Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi – कुछ रंग प्यार के ऐसे भी – Ep 360 – 17th July, 2017

The problem is that things should happen your way And you want everything You want my son too You snatched my son from me, Dev Dixit Are you really saying that I snatched him? I snatched him He is a kid You’re forgetting that you’re his father and no one can take him from you Kids incline towards people they find love Ponder over as to where you’re going wrong Dev Dixit The great, Dev Dixit says that that I don’t love my son I love him a lot and would do anything for him I don’t need anyone to explain things to me You’re forgetting that I’m your elder brother No, I’m not forgetting a thing I know you’re my elder brother Do not leave your room until you gain senses I don’t fancy your family either I have always been the villain since years Dev Dixit was always the hero They will know what a villain does to a happy family Things will happen that didn’t happen till date You may rejoice for the last time Your end is near Cheers! Hold on Let’s do a Nikki special She pouts, right? Let’s pout I’ll be back Hello! I’m sorry I didn’t see my phone Tell me He is in town When is the meeting? Now? It’s difficult to come now No.. Well I’ve been preparing for this meeting for more than a year Can’t we reschedule this? Can’t my brother attend it? He is my partner All right. I’ll be there Sister-in-law! Come here Attend these calls later Please! Where is Sonakshi? Where did you disappear all the time, Dev? Come on. Stand here Not now, Uncle. Later You can do everything later I don’t have a picture with you Take it I can’t wait for all of this to finish. I’ll be late What do I do? Okay, stop now. Enough Okay, I get it Brother! Click one with us We don’t know when would be the next chance We have been waiting since so long And sister-in-law is not running away Come on, now Okay, let’s do this If I tell him, he will want to come along I can’t let this meeting let him miss these moments Hello! No.. I’m on my way I’ll be there Sorry, Dev! I’ll have to do this alone ‘Do you know what you’re saying?’

‘Dev Dixit is your brother.’ I know it Do as I say! Vicky, the house today What were you doing? Nothing You were speaking to someone What’s happening? Show me your laptop What are you doing, Elena? Are you insane? You suspect your husband Yes, because I don’t trust you Tell me what you were doing? Show me your laptop! What will you do with it? Give it See what you want It’s a pout Mister, please stop it now They can go on and on We’re done. – Thank you! Jassi! – Yes! Where is Sonakshi? She was on the phone and then she left She left! You go Why did she leave without informing me? Her phone is not reachable Mister, where are you going? I’m going out for a while I will come back Get a picture with me Not now, Golu – I’ll show it to my friends They click pictures with their dads You can keep the picture on your office table too All right Our picture would look great Let’s get a picture clicked Don’t worry Click our picture Thank you! Your welcome What is your problem? What do you think? You can misbehave Will I be scared if you do this? You don’t trust me anyway What did you say? That you don’t trust me People see my faults in the dark But Dev Dixit If you’re worried about Golu with Dev then Dev isn’t the one at fault Golu is tiny He is being stubborn We should concentrate on Golu and not on Do you know that you’re a good daughter-in-law A good daughter A good sister too But wife You couldn’t be a wife Your husband is being robbed of his rights But you You see nothing Dev looked after Golu when you were not around What do you mean? You know what! I did become something But you are not a good son Nor a good husband And not even Golu’s father Elena! How dare you? How dare you hit me? Why? Because I was honest You’re my wife I’ll do as I feel W-What are you doing? What are you doing? You’re hitting a woman Is this your manhood? None can interfere between a married couple If you have to kill someone then kill someone who is an equal to you So that he or she can revert Don’t you get it? You hit her Dev, please! No, Elena He must learn a lesson I am not weak You are weak I don’t know what she saw in you to marry you She swore to stay by you You can respect her at least You were blaming me that I took Golu away from you I didn’t do that You have distanced him And if you do not respect the women of this house then you will be thrown out Do you get it? It was great meeting you Same here, Dr. Bose My team will be in touch to figure out the details Yes! Okay. Take care – Thank you. – Bye Oh, God. It’s time for Suha to sleep. Dev must be waiting too Oh, God! Please work Oh, no! There is no network

This car won’t budge Where is mom? She is in office She’ll be back Dad! Mom kisses me goodnight But why is she late today? Her phone is out of reach too When will she return? Let’s strike a deal You sleep fast like a nice girl and I will get your mom, okay? Dad, I know How do I make a call to Dev? ‘The number you have called is currently unreachable.’ ‘The number you’re calling’ ‘is currently unreachable..’ – What is this! She should’ve at least informed me I don’t even know where to find her! Oh, God! N-No.. Come on Come on, just start There is no network here Start, please start Oh, God! Oh, no! Thank God! The network is back Hello Sonakshi, where are you! You should’ve informed me Where are you at this hour of night? Dev. Listen up! I am on the highway and the car broke down What! You are on the highway all alone and at this hour! So late at night! Dev, I was in a meeting with an investor I didn’t bother you as you were busy clicking pictures with your sisters I didn’t want to disturb you Sonakshi, really? Why did you go there at this hour? What was the need to leave alone? I knew that if I get stuck in a problem then you will come to rescue me Stop being cute now, okay? Fine, come soon M-My cell phone will switch off anytime now W-What is the location? There’s a bus stop I will send you the location, hold on Fine Did you get it? Sonakshi, that area is unsafe Please stay inside the car and lock the doors, okay? Hello? Dev? Hello? Sonakshi? – Hello? Oh, God! It’s the wrong time for the battery to die! Jassi – Sir I’m going out now so if anyone asks tell them I’ve gone to pick Sonakshi Okay? – Sir, sure The kids are sleeping so please take care Call me if required. – Sure Okay Hello Just say anything Start talking They can only scare people who get nervous You have to be confident Just say anything Thank God! They left ‘Destination on your west.’

That’s Sonakshi’s car Sonakshi! Where is she? Where Hello – Dev, hello Sonakshi here Sonakshi, where are you? Dev, I’m in a bus Actually, I’m calling from a lady’s cell phone Why did you board the bus? Dev, I wasn’t feeling safe on the highway and the lady boarded the bus, so I thought This bus is heading towards our home Fine, give me the vehicle registration number It is 769 I’m on Dwarka road right now Fine, okay Thank you so much My husband was getting worried That’s my stop I have to get down now At least, one number should be reachable amongst them, right? Brother, no. I’ve been trying for a long time Their phones are unreachable Ishwari, don’t worry Dev has gone to pick her up Sister-in-law Dev went to pick her But what was the need for Sonakshi to leave at this hour? Dev will obviously be in tension Even we are tense here She should’ve left with Dev Sister-in-law, you know it well that at this hour in this city a woman is unsafe to go out No, I’ve an inkling that everything will be fine If Dev has gone to pick her up then he will bring her back safely Sonakshi is completely safe when Dev is around Dev, where are you? Please come fast, I am really scared Hey! Are you planning to spend the night here? Come on, ours is the next stop Come on Dev! Dev! Leave them! Dev! – Sonakshi.. – Dev, let them go! No. I won’t! – Dev, leave them! Leave them I say! Leave! Are you okay? Dev, thank God you reached on time I-Is this how you use your brain! How could you leave at such at this hour in the night? You.. Why did you leave without informing me? I promise, I won’t ever do that again I won’t let you go! Never ever