What Happens to My Family? | 가족끼리 왜 이래 – Ep.1 (2014.08.30)

Hello, everyone! My name is Kang Seoul! I hope we get along! Episode 1 Dalbong, hi Are you well? I want us to meet again Again? When? When we’re adults So when is that? 12 years from today. What do you think? 12 years from today? Yes, let’s meet again 12 years from today In front of the N Seoul Tower And we can get married for real then? You and I will be husband and wife? Of course! We’ll meet again then and get married Okay! Today is the day! Seoul, come out here I got water from the spring Come out here It was so crowded this morning People would do anything if it’s good for your health Seoul, what are you doing? I got spring water! Seoul! Seoul? Seoul is going to Seoul Hongseong Grandfather, don’t worry about me

I’m not running away. I’m getting married How cute. Who is he? The man I’m engaged to Huh? Engaged? How old are you? I’m old enough So don’t you worry about me Don’t skip your meals And remember to wash up before bed! Dalbong, I’m on my way! I’m on my way to come see you Cha Dalbong! Dalbong! Cha Dalbong! Cha Dalbong! Oh. That was just a dream Dalbong! Dalbong! Wake up. Today’s your first day at work Hurry, hurry, hurry Why couldn’t you be more careful? How could you wake me up so late? Wash up and come down for breakfast I’m not eating! I’m late! Hey, hey, hey Is breakfast is almost ready? Dalbong’s late for work It’s his first day at work He should’ve gotten up earlier – Seaweed soup? / – What’s wrong with it? Seaweed soup on his first day is not good Don’t we have anything else? Why are you making such a big fuss? Today’s your Okay, okay He can have some kimchi stew I’ll set the table Father, aunt! I’ll see you later You’re leaving? What about breakfast? He coddles them like that, and that’s why they’re all brats If only their mom was still with us, they wouldn’t have grown up as brats She would’ve beaten some manners into them Oh, it’s bland I added salt already. Why is it so bland? You can’t go to work on an empty stomach Where will you get the strength to work? It’s better than being late on the first day Dalbong? Congratulations on the first day on your first job I’ll see you later I wish he could’ve eaten a little, at least What! Hey! What in god’s name are you saying! The file is gone? Why? Why! Why, why, why! How! What did you do! I spent two days, losing sleep over that file! Gangshim, you’re up? I’m supposed to present it to the president! Wait! Stop! You stay right there I’ll be there in 30, no, 20 minutes, so don’t touch anything! What is it, Gangshim? What is it this time? Is there an emergency at work? There’s always an emergency there! Father, father! Call me a cab I need it in 5 minutes. I’m in a hurry! In 5 minutes What about breakfast? I don’t have time. 5 minutes, father! Okay, okay Because of that darn company, she never gets to have any breakfast Let’s see, here. Here it is. Let’s see Gangjae, you’re just getting home? Yes You pulled an all-nighter again? I told you to sneak some nap time in Please don’t wake me up until noon You should have breakfast before you sleep I’m exhausted

But skipping meals isn’t good for him Father, where’s the cab? Right! I’m calling one! I am! Geez! I’m leaving in 3 minutes Okay, okay, okay Hello? This is Sungin-dong in Jongno-gu Oh, geez Gangshim! Gangshim! Drink this on the way. It’s black bean shake It’s organic I can’t keep anything down when I’m stressed out It’s better I don’t eat, father But this is healthy, so it’s okay I have to go. I’ll see you later Let’s go Ms. Cha, what happened was Stop. Let’s solve this first I called Gijun from tech-support He said he’ll retrieve the backup file What about the president? He’s arriving in 30 minutes Heard that? 7 minutes for the round trip, 5 to print and bind. That leaves 18 minutes If you don’t get it done, both you and I are done for. Got it? Yes, Ms. Cha What are you waiting for? Get going! Yes, ma’am We have 3 meetings this morning, including the board meeting, so be alert The board will decide the budget for the 2nd half of the year, so double-check every last detail Yes, Ms. Cha Serve the president his teas in this order Goji, berry, and black. Got it? I got it Did you get what I asked for? I got it this morning in Itaewon Good. We’ll serve it during the break, so set it up on time Yes, Ms. Cha Today’s going to be a tough day Let’s try to not to make any mistakes Yes, Ms. Cha You got hairtail? It’s your favorite I thought you deserved a special treat It’s Jeju-do hairtail It must’ve cost an arm and a leg Thanks I appreciate it None of your 3 children remembered your birthday Maybe we should’ve woken Gangjae up Leave him alone He had to look after his patients all night long Who cares if your son’s a doctor and your daughter’s a successful career-woman? They won’t even get you a birthday cake My birthday isn’t so special It comes every year It comes only once a year. It’s special I’m already having a special breakfast You’re so protective of your kids Mom and father weren’t this bad Who do you take after? It’s your fault your kids are It’s salty Huh? It’s salty? Yes, it’s salty This isn’t soup. It’s sea water Oh, my It was too bland before It tastes fine to me I heard your taste buds go when you age It tastes fine to me It’s fine Oh, how’s your bad knee? I’m going to the doctor’s with Jungbaek later The weather’s bad and my knee’s bad That’s because you’re getting old Do you want me to fix you up with someone?

You know Ms. Ko who runs that shop at the market? She’s a widow with no kids, and she has Eat The soup’s getting cold. Let’s eat Bastard How can you call your big brother a bastard? I meant Dalbong! He’s never forgotten your birthday before, but this year, he did! How dare he! But it’s his first day at his first job He’s been job hunting for a year and 8 months I’m sure he wasn’t himself today But it’s a no-name company Who knows what they do there? I hope it’s not a pyramid scheme There you go again blurting out things without thinking How can you say such an awful thing? Are you trying to curse his first day at work? Eat. Your soup’s getting cold Uh I hope he wasn’t late on his first day To keep a safe distance with the earlier train, we will stop here for about 2 minutes What? But I’m running late! I’m sorry Excuse me. Sorry The train is leaving. Doors closing This train is going to Seoul, right? This train is going to Seoul, right? Well You’re in Seoul Oh, right! I was going to ask if it was going to Namsan This train is going to Namsan, right? Namsan? Yes, where the N Seoul Tower is You should’ve gotten off at Seoul Station You can walk to Namsan from there Huh? That’s strange I was told to get off at Myeong-dong Anyway, you got on the wrong train This is going to Sadang-dong Sadang-dong? Sadang, Sadang Here Myeong-dong is here, and we’re headed here Oh Oh no! I’m going in the wrong direction! Get on the one headed the other way Oh, no! I’ll have to pay again! You don’t have to You can walk over to the other side Ouch! Hey! What are you doing! I’m sorry. This is my first day What? How dare you! I’m sorry Hey! Stop right there! Stop right there! Stop right there! Hey! Stop right there! I’m sorry That bastard! I’m sorry Hey, you! Who? Me? – You’re with him, aren’t you? / – Huh? You were in on it with that guy! What are you talking about? Let go! You’ll stretch my shirt! I knew something was off about you as soon as you asked about N Seoul Tower! You’re the one who’s off! Why are you harassing me? I’m busy! I said let go! Hey! Where do you think you’re going? I said I’m going to Namsan! N Seoul Tower! Let’s go to the police station first Are you crazy? – I said let go! / – I won’t I’m not letting you go anywhere! Excuse me! Help!

I don’t see anything suspicious here I told you already I’m innocent. I’m a good person Innocent my butt! I’m sure she’s working with him! All I did was to ask you for directions! That was a trick! You kept me busy while he stole my wallet! What a perfect pair! Partners in crime! Whoa! I heard Seoul people were mean, but I didn’t know it was this bad! I can’t even ask for directions? I shouldn’t even talk! You ruined my first day at work! You have cursed my day! What will you do about that? I’m late for work, and my pants are torn! Why are you asking me that? You did this to me with your partner! I told you I don’t know him! You think I’m going to believe that? Ms. Kang Seoul Your ID checks out I didn’t find anything out of the ordinary, and there was nothing suspicious in your bag You are free to go You’re really letting her go like this? Her ID checked out, and there’s no evidence I have no reason to detain her But they stole from me! Look at this. What about this? They are professionals! Look here! You’re unbelievable What? Have a good day I’m sorry for taking up your time like this Goodbye Where do you think you’re going? Whoa! I’m so sorry Here Get yourself a band-aid Hey, do you have a death wish? Who does he think he is? Anyway, where am I? The N Seoul Tower! You call this a budget plan? Is it okay to waste the company’s money? After wasting so much in the first 2 quarters, you should get it by now! To develop new products, investment is a necessary step If there haven’t been returns for over a year, you should pull out or find a new direction Without a specific plan, I can’t approve this Director Mun isn’t all wrong Make appropriate adjustments on the plan, and resubmit it a week from today Let’s wrap it up for today Firing the directors, Jeong, Park, and Han will improve the structure of the company Directors Jeong, Park, and Han started this company with me We’ve been friends for over 20 years now This company isn’t for building friendships! Our friendship brought the company this far Your personal feelings can ruin this company That’s why I put you in that position So you can prevent that Got it? President! He has another meeting in 15 minutes Can’t you see I’m talking to him? I think he’s finished, Director Mun If you need more time, we’ll call you after we adjust his schedule When will that be? An hour later? 2 hours? How about lunch tomorrow? What? Tomorrow? Or he can see you in 2 or 3 days Are you kidding me? You want me to wait 3 days for a 30-minute discussion? Maybe you don’t know because you’re new, but other directors wait 2 to 3 days or up to

a week to get a meeting with the president So since I’m the new guy, you want me to take a number and wait? How about at 2 o’clock 3 days from now? I’ll write you down for that time slot Excuse me Let me say something, Ms. Cha Please do Do you know what “abusing one’s power” means? What are you trying to say? You’re the president’s head secretary You’re not above the president You don’t have any authority to do anything You think you have power over people, but you don’t To me, it just looks like you’re being rude and obnoxious Do you understand? Is that so? I’ll be more careful from now on Not only that. You need to rectify your actions May I say something, too, Director Mun? What is it? You have red pepper stuck between your teeth Goodbye That evil spinster! Rude bastard She’s bad luck! Brainless! Oh! Yes, come in What happened with Taeju? I mean, Director Mun He said he’ll come back later He can be a little harsh, don’t you think? Try to be understanding He doesn’t have great communication skills Huh? What’s the cake for? It’s from the Itaewon shop Happy birthday, Mr. Mun Oh, right. Today’s my birthday My own son didn’t remember, but you always do Wait Didn’t you say someone in your family has the same birthday as I do? Who was it? Uh, that’s You have the same birthday as my father Really? Then he and I should go out for drinks sometime Let’s try this It’s good. Delicious Gangshim Your call is being forwarded to an automated Oh, man Gangshim Hey, Cha Dalbong! Yes, hi! Your call is being forwarded to an automated Brat! What are you doing out here? Isn’t it your first day today? Yes, it is my first day What happened to your pants? I got pick-pocketed on the subway So I had to go to the police station I’m sorry for being late on my first day So you were standing out here, feeling scared? Come on! Don’t worry I’ll talk to the branch manager for you What? You will? Or course! Come with me Your call is being forwarded to an automated Hey, it’s me. What’s up?

Hi, aunt. Actually Today’s father’s birthday That took you long enough I already made him his birthday seaweed soup I’m sorry, aunt I forgot because of work You’ll forget it when he’s dead and gone, too, huh? Aunt! How could you say that? You won’t change when he’s dead Your father raised you all alone! I’m sorry, but I can’t talk long I’ll talk to you when I get home tonight Yes, President Mun? No, I’m coming right now. Yes, yes How rude! How dare you hang up on me! If you were my daughter, I’d kick your butt! How could she be so rude to me? Mother, are you ready? Huh? Oh yeah! Yes, Jungbaek Let’s go. I left the car running, mother Okay, okay. I’m coming, I’m coming Hello – Oh, hi. / – Can I have one tofu? Yes. I just made a batch. It’s piping hot Here you go Thank you. Take care – Thank you. / – Thank you, thank you I wonder if his first day is going well What’s all this? It’s company policy for new employees to work in sales for 3 months to help them learn the ropes We’ll assign your department based on your performance But I was hired to work for a general affairs position The manager just told you it’s company policy But this is These are worth $1,000 Do you want to charge it? What? My credit card has been suspended We can deduct it from your paycheck Or we can take an IOU An IOU? What if I can’t sell all of them? Then I won’t get paid? We’re fair. You make what you earn If you want to make more, recruit 10 new workers And if they each bring 10 more, you’ll be their team leader and get a 5% commission Is this what they call A pyramid scheme? It’s not, right? They make us sound like some cult, but we’re not We have a scientific and mathematical system Is this a pyramid scheme? Sign this IOU for $1,000 You won’t get another chance like this I brought you on because I like you a lot In 3 or 4 years, you can easily make $1 million – Go for it! / – $1 million! Pyramid schemes are targeting job seekers They force them to buy unverified water purifiers, heating mats, and vitamins and force them into sales, adding to the issues of the unemployed I’ve been duped It’s father’s birthday. Get a cake Oh! Oh It’s father’s birthday. Get a gift

Oh, this is nuts What happened? The surgery went fine, and I watched him all night – So what happened? / – I don’t know He suffered a case of hematemesis at 2p.m and became unconscious Hematemesis : Vomiting of blood He had melena this morning Melena : Passage of dark tarry stools – B.P.? / – 80 over 53 His pulse is over 130 Who’s the doctor on duty? It’s me, doctor – Prepare for irrigation. / – Yes, doctor Nurse Kim, check his hemoglobin level Yes, doctor What are you doing? Do the irrigation! Yes, sir Arrange an emergency endoscopy Yes, sir Give me some gloves Oh, you’re going home now? Yes Are you busy? Do you have time for dinner? I have plans Okay. I see I’ll see you later You don’t have to see me out Goodbye, President Mun Excuse me, Director Mun Can you have that meeting with President Mun tonight instead of in 3 days? Didn’t you hear I have plans? Today’s the president’s birthday Maybe you should have dinner with him I told you not to abuse your authority! You’re not being paid to meddle in my family affairs So stay out it and mind your own business What a great son. Geez But I’m a kettle calling the pot black, I suppose Hello? Oh, Gangshim What’s up? You hardly ever call here Go out for dinner? Why, all of a sudden? I made reservations at a Chinese restaurant You love Chinese food Let’s all go out together Yes, father Okay This is the secretary’s office What? An accident! Everything’s so expensive You can easily spend $100 on groceries This is why life is so difficult I know what you mean Money isn’t worth what it used to be Sungeum, Sungeum! You don’t have to cook dinner tonight Why is that? Gangshim is taking us out to dinner For Chinese food, Chinese food! So Gangshim said you shouldn’t make dinner If Gangshim’s taking you out, I’m sure it’s going to be a really nice place Right, mother? She must have felt really guilty Hey, hey, hey, put these in the fridge, okay? What should I wear? She won’t like it if I look shabby Let me see, let me see Let me see! He’s so happy. He couldn’t happier

Why didn’t she call me? I wasted all this money I know! Why didn’t she call you? – Ms. Cha! / – Mr. Lee, where’s the president? He fell asleep after his treatment What happened? You’re such a careful driver! He said something came up, so I tried to change lanes and I’m really sorry What about you? You’re not hurt? I was behind the wheel, so I’m fine You should get a checkup, just in case I called Director Mun, so he’ll be here soon I really don’t know what to say Luckily, it wasn’t serious Excuse me for a second Okay Oh, oh! My battery! Of course this would happen now! What? There aren’t any pay phones here? Gangshim Oh, Gangjae! Why are you here? Are you sick? My CEO got hurt Why are you doing here? Aren’t you off today? A cancer surgery patient isn’t doing well I have to spend the night here Oh What about father? Oh, right. Father Ms. Cha, the doctor’s looking for you Okay, I’ll be right there What do we do? I’ll have to be here until his guardian comes I can’t go anywhere because of my patient Then call Dalbong My battery’s dead Remember the Chinese restaurant we went to for Parents’ Day 2 years ago? I made reservations there, so tell him to take father and aunt there – Okay. / – Hey, you have to call him! Okay Gangjae Your call is being forwarded to an automated Why won’t he answer his phone? Like he has anything to do Doctor, Mr. Oh’s BP is dropping again What about his CBC? His hemoglobin level is below 7 Are they coming or not? The traffic must be bad Traffic is awful these days They should at least call! Jungbaek, you call her Okay, mother Your call is being forwarded to an automated What is it? She won’t pick up? She won’t? Her phone’s turned off, mother Why did she turn her phone off? Did she lie to us again! Oh my! Isn’t that Baek Seolhui? Wow. She’s gotten old Of course! She’s been around for a long time What happened to her face? Did she get something done? She did! She got work done around her mouth! She did! She got botox around her mouth! You have really sharp eyes, mother I’m hungry The view’s incredible. Step aside Hey! Why isn’t Dalbong here yet?

Did he forget about our promise? What if he really forgot? Whatever! I can’t do anything about it I shouldn’t cry over spilt milk I’ll just have to try my best! Hello, everyone! Are you hot? Are you tired? I have just the thing for you! Watamin! What? This is our new product It’s Watamin! It’s only $10 This is our brand-new product It’s great for boosting energy Try this. It’s only $10 Hello! This is Watamin This is Watamin Hello. Are you hot? This is good for energy Try it. It’s only $10 You won’t get another chance like this Hello. This is Watamin. It’s our new product Just try it. When you try it, you’ll see! Why are you here? Why did we meet here again? Excuse me There’s been a report You need to come with us I can’t wait any longer I need to eat something. I’m starving I’m making bibimbap. You want some? I think we should eat something Huh? Sure. Let’s do that He wants some, mother Why do they even carry their phones around? How could none of them call! Even if they can’t make him his birthday dinner, the least they can do is not starve him Ugh! Those brats! Those rotten kids! Ugh! Oh, hi, Gangshim? Excuse me? Who is it? Is it Gangshim? I’m not sure, mother Yes, uh This is Cha Sunbong. May I ask who’s calling? What? The police station? Police station! Did you say the police station? The people were there for a walk, so why did you bother them with these? It’s illegal to sell these in public places I’m sorry. I didn’t know it was illegal Are you with him, miss? Huh? No, I’m not with him The bottles fell and she was only helping me pick them up She’s not with me Then you can go home Okay I need your information What’s your name? It’s Cha Dalbong What’s your name? Dalbong. Cha Dalbong Cha Dalbong? Where do you go to school? Gyeongshin Middle School What? Did you go to Gyeongshin Middle School?

How did you know that? Do you live in Sungin-dong, Jongno-gu? Do you know me? – You’re with him, aren’t you? / – Let go! I won’t! Look at this! What will you do about that? I’m late for work, and my pants are torn! No way! My Dalbong is that Dalbong? No way. That just can’t be Dalbong Dalbong! Father What happened to you? Did you get into another fight? He was engaged in illegal sales activities Excuse me? Dalbong, what’s all this? Your new job is with a pyramid scheme! Is that it, Dalbong? He lost his ID, and we needed someone to verify his identity, so we had to call you You’re his father, right? Yes, I’m this boy’s father I’m very sorry Father, don’t apologize It was my fault, so why are you apologizing? You be quiet! Your faults are a result of my poor parenting So be quiet Sir He didn’t know what he was doing, so could you let him go with a warning? I’ll talk to him after I take him home So please be lenient on us, sir I’m really, really sorry. I’m sorry I’m sorry. I really am Good evening, Director Mun. The president I was briefed on my way over I’m very sorry, Director Mun I don’t need your apology But I’m holding you responsible Director It was a minor accident. The president will That’s enough! Get rid of this man, Ms. Cha Oh, my! Ugh! Aunt, what are you doing here? You’re having a late-night snack? Late-night snack my butt I’m actually having dinner right now! What are you talking about? I told you I made reservations Did you lose your phone? Look at the time! You should’ve called us to let us know! Oh, my battery died Gangjae didn’t call you? I told him to call Dalbong and ask him to Dalbong is at the police station Your father and Jungbaek had to go there They haven’t even had dinner yet! What! Why? What did he do this time? How would I know? Your father was all excited about his daughter taking him out to dinner, and nobody showed up. Nobody called, either And the youngest one’s at the police station Hey! This is just wrong! You can’t do this to your father! What was it this time? What trouble did you get into this time? A pyramid scheme, mother What! The company he was hired at was a pyramid scheme Oh, my I told you not to say anything that would jinx him I didn’t know this would happen How could you get a job like that!

A friend he trusts introduced him. That’s how Are you an idiot? Even so, how could you not do any research before starting? Fine! This happened because I’m an idiot! How dare you scream at a time like this! This sucks as it is! Why are you adding to it? I wouldn’t be yelling at you if you did something right for once! That’s enough Stop it, you two What’s done is done. It’s over now Stop! Dalbong, go upstairs and take a shower I’ll make some ramen noodles for you Oh, man! That idiot! He always gets into trouble! Gangshim, stop it. Imagine how he must feel I’m sorry, father The president got into a car accident It wasn’t serious He’ll be discharged from the hospital tomorrow Then you probably haven’t had dinner, right? Go and get changed. I’ll make some noodles Jungbaek, you should join us Okay. Let me take this up to Dalbong Unbelievable Ramen noodles on his birthday Ugh Ugh! That idiot! He drives me crazy! He’s stable now, so observe his progress and wait for his numbers return to normal Yes, doctor Mr. Ko Mingyu Can you breathe comfortably? Oh, well Some birthdays are better than others That’s life I hope Seoul isn’t skipping her meals Oh Dalbong, Dalbong! Father! He didn’t know what he was doing So please be lenient on us, sir I’m really, really sorry. I’m sorry That’s it! My mind’s made up – Excuse me. / – Welcome

I just made a fresh batch of tofu I’m not here for tofu I’m here to see you, father Father? You’re Dalbong’s father, aren’t you? Yes, I am, but who are you? Let me introduce myself. I’m Kang Seoul I’m engaged to Dalbong Excuse me? Engaged to do what? To be married With who? Dalbong Who? You? Just call me Seoul Father! Cha Dalbong! It was a dream Don’t pretend like you don’t know! There’s nothing going on between us, aunt! Please go! He says he was just joking Now you’re committing marriage fraud? You didn’t care about your father’s birthday, but now you’re butting in How dare you, woman! What’s going on between you two? I believe there’s been a misunderstanding He’s a total psycho! A good-for-nothing? How dare you threaten me! Do you have a death wish? Hello, I am Gwon Hyojin He asked for information about me? Crazy Block and obliterate Cha Gangshim! That girl I talked to her and sent her home I believe you