The X File Movie

Looked in a mirror lately and seems like your back in grade school? Have to admit it wouldn’t be bad and might even in ways be cool. I don’t think I want to digress that far. It’s taken a long time to get old and mean. I’d have to go back to my youth when life was simple, fun and I stayed clean I’ve seen some super stupid shit in my day but nothing like this! Seems to be a major identity crisis here I can not easily dismiss Anyone who could stand ninety minutes of this should go to my YouTube channel. Took a long time to put together. Makes sense that I am reluctant to just dismantle Everyone wants movies these days. We all make movies in different ways. Go out to the International Space Station and point a camera at earth We are all in that one though it’s difficult to see individuals giving birth. No one knows how long technology will last to watch it or what it’s worth Similarities between myself and Beavis are coincidental. In behavior we have a thing in common that is mental. Friends like Butthead sold me pot back in the sixties. We would trade cans of dynamite weed at fixed fees It’s just too bad there is not any more Now it’s so expensive we can’t afford The story is true, only Face has changed, to protect the innocent. Just an overlay done with a paint program, nothing magnificent The point of interest is one of them is not alive and I’m interested in how she died Her name was Jean, old High School sweetheart I don’t think her death was suicide Turn your heads coppers. All what glitters, ain’t gold! He looks like some con artist to me so don’t be sold. Oh, I would be happy to take your money but who wouldn’t be You’re only a fool and darn it, you were right, the trick was on me. Police should show up at any minute. I can not wait to see The consummate canvas. I’m willing to trade it for the right kind of dog food. They are better than us. Know but don’t tell, those mutts are awfully shrewd. Speak of a priceless art treasure. This belongs in The Getty Museum An entire family of dogs playing poker where people will pay to see them Signed where her manager happened to be a sit-in. All of it was impromptu, prose from what became written. It is right there under your nose! Her name was Jones I suppose? I am just David. They are interrelated. Women hurry to have children some waited. I have no doubt however that we are related Why any ambitious man could become a cheetah So I’m a little worried here. We were happier as stouthearted men. Now it’s a chick or a cat. That’s a career? She is a model and he works for some cheesy snack food company Why there’s no comparison. Who even works? None that I know, not hardly any Patricia Anne Van Duyne aka Norah Jones performed in the early nineties. More so than money people seek recognition and praise pray define these. Like patents on medicine stage performance copyright by individuals expire. So it is a matter by people interested only in the money as to who they hire Contact lens and a wig. It is Patricia Anne Van Duyne aka Norah Jones. Who came before her a real one? One couldn’t imagine what it intones. There have been many practiced actors playing that part under her stage name Eliza Doolittle as example, in My Fair Lady, open your phone book who’s to blame? Now this short graphics interchange format clip makes a statement. I am not sure but it certainly contains a message film entertainment It has to do with cheetahs and gold. Good, bad and ugly, the movie’s old. What’s Alexander have to do with Boy George? Taking over the world. You’re really bored Send pizza now (no roadrunner feathers) lots of toppings! Confound it all I have to be careful of those cliff droppings. All I can see is my next meal going round and round I would like roadrunner in it or anything nutritious you found. I am thinking of another bird trap that would really astound Towelie earned his stripes. I don’t know how but yipes. All he does is get high and gripes It had become specific to an accomplishment of all our missions. Military supply trains were useless, soldiers helpless without him Imagine going to war without a towel. May as well forget the ammunition

Send pizza, now! Been chasing Roadrunner and got nothing but feathers. Acme Products no help, nothing it sent works. I have quit my endeavors. Screw it, I’ll get pizza instead of rocket shoes. I need a new plan. One any coyote could not confuse. It will come to me. The new plan I have yet to choose It’s only a matter of time till Facebook bans me again. Were it a person without clothes there’d be trouble then. Identity theft is a major issue look where they begin. I like being keen on legality having been taken advantage of. When it comes to being pushed it’s not long till I start to shove Cause I can go shopping that’s a thing! A new breakfast cereal that has a meaning. People would buy it just for the box it’s in. A hologram cost more than cereal by him. So sue me, fact is the whole thing’s empty. Still you remembered the scene, tempt me. Marshmallow Brand Flakes what could it be? Do you hear something? There is certainly a buzzing. Don’t know what it could be What were we discussing? It keeps going around and around in my head. I’m always worried about work and having no bread. The world is out there. My aim is to find it. Do not confuse me now this may take a little bit Do you have any idea what cereal costs these days, a box of the stuff? I think the guy’s freaked out because his wife has become unreasonably tough. Sent him out for dinner and he comes back with a new, younger girlfriend. It’s not surprising because all those millions of dollars were made by him I am your father’s spirit, Kermit. Doomed to wander the night. For the day to fast in fires for the foul crimes of your spent delight spin then swim away. But that I am forbid To tell or write the secrets of my prison house, I could a tale unfold whose lightest word would harrow up thy very soul I had always known what it is to be just plain stupid. Before the U.S. Army’s effect on my mind diluted. Just act dumb and follow your orders to the letter. Think of things as a joke and you will feel better. Even when it is cold and your feet hurt. You grow tired carrying a gun sitting in dirt Let’s face it you’re just another blockhead What goes around comes around you said. Nice that you are in an undulating thought pattern at least. Keep it under control. Do not let your rash temper release. It was great to be healthy, young and in shape. Enjoying total freedom with nothing to escape Big Dave to Papa Smurf, we’re not getting younger. We worry about our clan so Smurfs will not hunger. There is a responsibility that goes with being an elder. We see to it that everyone is happy, fed and have shelter Sometimes I even try to play matchmaker. Not my responsibility it’s up to nature Before and after plastic surgery a little make up. You too can become a fashion plate loving cup. Enough hair dye and you’re forever blonde. Not a single dark hair, they’re totally gone. You’ll stay that way before long. I would take the girl that’s true blue. Smurfette first then turned into you Live fast play hard die young. So get your rush on. Go out in front of a crowd for adrenaline to sing a song. Before long the performance is over and audience gone. Emotion is a lie that can deceive you and lead you to a tragic destiny. You never want it to stop wishing to go on forever like ecstasy David Thomas Kemmerly, Mary Moore Jackson and Tyra Banks. Changing your name is easy Changing your DNA is not thanks. It was quite all I could take just standing there in ranks Frankly dear I don’t give a damn Rhett Butler said honey. I would not take bets on one or the other for love or money It’s one way to see the world. Beats walking and it ain’t infantry. Dumbass Tanker (DAT’s) what the military called us in any country Spent about ten years on three continents in one of these. Ain’t a Cadillac but it’s wheels. GRUNTS (the infantry) best keep out of the way and watch their perimetry A rule of thumb for any D.A.T. (Dumb Ass Tanker) reason that. When in doubt, blow it up, fearless leader. Do not confuse writing no one’s a reader. Close your eyes pull the trigger You’d be dead in time to figure. Boom a round is off and the target’s gone. Ain’t funny do not try and make it a song I see one Dumbass Tanker here and another one who stole a recovery vehicle. Big name actors that made epic movies whose characters were powerfully strategical. None have anything

to due with me except affiliation with military Everyone’s an actor in their own right, most of us short of visionary I’m gonna hippity hop over there and step on you dumb skinny toad. Kermit, what kind of name is that for a puppet that’s always showed. Strangle you with shoe string flush you down a commode. Butthead come over here and get me a baseball bat. We’ll have a pitch the frog and watch it splat practice Choked Kermit with a shoe string and flushed him down the toilet. Just sitting there and watching it seems rather gruesome, enjoy what Hell He did a lot to contribute to our society It gave the plumbers a job. Well it’s another task to Roto Rooter for get rid of one more slimy green glob Nothing gets it like pitch the frog when you’re bored and got no baseball. American as it gets, what kids learn in school comedy will then efface all. You could waste time studying but it doesn’t help when your brain’s small. Think you might have enough brains to be a grunt? It’s infantry, go AWOL You just need another beer. Sit tight, it will be right here. Slide it down right in front of you. Cash your nice new paycheck too. Then you’ll be wanting about four more A shot of bourbon, one of rye sleep on the floor. It’s what all my customers do. Not the fact that I’m working I’d follow you Having never attended driving school neglecting to keep paws at ten and two. It was like any other day headed down the freeway to the airport in the tunnel through. It was the bitch in the rear view mirror leaning on her horn What the hell, and flashing those headlights, who’s she trying to warn Commander Dog became licensed to fly the Space Shuttle. Logic, instinct and intuition, it was subject to NASA rebuttal. He did fly, circling the globe, returning to earth. Proving dogs are smarter than people. Returned with a bone. The object of the mission and displayed his use in its retrieval Something sinister lurks behind each underdog hoping to eventually become another old senior Listen to every whimpering pup and you’ll remain nothing more than a dawdling, feeble dreamer. Grab him by his scrawny tail and pull him out of the sky. Young good hearted champion, whenever he passes by Seek to become a champion of the common man with a heart that’s pure. You need not be rich or famous but in your means and methods be sure. There’s a lifetime partner for you if the hardships you can ultimately endure Think of your alter ego. Work for a living Let your heart be an entrepreneur Some lifetime partnerships last a long time, are enduring, others never last. Here is an interesting one. Began when she was ten or so way in the past. Her name’s Patty. She’s the one. Started something couldn’t be undone Besides an artistic style, Norah Jones was one. It also included my son It’s earth you bunhead, get it right where we are. Because it’s a hell of a long way to another star. That life arose anywhere else could be a likelihood. But let’s face it. It sure ain’t anywhere near our neighborhood So the chances of getting here to there in one lifetime are not very good Hello from Mister Spacey. His mind is in outer space and focused rarely here on earth. There’s nothing to be done about it. Like Elvis, Prince or Michael Jackson it ain’t bout what we’re worth. No, man, it’s about girls to do our bidding. Of course we’re all one big family who are we kidding Hi tech, low tech, no tech, ideology wins conflicts, not a better stick. Low tech perseverance will wear patience of any seeking swift justice If you feel you’re right, stick with it In the universe there’s nothing but time What you are hurrying toward might be you own demise in any long climb Hate to say it but democracy doesn’t always, in each and every case, win. Survival of the fittest doesn’t always get it. It’s what fits environments it’s in. Not involving natural selection because birds and bees do not vote. Think more about the weather, atmosphere and our vegetation denote Wouldn’t you know, God’s been goofing oh. I think he came in a singularity. He’s not a goof, yes he created those, everything else we happen to know. He made a lot of stone too. So if you’re feeling particularly smashed up, maybe you fell into a black hole which lead to a different universe chump You are not to sit before me and my angels consuming your unholy nachos. Without my blessing, Butthead and yourself will not join my muchachos You will gnash your teeth then hurle wail and moan with queasy indigestion. Because

you acted rashly, doing some of the stupidest things in question Oh Gawd, it is dull writing again, home movies and what a waste of time. As if I had anything better to do the remainder of my life but blow my mind. It’s like British humor, Monty Python’s Flying Circus show was soaring! Counting individual frames and imagining what to say gets very boring Cat I somehow feel deceived from what we perceived and even believed. Crap it isn’t that I am special or that there’s anything I have really achieved. Lies we were told. Left to watch over and took it you were our leader We should justifiably have gotten prizes instead mom wouldn’t feed her! In the end Kermit the frog, Beavis and Butthead all got what was due them. A girl, tired of their antics, decided guys were the same and got rid of him. Beavis in particular was a male that due to conceded ways deserved to die. Most useless duo in media there was no reason for creating them, why? Kermit’s in heaven, Beavis and Butthead are in hell. Figure lives they dwell. Hit the toad with a bat and watch it to splat That’s too malicious to impel. Beavis stepped on the poor frog and ground him into the dirt with his heel. Guess what, there’s a Karma and a wheel so you know how it may feel God ain’t always a man he’s a woman too Jesus and Mary made me and you. So when you see them coming in a cloud counting the good and taboo don’t think a man. It may be a lady too. A human we embody as our creator They don’t always get along either. Like any couple, we pray to a holy vindicator Beavis tried but there were a lot of tadpoles in the race. Not being the fastest swimmer and a lot of ladies looking to punch his ugly face. There’s not much chance for a guy like that. Who needs a dead beat to multiply Give me that gun and plenty of ammunition, let me go out and give it a try Fond memories of far away places I was stationed in the Army. If you want to get down and dirty it’s a tour of duty don’t disarm me. The North’s very hostile so we were always on alert, weapons loaded. I worried more about our own stuff when someone stepped in front of me or something exploded Slugging it out as a Dumbass Tanker over in Europe back in the eighties. Rather than tear up property or autobahn we’d move tanks by train with less ease. Cold in winter pray the heater don’t break down and freeze Nice modern cities with plenty to see and do. On leave we would enjoy the gaieties Oh why bother? You know we can just eat salad with our fingers. The war, terrible places I’d been and death of our great thinkers I only want to draw like that. Most of the time I have trouble just finding my hat. It’s why I don’t go out anymore. The world’s scary. I won’t sit where someone sat Think of another place to go. Shuffle someplace like Buffalo. Glancing around it looks more like Frankfurt Main. The Nuremberg station I know. Well that’d be a great journey from Southern California. There it gets cold in winter. Slide through and don’t worry about silverware, you’re salad fingers Survival dog, stick and pocket knife in cliff dwellings of Durango. I was on leave from Fort Benning Georgia, fishing, was how that goes. Living out in the Rocky Mountains is a trip. Extreme climate changes year round I get complacent living by the warm sea. Best friend man can have is a hound Seventy five went to South Korea in the United States Army Second Infantry Division from Carson Colorado. Weather wouldn’t harm me One cold son of a bitch. A shocker compared to Southern California. You could die from frostbite and hypothermia. Living outdoors there takes training I’ll warn ya There’s thought one time of forming some kind of militia to defend the living room After all, it’s a lot of work cleaning up after people who mess the place up with a broom. All it would take is some new rifles and our herd. Supreme ruler’s be a toss up between granny and fearless leader I heard The boundaries of stupidity are completely endless and often contagious. End it before it begins. For your good and the good of others it’s advantageous. Should a disease like Mister Beavis spread throughout the free world A hard core communist takeover of the west could quickly become unfurled This story began as a hardened, more accurately, dumbass tanker. Yes sir, no sir, is really all you have to know. Where you are and where did that last round go? We’ll find it. Oh, you may have killed a colonel. I swear to God that one was a chicken. He wound up Kentucky

fried for the same reason So who killed Sanderson? Anyone care to fill that in? And no it’s hearsay, it wasn’t me or him. Only I certainly knew the person’s father. Related to my son by blood. Rumored a murder most foul. By friendlies too and that’s why I hate armed forces. Women too and why things wind up in divorces Space would be nice. Since I spend half my time there anyway. Staring out into to The Milky Way thinking of something creative to say. Most people don’t talk to me anymore except to order me around and I don’t listen If I had a boss and you were it, I might give you your due attention Nineteen seventy five, seventy six in South Korea with the Second D. We were stationed in air defense artillery. My sweetheart was Young Su Chi. It may not be an exact match some eggs are hard to hatch. It’s from my memory. Last time I saw her was Bank of America she didn’t stay to talk of treasury Saucer guy’s with it, floating on his plate, don’t get in his way. Looks like some kind of a vaporizing weapon he’s got, a death ray. Well it’s just funny I don’t believe in spacemen or ghosts floating round on air Bet I could knock him down with rocks and a leather sling where he’s sitting there In nineteen eighty two and three I once again repatriated myself with Second D. This time in tanks at Camp Gary Owen outside Yongjugol South Korea you see. Seems I couldn’t get enough of the ladies. Yim Su Cha, head Mama San. You get tired of sleeping with your buddies, on a bunk bed, with a man Abductions in hyperspace are on the rise By my count there’ve been dozens and could be more. At my age it would be a surprise So who’s counting. Try your living children and their offspring. It’d have some relevance It’s life or death then, survival doesn’t always have to do with intelligence Saturn Three is far from Germany. Why would Farrah say her name is Donna? Law is a bit different there. I am not saying it isn’t fair. Do what you are gonna. Someone’s always going to intervene, tell you what is right or unholy. Importance is in deciding whose side you are on, righteous to lowly A small military compound surrounded by guarded wire fences. Part of Second Infantry Division, I remember as nineteen seventy five commences The Korean Augmentation to the United States Army (KATUSA) were part of its defenses. We charged it Forty-Third Mobile Army Surgical Hospital Unit expenses Lost in action on life’s lonely highway Close as I can tell it was accidental. I am not one to be accusational. Left her by the roadside unsentimental. Pulling back to the highway she was alive. I thought to turn back She was with another guy. Is that’s not heartbreak? I’ve known quite a few, why? Like gentlemen, ladies come in varying shades of gray you might say. Talking black and white, day or night, more like dusk to dawn they lay. Many different languages but all have the same pretty, encouraging smiles. It’s what spurs me on in any country whether I’m chasing or being pursued the miles Struggle for resources. Desire to reproduce The capacity availability. Why continue? Everything living’s destined to die, it’s futility Existence might be happier as some long lasting energy, fusion like the sun. It doesn’t go on forever, it runs out of fuel. Then like living, the fun is done Eyewitness and hearsay, gossip and rumor is what propaganda does to media. News secondhand that has a sponsor is used to induce focus schizophrenia. It’s main objective is still advertising and channel ratings. So any alarmist’s story should be taken in context with the full universe’s weightings It is good to be lucky, better to be exact When luck comes you’re ready. That’s what Ernest Hemingway said, word that effectively steady. The meaning that good fortune at the wrong time goes to no effective purpose. While when it comes at just the right time it can be used to better serve us Talk of phonies. Screwball Squirrel’s one, Deputy Dog and Top Cat. A real sheriff deputy standing in front of me? Well I’d not be wanted for that. Me, my brothers and sisters be mesmerised and fight over our only bike We were like, not quite in school. Had nice friends, ran over em with a trike It ain’t nam it’s Fort Benning. It’s

training, not combat, a good simulation. Not fun and games but a lot of hard work. It goes into any military operation. When people die the causes come under close scrutiny as to responsibility. Determinations of punishment and reward justify individuals ability What spurs effort is determined desire to better adversaries. Us against them, team effort. Species or nation, soccer or football, it varies. The workout helps your cardiovascular system, nonetheless, keep it up! In the end just relax and take a breather. Overall your metabolism is less corrupt Go ahead gopher it. Vincent Van Gopher it! He’s locked in Deputy Dawg’s jail. Another cartoon phoney. Painting on the sidewalk No one to post his bail. Law enforcement as The Andy Griffith Show. He’s a regular Huckleberry Hound. Not the same color but by comparable lawyer and court system bound While it’s possible to alter biology, breed life for desired modification. There’s not a lot to be done to control our total environment situation. The weather and atmosphere are set in place by forces of solar creation The system we live in is stardust not subject to man’s transformation Wouldn’t you know, about every sixty five million years a mass extinction. Earth is due for one. Their cause isn’t clear. It lacks distinction. Random toss of the dice till our number’s up and a big rock hits us? There’s a lot of space debris left over from the formation of the planets to discuss Sometimes the instability of cores sets forth tectonics on a spheres surface. Could be the Sun fusing its hydrogen or earth’s mantle making us nervous. In either case what is below can cause a lot of turmoil above. It is difficult to image what’s below or in the earth and sun’s center thereof Recognition what could have or should have happened is completely clear. What one views in retrospect is in focus. Looking into the future it isn’t near. Think you got it right after all this time, it happened before, then guess what. You’re not near. The factors changed still you believed your gut Law enforcement to worry about behind bars Otis might never get out. There isn’t any reason to get out except to find a drink and end his drought. He’s better off locked up. Leave him there. Who wants to feed him? It’s incorrigible the way people treat themselves And what’s it cost another limb? Gamma ray bursts the brightest electromagnetic blasts known to occur. In the Universe from where collapsed massive stars were. Or from the collision of two neutron stars, it could be life threatening to earth. It’s thought hundreds of millions of years ago it may have happened, for what it’s worth We shouldn’t worry about the end of the world and men from outer space. Could be all in our mind, imagined nightmares that aren’t there in the first place. Close our eyes it’ll go away. I opened mine and it was still there Daffy and Marvin, he really is a man from Mars perhaps we should prepare Why do men engage in dog fights? It’s to determine the pack leader, alpha male. One through whom genetic material will flow and course of history tip the scale. Not really, we’re just bored and looking for something to do. And if you’re out shooting at my buddies, well I’m going to shoot at you! Some people care only about how things look I’m concerned how they work. Good looking or ugly everything serves a purpose. Handsome doesn’t hurt. But does it actually accomplish its intention? I’d put more weight on functional Breaking down anyplace, pretty or not, you are still a working couple Mustang was a fun car. Exciting machine to operate, quite a thrill. Average, more or less, in maintenance cost. There were a lot of variations to fit all driving skills. Henry died after World War Two and saw his work go into war effort. So, in many ways, he helped win and saw less people hurt Take life seriously, stay alive. Enjoy its better part over all. It’s not heaven. We are part of the heavens, our visible universe recall. It seems to stretch back over billions of years to a single point of origin. How and why it began isn’t sure. It doesn’t have an explanation. It’s a definition Take the formula for rabbit times Fudd. Grand unified screwy dud. Long as television ratings high an it sells soap your sponsors give a crud. So go for it Elmer, bang Bugs another hole somewhere it’d make me laugh. Miserable old cartoon shows I was forced to watch as a kid, things of my past

A name among oracles who knew the future, Carnac the Magnificent. Posed a question, “What does an alligator get on welfare.” He acted indifferent. The awed audience waited with faded breath for his answer, “Gatorade!” It was a great hit. And his show ran for a long time. It made him rich I’m afraid You live on a cloud? Good till power to the mainframe’s out. Fine till they sabotage the generators, battery and backup route No power supply, even the emergency generator failed. Ever try grouping about in the dark for candles? Surviving in any hospital long, you’ll know what it entailed Be scientific about health. It boils down to is wealth. Who affords it, why I’m obligated to waste time on yourself. It’s a thankless job unless it extends longevity or increases quality of living. You can’t take it with you but the little pleasure it offers I’m collecting as a fee and not giving Flashback, involuntary recurrent memory, hippocampus in our brain’s important. The successful retrieval of memories when needed is there concordant. When unneeded only a memory will not remain suppressed, it is dangerous. It remains a continued focus of thought and can cause an endless crisis to us It’s obvious all everyone else is telling you is wrong. Stop a moment and listen to reason. What everyone’s singing is their own song. If it all seems too far gone then it probably is. It helps them, only at your expense. So listen to reason, the other one What’s going to help everybody’s immense Have a death wish. Does it last? Is there really an end? Criminy, get on with it. To the bitter finish, think a frozen pizza is named after him. You could die from indigestion I’ve got calcium bicarbonate just in case Bitter battle start to finish. Extra toppings I’ll go in my sleep no haste Attention is required. You’re asleep at the job? Someone should be fired! We have excuses. Not getting enough sleep is one of them. What transpired? Half the power grid of our country is out and still you sit smugly snoring? Who was in office? He should be under investigation. Who are we ignoring? Things we take for granted are infrastructure Electric, gas and roads mostly. Hit a switch or turn on the water. You don’t know what you got till it’s gone, coldly. Refrigeration and hot running water. How long you been camping now? It’s scenic out in the woods long as your hunger and thirst allow Put problems out of sight and mind. Dump them in someone’s lap. Any one who complains we get rid of them too labeling them more criminal sap. Then we round em up-n-lock em away in prisons costing more than mansons Letting em fight it out among themselves, killing each other off like famines War like marriage requires no half-ass effort It takes full support. We gave up. The long conflict should have been consummated or cut short. We’re capitalist warmongers? Call a spade a spade. A western way of life? That’s how it’s going to be? Vietnam wasn’t worth the effort. Treat her like a wife Without recovery of his illudium que thirty six explosive space modulator Marvin the Martian will be unable to get a full view of the planet Venus bottom layer. Marvin is in a state of distress because he can’t blow up Earth, though Bugs made a wrong turn at Albuquerque. He wound up in Mexico That we’ll spot intelligent life in our galaxy is doubtful. Look around you. I’m seeing a whole lot of really stupid. In fact there seems to be no limits too. Microbial might mean a lot to microorganisms but it makes me sick. You’re not going to reach it in your lifetime. Why worry it’s not a chick! Will the perversion ever cease? Beavis, Butthead and Donald Duck, their friend. All making it with a doctor at pain management trying to get her to make it end. And while she hasn’t got what they want, that thing they’d smoke, pot. When it comes to opioid medication, she’s always got a lot Artificial intelligence, its creation requires expansion from simple to complex. Matter compactification to lower levels, conversion of dimensions compress. Understanding singularities or a continuum is an ignoring of boundaries. To say there are limits is to set the probability or possibilities Peter Parker is losing it with his spider senses. Aunt May’s going to freak out. Well, you gotta watch it when you’re a superhero

Lots of venom’s been doused. Crawling around on walls and swinging from skyscrapers chasing villains. You could lose your mind and never blend in with civilians Long term stability’s exception to a rule That times are changing is sure. Weather trends won’t last, stay the future as they were in the past endure. Take civilization and it is the same, builds itself up only to be torn down. A struggle to the end over resources, empire and who’s to wear a crown Attractor helps researchers predict what will happen in a chaotic system. Phase portrait for Pendulum with damping saddle points towards wisdom. Father, son and holy spirit swing an entire arrangement back to where it should be. Only in the end it all windes up as one infinity or single singularity That one is all or all is none make as much sense as saying everything is one. In many ways it is true when you consider the origin or source we begun. God doesn’t count. It is a totality. The visible and invisible universes you might say are a domain and we a miniscule fraction in that reality Load Beavis, battle-sight, car, from my position, on the way. Any T. C. knows what he forgot to say. It would take too much time. Kill two birds with one stone. He’s supposed to say fire and what kind of ammunition. I’d just stuff Beavis in the gun tube with a round of high explosive plastic alone Imagine the ineptitude of the Army putting men like these in a Patton Tank? Couldn’t call them men. Beavis and Butthead aren’t soldiers. They hold no rank. Someone left a motor pool gate opened while the captain’s back turned. Who’d take off to a pawn shop with the Army’s stuff? Now you’ve learned Butthead hustle down at the Taekwondo studio Everyone knows this old woman. She is your Mama San (Mother Son). You better watch it useless bushman. You cross her or mess with her girls, she’ll bring an awful wrath on you. From the men who run the place and pay their bills, you’ll learn kung fu There isn’t a final cut when you’re a director. Any footage can be redone. Choosing best casting is difficult because eventually you settle on one. There isn’t any that is the best. Each scene stands relative to the rest. So do what you can and throw up your hands. Holler it’s not what I expressed! They would call him Nickolas Beavsla. His name would become a trademark. Westinghouse, Bell and Butthead bent their knees before his mind, a great spark. He knew that to control current would mean to manipulate the world So ahead of his time credit due him would take centuries to become unfurled There must be an easier way to get fed. Ambush predator like my editor. Lay in wait for anything to pass then strike with the force of an unpaid creditor. Side order and drink adding up sales tax for a day. It’s back out on the sidewalk, sitting and waiting, knowing something will come this way Be there no life on mars look out among trillions of stars. It’s conceited earth’s the only place to have spawned life like ours. Complex life as we know it. Face it, microbes are boring. In a liquid ocean of water bombarded by amino acids for a billion years it can happen instability ignoring Building molecules into complex chains by nucleonic bonds that match exact. Take your deoxyribonucleic acid, its base pairs. Only look at the cytosine in fact. Matches guanine, forms a base pair through hydrogen bond acceptors Don’t confuse it with a hydrogen bomb, no need to launch interceptors Living things use the genetic alphabet of guanine, cytosine, adenine and thymine. Four nucleobases come together by hydrogen bonding to form base pairs like mine. They comprise the language of genes and its building blocks They form the double helix, contribute to how the folded structure locks A purine which contains a six atom ring and five atom ring sharing two atoms. Attached to each sugar ring is a nucleotide base two dimensions flattens. It will always thrill me to understand this coupling by an electron Like a round peg doesn’t fit a square hole is what’s with shared electrons Complementary Nucleotide Bases, the study of modern genetics. Depends on an understanding of the physical and chemical coalescent magnetism Some of the most fundamental properties of DNA emerge. From the characteristics of its four basic building blocks, called nucleotides, they diverge Cytosine links guanine and adenine to thymine Uracil rather than thymine what transfers in cells a form of information. Not building block information, mind. Tell your clone duplicate

or something new. More muscle or an organ You began as a single small egg cell that split in two, were born then Writer’s block, lost in space. Plagued by men in flying saucers. It’s formidable I stay this way for sometimes weeks on end waiting for thoughts more lovable. Hate, belligerence and negativity simply are not what I wish to convey. I’d rather come across words of hope and peace then stay that way Build it up just to tear it down. Tiny, simple to huge and vastly complex beast. How does it happen? From amoeba to a gorilla. Only part of a natural feast. In a way it must be. The carbon cycle or a food chain supporting us. Rather the ocean or atmosphere it’s eat or be eaten, life in a forest I’ll grab a bite then. Needless to say it’s either that or become bitten. Not that I’d feed on my own kind. Stick to different species, laws written. Cannibalism Isn’t the modern way. Wander back to living in caves. Sharing a place to live with a bear is alright as long as it’s asleep and behaves A naturalist, what did you observe? The territorial imperative or instinct to herd? What contributes to the success of species are complexly varied from bug to bird. Obviously it worked or they wouldn’t be around to attest to the success, brag and acclaim it the key to their survival nonetheless Some are born stupid. Others work their lifetimes to become that way. Above all we retain a rudimentary form of humor at play. Tripping over your own feet or becoming timidly tricked is about as basic as a pie in the face. In the animal kingdom there’s no bakers of pastry, no props put in place Goat Hill, Soviet Union, Kremlin, don’t allow movie making in Moscow. Leaving higher echelons of government uninformed, we do it anyhow. This is our secret agent left to keep an eye on the Russian’s affairs. It’s a very good disguise. Takes a lot of practice to get it right and avoid KGB stares The Goat of Homeland Security is keeping an ever present vigil on our nation. Look worried, happier with a bald eagle heading the keen eyed organization? Son of a goat is maybe better than son of a bitch. So it’s not a dog. Could you imagine the protection of our interior run from this fool’s blog? Goat Security Business is in ever increasing demand. After work we relax. Enjoy a nice meal with a bottle of wine before going back to our barn and collapse. Got to make sure this country doesn’t fall apart. It would without me. Gosh, not everyone has a barn Just lucky we’re not living in a tree Billy Goat suffered punitive action, chewing the sleeves off a lieutenant’s coat. He was reduced, Ram Buck to corporal. Left the herd unable to take that smote. He felt it better to remain just another one of the sheep, insisting that he be paid overtime and allowed to get a good night’s sleep Change a name on a document or through marriage contracts where it leads. Clearly stated payback is in deeds calculated by the individuals own needs. Written in deoxyribonucleic acid it becomes part of an irreversible record Better than any mansion or territory it may be the more lasting reward Our mission from commander (Papa) Smurf was to capture or kill Gargamel. The evil cat Azrael was to be eradicated nine times and sent directly back to hell. It was war. We weren’t given a choice and were only following orders. Engage and eliminate anything crossing over and into Smurf borders! A country the size of a big back yard where I bark and people listen. Democracy’s illegal, I’m fed twice a day, cats aren’t allowed Wine will glisten. El Salvador is good. I need to support the army. With help from Russia No one else is giving us a helping hand. Leadership skill I’ve so much of Son of a Chihuahua. You’ll do as I tell I am magic and cast spells. I am a subliminal suggestion. When you go to a store remember the smells. I’ll direct you to the isle then guide your hand to a shelf. You are going to get the item I want you to buy and not remember it was because of anyone else We have found the perfect model for false eye lashes. Every woman wants them. It’s to attract men and to let other women know you have what it takes to get him. Guy of your dreams of course. Takes you everywhere, buys you anything. All it takes is a wink and a dazzling glare to start it happening Why are women so darn possessive? Generally

they’re shy. Men are aggressive. Let ladies make the first move. Don’t let concern over women become obsessive. They need you more than you need them. It may be the fact. Let them approach and offer a proposal. Decide then if it is prudent to act Goat crap in the heart of the Kremlin. Remember because I left it there. Seeking aid for my regime in Central America, had nothing to wear. Only thing Moscow’s offer was a bail of hay that horses wouldn’t eat. I left it for em when I really had to shit and let somebody else to clean up the street Kim, Saddam, Benito, Manuel, Francisco and Idi, to name a few brutal dictators. You wouldn’t stand in their way single handed. To democracy they’re traitors. It comes to societies who don’t care how they are ruled or run People become too complacent to vote or think we should all just carry a gun Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, Nero and Galba were emperors of Rome. During the lifetime of Jesus the world was ruled by nobles Italy was their home. Society then had its high points and low points as it always will From the top of the illustrious Acropolis to the bottom of the hill Most of us want peace, quiet, to be well fed and not locked up in jail. What we pay for comfort is nil next to price of revenge when someone has to yell. Just to get our noisy neighbors to keep quiet we break about every law. Then you have to get in the last word by hitting a policeman in the jaw General Oculus Chauwuawahas and his steed Dachshund Maximus lead the charge. The Roman Army depended on this kind of cavalry to chase barbarians from the soil at large. Nothing stood before the onslaught. Small rodents were devoured whole. It worked provided the enemy was no larger than a mole You do not have to choose only one day of the entire week to become devout. Over a course of your entire lifetime, through good times and bad, spread it out. Try and make amends for some bad things you may have done. Though evil is not ultimately reversible kindness is often remembered by some The cat’s cradle is a finger trick done with string to create a small hammock. Ice at seventy degrees Fahrenheit, cold fusion and a reactor called a tokamak. It’s strange science. Some of it, today, is not science fiction. Cold fusion bogus, ice must be under thirty two degrees, the contradiction A strong nuclear bond in the atomic nucleus is what holds protons to neutrons. Quarks are constituents left over when protons are collided, the resulting cause. You might say they both arose from a dense cloud of quarks Protons and neutrons are those heavy subatomic particles containing mass parts Protons and neutrons contain three quarks Protons are two up one down. Neutrons are one up quark, two down. Quarks come in all, six flavors bound. Up, down, strange, charm, bottom, and top are the names they’re given Elementary particles, three electron and neutrinos make twelve particles hidden I envision mass energy of an electron interacting with a Higgs boson. The effect of three copper pennies rattling inside any tanker ships chosen An oil carrier a billion pounds, half million tons or more. You’re not paying much attention to the tiny coppers with something that big washed ashore Wearing a condom taking every precaution It can barge in your bedroom. Abruptly grab you by the balls, pull you off your girlfriend in a hotel room. Toss you in a concentration camp in the coldest corner of the globe. It’s happened to people who thought they were free and didn’t keep their clothes At communist headquarters, there’s that sick commie pink-oh clan. Fine at the top of the hierarchy. Any working stiff best make another plan. You want a place to live, enough to eat, a bit to get drunk Friday night? It’s the right place. You’re in it brother. Cry on my shoulder. I hear your plight Magnetic field and wave function are difficult to envision unlike money and riches. They’ve been around since the beginning of our universe, earth’s poles switches. You may exhaust resources but not the planets magnetic field The iron core at the center of our planet is why if layers you peeled The capitalist system may be a form of monarchy but the communist way is too. Welcome to the party. There will always be a form of hierarchy, afraid it’s true. Men will never be absolute equals and admit I’m no better than him None’d admit any life is worth more than his own. The chances are slim

Change a proton to neutron by getting a quark to change flavors, how is it done? Absorbing or giving off an electron sounds a likely cause. Affecting spin is one. The up and down are low mass quarks and carry the least weight Charge is what binds the nucleus and dictates the element it translates Atomic weight is determined by a number of protons and neutrons in a nucleus. Bound together by electrons, positive, negative and neutral define things nuclear. It isn’t known at a point things like matter are indivisible For now there are twelve elementary particles, six of them quarks, invisible Look around you and fear there is a conspiracy It’s difficult, see the clothes? Even when they change into something you’d never recognize like those. Yes, the people you used to hang out with, went to school and even work. Now they’re in a new organization. And you thought yourself their a clerk My other car, one I should be driving. Actually it is a Soviet tank. I was in the United States Army in Patton armor on which I wouldn’t bank. That smooth bore gun the Russians have is pretty devastating. In a quick draw contest I could certainly kill it, main gun on battle sight without hesitating I wouldn’t exactly call it a golden age Perhaps they were simpler times however. Complexity of modern computerization and communications left simple forever. In ways it’s made life much easier by creating a dependence on it Try going anywhere without your smartphone today and see how far you get There are some things I’ve got to credit the Russians. But I look at professional In sports and entertainment Americans got em beat hands down unconditional. They ain’t got practitioner sports or movie making in Siberia. That’s where everyone who complains about it’s sent so they don’t hear ya A man wished to watch the Super Bowl read The L. A. Times. Soviet Police wouldn’t see it. Interest in western events are viewed as crimes. Sit in a sports bar in Moscow, watching a World Series you’d be committed It’s off to a concentration camp, never to be heard from again you won’t be acquitted Russia is reforming. Hear they have a stock exchange. Let us face facts however, who’d want to buy shares in communism for the gain It seems almost hypocritical. Is commie gaining? I certainly hope not. That seems to be what happened. It wasn’t financially feasible, economically they turned to pot The average attention span of an internet user is about three good sentences. So what we’d be talking about is probably a tweet or sign at the theater entrances. No one has the cognizance to read books anymore or watch movies, you may as well take a walk in the woods than look at or review these Disco Dave clubbing and out in a car in the parking lot across the street. There should be laws. I don’t think there are except you can rent a room or suite. Why don’t we do it in the road? Nobody would be watching us there. Maybe then you’d get a ticket, holding up traffic indecent exposure, dare Ever long for the old days, the old ways: pillage, plunder and picking pockets? Fagin taught me and Oliver Twist so’s policeman’s eyes’d stay in their sockets. On one thing count, in a bank large amounts. I’m afraid these don’t grow on trees. You’ve got to pick a pocket or two. You’ve heard these Message may be there is none. No news is good news, might say. If that’s the case, let it go at that. Man, why start a fight. I’d rather play. Do you want to make friends or more enemies? I’ve plenty of those. We haven’t gotten along since the day I was born. World’s full of hate, why who knows You’re bound to flounder. Come along with me. Study a new species. It’s a predator buried in sand. Nothing but eyes watching above, it sees. Along comes an unwary victim, a swift move and it’s gone. How it’s done Secret’s to stay buried deep. Waite on things passing over to which you’re drawn Now you’ve done it, called up the Kraken Summonsed from the depths, it lays in wait for the blue whale and ships chasing it to its death. Living on something the size of the largest animals on earth. It’s feared as an awesome fictional character that man’s imagination fights for all it’s worth Nothing beneath the sea is as frightening as a woman scorned on land. Take Olive Oil and Popeye the sailor. They’ve some disputes I can’t understand. What is it he sees in her I don’t get. So skinny she’d fall through a crack. Popeye would fight to the

death over her. She is all a sailor could lack Is there a law of the jungle? It is natural selection, given way to breeding. Farmers want fatter cattle and crop yields. Sciences are seeding. Bring it round to the table or into our barns. Introduce it to farms. When it will feed a dozen people instead of one and not ruin the soil no one it harms What if you don’t have a barn and live in a pasture. If climate allows the habitat Raise sheep and cattle. No cows, you’re left with mutton? You guessed it. When you run out of mutton you’re left with nothing A chick or two if you’re lucky and one better be a rooster. Eggs with no chicks coming At the peak of despair, ready to give up, it is time to be forgiving. Never too late for forgiveness, goes a long way, it may be the only path to living. When you are so stubborn it kills you something is not right. Be a little more giving. See your predicament from someone else’s shoes, you might In all earnest you shouldn’t drive off with a man’s car. I’ve girlfriends that could Give her an inch she takes miles. Off to the store, never returns. The girl would. I haven’t even made the third payment and it was almost brand new. What’s she care, her friend in Iowa’s been driving my car too That’s what I get for being a soft hearted fellow with a trusting manner. A lady in distress and she’s taken over the household damn her. Instantly I don’t trust any one and never again am I going out on a limb. Invited her whole family and all their friends over Now I have got to put up with them? It’s wet and wild. You think attribute to the girl whose name starts with Bee. Beyonce though if you dig deep, discover that it began with letter Pee. That would be Patty. You heard me Patricia, no other actress. This was one who knew Hollywood back and forth People who lived there and worked with I think of myself as a king, treat my subjects as such, look at them as equal. I’m in line at a take out window. Look at the impatient people. It was once more difficult to get fed well, easily or economically. I have a sense of humor that laughs. My stomach doesn’t see it like that, as comically Be careful, the kind of bull you sling. Don’t create tales you know not about. If it involves the opposite sex, people you touched. I’m sure we made out. Directly to the point of what is currently the consequence of it? Does it involve any living offspring and children into this world they too get? Your lifetime is one breath in the lifetime of a learned man like Franklin. In written history of civilization, a heartbeat. Period in a long novel it sank in. A single life is a blink of an eye on an evolutionary clock Anything lasting, look to the stars and planets gravitational ties they lock Darwin nailed it before the concept of continental drift became clear. Later verified how dinosaurs inhabited continents America and Africa far and near. So how did people get there and when did they come on the scene? Chasing or following game most likely out of Africa dependent on climate between There are a few things I was taught I’ve never wholeheartedly bought. Blondes have more fun or that I am one. It doesn’t add up to squat. I’d check with David Bowie but he’s dead. You have me there. And Boy George who’d know if he’s red, gold or green. I couldn’t put on what that weird-oh’d wear Everything boils down to adaptability to change Like it or not instability is inevitable Nothing is ever going to remain the same No one can predict the future in a manner that’s credible. Change is coming and you had best be prepared. No way to accurately guess it. Only wait, see how you fared Godzilla, Rodan and Behemoth, monsters from the sixties, products of radiation. Some frightening effects of nuclear testing, on nature. The atom bomb situation. When it comes into your house on television it’s enough to hide Things could be laying eggs in your attic I’d look to make sure, beside Somewhere in the google minded, boggle eyed brain of any private in the Army. There is a poetic desire to unchain your locked memory with a bottle we all say. And unfortunately it’s a way we would all like to stay in Believe it, at the bottom of that ladder are a lot of people who’d be your friend There are things a man would not want to live through again and a war is one. Fighting it out for your own survival hoping to stay alive one more day with a gun. The recall of traumatic events leaves impressions permanently. For

the course of your life those memory’s shadows haunt you determinedly There’s always something cosmic about clowns becoming musicians with blues. Hard as it is to project black and white throw in the colors to get different reviews. Not that I’m prejudice but my senses need to conform in an acceptance. The pictures bounce off me then on to you as in any reflectance Take a bow animizationing with artistic style Make a statement and give a smile. Eras in film producing took movie making in its glory to new levels, an extra mile. What’s said is on a stage and in a screen on which actors play. It is a long way from what we would experience in real life every day For ladies, twisted talent and bare good looks It’s what men work toward. One of them could be a consummate mate, the kind guys fully like to date. Look and strive to find them, Hollywood glorifies and tries to hide them The real individual that is. Don’t get big ideas over one who belongs to him Why do I still call it film? Today’s world everything is digitized electronic memory So while you could lay it out chemically, an old method. That’d be supplementary Could you imagine painting those hundreds of canvases nimbly? Paint and canvas is how the old pictures were produced, simply singly The old school of glamour. That’s what it was. I could praise it in grammar. That would be the end or World War Two. Movie making in the forties glamour. They seem to be great times for the entertainment industries. The fifties were great economically with soldiers returning from distant countries Stylish, eccentric and wealthy to those who could become exploited like royalty. So join the crowd. Everyone wants in on it today People trade money for loyalty. Please the crowd. Become a star. You’re loved long as you are. After that it ends. The hits you must keep producing to keep getting far Eyebrows, a wink, the laughs, sometimes what grabs at us most is the past. Rather in a facial expression or strike of a match, it’s happy to see a contrast. All that is aged relates to something new and so life continues without you. The world keeps on turning. Young get old and keep learning too Laugh at life that screams. Don’t get too bent on kicks. Living kicks back. Ask some who got kicked too hard, it killed them. Lips together, smack. Still a few did come through, lived to fulfill their exciting dreams. All the pain and hard work, dragged through the gutter dream ain’t what it seems Khrushchev to Kennedy, Alexander remedy. Substitute I suppose in imagination. Anything you could be Christ. Courtisane, Seurat pose Van Gogh and creation? David Bowie past, anything that leads to greatness? A lifetime we’d stay in. Into what time would you be cast by God in any new incarnation then? This is Jesus. He’s a Spartan. This is you Now, who are we related to? Jesus, a lot of us have been a soldier. Why’s it necessary, to who? You might say to protect the nation and God. You would be right precisely. One nation under the almighty’s how the earth should be run. Listen to Jesus wisely Prince, Michael Jackson or Boy George. Listening to music, sitting bored. It’s dawned on you, they’re alive? Reach the top then take a dive, lord! I mean if you’re going to be one of them guys. Hope you can stand success Freedom ain’t free and peace got a price Sorry fellows dying isn’t progress Freud, Michener and Ayn Rand a mind like theirs would be truly grand. I admire literature that is top notch. Love to be a member of that band. Fact or fiction, science and suspense is brought across in their writing. I can write but not essentially well. I require computer skills to spell alighting Murray, Marin and Chase light it up with comedy skills that made us laugh. Hey guys when what you’re smoking gets to an end don’t forget me and pass. They put it out in the movies Modern comedians whose work was groovy. Doesn’t show all their girl friends but I’d be bumping those like it’s my duty Lost in Space, My Favorite Martian and Doctor Who, the X File Movie continues. Those are to name but a few. Of the dumbest shows on television I’ve ever used. Majority of us end up as this from our demented adolescence When that box in our living room was the main focus and most dominant presence Psychology and sociologists come up with new conditions persistently. Classify, give it

names based on cases of patients and statistics insistently. Patent a medication and call it a cure for something not even biological Give chemicals good purpose. To switch personalities from psychopathological Delusional, pathological, manic infers you think you’re someone you’re not. Pathology is persistent, repeated behavior to cover tracks, not get caught. Manic is hurried uncontrollable speech, activity over a period of time. They represent personality defects that identify an individual out of line There you go. Off to the doctor, something dental. Turns out to be totally mental. The doctor turns out is something it’s not Matter of time it becomes detrimental. You begin to think maybe you’re losing your mind and feel nothing at all. It’s too late, you’re dead. There was no point to even call Ought to slug you. I would too. Carry it out long way before pulling a gun. I get in fights just for fun. Get bored watching westerns where it all begun? Join the Army, you may find it a lifestyle similar, reminiscent of that. Even standing in the school yard. It was in a tough neighborhood it sat Get macabre but not psycho. Sure we all get that way, a little nuts for sure. What is it in life we just can’t stand is when waiting becomes torture so pure. Ready for an enemy, anticipation of wealth, expecting it to happen When it does, the torment ends then your struggle continues with passion Work of poets Shakespeare, Poe or Thomas William, Edgar or Dylan know. A kind of satirical joy in their prose is emotion. Writer knows on readers bestow. Each interpreted differently by every viewer, the sentient soul a reviewer Some wake to success having appreciative audience or end in a sewer Peter, Paul and James are apostles who remain martyrs for the Lord Jesus. Writers depicting what he chose to profess. It is a word of truth to free us. Listen for the Lord our God and what he has to say. It appears day to day. See it around us, reference the testaments Follow the commandments way Waiting on inspiration there’s no need to look far or listen closely to hear. It comes through your senses. How things feel, smell, sound, taste or appear. If you’re attracted to it may be good. Turn and run, it’s out of fear. Thank goodness for our feelings or the ones you love would not come near It seems to me that a person doesn’t have a soul. Rather, each being is one. You will get tired of discussing it with clergy. Talk to God, perhaps his son. He certainly had a mother. Take it up with mom. You will, to get fed. It starts with a lot of crying. Eventually we’d all end up dying, instead All I am trying to get across here is good sense and common knowledge. It’s surprising how much wisdom’s hiding in plain sight deserving homage. Quantum gravity, electricity, magnetism, nuclear bonding both strong and weak. Including atomic level the least force causing reactions is of what I speak It’s a day later and I still haven’t gotten cross that point where I started. Which is not much consequence because I can’t recall having departed. We went our own ways in Uijeongbu, part of a province in Korea. That brings back fond, although hard, times and a girl I knew who’d much that same idea Su Chi na and Su Chi me would be what I’m trying to get across in thought. Pretty and passionate, the kind of hard for fought things money has never bought. It helps a little but is not a main point. Desire is the pointlessness That and getting back at things when you feel cheated and purposeless Kind of challenge that leaves one weak and depleted of all emotions. A worn bed spread on which one casts their unending grief and devotions. Years of suppressed memory put into a story where it’s brought to light The city of Seoul laying dormant. A tale of survival. Korea, why they put up a fight? Ground is too cold to drive a tent peg in Lots of food, no need to beg? Plenty of water only it’s frozen? Winter came early, try and cook an egg. Wake up Private Snafu over there. Get this mean, green machine grinding The world is full of unfortunates who’d live in your cozy place. I’d be minding The name given to a discarded outer sheath is French word for wooden shoe or sabot. For APDS projectile, the sabot, is known as a pot. It resembles a flower pot. The shape has a sharp tungsten carbide or depleted uranium

projectile, (Armor Piercing Discarding Sheath) surrounding that hardened metal If we could come to agreement there would be no need for a military. They have em. We need it too. What in the heck were they for originally? Parade around and salute like we’re ready to die for a country, plain stupid. If they got rid of theirs we could forgo paying for ours is what I concluded Do you find your sleeping messed up, dependent on drugs and alcohol? Nightlife people require schedules dependent on rest in the day time is all. So you smoke to stay awake all night, drink to go to sleep or worse. Ride high on uppers then crash on downers accidentally mixing them and end in a Hurst Drinks her blood from a jagged edge? Dollies, don’t mess with those reds. Barbiturates and alcohol don’t mix. Just can’t come down off your meds. Adrenalin does that too Gets your heart pumping. A sort of ego trip Don’t get too far gone on it. Think your big? Kiss the sky, don’t die. It ain’t hip Forget being a celebrity. About how popular are you? Enough then to kill? Yeh someone would. To take through one long lifetime and pay each bill. Well it all piles up around you. And when it’s big as house then it is worth that. When you’re gone you mean Well buy golly we’re all going to go, drat Eulogize ones who remember you. There is a lot one’s to do with good recall. Anyone you spent time in your life with should have some visual of it all. Not paint but pictures somewhere of you in their mind’s memory So who saved them all would be one with total recall. A vault of retention treasury What is the holy point of drag racing in cars or Indianapolis Five Hundred? To see who gets there first, of course. That proves the fastest, best funded. When it comes to death we all want to win but no one wants to be first To the bitter end that finishes your life is the part we’d like reversed Basically what I’m saying is, “What’s your big hurry?” You have to be first? In many ways life is a race. Don’t speed it stop light to stop light, accursed! You’ll just ruin your tires and run through all that’s in your wallet. You can not take it with you What kind of race do you plan and call it? A race to get it done? Pack all the living you can into one lifetime then die? There couldn’t be that much of a hurry to get it done in the first place, why? Ask yourself every time you set about any task that seems monumental. Break it down into constituent bits and pieces, make them incremental Been there done that precludes there is not a whole lot left to accomplish. When you run out of tasks, you run out of purpose. Find more to demolish? Then there is no point Build it up then tear it down? That is not purpose. Not that life has to have one. Were we’re useless, our maker may curse us A great flood in Noah’s time. The warnings observational or psychological? Parting of the Red Sea during the life of Moses? Both events geological? This could be. Huge ice dam holding back the Mediterranean and volcanoes? Seismic activity would explain the events, not premonitions. Though who knows? Ever experience anything before it happened? As a dream, events are foretold. Awakening, forget, accepting prophetic things you have been allowed to hold. At times they become true. Think about it and wonder who told it to you. Not to say. Each of us are prophets given our warnings about what to do Log, journal or rudder what explorers might use to retrace steps when lost. Note coordinates in order that others follow. This may be priceless in cost. Navigating an open ocean without extremely accurate clocks for longitude. Around seventeen forty it became practiced with instrument’s promptitude Without tetanus shots or penicillin a lot of us wouldn’t have survived today. You’d miss it a hundred years ago. Way back in the American Civil War say. Amputation without anesthetics would’ve been absolute torture to any. It was the only way to save a life if performed properly, infections plenty How can you expect to effect a total environment? Keep it in a container? Oldest vessel date, a Speyer wine bottle is dated almost two thousand years. That’s for a bottle of booze. Sealed it contains fermented grape juice. Imagine it were a spaceship sent to another solar system for us to reproduce Study of solar systems remain robotic. They have gotten to Mars persistent. Earth to moon’s a quarter million miles. Mars is hundreds times distant. Nearest star to the sun’s six light years. Times that by trips to the

moon. No propulsion system today would get a robot there thousands of years soon In thousands of years civilizations have become built and fallen to decay. There are no absolute guarantees the one we have will stay that way. When is the next world war going to happen? We are punctual comes to that. Tectonics, asteroids, volcanic or disease could wipe us out at the drop of a hat Looks likely we’ll be on this third rock from the Sun for a good long time. Long enough to start another war. So moving on to Mars I wouldn’t mind. That’s to say I would rather be on that forth rock when the next world war happens. Putting people there seems feasible assuming any profit it imagines A planet’s limited resources and the environment, we fight for the best. Multiplying like microbes is going to gobble it up then kill for what’s left. We want hundreds of grandchildren and care so little for others or the rest. When what is here is exhausted invent newer ways It is a survival test Environment a crucial factor. We have few ways to control weather. Hope you like it Don’t burn, freeze, suffocate, die of radiation all together. Deep below an ocean where mass extinctions have less effect on life’s good You might not make it living on the surface in what we call our neighborhood Grind of life too much for you to bare? Perhaps the grind is in your mind. Repetitive boredom and that same old routine becomes what they define. Repetition makes things easier. Tasks, eyes closed, pay no attention to those. Complete your work blindfolded. Focus more thought on worry with less woes Left entirely to our own devices what would we possibly do? I have been asked again. I would have machines do all the work while people do the thinking then. You will never get away with doing absolutely anything you want to. Everyone would murder, commit robberies, take drugs, get drunk and screw We need laws, guidelines to keep the majority of the population in order. Law of the jungle’s where dangerous animals like elephants are who set a border. Between claws and teeth, size and strength is a defining factor. Where dinosaurs or people are concerned, it helps to be bigger even as an actor Having clawed your way to the top as an actor who is a person that is big? Look round, find someone’s then out to knock you down to their size of wig. I don’t need to wear one but there are people who impersonate constantly Out to be something they are not. Want to be types eyeing others wantonly Life is a bit harder for a woman. Though don’t think they are slighted in brains. It takes that much more cunning to overcome what physical disadvantage remains. Smart as a fox or dumb as an Ox. Smartest don’t get farthest or strongest last longest. Your changing environment determines what is just Certainly change is inevitable. When and where is weather the same? Never was or ever will be. Don’t tell it different, fool me with a game. The almighty causes the inevitable to happen quite you believe it or not. Make you and take you, like it or not. Nothing’s eternal be lifetime little or a lot Go on believing. No one knows till it happens what awaits after death. Return to creator, start as new remains unknown before your dying breath. Nothing at all, not a bit of energy left. So far as to say, it isn’t conserved? A universe rose out of nothing. Perhaps it’s what we return to so deserved Deserved out of what we’ve done. The Karma analogy extends, rumbling on. Goes around comes around, gets you in the end. Life’s a continuous song. What could make you think it ends after you die? The earth’s still spinning. People keep laughing and babies cry. Life proceeds onward from its beginning Continuing ridiculous parables, add a few words. Make it continuous to us. The world revolves as such. As it has for billions of years it remains thus. Amazingly our little planet has a stable temperature and atmosphere Needless to say without magnetic fields and oxygen we wouldn’t be living here Keep our home stable and sustainable for living things to grow and evolve. Astronomical amounts of time are required. Evolution seeing earth revolve. Continental plates move on the earth’s mantle. We live above liquid rock. Below it is very volatile like the sun. Nothing grows if its light we block I’m disturbed being restrained by limits, speed of cars, number of wives. Stop at one or extend it to infinity. Fine till you hit a phone pole wise. Then there is that jealous

quarrel that gets someone killed between them Unlucky, it’s you that gets demolished and not them. Women decide you or him Frustration with reality causes us to dive into fantasy. Actuality is anxiety. Worrying which way to turn or your destination, what has top propriety? The stain on your shirt or the neighbor’s pet you backed over with a car. You’re paying attention to driving not really thinking about where you are As an artist I’m crumby at best. Rob it, let your imagination fill in the rest. Fading hippies from an era of psychedelics and free love doing it best. On the world at large don’t think the group had a lasting or great effect. The Nazi’s would have burned them Military withdrawal, our final defect We worry about our relatives. A few of them have a screw loose or two. Most of them could use tightening, in the manner in which they treat you. Go show your trick to someone else Uncle Fester had some strange traits. Showing them off to the children bring about serious questions any adult debates A blink of an eye is my film speed. That instant with respect to a lifetime. If the age of our visible universe on a twenty four hour clock you define. Frame speed a tenth of a second. One hundred years is less than a wink Take years to attract someone. Sooner than expand the universe could shrink Were it not for the fact that I’m inspired I’d be a vegetable, retired. We spend most of our lives working for retirement. That is desired. Get relaxed, not to the point that it kills you quite literally dead. It is all a tell of mind. The environment surrounding you and state of mood in your head We do not often stumble on inspiration. One has to actively seek it out. It hit my head once. Stone thrown by a jerk brought my attention about. Needless to say, I was inspired to turn around and shoot him in the leg. He didn’t know I was packing my pistol. Was more a reflex so I could hear him beg Rather you could live in a penthouse or on a farm you’ll want your bacon. According to Mister Haney you may discuss it with Arnold or be mistaken. Where it’s all coming from that is. The kind you bring home? You’re there. Green Acres, you don’t have to look far. He doesn’t belong to Lisa, who cares? Like reading, writing takes me places. We all get tired of a place we are. Fly off in your imagination someplace new you have never been bazaar. Space is a place but I like right here on earth better cause it’s our mother May never find another like this. If so it’s an impossible distance discover Earth like planet, what, ninety six light years from our earth’s sun? Trips to Mars take months. Solar systems be tens of thousands years run. If you could achieve merely a fraction the speed of light in a robotic probe. Earth’s written history, six thousand years to Moses time wouldn’t make those! Federal Bureau of Investigation, Homeland Security or Men in Black. Mulder and Suclly had it down pat. Out there always. Never turn back. They can’t get my show figured out Unsolvable, lacking characters or plot. So tear it down and start over. I haven’t resources to finish it all. It’d take a lot Extraordinary events manifesting divine intervention in human affairs. According to witnesses documenting cases, their testaments share. Whose performer swore to return from heaven eternal bliss Significance of the individual’s lifetime, events that occurred and people it helped can’t be dismissed The successions of people following a creator, countless and unending. When it started, what caused it and why it happened is a beginning The universe we know about. Not to say there are or were others as well. It seems pointless to concern ourselves about them. There is only one in which we dwell Why concern one of something unless it interacts with our continuum? Start to finish it’s unending. No point to begin or end, the conundrum Eternal definitions of infinity, a countless and everlasting awareness. Certainly hope it to be. We all hate waiting. It seems to take forever in all fairness Writing’s pointless, except it keeps us busy and staves off weary boredom. Computer assistance makes it easier. Coming up with another line to some. Fitting the pieces together like jigsaw puzzles. A crossword with implications Adding pictorial enhancement, best I do is copy avoiding complications Why concern ourselves that the earth stops spinning or the sky will fall? Anything’s possible. You know it just ain’t going to

happen. Forget the phone call. First you’ll want to know who it is. Someone always wants material free. Sure, just to get you to spend more money add their service as a fee Clutch your cargo through security at airports like Atlanta hub. You could walk in circles for days. Never find the gate on your ticket stub. Carrying less than an ounce they’re still going to kick you off the flight. I would just give up and light it up in the waiting area. Why even put up a fight? I didn’t need to get on the plane. I am already flying. It was some good shit! Call it Terminal Zowey! For hanging around waiting on planes. Want a hit? I’m going to move over by the men’s room. Don’t see no one wearing a badge. Lost mine, were you looking for something? Man this stuff’s really bad! Learn through listening, silent, objective observation. People are wondering. You may have an intellect. Do not open your mouth and confirm your blundering. Look smart, that’s all you have to do to get by and succeed Spouting off about insignificant trivia isn’t what you need. Open a book and read! War and Peace summed up the entire Napoleonic war with Russia dramatically. A smidgen long winded. It was how Leo Tolstoy wrote, very enigmatically. Detailed down to each musket ball fired at a Frenchman in retribution Attacked by every power that ever ran the world, communism their final solution Obscurity of being a common person who is non prolific is peaceful. Fame has costs and fortune surely takes securities in amounts equal. So I don’t know what you’d be planning as protection if you’re rich and famous Always carry a gun. Hire bodyguards. Keep twenty-four hour police watches blame us? Mother, father, daughter who bethought her Funny, always with the jokes. Janet Jackson an Nicki Minaj aren’t related folks. Guys look like me many blokes. Honestly I’ve trouble telling one good looking girl from the next. I’ve a son something like me whose middle name’s Robert. Who’d be perplexed? Tyra Banks and Mary Jackson, girls really shake it. Rock me, Mary did. Female similarities, I won’t carry it further. Selling swimsuits, nothing hid? Ladies go to any lengths to fit into those things, from diets to surgery Something seems to match. It is not the tops and bottoms. Who is in a hurry? One of these is the bee’s knees and the other’s only out to please so watch out! I don’t mean to be ridiculous but which one’s the actress? What’s that about? They are not the same person other than a stage name both assumed. The girl on stage reading the marquee seems to look the part you presumed Romeo and Juliet left sentiment on me. Romantic tragedy in High School. Played with my sweetheart at the time. Short of suicides like a fool Don’t be tempted to do yourselves in because life isn’t handed to you on a platter. It seldom if ever is. Your life has meaning Seek it out, make it matter I’ve sympathy for Prince Hamlet. Exiled from the place of his birth. We’re exiled more or less, after being born. Expelled from mother to earth. Life then becomes difficult Not so comfy, cozy as before mom began labor Then we must fight for sustenance, social position and with an unruly neighbor Observation is one thing. Interacting with something is quite different. Looking at solar systems with space telescopes a photo magnificent Getting closer with robotic probes, likely confirms data altogether contrary. Probes in orbit with other stars in science fiction’s easy. In reality, not very Posted speed limit still that of light, mass-less particles called photons. Electroweak is how it is described. Gravity has nill effect unlike protons. Even so what is slowing energy down? What we see isn’t instantaneous. Surfing a lightwave, perhaps only in imagination It’s how fast it’d carry us As reference one approaches two it requires exponentially more energy. It is impossible to reach, a neutron that is. Even interplanetary, at that distance it’s a long way to the sun compared to earth’s moon. To achieve sustainable orbit’s twenty five thousand miles an hour. You won’t get there soon Queen of Motown ace named Mary Wells knocked out one hit single after another. Cute cookie, not glamorous but motor city type producer she’d sure smother. A repeated understanding of the basic rhythm a baseline could pound out. Drums and guitar put a message across all adolescent minds forged about Extraordinary events, intervention in human

affairs by that not of this planet. That’s what I’d label an X-file. That could be an asteroid, comet or space man but. Time travel has even been proven. Aging more slowly approaching light speed. Relative to those left here on earth zipping around agreed? Camp next to the event horizon of a black hole. Bend space time. Could be an effect like a time machine. We could never build one of mine. The forces at play are so mind boggling that on the scale of our solar system, it couldn’t be man made. Not by our current understanding it requires more wisdom