Ford F150 Electric Vacuum Pump Install

I call it Franklin Aretha Franklin was at the garage so boobs what the reworking on today I’ll show you what we’re working on today we get you up here so you get a better view point what’s going on I’m so sad I should have painted this stuff before I put it in but look it’s all it’s hug oh yeah whatever yeah I didn’t get too dirty in here splashing up in the mud puddles my department my head so what we’re doing today we got a we got a thing a token of appreciation / Christmas gift from Todd bulk thanks again buddy and you’re welcome for the efforts that I provided and getting your Bronco going so he supplied me with this it’s actually a Summit Racing vacuum pump it’s this one is I think is a eBay item which is cool I did test that works really good yeah I I just it’s I mean the last vacuum pump I did have an electric vacuum pump on this truck but I removed it because it the motor burnout on it because at a vacuum wake over here in my HVAC system HVAC system I’ve since fixed that leak and I don’t think it’ll be an issue however the pump went out and I didn’t want to spend another hundred dollars for the pump and so this opportunity came up so I got this now had it you know clean up right clean it up and throw some racing cigarette no I’m kidding it’s actually kind of nice that doesn’t have stickers out and I do kind of like that because even though I’d like to put stickers on stuff sometimes in key places but this one we’re gonna leave just bare and so yeah anyways I kind of got my poses laid out – then let’s all vacuum pump thing can apply – if you have a gas engine you put a cam in it and you don’t make vacuum work worth the damn oh yeah that’s nice I just want to keep it from hitting the exhaust I’ll probably put a little shield here on it and then tie it to this heater hose I bought a few things to make this work it’s been very much on this yeah 23 bucks for this I’m just after the yeah this whole thing I’m depending on whether I want to run that into the cab or not I I kind of want to make this I was thinking of making this switched that’s how todd has his setup he has a switch and he has his own thing going on I think I’m gonna just put this back as being an automatic turn on where I turn the key on and it’s good to go so we’ll be using the alternator wiring harness here for this at a later time I probably will make this switched and I’m gonna make an actual electrical switch panel that’s going to go on my truck and I use it to control stuff like this and secret switches for the ignition pump the ignition pump oh my god the injection pump on this thing just make it a little bit more a slightly less user-friendly for people who you know don’t know about the switches and don’t know how to get things going and then you can’t seal it and I bought this coupler here to hook our chivos together like this oh yeah I may go and get some clamps so that I can make sure that none of this stuff is gonna leak because I don’t I don’t want back helix so I think my vacuum pump is gonna live here now you really don’t need a reservoir but I’m gonna leave this reservoir in and yeah I know this is not the Ford reservoir this is a larger one from a Chevy s10 this is the only actually the second chevy part that i have in here which you know hey but as a joke I

purposely bought this input here plus my old one was trashed it had a big melt spot because a wire in here had made some contact when it didn’t need to be making contact so so anyways we’re vacuum pump right here and then that way this guy here he’s all in line with all the electrical stuff so you know we’re doing all right and there’s less wiring I don’t want any wires going that way over to the other side into the cavern like that I kind of want to keep this thing as clean as possible you know but it won’t be perfect so we’ll mark out where we want to put this guy also one thing I want to make sure that my bootless guesstimated good to go well it cost me two bucks for the bolts Wow just guessing just guessing that that’s that’s the right size bolt right there I’m happy about that and I apologize for the sniffling I’m getting over a cold so I kind of put this together I couldn’t find a tea that’s a 3/8 3/8 3/8 and then 1/4 um so I’m kind of forcing this vacuum line over this hopefully it doesn’t become an issue I may have to get some reducers for that night kind of don’t want to but this is what I was going for here the motor to the left you have vacuum and exhaust we’re also going to run another hose from here down to the bottom that way we can minimize some noise my nose so I’m gonna take this guy here he’s gonna come down like that yeah well do something like that and this pup he ordered it a few days ago and it was estimated to get here like Wednesday the 9th and it’s like the sixth and I heard got it yesterday on site awesome oh yeah there we go oh yeah I’ll just zip tie this to an injection line here I’ll show you that in a second I’m gonna right in between my valve covers in the engine I almost wonder if I could just sneak that right in between the engine block it helps save that for later so we have plenty of slack for engine movement all that good stuff now we go hog-wild we just bored a sumbitch out and then hope this may seem great cuz it’s not I love these plastic fenders I really do yeah I’m gonna get a bigger bit here alright Cable Guy did a little bit of drinking last night so well I kind of wanted to make a hungover slightly hungover video I got my coffee here you know No would you like some coffee with that milk that’s decaf and and caffeinated and I call that double half kneecap and when I got that name from MADtv and I think that’s what they were going for – yeah everything’s 11:00 it’s awesome so am I gonna go to ties will make sure my bolts all the way into the nighlok yeah I’m just gonna make a new ground I’ll probably just call this road or to the negative battery I kind of want to

have all this tied it directly to the battery because I don’t want any shenanigans of all well this one connection has just a little bit too much resistance you know no I don’t think I really needed to cut this open but I think it was either way so this is kind of a head light wiring kit kind of thing but hey as long as it delivers the electric like electrons to the thingamajigger we’re good to go so I mean this this even has a hole connector and everything nice so it gets some stuff it’s let’s see I’m gonna figure this out real quick and then I’m gonna tell you what I’ve come up with so this is what this is our relay section okay I am back I’m doing direct power all the time from the battery to the pump direct power what I’m doing is I’m switching the ground so this ground here we’re gonna cut this little Spade end off and then we’re gonna tie in a new wire and he’s gonna come over and I’m plugging it if I can I’m gonna find a connector that will get soldered in and then it will get here and then plug in and then we’re good to go this guy here I’m probably gonna cut a chunk out and then resolder the Spade and just enough to get over here to the to the battery on the on the negative side and then so this here this is going to go over to well this is gonna run into the cab so we’re gonna string this along over here somewhere we’re gonna once we kind of get it where we need it we’re gonna wrap it up I’m actually I don’t know do what I want to do the switch thing I have to figure if I want to do switched or if I want to put it on a key on I’m not exactly sure I think I have a spot where I can tie it in here I don’t know I’ll think about that part that’s that’s on me but the point is we’re just gonna make this switched grant us a switched ground now we don’t have too big of a of a load have our direct power to the thing and then our ground will be switched that’s what I want to do so anyways I’m gonna get this really kit hooked up all the way and then once it’s hooked up I’m gonna touch this to that and see if it works and then we’ll come up with something to connect the ground to the pump here and then we’ll hit that and see if everything turns on so real quick so I was I’m looking for a connector so we can easily disconnect our ground instead of you know having it just hardwired right in I took the wiring harness from the Ford Econoline van and I have found this this will be our ground it’s the same gauge wire and everything so I’m just gonna cut those solder it up and then we’ll have a connector here I don’t like crimp connectors I don’t have a proper tool for crimping these so what I do is I smash them as good as I can with vice grips I have a bigger pair somewhere of these don’t know where they are anyway they’d use those and smash these down and then it’s solder on this one I got it as much as I could with those I couldn’t get it too far I bent the put to push the wires through bent him back crimped it and then this whole cavity that’s in here surrounding the wire it’s full of solder its rightful solder so that’ll never have an issue with that and then we can also disconnect it as a fuse here and then you know we’re gonna that’s cool the connector here for ground it’s all soldered up I just need to wrap it and then lastly it was just these two here oh the the little skinny black ground he’s going to this ground here for that headlights so the relay ground good there so this skinny white wire we’re gonna trace him somewhere over here and then hook up to my little yellow wire I got over here for my key on and then that should we do keen on it should activate the relay and switch the ground over and this single run and I just

tested it I pump this up Randa Singh it pumped up within just a few seconds maybe 30 seconds and I even use the brick the brake pedal a little bit and the HVAC controls all move yet again and and came back over and unplug the thing from the bus right in it and it coughed out it went so and I did that like 10 minutes after I waited all that so it it’s not leaking so far okay aside from wrapping up the grounds we got our ground here is hooked up ground supply Brown going to the thing this is our turn on wire that I’m holding right here got power so if I touch this to the battery here that pump should turn see like whatever but does vibrate a little bit nice cool that worked out great and I got its all pumped up now so we’ll see how long it lasts okay yep from the booster right across the engine we had our adapter pull the wires soldered in here this is may turn on that works won’t find out here in a moment I kept clicking this over and it was not coming on but this is clicking so I know it’s holding hey Mike I just jumped over that thing anyways the fire I heard a moment at for a zip tie everything out make sure we don’t have any not touching the exhaust or anything so this has been sitting for about that since I’m turning it since it bumped it up yep relay works and then pump comes on I’m holding the brakes tune that’s so nice so turns out oh yeah that switches over way faster now yeah and click yeah I’m so happy now that big test is that does it hold vacuum overnight you know so yeah that’s pretty cool so I’m gonna zip tie everything up as I just said I was gonna do and didn’t do and pick up all my tools and then meet Adam we’re gonna go do some shenanigans with this truck okay so that’s gonna conclude this video well I’ll do a review later of how everything works and I’ll share with with you guys how the brakes work or you know a manual form I got a brand new booster nothing that matters about a brand new master cylinder and the brakes there it’s a hard pedal but you know they they work fine they work great even a manual with the non a booster that doesn’t have any vacuum so now we’ll find out how good they work with actual vacuum and we just saw that the hvac controls worked great and they work they’re more responsive than what they were before and that’s because I had fixed a vacuum leak a few months ago and I’ll show you where that was you have all your vacuum stuff from the you know the reservoir wouldn’t know all comes into here these little hoses here well to it there was two actually no just the one it was this one here it was cracked and so it was just looking on the vacuum and that’s what killed my pump so I’ve got a piece of clear tubing and some honda vacuum tubing it goes in there and then I went under under here inside

under the dash and popped that line out of the connector and put my new line in and that as soon as it fixed the leak and we’re all good here nice and snug I want to do something different about this later but as long as it doesn’t come off I think I’ll be fine yeah so that’s that’s wait that’s the way the cookie crumbles sorry we’d like to see more please hit the subscribe button and and we can watch my videos more yeah stay tuned for more we’re gonna have another video later or I talked a lot about the breaks and yeah so anyways I’m pretty happy and thanks again Todd buck for the vacuum pump and I know he’s gonna be like no thank you for helping and I’m like okay well welcome so anyways catch you next time