Style Wars

Brown and Waka bring the train out from 16 they call themselves writers because that’s what they do they write their names among other things everywhere names they’ve been given or have chosen for themselves most of all they write in and on subway trains which carry their names from one end of the city to the other it’s called bombing and it has equally assertive counterparts in rap music and breakdancing Rafi be writing in New York is a vocation its traditions are handed down from one youthful generation to the next to some it’s art to most people however it is a plague that never ends a symbol that we’ve lost control I’m detective Bernie Jacob I in conjunction with my partner detective Jim McHugh with the crime prevention coordinators for the New York City Transit Police Department graffiti as the name itself is not an odd graffiti is the application of a medium to a surface I will show you graffiti such as the lettuce on the end of that car directly in back of me is that an odd form I don’t know I’m not an odd Krim critic but I can sure as hell tell you that that’s a crime at the Grand Concourse 149 Street Station in the Bronx graffiti writers gather at what they call a writer’s bench they’re saying that the kids run the subways that the system is out of control the 15 or 16 year old kids are running the system and that trophy T is a symbol of that now I’m running to tell ya vomit this you’re trying to make it look like the fitti riders break windows and everything they even like that you know what you’re doing that man [ __ ] would be hot when they go from swags the ones who break the win and it’s in the graffiti artists favored to be as cool calm and collected about putting his art on the train as he can you know he wants to get in and get out without even being noticed except for the work that’s going to come out to the public that you know that one day and we got start to rock some Street that it’s yeah that’s the first that’s about the third skiing piece I did this [ __ ] and that’s the tic-tock I didn’t gonna hear what’d you do last night we did um to hold cause it was me des and me three right and then the first call

in small letters I said all you see is and then you know big big blocks silver letters and said crime in the city right it just took up the whole yeah it was a whole corn [ __ ] then it was a you know a scroll like no one else grows then the next car scheme society should go down in the subway and lock them all up because they know he was down there it is dangerous down there people that work down there 25 or 30 years have accidents but his contention is that he’s immortal I guess like most seventeen year olds are immortal so it was a matter of getting a tag on each line and each division no ego it’s called going all city people see your tags and queens uptown downtown all over I can all really I can only have to keep from crying because what happens is he really I don’t really think he knows how silly that sounds he’s going all city I mean to what end and when I asked him he says to me well just so people see it and they know who I am right he knows who he is and so they see it I know it’s not a matter of so they know I know they see it and then after they see it so what it’s a matter of bombing knowing that I can do it you know every time I get in the train almost every day I see my name I say yeah you know what I was there i bombed it so matters for me it’s not for nobody else to see I don’t care care about nobody else seeing it or the fact that they can read it or not it’s for me and other graffiti writers that we can read it all these other people who don’t write they excluded I don’t care about them no they don’t matter to me it’s for us they see starboard bow slow it down slow it down oh this is a this is this is in the 1970s New Yorker fede rapping and breaking became the prime expressions of a new young people subculture called hip-hop graffiti is the written word is the spoken word of rap music and then there’s the acrobatic body language of dances like Breaking and Billy Ricky you don’t have nothing to do with you know everybody you stand around getting high I think you call them you got names for them like the baby chair dev freeze like last 100 name when the orchid ouch my brother the first wanted to eat you can get go that’s the headache that’s the other one is the home you got a headache Oh like yo man this place is wall this is the transit system and they don’t like it to being defaced and they will at times trying to go to the extreme in trying to apprehend you the subway system is a very old one and I’ve

personally explored some tunnels and I found rooms where maps that was so old it might have been like the first train line at New York City I call it what you want just a lot of rock lot of steel tomb dunya under under the city by the trains a lot of fun but a lot that’s going to be a part of New York City’s history forever a lot of writers have been dining in town video over place years ago was pretty much a secret it was secretly done people one didn’t wish they could do it not most people do when all the toys are like home sleeping cuddling to their pillows easily have curfews come down and the way I was in the night after the work is done their job sweep isn’t in the sweep and they had to do just take my time and be creative I think it’s something you can never recapture again once you experience it you have like life third rails and like crazy cops who come and chase you out even the smell you get like when you first smell trains like in a yard is like this it’s a good smell to a dedicated Kapiti right I guess when you’re first against a train it’s like everything seems so big like wow it’s like goodness you’re like metal chimes and I just like I mean everything is like so hard and like so steel and like you just there you’re like a little dude you’re like in the midst of all this metal and like you’re here to produce some you know what you hear to like try to produce on I’ve seen comparable graffiti not necessarily of these particular ones each of these cost us a million dollars in a sense because others went out and tried to copy isn’t worth it well it is one of the quality of life offenses and you can’t just take one of those quality of life events –is it’s like a three card monte and pickpocketing and shoplifting and graffiti defacing our public and private walls they’re all in the same area of destroying our lifestyle and making it difficult to enjoy life and I think has to be responded to and so I’ve told you that the response that I think a repeater three time repeaters should get would be five days in jail now obviously a murderer you if you believe in the death penalty as I do you want to have the option of executing a murderer you wouldn’t do that to a graffiti writer they saw it work over here I just want to find out what you know me I’m going to film on subway graffiti I wanted to take you to our neighborhood really although vices are hope not we’re here because one of the one of the best graffiti writers lives around here bright scene what does an scen that’s his name yes that’s what he worries it and I’m the point of the blue you wouldn’t tell me trouble with me before they’re honest they don’t even know for numerous reasons why ain’t paint

right now to make a long story short I’m on what they call a six-month probation for the six-month vacation never mind probation now they got a graffiti squad on this line which they really was never really since they come on to lies been hard on a piece and it didn’t like the old days when a train used to pull into the yard on a Friday night that train wouldn’t pull out on till Monday morning now when you go to piece of train you put on that line on the train and you could say goodbye the train pulls out in ten minutes later or if you’re ready to put it out one you got to chase the train employ down the track to put an outline on the piece it just ain’t the same anymore they don’t know what they’re doing no more late as usual I’m here I show up though I show up they see well why don’t you do it this one this one on that side of the wall you don’t say no this war I did I we want we kind of plain won’t believe me the bottom of the piece the bottom of the piece I say about here all right you know you guys feel a little bit be a lot of talk from having on a wave no it’s gonna be big delays don’t want you start from about here all right maybe in the hint started from here listen to me for me you understand what I’m saying to you I still think it’s too big now if first outline is needed always needed this way you know with your filling in no matter how good you are you can’t just go in and just soft filling in in the end you gotta have your first dollar once you punch that line it’s done then your filling that takes away your first outline meaning you don’t need the personal wall because now you got your filling from your filling you put your colors and then your 3d and if you want background you put your cloud or whatever how does this thing I’m going to connections you know make it look like yours what do you think I’ll make a few fits all right huh bets bets I don’t know a little doodads here in there yeah now shape it up I’ve about 100 outlines but I shaped it off Nicky Nicky come on I’m gonna save me room or what I didn’t do that to yours get out of there God you’re making a mess in this house you cannot sit down without you’re not doing good feeding on something all right we really can’t when you’re talking on the phone and you’re talking on the phone you don’t do it on the paper I don’t do it oh yes you do I do not do do do it on the paper doodle I don’t do – I just write my name while I’m talking on the phone what’s that I’m just lying something you’re telling me that you write your name while you’re talking on the phone in the meantime you have destroyed your room you have destroyed your intestine out well you have no respect for anything I’ll tell me about testing out your paint you have no respect for anything anymore eight we put in red yellow it off red already know I ain’t putting no Browns there ain’t no way read origin yo you wanted to stand out yo remember how I get the man see with the wall no : all around the thing the man seen 105 but the walls were falling down the one I did it myself alright let me explain yellow orange and a little bit of wreck up yellow and orange around the whole thing and then we’ll put brows and beiges in the three deep believe me I’ll show you not about your face fade into your butt a trimmer rather cheap to my show yeah I’ll show you all right I’ve never steer you wrong Nick well stole him krylon wet look epoxy red devil when the whole decanter was stolen your hand it’s like holding three other [ __ ] brands in your hand it lacks they covered and it’s not air so like I’ll I just forgot the mix it comes out like paint the schools have courses in art how about the mothers and fathers of this city saying to the kids that’s the wrong thing to do you listen to them talk they sound absolutely ridiculous he’s king of the yackety-yak yard who died and left him king of any yard he owns nothing in the subway you know I love Robin pain I know you know everybody knows how you Robert like he gets me souped up and sometimes I’ll go and get 15 cans at a time you know stuffing it in your coat in your shirt down the back of your pants it’s mainly with the big coat and like 15 cans you figure it out it’s like over $50 he we could going into stores like that we could go one day and get a hundred cans at a time it’s easy for me anyway it’s you know harder on black kids or Spanish kids cuz like everybody thinks a graffiti writer is black and Puerto Rican and that’s like you know it’s

wrong you know a lot of white people are writing what you got is uh a whole miserable subculture I was raised on the Upper East Side of Manhattan I went to a sort of strict prep school in the Bronx right Riverdale country school in attending that school I had to walk past the 1-yard a to 42nd Street every day from where I stood I’d watch the trains pulling enough I thought how could a human being have his name on every car you know that these guys wants you to live in there be allowed to live in there or just be like allowed to you know go off like that right they’re trespassing it they’re beating the system they’re getting their names up right we’ve dressed the city with our names right we’re trying our damndest a freshly painted Double R and we spent about three hours in it no it’s not we were tagging with uni’s than the minis than the movies and the pilots then the flow pens and we were doing clouds around the tags and 3ds on the tags we just for the double laws to have a clean car back then like that it was we just had an orgasm 1970 the idea of getting your name up not just in your neighborhood but everywhere was invented by a kid named taki who lived on 180 3rd Street in Washington Heights taki 183 as soon as everybody understood that it was a name they realized that taki was famous Kennedy was the first guy even though they say Julia 204 started before him but he wasn’t never made it famous and after him and sometimes with upper 184 then came up Junior 161 K 161 they were bombing two that came out around 1971 he was all steady to Barbara evil 62 they were girls that everybody was right but I was what everybody was talking on them day I got into graffiti just like riding the trains when I was younger you know looking at you know old riders [ __ ] you know like a lot of new riders around like they you know you talk to him about a lot of old riders see they don’t even know what you’re talking about I started in 1870 three or four during very early years of initial bombing very important years of graffiti bombing for kids it wasn’t for those years I don’t think we would get where we are today that was the life back then I was that was happening everybody who’s pioneering back then that’s when all you’re developing happened your bubble that is all that kind of stuff you your wild style black dogs yeah we don’t have to do straight letters to have style anything that comes in your imagination adds on to your own individual stop the arrow everybody’s got their own arrow I like that various how some guys have on the letter arrow that was like connection some people had different arrows just going right through to pieces colors design staff technical jesting lose and when they see you got ambitious style baby wanting to get loose about it knowing that’s what keeping going to feel alright you know I know a lot of good writers you know and all the

writers that I knew you know they used to get up so they tell me your trap won’t you get up and I started getting up with them we started doing pieces then I’m a dead I came to the bench and I find him sitting there looking at the pieces you can tell a writer you know you go to the bench and you see them as the trains go by he’d be going like this you know you have ink stains on his clothes he gave me outlines and stuff like that to practice I can’t let him go for at least five minutes no I hear destroy the piece no I’ll turn around chop what you doing you know I want to do my old people say yeah but no follow the outline and stop man no telling man snake Rex fled back and the ACP about two and a half years I was upstate from like beginning in 1972 72 I came home I ain’t know nothing about no way to know graffiti cuz I wasn’t about it so when I got on my steam writing on the train I said what’s this stuff here you know I think it’s doing their names big said let me do one at least you know calm you know down with Auto radio I did me a piece just you know for people in general to get to know who I am I said would i look like i’m gonna go every Sunday now they stay I started getting better and better and as I realized I know to get better I said old man I’m gonna bring out the computer right and then that’s when I really got loose cuz they’re [ __ ] are saying yo who’s that guy then one day these news reported people was on the train station they we was going by and we seen we seen him filming our whole car we went up to him and I remember I said yo weird thing probably done that right there you know just to be curious to see what they say and they say I don’t know but whoever done it that’s some marketable talent you know I never seen that like this before I said if I told you I did it would you believe me he said I don’t know I can’t say but I believe so cuz you’ll never know what you can believe these days so I said well I did and they said I don’t believe that you only got one all I said that don’t mean that not do things that people don’t realize I can do with this but no being that I’m like this you know and then he said I hate it in sunny and I said well I ain’t no sunny now I just was actually questions sir no sir and so I wanted to know see how your feelings was about it so just Ken huh ain’t getting none wait up with some candy man you gotta check oh hey gigolo but you know J cloud well then they get me yeah yeah yeah dig work oh wow the peace bastard do it once for it ha ha ha and then that eyes yeah we look at the eagle word I still lose the eyes they just are so no way God everyone right come on born in Hope Franklin said oh god being posted when a letter to recognizes of a new kind of hero that’s what we’re gonna be the fresh extraterrestrial brothers do you understand it’s a less normally the best yes the deadly death in the KCK could be five we gonna rock the plate and if they’re based in the place you will get this grace it could be harder to they got the pin not started rocking in the pocket a suck sucking [ __ ] in the classic what’s that girl front up train

again push me cause I’m close to the edge man do you say play that then you say this they can say that but it’s gonna keep going on you know but look I might be old and quit no but you coming up younger [ __ ] is coming up is gonna keep going and keep going he’s like a son to me in a way you know I look out for him he looks out for me I won’t let nothing happen to him he won’t let nothing happen to me if he could help it I know from this age he’s 14 now no I’m 16 by the time you get my age he’ll be like one of the best people out if you continue to go on in the bring it up yeah yeah it’s the idea of style and competing for the best style is the key to all forms of rocking with a rap MC it’s rocking the mic for the b-boys it’s rocking your body and breakdancing or for writers rockin the city with your name on a train hear the blade right now he’s doing the the footwork with original brakeman came out he’s doing the baby in the turtle back bridge yeah did the head spin and then just went up I got a certain bathroom that I made up let me show you it I started off doing like this land me like that so then I just excited not to do the freeze and keep on spinning so it goes like this I put my arm right here and it’s easy and I’ll put some my arm swing my left leg my right now although poof they’re not as good as us you know because we have the breaking form you know right yeah you know all the crews like dynamic rockers you know they bite bite let me tell you about these people Van Alen rocket bang I used to go out to the routine United States of mouth and cleaned right I used to blow over any breakage I saw him and take a molar you know Roberto make him look stupid they have no kind of style at all I’ve been breaking away before we started doing better routines and they were they got to a point where they got mad at us because we was taking them out with our moles of it and then that started getting out of hand because they had the crowd and we didn’t know all right Cruz can you please listen no nobody’s listening to me we’re not gonna stop it – you ready Oh God in society humiliate you know doing things in people’s face and all right and Dow Bakken is you know China see who

can compete against whose moves on the floor my dog – oh goodness and only one so one corner rockin contest y’all know we took them out right put it this way we’re out of sight and they bite they bit they build my turtle into a hot when I see legs so it that’s not even breaking man that’s all fairy tale that very fly you get the park trained and you just like live or to train your mother wonder why you come home with that all of you face you know as I write the graffiti I told her I’m holed up on the trains and all right sweetie yeah she says if popsicle Montgomery to me um I never how I say it meant so much to them you know I just thought they were writing just writing anything but I guess it has a deep meaning well like he said he’s writing his girlfriend’s names and he’s just whatever happens what is decimos see it’s a game it’s like they give you name and they say here take this name and do something with it like he got the name scene he can walk around and just say hey my name is Cena say yeah yes you got this he’s there it’s a name it’s just like I’ll give you a name and you say hey how big could you get this name up how high trains are routinely washed but because of the graffiti problem we have to use an rafidhi removal solution which at best is detrimental to the physical makeup of the train itself we spent a lot of money replacing broken and damaged side windows we cannot use acrylic plastic windows in the train because the same graffiti removal solution fogs the windows the problem is that often it doesn’t produce a sparkling clean car but rather ready so sort of vomit has color which is some of the graffiti artists are you less attractive than what they consider to be their artwork so it’s all together sort of an unsatisfactory result yeah they might get wet what but so far it hasn’t hurt you know it hasn’t bothered me some fellas applause that’s my money that’s being diverted from providing me with good safe secure rapid transit look at this junk repeater doesn’t make your life better it just makes your neighborhood looked worse you know how I made something out of my life but using my head but only injury don’t use it to mess up the walls with graffiti I’m track of all my life to make move like that and I worked every day to be so if you really want to make something out of your life use your head by your boy but don’t waste your time make your mark in society not on society this happens to be a poster that is the first in a series it’s going to be used in New York City subways and buses where we’ve used Hector Comacho who’s a boxer North American lightweight champ and

alex ramos boxer leading middleweight contender take it from the champs graffiti is for chumps make your mark in society not on society very clever put your mark on society in in doing something in society I’ve screwed it up a little bit but nevertheless you got the message well you say realistically I’m hopeful that it will work nobody thought that we would be as successful as we were in the campaign against the drought and water conservation nevertheless of that work I’m hopeful we will have equal success here time will tell mr. mayor on those posters for CD proof time will tell she doing be fresh word Louis on you get fresh on a [ __ ] man and then you still got the touch book fortune boys with the Tigers scared I see the Decatur deceased this time you know who I am do anyway you know the king what king of staff I’m sure I got styles already that’s more complex than nobody know about I mean super duty tough work see this is just Similac what I would call it but if I really get into it and start camouflaging it I don’t think you even be able to read it don’t go nowhere those those seventeen there was no severely bad accidents just I got burnt by wires I saw a long time ago they took a wise and didn’t arrest me to the hospital and they just had to have you take because my tissues and muscles was burnt bad I was young I was planning that I wasn’t no too sure what I was I knew what I was doing but I just didn’t know not should i Greta why or nothing I don’t know if I grabbed it and that when I know I just you know got hurt because it had knocked me out so I didn’t remember you know but and don’t mean that in in general I mean I’m okay just that was a bad thing to happen at the time you know but that’s why people is amazed about me now cuz they’re going through that and then dealing what I’m dealing with even though is Carmen literally bullcrap in a way you know people look at a person what you ran on trains are you vandalism along yeah I’ve been living like but still in general I know what I’m doing I did something to make your eyes open up right so why is she talking about it for you know I’m here up nobody goes it’s my labs definitely yes this is a beautiful spot to do pieces on and ain’t hardly no riders know about this place my spot [ __ ] no believe it Nicki’s no okay yo here take the cans I am NOT a graffiti artist I’m a graffiti bomber it’s just two styles of graffiti that are trying to you know coexist with each other but it ain’t gonna work like that blood wars buddy blood war that’s why graffitis ruined by captain ruined the twos and fives the twos and fives used to go to the 2-yard it would be like a masterpiece art gallery of burners from all these dudes from the Bronx and Brooklyn with Def wild styles now you go to the 2-yard it’s it’s all destroyed this guy named Pat with his Lucille Ball now wouldn’t mind if you would have went over one of my old cars you know when I was fresh as a brand-new burner not only ran for two days you know you didn’t even get a chance to run on the line just like you know I went over and I feel you know that hurt me you know and scene was with him and PJ and then I call Cena and denied it I can’t afford to get involved because a war going on

as you should know PJ and cap I get I get against everybody you just cost me out anyway so I don’t know why but brand-new Carter you wasted would say this I stand behind them if they had a good cause for the situation as far as it is now they have no cause behind it they’re just doing it for the hell of it which that ain’t me because I won’t like people go over my pieces so I wouldn’t go over them he’s disrespecting the line which and all the guy was doing that years ago all he does is sit with robes you got fresh colored pieces from you can’t make go forward and he’ll just laugh at you it’s just a throw up I got a million of them running so why is it Joe Turner so cuz you can’t do a burners you can’t do [ __ ] you can’t even do a stray that he went all over this yup he did a captain up over me and an NPC over this and wrote war next to Fat Albert oh never make up for that you gotta get then a girl that’s never forgive action you a toy gotta be stopping this guy’s a toy and he’s big and he’s still gotta be stopped you gotta be found God waited all this long how come there’s so many fighters that he went over there burners and we’re not in his neighborhood with crews nobody wants to get United us nobody said yeah we’re gonna get down we’re gonna get down right but nobody comes man like what we gotta do is meet everybody at home forty-nine sheet at the bench it’s like Grand Concourse forget all our other [ __ ] worries that we got with each other and I’m night and get this toy [ __ ] everybody fine cat I don’t know something like yes why he’s doing it trying to get attempt and Weaver bench because people call this dog you know people do burners you see a dog you’re gonna go home fit who thinks Cavs throw up somewheres being on a train would you right Bo all right man man man MDMA I am a re yes ma boy ma are but now seriously now you gotta kill them to do it people don’t know what I look like until now till they start going to the movies then I see my face big deal anybody Christ around with me and my friends I go over everything they got forever everybody from Brooklyn Manhattan everybody that’s the way it is especially what especially with me the object is more not the biggest and a beautiful list but more like a little piece on every car is what counts not one whole car on every 30 cars that goes by once you start going over someone you can’t stop I’m gonna live us it’s hard to pull some [ __ ] with me and I’m telling you he’s lucky you didn’t catch him by that wall we would have been – even if you were shooting a movie it has just been boom boom boom that’s the way it would have went gonna get crushed up I guarantee by tomorrow once they find out he’s here help me with the treaty Nicky come on the piece it’s got a lot of colors to go in there yet but with a car looking through that we can tell with no problem I could do it before it gets dark we’ll try college co-ed Cully that’s totally wrong I like that people like that they deserve getting everything they got crossed out forever in the past 20 years that really hasn’t been anything hot there have been no movements since pop art any retailer and let’s face it the gallery is indeed a retailer they’re always looking for something hot that they can merchandise and sell to the public it’s almost as though these pieces were peeled off the train and put onto canvas so you have the same energy you have the same coloring you have the same intensity and the same big piece that you would see on a train the real subway graffiti that’s done on you know

on the trains is slowly dying out and Lisa’s taking his place the lifespan of an average piece today only last a few months this is something that could last a lifetime blondie seems to be an important figure within the graffiti art style Kane has used her in a very photographic way not shows her expressionistic alee I’m a colorist myself on an artist and it’s exciting the color is exciting the movement is exciting it combines all kinds of movement we had ABC TV we had CBS here tonight we’re going to be on the news tonight and I haven’t o’clock a National Public Radio time we’re on powers I’m a I’m a reporter with The Associated Press how long would it take you to do something like this on a train depends what your schedule is like I can’t that my mother know that I’m going to change so I’ll be back here but I did meet a guy here who’s an art critic from the Meuse and he says he gets so goddamn mad every time he sees this that he walked up to one of the artists at the show tonight and said how would you feel if I took a can and wrote on your graffiti and the artist said to him I kill you mine as an investment I feel so strongly that if you get in on the bottom of anything it’s got to be a good investment and this is definitely going someplace but I think that graffiti on the subway cars were a symbol of New York for foreign people and especially French people and I think it’s a little sad if graffiti are going to be only on Trainz forget about the chains he wants to be dirty and hot at the same time that’s right I meant to making money yeah it’s good you go to you go to school and your teacher says it’s not worth anything you don’t make any money from graffiti any time when was the last time you made two thousand dollars in a month are you okay now you failed alright the thought is cross one one yeah if something should happen yeah I go along with it but if it doesn’t there’s no no thing to me because that’s not what I’m out here for my little bar on Pirie that’s what I started for I didn’t and then started writing to go to Paris I didn’t start writing to do canvases I started writing a bomb to destroy our lines and that’s what I’m doing how long do you think you’ll do it – I’m finished now that you’ve heard that you understand what I’m saying to you when I say that I don’t understand him he’s out there – bomb destroy our lives what are the lines of a done time whatever the line 75 since when do you pay 75 cents never but well so I don’t even know what you’re talking about the Staten Island Ferry this is the New York Harbor this is to signify we’re leaving New York with this package of artists to go out and play places where individually they never would play it’ll be non Washington DC Pittsburgh Chicago Madison Minneapolis Iowa City Detroit in Toronto being professional wasn’t me getting paid for what you do professionally having your own star yeah doing your own move don’t let nobody else bike doing it for a long time knowing what you’re doing being the best sunshine oh the heartbeat feel the heartbeat heartbeat because it is the professional I think it’s about time the politicians came down and be clean and the ones that are caught should be cleaned it they should clean

it the ones that they catch are doing that what’s the source of page 75 says when you have to ride you’re freely trained you know gives a terrible impression in the city and I if you think the outside has been I’ve been riding them like I say for 40 years the inside is a it’s just unbelievable violation of public robbery I think it’s disgusting they should at least get somebody to clean up the damn place we move three and a half million people a day they have rights to the people see the outside of the cars when the trains are going stop pull into a station or when they’re passing on the Express track and then it’s generally a blur but I don’t think the public finds that nearly is intrusive and a glee as they do the inside graffiti yeah he says any possible way of we given him some kind of suggestion of how to get rid of the inside he said there might be a chance of negotiating with the outside negotiating I met with a group of them one day more out of intellectual curiosity as to who they were and what made them tick I found them surprisingly articulate they they expressed a strong sense that if they’re outside paintings were left untouched that the public would be impressed we came up to him with like a proposal of paint ten cars inside and out and let it run in like the major stations let people vote on it like I said during a two-week period and that’s a two-week period don’t have you know the results in the paper and um I think the MTA will be embarrassed I thought there was no basis whatsoever in which it was proper for anyone to touch our property and another authorized fashion they got guys out there that a mugging people in the subways stabbing people with throwing people into the tracks and all that and they’re wasting good [ __ ] money trying to get us with all respect I think you are close to falling into the sort of trap of the 1960s culture which says you know the society has left these kids with not enough to do if the kids have energy and want to do something will give will give all brooms look em all sponges and they could do something that is publicly productive useful and that would earn for them the respect and the approbation from their fellow citizens it isn’t the energy that is misplaced it’s the value system that is misplaced it’s great for the riding public to be upon the station one cold and dreary day and see a nice weight shiny car come pulling up to the station the public has knocked us for so long if we are doing nothing it couldn’t be done we proved that we’ve done it we’ve painted four hundred and nine cars in approximately eight weeks 24 hours a day seven days a week and that one day did we miss that potential still a personal pride was hurt a lot of people’s been knocking the Transit Authority and we won the drum that we could do something say if the Japanese can do it we can do the stuff is like razor blades about two inches long and there’s one of these every two inches there’s really not too much protective clothing you can wear to prevent yourself from getting cut and once you do fall into it it’s so structured that it collapses upon you and the more you try to move the worse off you become I just like you know when you see in the movies like in Apocalypse Now I’d used to protect their lines and their barricades and they want to hold back the enemy from destroying our train about three years ago I decided to

suggest to de gravich that they put a dog in the yard to keep the graffiti vandals out the MTA rejected it and they said no that if you put a dog in the yards the dog would step on the third rail no I don’t happen to think the dogs step on the third rail but I said in response to that well if you think the dog will step on the third rail then build two fences and have the dog run between the two fences and that will keep people out and protect the dog from stepping on the third rail and the response was well maybe somebody’ll climb over the fence and the dog will bite them I said well I thought that’s what the dog was for but if you’re afraid of having the dog bite such a vandal and here I called upon my prodigious memory I said what you should do then instead of using a dog is to use a wolf and have a wolf run between the two fences because there is no recorded case in history where a wolf has ever attacked human being unless the wolf were rabid mad now as a result of telling that story innumerable times I embarrassed the MTA into building the fence around the first of 19 yards and it was so successful they now claim it as their own idea and they’re building 18 more fences I think it’s stupid the idea of having all this barbed wire and fences and protection chains is still going to get written like they invented the white elephant and still it’s still got Wow they won’t bomb but they had little mosquito bites I’m gonna call it what you want and when they were still written on and still not spotless completely dumped Koch yeah there you go that is the highest praise imaginable because obviously I’m getting to them there always will be graffiti it’s a part of New York it’ll be there forever someone will always want to jump down on a track or while the trains moving and just take out a can of paint or marker and put up their initial he still shows me all his things which I don’t even want to see but we still talk I need you tells me just about everything that goes on other than that I wouldn’t really be able to tell you so much and like sometimes and this is and knowing all this right it just really only makes me that much more fearful time I felt that I just had to let her know you know like sometimes when it’s time to go bomb and you know you got to go late at night like in the middle of night you got to leave the house at 2 o’clock just to go bomb it so you don’t get caught you know I gotta know where I’m going can I just say I’m going to a party no parties don’t start at 2 o’clock now every kid tell us yeah well I’d rather let my mother know what’s going on you know they’re to keep on the dock if I get busted cops called excuse me we have your son for graffiti i revin you know let her know that I was doing it so you know she’s prepared to come and get me up but never getting busted so don’t have to worry about that I mean an adult I can I just couldn’t see an adult ever like quit not much energy to something that isn’t gonna pay or it’s going to risk their life or have like possibility of them getting arrested well I see myself as eventually growing out of Graf and getting married and living the lifestyle you know and making good money like that and when when life is in its best you don’t really want to run around in the trans I’m sure I’ll come back every now and then just to let people know I’m still around oh no when I come back I take over that’s it yesterday and after that you won’t have to die at six um after that uh uh what they call a has-been and he’s a wannabe they consider you a king but this word I have a king I can say what I want to tell you I’m a

king of Bali you got to be able to take over a line with insides take it over with drop stop the bottoms you got do everything you know if you specially specialize on one thing no you really can’t call yourself for all our kings it was King you’re looking at in my hand my brother dear [ __ ] dude I’m saying Kingdom Islam I mentioned God for I’m winning back so father’s always rocking the Jazz is called gay the only and the original magnetic king and that’s the one that still sitting here doing this day know it tell me all like this the original old master killer of the Manila thriller right here that you’re looking at the original king enough to do his thing don’t shout don’t run don’t hide don’t sky this is me coming to your natural and life on CB whatever Oh all the way buddy ain’t your friend – snapping on you like you’re down pain so hard then you can’t because you can’t pass the test you say it to yourself what can I do fine everybody knows made you can’t do much at all no education is a big disgrace so you might as well work and sanity