Happy Together – Show Me the Swag [ENG/2016.09.15]

Happy to be together on Happy Together! – Hello. / – Hello (Happy Together) I see that Hyeongyeong and Saeho are dressed like – hip hop artists. / – Who do I look like? – You should be Uhmssi. / – ♪ You are you and I am I ♪ ♪ You are you and I am I ♪ – ♪ Everyone looks at me and goes ♪ / – ♪ How pretty ♪ Hyeongyeong is dressed like – a contestant in “Unpretty Rapstar”. / – That’s right Saeho looks like Shin-chan today (Saeho looks like Shin-chan.) Are you sure you’re not Shin-chan? BewhY is my favorite artist My outfit pays homage to him Today, we have a special episode that will teach us everything about hip hop and swag This is “Show Me the Swag” (Special episode on hip hop, “Show Me the Swag”) – Please come in. / – Come on in – Hello. / – Jessi – My goodness. / – San E C Jamm Who’s that? – My goodness. / – What’s up? What did you say? – Hello. / – What’s up? – Do we wear masks on this show? / – No Gosh, his perfume stinks The actual hip hop musicians are quiet I don’t know why Junha started a commotion Other guests aren’t wearing sunglasses Why are you wearing sunglasses? This shows hip hop’s free spirit We had initially invited BewhY, but he had an emergency I can’t believe we got Junha – instead of BewhY. / – I know what the emergency is We had to invite someone immediately It’s good to have a laughingstock on the show A laughingstock (Junha will surely entertain everyone.) – A laughingstock. / – Am I the laughingstock? ♪ Don’t laugh ♪ (King of hip hop, MC Minzy) (Genius of rap, San E) (Boss lady of hip hop scene, Jessi) (The runner-up of “Show Me the Money”, C Jamm) – This is swag. / – If you don’t know what swag is, you should be quiet Please tell me what swag is. No one will tell me – This is swag. / – That’s it That’s swag of breasts (The best rappers will teach a lesson.) ♪ Don’t laugh ♪ ♪ Why don’t you focus on rapping? ♪ ♪ Myungsoo, I don’t know what you’re giggling about ♪ (Diss) – ♪ Yu Jaeseok ♪ / – ♪ You’re just a fool ♪ (Respect) My goodness (Show Me the Swag) – We’ll talk with the four guests / – Yes and learn about hip hop MC Minzy, – tell us about the hip hop craze. / – Sit up straight – This is how a hip hop musician sits. / – Really? – Are you sure? / – Hip hop is all about being free – Okay. / – You stomach is sticking out You look very free – My stomach is free. / – That’s too much of freedom Please speak freely It’s resistance of the era – Resistance. / – For goodness’ sake “Resistance of the era” is a cliche remark – He’s in his 40s. / – It’s a passionate expression You didn’t study much in school, did you? – No. / – I can tell He had to take the college entrance exam four times Who won in “Show Me the Money” after MC Minzy got eliminated? – BewhY. / – BewhY MC Minzy got eliminated early on – Congratulations, BewhY. / – That’s C Jamm – CJ? / – No, it’s C Jamm – It’s not CJ. / – It’s C Jamm CJ CJ – I’m sorry. / – He’s C Jamm BewhY isn’t here today and I failed to dress like him We have the runner-up of “Show Me the Money.” Why didn’t we get the winner? – C Jamm. / – C Jamm – Did you just diss him? / – Yes, I did – You dissed him. / – This is swag Winning isn’t important Really? Aren’t you a runner-up, too? – Yes. / – She didn’t win I’m the runner-up of “Unpretty Rapstar” (The runners-up feel intimidated.) Winning isn’t important He’s handsomer in person – He is. / – I was very surprised – He’s handsome. / – Yes – Is he handsome? / – What do you mean by that? – He’s handsome. / – Are you dissing him? Are you dissing him? He doesn’t look as handsome on TV I think he has a unique look He’s on the handsome side – He looks charming. / – That’s right Don’t you remember him? – C Jamm? / – I heard he met you before – Really? / – It was a long time ago For a fried chicken franchise commercial, – you worked with Swings. / – That’s right I danced in the commercial for half a second – Really? / – You were behind Swings I see (A commercial starring Jaeseok and Swings) (Did you spot C Jamm?) (This is C Jamm.) – It would be strange to remember him. / – Right I was in the background – I remained in the back. / – It was a collaboration between Swings and me I didn’t know it was C Jamm What did you think when you stood behind them? “I’ll crush them one day”? – “I’ll crush them one day”? / – “You may laugh now,” – “but I’ll crush you soon.” / – You’re ridiculous What went through your mind? Myungsoo has problems

I’m sure you were determined to become more famous That’s right. I still think the same – I see. / – I finally tasted fame How does it feel to be a celebrity? When did you feel your fame? The last episode of “Show Me the Money” – was live. / – That’s right After the live episode, I went to the club I was treated like a football player who made a goal I bet the atmosphere was completely different It was so different that I almost felt sad – What do you mean? / – No one used to know who I am They treated you differently before No one welcomed me before – You were wearing the same clothes, right? / – Yes – I was the same person. / – You thought, – “This is what fame is.” / – I want to be more famous You want to become more famous – You want to be a bigger celebrity. / – Yes I thought he was going to say that fame is meaningless His conclusion took the opposite direction “I want to become more famous.” “This isn’t good enough.” “I want people to rip my clothes.” People in the club didn’t rip his clothes When C Jamm was asked why he entered the competition, he said, “I’m here for the money.” I realized then that he’s honest (Junha appeared in “Show Me the Money 5”.) Junha got eliminated pretty early despite doing well in the beginning – C Jamm, you were there. / – Yes What did other contestants say about Junha? They said that he has a very big head My goodness I bet they didn’t say, “He has a very big head.” “Look. Junha has a big nut.” – They probably said that. / – The contestants – would say “nut” instead of “head”. / – I see Is having a big head a swag factor in hip hop? – What? / – My goodness I’m not exactly sure what swag means – The word is frequently used. / – Is it? Isn’t it a swag factor? I don’t know what swag means – Having a big head is MC Minzy’s identity. / – Right What do you think of Hyeongyeong’s style today? She struggled to find earrings similar to Jessi’s They were hard to find No, there are a lot of these in Itaewon She had a hard time finding hoop earrings I went out to buy these – They’re as big as bus straps. / – Right Had it been a few years ago, people would have pulled on those earrings Pull them if you dare (Pull them if you dare.) She’s aggressive I was joking, Jessi I was joking. People wouldn’t pull them – I’m flustered. / – She startled me I wore these for a long time I wouldn’t call hoop earrings my trademark, – but I feel naked / – They represent you – without them. / – I see I feel naked without them That’s swag This isn’t swag – It’s only fashion. / – You’re abusing the word If you don’t know what swag is, please be quiet Can’t you tell me what swag is? No one tells me I asked you multiple times already – We’ll get to it later. / – I want to know Calm down, Shin-chan I’m sorry. I wanted to know what swag is I’m also not sure what swag is It’s the unique groove an individual carries Many people are confused about it Jewellery and snapback hats don’t give you swag – Don’t pick on me. / – You are sitting next to me He has “wag”, not swag – I wasn’t picking on you. / – Wag – You know… / – Junha has wag This is what swag is – This is swag. / – This is swag (Jessi has swag.) Is this swag, too? – Is this swag? / – It’s “wag” Yes, that’s your swag – His legs are so short. / – It’s a unique color – His legs are so short. / – Are my pants short? My goodness I dressed up today (His head takes up one fourth of his stature.) – He’s short. / – I dressed up as a hip hop musician I bet his underwear is peeking out – My underwear is here. / – He won’t have to – pull up his pants. / – I almost saw your underwear What? – Don’t look. / – You almost displayed it Jessi has unique pronunciation “I almost saw your underwear.” Can pretension be a part of swag? Pretension is pretension That’s right – It’s not pretension. / – It shouldn’t be overdone People define it in different ways Swag involves understanding what makes you unique and expressing it in your own style I wondered what it meant when Myungsoo said it – I first heard the word from G-Dragon. / – Right I thought he was making up words I only learned later that it’s a popular term Maple tree has swag (“Sap” and “Swag” have similar pronunciations.) I’m in no position to help you You’re on your own I heard that swag was first used by Shakespeare – Shakespeare? / – Yes, Shakespeare wrote that the word represents him – Swag. / – I heard that is how the word came to be – Who told you that? / – I read it in a book Do you read books?

Of course I do You were reciting what is on the script It was used in “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” It’s written in the script It’s on page 12 Your acting got a lot better Was it in the script? He must be telling the truth – Your acting improved. / – I didn’t know List Shakespeare’s five great comedies “Romeo and Juliet” – Is that a comedy? / – It’s a tragedy I had fun watching it, so it must be a comedy (He starts laughing.) He had fun watching it – I had fun watching it. / – That was good San E amazes me Even though he brought the hip hop craze, – he is more interested in being on TV. / – Right – You host many programs. / – I do – He hosts many programs. / – He is on “Battle Trip” He does a good job, too Are you switching careers due to younger musicians? – Did BewhY scare you? / – Be honest Younger hip hop musicians claw their way up “Unpretty Rapstar” was the first program I hosted – The opportunity made me determined / – Right to do better I still remember the time Hyunmoo hosted “Star Golden Bell.” I grew up watching the program in the US – What do you remember? / – It’s my embarrassing past He did a very bad job Kim Jedong used to criticize him nonstop I was depressed then – Now, he’s an amazing host / – He really is – who’s in more than ten programs. / That’s right – Please give me your energy. / – Okay – My goodness. / – My goodness Do you respect him? Of course I do Don’t you want my energy as well? I don’t need it (I only want the good energy.) I heard that San E and Jessi had a disagreement during “Unpretty Rapstar.” I can explain what happened. In an interview, I got asked what I think about San E I was a big fan of him in the beginning When women fought in “Unpretty Rapstar,” San E would get involved and encourage the fights It made me hate him You used to like him There’s no woman like Jessi in Korea – No, there isn’t. / – She has the American style – She’s a boss lady. / – Really? She brought the American style to the show She would swear in front of other contestants Everyone was shocked Watching “Unpretty Rapstar” – shocked me, too. / – It was I have a question. After the intense dissing, do you reconcile behind the cameras? – Never. / – Never? I go, “That little…” (Jessi is like the burning flame.) Please don’t be angry Everyone lacked manners I was the same because we were there for a competition Everyone was hesitant, but she added fuel to the fire (She added fuel to the fire.) Junha, you ranked second on celebrities with the best reputation That’s right – He came after Jaeseok. / – On the survey You and Gill hugged on the show I remember that (After the audition of “Show Me the Money,”) (he felt proud of himself.) (Gill and Junha hug each other quietly.) It was very touching, but I also said “Don’t they see each other often?” – I mean / – Did you see him after a long time? I hadn’t seen him in a few years It looked like they were putting on a show I hadn’t seen him for long – Like professional wrestlers? / – Yes MC Minzy, while you’re here, please tell us I understand why Gill cried, but why did he cry? I cried because – I had mixed feelings. / – I see I was overwhelmed by the thought of the training Please tell us the exact situation Were you about to cry when Gill came up to you? – Before that… / – Please tell us how it happened – Before the audition… / – Please make it clear – Before I met Gill at the audition, / – Yes I hadn’t seen him in more than two years – We kept in touch, though. / – In two years? He lives only 50m away from my house Even so, we didn’t see each other often I think he felt a little embarrassed to see us – Some people might not have watched it. / – Right – Can you show us? / – Please rap for us – Show us a little bit. / – What I did at the audition? MC Minzy will give a performance (It’s MC Minzy’s encore rap performance.) I was extremely nervous at the audition Junha didn’t have many chances to be in a competition We passed the test to join the TV station, – That’s right. / – but he just pulled some strings What are you talking about? He became a comedian – by chance. / – Is that true? – That’s the only test he’s passed. / – That’s right So he talks about it all the time I heard he gave you such a hard time – He did. / – Because he had no experience I passed the exam for the college exam institute But you didn’t go to college Please stop it Why? I’m helping you stand out We’re about to hear him rap You didn’t help me at all ♪ Don’t laugh ♪

(He overwhelmed the audience that was ready to laugh.) (Junha will re-enact the touching moment.) ♪ Don’t laugh ♪ (He dropped his bracelet.) Hold on – Don’t laugh. Don’t laugh. / – “Don’t laugh.” Let’s not laugh He dropped it with perfect timing ♪ Don’t laugh ♪ (What happened) (this time?) ♪ Don’t laugh ♪ (His bracelet exploded.) (Behold.) (If you believe in laughter, he’ll make you laugh.) (If you don’t, he’ll punish you.) ♪ Don’t laugh ♪ (Once he started rapping, his bracelet snapped.) (Since Ji Sangryeol’s pants ripped open,) ♪ Don’t laugh ♪ (this is the funniest moment.) You can’t help but laugh Ok, that’s enough. Please sit down Are these blueberries? – Are these blueberries? / – Blueberries? (The bracelet magically turns into blueberries.) – Hyeongyeong, here you are. / – Thank you Have some blueberries, everyone – It looks like a blueberry. / – Junha – Here are blueberries. / – You sell blueberries, too – Yes. I sell blueberries, too. / – That was funny This is Junha’s “Don’t Laugh Blueberry” – It’s Junha’s new product. / – Right He must be very busy It’s good for… It’s good I’ve never seen a bracelet snap like this – Exactly. / – Why did it snap? It snapped when he didn’t do anything – Is your performance over? / – Yes – He told us not to laugh, but we laughed. / – Right – That’s why it ended. / – Anyone would’ve laughed This might be a mean question If you two have a rap battle, (It’s a rap battle between C Jamm and San E.) how would it end? C Jamm is such a great rapper now – C Jamm, what do you think? / – How do you think? I’m not sure because San E has exceptional rap skills San E has a very wide spectrum – of rapping styles. / – I see – It’s hard to predict what he’ll do. / – Okay What about C Jamm? C Jamm… Oh, right. He’s younger than me – C Jamm… / – He looks older than you I didn’t know he was much younger than me – Is he much younger than you? / – I’m 24 years old He’s very young That jerk doesn’t speak formally to me (Here comes the tough girl.) We should’ve told them about this – They’re free-minded. / – She said “Shake it.” – Even so, / – “Shake it.” it’s inappropriate for a TV show She said “Shake it.” All rappers use that expression – “Shake it.” / – Oh, I see C Jamm doesn’t speak formally to you? He calls me by my name Jessi, but I don’t mind – Do you call her by her name? / – Yes – Why? / – I don’t know. It just happened He calls me Jessi as if he’s speaking in English (He pronounces her name with an American accent.) That’s right – Did you study overseas? / – No (He has lived in Korea his whole life.) Are you a native English speaker? – Where are you from? / – I’m from Jeju Island – Jeju Island? / – Yes Rappers use a lot of English words when they perform – They all look like overseas Koreans. / – Right When I first saw him, I thought he was overseas Korean – Did you? / – He looks like he’s – from another country. / – Los Angeles? – No. Not from Los Angeles. Maybe… / – Where, then? Philadelphia? – The area I used to live in… / – Atlanta? – Guys in Atlanta look like him. / – Right, Atlanta – Did you say “Alana”? / – “Alana”? Where is “Alana”? – I said “Atlanta.” / – Don’t pronounce it like that You understood me anyway She’s tough Do they like hairstyle looking like spider legs? – Spider legs? / – His hair looks like spider legs Why would you say that? In Korean, it’s called “Cordyceps Hairstyle” – Haha used to have the same hairstyle. / – Right – The same hairstylist did my hair. / – I see – How do you wash your hair? / – You can’t – I rarely wash my hair. / – You don’t wash it? – It stinks. / – Because my hair will get loose I couldn’t stand any more and washed my hair yesterday – Really? / – Yes It itches so much – Others spray on some fabric deodorizer. / – Goodness – It must be hard to keep that style. / – Exactly Why do you wear that hairstyle? (She doesn’t understand.) It’s just his style (It’s a smelly hairstyle.) All rappers have tattoos on their bodies, drink and smoke They do a lot of unhealthy things. Is that true? – Not every rapper does that. / – Many people ask me the same question. I’ll tell you the truth – Please tell us the truth. / – Okay Not every rapper has tattoos on their bodies Not every rapper drinks or smokes Many of my rapper friends don’t smoke More importantly, smoking is Why are you smacking your lips? – Do you feel like smoking? / – Your throat is dry? I think (Oh, no. I think I got caught.) – She felt like smoking. / – It was funny As she just said, people have – a prejudice against rappers. / – Having tattoos

– makes you look strong. / – That’s not true I don’t have any tattoos on my body – Excuse me. / – San E doesn’t have tattoos – Hip hop is about the lifestyle. / – Are you allergic? Having tattoos doesn’t make you a hip hop artist – Neither does wearing accessories. / – And a cap Wearing a cap like this doesn’t make you – He’s sweating a lot. / – a hip hop artist C Jamm, I saw your tattoos earlier Did you get the tattoos to look tough? When I was a child, I thought it looked cool I started getting tattoos when I became a legal adult You become addicted to it Once you get a tattoo, you want to get more – You end up looking like Jay Park. / – I heard “You end up looking like Jay Park.” You’ll have tattoos all over your body – Like Jay Park? / – He has a lot of tattoos – However, / – Dok2 has a lot of tattoos, too your body is from your parents You should take good care of your body Did your parents not scold you for getting tattoos? When I got my first tattoo, I went with my mother (What?) – To the tattoo shop? / – It’s true – I told her how much I like tattoos. / – Did she pay for your tattoo? – Yes, for my first tattoo. / – Your mother – The tattoo on my chest. / – She’s so cool – That’s the tattoo your mother paid for. / – Goodness My mom stayed with me until it ended – What did she say? / – It took between 4 and 5 hours I pretended it didn’t hurt not to make her worry Did she approve of it without trying to stop you? – Yes. / – She just approved of it? – His mother is great. / – Now, she’s She’s so cool – Junha, you have a tattoo as well, right? / – Yes Yes. I do (He really is a rapper.) (Is Junha a tattoo lover?) I got my eyebrows tattooed I’ve got them done recently His nickname is Mona Lisa – I got them recently. / – It looks natural – It looks natural, right? / – Yes. I have a question Zico has a tattoo of Sejong the Great on his arm He said his tattoo has a personal meaning C Jamm, do you have your personal meanings as well? I have tattoos all over my arm up to here. When you have so many tattoos, you stop giving them a meaning – You give them meanings in the beginning, / – I see but you come to stop thinking of meanings – Foreigners get tattoos of Korean words / – Yes – because they’re pretty. / – I see – A famous singer has a tattoo of Korean word. / – Yes There’s a baseball player called Prince Fielder He has a tattoo of his name in Korean on his neck San E, why don’t you get a tattoo? Because it hurts? – First of all, I think it would hurt. / – Really? I haven’t found a special meaning for it – For a tattoo? / – Yes – I want my first tattoo to have a meaning. / – Right You look like you have a tattoo of a mountain here Get tattoos of mountains on each of your arms as your name San E sounds like “Two mountains.” He speaks thoughtlessly because it’s not his body Look at me (He kisses his arms.) “I have two mountains on my arms.” He has mountains all over his body – San E. / – “Two mountains.” San E as in “two mountains.” Get a tattoo of Halla Mountain on your ankles and Baekdu Mountain on your head (He gives up.) C Jamm, you asked Jessi for advice on a variety show? Yes. I got advice from her – I appeared on a few radio shows. / – I see Once the show began, I used banned words and I swore when I was baffled I said the words three times in a row – Was it a live show? / – On a live show – What did you say? / – On my first live radio show, – I mentioned internet site names. / – Real names? – I see. / – I said the two words consecutively “I mean, Kak… No. It was Goog… No.” Then I swore I see (He said banned words and a swear word.) Did you say that on a live show? I heard what I said through the headphones (He had a meltdown.) – Who was the show host? / – It was Jung Joonyoung Goodness. How did he control the situation? – He didn’t. He just stopped talking to me. / – Really? – No way. / – He stopped talking to you? Once I said those words, Vasco was on the show as well He said, “You jerk. We’re on a live show.” – My goodness. / – That’s even funnier They both made the same mistake – Exactly. / – Actually, that’s why – I can’t appear on a live show. / – Why? – I can’t keep myself from swearing. / – I see – Even on a live show? / – That’s not appropriate I speak without thinking – I say whatever I want to say. / – Good for you That’s not a bad thing It’s not that my brain is empty. I do have thoughts “It’s not that my brain is empty.” (She speaks as she thinks.) “It’s not that my brain is empty.” Wouldn’t you edit all these for them? – What do you mean? / – Censoring swear words – We’ll do that. / – Be yourselves You can keep swearing. We’ll put a beep sound over it I can’t do that – I can’t do that. / – Why? – You told them to swear freely. / – I can’t do that You swear a lot off camera – You don’t want to swear on camera? / – That’s not it We’ll put the beep sound even if you don’t swear If you do that now, it’d look like I’m swearing We’ll put a beep sound over whatever you say (It looks like he’s swearing.) I’m just saying they can be themselves I’ve known Junha for over ten years. He never swears Instead, he makes others want to swear He doesn’t swear at others

I’m good at making others want to swear at me Did you prepare a special talent to show us? – You’re on a variety show. / – Yes, I did I’ll imitate Keira Knightley – She’s an actress. / – I know Keira Knightley – Keira Knightley. / – That’s new What was the title of the movie about pirates? – “Pirates of the Caribbean”. / – Right – He looks like her. / – He looks like Keira Knightley – You have to pull down your upper lip. / – Show us – She does that. / – No one has imitated her before He’ll imitate Keira Knightley “Jack.” (He looks like Keira Knightley.) That was good – He really looks like Keira Knightley. / – “Jack.” He looks like the octopus monster in the movie Octopus monster? His hair reminds me of the character (C Jamm of the Caribbean) Does Jessi hit you often? I heard her punch is strong I had a chance to be hit by her – You had a chance? / – I’ll explain that – She gives everyone a chance. / – I hit San E, too She hit San E, as well I hit others when I laugh – I see. / – I also hit others – when they tease me. / – How hard does she hit? She didn’t slap me – She punched me in the chest with a fist. / – Where? – I see. / – She punched me in the chest – She threw a punch in the right angle. / – Right – She hit me really hard. / – Since I learned boxing, – I know how to make a fist properly. / – Wow – Look at her fist. / – Try hitting his palm – Show us. / – Why me? Why did you make her hit me? (Why did you make her do that?) It hurts so much It must hurt more than a punch He always gets slapped on “Infinite Challenge,” right? I went easy on you You went easy on me? Jessi has the strongest punch among female celebrities – I think / – It must hurt I’m the second strongest next to Chunja Chunja is very strong – Chunja is very strong. / – Indeed – Chunja is strong. / – She’s the strongest What about Cho Hyeryeon? – What do you think? / – I think I’m stronger than her People usually assume that I’m weak because I’m skinny I’m naturally strong – How long did you learn boxing? / – For a month Just a month? – That’s not a long time. / – When I go to the gym, all the coaches say I can defeat Lee Siyoung in one punch Siyoung practiced it for a long time, but I haven’t learned that long The coaches said if I practiced for a few months – I’d be able to beat her. / – Are you challenging her? I wish I could continue the training, but I had my nose done – So I can’t. / – I see You told us not to say that You said that on this show last time – I don’t have to hide it. / – You had your nose done? – She has. / – I meant to talk about your early years – We prepared some pictures. / – Her old pictures? You can’t do that (Jessi’s old pictures will be revealed.) – Check it out. / – Stop – That’s her. / – She looks cute – She looks really pretty. / – That’s right – She looked cute back then. / – She looked cute – She looks pretty. / – Don’t lie – Isn’t she prettier than now? / – She’s charming – You looked better then. / – I regret it (She’s honest.) I regret it – Where did you get plastic surgery? / – Eyes and nose I know every one of you had plastic surgery – Except for Suzy. / – I didn’t have plastic surgery – Myungsoo, you had plastic surgery, too. / – He did What’s wrong with having plastic surgery? I wanted to say you were pretty before that – Quit boxing. You’ll get hit on your face. / – Right – It’s okay. I can avoid punches. / – No way – You might get hit during a match. / – Exactly I decided to quit learning boxing There are rules in boxing – She’d be the best at a street fight. / – I agree She’d be the best fighter San E, are you suggesting a street fight to her? (Jessi, the street fighter) I have a question for you. When people see you, they tend to think they should be careful not to even make a joke to you By whom do you get intimidated? – Other than Chunja. / – Who is it? I haven’t met a woman who intimidates me before – I see. / – But maybe Ronda Rousey – Ronda Rousey? / – Ronda Rousey? – Ronda Rousey. / – Of course, she’s intimidating She could knock down men, too We’d get intimidated by Mike Tyson, too – Ronda Rousey scares us, too. / – She’s strong – Because she’s a good fighter? / – In my whole life, I’ve never been intimidated by a woman I wish I could become a mixed martial artist – Can you show us your shadow boxing? / – No No? – It’s just / – I’m baffled – her style. She does whatever she wants. / – Okay – I understand. / – I can’t do what I’m forced to do – He asked you nicely. / – I didn’t force you to do it – I thought… / – I didn’t say, “Come out now.” I said, “Can you show us your shadow boxing?” – That’s why… / – It’s up to you – Jessi. In other words, / – Yes? you just do whatever you want – It’s not like that. / – Okay I can’t do a good job when someone else makes me do it – I met Jessi for the first time / – Yes at the awards ceremony we hosted together – You remember that, right? / – That’s right

– The first thing she told me was / – What was it? “If you make me do freestyle rap, I’ll kill you.” (I’ll kill you.) I was so surprised She said that when she met you for the first time? Whenever I appear on a TV show, the hosts always ask me to show a cute act I wouldn’t mind showing my talents, but when I’m forced to act cute, it gives me goose bumps When I act cute just because someone asks me to, – I feel so embarrassed. / – Should we just wait? Will you come out and shadow box while talking? We should pick a fight with her – Pick a fight with me. / – We can also make her angry – Pick a fight with her. / – Or make her angry Why does it have to be me that picks a fight with her? – There are a lot of people here. / – Give it a try – You asked her to show her skill. / – Pick a fight Jessi? Who is that? (It’s Saeho versus Jessi.) (It’s Shin-chan versus Jessi.) She’s Jessi. Okay – He’s running away. / – Stop him, Jessi – Saeho, you can’t run away. / – Why? – You should start a fight. / – Don’t run away I’ve said all I have to say. Can I not go? – No. I should hit you first. / – Okay You should be greeting me instead of staring at me Why are you staring at me? Why? Do you think I’m your friend? Are you Jessi? Is that your name? I don’t get angry – It’s baffling. / – He doesn’t – make me angry. / – He’s not a match for her (He’s not a match for Jessi.) – He’s not a match. / – He can’t make me angry – Junha, why don’t you try? / – Give it a try – Make her angry. / – Do you want me to make you angry? Junha is the best at making people angry It’s true. He’s the best at making people angry – What? / – What did you say? – What’s your problem? / – You are They look like twins – Exactly. / – Hit me if you want This isn’t supposed to be funny – What? / – What? You little – He’s scared. / – I won’t go easy on you You’re not a match for us – I don’t get angry at all. / – Why are you not angry? – Why? / – Junha – She just hit me. / – You can’t make me angry – Why don’t you hit me? / – Where should I stand? – I’m not angry. / – You look angry. Hit me now – That’s hilarious. / – Stop it – Gosh. / – Hold on a second Get away from me (Get away from me.) (Saeho is scared.) – Why are you crying? Come here. / – Please come back – Myungsoo, try it. / – He’s good at it – He really makes me angry. / – Blondie, come here – He’s an expert. / – Hey. Blondie, come here – Come here. / – Your hair Come here right now! Come on (He’s scary.) – You are rude. / – Okay (How dare you.) (He looks funny but charismatic.) Give me 50 dollars – Give me the money. / – There’s nothing in my pocket – She doesn’t have money. / – You don’t have money? No – Oh, my. / – I think he’s intimidated (He failed pitifully.) Gosh! (Myungsoo struggles.) – How dare you… / – He’s trying to get back at her My goodness What are you doing? He’s a true comedian When he was falling, he swung his arms – He’s a professional. / – I admire him – It wasn’t a big deal. / – It’s automatic – I didn’t hit him hard. / – My nerves did that – I really like San E’s songs. / – Really? He writes lyrics that women love (“Story of Someone I Know” by San E) (It’s a unique song about one-sided love.) (“A Midsummer Night’s Sweetness”) (“Do you remember?” springs up a garden of memories.) (Colorful talks and laughters) – Women really like him. / – Really? As soon as the 2014 Winter Olympics ended, – I was here with Lee Sanghwa once. / – That’s right She sent me a text message She asked me if I was close to San E I didn’t know who San E was at the time I asked who San E was, and she said I was old-fashioned for not knowing San E She asked me if I could introduce her to San E – Did Sanghwa say that? / – Yes She said she really liked him – I’ve actually met her once. / – Have you? – Really? / – Yes – I had a chance to meet her. / – I see – You should’ve… / – What happened? She’s up there, and she’s doing something very important Something very important? You do important things, too Everyone is doing something important We’re all doing something important He’s doing something important, too I look like I’m not doing anything, – but I’m doing something important. / – Yes, you are Do some of us look useless? (Is Myungsoo referring to himself?) By the way, San E, haven’t you been dissed by other hip hop musicians because of – your sweet songs? / – Many times – Rap nerd. / – Rap nerd They came up with that word and dissed him People called him the rap nerd (He’s sad.) – What is that? / – Don’t do that You look nerdy. Stop it (“My Team” by B-Free) (♪ Like the rap nerd San E ♪) – He looks nerdy. / – I know – It was tough. / – They dissed you with that So, in my song I said something to make

all the rap nerds shut their mouth Like that (♪ San E, call me when you hear this ♪) (♪ Let’s make all the rap nerds shut up ♪) You diss each other in hip hop Yes, the dissing gets continued by the others You’re getting criticized because your song lyrics are too sweet. Do you agree with it? Do you admit a part of the accusation? Yes, but I love rapping about sweet things When I was younger, because I was hot-tempered, I participated in a lot of dissing, too When I became a little mature, I realized that slandering someone wouldn’t make me great After realizing that, I started to be careful with everything I say But if you get dissed by someone with songs, how do you react when you face that person? Have you ever been dissed, Jessi? I’ve never been dissed by someone – You’ve never? / – But, when someone wants to do it to my face, I won’t avoid it – It’s / – What’s up? all good to write behind your back, but why can’t they diss you in front of you? I find that very uncool – They shouldn’t do it behind your back. / – So people talk about me behind my back However, they can’t do that in front of me – They can’t. / – She handles it differently That’s Jessi’s swag. Say it to my face – Say it to my face. / – Do it to my face – Say it to my face. / – I am okay with it For example, they would say “You have fake boobs.” Okay. So what if they are fake? I paid for them What? This? – What are you talking about? / – Where? – Jessi. / – So – So, did you have a body correction? / – Gosh! – She said it herself. / – What are you talking about? – Do you diss yourself? / – Today – Self-diss. / – Do you self-diss? It’s not self-dissing People should know this I want to say it honestly – Do we have to know? / – Don’t you want to know? What? For example, I got my eyes and nose done – Okay. / – Okay. That’s basic. Whatever – Yes. / – Whatever – But because I got these done, / – Eyes and nose people criticize me a lot (These?) Look. I got these done a long time ago – Did you get them done a long time ago? / – Yes Honestly, isn’t it normal to show them when I got these done? – So… / – Are you showing them now? – I’m not saying I’ll go naked. / – That’s not it I don’t like hiding and pretending – like I haven’t done it. / – You should be confident – We only knew about your eyes and nose. / – Yes – We didn’t have a clue before you said it. / – No – You said it. / – Do they look real? (She checks her breasts.) Jessi, we’re so shocked – It’s because… / – We thought you were – going to mention your eyes and nose, / – But I but suddenly you mentioned your breasts – We don’t know what to do. / – Because it’s very frustrating Hold on. I’ll go shut the door first – Why? / – He’s afraid someone will hear it – It will be on TV anyway. / – Still It will be aired on TV anyway – What’s the use? / – But it feels like – Listen to me. / – I should shut the door I’m only human, so I read mean comments about me Everyone talks about my breasts They say my breasts look too fake Okay. I don’t I don’t get offended by it. How do I say it? – You don’t get hurt / – No, I don’t – or get insulted. / – Why do I have to hide it? I paid for it and I got them done a long time ago Jessi, won’t you mind it if someone disses you about it to your face? Someone did it to me, but she had no breasts She didn’t have any breasts – This is… / – and she was dissing mine – Hey… / – It’s Is it okay to go on air? – But I’m / – This never happened before – just really frustrated. / – I see This is 2016 and things have changed – Right. / – Who doesn’t get a plastic surgery? I got my eyes and nose done. Everyone knows You said it when I came here for the first time – It’s just… / – A lot of people get plastic surgery, but people tell me that my breasts look fake and I look cheap I know people who got bigger breasts than me They hide their breasts and say they’re natural – For me, that’s even worse. / – Right – Why wouldn’t you say you got them done? / – Okay That’s who I am She’s got breasts swag (San E calls it “breasts swag.”) It’s swag that comes from the heart San E, don’t say anything Stay quiet, San E – Stay quiet. / – Okay – Just don’t hit me. / – San E Okay. I was trying to be on your side – Jessi, just seconds ago… / – I wanted to say how I truly feel on TV Girls who don’t have big breasts diss my breasts – Girls like that say my breasts look fake. / – It’s Then you get yours done, too (Jessi points at Jaeseok.) Why are you pointing at him? Refer them to the clinic! Jaeseok doesn’t have a problem. They’re just sagged

– Be quiet. / – There’s nothing wrong with his breasts – He can lift them up by exercising. / – Be quiet – You get them done, too. / – I will get them done – I’ll get them done, too. / – Or do a headstand In the end, I wanted to say this Girls should be more confident Even a lot of idols get their breasts done – The thing is they always hide that / – I see and say that they didn’t get them done Of course, their agency could stop them But this is who I am. Why should I hide it? That’s Jessi’s swag – Of course. / – I’m saying this because we’re talking about dissing When rappers diss each other, do they plan it thoroughly? – Do they think about how it will be received? / – Yes – Do you plan it? / – We do our research – What do you research about? / – Because you need to know the opponent’s weaknesses That way, you can attack the person You need to know what the person is going to diss about you so that you can shield yourself – You prepare in advance. / – It’s a war It’s a war with your career on stake – Please show us how it’s done. / – Please Please diss someone here There must be target points If it’s Myungsoo, what would be the target points? – Firstly, / – There are too many – Nerd. / – Nerd You come up with several words and make a rap – Right. / – You killed my spirit ♪ You’re an MC but you don’t act like an MC ♪ ♪ Is MC short for idiot? ♪ You’re screwed when you do it like that If you diss this way, – If you diss this way… / – That’s why I left Actually, there’s intense dissing in the hip hop industry, but it’s intense in the variety show industry, too – Right. / – We don’t rap, but a while ago, Junha and Myungsoo actually dissed each other – We do that. / – They talk about each other’s weaknesses. Isn’t that dissing? He dissed me so many times in the past I thought about quitting because of him – Why? / – I got hurt – Really? / – Yes. He said I was classless – What’s wrong with you? / – He said I was – a classless… / – That’s dissing It’s true that he got here because of his connections (Myungsoo disses Junha again.) I didn’t make up a story – It’s not that you made it up. / – I told the truth Is he classless? – Why do you say that? / – Because – What’s your definition of class? / – he didn’t take any tests or go through the official steps He used to drive and run errands for a celebrity – He didn’t go through any tests. / – No He used to run errands, so he made a lot of connections in the TV industry People will think he really used to run errands – Right. / – I didn’t say anything wrong, did I? You’re wrong. You’re making things up – With Hwijae… / – He says I used to be someone who fries eggs in the briquette fire I had a gas stove! – I used to grill meat on my gas stove. / – He’s good – He’s ridiculous. / – He’s a good lyricist That’s dissing. It’s exaggerating a small fact Right – We dissed each other a lot. / – We did it a lot – We’re close. / – At first, I couldn’t accept it I think Jessi is similar to me in a sense On the first season of “Unpretty Rapstar,” she said, “You can’t beat me.” I was like that. I thought he couldn’t beat me But in the variety show industry, I couldn’t beat him – Right. / – In other industries, I could beat him because I have many life experiences But in variety show industry, I couldn’t beat him – I felt timid with him. / – That was my character Myungsoo, is there any diss you remember? – Well… / – You must’ve been dissed a lot Many people are waiting for me after each shooting – Really? / – Yes. Do you want to meet them? Many people want to diss him (There’s diss fever.) Reservations to diss him are flooding – They’re flooding. / – Yes You need to get a number and wait You have to make a reservation to diss him (He’s the top star in dissing industry.) Junha, didn’t you get dissed when you rapped? I was reluctant to do rapping at first I tried hard to do well, but I had to be funny, too So I wrote a funny rap and did it in front of – The Quiett and Dok2. / – Right I rapped in front of them I rapped to this beat (He demonstrates it.) Is that how you rap? – That’s the Korean beat. / – ♪ Junha is rapping ♪ (It’s a repeating beat.) That’s what I did ♪ I am nerdy, whiny, sulky, frowny ♪ ♪ I am stupid, slow and foolish ♪ I was trying to make it funny – So I wrote really funny lyrics. / – I see But the judges were so objective – I couldn’t hear you well. / – There’s no rhyme I think it would be tough – I got really hurt on the stage. / – Right I hate it when people do this Their voice is usually like, “Hello.” But when they rap, their voice becomes thick They change the voice They try to sound tougher than they are Are you talking about Junha? ♪ Don’t laugh ♪ No. That’s Why do you make your mouth like this? I really liked your rap – So? / – I just hate – You can’t stand it. / – people sounding fake In the states, everyone raps as if they’re talking

Junha is the only one whose voice changes ♪ Tayo, tayo, let’s all get on the tayo bus ♪ ♪ Let’s get on ♪ He’s really funny, so he’s okay – Hyeongyeong, can you rap? / – I’ll do what I did Happy Together has an official rap You should get up and do it ♪ Watch Happy Together with Hyeongyeong ♪ ♪ Everyone watch Happy Together ♪ (Everyone say) (Ho!) – Can you… / – C Jamm – Can you make it better? / – Please Can you make it sound cooler? – It’s already very nice. / – Make it sound new Please change it to your style (Since the Happy Together rap was released,) (there have been a lot of variations.) This is the point. Ho! (Who will be the best arranger this week?) (Saeho’s in, too.) This is “Show Me the Swag.” C Jamm is first You have to do well to get a necklace Should I hold this? – The mic doesn’t suit hip hop. / – It feels a bit like I’m on “National Singing Contest” Who are you and where are you from? – He looks like Song Hae. / – I should hold like this ♪ This is our microphone ♪ This is KBS swag – At least it doesn’t have the KBS logo. / – Yes – There’s one with the big logo. / – There is (It’s much better.) (Finally, C Jamm raps.) (It’s time.) (How will he rap?) ♪ Watch Happy Together with C Jamm ho ♪ ♪ You and I, everyone watch Happy Together ho ♪ – That sounds cool. / – He’s really good It’s really trendy – ♪ Watch Happy Together ho ♪ / – It is trendy indeed, but it’s exciting when you say, “Ho!” – It’s a little calm for me. / – You’re old Everyone has different rap styles – These days, we don’t rap like this. / – No ♪ Watch Happy Together with C Jamm ho ♪ Then it will be really exciting – Oh my gosh! / – The trendy rap isn’t as fun – The trend is to stay calm. / – Is it? So that’s the trendy rap San E’s next I make it sound lovely That’s right. That’s good ♪ Watch Happy Together with San E ho ♪ Oh my gosh! – He’s the rap nerd. / – He is the rap nerd (He makes everyone diss him.) (Saeho attacks him first.) (Jaeseok joins in.) (He can’t help himself but to diss him.) I am sorry Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! – Did you do a yodel in the end? / – No, I didn’t (Do I have to show it to you again?) That’s good. Everyone has a style – I am the lover style. / – The lover style Next up is lovely MC Minzy I don’t have to rap like him, right? – No, you don’t have to. / – Do it on your style Just do it on your own style ♪ Laugh and watch Happy Together with MC Minzy ho ♪ ♪ Laugh and watch Happy Together with MC Minzy ho ♪ Are you doing madangnori? This is my style, my swag It’s like this ♪ Laugh and watch Happy Together with MC Minzy ho ♪ – We all… / – It sounded like – That’s a good rap. / – We all – But don’t look down on him. / – I didn’t mean to Is that a rap, too? – Everyone has a rap style. / – He’s really great – Do you think he’s great? / – He’s really great – What’s so great about it? / – We never thought – it was great. / – It felt like listening while sitting like this on the sofa – I love that. / – Do it again ♪ Laugh and watch Happy Together with MC Minzy ho ♪ ♪ You and I, everyone laugh and watch Happy Together ♪ (He’s funnier.) – But this is… / – That was not it That’s like from a children’s show He looks like an idiot – But… / – I’m sorry, but why do your eyes flip when you rap? (He flips his eyes.) – It’s / – You should see a doctor because I need to make them laugh ♪ Laugh and watch ho ♪ He should take vitamins – He should take magnesium. / – Take magnesium Take some magnesium – Take some magnesium. / – Go get some sun Why do you do this? ♪ You and I, everyone laugh and watch Happy Together ♪ (Take magnesium.) He lacks a lot of magnesium – Next up is Jessi. / – Jessi – One more time. / – Jessi ♪ Drop the beat ♪ I don’t really like the lines – You can add rhymes. / – You can – Why are you doing this? / – What did I do? What kind of a show is this? – Show me your rap. / – What kind of a show is it? ♪ Jessi, listen. This is a competition ♪ (He dies) (after) (bravely challenging her.) (Are you okay?) – Are you okay? / – I – You went overboard. / – It’s just that

– You can’t diss her. / – I know Do a rough rap for us – Why is my Korean name there? / – Ho Hyunjoo – ♪ Watch Happy Together ♪ / – It’s a pretty name – It is a pretty name. / – It is pretty She’s a pretty rapstar ♪ Watch Happy Together with Ho Hyunjoo ho ♪ (Everyone’s surprised.) ♪ Watch it watch it watch Happy Together ♪ (She ends it with her charisma.) – See how nice it is? / – She’s strong-minded It’s really nice. What’s wrong? She felt a bit embarrassed – I will do Lee Sangmin’s version. / – Okay – We like that. / – He rapped here (He rapped while breathing heavily.) We like that ♪ Watch watch watch Happy Together ♪ ♪ Watch Happy Together on Thursday ♪ (What happened?) ♪ Watch Happy Together on Thursday ♪ ♪ You and I, everyone watch Happy Together ♪ Look at him. Look at that ♪ Don’t change the channel, you’re on KBS ♪ ♪ Watch watch watch Saeho ♪ – He’s really good. / – He was amazing He was like Skull That was good – I can impersonate Skull, too. / – Can you? ♪ You are an angel ♪ ♪ Watch watch watch TV ♪ ♪ Turn on the TV and turn to Channel seven ♪ Channel seven? – Channel seven! / – Channel seven! – He’s an old man. / – Turn on the TV and put on Channel seven It was Channel 6, 7, 9 and 11 Anyway – That was really fun. / – Yes Hyeongyeong, who did you like the most? Each of them had a distinct color (What will she say?) (Who will she choose?) – Junha is my style. / – Junha – ♪ Happy Together with MC Minzy ♪ / – It’s exciting – You liked the magnesium rap. / – Yes (I’ll do it again if you want.) Hyeongyeong, can you also do the magnesium rap? – Just say “ho”! / – Just say “ho”! Just do it like that ♪ Watch Happy Together with Hyeongyeong ho ♪ (She’s in desperate need of magnesium.) ♪ Watch it watch Happy Together ho ♪ (Give me magnesium.) – She’s good. / – She’s good – That’s the magnesium rap. / – I love this The magnesium rap is finally done – She created a rap genre. / – That was cute They say, do hip hop if you want to earn money That’s true these days Dok2 became super rich Do you consider yourself successful, San E? Do you consider yourself successful? He’s very successful He’s successful for what he has – Compared to his abilities. / – He’s got a lot (He almost doesn’t deserve it.) It’s a false rumor Do you think I’m successful, C Jamm? How is it? I think he’s successful I think he’d say this I think he’d say he’s becoming successful He’s becoming successful. Are you as rich as Dok2? I don’t know how wealthy Dok2 is I think he’s less successful than Dok2 He Dok2 has his own agency but we belong to our agencies – We have to share the money with them. / – Unlike him No matter how much money he gets, it’s all his It’s natural that he earns more money than us The agency is the problem (Therefore, the agency is the problem.) Is that the conclusion? (The agency takes all the blame.) This is not what I expected as a conclusion – Do we have to own an agency, too? / – Yes In fact, C Jamm’s father is the same age as me He must be very proud of you because you got famous – He is very proud of me. / – No wonder – Have you impressed him? / – He enjoys my music – Have you? / – With some gifts or something? When I started earning some money, I kind of went overboard and gave him a lot of cash – How much? / – Could you tell us? – Parents like cash. / – Right – I gave him 10,000 dollars. / – Goodness – When you were 22? / – At the age of 22? – Wow. / – It’s the age you usually spend money I got a student loan at that age – Me, too. / – At the age of 22, – With that money, / – you’re usually immature did your mom and dad split it? No. My mom got it all and she gave allowance to my dad Do you have a story related to Myungsoo? I don’t know how to address him – You may call him Myungsoo. / – Just call me Dad – Call him Park Myungsoo. / – Or Daddy – Daddy? / – I have an episode related to him What is it? – You were walking down the street in Hongdae. / – Me? – It’s a story about you having swag. / – Good You were walking by my friend recognized you and said hello to you But I guess Myungsoo thought my friend was his acquaintance – So… / – Although he was not, he was just glad – to see Myungsoo and greeted happily. / – Right Myungsoo greeted him back but suddenly got upset (Hey. You’re not someone I know.) “I don’t know you.” (That was the episode.) – That sounds just like Myungsoo. / – Right – That’s so realistic. / – It’s 100 percent real – Myungsoo would do that. / – Yes. I would – “You’re not someone I know.” / – That’s funny

He thought he knew the person but he must have been embarrassed Because that person greeted him so friendly, he must have thought he knew that person But he got upset realizing the truth I did that – I can imagine that. / – Because he was embarrassed – I remember that. / – He just said that It’s “Show Me the Swag” today For those who are interested in hip hop music but do not know a lot about it, we’ll try to learn about hip hop now We’ll learn special words widely used in hip hop Today, you’ll learn hip hop words from A to Z – Really? / – We’ll share information about hip hop There are some hip hop words we’d like to know – Such as MC. / – Ta-da – MC. / – It’s MC – He’s an MC. / – Right MC in hip hop has a different meaning, right? Technically it is the abbreviation – of master of ceremonies. / – Right That’s the original meaning but in hip hop, it can be a microphone checker – or a microphone controller. / – There are a lot And a rapper named Rakim said MC means “Move the Crowd”, someone who moves the crowd – I see. / – There are many It has various meanings other than what we know Junha is also called as MC Minzy – Did you know the meaning of it? / – MC in my name means Mudo Center, the center of Infinite Challenge – I see. / – Are you the center of Infinite Challenge? (He’s never heard of that.) I never knew you were – He improvised. / – I think he just made it up – Did you? / – Yes. I did It means the center of Infinite Challenge We learned about the word MC. What comes next? A.k.a? – A.k.a. / – When I listen to rap, I heard this word a lot – It’s “also known as.” / – It’s the abbreviation For example, Jessica also known as Jessi – It means another name. / – Another name – Also known as. / – Another name Such as San E a.k.a Mr. San. It’s a nickname – As in Myungsoo a.k.a… / – Leafhopper – Leafhopper. / – That’s right – Jaeseok a.k.a Grasshopper. / – Correct I see. Hyunmoo a.k.a – Shih Tzu? / – Bruno Mars – Bruno Mars? / – Yeom Gyunghwan – Hyunmoo a.k.a… / – Yeom Gyunghwan What’s your nickname, C Jamm? – Mine is Jamjam / – Jamjam? – because it sounds cute. / – A.k.a Jamjam? I suggest C Jamm a.k.a Kim Byeongok – Oh, him. / – They look alike – Let’s see the next word. / – You may know this – Rhyme. / – Rhyme – Rhyme. / – What’s that? – It’s similar to rhythm. / – Rhythm With the similar words you put it together and make it into a rhythm It’s kind of a pun – we use in comedy. / – Exactly – Rhythmically. / – It’s kind of a pun It’s just the rhythm added to the pun Hip hop is easy then Rhyme sounds easy. What’s this? – Let’s see. / – ♪ Get on, get on ♪ ♪ Let’s get on, get on, get on ♪ (It’s the rap Junha and Zico made.) ♪ You make me anxious, please come on ♪ Why don’t you try it in your style, Jessi? – We want to hear Jessi’s version. / – Jessi ♪ Get on, get on, let’s get on ♪ ♪ Get on, why don’t you get on ♪ ♪ Don’t worry about a flat tire, bring it on ♪ – Wow. / – Great – Saeho, can you try a crying rap with this? / – Okay ♪ Get on, get on, let’s get on ♪ ♪ Don’t worry about a flat tire, bring it on ♪ This is a crying rap – Is it really? / – I saw that a lot in markets – It reminds me of merchants in markets. / – ♪ Get on ♪ – ♪ Buy one get one free ♪ / – “Buy one get one free.” My blood pressure sharply went up after that rap (It has a severe side effect.) Can you try this rap, Hyunmoo? – Hyunmoo can do everything. / – I can’t – Can’t you try “Get on”? / – He has Why don’t you try “Get on”? ♪ Get on, get on, let’s get on ♪ ♪ Get on ♪ ♪ Get on, get on ♪ ♪ Let’s get on ♪ – He’s cute. / – ♪ Get on, get on ♪ – You need to pretend to take medicine. / – ♪ Get on ♪ The medicine It looks painful (He gives up his lips to protect his throat.) – The next word, please. / – Punchline – What is a punchline? / – What is it? A punchline is a catchy line It’s something that has a great impact on people – Using puns. / – The impact you make on the crowd – Like homonyms? / – like punching When you start rapping, people should get impressed (Punchline is a technique that impresses the crowd.) – ♪ You name it ♪ / – ♪ Say ho ♪ (♪ If you try harder, you don’t need other’s help ♪) (♪ You don’t have a future unlike Tiger JK ♪) (♪ If you cut me down, I’ll turn into a sculpture ♪) Now, I got it ♪ I’m your glasses, please wear me ♪ – I don’t think it’s like that. / – No (The audience will not be impressed.) They won’t react ♪ I’m a chicken but I’ll confess my love to you ♪ Isn’t it something like this? – Oh, gosh. / – I don’t know what a punchline is yet The style of his lines are somewhat old school In my lyrics, there is a line that goes like this

♪ I get inspired like an old lady ♪ – I see. / – Something like this It is basically the same (Junha thinks it’s the same.) ♪ Jjajangmyeon when annoyed, ulmyeon when sad ♪ (What is he doing?) No. It’s not something like that – ♪ I’d like tangsuyuk ♪ / – That’s not it – This is what he does. / – No, not at all Why did you come here? Well, I don’t know I don’t know why those lines came out There must be some examples of punchlines (There are examples of punchlines.) (♪ The more you despise me, the scarier I get ♪) ♪ The more you despise me, the scarier I get ♪ That was a little less impressive. Make it stronger ♪ The more you despise me, the scarier I get ♪ (Take some magnesium.) Try that face, San E – That magnesium rap was good. / – He’s cute – The magnesium rap makes it perfect. / – Look ♪ My skin may be dry, but my soul isn’t. ♪ – What do you think? / – That’s great In my case, I emphasize the key words ♪ My skin may be dry, but my soul isn’t ♪ ♪ My skin may be dry, but my soul isn’t ♪ – Emphasize the words. / – Like that, I emphasize the words “dry” and “soul” – I see. / – so that they can be heard clearly San E’s punchline is “You’re just a clown with huge cheekbones” How would you put it? ♪ You’re just a clown with huge cheekbones ♪ A clown with huge cheekbones – A clown. / – You try it, Myungsoo ♪ You’re just a clown with huge cheekbones ♪ You sound like President Rhee Syngman (He found a personal talent instead.) It sounds like an old song It’s like an old school joke Can you try that, MC Minzy? ♪ You’re just a clown with huge cheekbones ♪ (You need some more magnesium.) – Magnesium. / – This is so cute Jaeseok once said that Myungsoo was such a jerk – That can be a punchline. / – A jerk Because it sounds like three meals ♪ You eat three meals a day, Myungsoo ♪ ♪ So you are a jerk ♪ Is this it? – That’s right. / – This is a punchline Hey. You are… great Do you think so? It’s not bad, right? This is a punchline ♪ You eat three meals a day, Myungsoo ♪ ♪ So you’re a jerk ♪ – You can’t say you’re upset / – Right – because he was just joking. / – That’s right – That makes everyone laugh. / – I got it ♪ Since you have influence on me, you’re crazy ♪ – It’s insulting. / – Just insult him if you want That’s funny ♪ You’ll be dumped if you confess in China ♪ ♪ You’ll be dumped if you confess in China ♪ ♪ The pizza students hate most is “Open the books” ♪ (He’s embarrassed.) – That’s funny. / – “Open the books.” Did you like it? Yo, MC We know lots of dad jokes – Yo, MC. / – Yo ♪ Students get strong in March as the school begins ♪ What the – ♪ As the semester started ♪ / – Do one more – One more? / – Yes ♪ When someone hits you on the streets ♪ ♪ You should do a paternity test ♪ Isn’t that more of a riddle? What? Is it a riddle? You call those punchlines? – I thought it was a nonsense quiz. / – Me, too That was ridiculous I thought I read it in Choi Boolam’s books – He’s right. / – Choi Boolam? Do you like dad jokes? He’s the father of dad jokes ♪ What kind of song is this? ♪ ♪ It’s pork ♪ – Is this how it goes? / – There you go ♪ A strawberry lost its job ♪ ♪ It’s strawberry syrup ♪ What’s next? ♪ There’s fire inside a wardrobe ♪ ♪ It’s the hot topic ♪ Isn’t he the famous idiot of Yeouido? That’s a bit harsh ♪ Dentists hate this apartment ♪ ♪ e-Pyunhansesang ♪ He’s got a coated tongue Do you like my punchlines? You should have a regular check-up I think there’s something wrong with your tongue It’s all white in there Were those punchlines? They were, right? We do exactly as you tell us He did as you told him to This is the last of today’s hip hop terminology It’s bbui bbui bbui – It’s bbui bbui bbui. / – Can I say something? (It started trending in Happy Together.) Stop it (Jaeseok loved it the most.) Hello? Can I say something? – I hate the sound of that. / – Why? Bbui bbui bbui – It’s his favorite. / – Here’s the thing That sound is often used by DJs at concerts – It is. / – I don’t have a problem with that (It’s the best for pumping up the crowd.) I hate it when people use their voices to do it Like this? I’m a bit traumatized I was in “Unpretty Rapstar” with Jolly V She would always go like this – You’re good. / – Yes She’s good It’s the same as Dok2 saying “Turn up” all the time Yes, just like that I would ask him to go drinking

and he would go, “Turn up.” Jolly V does that, too It became kind of a habit – That’s good. / – She doesn’t stop I can see how frustrating it is When does she say it? When she goes home – What does that mean? / – When she wants to eat When she wants some coffee When you start recording That’s actually how she is When she breaks wind Turn up How about as you wake up in the morning? (It’s a good morning.) (You can use the magic word in any situation.) Speaking of such, do rappers have their own trademarks? All rappers have their trademarks There’s a famous rapper called Desiigner He would go like this I see (Every rapper has a trademark.) He does that There’s a rapper called Young Thug. He would do this (Isn’t that the sound you make to babies?) – What was that? / – What was that? Those are trademarks When you’re making music, you come up with random sounds like that – I guess you would. / – Sometimes – they go in the song. / – I see (I like it.) ♪ Family discord ♪ (MC Minzy is a punchline machine.) Nice punchline You shouldn’t talk about peoples’ families – Why would you go there? / – That’s hilarious He wanted to rap about a social problem Myungsoo has one, too He does it when he’s in the toilet – I go like this. / – I’ve heard him a lot (It sounds like he’s hurt.) (What did I just hear?) Let’s say we’re on a road trip (This is the holiday version.) What’s that? Myungsoo went to the toilet I went after him There was someone in the cubicle shouting this (It was the pain from the bowel movement.) (He’s in pain.) (It’s not coming out.) Oh, my That’s how it was created There was a reason behind it (You’re now listening to Myungsoo at stool.) – Is there another one? / – Oh, yes My goodness – My goodness. / – Oh, my I didn’t know these sounds could work with rap music – What are you talking about? / – It’s working – Show him. / – It’s not working We named this segment, “Show Me the Swag.” We’ll have a rap battle (All the weird sounds are being made.) (Welcome to “Show Me the Swag.”) This place is so weird I thought it was a zoo (This is the Happy Together Zoo.) This place is so weird (What is this place?) Let’s begin (First round of “Show Me the Swag”) Let’s not get too serious just yet First up from our team is Saeho We have the perfect match We also have a hole in our team It sounded like you were rapping It’s Hyeongyeong Let’s go, Uhmssi (Saeho versus Hyeongyeong) I’m a step above Hyeongyeong He won’t be a match for me Okay, drop the beat ♪ Yo ♪ ♪ Hyeongyeong ♪ ♪ You’re the only flower in Happy Together ♪ ♪ But you’re still not used to the environment ♪ ♪ I know how that feels ♪ ♪ We can help you out ♪ ♪ So just follow us ♪ ♪ Ask Jaeseok for tips for appearing on TV a lot ♪ (There were some nice rhymes.) – Why is he so good? / – That was good – I could see his passion. / – Really? – You’re next, Hyeongyeong. / – Uhmssi Show us what you got (It’s Hyeongyeong’s turn.) ♪ Cao Lu makes you feel lifted ♪ ♪ You make me feel frustrated ♪ ♪ You don’t stop eating and keep putting on weight ♪ (It’s getting hotter in here.) ♪ Give me your full attention on Thursdays ♪ ♪ You’re just a jerk ♪ (You’re just a jerk.) (Punchline) (Bbui bbui bbui) (Things are really heating up.) (It was difficult for him to watch.) That’s how you should do it (Hyeongyeong wins.) You jerk – It was good. / – Respect – Okay. / – She did everything that we taught her earlier. Rhymes and punchline Oh, my goodness Okay, let’s move on – I have to read it out. / – We have a secret weapon You shouldn’t do that I have to. It’s really long I just wrote it down – We did, too. / – Mine’s different – It’s very long. / – Did you write a journal? It’s so long You idiot – What’s this? / – It’s so long It looks like a sworn statement This is a sworn statement He’s the founder of Magnesium Rap, MC Minzy He’ll go against the rap genius, San E

San E is in the Happy House It should be a diss after all I’ll try to put my feelings in it I think he’s going to make puns San E, where do you live? MC Minzy, are you watching this? (San E versus MC Minzy) I feel bad about dissing MC Minzy alone – So I’ll diss everyone here. / – Okay Is that okay? – A-yo. / – Yo Give me the beat (He’s memorizing the lyrics.) ♪ San E ♪ ♪ MC Minzy ♪ ♪ I like you and all ♪ – ♪ Just don’t get me wrong ♪ / – ♪ I respect you ♪ Drop the beat. Let’s go ♪ Hey, Junha ♪ ♪ Listen to me carefully ♪ ♪ How does it feel like to be talked down to? ♪ ♪ What are you going to do about it? ♪ ♪ Don’t laugh ♪ ♪ Don’t laugh ♪ ♪ Come at me, little man ♪ ♪ Don’t just say it and buy me that drink ♪ ♪ You don’t even answer my text messages ♪ ♪ Why did you get my number? Don’t say you’re busy ♪ ♪ Make an excuse ♪ ♪ You cute little thing ♪ ♪ What are you laughing about, Myungsoo? ♪ ♪ Get me on “Infinite Challenge” ♪ ♪ For the Music Festival ♪ (Stop it, San E.) ♪ Hyunmoo, you do a lot of commercials ♪ ♪ You looked pathetic from head to toe ♪ ♪ Saeho, give me the cabbage juice ♪ ♪ Hyeongyeong, this is for you ♪ ♪ MC Yu, I didn’t forget about you ♪ ♪ Yu Jaeseok ♪ ♪ You really are ♪ ♪ You really are a handsome show host ♪ ♪ You’re perfect from head to toe ♪ ♪ That’s the swag and that’s the truth of life ♪ (That’s the truth of life.) Why did you only say good things about Jaeseok? That’s life You should have dissed Jaeseok Here comes MC Minzy with the Magnesium Rap Yo – I’ve been busy. / – Why is it so long? Okay, I got this Drop the beat Where’s the music? (MC Minzy doesn’t need the beats.) – Are you drunk? / – I think I can hear the music Give him the beats Is he drunk? He’s overwhelming San E He’s already winning the battle It reminds me of Africa He’s the founder of Magnesium Rap ♪ Ho ♪ ♪ Today’s guests are C Jamm, Jessi and San E ♪ ♪ Don’t forget the rising star MC Minzy ♪ ♪ Watch out when I get hold of the microphone ♪ ♪ You won’t be laughing any more ♪ ♪ I live in Bangbae-dong. Where do you live? ♪ ♪ Which dong do you live in, San E? ♪ I think he’s going to make puns. For example, “Where do you live, San E?” ♪ Are you ever going to buy me lunch? ♪ – He will rhyme with San E. / – ♪ Buy me lunch ♪ – He will rhyme with San E. / – ♪ Buy me a drink ♪ – He will rhyme with San E. / – ♪ You are Mr. San E ♪ (Stop it now.) (It’s making other people cringe.) What is that? (He’s using the national anthem rhyme.) (They all rhyme with San E.) ♪ Don’t get sick. I respect you, San E ♪ Where did that come from? I’m sorry, but what was with the dance? – That’s what I do. / – I see (It was fun to watch.) That was his swagger – That was my style. / – I liked it He should stick with it Next up, we have a special match (Hyunmoo versus Myungsoo) It’s not as easy as it looks (Myungsoo is getting ready.) Shake your body – You go first, Myungsoo. / – Okay Drop the beat (This goes out to everyone with constipation.) – Is that it? / – ♪ My mom ♪ ♪ My mother, Miami, Miami ♪ ♪ She gave birth to me after ten months ♪ (It’s the constipation rap.) ♪ I wish for a safe delivery ♪ ♪ Everybody dance ♪ That’s enough (Myungsoo’s microphone was taken away.) (Please leave this planet and take your rap with you.) (This was the constipation rap.) I don’t know much about a rap, but it was by far the worst I’ve ever heard It was poop (It was more like poop.) (We wish everyone luck on the toilet.) (Myungsoo is setting new records every week.) You can’t call something like that a rap It was poop coming out of his mouth I apologize on behalf of Myungsoo We’re very sorry – This is hilarious. / – Sorry you had to hear that (We will flush him down.)

We learned a lot today, thanks to the four rappers It was the most instructive experience Thank you again for joining us We’ll see you in the next episode Goodbye, everyone. Thank you Thank you