We K-Pop Ep.21 – Winner+이진혁 [ENG, CHN, IND, MAL / 2019.11.29]

One day, spaceship We K-Pop crashed-landed on a dead-end black hole The ship has broken down and everyone on the ship had to hover in this black hole Can spaceship We K-Pop escape from the black hole where there is no light nor hope? Will they survive? (So funny from the start) We’ve been trapped in this black hole for a thousand days now – A thousand days! / – A thousand! ♪ For a thousand days ♪ Hurry and act Is there no way we can return to Earth? I miss my family I miss my members I’m really hungry And it’s so cold here Hey, Inseong Did you starve for a thousand days? Are you for real? I did eat somewhat Being trapped for a thousand days, – there is no longer joy. / – No joy I haven’t smiled for a thousand days No smiling for a thousand days? Not even one time What are we going to do? Is that a smile I see now? I’m coughing. It’s not a smile You guys, I have a promising future I can’t just let this black hole be the end of everything Why don’t we join our fans and open with the We K-Pop intro? That sounds great Shall we get right to it? A gateway drug you can’t escape! A downright selling show for fans! Worldwide fan-making project! The world’s first-ever fan-making show! KBS World global showcase! We K-Pop! (It’s nice to see you) Alright! But do we have guests today? Well, I don’t know Do we have guests today? Is someone there by chance? – Is someone there? / – Hello? – Is someone there? / – They’re here I just heard something – They’re here! / – Where is this place? Come on! Come on stage! (Come on, come on) Where is this place? Wow! – To our black hole. / – Where is this? You joined our black hole – Hello. / – Hello – Hello. / – Pleasure to meet you Please tell us who you are Let us greet you Guess who’s back! WINNER! Hello, we’re WINNER! (Welcome, welcome) (Here to rescue spaceship We K-Pop) We K-Pop! (WINNER) (Comeback WINNER) (Back with a mature charisma) (Artists that never disappoint) (WINNER) Hello, We K-Pop They are back and they’re a group that truly lives up to their name It’s WINNER! Back with their new album “CROSS.” (Yoon: Kang Seungyoon) (Jinu: Kim Jinwoo) (Hoony: Lee Seunghoon) (Mino: Song Minho) (True winners of K-Pop!) (WINNER’s debut song “Empty” tops 9 charts) (WINNER crowned at Music Countdown in 5 days) (The group appeared with a K-Pop bang) (WINNER’s trap genre “EVERYDAY” kills charts) (WINNER’s “AH YEAH” sweeps 8 music charts) (Every WINNER are chart smashing hits) (WINNER’s “REALLY REALLY” hit 100 million streams) (WINNER even takes on the Billboard Charts) (WINNER tops iTunes charts in 19 countries) (WINNER tours North America, Japan, Thailand) (Global presence in Asia & North America!) (And once again, they’re back!) And now WINNER is back for their very first autumn comeback, which is kind of unique for them The 3rd album “CROSS” has sort of a deeper emotions and a bit more of a lonesome vibe to it Which is a good fit for WINNER but it’s also kind of unexpected What I find interesting is they’ve shown this bright and healthy and sort of island tropical themes in the past but now we’re getting a bit more deeper, a bit more darker from WINNER And I think that was really really unique and sort of definitely showed a new artistic side of WINNER in particular. So This week, you’re really going to find out a bit more about WINNER and get to see hopefully once again, a different side of them Just like they showed in this new album I can’t wait to see, and I hope you guys are, too So shall we start with WINNER? Are you ready? (Are you ready?) Please introduce yourselves Yes, hello I’m Kim Jinwoo, in charge of a lot in WINNER

Jinu in charge of a lot of things! Hello, I’m WINNER’s Lee Seunghoon Alright, Seunghoon! Hello, I’m WINNER’s leader, Kang Seungyoon Nice to meet you Hello, I’m WINNER’s Song Minho Nice to meet you Minho! How did you end up in this black hole? We We were on a spaceship Don’t be embarrassed What does that make us? We were on a spaceship, then suddenly found ourselves here – You must have fallen in. / – Yeah The gravitational pull was too strong – Nice acting. / – That’s just how we landed here a thousand days ago A thousand days ago? ♪ A thousand days ago ♪ (This is oddly familiar) ♪ For a thousand days ♪ ♪ A thousand days ago ♪ Seungyoon is just like Inseong I also sang before Pleased to meet you – What a surprise. / – I feel our likeness Do you have a way of escape? We made a comeback with “CROSS” Why are you so embarrassed? We made a comeback with “CROSS.” Sharing our cool new songs and charm with everyone in the audience today, we’ll help you power through and escape this black hole – Let’s escape! / – Let’s escape! Let’s make it out! Yeah, galaxy! Can you mention that brand here? He means galaxy as in space Don’t think of it just one way – It’s just a word. / – Oh, I see After a thousand days in this black hole, we need some cheering up from listening to your latest songs We prepared a giant limited version of our latest album Let’s have the album out You can only find this on We K-Pop This is a really giant album This is a really giant album Nice! There it is This is a real album – The real deal. / – A real album Guess if we have the CD or not We have it! We have it! You can take out the CD Is this a vinyl? – A real CD. / – It’s for real It’s gotten bigger in the black hole That’s right I guess it got bigger coming here WINNER’s 3rd mini-album, “CROSS.” Who introduces the album? That’s what I usually do but Jinwoo can take over today Jinwoo for today! Our new album “CROSS…” Why are you scratching your neck? What I mean to say is WINNER reminds you of a clear sound But for this latest album (Lost for words) Seungyoon, take over already For this latest album The four of us got together for one goal We wanted to give that an image, so we named the album “CROSS.” Like shouting, “CROSS!” We mean to cross with INNER CIRCLE and returned with the album “CROSS.” – Your title song is “SOSO.” / – Yes, “SOSO.” – There is a deep vibe. / – Right I could tell that by the song Minho is pointing right to it Seunghoon can introduce the song Don’t search for a script. There isn’t any You can just explain it Now I’m flustered You glanced at the monitor Don’t be looking for help No script. We can say it our way SOSO is a song that talks about how we’re going to keep going despite the struggles or odds In a genre sense – Deep. / – Yes, deep It’s a crossover song We mixed diverse genres in the song When WINNER gets stuck, they always look to Seungyoon Go on, Seungyoon Okay, Seungyoon In terms of a genre – It’s deep. / – Yes, it’s deep They look at Seungyoon when they’re stuck And your music video We should check it out – It’s amazing. / – And Seunghoon here I was completely naked for a scene But it was artistically done, so it’s not rated R but 15+ Artistically naked! It got rated 15+ for being artistic Even teens can see me naked I can’t wait to see it Let’s check out how artistic it is Here is the clip Let’s go! Only my scene? Only my scene?

Only my scene? (Silent) Only my scene? (This is Art) (Cool) Is that all you’re showing? Only that part That’s mass media But you should remember We’re trapped in a black hole now – Right. / – The black hole Hang on, it’s become dark here What is that X? What is that? Oh gosh! I’m scared! I can’t see anything What? That’s lousy acting What is that X? You can see an X in the back That’s our only exit from this black hole We need energy from INNER CIRCLE and WINNER Are you going to give it to us? Yes! Every time you clear a mission, your song will play to turn the X slowly We have cutting-edge technology When the X takes a spin and changes into a plus sign, we can escape the black hole That way, we can reach a white hole That’s right For the last thousand days ♪ For a thousand days ♪ We haven’t been able to escape We’re not up for it WINNER and INNER CIRCLE fans, please save us That’s good acting WINNER’s Korean fans aren’t the only ones here with us With help from the Korea Tourism Organization, your Chinese fans bought tickets to come here (Warm greetings in Chinese for the fans) What did you say? Hello, I’m Hung Kambo of Korea Let’s check out the missions First is We K-Pop’s profile mission Bring out the default panel! We have a panel here For the keyword you each get, you can make your own profile picture Alright – Seungmin first. / – Which keyword? It’s tough in this black hole Then be cute Cute and struggling Because fans just love that I’m trapped in a black hole – Alright! / – That’s cute This is what you can do Here is the first keyword Acting cute so you can be saved Desperately cute. 3, 2, 1 (Staring) 2, 1 (Out of this world cute) That’s great – You might get saved. / – Okay! And this time, Jinwoo Three of WINNER’s six-year sexy! Since this is your sixth year, your sexy from 1st year, your sexy from 3rd year, and your sexy vibe you have now Evolving with the years What do you think? Sounds good? Yes! Here is the 1st year version 3, 2, 1 Time out Time out. This is your 1st year That’s too much for our 1st year Were you that sexy from the start? Why are you showing skin? Debuting as a rookie is when you try to take off more Then comes more and more control – 1st year sexy. / – Your 1st year Alright, that was great Now it’s your 3rd year He’s going to unbutton himself So much cheering! Now the 3rd year Hold on This is 15+ We’ll keep it at 15+ Just keep it 15+ You saw that our music video is 15+ Here is sexy for the 3rd year! (Sexy and controlled hand gestures) That’s your move? The 3rd year! Now for the 6th year Here is the 6th year sexy I can’t wait to see this What are you doing? Come on! Here is the 6th year sexy (Knocked down) (Shocked) What are you doing? Come on. Don’t do that Why are you doing that? – My bad. / – His knees We were resting because it got heavy – You showed his knees. / – It got heavy Our knees are bad after six years You showed his knees – His knees. / – That was hilarious

Now for your 6th year WINNER’s sexy vibe! 3, 2, 1! – Hang on. / – Is that it? What’s with your tongue? Come on, don’t do that That was like a hangover face Like a hangover! That was a close one That was unreal Seungyoon’s turn this time The moment you escape the black hole, you can’t hide being cute and sexy You have to do both – Cute and sexy? / – Yes I can’t hide being cute and sexy? You’re beyond happy like that Okay. 3, 2, 1 (Frowning) (I’m Yoon) (As WINNER’s leader) (I have led a respectable life) All this got to him. Okay! Now after you escape, Minho will show you what’s truly sexy Minho! Show them Show them What’s he doing? He wants to do something new To be the first-timer What we haven’t seen before! – He’s into that stuff. / – Really? 3, 2, 1 (Surprise) That’s something new! (A panel escape show) That’s something new! – He escaped! / – He made it out! That’s new alright. You did it – Okay! / – You got it! That was great (Thumbs up) He’s loving the reaction – That was new. / – Great I’m sure that was a lot of pressure Please give WINNER a big hand Shall we move to the first planet as we escape for the white hole? Let’s go! Okay. Special effects I’m having trouble breathing That felt like a 42.195km marathon We traveled to the first planet Where are we now? This is Planet Void There is no sign of life with only artificial intelligence The mission for this planet is TMI interview in reference to lyrics When the AI asks you questions, you have to answer in time When you can’t, you get an X sticker You fail with a total of ten X stickers You must answer in five seconds That’s right Now we should call for the surviving AI on this planet Show yourself! Yo, AI! – Hello. / – He’s cute Hello I’m the most special on this planet, Most Special Guy I love WINNER What do we call you in short? MSG – Hang on. / – I can tell who you are That sounds like Inseong I hope you’re not Inseong No, I’m a fan of WINNER This MSG guy is a good sport! He’s a good sport? What a nice AI – MSG. / – Yes? Please introduce yourself I’ve been a fan since I was a trainee I covered your songs Wait, I can’t give my identity away That’s right. You were a trainee? Even the AI trains to make a debut? He’s in a debut team Even robots face fierce competition Anyway, let’s have a blast First up is leader Seungyoon Alright (AI TMI Interview #1 Yoon – “EMPTY” 2014) (WINNER’s debut track) How many alarms do you set up? Five (Off to a great start) What’s the first thing you do in the morning? Hug Thor What’s your most important goal? WINNER Which member is the biggest cry baby? Seunghoon? What if someone recognizes you on the street? I just say hi Which member gets scared the easiest? Minho Father! Okay! You didn’t get any X stickers None at all Seungyoon answered right away Which member gets scared the easiest? Minho – Why do you say that? / – Why? ♪ Father ♪ ♪ Tell me what’s right if you’re out there ♪ My song “Fear” is quite popular

In the group, we consider him our scaredy-cat He just scares easy He scares easy? What’s the first thing you do in the morning? Hug Thor, my dog Thor is his name Thor Does Thor sleep in his own bed? He sleeps with me In your bed? Why are you jealous of Thor? They must be Thor’s fans Next to the stand is, – Seunghoon. / – Seunghoon (AI TMI Interview #2 Hoony – “EVERDAY” 2018) (No. 1 on QQ chart) How many supplements do you take? Five pills Have you ever won a lottery? I haven’t played it before What food can you eat for a week? Salad How much money is in your wallet? I don’t have a wallet on me Which member is true to carpe diem? Me Which member often ignores texts? Seungyoon What nickname do you want to be called? Oppa? Which MC is your top pick? Umm… The AI I love you The robot says, love you! That A.I has some wit Yeah, he’s witty The AI! And you don’t get sick of salad even if it’s for a week? That’s really unexpected I get sick of everything else, but having salad makes me feel easy and healthy You said Seungyoon often ignores texts I thought you meant answering well Then who often ignores texts? Who can that be? Minho? Do you group chat with Minho? He tends to ignore texts – Is that so? / – Yeah Minho, do you read the group texts? I check what’s on the screen For just a preview I’ll know what it’s about soon enough I’m like that. I don’t check – We’re similar. / – Yeah That was our second interview Next for our interview is Jinwoo (AI TMI Interview #3 Jinwoo – “REALLY REALLY”) (First male artists to get 100 million streams) What color boxers are you wearing now? (Checking) Five seconds. 5, 4 – Navy. / – Navy! What face feature don’t you get sick of? Everything Are you the jealous type dating? Yes You tend to be a homebody What’s your longest streak? – 5… / – A week For a week How do you rank WINNER by looks? That’s not hard to answer I have the best looks For which member would you want to fanboy over? Seunghoon Oh, Seunghoon If you need to survive in the Amazon, what three things do you need? – What’s first? / – Alcohol What’s second? – Snacks to go with that. / – Snacks! What’s third? 5, 4, 3, 2 – What should I say? / – 1! You get the first X sticker An X sticker A friend goes with booze and snacks – A friend? / – Yeah, a drinking buddy – Right. / – ♪ Love the booze ♪ ♪ Love the booze ♪ And you like the color navy What’s that got to do with “REALLY REALLY”? In the lyrics for “REALLY REALLY,” there is the word “now.” We asked what boxers you’re wearing now That’s how we made the questions Are you the jealous type dating? Yes, I’m like that Really? I didn’t expect that I get jealous, even with these guys You get jealous of the members? For example, when they’re talking without me Something like that? That can make you jealous And you’re a homebody Did you guys ever knock to get him out? I didn’t know he was inside – You thought he was out? / – Yeah But you got one X sticker – Booze. / – Snacks Why was it hard picking one more? That was hard Seunghoon, what would you need? Fire

Fire? And metal with fire You’re a true realist Water That makes three Just enough to keep you alive What about Seungyoon? Thor I would take my dog And of course, Thor’s treats – Treats. Thor’s food? / – Yeah I could share that with me He could share that with me What about Minho? I would need (Agog) Seungyoon, Seunghoon, Jinwoo (So witty) Is that how you’re going to play? You beat all three guys Let’s start with the next interview Mino! – Yeah. / – Mino (Come at me) (AI TMI Interview #4 Mino – “MILLIONS” 2018) (No. 1 on all the music charts including iTunes) What would you pinky swear with fans? Pinky swear? What promise would you make them? 5, 4 – To be forever. / – That’s great What feature of your face would you want the creator to change? 5, 4, 3 – I want to be 2.5m tall. / – 2.5m! Are you for or against Shinyoung joining the group WINNER? I’m for it! What is your favorite body part? 5, 4, 3 My chest Chest? Which member would you travel the world with? 5, 4, 3 Seunghoon What dinner should fans have tonight? 5, 4, 3 Grilled meat Okay What video always makes you laugh? 5, 4, 3, 2 Don’t get mad! Where I live! Where we live together! Trainee? No! Don’t get mad! Don’t get mad! Don’t get mad! Okay, with that interview we finished with Minho’s TMI Our AI worked hard today – Goodbye. / – Yeah, bye – Thank you. / – Alright Is Seunghoon the most popular in the group? I keep hearing his name They want me for the tough times But not for the good stuff You even got naked alone before They ask me to join all the hard stuff It’s because you’re good at everything Your favorite body part is the chest – Yes. / – Okay Minho has a great chest It’s pretty to look at – Pretty? / – Yes Can’t he show that much on here? But we’re rated 15+ – Maybe just one side. / – Really? Just one side? He has a very toned chest You know what I mean If it’s okay to show We don’t have the nipple patches Too bad we can’t see without them We’ll keep a note of your pretty chest – I have them on. / – He does! – Do you? / – Should I rip them off? You don’t need to go that far – They’re yours. / – You can use them Minho really has a pretty chest He wears nothing under his jacket on air You knew that, right? He makes this move on stage And the camera zooms in right then When the camera zooms in, you see his defined chest which looks very sexy That must be sexy Minho, can you make the move? Alright If you play it in slowmo – I’ll stop there. / – Okay (Like this?) WINNER faithfully gave us answers, so only Jinwoo got an X! You clear the mission Planet Void! Clear! Without a single stutter, Seungyoon told us about their song Let’s play “EMPTY”! ♪ My reflection in the mirror ♪ ♪ Feels empty as if there’s nothing there ♪ ♪ I walk alone on the street ♪ ♪ But the street feels so empty ♪ ♪ It’s quite just like my heart ♪ ♪ Waking up from a dream of you ♪ ♪ This morning of reality feels empty ♪ You cleared the mission,

so the X is slowly moving Let’s now get to the next planet Let’s go! (Great reactions) Alright (Good job) Alright Wait a second Don’t you think it’s so cold here? It’s freezing Why is it so cold? Are you cold? Inseong, where were you I was listening to WINNER’s new album and took a walk in the black hole Is that even possible? Yes, it’s a wide space – Wide space? / – Yes The place we have arrived at is Planet Ice The only way to escape this place is by feeling love for each other Let’s see what song is at stake for this mission on Planet Ice It’s the song, “Don’t Be Shy.” The English title is “Don’t Be Shy.” That means not to be shy Shinyoung, what does being shy mean? I’m not sure I’m starting to lose all emotions Let’s get the mission Tell us about your song “Don’t Be Shy.” Don’t Be Shy is a song that makes you feel the excitement with your heart racing with thrills at the start of relationships Inseong, what’s the mission for this song? Escape Planet Ice with this love game You have to be face to face and confess your love for each other The first one that gets embarrassed or the first to laugh will lose the game That’s right (This is the love game) (It’s packed with affection and touching) (What kind of love will WINNER parade?) I hope WINNER clears the mission to melt Seungmin’s frozen heart Make me laugh We’ll try our best Who wants to go first? Anyone? Let’s see here Seunghoon! Alright It’s always Seunghoon He always does the hard stuff first First up Who do you want to play against? (He picks INNER CIRCLE) No, it’s between members Seunghoon, what a surprise You’re playing another member I pick Jinwoo Jinwoo? This will be easy Jinwoo can take the first shot You have to lock fingers holding hands Lock your fingers I don’t need a reason. I love you Uhh… I love you, too It was yesterday We had another shoot together Jinwoo’s breath smelled bad I didn’t say anything to him, but Jinwoo noticed it himself He used mouthwash during a break which showed how gentle he was and how well he keeps himself clean I love you I love how you take care of yourself I love you, too Uhh You went to the bathroom before (What’s going on here?) I went in next to brush my teeth I was taken aback by the sewer smell Can they do that? Is this how you play the game? That’s okay, they started out this way Just say, “I love you.” – I love you. / – Yeah Thanks for appreciating my sewer smell That was great It was this morning When everyone else was working hard, Jinwoo had carbonara by himself Didn’t you just smile? Seeing him enjoying the pasta, I got hungry and hanged back with him The half of the carbonara pasta, and his favorite Alright, he lost! – He laughed. / – You lose He had saved the shrimp for last I was moved when he gave it to me What a great guy The shrimp was delicious. I love you I love you You should give him a hug Alright Jinwoo got a little strategic Thinking he’s finished the next round,

he burst out laughing – Seunghoon is tough. / – He’s good Seunghoon Pick your next member We can take turns this way – Alright. / – So confident! He’s very confident Here we go Okay. You have to lock your fingers Lock your fingers, holding hands I love you And your buzz cut I love it so much (Want to touch it?) I like it I love you, too It was this morning (He’s starting up again) This is hard Is this dejavu? We were busy getting ready when Seungyoon sat for the reading alone and went over today’s shoot to see how he can lead the guys Seeing him discuss work with the writer about the show and working hard like that, I felt like I can count on our leader I love you I love you, too (Could it be?) (Yoon’s in danger) (I need to hold back) You have to keep it in Is he going to blow? Do you want to yawn? He was only yawning I love you I love your nose piercing From your head to toes ♪ I love you ♪ From your head to toes ♪ I love you ♪ ♪ I love you ♪ Oh, right now – ♪ I love you ♪ / – What a poker face! – What a poker face! / – ♪ I love you ♪ – ♪ I love you ♪ / – What a poker face! (Whispers in his ear) What a poker face! A straight face – He came on strong. / – He took it (He resisted) – He came on strong. / – He took it I love you, too Wow, he’s so tough You need to lock your fingers How could he take that? This might never end (Where are you going?) – Seunghoon. / – Are you giving up? Yes, I think that’s about right Okay He’s like a director – This time, Mino. / – Okay Alright Here we go. Lock your fingers (Must lock fingers to start the game) I love you, Minho Your tattoos, your pricey-looking necklace, and your lip piercing I love you I love you Oh, that’s great I love you, too Especially your eyes Your soft lips And You’ve become more manly these days With your mustache stubble With your mustache stubble You need to hold it Saying they grow back at night, you were excited like a kid That’s very cute (It’s very cute and…) I love you (Where’s his hand going?) Mustache stubble! (Yoon’s cute mustache) Mustache stubble! – He laughed. / – He laughed He laughed – Was it a yawn? / – He’s yawning a lot He looks very sleepy I don’t know why I’m so sleepy today Minho, I love you And the mole at your nose tip And your peach fuzz Minho is on the verge I love you (Frowning) – It’s getting more passionate. / – Yeah Lock your fingers (Get rid of this) (Getting real up close)

Alright! (Raises the white flag) Minho wins! (Mino wins the game) Minho is the last one standing Minho was sure to win! Song Minho! Song Minho! Song Minho! – But this isn’t over. / – No You must make this person laugh in order to clear the mission The final match is against our youngest MC Seungmin! Seungmin to the front It’s tough when you barely know each other Lock your fingers together Holding hands How about a back hug this time? Make them do a back hug? Seungmin, go ahead – Okay. / – Alright (Does it right away) (Hug) That’s great Alright Okay, there you go That looks good What are you doing? Here we go Seungmin can start off ♪ Why is the damn bed so big ♪ (No! I have to hold back) What? Are you laughing there? He’s laughing He’s laughing already ♪ Only cold wind in my vast desert heart ♪ I love you I love you, too Now the other way round (Gets something out of his pocket) (Why on earth are you putting on lip balm?) (OMG) What are you doing? He’s putting on lip balm Seungmin looks nervous (Frozen) Seungmin looks nervous now But he keeps a straight face Seungmin I fell for you at first sight I love you Seungmin took it well I love you Just as you are. Seungmin’s turn There’s so much posing There’s so much posing Seungmin You have to start talking Is this the end? – You have to talk. / – Is this the end? (Singing to attack) (Sudden reality check) (What am I doing here?) The last one standing is Minho! Oh my Minho takes home the victory Please give him a big hand Play “Don’t Be Shy”! ♪ When my mind suddenly goes blank ♪ ♪ When I can’t get the words out ♪ ♪ It’s not because I don’t like you ♪ ♪ “Um uh uh uh,” when I start to hesitate ♪ ♪ Suddenly telling you how I feel ♪ ♪ No wonder you’re surprised ♪ ♪ You don’t have to give an answer ♪ ♪ All you need to do is nod ♪ ♪ Don’t be shy ♪ That was great Alright, you cleared the mission – So the cross… / – It’s moving Let’s get to the next planet This time, it’s Planet Zombie Oh no, I’m scared You can’t find love here, let alone anger, sorrow or happiness We don’t get mad no matter what? That’s right Even when I provoke you? I don’t ever get mad I’ve never lost my temper before – Not even once. / – Oh, really? Yeah – Are you sure? / – Yeah You have lots of pretty shoes Yes Can you lend them out? Oh! I sure can (Running over) Hey! Hey! Hey! You can’t get me mad Are you sure you don’t get mad? Oh my Even when we step on your shoes? Of course, I don’t get mad You look tense No, I just have tight muscles

For whatever reason you want to escape, you need to clear the mission What song is at stake? From WINNER’s new album, it’s the track “DRESS UP.” Please tell us about this song DRESS UP talks about how we should all dress up and escape the boring everyday to have fun like movie characters with an exciting dance tune Sounds great We should get to the next planet For that, we have a skit mission You have to act in skits and express all emotions for this escape I’m not worried because it’s WINNER They had experience on Earth We can definitely do this Alright, this is the first situation With your hair greasy and messy, you go to a store out front You are having food when two fans recognize you One of them says, “Isn’t that WINNER?” No way! He looks like WINNER There is no way! He’s just a bum I don’t think so Let’s see how you respond with great wit Inseong and Nichkhun are the girl fans – Alright. / – This is hard Rock, paper, scissors to decide Let’s do that If you don’t play, you lose. Rock, paper, scissors Rock, paper, scissors Scissors! Okay Rock, paper, scissors (Hoony is first again) In this order You enter the store You buy this and that (Heating instant food) – You know… / – Don’t you love WINNER? I love their latest album – Yeah. / – It’s amazing (Eating ramen, playing deaf) Who’s your favorite? I like Seunghoon the best (Responding to his name) Huh? (They happened to met eyes) Huh? Oh my gosh! Isn’t that Seunghoon? – Oh, wow. / – No, no – No? / – No way – No way! / – I’m telling you he is Seunghoon is taller and handsome – But that’s him! / – No way Look at his soldier-cut hair! – It’s him for sure. / – No – He’s a soldier. / – I’m right I’m an INNER CIRCLE I am too, but that’s not him What do you know? I know! Because I’m Seunghoon’s fan I like him as well Seunghoon wouldn’t dress like that – No way. / – Trust me I’m sure 100% He wouldn’t dress that shabby I know but I know but He’s not someone like that – I know but… / – Don’t start lying He doesn’t scratch his head Seunghoon is always clean Excuse me. Are you Seunghoon? I’m Minho I’m Minho – Minho! / – Uhh, Minho ♪ Tell me what’s right if you’re out there ♪ Don’t get mad! Okay! You nailed it! Mission clear! That was great An unexpected loss for Minho What was that? There are times when people say, They’re iKON! iKON! Some say to me, “Minho! Minho!” Aren’t you Kang Seungyoon? Hey, aren’t you Zico? (He looks like Zico) (He sort of does) The four of us were together when Lee Haneul came to say, Zico, please give me a song Zico, please give me a song When that happened, I couldn’t say I wasn’t Zico So I answered, “Okay, I will.” I gave him my number Then after everything, I texted him saying I’m not Zico but WINNER’s Seungyoon Anyway, Seunghoon got through it well He added some great wit Here is the next situation Your girlfriend is a schizophrenic personality Unable to bear it, you break up with her But your girlfriend says, How can you do that to me? I’ll be good now You’re nothing to me I’m sorry Get lost! I’m sorry, don’t go That kind of double character Let’s see how you take that Who wants to play the girlfriend? The schizophrenic girl Seungyoon? Alright, you can What about the boyfriend? Mino! Mino! Shall we go with Minho? – Alright, Minho! / – Minho!

Here we go with Minho Ready, action! I’m feeling great today Who are you now? – I’m Seungmi. / – Oh, Seungmi (Suddenly changes) What’s wrong? What’s wrong, Seungyeon? What’s wrong with you? I’m sorry, I was wrong My name is Seungyoon! Seungyoon, I’m sorry. I was wrong – I thought you were Seungmi… / – Why call me that? I have a close friend named Seungmi No, I’m sorry Wow, he’s good This is all my fault Seungjin Let’s break up Let’s break up Let’s break up Mom? Let’s break up Who are you right now? Break up Oh, it’s you – Get lost. / – Get lost? I told you to get lost Forget this! I can’t do it anymore! Forget this! I can’t do it anymore! Forget this! I can’t do it anymore! (Oh no) To tell you the truth He grabs something To tell you the truth, I prepared this for you (Surprise) I prepared this for you I prepared this for you (A romantic propose) (Romantic background music) Honey, thank you (How will this drama end?) The ring fits perfectly Okay, a happy ending! Wow, that was really witty That was great Your reactions were so quick Give that back now You’re enjoying a nice date Then a thug appears He tries to rob you But the girlfriend tells them they should be afraid of her boyfriend and starts making up his specs But it’s all made up Let’s see how they get away without being robbed Hey, this one’s hard – This is hard. / – It needs to be funny I think Seunghoon should do this one Do you want to be the girlfriend? But I look more like a thug He looks like a thug I’ll be a thug too – I’ll be the girlfriend then. / – Okay, then Jinwoo I’m the guy? (Thugs played by Seunghoon and Seungyoon) (Boyfriend played by Jinwoo, girlfriend by Minho) Okay. Ready. Action! Honey Who you? And you? Honey, I’m scared Got anything for me to take? Do you have anything nice on you? Who are you? – Hold up! / – Don’t be like that – Who are you? / – Hold up! Hey, you’re cute – Who are you? / – Hold up! Hey, you’re cute (My mic!) That wasn’t acting (Really mad) (She loses it) Mic (Trembling) (It’s suddenly become chaos) Hey, I didn’t do anything I didn’t even move – Wait a minute. / – Honey, don’t stop me! Wait a minute Honey, don’t hold me back – I just stood here. / – Hey, calm down – This is bad. / – Calm down Wait, aren’t you the girlfriend? Oh, right. Honey – Hey, get over here. / – Honey (Thugs starting the fight again) Hold up, you thugs Do you have any idea who you’re messing with? Go on. Tell us about him then He’s an 8th degree black belt in taekwondo 7th degree black belt in hapkido 3rd degree black belt in judo He has a total of 42 degrees of black belts! – 42 degrees in total? / – Is that so? – 42 degrees in total? / – Is that so? You learned boxing recently too. Show them Hey! (My fists move faster than the wind) Well, this guy right here as 55 degrees of black belts Let’s fight it out 50? I don’t even know my times tables What are you on about? Hold up, hold up Hand us the money I have no money Hey, get lost Help me What’s going on here? What’s with you, honey? You’re meant to protect me Isn’t the girlfriend a fighter? Don’t touch me, punk! – I think I see tattoos… / – Don’t touch me, punk! Wait a minute Honey, I’m scared Hold up Go Go already I said go! I am going! Back to my seat I am going! Back to my seat We are going back That was great (They’re actual pacifists) That was great That was scary (Happy ending) The girlfriend was too scary Her charisma was off the charts That was incredible And so The Planet Zombie mission is a success! (WINNER don’t disappoint) Time to listen to “DRESS UP.” Play the music! (“DRESS UP” by WINNER)

(Wanting to dress up and live it up to escape monotony) (Good) This mission was also a success The cross has spun again That’s right It’s becoming more of a plus sign It’s almost there now – We’re almost there. / – The We K-Pop spaceship is on the move again We’ll meet you on the next planet Okay! (Next week) (WINNER are masters at acting cute) Hey, you need to pay me back ♪ Let’s go, wind ♪ Don’t care about (Making new history on We K-Pop) Seungyoon! (Perfect cover dances) (WINNER doesn’t disappoint) (Check them out on We K-Pop next week) (“SOSO” by WINNER) (Acting like you’re okay when you’re not after breakup) (“DRESS UP” by WINNER) (Wanting to dress up and live it up to escape monotony) Thank you

(Also next week) (Another hot idol visits We K-Pop) (The greatest rising star of 2019) (Amazing physique) (Amazing visuals) (From the baby sun to blazing sun!) (So hot) (Lee Jinhyuk) I promise to make this a legendary episode (Everything about Lee Jinhyuk) Why is this so Your AI is very clever Can I tell you one TMI story? It’s connected to you MCs Can I get your number? Wait a minute (Cute Jinhyuk) Wow, he’s so good (He’s best with these faces) (Air horn effects) (Lee Jinhyuk tears up the stage) You’ve still got it (Jinhyuk’s got all the moves) Scream! (Everything about Bad Guy Jinhyuk) A new solo star has hit the scene and I’m so excited about this potential on the world stage This is Lee Jinhyuk who just made his debut on the K-Pop scene as a solo artist Now with his debut single “I Like That.” Of course we knew him in his boy band But he really had a breakout moment when it came to his time on the audition show And was able to show different sides of himself and he created a fan base all his own I heard he even had fan meetings that sold out in Thailand and Taiwan, different places around the world And I really think it showed that he has a lot of potential to show a lot more in the future Personally I’m really really interested in just his charm as a soloist I think his facial expressions are always really really on point He can show everything from a soft and boyish side to a really really strong side And I feel like, he looks like almost kind of different people when I see him perform

I think that’s really really interesting as a solo artist in particular So if we’re ready, let’s get to know this solo artist a bit more on the We K-Pop stage (“I Like That” by Lee Jinhyuk) (A song about Jinhyuk’s life as an artist)