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I’m the bliss I’m the bliss Look, inspector I’ll tell you everything, but on one conditions First, you’ll serve liquor after my statement And second, you won’t make me travel in the police jeep I went to that Lala’s place to plunder The heist was completed peacefully While I was coming out Mrs. Lala came out of the bathroom Smoking hot! The mater reached from loot to need My wife passed away 6 months ago And even Mr. Lala was on foreign tour for the last 3 months Business trip I thought Mrs. Lala be yearning So I pounded But as usual, there was denial I couldn’t control myself I forced myself and by mistake I raped her I was trying to explain to her to cooperate But no… she kept shouting, “Help Me” I couldn’t control my anger With my knife I slit her throat Pick me up Were you eyeing Mrs. Lala too? Sorry Oder tea And the old lady? She is 78 years old Name Phalugni Devi Look, teeth and jewelry I saw only two things I said don’t you feel the burden of so many jewelry, aunt? And the lady removed a pistol form under her clothes and I couldn’t control my laughter I said, aunt, give me something to eat I’m your grandson’s age But she fired

I hid behind the sofa Then I jumped from sofa to table to cupboard And the aunt kept firing non-stop I fired in self-defense And when it hit aunt she fell down and I got very emotional Just then a sound caught my attention 3 constables were standing with batons They must’ve come hearing the gun shot I took aunt’s pistol and fired Sir, Mrs. Lala and aunt got me so tired that I couldn’t do more physical exertion Look, inspector You can make Mrs. Lala’s case of rape and murder But aunt and the constables of he colony I shot them in self-defense So file a case of self-defense against their families Everyone is equal for the law Inspector, we didn’t get private car And our jeep will come at 5:30 in the morning Inform the police station that we recorded Rathi’s statement We’ll leave once the jeep arrives Come on, Rathi Sign the statement Open the handcuff Liquor bottle? When the car didn’t come, how can we get the bottle? Neither nor privet car No Not at all Betrayal Double betrayal Do you steal slippers from the temple! You’re pest of the society People go there to pray God won’t forgive you I warned you Brother, henceforth I won’t go to temple You should go every day, but not with such an intention Laugh. Laugh Now kneel down Get up after 10 minutes with honesty, and leave Rolex. Imported one! Inspector, you too turned out to be dishonest Bhaati, what is it? It’s a cruise ship I stole a car But it turned out to be junk It broke down on the way, so I had to steal this Now don’t waste time The bar will close Get back to business That’s it Rathi, that’s our style Bhaati, you’ve good stamina Even this age you’re cycling without panting Rathi, liquor at night, and milk with honey in the day You’ll become healthy like me I too like milk But not from buffalo, I prefer it directly from source Rathi you’re 34 years old but you still talk 14 years old kids I’ve spent 14 hours in the police station Really? Then you’re like demi God How? There is a small difference God Rama spent 14 years in exile

and you’ve spent 14 hours in the police station There is another difference On his return people celebrated Diwali by bursting crackers But there is nothing to welcome me back Don’t be dejected as long as your brother is here “Every path is smaller than your stature” “Every path is smaller than your stature” “The length of your attires get lesser” “You look like a spell” “The heart loses sleep, after your peek” “The heart loses sleep, after your peek” “There is nobody like us” “It’s the charm of guns” “Your beauty is unmatched” “But I’m a little obsessed” “You admirers fight for you” “Your style is lightening too” “The heart loses sleep, after your peek” “The heart loses sleep, after your peek” “Don’t lock eyes…” “Don’t make this heart pine” “O heartless lover” “O lover” “Don’t sigh” “Be wary of my wrath” “Don’t cross my path” “I am too hot for you, my youth is explosive” “Where I go, hearts are floored” The heart loses sleep, after your peak” “The heart loses sleep, after your peek” “Why is every path too small for my stature?” “Why does your heart complain about the size of my attire” “Do I look like a spell?” “Do I look like a spell” “You look like a spell” “You look like a spell” “Spell” You’ve come today consider it the last time I’m changing my level People with dollars are queuing for me I don’t want to stay with paupers like you now Really? If you say, I’ll loot for you the bank where dollars are printed They’re printed in America Go and loot it Bhaati we’ve come to get looted don’t talk of looting Really? You’re in queue to get looted You couldn’t even bring a gift in love In this city, we get electricity only for 6 hours

In that too, he thinks of his own plants, tank and nursery it everything is his, should we shut down business and live on alms? Here even his cactus is submerged in water but my roses are withering away Hey! The dog is barking It seems that ma’am is back Father, that madam is running your nursery You untie the dog, I’ll be there I’ll destroy your nursery today Aren’t you ashamed? First you steal then you cower You’ve no courage to talk so you unleash your dog You’ll see the courage if you bring your husband here I don’t talk to ladies My dog is enough for you I’ve to spend 119 rupees everyday for you Can you tell me how? He eats meat of that amount everyday Brother If you want to save 119 rupees stop stealing our water Tarun… – If I give you all the water, my plants will die Not all, only half Wasn’t this the deal with Tarun? You’ll get water half the time and we the rest of time So why do you steal? When you’re talking of Tarun, call him today Let’s decide it with Tarun today Yes, I’m calling him Tarun, you heard him, right Now go and set him right, right now Okay Just calm down Calm down? You’re too much This is not the time to calm down Do you ever stand up for what is right? I’ve come to talk This is not the time to talk, this is the time for action Okay now. Will you just go and do something. Go and hit him Hit him? Shristi, should I hit him for not supplying water for half an hour? We can solve minor things peacefully too. – How long? This isn’t the time for non-violence We’ve to fight for our right At times you really confuse me Why don’t we uproot the cause of fight? Hold this And these too Give them to him He’ll grow and sell them And you stay calm All right Give it to me, brother Thank you No brother, I am sorry You got scolded because of me Henceforth I’ll release water before time Don’t worry at all about anything Thank you – Mention not Brother we did decoration at Mr. Sharma’s function from Delhi He has made the payment – Okay And new faces have come in your new love class They look confused Where is ma’am? In the toilet Brother, there is a girl Is he in your class or tuition? In both So what’s the problem? It’s a simple case White, yellow, pink of red? You’re talking of red, she doesn’t even talk Give pink Girls like pink very much The matter will reach till red in a couple of days This is my love life not rainbow No, it’s rainbow for him I had an argument with a girl in the class I wanted to patch up So I came to get white roses He said, take pink too If the girl takes white, give pink too The matter might reach till red Then? – Then? I still apologize to her on Facebook She doesn’t talk to me person The Love Guru whose suggestions you take brought black rose to propose to me So you can imagine what will happen to you? You know she likes to joke Yes, brother Now we know everything Bye Bye What if the rose was black? It did the work of red one You accepted it It worked So it’s not about the colour, but the thing you get It’s 3 O’clock There is always time for this Minal, don’t be angry today Papa knows today is Minal’s ice-cream day So first ice-cream, then we’ll go home Fine, you can eat two instead of one What has happened to her? Mrs. Garg, is something the matter? She wanted to a part in the play but But what? She couldn’t deliver her lines properly Papa, I was trying But I was getting stuck at one point again and again And ma’am didn’t let me say She stopped me And I’m not in the play

That’s why I won’t eat ice-cream and I won’t go to school Hey Don’t say that, child What if you failed this time? You can do it next time Why next time? She’ll to it this time Right, child? Ma’am, can you give me one day to prepare her lines? Okay. Tomorrow is the last day The annual function is just around Thank you Thanks a lot Minal, let’s go home and practice there Papa, first ice-cream And not one, but two Two “Let’s chat with life” “Let’s come to face with life” “Let’s chat with life” “Let’s come face to face with life” “Life will make you laugh and cry at times” “It will tell you jokes of victory and defeat” “Let’s chat with life” “Let’s come face to face with life” “Fight a little with life” “Express your desires” “Flow with it, wherever it goes” “Don’t be shy of life” “Smile at its mischief” “Put up with its tantrums” “Enjoy the life” “Life will make you laugh and cry at times” “It’ will tell you jokes of victory and defeat” “Let’s chat with life” “Life will tell you tales of dreams” “It will sing a song of old memories” “In anger, it may scream and shout” “If you sing a lullaby, it will even sleep” “Life will make you laugh and cry at times” “It will tell you jokes of victory and defeat” “Let’s chat with life” “Let’s come face to face with life” This is what confuses me about you

All day you talk of peace If the authorities heard you you’ll get international prize of World Peace But what they know a peace lover gets so violent on bed That’s why I talk of peace all day I’ve to use the energy at the right time Really? If you don’t like it even here I’ll start advocating peace I guess I prefer it this way Even today, you make me feel wanted as if it’s our first night together It doesn’t feel that we’ve been married for 6 years 6 years Ma’am, I still can’t believe we’ve got married Why? In college, you were always in love with Vikram You didn’t even used to look at me Then that day when you accepted my one-sided love at dinner I was happily shocked And I’m still living in that shock You know Vikram shocked me when I learnt someone else was also in his life I gave 6 years to that relationship and he was so not worth it I can tolerate anything, Tarun but not betrayal Brother, ma’am brought all the roses from the shop It’s good – I’ll pack this Hi, ma’am – Hello Are these for somebody special? Yeah, we’re having a function at the school for under-privileged and special kids So we want to welcome each one with a rose. – That’s nice Bhaati, it’s a matter of heart, so don’t lose your calm Rathi today my pockets are full so I’m at peace We’ve come to buy flowers for darling You’re taking the matter very lightly Sir – Yes Sanno She’s our beloved Of both of us She’s angry So give us roses 2, 3. 4 baskets Rathi, don’t put a price on the matter of heart Brother give us all the flowers – But Sir, ma’am bought all the roses Hey! When elders are talking, don’t interfere Understood? – Deepak Sir, then do it Actually ma’am has bought all the roses If you say, I’ll get some other flowers for you Sir I didn’t expect it from you Are you being discriminative? It’s not so. She bought it first And I don’t have more roses Look, it’s not matter of roses but love If she doesn’t get the roses our beloved will go away And we’ll be left alone Without love So sir, give the roses Or else I’v to take this beautiful ma’am We’ve to make do with her instead of Sanno I said, there isnot rose No

Gentleman, not understand So gardener, ask ma’am will she give flowers, or everything I’ve said, I’ve nothing left to give you. Please leave If there is nothing for us then nobody else will get anything We’ll take whatever is left Don’t move. It’s loaded Wait I’ll get the roses from elsewhere You are too late. Now we’ve rejected Sanno and chosen her You can’t do this We can do whatever we want Rathi, start testing ma’am Turn on the battery, ma’am Come, ma’am You can’t do this If you’re quiet, you’ll get full entertainment If you move, I’ll shoot you Bhaati, forget them The foreign player understand only non-violence I’ll give covering fire Foreigner In a bizarre incident, dreaded western UP Gangster Satinder Rathi and Satinder Bhaati were killed at the hands of a common man Notorious criminals had to pay dearly for trying to molest a woman Satinder Rathi and Satinder Bhaati were killed at the hands of a florist A woman’s cry for help aroused a common man’s conscious 41 murders, 19 kidnaps, 7 rapes and wanted by police of 5 states How was your meeting with Tarun who killed Rathi and Bhaati? There is a warrior hidden in a human being And Mr. Tarun used that warrior at the right time and the right place he didn’t even save honour of our foreign guest but make our region and country proud I would like to thank Tarun for saving my life and my honour Brother is like that only He solves everyone’s problems I, Satyapraksh Agrawal, the councilor o the area request the honourable President to felicitate Tarun with highest civilian bravery award Let’s introduce you to Tarun’s neighbour, Chaudhari Rajender Singh Mr. Chaudhary, why are you crying? I’ll go to hell I harassed such an angel At times I disconnected power or water supply We made a deal 5 times, but I broke it every time Moreover, I even unleashed my Moti on his wife Who is Moti? – My dog Now it’s time to meet the mane who showed bravery and became from common man to special in a moment So Mr. Tarun, how do you feel after doing this brave act? Look, there is nothing to be called bravery Anyone else in my place would have done the same thing No, this is just his habit He doesn’t want to take credit for anything By the way, Tarun is of very peaceful nature And usually I get angry with him for that but today I’m very happy And I want to just tell him and to all that I’m very proud of him And… I love him Let’s take you to Tarun and Shristi’s daughter Minal I think that’s enough I think So this was our rendezvous with Tarun and his family who showed extraordinary courage in adversity With cameraman Rajan Joshi, this is Sirish Keep the camera running. Mike He’s Moti He has come to apologize to sister-in-law in front of everyone He’ll never bother sister-in-law again And he’s going back to the village by next train He won’t bother her He has promised Friends, enjoy the party Take it. You aren’t eating anything Mr. Sharma, greetings How are the fritters? Mr. Tarun tell us

Weren’t you scared even a little? One doesn’t think of fear at such a time At that time either you fear or you dare. Right, Tarun? Yes How is the business? – First class Brother, what were you thinking? There wasn’t time to think of that Exactly There wasn’t time to think of that It was Tarun who just did it Enjoy. I’ll be back It’s not so Even my husband is very fast in such things One who gets a chance becomes brave Even your husband got a chance when there was a robbery in your house Your brave husband’s hands were shivering even while lodging police report The fritters are very salty She’s used to nitpicking Brother, can I talk to you alone for a minute I want you to meet someone Here, take this, brother Here – Sorry, I don’t drink Drink it. You must be tired Drink it I’m not used to it You were not even used to killing humans But didn’t you do it when such a time came? Drink it It will help you sleep Brother, he’s Gulab Singh from our village He has taken the charge of our police station day before yesterday He phoned on hearing the news He started saying that you are being praised a lot in his department I said, come to the party I’ll introduce you to him Mr. Tarun I am very pleased and a little sad to meet you Happy, because such a brave man is in our precinct and sad, because such a brave man is in our precinct Are you high in just two glasses, Gulab? Earlier you used to drink half a bottle If such a brave man is in our precinct the police have to manage in their salaries He’ll take the bounty on the listed criminals And we policemen will be empty handed Gulab, take glass more You’ll be set You can keep talking Frist enjoy the delicious feast arranged by Mr. Chaudhary Sister-in-law, greetings Greetings I’m new inspector here and your husband’s fan You husband is a hero – Yes That’s true Thanks Shall we go, Tarun? – Sure Brother come to the police station tomorrow Bounty of 2.5 lakh rupees was on Rathi and Bhaati each I’ve to hand that to you There are some formalities to be completed If you mind, I can come to your house You can serve me tea and take your reward You are most welcome anytime Let’s go If you’ve met the mirror I’m not meeting the mirror but myself Aren’t you satisfied being a hero that now you want fame as a poet Not fame but oblivion like before But why? Why? How did you kill? What was going on in your mind? How do you feel now? How did you feel then? How did you show such courage? Were you scared? Shristi, I’m tired of answering these questions I don’t get happiness talking about that incident again and again I was stuck in a situation so I had to do it Anyone else in my place would have done the same Shristi, I’m just tired of this And to be honest with you

a lot lonely as well Shristi, I just want my normal life back Don’t worry Just don’t worry It will happen from tomorrow Just don’t be upset Please Take this -Thanks Take this, sister-in-law Thanks Deposit it today It will be cashed in 3 days And then… roses all the way I mean… You can buy new roses with the money and expand nursery business Yes Now I’m helping you expand your business So can I get something Whatever you think is right Two glasses of lemon-juice and sweets in snacks And the rest depends on you I can’t drink tea in this hot weather Okay You want something sweets in snacks Okay I’ll just be back So brother, you’re from Meerut Yes – That’s why I was wondering you don’t look from mountain region So how long have you been here? Around 8-9 years Are you selling flowers for 9 years? You look educated I’m educated that’s why I’m selling flowers for 9 years No you’re taking me wrong Actually Rathi and Bhaati were hardcore criminals Someone from their gang might lose his mind and think of revenge So I thought of getting you a licensed gun for self-defense So I wanted to know your background It’s not needed I won’t live my life with guns Of course, if we are living with them so why do you need it? Anyway don’t you worry It’s the duty of police to protect good citizens Lemon-juice is here Sister-in-law, it was great Brother, I’ll take your leave now Sister-in-law I think brother’s jacket fell down from the roof Yours? – It’s not mine I thought as much But how did it get here? It’s a mountain area Some animal might have dropped it here Now that it’s here, use it as rags Bye Does your papa scold you? He scolds everyone at home, office, on the roads and mom to at home Wrong, wrong Papa doesn’t scold mom but mom scolds papa How do you know? Because it happened everyday in my house Right, papa? Mom shouts a lot a you After scolding, mom doesn’t let me sleep in your room

You’ve to sleep in the drawing room Right, papa? It happens with me too Mom, let’s go I’m coming I was waiting or papa I wonder where he’s He isn’t answering the phone Tarun, where were you? I just went out What do you mean? Just like that Oh God. So late? Brother, a six fee long snake was in the garden at the back With one blow of my stick, I killed it Give it to me It’s hot, brother Reporters of 3 newspapers were needlessly after me for 4 days To arrange an interview with you I said, I killed the goons, take my… interview Spare him Let him work Was I right, brother? Mr. Chaudhary I thought you were talking to me No, sister-in-law Even brother’s permission is must He might say tomorrow, I’ll give interview Why are you driving them away? Thank you, Mr. Chaudhary At least you thought I was worth enough to be asked Brother, what are you saying? Sister-in-law, there is no water supply Now I’ll go and get it released By mistake, the motor was left turned off in the morning Don’t just stand Let’s go and turn on the motor Shristi It’s okay 50. Okay? And the Tunias 75 – 75. Very good Uncle was right All kinds of flowers are available in this shop That’s why uncle made us travel from Dehradun till here If praising of uncle is complete, bu the flowers too Ask them what kind of flowers they’ve which we need For what do you want flowers? Actually my close relative was ill for years A few days ago even doctors gave up all hopes Doctor said, spend time together He might die any time So give us 30 marigolds And – 30 white roses And 30 jasmines After all it will give aroma Yes. We’re very religious We offer these flowers during funeral If possible give buds too which will blossom in a couple of days Because the relative hasn’t died yet He’ll die soon Take it, Balbir How much do I owe you? 815 rupees What? – 815 rupees Okay Take it It’s 815 rupees We pay token for the flowers of funeral not price of it Okay, bye What a weird man! Yeah. Shall we go? Where? Tarun! When we’re getting late everyday you drive so slow today we’re going early so why are you driving so fast? So that you know that I can drive fast you won’t tell me to drive faster Wow Am I alive? And you can drive fast There are 25 minutes more for the classes to get over Now? Now Tarun Singh will use time and personally thank dramatics teacher

which he forgot on the day of play But I’ve already done that Shristi, personally Give one ice-cream Papa, today Akash was asking in class, you are scared of mom? Are you scared of mom? No, child Papa is scared of no one So, no ice-cream for mom today You eat mango bar and I will eat choco-bar Fine Give one mango bar Shristi, are you okay? – Yeah Get out The breaks had failed you can check for yourself Somehow I managed to stop Get out. Who are you? I was standing there Why did you bang the car! – Tarun Why did you bang the car? Come out -Tarun The brakes failed. I’ll pay for the damages. -Tarun, just calm down Let’s go. Tarun, listen to me – The brakes failed. Sorry Let’s go – Sorry Let’s go. What’s wrong with you? Minal, come on. Let’s go Let’s go I’m really sorry, Shristi Papa, look what’s there Papa, this Why are you making marks? Son, this is our custom When someone’s time is over in the world then we make this sign on its door Then? – Then? Then we send him to God Papa, tell me. Tell me Papa, tell me Child, this sign is considered auspicious in our religion Okay? But who made this on our door? I’ve no idea Papa, today I’ll defeat you Child, not today – Papa, please I said not now Please, please, please Child, today mom will play games with you Yeah – And she’ll beat you No, I’ll beat you Let’s see. Set it Wow! Six! What happened? Nothing Nothing? I’m your wife You’re behaving strangely since the afternoon It’s very unlike you And you’re making excuses to cover up your behaviour don’t think I’m convinced by them Tell me, Tarun What’s stressing you? It’s nothing, Shristi Tarun Are you going to tell me? I was just trying to What? Tarun, if all this stress is because of killing those criminals then forget it That incident is over It was a nightmare And you faced it bravely Everyone, including me, is proud of you And even you should be proud of yourself Understood? What? Did you understand, Mr. Tarun Singh? Then give me a smile A real one I said a real one Otherwise I’m going to bite you Shall bite you? Shall I? There is just a difference of a glance in love and lust

For the doers it’s love, and for the onlookers it’s lust So why are you showing us? Tarun What’s it? Minal where is Minal, Shristi? Isn’t she in the room? Shristi, just lock yourself and stay with Minal And don’t open the door until I don’t say so What? – Shristi, stay here Gusts are inside and hosts are outside It’s really a topsy-turvy world What was the need to hit him on the head After all he was coming inside I thought if I hit him on the head and he’ll remember the past He had forgotten you for years Yes, I do have this qualm against you First of all, you didn’t remember us all these years And when we came in front of you you acted as if you don’t know us Minal My granddaughter We went to her school and left your old jacket at your door We even went to your flower shop But you spurned at our invitation of love I tried hard so that you meet us alone once but you did not listen I had to come here in helplessness Daughter-in-law, don’t worry We aren’t from any Rathi’s gang We are your in-laws I’m your father-in-law and Rajvir’s uncle Oh She has not yet met the family I’ll introduce you Meet him Meet your husband His real name is Rajvir Singh For the world the name is Tarun Singh Old profession Banditry Father’s name is Malhan Singh The notorious bandit Not the filmy bandit who comes on the horses but the real bandit Uncle your enmity is with me Let them go Wow! After years my nephew has called me uncle I’ve to fulfill your wish Fine Go, daughter-in-law Take granddaughter upstairs Go Father’s death will have bad impact on the child Shristi, take Minal Shristi, go! No, no, no. Stop What now? Look If you die your wife will become a widow and your daughter an orphan I can’t take their responsibility at this age And the times are bad Daughter-in-law is young The daughter is young After your death, your family honour might be maligned It’s better all of you die together That’s not right, uncle

No I wanted to do the right thing years ago and I’m doing the right thing even today You’ve always been wrong Waiting for inauguration? Hit him Uncle, you said it right I made the mistake that I spared you thinking you were dead I should have performed your last rites with my hands 10 years ago Hello Shristi Water Shristi, I always wanted that this aspect of my life shouldn’t come in front of you But life life never went as per my wishes I’m really sorry for everything, Shristi Shristi, it’s all over now Yes, Tarun It’s all over It’s all those Pundits’ politics Earlier they used to say those who die in Benaras will reach heaven These days it seems they’ve said to the goons those who die at the Tarun Singh’s hands will go directly go to heaven Earlier there were two Now four Your count is increasing, brother That to when you don’t live with guns Seeing their guns it seems they came prepared for a war They wouldn’t have thought they would die at the hands of an unarmed man Right, sister-in-law? In self-defense brother would have to snatch their guns and fire at them Right? Mr. Singh becomes Superman at such times Right? Anyway Corpses of 4 goons are lying in Mr. Tarun’s house Yes. At Mr. Tarun’ house Again Come and take them People will come from the police station to take the corpses and investigate the crime scene So tell them whatever happened Okay? I’ll take your leave Today I don’t feel like drinking lemon-juice

Stop it, Tarun Or should I call you Rajvir? I don’t even know who you’re But why me? You know how I hate lies I left Vikram because he betrayed me in love But you made my entire life a lie I didn’t do anything like that, Shristi You did nothing? Right from your name, your family, your background your entire existence, you lied to me about When the truth is out in the open, you say you’ve done nothing Shristi, I still say I didn’t do anything wrong with you Because what you say was the truth but only half I was Rajvir I was born with this name In a family where violence was family business The notorious chief of the area Malhan Singh, was my father Looting, arson, kidnaping kidnap and murder no matter what the way, aim was one Supremacy Since the day I was born father had decided my fate My brave son will rule Rajvir (Brave ruler) Right? Look, Malhan Singh I just know life is everything Satto, I don’t care about life now Whether I live or die Malhan Singh’s name will always be there Because now my heir has come They were foster uncles When father went to jail for the first time he had met them there After looking for 7 months in 14 villages I’ve found you today And now you make excuses You say you were getting treatment for your wife not hiding from me Satvir, he was getting treatment for his wife but in Meerut court instead of the hospital Lawyer Omkar, judge Bansal and policeman Lal Singh he had hired 3 doctors for his wife’s treatment And while getting treatment, he became coward and he became an informer of police against us Mother, what’s an informer? I won’t do it again Please forgive me, Malhan Singh – No I’ve to treat you and your ailment of being an informer So that someone else’s wife doesn’t fall in the area so easily But mother had different dreams for me Mother wanted me to get education and make an identity of my own in this world which should be totally different from father’s work But Mother, you don’t interfere I won’t spare him We were playing hide and seek I hid behind the well Nobody could have found me But he informed about me He doesn’t even have a wife So who fell ill? I’ll teach these informers a lesson Father’s name could have been a terror for the outsiders but his presence in the house was like a festival for mother and me Entire world was defeated with Malhan Singh’s victory And Malhan Singh lost in front of his wife I’ve told Sattu and got you entered in the big school But don’t tell anyone your father’s name and work there Or else people will say Malhan Singh is teaching his son in school And my terror will dwindle in the area

Find a new name for you and me Whatever you like But remember, your father is a farmer Because son, in our country bandits and farmers don’t pay tax to the government Ma’am, at least give me food now It’s been four days since I’ve been eating Mahinder’s cooking And this way from Rajvir I became Tarun and father Malhan to Shivraj Singh Mother must have been waiting for me to reach school Mother became the target of that violence against which she sent me to school After mother’s death, my relationship with that violence ended forever with a bitterness Once or twice a year father used to come to meet me or I would go there Education was taking me away from the criminal source at the same time father’s crime graph was increasing After school, I reached college and met you A bounty of millions was announce on father In spite of being father and son, our worlds were separate There was grief of separation from father But now my college my career my friend were my world And I had compromised with it By now I’ve become your friend and I had fallen in love with you I became the first graduate of my family Bu the very same day Son, it was your mother’s dream that you get educated I was never against your mother’s dream and your wishes But look today I can’t even get up without support What will happen of this gang now? With your uncle Sattu, there are 15 people and their families Son, now you take care of it Take the responsibility Father first you then I and tomorrow my son After all how long will guns decide the destination of our lineage? Banditry isn’t the only way to help families earn livelihood At least not my way Then it’s fine, nephew If you don’t to take the responsibilities of the gang so be it But don’t teach us how to live our lives You want to become an officer after getting education, go ahead But don’t try to change our identities Which identity are your so proud of, uncle? We’re bandits with bounty of millions on us This is our identity Change it as soon as possible Or else the identity will be costly for the next generation Malhan Singh, your son has become an officer? Your wife’s dream is fulfilled? What should we do instead of banditry? Become brokers? Say something, Malhan Singh You can’t say anything now In front of young son father’s rules become weak Let’s go Father Take the responsibilities, son On father’s suggestions everyone agreed to make the gang But now sons says whatever we did till today was wrong We should change the way of our lives But the father didn’t feel the need to say anything Why would he say anything?

Father is in no state to run the gang and his son doesn’t want it So, for them, to hell with the gang Fine Never mind if they want to run the gang We’ll run the gang But how? Huh? The boy who can change Malhan Singh’s mind with his words he can talk of families and undermine the gang members’ resolve Everyone will flee How can you handle them all? Atal Go to your mother and tell her to wipe your nose Go What were you saying? This boy will brainwash everyone Whatever happened next was my helplessness When I left, I lived a life of anonymity for a year And then I started this nursery work From time to time I learnt through newspapers the father’s gang was breaking up And there were news of encounter of the few left Not much time had elapsed since this part of my life ended that I met you again I had always dreamt of a peaceful life I saw that dream coming true So, to live up that dream I hid my truth from you Such a truth which had no meaning in my life and I didn’t want it to affect my future life Now call it my crime, greed or helplessness Look, Tarun Whatever happened with you or whatever you did to understand that I need to come to terms with it I… need time Because, no matter what the reason was but whatever happened with me was wrong “My heart is restless…” “My heart is restless without you” “My heart is restless…” “My heart is restless without you” “Your words are lies” “Everything seems to have been lost” “All the hopes ended in dejection” “My heart is restless…” “My heart is restless without you” “My heart is restless…” “My heart is restless without you” “There is loneliness and grief” “There is loneliness and grief” “I look for destination in this whirlpool” “I look for destination in this whirlpool” “Your words are lies”

“Everything seems to have been lost” “All the hopes have ended in dejection” “My heart is restless…” “My heart is restless without you” “My heart is restless…” “My heart is restless without you” “The nights remind me of separation” “These dark nights…” “The nights remind me of separation” “The nights remind me of separation” “It has made me helpless” “It has made me helpless” “Your words are lies” “Everything seems to have been lost” “All the hopes have ended in dejection” When there is darkness in the life you should turn the lights on I came today as I felt like drinking lemon-juice again Sister-in-law isn’t to be seen? Wife thought she got a husband who’ll make the earth green but he liked “Red” He turned out to be an action hero with a criminal past Bandit Malhan Singh’s son “Lemon-juice making English medium” wife, who bid farewell to her husband But where do I go? We police guys have old habit of investigation It’s helplessness too In a short time we found your history and relationship with the deceased uncle So shall we go? Brother, in the kitchen Didn’t I say, I want to drink lemon-juice? You would have to ended up behind bars But there was a problem Councilor’s post He got it with years of hard work And he doesn’t want to lose it In excitement he recommended you for bravery award in front ot the media And that recommendation was accepted In that Rathi, Bhaati case But when the holy war of uncle and nephew came in front I went to the councilor First he was shocked Then after deliberation he said these days it’s time of the media If anyone gets a whiff that I recommended bandit Malhan Singh’s son for bravery award I’ll lose my post

And exile from politics Sugar is less So he said, cover up this entire case Anyway goons are killed So I had to accept it We policemen have to obey our superiors So this way you narrowly escaped from your past and present So I’ll take your leave now I wanted to confirm something Do I make nice lemon-juice? Yes Okay, bye Shristi You said it’s over Didn’t you? See it’s not Now they’ve kidnapped Minal What’s that girl’s mistake, Tarun? Why does she have to suffer? Where is your past going to stop haunting us? Shristi, just controls yourself Who were they? I won’t mind shooting you even a bit But I’ll regret not knowing who sent you here to killed at my hands So tell me, which one of the two sent you? Where is my daughter? Brave policeman! You came to kill me And seeing the gun pointed at you, you’re looking for your daughter I want my daughter Which daughter? Whose daughter? Who are you? And why are you harping about daughter? A father whose daughter is kidnapped won’t mind to kill s many as he can to find his daughter Dhanju, Lala and I… Ashfaq We three used to be pimps of girls The money was good and business profitable The Lala met a doctor Doctor said, kidnap kids I’ll sell their body parts to foreigners The earning was a lot more than that in being a pimp Lala an Dhanju understood it was profitable

But I didn’t get it I was not ready to become a demon from a pimp Doctor didn’t want this secret to be exposed First both of them tried to explain to me Then threatened me And then tried to kill me But every time I killed the men they sent But what does all this have to do with me and my daughter? Any old enmity in this city? I had But not now Any demand for ransom? No So the matter is simple Those cowards want to use an emotional father as a weapon they want to take revenge with me Rascals! Ashfaq, I don’t care what someone had thought I just want my daughter Can’t you understand this simple thing? Then shoot me and find your daughter Look I don’t know how much time you’ve Or do you have time or not But don’t waste your time on me Yes, Mr. Deewan No problem She’ll take care of it the next time Mr. Deewan, the Excise officer had phoned He was getting angry Saying the girl you sent doesn’t give me “English” service He said, he paid enough but she wasn’t worth it He said, next time I’ll get the goods from Lala Then? Then I explained to them as he’s our old customer I said, why you want to splurge, Mr. Deewan? Lala is a retailer We’re the wholesaler After all he sends the goods we supply him Tanju Not daughter, moms are found here If you say, I can arrange one She was kidnapped Listen, come after 15 years If she’s alive, you’ll find her here All the kidnaped girls turn up here when they turn young Tanju, I want my daughter right now Then send her mother right now I’ll give her a daughter right now Cold beer in winter at the bank of river Mr. Lala, you were born in the wrong country Once I get the passport I’ll make amend for this mistake too Mr. Lala, it will be fun in the foreign country But you’ve to change the business – Why? People are very frank there They do everything even before getting acquainted They won’t need us Kido, unfortunate and need people are found in every country You got high with cold beer

How will you manage in foreign land? Get up Hey! Where is my daughter, Lala? I swear I’m a pimp but I don’t I don’t kidnap kids Ashfaq! Ashfaq! So an emotional father killed all my enemies’ You lived up to expectations I cheated a little narrating the story For that I apologize to you Actually the story was the same but the character had changed Not those two, but I got greedy And the doctor met me not Lala And not them, but I tried in vain to kill them I saw poverty in life I couldn’t distribute such a big profit amongst three people So thank you And as far as your daughter, she’s safe And this time I won’t cheat No cheating I’ll tell you the address You can come and take her What was the need to phone to say thank you You did so much for me It was my duty What? She isn’t your daughter? One minute Kashyap! Which girl did you leave Brother, the girl with yellow shoes and red cap just as you instructed You deaf! I said yellow cap and red shoes Where is she? – She sold in the sale No You don’t deserve to do business in this country You should go abroad Mr. Tarun I tried to be loyal but destiny betrayed me Who can do anything in front of God’s wish? Your daughter is gone She sold off Now I can’t do anything even if I wish By now her body would have been in parts On no! I am sorry Papa, I promise Papa Papa, let’s play Brother, you’re absent from nursery Your home is also locked

Where are you? Gulab You’re giving the name and description but our files have no record of such a pimp But the girl is kidnapped Or else Gulab wouldn’t have phoned himself So we’ll lodge your report Do you’ve a photo for your daughter? Mr. Jain at the moment I don’t need to file police report but a man needs another man “O God, protect me from pain” “Unite me with my soul” “My heart weeps” “Listen to my request” “Listen to my request” “O God, spare my life” “O God, spare my life” “O God, spare my life” “O God, spare my life” “O God” “O God” They took Minal What’s that girl’s mistake, Tarun? “I fear, this is my death” “My life isn’t with me” “I’m standing at your door for I believe in you” “My life isn’t with me” “Heal my wounds” “Have mercy on me” “O God” “O God” “O God” Brother You’re sitting in the middle of road in dejection Listen to me and return home You’re still potent Make another child You’ll be happy and I’ll be rid of this burden too Hey, are you looking for me? Fine Just look straight up You’ll see a hand It’s mine “O God” “O God” “O God” “O God” “O God” Brother I too have a daughter I can understand your pain But you can’t shoot in the crowded market like this You can’t endanger people’s life If you saw him, you should have told me. What I am for? I’m a police officer Don’t we’ve some responsibilities? I’m helping you on Gulab Singh’s request

It does not mean you can take law in your own hands Didn’t I tell you lodge the report? We’ll investigate It’s our job If you do such a thing again, I’ll be forced to arrest you Understood? Dhanu, Lala and I We three used to be pimps… of girls The name and description you’re giving our files have no record of such a pimp So an emotional father killed all my enemies You’re sitting in the middle of road in dejection Are you looking for me? Just look straight up You’ll see a hand I cheated a little in telling the story If you saw him, you should have told me What am I for? Listen to me and return home Mr. Jain you were right In my love for my daughter, maybe I got carried away You file the report Maybe I did whatever I could have Now only the police can help me I trust you completely I’m going back Yes, brother The marksman has left The coast is clear I’ve left him out of the city Yes He understood the depth of the matter So it’s fine Where is Ashfaq? Ashfaq Gulab I am coming back Why with me, Ashfaq I kept asking the same question all my life Why with me, brother Rajvir? Not Ashfaq Rehtal That small kid with running nose who was your cousin Bandit Satbir’s son whose father you killed and left his uncle half dead before leaving A bandit’s son, who lived life with status you forced him to become a pimp After that night of carnage there was just one aim of my life To find you Seeing the news on television uncle left to take revenge

I explained to him but he didn’t listen Maybe leaving the humiliating life of a pimp he had that one chance to get the status of bandit again But I I wanted to take revenge but not by taking your life A child has to endure a lot without its father’s shelter I wanted your daughter to feel that Every tears that I’ve shed I wanted to compensate it with yours ad your daughter’s tears Knowingly or unknowingly you killed my enemies and made my life very easy And my revenge was complete after kidnapping your daughter I explained and told other to explain to you that you go back I thought you would have become a gentlemen but this bandit’s blood it shows its colour from time to time “O God, protect me from pain” “Unite me with my soul” You remembered your father’s death but you didn’t understand the reason why he died I intended to give a better life to our families I wanted that you shouldn’t become what you’ve become today But your father’s arrogance and your craziness couldn’t understand it Thank you, Gulab Singh

For all that you’ve done for me till today Mr. Tarun Who am I to do anything? I did whatever master made me do Master! I’ve made lemon-juice Want to drink? It’s your master’s phone Answer it Rehtal’s pimp, you did everything so that I live but the life should go as per Rehtal’s wishes Was he your master? Now go and meet him Shristi destiny had decided a path for me Today I’ve ended it Now I want your companionship in this new beginning Tarun, you better be here Today I’ve to settle this issue That bloody Rajender Chaudhary has stopped water supply again “Let’s chat with life” “Let’s come face to face with life” “Let’s chat with life” “Let’s come face to face with life” “Life will make you laugh and cry at times” “It will tell you jokes of victory and defeat” “Let’s chat with life” “Let’s come face to face with life” “Fight a little with life” “Express your desires” “Flow with it, wherever it goes” “Don’t be shy of life” “Smile at its mischief” “Put up with its tantrums” “Enjoy life” “Life will make you laugh and cry at times” “It will tell you jokes of victory and defeat” “Let’s chat with life” “Let’s come face to face with life” “Life will tell you tales of dreams”

“It will sing a song of old memories” “In anger, it may scream and shout”