Hi! School – Love On | 하이스쿨 – 러브온 Ep.13 : Abandoning All for You! [2014.11.11]

Why does it have to be you? What are you going to say first? That Woohyun is your son? That you lied to my dad? Aren’t you curious about your mom? If I’m curious, will you find her for me? Jaeseok used to be an outcast Sungyeol saved him Stop! Your girlfriend is with Sungyeol at the park Are you an angel or something? Jaeseok, what are you doing? I’m the only friend you have I’m letting you go, you jerk Woohyun Thing is Your son? Woohyun Your son is Sungyeol Seulbi I heard wrong, didn’t I? I’m sorry. I’ll explain No, don’t explain anything I have my reasons That’s why I couldn’t tell you I know you can’t believe it but I’m I’m your mother I don’t have a mother or father Please move I’m here to greet grandma Please leave Miss Gong Have you been well? You missed me, right? Why are these things happening to me? Grandma Please say something You’re my mother and father The weather’s really nice Your smile pains me Your smile pains me Don’t come near me! Aren’t you curious about your mother? He knew it all What am I to you? When will you keep hiding things and keep me guessing? Have you lost enthusiasm because I know? I guess so I haven’t changed I don’t care whose son you are But I care Why must my mom be your mom? I don’t need a mother So just keep her I came to say that You don’t care since she’s really your mom? You’re always being needy for a mom You have her! They say you can’t hide genes You’re just as fake as your mom Say that again I’m sick of getting mixed up with you Your mom’s sick. Look after her

I have a stakeout. I leave it to you Are you sick too? You don’t look well I’m sick So sick I could die There’s no fever It must be the change of seasons – Dad… / – Take some medication Take some medicine and rest I have to go Why does it have to be that woman? Why does it have to be Woohyun’s mom? This is all you’ve given me, so this is all I have to throw away What are you doing? When you’re struggling and you fall, I’ll take you by the hand I can’t take yours Why not? If I take it, you’ll fall with me What’s wrong with falling together? It’s less embarrassing and we can get back up together Okay, I can’t let you get hurt So I’ll make sure I never fall – Woohyun… / – Let’s go. We’ll be late You don’t pick up your phone and you don’t turn up You’re having a go at me, right? It’s not that I didn’t go, I couldn’t go As soon as I stepped out, my dad And you? I slept because I was tired My fist wants to answer your honesty in an honest way Were you up all night playing games? Is that why you didn’t pick up? I let everyone go just once Anyone can make mistakes Byeonguk! The homeroom teacher wants you. Hurry! Watch yourself You have ketchup on you The teacher didn’t ask for you. I lied I know How did he know? Was it nice being alone with Seulbi? Did she use her powers? Did she teleport? I gave you alone time with Seulbi Plus I got Woohyun mad Shouldn’t you be thanking me? Did you two plan this? If you can scar me without hurting yourself,

keep it up Seulbi can’t get involved between you and me? Looks like something fun is going down with you two Wouldn’t the kids find you and me more fun? Something’s up with those two Should I dig into it? Dig into what? Your nose? Dig into your books before you dig your grave Become like a human oil drill until it starts overflowing Jaeseok Why a birthday party when it’s not even your birthday? I suddenly wanted to. Gather everyone Yeongeun knows your birthday It doesn’t matter. She’s not invited Did you forget that Yeongeun is top dog? I’ll take care of everything myself You just gather everyone Why that little Since when were you so close with Yena? So close you give me goosebumps You two hating each other is torturing me Those brats Talk about a great gathering I’ve marked the important points I did my part so you do the rest That’s a smart idea I’ll mark the important points and send it to you Then I’ll organize them Why aren’t you leaving? I’m leaving Give me that. I need to send it to Sungyeol Say please Come on. Say please Please That’s so half-hearted Come on, make it cute Please I shouldn’t have asked Please? Don’t show that to anyone else, okay? Why get mad? What’s he listening to all day long? I don’t want to see you suffering Woohyun! Hello You’re working hard

Do you have something to tell me? No… I’ll be on my way Sungyeol seems depressed these days Is something up? They had a fight It must be true. You two have fights? It would be weird if they didn’t fight They’re at the age where they’re full of energy. They need to fight to feel alive I miss those days Good-bye then I think he’s the one who won What happened between those two? It must’ve hurt for Woohyun It’s not Woohyun’s fault And it’s not your fault either I know it’s shocking and hard for you And it’s the same for Woohyun So? Do you want me to comfort Woohyun? It was a choice that the adults made There was nothing you two could do If you think of it in a good way, you two were true friends and now We’re worse than strangers You and Woohyun were such good friends All you can see is Woohyun, right? If you keep this up, I don’t know what I might do Don’t be like that I know you’re hurting too after hurting Woohyun We’re not friends or family So I can steal you, right? What are you saying? Did you forget that I’m going to steal everything? If you keep provoking me like this, I’ll just take everything from Woohyun faster and with more force I won’t leave anything Sungyeol, please! So don’t mention Woohyun in front of me again Miss Gong Please make it so no one suffers You are all invited to Yena’s birthday party The location is Miss Gong’s spicy rice cakes The food is on me, and there’ll be a new generation smartphone giveaway Unlimited rice cakes. Awesome! Let’s go Hey, don’t you need a new phone? Let’s go Go why don’t you. Like the beggars you are That little The best things in life are free, my dad said Let’s go. Let’s go. Huh? This has happened so often that I’m no longer even surprised I gave this to grandma every month And now that she’s gone, it’s only right that I give it to you She didn’t touch that money Though I had to use it to pay off my so-called father’s debts You’re too young to earn a living Plus Seulbi Why is she with you? Don’t worry about Seulbi Money is what you need most right now How are you going to live? A normal teenager would need

love and attention I won’t ask you for help So don’t worry I’m saying that you have to be realistic They say that even though you don’t remember your mom, you recognize her by her fragrance I’d worry about not recognizing my mom I’d wonder what she looked like I’d wonder if she’d nag me like other moms I’d wonder whether to smile or cry if I ever met her If grandma asked you to look after me, please pretend she didn’t I was happy when I believed that my mom was out there somewhere and she was wishing the best for me Right now, I’m in hell Just Please be Sungyeol’s mom Woohyun Don’t call me like that Don’t say my name Because it hurts I can’t come here anymore I’ll have to live as Sungyeol’s mom from now on Yes Please don’t come Ever Just once Let me hold you just once You’re interfering with business Please leave Did those fools really come here? Food tastes best when you cook it thinking of the person who’ll eat it That’s what grandma said If you make it with a face like that, the people who eat it will be sad That’s right, like that You look hot when you smile – You klutz. / – Huh? Your wrists are too pretty Don’t let just anyone see them There, your arms look longer and nice Was it you? Make sure it’s good Take your money and have it somewhere else Are you sure you’re the owner? Let’s earn some money Woohyun made really good rice cakes Sit, sit Thank you all for coming Eat all you want and have a blast Sure thing Let’s eat When will you draw the winner? Shouldn’t you wish me happy birthday first? Is the pie all you care about? Don’t you mean prize? Where’s your best friend?

Who knows? I texted her. Where is she? Maybe she’s busy You told us not to contact Yeongeun It’s good, right? Byeonguk! For you Look here. It’s the spicy rice cake kiss You’re into that? This is scary. It’s horror Please don’t smile like that as you eat Don’t smile It doesn’t taste bad It’s alright I’m full Stop eating already I’m in a hurry but all the restrooms are full Can I use your bathroom? It’s up that way on the 2nd floor Thanks It’s not for you, it’s for your sister Why didn’t you come to Yena’s party? You really didn’t know If I see you in this neighborhood one more time, I’ll kill you What the? Do you own this neighborhood? I live nearby! I see you often these days This is my territory Find somewhere new I’m curious about something If you answer me, I’ll think about it Ms. An was crying at Woohyun’s shop Like she was really sad What’s the relationship between her and Woohyun? Why are you so shocked? You make it so obvious that you know something Even if I did know Do you really think I’d tell you? Go somewhere else as of tomorrow That little punk He’s making me more curious See this? You keep patient once and we get money Do you like money more than your boyfriend? Money is important for humans A boyfriend who earns well would be nice That’s smart But it’s wiser to avoid girls like Yena This is all because you’re so popular I never said I wasn’t It’s so tiring It’s not wrong to like someone But too much of it can make it seem wrong Even though it’s with good intentions There’s one thing in the world that you can give all of never to be received That’s your heart Heart Yes I understand I’m going out for a bit It’s because I don’t want to eat alone

Geez, just eat with me You punk Hey, Woohyun! Over here Have a seat I heard you two fought. Right? You punks I was just going to leave you two alone, but reconciliation and arbitration is my specialty? Did you two fight because of Seulbi? Just eat I’m full just by seeing you two eat Woohyun, you’re like a son to me When it comes to friendship It’s as important as love Woohyun, it seems your father is still in the U.S It would be best to find your mother You two living on your own can be a problem Actually, I’ve found her You’ve found her? Did you meet her? I met her today As I’d thought, I was left behind We agreed to live as strangers as we’ve done so far I see Woohyun, let’s stay strong. Take heart! Thank you for your concern I’ll get going now Seulbi’s home alone See you Okay… Get home safe Tell me anytime if you ever need my help Geez Did you know that Woohyun found his mom? No It must’ve been so hard for him This is when your friendship should shine You need to do well to have a good friend Look out for him and help him out Got it? Ah, that kid. How sad he must have been Why is he so late? Are you having fun? I’m even good at lullabies When did you get here? Just now What is family? Those who always take my side Then I really have no family? I don’t even have Miss Gong anymore You have me You and I aren’t family… Yet But I’m always on your side Don’t you trust me? Not right now. No way Why? Why not? You said you’ve watched a lot of dramas If you and I are family now, we won’t be family forever Something like a love not meant to be? Make sure you’re on my side forever later Okay? Who sang this song? It’s putting me right to sleep Woohyun says he found his mom

They decided to live their separate lives If she knew that he’d paid his father’s debts and he was struggling to live on his own Could she live with herself? Would she be able to eat? Mothers these days They care about their lives too much over their children. Don’t you agree? It breaks my heart Maybe it’s because he’s Sungyeol’s friend but he seems like my own son Since Sungyeol is an only child as well, I’d like them to live like brothers Don’t you agree? What’s the reason you haven’t told your dad? Who would that benefit? I’m going to watch you drown slowly You’re different to Woohyun Now you’re openly comparing me to him? I can’t compare you two You’re legally my son And Woohyun is a stranger So you happen to cry when you see a stranger’s shop? Stop making it obvious Or dad will find out I’m going to tell him It’s not time yet If someone’s going to do it, that’ll be me Will you do that for me? I can’t work up the courage If you hurt, I hurt too? You are inside me? A really sad life is one where nothing happens? What are these kind of familiar sayings? These took me all night to think of You’ve parodied them down to the dot They’re all lines from dramas – You’re smart. / – We’ll be late for school Let’s go, baby Ah, that’s right. I forgot that one Unbelievable. They live together? Shin Woohyun and Lee Seulbi live together – Live together? / – Yeah Shin Woohyun and Lee Seulbi live together? Is it okay for high schoolers to live together? – No way. / – This is insane I can’t believe they’re living together They aren’t even cousins Seulbi worked at the rice cake shop Woohyun’s grandmother passed away so he should be alone But with Seulbi She has no parents Then why are they living together? Oh, headache Let’s just have a quiet day, please! What else do you know? Nothing Good work What more could I expect of you? You really are something First the photo hugging Sungyeol Now news that you’re living with Woohyun? Who do you choose between the two? – Was it you again? / – What did I do? Keep it up and get further from Woohyun, while I get closer to him Why you! Must you make so much noise? Yeongeun, why didn’t you come yesterday? Dayul won a smartphone I didn’t want to turn someone’s birthday into their funeral I’ll make it an even better model for Christmas Make sure to come then How many days till Christmas? Seriously!

Stop You avoid crap because it’s dirty If you touch it, you’ll only smell Hit me instead Have a seat He’s the new director Oh! I’ve heard so much about you You’re young but you’re a great administrator At first I thought you were a movie star You shocked me If only I could live for one day with that face I could get remarried right away I know Let me start the meeting Lee Seulbi and Shin Woohyun, why is it a problem that these students are living alone in one house? Wait, how did you know that? How did you know? You know the meeting agenda already Wow, you must be so busy but It doesn’t make sense that minors are living together and alone We must stop them right away As far as I know both students don’t have parents But is there a legal issue here? There’s no legal issue at all Is that so? Then it’s settled Why have a meeting over this? Do you have nothing better to do? But it’s a problem if the parents find out It’s also a problem if the students protest And it won’t do anything to improve the school’s image It’s unethical for high schoolers to be living together And who will take responsibility if those hot-blooded teens make a mistake? Responsibility? No one’s taking responsibility even now How bad must it be that they’re living alone? You had no interest in the reason, the background and the environment in which they ended up like this And now you talk of responsibility? Ms. Choi, you’re in charge of sex education What do you make of this situation? Me? Well I In a reality where they watch pornography There won’t be a problem if they learn proper sex education It’s the adults who watch behind sunglasses that tarnish their innocence And that’s most unfortunate You need some water That was an impressive observation Thank you I’m talking about her Oh, right This is what I think Judging children through the eyes of adults is the worst judgment and form of education How about this? Either come up with a good alternative Or just accept that they love each other and live with it Let’s end the meeting on that note And Teacher Kim Gwangsik Are you not going to look for him? Your colleague takes leave for so long and none of you even care And you teach the students to look out for each other and be nice? What is this? Please change We need to change for the children to do so Teacher, you seem to be very competent Show us how competent you can be I’ll be watching Yes! Please keep an eye on me I’ll make sure to find Mr. Kim – Sure. / – Thank you! You’re so handsome from up close Have a great day! So I hear you two live together Do you really live alone? I’m so jealous! Is there a problem with that? Forget about our lives and worry about yours You must’ve been happy when your grandma passed away You got to live alone with Seulbi You jerk! You have no grandma to rescue you

Are you really going to hit me? Choi Jaeseok, stop it I told you, you’d regret it I may not have my grandma, but I have Seulbi now Is this what you get up to at home? We have way more fun than this at home My goodness What do we do about Woohyun and Seulbi? It’s not like we can put them in foster homes The director said he’d keep an eye on me We can’t send them to foster homes without their consent It’s not like I can take care of Seulbi How about you or Ms. Choi looking after the kids for a while That’s totally out of the question. No way We can’t have that That… Won’t work, right? That won’t work There’s only one solution Woohyun’s parents have divorced and his father’s in the U.S so we can’t send him there That means we find his mother who’s remarried Right? If she could’ve taken care of him, she would’ve done so already But her son’s in desperate need of help She wouldn’t just ignore him That’s the only solution We find his mother Mother Family relations are about love, understanding, acceptance and sacrifice. But instead we have distrust, rivalry, exploiting affection and other negative effects These effects are resulting in immorality This immorality is hostility between mothers, fathers, children, siblings, husbands and wives or violence caused by serious mistrust If you have no questions, you’re dismissed They say it’s immoral for a child to abandon their parent Is it the same if a parent abandons the child? That depends on the situation Is it being compassionate to abandon your son and raise someone else’s? Or vicarious satisfaction? Or a psychological problem? If you really want to know, come see me in private Dismissed Hey What did Sungyeol say to Ms. An? Immoral? Someone else’s son? He makes everything sound difficult Ms. An went white in the face Sungyeol must really hate or really like her You two go first Woohyun! Hey! You always abandon me! This shouldn’t be allowed! What were you trying to pull with Ms. An? What? Are you concerned? Since she’s your mom? That’s enough Even a disowned mutt can find it’s mother Happy that you found yours? You jerk! If you’re going to hit me, do it properly I promised not to fight I promised grandma and Seulbi Oh, well I guess you’ll break that promise Go on. Hit me If that’ll make you feel better I’ll let you hit me You crazy jerk You know that I You know that I You know something? I thought of studying hard so I could join you in university I wanted to enter military service with you! I wanted to have my first drink with you! It wasn’t just Seulbi in my life You were in it too, you jerk Finally, she was more than a teacher She was someone I could lean on Me too! More than a mom who I didn’t know I fought and laughed with you You were my friend

Because it’s you I’m hurting even more Stop it It’s sickening No matter how hard you try I won’t hate you I’m not going to hate you Stop it! Just stop it! What are you doing? Just answer my question I abandoned my child to raise someone else’s Did you think this would pain me? Take a good look You must’ve missed him a lot Sungyeol! I wish you’d stop creating trouble with Sungyeol You’re the one that caused all this from the start You abandoned me Just abandon everything like you abandoned me Just take responsibility for this jerk Let’s see if you can abandon me too – Sungyeol. / – What are you doing? Come on up here Don’t you want to see who she’ll save? Hwang Sungyeol! Stop being so childish and come down now! Will she save her real son? Or will she save me? Who will she save? Sungyeol You crazy jerk, come down now! Sungyeol! Older angel No! Lee Seulbi What are you doing? You’re safe now Take the photo Is it wrong that we’re living together? It could be from the adults’ point of view He’s my student! Don’t hit him! Don’t get in my way It’s because of you I don’t want to take anything from you What do you think you’re doing? How far will you go? What do I have to do to become an adult? Hey, you’re burning up You pretending to be fine Like nothing’s wrong That’s not fine with me