Skyline New York (circa 1956)

and come well here she is but not only surprised she’s brought a guest along Francis Gray your fond greetings of course as anyone greets their favorite own leader then the Martins begin to wonder why Sally’s friend Francis is stopping off in San Remo before going east San Remo being quite a bit out of her way but they soon find out well mother and dad we met burst out of brownies they know I don’t want to take 20 or 30 then I’ll go east with her and she’ll show me New York how about it that’s a good even-steven proposition mother your daughter is a born bargainer all the way to New York hook of gosh mrs Martin you make it sound like the end of the world really it’s only a few hours away first of course mother you can fly coast to coast and only eight hours well if it’s all right with your family friend it’s okay with me how about you mother well yes I suppose so Oh mother and daddy you’re the most New York here we come not so fast young lady what about reservations well it so happens that we well we’ve already reserved seats on TWA real sure of yourself weren’t you okay darling I’ll pick them up this afternoon well after visiting with us a few days the girls were off bound for New York they were walking on air even before they got on board for Sally this was the time of her young life and for Francis it was a treat to have Sally alone I remember the first time I took that trip by air and I knew what it would mean to Sally they told us all about it in postcards we received a couple of days later all about the fun they were having the thrill of being airborne by constellation on a sky-high adventure over this great land of ours wonderful sights to see way down below the Grand Canyon for instance one of the seven wonders of the world I could easily imagine Sally’s excitement at her first meal at 19,000 feet and remembering the kind of food service my guess is that both girls would have no trouble at all disposing of it a really satisfying lunch expertly prepared and tastefully served after crossing the mountains plains and rivers of this great country they were rewarded with a fine view of Manhattan the metropolis of New York even Francis noted that although she’d seen it before his towering City is always an inspiring soup from the air nowhere else so there’s so many buildings so tall and so closely packed together finally they landed smoothly at Idlewild the New York International Airport kid sisters can be something of a nuisance like being met at the airport I’m friends brother bill a one-man reception committee and there they are fresh out of the clouds 3,000 mile hop and both look as fresh as a daisy the usual brother-sister bid with Fran and a good close-up look at the girlfriend from the West very nice the first thing we did was drive out home Fran was anxious to see the family and to introduce Ally and when I found out it was Sally’s first trip to the big city it didn’t take long to figure out a plan for a tour of the town taking in the highlights including an item or two

usually missed by most visitors for a broadside look at the city I decided on the three-hour boat ride around Manhattan an absolute must for anyone visiting New York here was a chance for Sally to see the famous waterfront handling huge ocean liners tug boats and barges as busiest stretch of waterway as you’ll find anywhere in the world that’s one of the world’s best-known and most beloved landmarks the Statue of Liberty a gift to America from the people of France it stands on a little island in the bay we’re now at the tip of Manhattan the battery where the original Dutch settlers first land here is Castle Clinton the ancient fort that is now Dorf by powering skyscrapers scenes at the Museum of the city of New York show early days ah here is Stalin Street in 1659 in south street under the towering sails of the famous clipper ships the ships had raced from China with a harvest of tea in 1792 the city’s business leaders met under a Buttonwood tree to found the New York Stock Exchange today the exchange at Wall and Broad streets stands on almost the exact spot at the center of the busy financial district here were the subtreasury building now stands is where George Washington was inaugurated as first President of the United States at the head of Wall Street stands Trinity Church the first Protestant Episcopal parish in New York the church was given a large tract of land by Queen Anne and became the richest parish in the country the churchyard said to be worth 25 million dollars in real estate value is the burial place of Robert Fulton Alexander Hamilton and other famous figures in American history we rounded the tip of Manhattan and headed up the East River under the Brooklyn Bridge sally was impressed with a Manhattan skyline along the East Side Drive given new importance by that famous international landmark the United Nations building this is the headquarters of the organization comprising some 75 nations devoted to world peace along First Avenue fly the flags of the member nations with more added as new nations join to this entrance come delegates of member nations from all over the world when General Assembly is in session visitors crowd the galleries to see him here the UN in action here we are inside the General Assembly the most important meeting hall in the world today we round to the top of Manhattan Island and we’re back again on the Hudson River moving south under the George Washington Bridge this mighty bridge spans the Hudson from Manhattan to New Jersey this is the West Side Drive one of the major routes carrying traffic from the bridge and the New York and New England parkways commuters and motorists form a never-ending stream into and out of the metropolis of Manhattan that massive dome building is Grant’s Tomb and nearby the beautiful Riverside Church the next day the girls visited the Midtown area they walked up fashionable Park Avenue with its fine hotels and apartments modern glass walled office buildings also lined this famous Street the headquarters of some of America’s greatest industries two blocks away is fabulous Fifth Avenue the girls are lucky to be there the day of a parade this is a mounted troop of New York’s finest along Fifth Avenue and on lower Broadway is where heroes and visiting royalty are welcomed by the admiring city as the bands play the high school drill team does its rhythm dance in the street added enjoyment for a New Yorker and visitor elect Fifth Avenue is world renowned as the

shopping center of New York it also has culture great museums in the public library oh this is the nation’s largest municipal library containing over three and a half million bindings the sidewalks along Fifth Avenue are always crowded with shoppers Fran and Sally did some shopping too they were just window shopping here yes this is the Tiffany’s the world-famous jewelry store the girls really had themselves a field day they visited practically every shop on both sides of Fifth Avenue well I guess shopping is one of the chief attractions when visiting any city particularly when that city happens to be New York here’s an old friend from Greek mythology Atlas a strong man of the gods just as the book said he’s carrying the world on his shoulders this is just one of the things that add character to the brick and stone of New York friend made sure that Sally saw Rockefeller Center that city with innocent they stroll through the beautiful channel Garden to the sunken Plaza where a golden Prometheus looks over the outdoor restaurant the flags of all nations had colored at the scene the restaurant was a good place to rest weary feet after their shopping to it Sally was particularly impressed with what she called the delightful continental atmosphere and no sir San Remo was never like this after lunch there was no question as to what the next attraction was to be Sally just had to go to the top of the famous RCA Building for a bird’s-eye view of the city this tremendous architectural masterpiece is actually a city within a city officers for thousands of workers shops theaters radio and television studios name it and it’s here 70 stories above the neverending hustle of the city below Sally and Fran run the roof terrace one of the city’s most famous tourist attractions one of the guides took over to point out and explain all about the highlights of mighty man Hatton sprawling endlessly below from the street New York is one thing from up here well Sally used one of the telescope’s to get an even better look from the Hudson River on the left then north to Central Park the patch of green country that has been maintained as a recreation area in spite of pressure from the city on all sides to the east the Queensboro Bridge spans the East rivers of Queens and Long Island Fran had lived here all her life but she had never seen this site I guess sally was showing her New York along the East River the United Nations and Chrysler business Brooklyn is in the distance with a guide explaining the highlights they completed the full circle when they saw the Empire State Building tallest on earth over 1400 feet above the street directly across Fifth Avenue from Rockefeller Center is st. Patrick’s this beautiful Gothic cathedral with soaring spires is one of more than 3000 places of worship in New York uptown stands the Cathedral of st. John the Divine the second largest church in the world only st. Peter’s in Rome is larger another the many varied religions in New York is represented by temple Emanuel one of the most beautiful synagogues in the city mother it’s also busy seems almost like people here don’t go to sleep and big there’s so many things to see and to do seems more like the whole world in the

city cultural you mean like libraries and museums and stuff well no not yet culture is scheduled for a little later tomorrow on book for fun with bill gray Fran’s brother we’re starting over in Coney Island and working our way up toward Central Park he’s the most yes the next day I took Sally to Coney Island Coney is probably the best-known beach resort in the world there’s a surprise a minute at Coney Island how we shot the works here his first ride was like flying around on a giant Blue Lagoon just hang onto your girl and let her go Sally loved it I can’t say that I was unhappy about it either next came the parachute jumped the chutes are hoisted to the top of a high tower and then gently float you back to earth from a distance it doesn’t look particularly exciting but just try it sometime Coney Island has every front gimmick you can imagine the giant Ferris wheel is one of the largest in the world but the roller coaster is what really has you breakfast on the moment they first release the car to climb to the top of the steep incline the higher you go up the faster you come down Sally got a real kick out wanted to take another ride I mean I was ready for something more relaxing these horses and carriages I think they call them victorious look a little in Congress on modern Fifth Avenue but that’s just one of the things that makes New York the interesting place that it is what a contrast right in the very heart of this bustling metropolis you’re out in the country riding along the pleasant tree shaded drives of Central Park I showed Sally where I used to roller skate as a kid and the fountain near the mall where we used to sail our boats Sally couldn’t get over this change of pace right in the middle of the world’s busiest city New York changes kids baseball will always be the same a little further along a pleasant late Sally and I are going to rent a boat but we decided to visit the zoo instead New York really has several zoos this one’s in Central Park and there’s an even larger one in the Bronx the apes and monkeys can always be counted on to act more human than people and the polar bears just mope around waiting for the colder weather old man giraffe the animal skyscraper feels quiet at home in this vertical city he’s always a big hit with zoo visitors as are the Lions in the Bronx Zoo they enjoy an outdoor range without bars just like the African vote there’s a Children’s Zoo – with a small fire can play around with domestic animals to their heart’s content on the 5th Avenue side of Central Park stands a Metropolitan Museum of Art a treasury of some of the world’s greatest masterpieces permit is also famous for its fine collections of armored sculpture historic costumes and Egyptian antiquities for those leaning more toward the modern

in art well New York has that too and the sculpture garden at the Museum of Modern Art is a good place to find some very interesting pieces and some that are well controversial we all agreed that we’d like to see a good show so Sally and I took Fran to the famous Radio City Music Hall this is another superlative the largest theater in the world and the Rockettes put on a dancing performance unique in the world of the theater when I mentioned baseball was out I said sure she just loved to see one of those big league games so before she could change her mind we slipped up to the Yankee Stadium see the Yanks take on one of their American League rivals I explained to her of course that the New York also has two other teams the Giants and the Brooklyn Dodgers in the fall kingi football takes over at the stadium Polo Grounds and on nearby college gridirons you can see top-flight professional and college propelled every week during the season then we went to Belmont Park I didn’t have to explain the rules of this game decided she had a form sheet out and had picked a winner before I could get to the ticket room the horse I picked looked like this slow-motion shot of a steeplechase race in the winter they’re skating at the outdoor restaurant Radio City or indoors the winners sports fans flocked to Madison Square Garden for some big league hockey the fastest game more this is real rough sport another popular sport is boxing New York has put on more than its share of championship fights finally I took Sally down to the bright lights at Times Square here’s something you can see nowhere else on the earth a million flashing lights in the center of the glamorous theatrical district here is a sign makers art to the nth degree beckoning you to see a show eat a candy bar or travel to glamorous places we were out on the town so we took in the entertainment for which New York is so famous we dined and danced big brassy nightclubs little side street spots swing music and hot New York has them all music in many temples is the heartbeat of this city that never sleeps then the shortest month on record came to an end and we all gross Ally to the airport for a flight back home dad told Sally she’d really has some explaining to do if she got on that plane by mistake but Sally told Dad not to worry she and Fran are already planning on that trip for next year frankly I for one certainly hated to see Sally go all of us had come to like her very much and I think she was a little sorry to end her visit too while we watch Sally’s plane taxi out from the terminal at International Airport Fran was already planning her flight back to college I got to thinking I’m I’d like to go west for a little while myself Sally wrote us the very next day telling how much she’d enjoyed being here with us seeing New York for the first time she told all she felt when she looked down on the Statue of Liberty as she flew west over lower Manhattan in the

harbor that was a last glimpse in the magnificent skyline of Manhattan and as far as Sally was concerned one of the real exciting wonders of the world back and thought again of the many wonderful things she’d see me Brooklyn Bridge while piercing skyscrapers the soaring towers of Rockefeller Center the impressive United Nations been millions of glittering lights of Times Square and Sally knew she’d be back again soon on another flight the fabulous skyline of New York