Hi guys! And today we’re going to do…. Mukbang! – But this is just not any mukbang today I am going to ask them I forgot what I was supposed to say – Oh wait – Okay guys but this just not any mukbang – I am going to ask them some riddles while they are eating Before starting we want to give a huge thanks to Rapbeh and Sushiemarie for making this episode happen. So thank you guys – Hey shout outs – Thank you for the food – Thank you for the food So the mechanics And the punishment is He/she will eat the spicy hot wings – What did you say earlier? They made their spiciest wings even spicier – For this video – And I’m so so so glad that I’m not gonna lose today I’m so happy guys as in – Let’s be competitive – Yeah! – By the way they are our guests today welcome James and Lloyd The founders of TCAD – Okay so we have with us six varieties of chicken wings. Let’s start from here It’s Creamy Sriracha, Lemon Pepper, Classic Buffalo. And then here we have Korean Gochu, Garlic Parmesan and then the spiciest hot wings So again for the sake of this video they made this even spicier So let’s see who’s going to lose – And there’s no diet – No diet today – I’m game – And we have with us baked sushi by bakedsushiemarie So it comes with a free nori – And wait, there’s something’s missing – Okay guys go ahead and eat – Okay – Okay – Okay Yobi When you kill it, Its life lasts longer – That’s easy – a candle? – candle? – Very good correct – Is that correct? – It’s gonna be those kind of riddles Lloyd I can smell defeat – I am dead , I am so dead – Okay so Dave you’re next okay here’s the riddle. I’m gonna go with easy ones first – Go ahead – Hmm delicious – Delicious – What has to be broken before you can use it? – Actually there are many – Fire hose? Egg? – Exactly OMG – Woah! – Oh really? – I guessed it. Yes! I guessed it! – The answer is egg guys – Here you go, here’s a riddle for you… in Tagalog The king passed, then the priests bit each other – What’s that? – I thought it’s gonna be easy first – I know that – The priests bit each other what’s that? – You give up? – Yeah I give up – Is it wound? – Wound? No it’s zipper – Okay for you, this is the riddle – It’s yummy – What month of the year has 28 days? – Feb – Wrong. All of them – Oh yeah – I screamed – I screamed because I don’t know what to answer – That’s yummy what’s it called? The creamy sriracha – This one? – Yeah – The baked sushi is good, honestly It is so moist and at the same time the texture of the rice or like the sushi rice It um what’s it called? It stays on your tongue so thumbs up to sushimarie – I didn’t taste it yet, but it looks tasty – Yeah it’s got a little spice to it – Like me, I’m tasty to look at – And it’s got a kick to it – Yeah – It’s like Chun Li’s kick – Is there no hint? – Okay one more time – I can’t concentrate on the food Food? no? – No

– Right right – It’s like super literal – But wow, this is so good – Yeah it’s so good, actually – It’s so creamy – Yum – This one’s a bit spicy – That’s the spiciest one – This is the spicy one?? – No it’s this – This is the spiciest one – It’s finished – The game’s done! – It sounds dirty – I’m just gonna eat – What is that? I really don’t know – Okay the answer is, your name – This is not a riddle game it’s like battle of the brains – Two black stones – Hey something else is on your mind – Pat is thinking of something else! – Two black stones – Two black stones that can go the distance – Eyes? – Huh? – Eyes – How did you know that? – How did you know that? – Because, it can go the distance so it means it can see ahead – Because if I was asked that, I could not answer – That’s also my guess – Yes I’m smart! – You guys know it, Gelo’s gonna lose again. If he played – Okay again – The umm what’s it called? what’s it called? – What? I’m gonna answer? – I’m answering? – Is there a call a friend? – Oh no, I don’t know what’s it called – No more – I thought it’s the thing for watering plants – I thought it’s sprinkler – Right? – Mine is shattaf spray – You can’t go wrong with classic buffalo – So we’re going with the filipino riddle Even when the queen ducks down, the crown won’t fall – I’m thinking of another crown (Korona) – What are you thinking of? – That’s different from the pandemic – 3.. 2.. 1 – Hey whoah! I got all sweat from that – Flower? I don’t know – Okay the answer is Guava – Why did it duck? – Your questions are not legit – How many did you get? – Two – Two already? – Yes – So you and Pat are tied? – Seriously? – Yeah – Oh okay, next one – It’s gonna be three of us because he’s going to get it wrong too I got a friend, who is with me everywhere – That’s easy – Yeah I wish that was mine – Yeah! Ours was very hard – I know – James doesn’t know. Whoo! – Steal! Steal! – Feet? – Feet? – Lloyd and I will steal – Foot? – Feet? – Sorry umm – Wait! – Alright alright – Hands? – Yeah you’re really wrong bro – The answer is shadow – Shadow – Oh right! – I’m really stupid Yeah I didn’t think of that – So guys we have a tie breaker and the rules are I’m gonna ask a riddle and they’re going to race to answer first – Yes / – Okay – And whoever gives the correct answer first, they’ll be safe After that, two will be left to compete and there we will know who will get the punishment So guys good luck to you And we’ll start in a few seconds Okay this is an easy one. Someone will get this for sure Okay here it goes – Ice! – You can pick that up So you can’t touch it – Air? – Why would you break air? – Heart? – Heart? – That’s not the answer, but it’s close – It’s close – You can do it guys, just answer Because physically you can touch your heart, so

– Feelings? Like that? – But you’re really close dude – Hey a little help send some signs – Love? – Nope, sorry – What is it? – Oh I thought it was that – Okay fine the answer is promise – It’s because we don’t like to make promises we’re safe – Okay this is a really easy one Many can answer this – How about this? You give us the answer, the we’ll ask the question Is it okay? – Okay put your game faces on – Sweat? – Nope – Oh my gosh. Are you serious? – Yeah seriously – What is that? – What gets wet while drying? – Hair? – I just said that – I just said it! – Oh. Eyes? – Swe.. Sweat! – Nope – I said sweat already – Hey how about this? next question please – No one’s losing here – While drying, towel – Oh I was about to say that – It looks like this is gonna last a while – Grapes? – Isn’t that a fruit? – Bamboo – Cactus? – Clue – Okay we’re having clues – Gelo’s getting tired – It’s unexpected that we’re slow right? – He didn’t expect it – I was gonna ask “Is it an animal?” – Okay first clue building – Company? – Company? – It could be – Yes I won! – He only said it could be – Okay second clue so it’s a building and businessmen go there to get – And other people – Other people as well – What is it? – Bank? – Okay I’m going home, bye – Guys, we’re going to change the rules. I’m going to give clues If they can’t answer Okay here it goes. What gets bigger – Wait, I’m sorry – You know, I really don’t like riddles – Clue? – Clue please – Okay – Do you know Shia Lebouf? – Yes – It’s this movie title – He has many movies – The answer to the riddle Shia Lebouf has a movie with that as a title – Transformers? – Nope – Well it transforms so it gets bigger – You bring it, it brings you, what you brought brings you (Answer: shoes) – I thought this was easy? – You bring it, it brings you what you brought brings you – Walk? – It brings you, you bring it what you brought brings you – I don’t know – That’s an easy one – Shadow? – Weight? – That’s really scientific – Food – No no – His answer is close earlier – Yeah you’re close – In one of your answers, you got close – Your answer got really close when I looked at you – What part? It’s on the lower body – Legs? – Keep going – Feet? – Tip toes? – Nails? – Sole? Is it sole? – Step? – Clue: My t-shirt got them!

– The Lord? Oh! Shoes! – So congratulations to Lloyd and today, he’s the one to receive the punishment First time in The Skwad’s history that it’s not me – Someone other than you lost – Alright, game – I ate five wings – I’m gonna try one – Don’t get it all – I’m only getting one I’m trying it – How is it? – It’s not spicy – So all of you guys tried the wings and the baked sushi – This is spicy dude – It is now spicy because this one’s got all the sauce – So what are your favorite flavors? – For me, I’ll start with Korean Gochu and then Garlic Parmesan – For me, those are my favorites – For me, I like the Lemon Pepper and Garlic Parmesan – For me, it’s the Korean Gochu, Lemon pepper, and the Garlic Parmesan – For me, it’s the Korean Gochu and the Classic Buffalo – The spicy one’s not my favorite – I’m gonna go with Korean Gochu and Lemon Pepper – Kudos to the baked sushi, because it’s so good and tasty like really really good compared to the ones I got so far – And I don’t understand the taste, but it’s so good when it’s in your mouth – Water – And because of that There’s an additional Krispy Kreme – So thank you guys for watching, we just want to thank again Sushimarie and Rapbeh – Thank you! – If you want to order please click on their links below In Instagram it’s @sushimarieauh and So order now, cuz it’s good – Order now guys