Barrack St. Interviews – At Alfie Hale's on Barrack St.

okay read it and how many of you lived in that house for 20 years 28 what I have got three or four different families okay so were they your aunts and uncles and cousins relieved 28 of you Arnim a bedroom in every story so I presume we do I tell what’s really neat too so that wouldn’t mean meant about seven to each bedroom did you have your own bed at all and what was it like back then like you know was hurt you know what I fooled around to feed our own family like those plenty food you shouldn’t it took they had a big puzzle store what they originated yeah what kind of stuff do used to make back the ones tit pic speaks I was a job surround thing at that time where people what kind of games did you play when you were young once hurricane was around at that time that they are gone now that you’d say they’re not real now don’t touch the school but that was the key in breaking tossin school so what’s that consistently get the to hit you see the Tulsa for the better I never get it to house whatever you fancy just say you win then give your gravity were you any good at that game did he I’m with the add-ons come out and playing toss and when she never was just for children oh no what Anthony yeah yeah yeah really yeah first way to get the Bell see a better place over there you wouldn’t drink adrenaline and the street – are down now they used to be around I heard about was this Danny Curtis Curtis yeah so people told what we could or not as a little tea what they did when to come up was easier to make copies or people just use the feet flat Tony Gardner yeah I did he did you have to pay him or that no just free to go to see him it was he a jolly managers yeah Hollywood he was in in Bali was telling me that he had it goes something that I’m used to walk her to tour with the goat yeah they get goats milk and there you go you wants milk it I heard that they named a couple of the

lanes and streets after enemies you know G – you know poly brick and they had affairs – poly brick and fairs and massages like Maris walk that was named mares walk because that the old horses and stuff like that of the whole city yeah temperature seeps into what is so so there are a couple of lanes gone now which was the best problem barristers the whatever silted tell us about that was that the best way of an experienced son was Tom Brown was a Tom Brown yeah teach you all see is my teacher for a while i lovely meant lovely man yeah yeah yeah yeah which which where exactly support was it now is it well Kitty coat ah that was I think I remember I’m the one they’re talking about that her parents go in there Brighton Saturday night did have music their music dancing no it’s great for injuring will need to bend yeah only the man – with all this beautiful mass release this beautiful they don’t wake up I was talking to someone there today and they called Eric Street the Golden Mile because of all the pubs because there was there was about seven or eight pubs three used to be you know there is only how many are there now Jodie here and what is Appleton the berries they used to be awarded back to cars used to be called what dr. bailey’s Atterbury forget didn’t we say yeah gnosis deities kept adding the cord is still here don’t we read don’t be netted

Lea’s chip-chop but that was the last one so that’s ability is to watch these yeah well sir this and we mentioned their daily ins greased I was a cheap shot well if you bought cheap stereo and you taught them in order finally i think i wouldnĂ­t name on that place to think I heard up to Balaji date yeah was it Greece unit yes everything I remember the grandmother used to bring send me up there or Friday or Saturday night to get the few chips myrrh and the woods would be full degrees there at Makkah newspaper fire man let’s write it I can’t see it or with that but more late when your own man sign how did you find it do you have any good times and bad times well I think once golden anyone in school how I was after all they do can you tell us a little bit about your memories back in and say Bounty’s know what about the hurling you’re obviously a Harley man what can you talk about about John Keane how the deadly before wait what’re ya was he was working when was he he he at the Pope yeah they talking about John Keynes Pope yeah yeah what used to be a bad this view what can remember the bad know if you just ask one last question like larger the final question the most important question how do you like your glass a player is low P if we can get one it is it is today can’t look at you go did you how did you like softer across two years what a trustee cross to Austria yeah where did you get your blood take use the place to get some water oh yeah water also I can synchronize okay so oh yes for you get fair to the end of

there’s only ten dick inform against a No was a very busy quarter was envisioned by a little bit left with Kuno that is now after the weekend when you get their dinner years ago at that time we get their book radiance at well you know good weekend and if we shake about Monday and then we can get same song here but when the the water back to work then you never dig to jump on them so I did it would to be different characters going to different folks whatever thing or no to get any good characters from was like Daddy Curtis and all those you know whatever some clear Nazi Accords say you’re buying a necklace we just wanna show no gonna walk ya know there was there no but we are not guilty or not bananas or oranges you know yeah but he passed the country intense but hard to stop us now for a second because there’s only at that time but the grand time we’re done with our weather said don’t you a bottle day and yeah no funny woman so if you went to five Brides would you go would people go from one pop to another pop on what they stick with the one particular I don’t know if I’ve done many hate for money don’t they are knowing shame about the equity that yes I know I just what you learn that there any shops that have gone off parks research amiss but at the end of a lady with the big shop co-innovation big event terminated Scott

we know not sure you put her on over there and rich man do you remember who you know but anytime is there every time there even the winter when a 14 what’s cool that you yeah no money back in there

and it played four months I’m saying Harvey yes what did the classrooms used to look like but in the back little different thing I’ll be tested on July 6th I charge thee what – the mission whenever’s good Oh clicking buck and it it went dead up your butts no many pork for a weekend we got to order me what you get fortunately I’ve seen to tantalize the routine kind of above it 20 of everything I’m gonna tip 100 different only if never since attendant perspective that these windows was your daily routine than 20 points everyone without it it’s not gonna be no

I never do that yeah but family pets can obscure to lend money at oh yeah I’ve done the Devonian dissolve like a lakh published under what to fail yeah I’ve heard about this there’s a two-month lane left but that hope is gone and it keeps on staff down beneath him and they’ve got to play some so when you pull your bridgework you but you’re right well take you sit down there they are very wet there’s no add another 15 buddy that’s take you fishing there now just down the middle the beneficiary what’s it like golden one for the mixed players little players from the bean bean Jam marmalade nominate you couldn’t think it’s a that’s not enough you ready where did it kill it let’s read let you think sure future thousand