[This program includes virtual advertiement and product placement] [Huge wind sounds] [A bus arrives] [Where is this?] I’m so excited [Full of excitement ENHYPEN arrive on set for the album cover shoot] -I didn’t know it’d be this dark -Exactly Everyone else seems used to this It’s just us… hehe Since it’s our first time with this [Feels strange for the members since it’s their first time with everything] That looks really soft [What did JUNGWON see?] Giant caterpillar [Blocks out the wind Boom mic covered with a windjammer] I feel like I should use it as a pillow or wipe the windows with it It looks like a feather duster It looks like JUNGWON’s tail [Raccoon tail] A raccoon tail [I’ll be JUNGWON’s tail from now on♥] [Doodling on the window SUNOO♥] [I’ll write NI-KI’s name too] [Sleeps a lot because he’s growing NI-KI is still sleepy…] How about we read through today’s concepts? [Waiting for the shoot Rereading the concepts for the album cover shoot] I think we should As expected from HEESEUNG [Finishes a last-minute review of today’s concept!] [The sun slowly starts to come up] [Sunlight casts over Oreum’s summit] [The set is located on a straight far-reaching ridge] [The shoot starts with the rising sun!] [Solo shoots first The first one filming is JAY!] [Loaded with style] [The ambience goes well with the weather] [An even chillier morning because they’re in the mountains] [Time to check the photos!] [Looks like a model] [Carefully looking over the photos] I hope it comes out nicely [Next up is the youngest, NI-KI!] [Perfect down to his hand gesture] [His expression and the resulting photo are also perfect] [That captivating gaze] This is amazing [JAKE prepares to go next] Great job [NI-KI’s shoot is over!] JAKE, fighting! [JAKE seems a little nervous] [Nervous nervous] [His shoot is over NI-KI monitors JAKE’s shoot] [SUNOO waits his turn after JAKE] [That gaze] [His coolness exceeds the limit] [JAKE expresses the concept well to fit the ambience of Oreum at dawn] JAKE tucks his chin in and it looks good with the background so he’s doing really well [Perfect with the background] Is your face less poofy now? -Huh? -Poofy -Oh, puffy? [Right here] -Puffy -Puffy? [NI-KI is learning one thing at a time] Is your face less puffy now? I’m not sure I look fine once I shoot, though [SUNOO, who looks fine once his shoot begins] [Radiating charisma] [His gaze is perfect!] [NI-KI sets out to be JAKE’s personal photographer] [His cheekbones don’t lie] [Proud] Nice nice nice nice [Huddles together to look through the photos] [Photographer NI-KI’s next model is SUNOO!] Heart! [NI-KI is serious about his photos] [Shooting lasers with his eyes] [He finds this situation funny all of a sudden] It looks fine [Best photo ever NI-KI’s photos, 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed!] [Hehehe] [The person running was SUNGHOON!] Why did you come all the way up here? I ran a little to warm up [Thanks to him, the producer also gets some exercise] Since it’s the first shoot [A new experience Awkward because it’s the first cover shoot] I couldn’t get the hang of it at first so I think I was a little awkward I was kind of nervous since it was my first time [Bites lip] So to get my body moving I ran [Did a light run to ease the tension] [What now?] [The next up is HEESEUNG!] [Showing off his sweet gaze] [And lastly, JUNGWON] [The morning shoots are finished!] [Ahh / Kimbap as snacks They’re given a short break] I saw SUNOO’s dancing Dancing? -I saw his dancing -What dancing? Don’t watch it, it’s so bad I want to see [Even more interested because SUNOO keeps trying to stop them from watching] -JUNGWON, this is what we did -I did that, too [Watches it together] Don’t look [SUNOO’s dance practice video!] [Spin] [Hop!] [Ehehehe] Don’t look [Can’t stop Must watch ’till the end once you start] It’s not bad at all [Proud Makes him smile] [SUNOO practices hard]

I filmed myself too [Other members dance too Just SUNOO’s choreo will be revealed today!] Stop looking at it [A familiar melody?] -Why do you keep watching that? -I like watching the process in the movie [NI-KI is a fan of TOMORROW BY TOGETHER’s CROWN] Showing that they grew a lot [Likes seeing how SUNOO grows] [SUNOO♥] [The shoot continues after their break] [A beautiful afternoon sky filled with clouds] 1, 2, 3! [Peace sign] [The two go well with the beautiful landscape] Wow, we really look like [Checking the instant photos they took] sons of farmers [Environment-friendly] -This one came out really well! -It really did [Super satisfied] I thought [Q How did you feel about your first album cover shoot?] it would be tiring but it wasn’t that difficult There were many parts that I could enjoy because it was fun to make different facial expressions [Using stage fog Startled!] [Surprised even while looking at it happen Startled again!] [With smog they get into position and start shooting!] [Hard for SUNOO to open his eyes because he’s not used to it] [Same goes for JAKE Eyes wide] [How will the photos come out?] [The group photo shoot continues] Ahh!! [The group photo shoot continues] A centipede! [Scared] [The group shoot ends after a few surprises] [Time for a delicious meal!] It’s my first time I’ve only seen this on TV [The highlight of a film set, food trucks] [The members take generous portions] I feel like I’m eating school lunch [First food truck experience] It feels like we should do the dishes, too [Haha you’re right] [Bon appétit Let’s dig in!] [The members were hungry from doing their best] [Each and every one of them eats well] [Nom] [Eating in sync / Nom x2] It’s good It feels like eating school lunch outside Like we’re having a picnic It feels like we’re shooting a drama or a movie since we’re eating on set like this I was just gonna say that because I had the same thought I’m proud that it has that movie shoot vibe Feels great It’s the best [Hm..??] [The camera falls to the ground] There’s an error [The camera falls to the ground] Good luck [Oh no…] [Excited after eating] How do I film this? It’s hard! [Looking for SUNOO’s face] [Gets the camera in position and begins a bingsoo mukbang for dessert] [Nom] [Nom x2] [Nom x3] [Blowing on it..?] [Glance] [Enjoying your food’s what’s important!] [After snacktime ends] [The shoot continues under the warm sun] [A unit shoot with an added smoke effect!] [An even more dreamlike shoot] The sky’s great, and so’s the weather so it made me feel at ease and allowed me to shoot more naturally When we were taking photos, it was like an opportunity to show you our teamwork [Worked through the shoot as one ENHYPEN] If we set higher goals with these members I think we’ll become more famous idols [ENHYPEN want to strive for an even greater future] [All shy] [The members are here to eat dinner after the shoot] [Taking their seats one by one] [Dip it in ketchup!] [NI-KI gets fed like a baby bird / Yum yum] It’s our first time eating out together Right? [ENHYPEN’s first time eating out as a group!] [This must be left on record] 1, 2, 3 [Peace / Me too] I’m really happy [Nom nom] [Yum yum, GOOD] [NI-KI also takes a bite of the meat] [Doesn’t forget to eat the naengmyeon] [Naengmyeon + barbeque = killer combination] This came up today We keep just saying “Hello, this is ENHYPEN” [ENHYPEN’s official greeting is undecided] Hello, this is ENHYPEN [Put on repeat] [A week since the creation of ENHYPEN] Let’s do something really cool [Like this] Great job everyone! Congrats on your first album cover shoot! Thank you! [Back at the hotel after dinner] I really felt that [The members all gathered together] my hairdo and makeup disappeared like 20 seconds after I arrived It was really windy [Shot at Oreum, where it’s really windy] My hair right here went back like swoosh [Jeju and the Three Abundances Hairdo & makeup made useless by the wind] Like I’m the Lion King or something [A wild slicked-back style] Honestly, it was so hard to focus The lawn mower was so loud! And the sun was blinding [True, true] A centipede went by where I was -I saw it -The centipede was exactly this big [This much] There was like this goat dung poop and cow poop But it was horse poop [Fact check] The landscape there was legendary I think I did well on the solo shoots -Yeah, NI-KI did really well -NI-KI did the best -He did the best -Me? I thought NI-KI was a model [Leans back] Everyone does this [A pose that everyone did at least once]

We weren’t posing for anything it was actually because we couldn’t see Yeah, it was really hard to see [Coolness + Blocks sunlight An all-in-one pose] -The vampire concept -Oh yeah [They currently have another cover shoot left] The cover shoot isn’t over yet But I think I can do a lot better since that’s indoors -Without the sunlight -True, true, true I think I’ll be able to open my eyes But it would also be harder It was really awkward at first but I got more natural later on and my expression– HEESEUNG, you talking right now You’re awkward right now You seem awkward right now HEESEUNG, you’re talking so unnaturally [Although he was natural during the shoot] HEESEUNG, are you sleepy? I think we’ll do better tomorrow now that we’ve done it once It’s not tomorrow Oh, I mean Sunday Today… Today… There were a lot What? [Shy] None of us can talk properly! So, since we’ve done this once when we do it again on Sunday don’t you all feel like we can do a little better? I do [Blink blink] -Robo-JAKE -Royke [Robot + JAKE becomes Royke] Royke…! Royke JAKE NI-KI, what What? Huh? Hm? Hm? [Hehehehe] HEYYY!!! Let’s open the door for communication [Calms down] so that ENHYPEN can communicate properly in the future Sounds good [Everyone agrees] [Good, good] The end! [A day in ENHYPEN’s home after the album cover shoot in Jeju] [SUNGHOON is still traveling in dreamland] [NI-KI’s also sleeping] [Ypenies of our future sleeping like a log] [A little late in the morning] They’re still not awake? [Door opens] [JAY came back from school] [Ugh~(?)] I brought all my clothes [Unkempt hair] I slep for, maybe, four hours Lucky, you’re still sleeping [JAY’s jealous that the members got to sleep in] JUNGWON isn’t here yet [JUNGWON is still in class] [SUNGHOON’s just sleepy Blink blink] [Diligent / JAY is organizing the clothes he brought from home] [Yawwn] [Stares] [JAY, what are you doing…?] [Leaving things unfinished is the worst!] [Doing it properly until the finish!] [Currently, SUNGHOON..] [Has…] [No thoughts…] You’re back [JUNGWON returns from school just in time] -Hm? Is this yours? -Yup [SUNGHOON washes up after meditating(?) and comes join them] This is so pretty [Everyone comes around to look at JAY’s rare(?) items] [There’s nothing more fun that unboxing~!] Best unboxing of the age [There’s nothing more fun that unboxing~!] [Rustle rustle The sound of happiness…] I really love this sound [The sound of happiness… The sound of removing the wrapping…] Are you unwrapping it for the first time? -Ooh! -Wow! It’s awesome [Proud] This might fall all off easily You should really be careful [Happy] [I’ll be extra careful with them hehe] -It’s so hot -It’s really hot [JAKE ‘s also up / pitter patter] JAKE, the heater was on [JAKE couldn’t sleep well because it was so hot] -Really? -Yeah, someone left the heater on [The cool living room is the best!] [Like a sauna The room temperature is about 30 degrees] This is amazing My heart flutters every time I wear these [JAY’s new shoes make him happy] [SUNOO gets up, too!] [SUNOO after washing – Age 18, Human peach / Peachy peach] [Tap tap tap tap] [Tap tap tap tap] [Because SUNOO’s peach skin is precious~] What’s this? [Meanwhile, the members are looking at JAY’S other rare(?) items] Then can you do multiplayer with HEESEUNG? [JAY’s happier than anyone at this moment] -Of course -Wow [Jealous] [Doesn’t forget his lip makeup!] [SUNOO finishes his self-makeup perfectly] [JAY is still preoccupied with his shoes] [Shoe lover JAY is just happy] [Precious] [Whose finger is this?] [HEESEUNG’s!] [HEESEUNG is still in deep sleep] [Tosses and turns] [It’s hard for NI-KI to get up from his bed] [Already time to eat] [What’s today’s lunch menu?] Wow! [Eating sweet and spicy cold makguksu in a sauna] I ordered kongguksu [The owner of the kongguksu appears] SUNGHOON, this is the kongguksu [Take your kongguksu] Don’t you usually eat kongguksu with sugar? [Sugar is a must for kongguksu!] There’s this, too [Sugar…?] It’s sugar, right? How do you eat this? It’s salt Oh, it’s sugar [Embarrassed] [At that moment!] It almost popped [SUNGHOON dropped the the bag with the kongguksu broth] It would be legendary if it pops It popped!x4 It popped [Drip drip] It looks good [Quickly fixes the problem Delicious looking kongguksu] Do you put a lot of sugar in kongguksu? [How much sugar do you put in?] -How much should I put in? -The entire thing? [The more, the better / More sugar’s tasty] I want it to taste good [Lots] so I’ll put in lots [Slurp]

Wait! Isn’t that salt? Is it salt? Yup Salt? It’s salt [Too salty / He put in too much salt thinking it was sugar] You should put in sugar Ugh, the kongguksu I really wanted to eat it [SUNGHOON’s sad he can’t eat the kongguksu anymore] -Isn’t it almost our first time eating breakfast here? -Yup Yeah, it is our first time But the thing is, it’s not the morning [Is this really breakfast, though?] It’s almost 12, it’s not morning [Lunch disguised as breakfast] [Who’s the member that gets up when it’s past morning?] HEESEUNG’s started [Late riser HEESEUNG joins them] his one-outfit-a-week wearing [HEESEUNG wears the same outfit every day at home] No, when he wears one outfit, he just [Slurps the noodles] sleeps with that on Doesn’t he wear one outfit for one cycle? Clothes are there for you to wear [True…] [Surprised] Nothing’s working out today [Spill] [SUNOO’s getting ready to eat dessert after finishing his meal] The person who said he’s starting his diet today Hey! Lunch is fine [What you eat at lunch doesn’t make you fat Wise quotes from foodie Kim Sunoo] [Yum] [In the growth phase when he sleeps a lot NI-KI, who prefers sleep, passes on breakfast] [Very different This is how ENHYPEN’s day begins] [Waiting before starting practice] -SUNOO, I’ll try copying your expression -Okay [JAKE and SUNOO absorbed in taking selfies] [Letting out their cute faces] It comes out nicely This is fraud! That’s why you took.. why your photos are so good? [Can’t even talk properly] What are you saying? -Who is this? -This is the default camera! [Not an app] I’m just good at taking selfies “I’m just good at taking selfies~” Wanna upload this? [JAKE likes the selfie] You have to ask me if you want to upload [The ground rule is to discuss when posting selfies taken together] Which one? -The selfies come out nice -Right? [Selects photos like a pro] Is this the best one? [Zooms in] I can just look at you -How should I look through them? -The one I came out the best in [ENHYPEN are serious about choosing selfies] Is this the original? [The default camera] This one’s great This one You always post like this, don’t you? I don’t go this far Is it too much? Wait [What’s happening in his phone..] [The result uploaded on their social!] [Looks like I used a camera app] [Satisfied] Is he sleeping again? [NI-KI’s taking a light nap] I’m going to take a picture of him sleeping! [Look] [NI-KI’s sleeping really well] [To the others the youngest member is just cute] [They each spend their standby time in their own way] [Time for practice!] [Working hard] [Flicker, choreo that NI-KI & JAY & SUNOO don’t know] [Just the three of them have extra practice] Are you starting to get it? A little -A little? -A little A little? Really [The members are a little worn out after practice] Isn’t there a lot to do? We have to learn the choreo for the other songs It’s so hard [ENHYPEN are preparing various songs for their debut] I feel more comfortable than what I imagined [JAY feels better than what he expected] We haven’t even started yet That’s true We’re in the process of preparing to start That’s true But it’s a lot more than during I-LAND [First time preparing to debut First time practicing this much] [Time to practice the choreo together!] [Working hard] [The 1st round of practicing Flicker as a group is complete] I remember this [Practicing the highlight of the Flicker choreo when they link together] Oh, I see [ENHYPEN get the hang of it] How do you do this? [Here? Here?] Then like this? [Then JAKE has to switch too] This is too weird [The dance where they weave their arms together isn’t easy] I can’t raise my arm [Practicing this one move is physically drainng] [They’re starting to get into position] [Doesn’t forget that gaze] [Continuting onto the next move?] [Slip] Sorry How did I do it before? This, and then this again? [Still a little confusing?] [Trying the linking move once more!] [Success!] [ENHYPEN work hard every day thinking only of their fans] [ENHYPEN’s day ends with practice today as well] [Director JAKE’s close-up shot of NI-KI] [His next model is SUNGHOON!] [Director JAKE goes around filming each member] I’m excited for this shoot because

it’s a really powerful concept -Our concept is very powerful this time -Yeah, vampires I think we’ll do well since we’ve done it before HEESEUNG goes well with concepts like this [JAKE, who compliments HEESEUNG] Aw, no [and HEESEUNG, who feels shy] Since I dyed my hair [JAY approaches the two during their interview] [JAY approaches the two while they’re interviewing] -Did you not wear anything inside? -Nope [Happily eating corn] You eating corn like that’s hilarious [The kids find everything funny] [Who’s the subject of the next selfie cam?] It’s the last album cover shoot today I’m currently on set for the cover shoot [JAY’s walking around the set trying his best to explain] I’ll interview the members one by one [Let’s go to interview the members!] You have the last album cover shoot ahead of you [The first interviewee is HEESEUNG!] How do you feel? -Me? -Yup It’s no big deal [HEESEUNG’s so confident!] [How will confident HEESEUNG’s photo shoot go?] [Irresistible, sexy] [HEESEUNG seems super nervous] [His playfulness with the members is nowhere to be seen and he’s more serious than anyone] [And the result!] [The oldest and youngest are joking around together] [Next up is NI-KI!] [Our youngest one is a professional] Wow, that’s amazing [SUNOO feels pressured watching NI-KI] The mood is great He really looks like a vampire He also looks [Filled with style] like a cat He really resembles a cat Doesn’t my chin look a little thinner today? Right? It’s been 12 hours since I ate something [His secret is not eating anything for 12 hours] Although I just had tteokbokki eight eomuk skewers, one dumpling Two pieces of sundae and one corn on the cob [What he ate after 12 hours of fasting] I look allright, so it feels good [Feeling good] -Wow, NI-KI! -You did really well -You were really good -Why are you so good? [Welcoming the youngest] You should do it by yourself I’m afraid of getting compared to NI-KI and I feel less confident so I think I’ll do worse [No, SUNGHOON’s going to do well~] Suddenly? No! I can do better [An apple in his hand?] [Simulating his shoot by taking selfies] [Warms up his mouth] I’ll film a mukbang Hello, I’m Park Sunghoon Today’s mukbang is this and I’ll start eating it [JAY’s type of joke] [He officially starts shooting!] [A nibble of pomegranate seed] [Cute, serious] [Laughs awkwardly] [Next up is SUNOO!] [SUNOO practices posing] It looks real [He’s doing something] [Adding detail to the props prepared] [SUNOO becomes serious as the shoot starts] [Next is JAKE!] I need to practice a lot but if I train in my mind If I try to better understand the concept and get immersed in it my expressions improve and look more natural It’s not about just me doing well We all need to look like a team and look good together [Focused, immersed] and we also need to look good individually so I think that’s really hard [Next up is JUNGWON~] [JUNGWON also receives a prop] [JUNGWON keeps putting everything he sees in his mouth] I had to express that I’m really happy the 7 of us came together but also that it was hard coming this far Since I had to express these two concepts with one expression it was harder [Rich in expression] Whoa Did you just see that? [The members were monitoring JUNGWON’s shoot] [Our JUNGWON’s doing well] -Thank you -Great job [Hot hot] [The group photo is up next] We’re aiming for our debut both when we’re in the debut team [Full of playfulness, full of laughter] and when we’re trainees But compared to when we were trainees I think we were able to [Cute, cool] go through this process for two days with a happier mindset and I think I could freely show the different sides of me in front of the camera I was able to do it all with a really different mindset from before [The next shoot is done with style] Okay, that’s all! Thank you! [JAY and NI-KI are practicing in the practice studio] [Just the two of them practicing Chamber 5?] [The two are practicing hard with the choreo teacher]

[Powerful, full of swag] We did Chamber 5 and we are the only two who didn’t do it on the show so we don’t know the choreo The other members are resting comfortably but we’re here to learn the choreo from scratch Right now, our heads hurt a lot [Headache] [Even their feet are in perfect sync] Take a little break [The two are exhausted from the repeated practicing] [JAY and NI-KI want to eat while resting] [Their mission to poke through the soda(?)] [JAY… It doesn’t work…] [Cool JAY pokes through the lid in one try] [Sips the soda right away] Come to think of it, it was the hardest when I was a trainee Since you trained for 3 more years [JAY spent quite some time as a trainee] I didn’t even train for a year When I was a trainee You probably came here without feeling that yet since you trained for about a year but I questioned whether I could debut I was just waiting while I kept getting older [The story of an older trainee] That made me think, what about my future? Honestly speaking, when I reached 3 years I wondered, ‘Is it right for me to do this?’ So much time had passed [The past few years were really tough for JAY] but I had yet to see a future [Nom nom] So it was really rough For both me and HEESEUNG [HEESEUNG, who had a hard time is eating jjamppong] [Slurp] It’s all over me [The members are all busy eating] You got it on your clothes again? Eat carefully [The members are all concerned about HEESEUNG] I think he’s not awake yet [Our HEESEUNG seems to be half awake..] HEESEUNG, you’re doing this because you’re embarrassed you woke up late, right? [Correct~] [The ENHYPEN members are always happy] S..SUNGHOON..! Just 7…7 minutes..! [HEESEUNG this morning] Why 7 minutes? You were like, “Just 7 more minutes” and then slept 30 more minutes [Why? Because that’s what HEESEUNG did~] Just 7… 7 minutes Just 7 minutes [The members are serious about teasing HEESEUNG] [Embarrassed, awkward] [They warm up after eating] You have to do this, guys~ [Their first time dancing Chamber 5 all together] [Warming up is essential to avoid getting hurt!] [Stretch your legs] [and stretch your arms] [Warming up before their intense choreo!] [They start practicing seriously right away!] [ENHYPEN’s group dance is so in sync that it doesn’t seem like their first time] [Preparing for a Halloween video for ENGENE!] [Their clapping doesn’t allow for the slightest error] [JAY only practiced for 2 hours before the members] [JAY and NI-KI are scary fast in learning choreography] [Cutie JAY standing at the center] [Hehe] [They turn back into pranksters after the song ends] [Practicing again] This is so tiring [Covered in sweat] [Stands right back up when the song plays] [Time to practice with the choreo teacher!] Oh…! [JAY bumped into SUNOO just a while ago] [JAY…] [The members get into position to practice] [The members move under HEESEUNG’s command] [The practicing continues after that without stopping] [Cutie JAY appears!] [Suddenly krumping] We’ll take it from the top in 10 Okay [Gathered around during break] [Gulp] It’s Chuseok today -Guys, it’s Chuseok today -Magpie’s Chuseok [Practicing during the Chuseok holiday] What do you mean, magpie’s Chuseok? Oh yeah, there’s a song for New Year’s [Unsure] [Resumes practice after a short and sweet break!] [Time to monitor with Director DOOBU]

[The members are covered in sweat] [Concentrating] [Director DOOBU gives feedback as they watch] And generally, your facial expressions are too serious Good job today Thank you for your effort~ Thank you! It’s Chuseok but there’s so much to do for our debut so it’s obvious that we can’t rest I think we can do Chember 5 well And our outfits We’ll wear Halloween outfits [They practiced Chamber 5 hard just for the Halloween stage] [Right!] I think we’ll be able to express that bubbly vibe well [Sends SUNOO a desperate look] Now? [Q. Then can you make a bubbly face for us?] [Do it like SUNOO] Then you show us first [Finds his target] -Me? Why always me? -I learned it all from you, really [Flustered Ttunoo] Then let’s do “Ttunoo Heedeung” together [They don’t intend on doing it alone] [A strange noise coming from the side] I don’t think I can watch this, I’ll leave [Can’t bear to watch his fellow members like this] See, you said you can’t Then “Ttunoo Heedeung bubbly, fighting!” [There’s nothing you can’t do in SUNOO’s dictionary!] Come on Start Ttunoo! [Hesitant] Really! Sorry! I can’t [HEESEUNG running away and SUNOO jumping up and down] Don’t make me do it alone! I can’t Stop filming! [And the youngest, filming everything HEESEUNG and SUNOO are doing] -Ttunoo! -Heedeung! [Pfft] [And JAY’s scream from far away…] Do you want to do it too?! [Runs away] -Ttunoo! -Heedeung! Chamber 5, fighting! [The lines of the two cuties are finally complete!] [One day in October of 2020 / Seoul] I know how to use special moves What? Stop running away! [The members were taking a rest at home] [JAY’s super serious while gaming] Can you turn down the volume? Can someone turn down the volume? [JAY can’t, since he’s in the middle of a game!] [JUNGWON listens to JAY right away] [Power OFF] [Huh?] He turned it off [Everyone except JAY finds the situation funny] [But JAY’s too nice to get angry] [and JUNGWON turns it back on for him] He’s having a mental breakdown It’s the same screen [The game can help JAY pull it together!] [Inner peace] I’m hungry! I’m really hungry So hungry Let’s eat [The members enter the kitchen to eat] What is this? Wow What is this? [Food prepared for the members’ meal] This is amazing There’s songpyeon here [Their group monologue is back] Too bad that it’s not songpyeon we made oureslves It’s a relief it’s not songpyeon we made Let’s put them in bowls -Since this is pretty -Sounds good Strategic team effort! [What HEESEUNG does with the selfie cam is moving the side dishes!] Let’s put the japchae here Songpyeon is the highlight of Chuseok -Oh really? -Yup [Today’s the Chuseok holiday!] The highlight is galbitang No, the banchan are the highlight Galbitang is the highlight [Galbijjim, not galbitang…] This is the main course I think it’d be better to put the side dishes here [SUNOO cares about the table placement] [Hmph!] Why did you leave this here? [Perfect teamwork, where HEESEUNG makes the mess and SUNOO cleans up] Really! [Like real brothers] [JAY is in charge of heating up the japchae!] Wow [Reacting to the sound] It sounds delicious JAY, can you also put in chili oil? -Chili oil? -Yup Do we have some? [The japchae escapes] Hey, hey, hey, hey! What? Ugh I wasn’t watching it because of you What do you usually say during Chuseok? You say have a prosperous New Year on Lunar New Year What do you say on Chuseok? [Can’t think of blessings to say on Chuseok] Happy Chuseok [Candidate 1] H.C [Candidate 2] Let’s use this Hotlist and commendations [H.C. = Hotlist and commendations…?] The songpyeon! It’s legendary [SUNOO and NI-KI are putting the songpyeon on a plate] Isn’t this enough? Looks pretty [Done!] You all were curious about JAY’s cooking skills, right? When JAY cooks, the kitchen [The mess JAY made] becomes like this [JAY’s 2% clumsiness] Sorry I respect you as a cook JAY, you’re really good at cooking Put some heart into it No, you really did well You’re preparing hard What are you doing right now? I moved the side dishes [I did something!!] Can you lay down the chopsticks? I’ll do the spoons -Seven people -Please set the table for seven [The members divide the work with SUNGHOON] You’re the only one working without wetting your hands You’ve been considering it important to wet your hands since a few days ago Of course, you need to get water on your hands [Strict SUNGHOON] Chopsticks [Professional broadcaster] We can’t eat without these -This looks so good -An actual legend [Holiday foods songpyeon and jeon with galbijjim, which are always good!] This looks so good [A holiday feast prepared for them!] It’s my first time spending Chuseok away from my family -That’s true -Same [ENHYPEN’s first holiday together!] -We’re a family -Yeah, we’re family now [And with that, they became family] Bon appétit!

[Silence as soon as they start eating] [ENHYPEN are quietest when eating..] So good I hope you all have a great Chuseok Yup It’s nice to eat this with our members [A happy holiday with ENHYPEN] For the dishes Since it’s Chuseok today, let’s play yut [Playing yut since it’s Chuseok] [Game for cleanup – Play a 3:4 game of yut, and if the 4-person team loses, choose 2 to clean up with a card game] [The 3-person team will also choose 2 people with a card game if they lose!] If it’s 3 people, they can play Halli Galli among them [Nods] And choose 2 people Our lives depend on this game Sounds good! [The members split up into teams to play yut] Done! [The teams are split into 4 and 3 by order of seating] -Okay -It’s that first order -Okay, the yut game -Yut! [Which members will have to clean up?] Do, gae, geol, yut, mo Let’s go [The game starts right away!] Gae! [Team JAKE gets gae!] -You naturally just went first -Oh, then we’ll go again -No, it’s okay -No, we’ll go again [Chaos] But you know what? [Takes it away] It’s more disadvantageous to start first -True -Gae, gae! C’mon, gae! [They get the other team’s piece with JUNGWON’s gae] [Flings the piece down] [ENHYPEN is full of laughter] Nice! [JUNGWON goes again!] This is gae Gae, it’s gae -If they get yut right away, then -Yut! They’ll never get yut! Do! Do [The pronunciation expected from a global group] Do, re, mi, fa [Spewing nonsense] Do, re, me, fa! [Still a peaceful game of yut] Gae! [Are they speaking English… or Korean..] Geol Which piece are you using? Let’s send a new one No, just use the one we have there Do, gae, geol -They’re already in conflict -No no no We have no conflict [They get a yut by throwing without thinking] [Joy] Yut! [Despair] -Let’s go with this -No, a little later [The 4-man team is already going wild] I said we should use a new one! [SUNOO… Are you crying…?] If we win, we don’t need to do the dishes [The game war of 7 boys who want to avoid doing the dishes at all costs] [A mo this time!] [Did the variety show angel come to HEESEUNG?] Huh? Wait! [What happened?] [Super depressed] 2 yuts, one mo! [Everything turns out well for HEESEUNG today~] 2 yuts, one mo! [No way!] What is this? 3 yuts, one mo! [Goes wild] [The full shot shows the drastic difference in mood] This is over [Dumbfounded but laughs] How’d you do it? [Finishes with a reverse do] Reverse do, reverse do -Wait, how much? -Let’s do a reverse with this [Even counting the squares is work] -Do a reverse, and get this piece with yut -We can go again after catching that one [Reversing, catching pieces, pure chaos] Do, gae, geol, yut Let’s go here, do, gae, geol, yut [Their moving the pieces doesn’t end] Nice! [Is their victory already confirmed?!] Wait, just two people from our team will do the dishes, right? Yup Let’s [And so you say..?] He’s planning an escape As long as it isn’t me This is an individual match How do we clean this? [They’re already full of concern] -Gae -Huh? Wait [Next is gae!] We’re in trouble if they get geol [The blue team has two pieces left, and the red team has one] Please, just not geol [What will it be?!] -Yut! -Nice! [Somewhere between cheers and relief] Yut! Nice! Wait! It’s over if they get geol! [No one can be sure in this situation!] Geol, geol, please SUNOO, please [The opposing team is happy they didn’t get geol] [Playing yut is still hard for NI-KI] Wasn’t that a reverse do just now? No, no Wow, you’re trying to do do, gae, geol, yut after the reverse do [Knows exactly what JAKE’s up to] Really? What a legend! [Gotcha] When all these cameras are filming this [Read JAKE’s mind] I really thought that was a reverse Go do, gae, geol, yut [Meanwhile, SUNOO’s working hard to move the pieces] Let’s end this! End it! JAY, let’s end with a mo [Will JAY be able to end the game?] It’s out! Isn’t it out? It’s out! [JAKE and SUNOO attack, saying it’s out] Why is this out? [Dumbfounded] Stop arguing! [Failed to argue] [Who will end the game?] It’s over [SUNOO gives the yut to the youngest] We don’t know yet! How can you win? [NI-KI is playing yut for the second time in his life!] It’s over No, we can win Please! We won’t have to do the dishes! [Everyone, this is how scary doing the dishes is] Out! Congrats It’s out [Silence] -Did we have a rule about pieces going out? -We never did [Starts arguing] -Yut has that rule -There is It’s out if it leaves this mat [Will JUNGWON’s slip turn the tables?] -Wait! -What is this? What’s this? [Yut / Is the variety show angel here?] Yut, yut! Wait JUNGWON set off a domino effect [JAKE and SUNOO brighten up] Yut, geol After going with geol first [They start moving the pieces again] Geol, do, gae, geol, yut -Wait! -We need to end this quickly [Really can’t tell who’ll win] JUNGWON It’s my turn -Anything but yut -They need to get yut -Let’s go -Anything but yut and mo

This can’t happen [Why are they so serious about washing the dishes…] No! Yang Jungwon, really? Yang Jungwon!!! HEYYY!!!!! [The members start panicking because of JUNGWON] Out [This turn may end this game] [Gae…] Do, or Gae, please! Please!! Do, gae, do, gae! Please, please, please! [If we can’t go in, neither can you!] Please! [Nervous] Please! [ENHYPEN are starting to lose it] Throw it gently This is really making me nervous Please, just once! I don’t want to do the dishes [Praying and going wild] -Please!!! -Hey~!!! I don’t want to do the dishes! Me neither! -It’s not over till it’s over -Get reverse do! -No! -Reverse do!! Let’s go Let’s go, let’s go [What will the result be?] -It’s geol! -Oh, wait! It’s geol! [They get a geol!] [Gloomy] Yang Jungwon!!! How did we lose this? [JAKE, SUNOO, and NI-KI overturn the game] [Super excited] [HEESEUNG can’t stay still because he feels wronged] I..! I got 3 yuts! And one mo! [HEESEUNG cries out into the air in distress] JUNGWON! [HEESEUNG’s mental stability has logged out] Sorry [Quick to apologize] You can do the dishes, then [Want to do the dishes?] No way! [Rejection] Actually This just doesn’t make sense! [JAY stays still] [The final game!] Should we start? Wait wait wait wait!!! -Let me roll up my sleeves -Don’t be like that! Let’s scooch backwards [Making a fuss] Starting with HEESEUNG Scooch back [Everyone’s super sensitive] It’s the same! Look at this! -SUNGHOON’s the closet -Your hand is like [They start measuring distance with hands] We won’t even be able to start the game I’m bringing a ruler [Suddenly starts the game!] I’m too nervous to play! Okay, let’s go, let’s go! Right away! [Moving things along with strange sounds!] [Flinch flinch] [Our kids are getting weirder..] [Chaos] [Beware, they’re not angry] No! -Wait, no! -Oh no [It’s fun for the people watching too] [Starting again with HEESEUNG, who took all the cards!] [They stop talking at one point] [Screaming] [So funny] I’m done for! [The 4 hands keep flinching] Ah! Ah!! Huh? [HEESEUNG is killing it] -Why are you so good? -Why are you so fast? I’m done for! What do I do? I have 2 cards left [JUNGWON only has 2 cards left] -Then it’s over for you -That’s right [The members kindly tell JUNGWON he lost] If you don’t win this time, then it’s over [Are they being friendly or are they teasing?] [Oh…] -What is this? -So good! [Can’t beat HEESEUNG’s skills] Why are you so good? Okay [JUNGWON says goodbye to his cards] [Flinch] [It’s just a card game!] I’m actually so nervous! It’s you, it’s you Nice! [SUNGHOON was faster this time] I’m doing the dishes [JUNGWON’s doing the dishes!] This was destiny Wait What do I do? I only have 6 cards left [The master of impersonations makes up for JUNGWON’s vacancy] You can do it You can do it! [Who will be chosen to do the dishes?] [The game is filled with tension] [SUNGHOON starts to overtake HEESEUNG] It’s decided [They expect JAY to lose..?] [Pterodactyl JAY appears] Your skills are coming back [Starting with SUNGHOON this time!] [The only sounds heard are the sounds of them playing their cards] [The members start groaning] -It’s over! -It’s over! It’s over! [Over without even distributing his cards] Nice!! Nice! Nice! [JAY, are you crying..?] -Good luck, JAY -Good luck, guys! [And JUNGWON calmly accepts his fate] Thanks, JAY [The excited 5 and the gloomy 2] JAY, JUNGWON’s started, go on ahead I threw the sticks out, so I accept this [Quick acceptance] So cute JAY, help JUNGWON [JAKE urges him to clean up with JUNGWON] Should I watch while drinking some sikhye? [SUNGHOON’s in a good mood] Thanks, JAY [JAY accepts his fate and starts to clean up] [And the five members are resting more comfortably than anyone] ARGHHH!!! The two who cleaned up the most are doing the dishes [Complains] Oh my! [Slippery] Stop breaking the dishes How many times has it been? The second [If JAY asks a question, it must be answered] [HEESEUNG proudly approaches the members] It’s fine [HEESEUNG’s excited back] [The ENHYPEN House is full of laughter] [HEESEUNG’s the most excited when he’s teasing the members] [JAY explodes] How do we clean this up? Rock paper scissors? Rock paper scissors! [They start a game of rock paper scissors to decide who’ll clean up the living room!] [HEESEUNG escapes] Rock paper scissors Okay! [NI-KI escapes] Rock paper scissors!

Nice! [The loser is SUNOO!] You look like the protagonist of a tragic love story today [So cute] He gave up! [Finishes organizing them in a neat pile!] Done, really done [The team washing the dishes is done, too!] [The two enter the living room excitedly] -Are you done? -Yup You look comfortable SUNOO was chosen to clean the living room [One person that doesn’t look comfortable] You guys lost Halli Galli -Hey!!! -You lost [Angry JAY is still upset] Why are you getting mad at us? I didn’t say anything Because I was out [The 2nd youngest acts cute to the members] Just wait, I’ll get my revenge someday [That’s how ENHYPEN’s chaotic first Chuseok ended] -We’re filming a trailer -We’re here to film a trailer I’m Lee Heeseung and it’s my birthday today Happy birthday 5! 6! Let’s go!