101 Facts About The Philippines

greetings mother factors my name is Sam and today I well I’m not going to be telling you anything as I’m away on a hashtag vacay munch mate since you asked but more like sanster damn am i right or am stirred Sam Sam stir Sam sorry off topic here the point is I’m not here but my good pals Kris leaf and Jacob will be giving you the lowdown about the fabulous cluster of tropical islands known collectively as the Philippines yes the nation known around the world for its stunning beaches fabulous wildlife in near ubiquitous nurses but why should you be very careful before getting married in the Philippines why do the people of Manila despise Claire Danes and will this video go ultra viral and inspire an all-expenses trip funded by the Philippine Department of Tourism let’s hope so two out of three those questions are going to be answered so crank up that volume surround yourself with a varied selection of snacks and prepare yourself for a non-stop Filipino extravaganza this is 101 facts about the Philippines take it away boys number one the Philippines known officially as the Republic of the Philippines is a unitary sovereign country in Southeast Asia boom fact what knocked right out of the park we are off to a phenomenal start guys we should be proud of ourselves number two situated in the western Pacific Ocean the Philippines is surrounded by the South China Sea on the west the Philippine Sea on the east and the Celebes sea on the southwest as such the Philippines shares and maritime borders meaning borders for water with China and Taiwan to the North Vietnam to the west Palau to the east and Malaysia and Indonesia to the south number three according to the national mapping and resource information authority the Philippines consists of seven thousand six hundred and forty-one islands which frankly is a large amount of islands interestingly only 2,000 them are inhabited and nearly five thousands are still entirely unnamed hmm sounds haunted try African adventure right Jacob number four I would eat it the nation’s numerous islands are broadly categorized into three main geopolitical divisions luzon in the north mindanao in the south and Visayas nestled between them in the middle how cozy these three areas are further divided into 17 regions 81 provinces 145 Cities 1489 municipalities and 4 – 2036 barangay the native Filipino term for a village number 5 the Philippines has a total land area of 340 3448 square kilometers that’s a little smaller than the US state of New Mexico shout-out to all New Mexico fans and Old Mexico fans we did a video about you not near Mexico or Mexico but we love you all number 6 as the Philippines is located both on the Pacific Ring of Fire and fairly close to the equator the country is highly prone to powerful earthquakes and typhoons on the other significantly less scary hand the position of the Philippines also grants it abundant natural resources and staggering biodiversity in fact number 7 the Philippines is one of only a handful of mega biodiverse countries in the world owing to its fabulously extensive range of flora and fauna including numerous endemic species which are organisms found nowhere else on earth such species include more than 170 different types of birds and 100 types of mammals number 8 in prehistoric times the archipelago’s earliest inhabitants were likely than agree toes which refers to a range of populations inhabiting various isolated areas of South and Southeast Asia the term Negrito isn’t particularly politically correct by today’s standards as this is a Spanish word that essentially just means little black person referring to the group’s relatively short stature and superficially African features of dark skin and tightly curled hair number nine the Nagri toes were followed by successive waves as people from various other areas such as Indonesians Malay Chinese and austronesians even the Far Away Arabs eventually got around to visiting the island that would later become the Philippines number 10 in 1521 and Explorer by the name of Ferdinand Magellan Leonard in Hermann Han Island located in the Eastern Visayas region of Eastern Samar Magellan was a portuguese explorer leading a spanish fleet marking the beginning of the hispanic colonization of the archipelago europeans arriving in a faraway land no no sand sketchy you know what they’re like oh damn it’s your boy a few years later in 1543 the Spanish explorer rui lopez de Villalobos dubbed the archipelago las olas filipinas in honor of philip ii of spain and the name stuck interestingly philip ii was the spanish king who sent the Spanish Armada to conquer England in the name of Catholicism didn’t work well for you though did it Phil number 12 the Philippines ultimately became part of the Spanish Empire for more than 300 years resulting in Catholicism becoming their fledgling nations dominant

religion which it remains to this day however the Philippines is officially secular with the separation of church and state specifically outlined in the Philippine Constitution number thirteen regardless the nation’s highly Catholic society makes the Philippines one of only two predominantly Christian nations in Southeast Asia the other being the tiny super Catholic nation of East Timor number fourteen during this time Manila became a trade hub that connected the West Asia via trans-pacific trade route ease by large trade boats called nila galleons which had lots of trade the routes connected Manila with Acapulco in the Americas taking spices silk porcelain and gold to the new world in exchange for delicious Mexican silver number 15 against a backdrop of increasing indigenous rebellion in the form of the Philippine Revolution Spain ceded the Philippines to the United States in 1898 as part of the settlement of the spanish-american war it was all kicking off basically number 16 in response Filipino nationalists established the first Philippine Republic on the 1st of January 1899 but the United States refused to recognize it little over a month later the Philippine Republic declared war on the United States and the subsequent fighting became known by various names such as the Filipino American War and the Philippine insurrection hostilities ended on the 23rd of March 1901 with the capture of philippine president emilio aguinaldo ending the first Philippine Republic number 17 aside from a brief period of Japanese occupation during the Second World War the United States retained sovereignty over the islands until 1946 when the Philippines was finally recognized as an independent nation with this the Philippines became the very first country in Southeast Asia to get independence after the Second World War number 18 in 1965 however a charismatic former lawyer by the name of Ferdinand Marcos was elected president willing on a now hilariously ominous slogan of this nation can be great again though initially popular public opinion began to turn against him and his infamously shoe hungry wife Imelda Marcos owing to widespread poverty rising inflation rising crime and a whole lot of corruption number 19 since the Constitution befriended him from serving a third term in 1972 Marcos declared martial law in order to remain in power a national curfew was imposed press freedom was curtailed international travel was banned and an estimated 50,000 opponents of Marcos were jailed exiled or killed number 20 following rigged elections and the murder of one of his main political opponents Benigno Aquino jr. the rise of the nonviolent people power revolution eventually forced Marcos to flee from the Philippines in 1986 finally ending his twenty-one year long totalitarian regime Marcos died in 1989 in Honolulu Hawaii number 21 despite dying in 1989 Marcos wasn’t buried until 2016 over 27 years later furious debates over whether Marcos deserved to be interred into the national heroes cemetery prevented his burial for years and for a long period of time his body was preserved in a glass coffin inside a refrigerated crypt in the northern province of Ilocos Norte he was finally buried on the 18th of November 2016 to much protest and outrage from those who understandably consider him a dictator not a hero do you think Marco should have been buried in the heroes Cemetery let us know in our temporarily very political youtube pall number 22 since the death of Marcos the Philippines has seen several presidents come and go Benigno Aquino the third who served as the 15th president of the Philippines from 2010 to 2016 it’s nicknamed Noynoy not only that his four sisters are also known by nicknames veal Chris pinky and unfortunately ballsy number 23 the current president is Rodrigo Duterte who was elected on the promise that he would reduce crime simply by killing tens of thousands of criminals Duterte has repeatedly claimed that he personally killed three people accused of kidnapping and rape while serving as the mayor of Davao City in Mindanao despite earlier statements from representatives that he shouldn’t be taken literally number 24 sadly the Philippines continues to struggle with political violence even in the 21st century in fact there have been over 1,200 political assassinations in the Philippines since 2001 number 25 the flag of the Philippines is made up of two equally sized bands of royal blue and scarlet with a white triangle on the high side containing several stylized stars the flag also has a unique feature as it is flown with the blue band at the top during peacetime and with the red band at the top when the country is at war and now it’s time for your boy Leif I’m gonna tag him for this one it’s gonna be Milo now for number 26 the tar volcano on the Philippine island of Luzon is one of the world’s seventeen honestly named decade volcanoes these angry lava shooting Hills are being

specifically monitored based on the history of large destructive eruptions and proximity to highly populated areas well that was wit number 27 tall is also notable for its physical geography as it is located inside a lake on the main Philippine island of Luzon in addition the volcano’s caldera contains a lake inside of which sits a small island called Vulcan Point this makes Vulcan point the world’s the largest island in a lake on an island in a lake on an island number 28 when Mount Pinatubo on the Philippine island of Luzon erupted on the 15th of June 1991 the volcano ejected 10 billion metric tons of magma it was bad basically however luckily early detection of the eruption enabled the evacuation of tens of thousands of people saving numerous lives number 29 in addition roughly 20 million tons of sulfur dioxide was ejected into the atmosphere over several months this cloud of toxic gas spread all over the planet and was so significant that it actually caused average global temperatures to drop by half a degree Celsius number 30 in the philippine island province of CAM again there are five main towns and more than 10 volcanoes the largest concentration of volcanoes per square kilometer in the world number 31 the Philippines typically experienced five earthquakes of moderate magnitude every year seven earthquakes of major magnitude every 10 years and one large magnitude earthquake also every 10 years it’s a very wobbly country basically number 32 the Philippine island of Palawan is well known for its jaw-dropping natural beauty but it’s also the location of an 8.2 kilometer long underground river making it the longest in the world at least it was until divers discovered a subterranean stream in Mexico that measures roughly 10 kilometers in length god damn you Mexico like we can’t have nice things Mexico the Philippine Trench located to the east of the Mindanao Island in the Pacific Ocean is the third deepest spot under the world’s oceans after the Mariana Trench and the Tonga trench it stretches down around six and a half miles deep which is as almost as deep as Sams unerring love for Jennifer Lawrence Sam it’s creepy please stop number 34 the rice terrace of the Philippine Cordilleras our UNESCO World Heritage Site and are reportedly around 2,000 years old though there are conflicting studies that suggest they may be considerably younger than that regardless the terraces are staggeringly beautiful and are often referred to as the eighth wonder of the world number 35 the national symbol of the Philippines is a Philippine eagle which is a largest Eagle species by length and wing size declared the national bird of the Philippines in 1995 the Philippine eagle is also known as the monkey eating eagle due to the largely incorrect belief that they eat monkeys it is also critically endangered and as such killing one is punishable by 12 years in jail number 36 the Philippines has the highest rate of discovery of new animal species on the play in fact 16 new species of mammals have been discovered in the last 10 years alone there’s a lot of mammals there’s too many mammals number 37 the Philippines is home to the endemic Philippine Mouse deer the world’s smallest hoofed animal know locally is the pill on dock this darling little bundle of fragile sweetness stands about 40 adorable centimetres or 16 precious little inches tall at shoulder level Oh number 38 the Philippines and its neighbor Indonesia are the only places on earth other than the Americas where skunks can be found in this part of the world they’re called stink badgers as they were once incorrectly thought to be more closely related to badges than skunks number 39 gollum zulu Ensis a species of shark discovered off palawan island in the western Philippines gets his name from Gollum the wretched emaciated character from the legendarium of JRR tolkien who was corrupted by the One Ring created by the Dark Lord Sauron you’ll know all about this because you’ve no doubt already watched 101 facts about middle-earth in the lore of the Rings right right number 40 apparently the offspring of a zebra and a donkey variously known as a zonkey zabrocki or z drunk was first bred in Manila Zoo all the way back in 1962 get down with your bad self Zubrin key number 41 over 900 species of orchids grow in the Philippines that’s something you know now let’s hope it didn’t replace anything in importance the meaning of life as of 2015 the Philippines has a population of at least a hundred million people each with their own thoughts feelings dreams and aspirations as such the country is the

eighth most populated country in Asia and the twelfth most populated country on earth number 43 interestingly depending on your definition of the world roughly ten million additional Filipino people live overseas forming one of the world’s largest diasporas in the United States of America for example Filipinos are the second largest Asian American group second only to the Chinese number 44 in fact the Philippines is the world’s largest supplier of nurses with about a quarter of all overseas nurses from the country thanks for the medical help Philippines we promise never to film ourselves riding a BMX off the balcony and onto a trampoline and into an above-ground pool ever again promise number 45 there are roughly a hundred and seventy individual languages spoken in the Philippines including cool-sounding languages like Ilocano Cebuano and war a English and Filipino the standardized form of the Austronesian language of Tagalog by the country’s two official languages number four affects the term Tagalog is derived from the phrase to Garlock which means from the river well that was a nice quick FAQ nice streamlined easy to edit number 47 there is a variant of Tagalog known as cono that is generally used by upper-class youths in and around Manila as such the term cono is often used to refer to those entitled rich kids themselves apparently deliberately as the word originates from the Spanish word coño which is um a very bad word female genitalia number 4s according to the latest census at least 52 million people in the Philippines speak English making it the fifth largest english-speaking nation behind the u.s. India Pakistan and the UK number 49 the capital city of the Philippines is Manila located in the northern region of Luzon the city was founded on the 24th of June 1571 by a Spanish conquistador called Miguel lópez de Legazpi and has a fairly small population of about 1 million seven hundred eighty thousand people however a number 50 according to the UN Manila is the most densely populated city in the world with over 46,000 people per square mile it really depends on who you ask however as different sources use different parameters to get different results basically truth is an illusion and everything is meaningless number 51 Manila was named after the white flowers that grow on mangrove trees the Neil ad or citta for a hydrofoil Asia if you’re a scientist or just a tedious knob the phrase mailing ad translates to there are nil ad there number 52 the first Filipino saint came from Manila named Lorenzo Ruiz he was executed in Japan for refusing to renounce his Christianity despite having been brutally tortured as such Ruiz is also the patron saint of the Philippines number 53 the southernmost district of the city of Manila is called malate which is thought to be a corruption of the Tagalog word in latte meaning salty which was incidentally my nickname at school know it seriously don’t just forget about it all right number 54 when viewed from above Manila City Hall looks like a coffin it was designed to look like a shield of the Knights Templar emblazoned with a cross to symbolize the protection of the country under the Roman Catholic Church but no no that’s a coffin that just looks exactly like a coffin that’s what that is number 55 being in such close proximity to China has obviously had a profound effect on the Philippines unsurprisingly Manila’s Chinatown dates back to the 16th century making it the oldest Chinatown in the world not including actual Chinese towns 56 while promoting the film brokedown Palace in 1998 American actress Claire Danes described Manila in which the production filmed for several months as a ghastly and weird City she went on to say the Manila smell of cockroaches with rats all over and that there is no sewage system and the people do not have anything no arms no legs no eyes in response Manila City Council voted to declare Danes persona non-grata and banned all of her movies from being shown in this city number 57 Tomas Claudio Street in Manila was named after the first Filipino victim of the first world war Claudia moved to the United States as a young man in search of a better life before deciding to enlist in the US Army in 1917 the following year he died a month after being wounded whilst fighting in Europe the Philippine government later decided to name one of the streets of Manila in his honor number 58 but enough about the apparently ghastly and weird city of Manila the country’s most populous city is Kazon city with a population of two million seven hundred and sixty one thousand seven hundred and twenty people a million more than Manila Kazon City actually was the nation’s capital

between 1948 and 1976 when it was moved to Manila number 59 Marikina City in Luzon is often called the Shu capital of the Philippines owing to its large shoe industry the area doubled down on this reputation in 2002 with the construction of the world’s largest pair of shoes the beefy brokes measure at over five meters long almost two and a half meters wide and two meters high number 60 really make sense but you do it you’re like Chris can Mound City located on the Philippine island of Jamaica like I say ah Negros is home to the wonder tree of kanlaon a massive tree that is estimated to be around 1330 years old number 61 often considered the unofficial national dish of the Philippines Audibel is a dark stream of chicken and or pork cooked in soy sauce vinegar crushed garlic bay leaf and black peppercorns the flavor is so popular that you can buy a de boeuf flavored varieties of Filipino snack foods such as nuts chips noodle soups and corn crackers number 62 one of the most interesting philippine dishes is balut and by interesting I mean deeply unappetizing and frankly unsettling very simply balut is a boiled fertilized duck egg with a half developed bird embryo inside it is said to be an aphrodisiac which is incorrect number 63 other unique Filipino dishes include camera which are field crickets fried in soy sauce vinegar and sugar pop Aten a stew made from goat or cow innards flavored with the animals own bile and soup number 5 a soup made out of the testicles and penis of a bull which again is considered an aphrodisiac for some strange unknown reason nintendo64 owing to the shortage of tomatoes during the second world war the Philippines has a ketchup alternative made with prepare yourself bananas yes ba na na s the source isn’t naturally red so it is dyed to match ketchup traditional crimson q at number 65 it has been estimated that Filipinos sent about 400 million text messages every day adding up to roughly one hundred and forty two billion texts per year that’s more than the total number of daily text messages sent in the US and Europe combined as such the Philippines is now known as the text messaging capital of the world number 66 in 2014 Time magazine ranked Makati a city in the Manila metropolitan area as the selfie capital of the world yes it is apparently Filipinos that struggle the most with the trappings of modern vanity tis folly I say folly number 67 in rural parts of the Philippines most women give birth at home a local custom involves burying the baby’s placenta beneath the house often along with an object that symbolizes what the parents hope the child will grow up to be in urban areas however this practice is prohibited by the health authorities because you are literally burying bio waste underneath your house number 68 mature members of the bago Bo the largest indigenous group in the country are known to practice tooth sharpening in which a file is used to grind their pearly whites to a point the group also blacken their teeth using burnt plant matter as black pointy teeth are a sign of beauty obviously number 69 lots of people who are willing to waste a perfectly good military hardware the people of the Philippines repurposed thousands of army jeeps the US military left behind after the Second World War and turned them into public transportation vehicles called jeepneys modern versions of the jeepney can accommodate up to 18 people and are often creatively adorned in vivid and colorful Kitsch designs including paintings of basketball stars cartoon characters religious sayings and even flashing neon lights there are roughly 50,000 jeepneys operating in Manila alone number 17 in fact Filipinos are so proud of their cheapness that they even said one to be exhibited at the Philippine Pavilion at the 1964 New York World’s Fair to stand as a national image of the Filipino people number 71 Filipinos are known to observe an extremely long Christmas season beginning with the playing of carols in attending for most people on the 6th of January with the Feast of the free Kings around four months in total this makes it the longest Christmas season in the world number 72 as part of the festivities Filipinos often celebrate sim bang Gabi or night Mass where devoted Catholics attend 9 dawn services in a row leading up to Christmas Eve if a person attends all nine masses it is said their wish will be granted though if services beginning as early as 4 a.m. the holiday conflicts of my personal belief to not wake up that

early in my life ever it’s what Jesus would have wanted number 73 another notable Philippine holiday is the day of Valor which honors those who fought during the Battle of Bataan in the Second World War after the battle approximately 75,000 Filipino and American troops were forced by the Japanese to march over 100 kilometers to prisoner camps thousands died of exhaustion starvation or execution number 74 there is a figure in Filipino folklore known as the really you want me to say her o as Wang a mythical shape-shifting evil spirit that combines traits of vampires witches and ghouls the Aswang is said to eat fetuses and small children favoring their hearts and livers presumably because the internal organs of the young are particularly delicious number 75 basketball is the most popular sport in the Philippines the Philippines Basketball Association is the first and oldest leek in Asia and the second oldest in the world after the National Basketball Association in the United States number 76 though cockfighting has long been abolished in many nations it is still very popular in the Philippines in fact the country is home to a huge cock fighting competition known as the world slasher cub staged in Manila’s Araneta Coliseum that is not good that’s not good number 77 spider fighting in the Philippines is extremely popular with young people who will even store multiple spiders in matchbox stables apparently the Filipino youth are too good for Pokemon girl snobs the lot of them number 78 Filipinos love shopping mall or shopping centers we daintily call them here in jolly old England in fact the Philippines is home to three of the ten largest shopping malls in the world number 79 the Philippines is the world’s largest exporter of coconuts and tropical fruits such as papaya and mango steen mangosteen which I now understand is not named after nori anyway related to Bruce Springsteen has been cultivated in Southeast Asia for thousands of years number 80 very real first names that very real Filipino parents chose for their very real Filipino children include Bing bong Bambi Joker honey Boy girlie peanuts and bum bum these aren’t especially gendered either you genuinely may bump into middle-aged men called babe number 81 the modern yo-yo was invented by a Filipino American by the name of Pedro Flores in fact the word yo-yo comes from yo-yo which means come back in ilocano the third most widely spoken native language in the Philippines number 82 the antibiotic r Ephraim Ison an important antibiotic widely used to treat chest infection was discovered by a Filipino physician named Abelardo Aguilar in 1949 her Ephraim Ison is especially useful for people who are allergic to penicillin and has saved millions of lives good work buddy number 83 the University of Santo Tomas in Manila was founded by Dominican monks in 1611 that makes it older than America’s Harvard University which was not founded until 1636 number 84 in terms of student population the University of Santo Tomas is also the world’s largest Catholic University in a single campus Mazel Tov by using that right number 85 during his visit to the Philippines in 2015 the concluding Mass given by Pope Francis in Manila’s Luneta Park on the 18th of January was attended by an estimated six million Filipinos this became at the largest ever people gathering in history surpassing a record set by Pope John Paul the second during World Youth Day in 1995 which was also held in Luneta Park number 86 contestants from the Philippines have won numerous major international beauty pageant titles 3 for Miss Universe 6 miss international 1 for Miss World and 5 for miss earth titles making it the second most successful nation behind the apparent stunners from Venezuela number 87 in 1992 Pepsi decided to combat low sales with a promotion they doublet number fever in which numbers printed on the inside of bottle caps corresponded to cash rewards at the campaign’s conclusion the company announced that the grand prize of 1 million pesos would be awarded to whom ever found a cap emblazoned with a number 3 for nine of which only one would be released however due to a third party manufacturing error instead of producing a single 349 bottle cap pepsi ended up with over 800,000 of them number 88 initially pepsi denied responsibility for the mistake and refused to pay up which unsurprisingly sparked widespread outrage in the form of lawsuits property damage and even riots the violence was so severe that several people lost their lives

Pepsi ultimately spent over two hundred million Philippine pesos in settlements not to mention the cost of the damage to their reputation number 89 a less upsetting Cola based Philippine fact regards Jaz cola a brand of soft drink produced by Pepsi rivals Coca Cola exclusively for the Philippine market the drink is available only in the Philippines and is in fact specifically targeted at consumers in the Visayas region in the middle of the country some sources have reported that Jaz Cola fuels Visayan pride among its team consumers number 90 in 1977 the entirety of calorie Island in the Western Philippines was declared to be a wildlife sanctuary and Game Reserve by the Marcos administration to save endangered animals in Kenya Africa the sanctuary contains both African and endemic Philippine wildlife such as zebras giraffes gazelles sea turtles and palawan peacock pheasants number 91 in 2011 a group of Filipino dwarves led by Alejandro their own jr. announced their plan to establish the country’s first colony four little people in order to escape daily harassment and discrimination at the time LaRon was a 35 year old bartender working at the hobbit house the country’s only restaurant run entirely by little people number 92 back when the area now known as Texas was under Spanish colonial rule it was also known as nuevas filipinas or nuevo lorena de filipinas respectively translating to new Philippines and New Kingdom of the Philippines eventually the name was dropped in favor of just Texas because everything is bigger in Texas except the names of things number 93 on the 5th of December 1965 a one Megaton nuclear bomb fell into the Philippine Sea close to Japan when the attack jets which it was attached to accidentally fell off the carrier the pilots aircraft and the nuclear bomb were never recovered and it wasn’t until 1989 that the Pentagon revealed that this had even happened number 94 there’s a popular souvenir that tourists can purchase in the Philippines known as a barrel man which consists of a small statuette of a man stood inside a round wooden barrel when the barrel is removed the male figure inside is exposed revealing a side-splitting Lee hilarious erection oh how we laughed how we laughed number 95 the Cagayan battles of 1582 which occurred in northern luzon are the only recorded battles known to have involved european infantry fighting against samurai warriors number 96 every nation in the world except the Philippines and the strange tiny Catholic city-state of Vatican City allow for some form of divorce though Muslims in the Philippines do have the right to divorce in accordance with their religion the only option available to most Filipinos who can’t bear the sight of that former loved one is not meant as such the Philippines is the only UN nation in which divorce is generally illegal number 97 the Philippines accounts for roughly 43 percent of the planets gin consumption that’s gin credible what fact number 97 it’s not all gonna be gold okay number 98 in 1844 the Philippines moved from one side of the International Dateline to the other which had the curious effect of completely eliminating the 31st of December 8 forty-four from their history of the Philippines number 99 according to a study carried out in 2013 85% of people in the Philippines have a favorable view of the United States hilariously the study found that 84% of Americans have a favorable view of their own country making the Philippines the most pro-american country in the world more so than America itself number 100 on the 4th of May 2006 3738 women in Manila set the world record for the most women simultaneously breastfeeding Mazel Tov I don’t know I still feel like I’m not using it right hey babies it’s a fact 101 in August of 2016 it was discovered that the Filipino fishermen had found the world’s largest natural pearl and had kept it under his bed for ten years entirely unaware of its worth now known as the pearl of Puerto the pearl weighs in at a staggering 34 kilograms so that was 101 facts about the Philippines did you like it did you not let us know in the comments also while you’re down there let us know what you want to see next because how are we supposed to know we’re not cat some kind of magic psychics but we do have this pretty stellar guy on screen right now look at everything great I love him also remember to smash that like button bye bang bang bugs motion motion motion god I hate myself and subscribe if you haven’t already also click that Bell if you want some cygnus tea notifications well I’ve got ya here is two videos on screen right now one of them you’ll enjoy one of them you’ll also enjoy I know I am the Alpha and Omega I am the destroyer I will

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