The Wiz Movie Review! 38th Year Anniversary!

when it is moonwalkers MJ fans and believers it is me once again walk for life and I am back bringing to you guys another Michael Jackson review today we’re gonna be reviewing the movie The Wiz now I think this is probably my second movie review I’ve done on this channel my first movie review was Michael Jackson’s this is it which I actually did around this time actually last year back in 2015 so um this is my second movie review so uh I’m thinking about doing more DVD reviews like this I’m planning on reviewing Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker the movie I’m planning on doing the Jackson’s an American dream review after I get the movie I’m not I’m not too sure about the vision stove because that’s three separate DVDs and allowed the music videos on those DVDs I have already reviewed in my album reviews so I’m not too sure about the versions I might do a brief short review on divisions in my next collection video I might I might be reviewing the ultimate collection just let me know if you guys want me to do more DVD like movie reviews like this I’m open to any suggestions so yeah so the reason why I’m reviewing this movies because we have just passed the correct me if I’m wrong on this but we have just passed the 38th anniversary mark of this movie this movie came out on October 24th 1978 and we just passed October 24th 2016 it’s October 26 now 2016 so we have just passed the 38th anniversary mark for this movie which is why I’m doing a review on this movie so I’m pretty excited to do a review on this movie because this is actually one of my favorite movies in general and it’s not because Michael Jackson is in it well that’s that’s one of the reasons but I mean there’s a few reasons why I like this movie a lot and I’m going I’m going to be explaining those those reasons throughout the video so yeah when it comes to album reviews I have another review coming out sometime this week or next week um it’s gonna be an album review and for those MJ fans who know the exact dates of when this album’s came out probably already know what album I’m gonna be reviewing but for those who don’t know well I’m gonna leave it as a surprise it should be out by the end of this month October 2016 so yeah so now further ado let’s get started on the review for the Wiz so this is the Wiz so real quick before I get started on the review on this movie here’s a few other items related to the Wiz so first off we have the book that I showed you guys a time at the time in my previous videos which is the ultimate Michael Jackson story that I showed you guys this is the Wiz section see is the drawing I drew for the Wiz so this is a DVD by here actually can clearly see so there’s the Wiz just right there and then here is the book moonwalk by Michael Jackson misses a black-and-white photo of the Wiz you see this from the book moonwalk by Michael Jackson just came out in 1988 this book so and that also here’s the booklet from the ultimate Michael Jackson collection this is the late 70s and early 80s section so you can see the Wiz album which they are the newly released an album which is a soundtrack for The Wiz to trauma-focused but it okay there we go so you see The Wiz album right there which I think this is a single for ease on down the road that’s the single with Diana Ross and Michael Jackson I think so we have the early eighties here see this is the ultimate Michael Jackson collection booklet so those are just a few items I want to show you guys for for the Wiz so we’re gonna start off this review by just giving a bit of history and information on this movie let’s get started so this is the Wiz which was released on October 24th 1978 this is also a musical film so there’s a lot of like singing dance and

choreography it is pretty much for musical this is a film produced this was a film that was produced in collaborate by Universal Pictures and Motown productions mainly by Motown which is why you can see the logo here it says Motown productions which also looks at this also explains why Michael Jackson and Diana Ross was in Turkish it was mainly a Motown production but it was produced in collaboration between the two Universal Pictures and Motown productions so but it was it was produced by Universal Pictures on October 24th 1978 so this movie The Wiz is obviously a remake of the original late 30s film The Wizard of Oz I think that was released in 1939 correct me if I’m wrong on that so this is a remake of that but this is also a remake of what was once a Broadway musical at the time was the Wiz the Wiz originally wasn’t a modelling musical that started in 1974 so um this is for that for the most part a remake of the brother musical but in general is also a remake of The Wizard of Oz from the late 30s so because this is a reading of the story plays out the same only there are some minor differences here and there so pretty much ii was advised we have the beginning of Dorothy’s life in the beginning of the movie but um the only difference is that in this movie in this film Dorothy lives in Harlem somewhere close to either on or close to 125th Street in Harlem she’s 24 years old if I remember correctly and uh and she’s also a schoolteacher in this film so there are some minor differences in this film in the world in the original film um and also one thing I like about the movies that they use most of you all who’ve been on my channel for for the longest time now may or may not know that I’m from New York and meet New York State and me being a proud New Yorker I personally like the idea of New York being used in both the reality world that Dorothy is from and in the fantasy Land of Oz which is supposed to resemble which resembles a fantasy version of New York so that’s that’s something I really really do like about this movie and it makes sense too because like I said this is the width the Wiz was originally a Broadway musical so it makes sense that they would use New York in this movie in both worlds because was originally a Broadway musical so yeah that is pretty cool it might mean use so I’ll know story pretty much plays out the same as the same scenario as in the original Wizard of Oz where um Dorothy gets swept away by a tornado into the fantasy Land of Oz only I think that when that took place um when Dorothy was swept away by the tornado is that um during that time is that Dorothy and her family were having a huge Thanksgiving meal so it was obviously November Thanksgiving the winter or so during that time there was a huge big New York blizzard happening during that time which explains the snow in the film but when you really think about it though especially these days it hasn’t really snowed in New York during November or December and quite some time now mainly just in January in February but it’s all still the winter overall the tornado feature in the waves I kind of thought was a little bit unrealistic I feel like the tornado that was in The Wizard of Oz looked a little bit more realistic than the tomato and the Wiz but you know that’s fine so when the West got released in 1978 the bad news is unfortunately the Wiz was a critical and commercial failure so and I think I could be wrong but I read this somewhere where the Wiz ended full like all african-american films I could I could very well be wrong on that so correct me if I’m wrong by Reddit so I read somewhere where it ended African American films that started in the early 1970s so but the good news is that even though the West was a critical and commercial failure but it still became a classic still that many people liked and loved particularly among African American audiences The Wizard of Oz fans enthusiasts and Michael Jackson fans of course so that’s the good news they also came out once again they came out with a Wiz live of a remake of the film and Broadway musical The Wiz and it was the

way it was called The Wiz live and it was featured live on television which aired on an NBC in 2015 I didn’t see that but I’m really I’m really interested in knowing what that’s about so hopefully sometime somehow I can I can see that I’m wondering if it’s as good as the movie or even the Broadway musical I know that they recently came out with a cartoon for The Wizard of Oz but I am seeing that it wasn’t really interested so yeah now for the cast so Diana Ross plays as Dorothy Michael Jackson plays as the Scarecrow nipsey Russell plays as the Tin Man Ted Ross plays as the Cowardly Lion Richard Pryor played as The Wiz himself being a horn played as Glinda the Good Witch of the south Mabel King played as the Wicked Witch of the West Thelma carpenter played as Miss one the Good Witch of the North the Reza merits played as Aunt Em and Stanley Greene played as Uncle Henry so that’s the full cast for the Wiz with that that’s the main cast anyway for the Wiz the weasels that came out with an album they actually came out with an album with a soundtrack of all the songs at Ishmael’s on the movie now it wasn’t that album that I previously showed you guys from the Michael Jackson the ultimate collection booklet that was a single for ease on down the road with Michael Jackson and Diana Ross there is actually a full album of aka soundtrack for the film The Wiz and in total it has a total of 25 tracks all so like I said it’s a pretty much now it’s only 25 tracks if you also included the instrumentals also the instrumentals with the songs that people sang in the songs along the film instrumentals in total it’s a full of 25 tracks there’s three ease on down the roads with ease on down the road sing by saying three times first time was just Michael and Diana the second time was Michael Diana and nipsey and the third time was Michael Michael Diana Nipsey and Ted took the entire main group in the Wiz and just a little bit of interesting information I feel like this is an honorable mention because he’s very popular along the micro Texan fandom there was many other people that worked on the music for the waist but Quincy Jones worked worked on some of the music for the Wiz and I feel like it’s an honorable mention he’s worth mentioning because he produced off-the-wall filler and bad which is Michael Jackson’s albums so another reason why I love the instrumentals and the songs on the Wiz is because they you know they sound like Sammy’s music and supposed to because music came out back in the 70s so they sound like the off the wall and most of you guys probably already know that I am a big fan of 70s 80s 90s and early 2000s music okay I don’t really like today’s music at all pretty much not well not much anyway I’m over fan of music from back in the day so the music here in the ways along with The Wizard of Oz from the late 30s I really do like like the music there I really do like I enjoy it now time for awards that the Wiz has worn the The Wiz was nominated for four Academy Awards which the four Academy Awards being best art Direction best costume design best original music score and Best Cinematography but unfortunately it didn’t win any of them but they were nominee of at the Wiz to film itself was nominated for four awards for Academy Awards now as a great established that this film is located in New York in both world so there’s love iconic New York landmarks featured in the film one of those being the neighborhood Harlem in Manhattan the New York State pavilion from the 1964 New York World’s Fair the Chrysler Building which is on 42nd Street and Lexington Avenue Manhattan which they actually used five Chrysler buildings for the city skyline for Emerald City in the Land of Oz these five of them Coney Island the amusement park in Brooklyn the Ward’s Island Bridge which goes from Manhattan Island over the Harlem River to Ward’s Island the New York Public Library which has been featured in many films and is located in Manhattan the iconic New York City taxes Hoyt Street squirming horns subway station in Brooklyn which is by far the most cultural subway station in all of New York it’s possibly the bus besides Grand Central Terminal the only subway station to be featured in the most films and it’s also the exact same subway station that Michael Jackson films his

music video bad in in 1987 the old twin towers at the World Trade Center along with the rest of downtown Manhattan which Tony Walton used a costume designer actually got the help of high fashion designers from New York to do allow the costumes featured in the scene then there’s the Brooklyn Bridge which goes from Manhattan over the East River to Brooklyn a much more close-up of the iconic twin towers which used to be at the World Trade Center site in downtown Manhattan and last but not least Yankee Stadium in the Bronx baseball team the New York Yankees so you can see that there are many New York iconic landmarks and neighborhoods in this movie which is something I really would like to see now on to MJ’s own personal experience being in this movie um some what things that he said was that um before he was even called for the Scarecrow for the movie Diana was you know close to Barry Gordy and all that so she already had the parts Dorothy before he had the part as a scarecrow and he was saying that that Diana wouldn’t have any trouble of gang Michael a part in the Wiz because Motown would want him as the part of the Wiz and it wasn’t really hard for him to get a part at all considering Motown actually wanted him to be a part of the movie and that’s how he got the part as a scarecrow Michael also said that um he first auditioned for the Scarecrow because he thought the part scarecrow was the best part for him because he said that he was too bouncy for the Tin Man and too light for the lion so that’s how he got the parts of Scarecrow because he knew exactly who he wanted to be and it was the best fit for him so as you already know that not only did the MJ had a passion for music everything music but he also had a passion for film he stated that he was very excited for this film and that’s very the process of making a film is very exciting and he also and he with the sister latoya stayed in the penthouse in New York Manhattan probably back in 1978 when they were filming this movie or 1977 somewhere that late 70s and he said that he actually got a feel for the neighborhood Harlem but he had never lived there obviously but he said that he was surprised by how quickly he got used to lifestyle and living in Harlem which he actually enjoyed a lot he also was talking about how much he enjoyed having all the makeup as a scarecrow hog and for him they actually took five hours a day six days a week because they didn’t rehearse on Sundays but it took him five hours to put his makeup on he said how everyone else hated putting on makeup and waiting all that time for their makeup but he personally enjoyed it and he said that he would all that kids will succumb to visit the set for the Wiz he was happy and he would have a fun time playing with them and responding to the mess the Scarecrow and answering questions and etc etc he also said that um that it was this experience with the makeup and costume and prop people in New York that made him realize another aspect of how wonderful filmmaking could be because he always had a passion for film and he was also inspired by aloud through old Charlie Chaplin movies as well Michael den was also talking about how he it was so quick from to learn all the choreography in the film most likely because he’s Michael Jackson and how he’s been like that ever since he was a child he even said that he even embarrassed some people on the set because of how quickly he learned the moves but not anyone else so um he pretended to just act like if you didn’t know the moves all too well when they were learning learning new dances and choreography he was also talking about on how sometimes when he was doing serious moments on the set that people would try make funny faces in order to like ruin his scene what she thought was a pretty mean thing to do but he said that Marlon Brando had to go through the same thing as well which is pretty interesting in my opinion Michaels talked about on how even though he loved the old Wizard of Oz script that this new script is something for with the Broadway production something that he really loved because of the atmosphere because the old atmosphere in the old Wizard of Oz movie was that of a Magic Kingdom sort of fairy tale but this new script for the Wiz on the other hand had sets based on realities that kids could identify with like schoolyard subway stations real neighborhoods etc etc etc oh no Michael Jackson really did enjoy his part in The Wiz and they also were Hurst a lot in Brooklyn and Quincy Jones I’m in particular worked with MJ on the Wiz messed with race day before and Quincy Jones didn’t enjoy his time working with Michael ah Wiz and questi also compared Michaels acting style to Sammy Davis jr. who is one of Michael’s other inspirations as well one of his favorite experiences so before we end this video and again I apologize for the long video but there is a lot to talk about so before we end this video lastly we’re going to talk about what query what critics have to

say about the film so basically um when it comes to the acting cast critics mainly have to say how they thought Diana Ross was a little bit too young too old to play the part as Dorothy and Dorothy’s supposed to be a young character I think she’s probably a teenager mainly probably because I think the last actor who played Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz was 16 when she did that role but answered out it doesn’t age doesn’t really matter to me I mean sure Diana Ross might have been a little bit older to play the part as Dorothy but with the acting and the singing and dancing and all that it was still on point and so I don’t think age really matters but she still did a good job playing Dorothy when it comes to the other actors there wasn’t much to say about them I think was just mixed reviews Michael Jackson had the most positive reviews Magne Jackson had the most positive reviews when it came from critics because critics called this critic said that he possessed a genuine acting talent which is pretty true I’m accomplishing that he didn’t really go into movies that much but this film also reminds me of old New York movies like the taken Appel 1 2 3 the set original 70s original version and West Side Story just old New York movies like that makes on the list for New York made in New York production movies that’s pretty much it though if you guys enjoyed this video make sure to give it a thumbs up comment rate share and and/or subscribe form for more Michael Jackson videos and that’s it give the light-footed Wiz keep my clean keeping walking you