what summertime plan Daylight Savings it is You’re right You’re into the lead again What kind of deadly creatures are the fer-de-lance and the anaconda? Rick? They’re snakes They are indeed snakes Alright And Rick goes to $30 But, Pattie, you have the lead again Whoo! You’ve got a five-dollar lead over Emil And, Pattie, possibly, we could interest you in this (Summer) Pattie, soak up some rays in beautiful Florida We’ll fly you and a friend from Los Angeles to Florida for a week at the fabulous Radisson Suite Beach Resort on Marco Island, Florida A breath-taking paradise of turquoise waters and gentle tropical breezes on Florida’s Gulf of Mexico Furnished by Radisson Suite Beach Resort It’s normally priced at $2,589 But today on $ale of the Century, it’s yours for only $10 Oh, Pattie That is beautiful [audience applauding] Big trip to Florida, $2,589, to Marco Island, stay at Imelda’s house [audience laughing] Terrific It cost you just a 10-dollar Well, you have a five Are you interested, Pattie? I really am I’d love to go anywhere Then, let me…let me drop that down to five bucks You got it $5? Yeah, for $5 Okay! You’ll be to tie You got it for $5 $2,500 and a $ale surprise for you No way! Way to go [audience cheering] That’s not bad 2,589-dollar trip for $5, and as a surprise, an additional $100 $200, $300, $400, $500 $200, $300, $400, $500 in cash Whoo! Almost $3,000 Thank you so much Well done [audience applauding] Good job on that Enjoy that trip, Pattie As we knock the $5 off, you and Emil now on a tie And Rick just a question behind Over 30 criminals have been captured, thanks to the TV series called “America’s Most…” Rick? “Wanted.” And we got a three-way tie again “America’s Most Wanted” it is On every April 19th since 1897, this U.S. capital city has hosted a footrace which has become the most prestigious marathon in America Rick? Boston Marathon Got to be the Boston Marathon, yes, indeed Oh, yes And Rick goes into the lead for the first time today If you lift too many heavy boxes, you might get lumbago which is a pain in Rick? Your back Your back, lower back Back is acceptable And Rick’s got a ten-dollar lead It was in the movie “The Big Broadcast of 1938” that he first sang “Thanks for the Memory” became a singing Pattie? Bob Hope Bob Hope it is And Pattie hits the 40-dollar mark, yes [audience applauding] Well, talking about Bob Hope, when Bob was asked about his great wealth, Bob told a reporter, “Someone once said I was worth $200 million They didn’t know that I lost a lot of money in bad investments Things like The Joan Crawford Daycare Centers.” Oh, Bob [audience laughing] We’ll be right back [audience applauding] And back to a very close game Rick has now taken over the lead at $45

Pattie is at $40 Emil with $35 As we go back to the Fame Game, just a reminder, at the end of this segment, someone could get a crack at $9,000 That’s where the Instant Cash stands So, our famous thing “I am an animal that is not particular about what I eat In fact, my diet includes everything from rodents to sheep to watermelon I once lived only in western North America, but I have spread to much of the US, Canada and Central America.” Emil? A grizzly bear Incorrect Took a chance I’ll read the rest of the question We’ll clear it, continue for the challengers “My color varies from light yellow to brown I have large, pointed ears and a bushy tail…” Rick? A wolf Wolf A wolf or a coyote, yes We’ll accept either one of that Alright And you got it and you got control of the Board $15 Money Card is where, Summer? Behind Number 3 Well, we’ll lock those flashing lights into your buzzer now, Rick Good luck Alright, let’s get a Money, Money, Money Card Now! No, it lands on Number 6, and he gets (Don Morrow) Mystery Money or Try Again Well, Rick, you have the lead It is a slender five-dollar lead You can pocket some cash, we don’t know how much, or we could start those lights flashing again Your decision Give it to me, Jim I want some money Give me the money And how much does he get? $600, not bad Good job on that [audience cheering] Well, you got the lead That’s a pretty good time to pocket some cash if you can hang on So, you’ve got $600 And with Emil back, all three of you try this This war ended at precisely 11:00 o’clock on the 11th day Rick? World War I Of the 11th month of the year 1918 Nicely done, you’ve got another $5 According to the new movie, Dr. Watson is the detective genius Rick? “Without a Clue.” While Sherlock Holmes is without a clue Yes, indeed And Rick’s at $55 [audience applauding] According to the Gospels, who took his own life by hanging after he betrayed Jesus Emil? Judas Judas is right And the champion ties Pattie to second place at $40 But, Rick, you have the lead with the Instant Cash Now, two boxes have $100 bills One today, I was just talking about it, one is worth $9,000 Hope I’ll get it [audience cheering] It costs the amount of your lead if you want go for it You have a 15-dollar lead over Pattie and Emil That’s what it would cost you for a shot at $9,000 $15, Rick? Going He’s gonna go for it We’ll knock the $15 off That gives us a three-way tie And now, the big question: Does it give you $9,000? Rick, good luck Pick a box Jim, I have two children and I’ve been married two years, December 6 I’m going for Number 2 Alright, Number 2 Good luck It’s $9,000 if your instincts are correct Good luck, Rick Thank you Yes, he got it! [audience cheering] $9,000 in cash Congratulations Well, it was right where it was supposed to be for you Congratulations $9,000 in cash and a three-way tie We’ll be right back Congratulations, Rick Whoo! Way to go [audience applauding] After this segment, $9,600 in cash Not bad Way to go Amazing That’s nice And with the $600 before, with a 9,600-dollar segment for you We’re delighted for you But now, we’ve got a three-way tie We’re delighted for that as well Let’s get back to it “Countdown” is the new autobiography by former astronaut and Eastern Airlines Chairman Emil? Frank Borman Nicely done And it’s indeed Frank Borman, and Emil goes into the lead So as not to frighten his crew, this explorer kept a phony log to show the sailors aboard the Santa Maria Rick? That’s Christopher Columbus He didn’t want them to know how lost they were so he had a phony log Christopher Columbus, you’re right And you tied Emil for the lead After a seven-and-a-half-hour flight from New York, your plane touches down at Brussels International Airport Emil? What country are you in? Brussels Belgium Belgium, yeah Emil loses $5 That gives Rick that one-question lead With a $25 Money Card going up on the Board, final Fame Game and a famous place “I am a western American town that was once controlled by outlaws I was founded in 1867 and was named for the Indians who lived in my area I became the Western terminal for the Union Pacific Railroad, then being westward from Omaha During the 1860s, Texas cattlemen drove their herds north and shipped them from me I re…” Emil? Santa Fe, New Mexico Incorrect I’ll read the rest of the question We’ll clear it, continue for the challengers “My Annual Frontiers Day Celebration is one of the nation’s most…” Rick? Cheyenne, Wyoming That’s exactly right, yes Famous rodeos, I was gonna say And Rick gets that all-important control over the $25 Money Card Where, Summer? It’s behind Number 7 Well, you have a slender one-question lead and you’ve got control again Good luck, Rick Let’s go, $25 Money Card Now!

No, it went the other way It lands at Number 9 and he gets (Don Morrow) It’s a king size mattress Kingsdown from Wyoming’s handcrafted quality for your good health, the Ultimate Sleep Set with coil-on-coil support helps provide perfect combination of firmness and comfort Furnished by Kingsdown That’s a big prize of $2,000, Rick And it just looked like that light was gonna bounce either one way or the other, either that on the Number 9 or at the $25 So, the game remains close with all three players back in Beautiful diamond pendant on the line and we finish it off with the Speed Round 60 seconds on the clock, please It is Rick at $45 Pattie and champion Emil both at $40 And we start the Speed Round Now The funny lady who moved on up for TV’s “The Jeffersons” at “227” Pattie? Is it, uh Time What kind of swift-running creature is a whippet? Pattie? It’s a dog Right In the world of water sports, Ketch, Sleuth, Schooner are three types Emil? Yachts Uh, yes During what month do we celebrate Martin Luther King’s birthday? Rick? February Wrong January The capital and largest city of what southern state is named Jackson? Pattie? Mississippi Right Before Sam Shepard, Jessica Lange was romantically involved with ballet star Mikhail Pat? Baryshnikov Right When served as an appetizer, what type of seafood has to be shocked before eating? Pattie? Clams Right, yes This Christmas, what TV mini-series will launch a new chapter called “Kunta Kinte’s Gifts”? Emil? “Roots.” Right The two-word title given to the head of the US Postal Service is Postmaster Emil? General Right What part of your body is a roof made up of the soft and hard Rick? Your palate Uh, more Mouth Yes In what William Peter Blatty bestseller was a young girl possessed by Pattie? “The Exorcist.” Right What country is the third largest in South America Time is up And Pattie has won [audience cheering] Good Speed Round for Pattie Gerardo And she unseats the two-time champion and overtakes Rick, who had the lead, as a matter of fact Back to Pattie in just a moment We’ll let her relax here for a moment I guess, you said clams as seafood, we would accept either clams or oysters I know you’re also gonna give us oysters there The ones that cost the gentlemen Uh, “The Jeffersons,” “227.” No, a matter of fact, it could’ve cost Pattie Marla Gibbs is the lady who did those two shows It didn’t cost you, however, but you made a great comeback The one that did cost Rick, Martin Luther King’s birthday is celebrated in January That’s the one that was indeed the difference Got to say good-bye, first of all, to our outgoing champion, Emil Well, you’ve done so very well, Emil You got that lovely trip, and all that kitchen, $755 in cash You got the trip, the bedroom clock as well, lot of other lovely things $8,600 Around $8,600, Emil Thank you, Jim With everybody here, is just a pleasure to be on Thank you You did very well Appreciate your joining us from Mesa, Arizona Thank you for bringing your lovely wife here with you as well And, Rick, well, I don’t think you can feel too badly No, not a bit You’ve got the mattress and a small matter of $9,645 in cash for a one-day total $11,645 Ooh, wow [audie uding] That’s nice Well done What a pleasure to be here Thank you Congratulations But Pattie Gerardo is the new champion And, Pattie, as we congratulate you Thank you Oh, you are going to look great in this Ooh! (Don Morrow) Well, Pattie, get decked out with a dazzle of diamonds Part of Kay Jewelers’ classy collection, a beautiful diamond heart pendant This heart contains a total of two carats of diamonds and hangs from a 14-karat gold chain Furnished by Kay Jewelers This prize is worth $2,300 [audience applauding] Way to go Now, Pattie joins me to play the Winner’s Big Money Game Come on, Pattie Well, congratulations Did you know how much you won him by? No, no One question, $5 So, that was a great comeback, considering that you’ve missed that first one Now, you’re up here playing for $5,000 Three envelopes: red, yellow or blue Which one you want to play? I think I’ll go for the blue Alright, solve four puzzles in 20 seconds and you are 5,000-dollar richer Okay Clock starts when the first word of each puzzle is revealed but stops when you hit that plunger to give me an answer You have control over stopping that clock So, good luck 20 seconds on the clock, Pattie We’re all with you now Let’s see you do it First puzzle starts Now Recent Comedy Starred Cher Olympia Dukakis “Moonstruck.” There you go, okay It’s better if you didn’t know, you could pass, but you finally got it That puts you a little behind Got some catching up to do “Moonstruck” it is Let’s see you do some catching up now Let’s look at the next puzzle Now Large City Scotland Yard Yes? London That’s right The police, protect there Now, we didn’t want to throw you that’s why we put Scotland after city, so you wouldn’t say Edinburgh It had to be the city of London with Scotland Yard And, again, you still have some catching up to do Let’s take a look at the next puzzle now President Made Louisiana Purchase From (Audience) Aw! Jefferson Thomas Jefferson Oh, no

Oh, well I had a great day It’s still been a great day Yeah, you got the pendant You got that lovely trip to Florida And we’ll be back with our champion to wrap things up right after this commercial time-out [audience applauding] And there’s that lovely pendant Isn’t that lovely? Oh, that’s great That is beautiful Well, you have had a very good day, as a matter of fact, Pattie Oh, yes Pattie, be back to defend the title with $6,464 on $ale of the Century Bye for now Bye [audience applauding]