Repair: Ford Escape P0446 EVAP Vent Problem

there are viewers and welcome back to the self main auto channel got this 2008 ford escape p6 all-wheel drive came in early this summer late spring sometime around there with a check engine light on and that’s you know five six months ago at this point and it had a code in it for forty six I believe for an event control problem and she also had to complained that she couldn’t fill it with gas so just that quick visual inspection showed that the evap vent solenoid was stuck shut I mean this thing was just all rusty and pro shut could blow through it won’t allow any vapor into the tank you know pretty cut-and-dry diagnosis really took in just to verify it unhook the hose from it go down the gas station fill it right up no problem replace the vent solenoid but it didn’t stop there it appears to me that it ruined the ECM in the car when the vent solenoid seized up or you know something else had happened there the the driver and a PC I may have went bad and burned up the vent solenoid I don’t really know all I know is it doesn’t work so we replace the vent solenoid naturally so she could you know put gas in it and we’ve got that on there but what has happened is we have a full-time power at the vent solenoid which er which you’re supposed to but we’ve lost the ability to control it with the PCM there’s just like a fixed voltage on the control side I went through at that time like several months ago just kind of going off the memory did a few circuit tests on it kind of just tested circuit integrity to make sure that you know the wire from the computer to the vent solenoid is good to make sure that you know I can toggle it on and off you know manually before I call the PCM to be bad because these these control modules are very very expensive and he’s in these trucks you don’t want to make the wrong call ever especially on you know you know the styles and now they’re part at any rate I talked to Ivan about it long time ago when I was working on it and sharing with them you know what I found and and we like to we like to share things back and forth the experiences we have particularly on stuff like this kind of bizarre you know just to have a you know PCM failure itself is kind of bizarre it’s I think is often one of the most misdiagnosed items on a car you know particularly if you know people are just playing swap Tronics or filing manufacturer flowcharts you know it’s you know change this part changes part put a computer in it not too often we change computers because they found just you know randomly out of the blue at any rate I believe that’s what this is the cool thing is this vehicles back its inspections do she finally wanted to you know bite the bullet and put a put a computer in it so that’s what we’re going to do but the neat thing is talking to Ivan last night and he’s actually coming up today so I said well perfect I’m gonna have you double-check me on this before I make the 100% call I’m quite confident myself that’s what it needs he’s on his way up from State College Pennsylvania and gonna bring some of his diagnostic equipment and just give me a quick double-check and then we’ll take our diagnosis from there and see how this turns out all right guys Ivan made it and I’m gonna turn the video over to him I’m super busy and like I mentioned just you know a second ago that he’s just basically going to double check me on this PCM and second opinion yep he’s going to run down the diagnosis basically like you’ve never seen it before healed from scratch yep so we talked about it like I say months and months ago you never actually seen the vehicle you know we just talked on the phone about it and the issues I was having so I just go lay him at it of course he’s kind of got the free notion that it may be a bad ECM but just have them look at the circuit make sure I’m not going crazy and then we’ll take it from there yeah I don’t know how much we’re testing I’m going to be able to come up with Eric gray told me that full list of tests I mean 100% so never know yeah we’ll just get the virus out use some test light you know testing they hook up the scope for kicks yeah and both probably is going to be a bad PCM but we never know I know yep all right so we’re working on a 2008 Ford Escape with the 3 litre v6 customer complaint check engine light is on so let’s read some quotes first we have the various configured so for Ford’s first let’s check memory codes got an egg all right so p0 446 EVAP system vent control fault

and the p1000 which means it codes well I guess I’ve been cleared recently even though the customer said you know nothing’s been reset so we’re chasing this p0 446 been control fault okay all right it should be a basic circuit but let’s go back to our troubleshooter and make sure we’re not missing any details to this particular model we lucky right so four four six all right so this continuous fall indicates an evap system excessive fuel tank pressure orbit control fall so that’s interesting I thought it was just a control circuit but it also has to do with fuel tank pressure okay so the PCM can come in the vent solenoid through a duty cycle so it’s not just on or off I guess this system actually pulses the control side of the circuit so basically it’s checking circuit integrity possible causes are the solenoids circuit is sort of power ground open and turn on the PCM that’s all annoyed connectors and harness so pretty standard information but still worth a look so from here let’s do some we’ll check if we have bi-directional controls and we’ll do some checks at the vent solenoid itself alright so in the engine menu let’s see what functional tests bi-directional controls we have on the future I’m looking for the EVAP canister and see vent solenoid on/off command perfect so here we’ll be able to energize the solenoid from the driver’s seat which is really convenient so right here we have on and off and it’s showing the duty cycle so again I don’t know if it’s asking duty cycle controlled or not but let’s see what happens when you turn it on so it says 100 or zero so we don’t have you know percentage but this should be good enough for testing this is quite the busy shop you got card game code in got Eric working outside we’re troubleshooting the Ford Escape here I got my own camera camera girl that’s awesome this what happened plate alright so we’re going after this vent solenoid it lives right here on the driver’s side so first I’m going to unplug it I got my test light connected to ground we’re just going to check if there’s a feed it’s a two wire connection obviously so one size should be constant power so let’s check both all right we’ve got 12 volts on that and that’s our control wire so we definitely have a good feed the solenoid so we’re not worried about fuses at this point so let me reconnect my test like two battery positive and we’ll command this follow it on with the scan tool and see if our if it flights our test light okay so now test light is connected to battery positive and I can’t really check it under here since uh oh there we go fuel filter that’s grounded so our test light works so let’s go after the control side of the solid right here on the connector so there are two wires the green one is the control now I touch it and the test light is lit but not as bright as if I would touch it on the fuel filter here so see we can see how the brightness changes see that’s a good ground and then on this wire right here it’s kind of dim and that’s without commanding the solid on right now the command is zero percent duty cycle let’s change the command turn it on and see if our test light actually gets brighter okay so holding a test light on that pin I’m going to command the solenoids on it’s on right now I see no change at all on off on off so

the bi-directional control is not doing anything to that control wire the way it’s supposed to work is the test light should be off when that driver in the computer is off and then when I command it on it should be a full ground our test light should be bright but it’s somewhere in between so that’s definitely a problem next check I’m just going to throw the graphing meter on here and see if it’s pulsing it puts a duty cycle control and then we’ll go to the PCM and check the same wire at the computer all right so we have our lab scope pulled up here 12 volt scale let’s check the power side so live readings 12.0 that’s a good feed now on the control side I’m on that pin right no and I’m seeing zero zero volts so now let’s load it with the test light and see since our test light was actually dim let’s see what’s going on if that circuit is being actually a turn around so for four bowls and it’s not being pulse it’s just constant four volts this is a test light loading that circuit so that’s very interesting and we can try going back to our scanner turning this on and seeing if you get any change 4.16 so nothing changed with the bi-directional control alright so we have our test light from battery positive connected right to the control wire on the solenoid so I’m going to command the evap solenoid on and off on the scan tool and we’ll see if if that control if anything changed at all so on it gets brighter okay ah it’s dim we can also take a look on our lab scope 20 seconds okay so when we command the command it on vectorscope so see it’s grounded it test lays bright we have zero volts that’s good that driver is functional it is grounding the circuit fully and just to check mechanically is the solenoids we shouldn’t be able to blow through this hose right here so I’m going to try blowing through it can’t blow through okay so let’s turn it off now so off test light went dim let’s see what we have in our scope so now we have about four four volts on our scope if that driver was really turning a circuit off completely I would expect 12 volts and no current flow throughout solenoid now again mechanically it should be off right now but it’s still I still can’t blow through this you know when the solenoids off we it should be free-flowing now let’s unplug it and make sure that the Soliman itself is functional so apparently we still have enough current flow through this thing to energize it and it still closed so I’m going to unplug it and I shouldn’t be able to blow through this yep so I’m plugging it turn the solenoids off completely and the solenoid itself is fine so the question is at the computer why are we not completely turning off this driver that’s my question so I guess we’ll go up to the computer next alright so now we’re at the computer luckily is easily accessible you found our control wire here it’s a green wire and 39 connector b-back probing that so test light is still connected to battery positive and I have going right into that lead and we see our dim light so let’s do our

bi-directional command again see if we had get the same result as we got on the solenoids itself and this will verify wiring integrity that the wiring is good from selenite to the computer so turning it on watch the lights on ah like before it works the same so now let’s look at the voltage signal the loop plug it in to the channel one here with our scope okay so we’re at 3 volts guess system voltage is getting a little a little weaker but we can do the same by directional control let’s turn it on there pull ground that driver is doing something but again we command it off oh no hit the wrong button okay I’ll turn it off go back to our scope we have our three again three volts that should be 12 right now so that circuit is being grounded with the driver shut off now let’s go one step further let’s turn the key off and you just shut the computer and you keep watching the trace there so this should shut everything off the question is why do we still have three volts on there it didn’t change the thing you shut the computer off that pin is still partially grounded so we can you know just to make sure that wire is sound will unplug the selector I can’t connect your be right here I’m going to plug that look at our trace see that one hi so right now the voltage is coming from the fuse to that Sol annoyed back to their control wire and that’s what we should see with the driver op but when it’s plugged into the computer with the system shut off we’re getting a partial ground through that driver through that pin so at this point yes it is a computer issue now do we want to pick it out open up board maybe there’s some corrosion on there maybe my pin is you know being grounded to the case somehow but regardless we have to get this computer out and examine it and worst case scenario replace it goes on down to the dealer and reprogram it alright this that’s it sericata used PCM and stock in the shelf so we’re going to plug and play here right going to get to dirty just three connectors little dusty and crusty but I figure we’ll just plug it in right here we don’t have to bolt it in yet and then do you uh we’ll keep our lead on here he’s like a big good idea to clean anything later here you want to I’m gonna spray this down a little bit oh it’s a little dusty I mean he won’t spray the numbers after Stila yeah oh there you go yeah all right I mean that helps yeah it’s a lot my videos on oh no it’s about the plastic intake now all right let’s plug it in now it smells real good under the hood is this how you deal with stress Erik nice shot right all right see plug this bad boy in supposed to just slide right in right my doing something wrong oh I got it upside down I was just messing you guys I guess I could do that way you got it you got it like hit him really hard well our voltage is still high on that on that pin that’s a good sign that

driver isn’t shorted yeah you even if that throws a bunch of ah security in this yeah totally so getting idea so I’m going to turn the key on to happen oh it’s not gonna be Shannon we’re not going to start anything but if we can bite her actually control that all right so split up system voltage on that pin so let’s turn it on bi-directionally and see if our computer communicates so it’s probably a little bit angry with a huge computer but we’re going for it on BAM you heard it actually very I played up yeah sweet good diagnosis yeah so it helps that we use PCM to try out when I had one inside all right maybe maybe we’ll just run with this one act I doubt it put your hand out yeah that’s kind of has been mismatched codes and yeah look every single hank module on this thing so turn it off so this is verified fixed now I just need to program it so it’s not throwing security codes so yeah hope it’s there so you made the right color I was lucky guess what you guess in your pocket now that were 100% all right well yeah no no it’s good it’s what we diagnosed but nobody likes making the call on the box yes all the story behind the use one is so naturally I quoted out with a new one when we did a job I thought it was like twelve thirteen invited some foolish it was super expensive but she noticed were this they didn’t make that for market there’s no romantic units for this specific one they made it feel like before earn out of this one the only one Lord to order this there’s only one available the United States was imported some dealership so it was pending for some replacement so this lady is going to be months you know waiting for one the basically they have to build it from scratch soldering that yeah I have another going out I mean it’s the real deal is they can okay or making that aluminum yeah it was going to be a pretty big procedure so I called the Ford dealership one of local ones SM we reflash a used PCM for me the first one to make upon saw the second one said they’re willing to try it yeah yeah I mean they lease time to cool about it they’re like yeah you know we’ll try it something that door sometimes it doesn’t I did look at Mitchell there’s a full procedure on how to program but you have you need the Ford you got a bed the IDS I check on my Allah tell I can reprogram several modules on the car back but not PCM or I don’t pass your device and of course you know for doesn’t release all their software warfare every module um so yeah I’m not yet what cosa I’m just kind of curious sorry let’s say yeah get it so it’s kind of curious this thing’s gotta have like coach menu memory coat self-efficacy of memory codes are it’s gonna my varus would have never ran the song stuff detected engine disabled yep oh yeah gosh too heavy could just flash up like in we’ve done have in this match code you know you crank it aw dang a start yeah fuel system disabled yeah yeah so probably if you did a whole module scan probably all the other modules have codes in it I would imagine here okay can you go back and do a full scan I don’t think the older software does okay got you I got the 14 – okay so only that’s why mine doesn’t work yeah maybe simple you give me you can yeah just go to all the this check like mission you know transiency where you talk to it yeah should be able to because I think that’s in the same module that you just poured in I’m saying the same thing same code yeah like I think these PCMs are like body transmission engine I think I’m not not positive on that but I’m pretty sure these three wire for PG ons control all three functions so at this point we’re just plugging all them back-end driving to the dealership plug that one in yup and them hopefully reset it everybody I’ll save a ton money because this is like attempt of the cost of if you don’t know well absolutely blue lot Lisa confirms that it’s a hundred percent but all these bad drivers good we don’t know if they’re they feel we don’t know anything else Ron I think you toilet you know we don’t know all right yeah but not as cool it just it makes me wonder because I mentioned before you got here when I do an intro that he the original at least I think I mentioned it the original that’s solenoid when this lady came in the out super points were 20 light was on and she couldn’t put gas right you know like I said quick and dirty while your bet so much probably stock I got underneath it you couldn’t blow through it I’m like that you couldn’t blow through it to mechanical stuff yeah mechanically it was he physically stomachful he was still good

electron it was good actually stuck you know so you just so at that point I just slapped one on it went you’re ready Co po4 46 over I was just broken off four tenets clear decodes my legs right back on I’m like well that’s weird so the one variable if the old one even though mechanically was stopped yeah what if the electrically was shorted or something but it was still stuck but yeah I mean yeah well did that the desert has cooked yeah that I don’t know how the resistance is zero then I think when you and I originally talking once ago you asked me hate to keep the old one good yeah you always two gold product mats or in the garbage now minutes crap so alright I’ll call you so hope for the best you know it’s always heading down the nm if they can program it then ready to go yeah if we’ll take the camera with us and yeah they don’t let you yeah I got like stay there waiting yeah because I’m far back in sunny well they’re also like 100 some another 125 an hour well you know we pay for well we’re sixty-five it’s not like here you know your weight and cool off guard I guess we put tires on and they’ll take a good awesome alright so we got our new PCM installed and reprogrammed by our friendly Ford dealership there’s actually a very pleasant experience like Eric’s most dealership experiences he said he’s had some nightmare trips to the dealer to get stuff like this done because you know stuff like this you can only go to the dealer and get a reprogrammed until unless you have a afford specific software and all that jazz alright just for the sake of a good video let’s verify that our voltages on that control pin at the computer are correct so when the salamullah is commanded off we expect what high voltage on the control pin because again voltages being sent from the feed through the solenoids on the control wire looking for a ground the driver is off so this is good 12 volts before if you remember we had about 3 or 4 volts so there is a partial ground that explained our dim test light right here are the drivers off we have 12 volts that’s good and when we turn the solenoids on the driver on we instantly see being pulled to ground so that’s another way to verify your voltages on that control pin so this one is good to go no more check engine light past state inspection no issues all right well that’s it viewers we got it all fixed but Ivan came down to give me some reassurance that the PCM was bad is a pretty simple two wire circuit but like I mentioned in my earlier portion that PCM is just they just don’t go bad that often and is the hardest call to make at least this videos my experience yeah especially when you’re dealing line yeah you’re dealing with you know a thousand plus dollar item you know if you make the wrong call I think it’s it gets branded into you like a branding and you don’t want to do that you know that supposing for customers sake it’s not your money so you want to make the right call I know I was busy how it’s just slammed today and if you don’t like to say Ivan did the video I don’t know what it looks like but I’m sure I’ll find I’m sure yeah you know I’m sure we’ll find out but I was doing stuff and you know we went now we got to flash the Ford dealer that we took in to you was super they even gave us a sweet Suzuki what was the thing yeah they give us a rental owner yeah give us a loaner car the headline shot the TPMS light was on and the inspection was overdue but they gave us they gave us a Suzuki friends or some I don’t know some little area sx/4 yeah HVAC CVT little cracker boxing but we took that for a rip and got some lunch they programmed it they were super cool about it and but but I that first one I called man they were bad but so you were you’re expecting the worst advise of the Ilia Wow Lisa are willing to try yeah and I don’t understand people’s and people’s uh like not know willingness Mandy’s these just go to their do their mindless works or little zombies they don’t want to help anybody they don’t want to I mean this this lady I know you weren’t announced when she came she would she was literally almost crying when she picked up a car but her bill was eight hundred dollars less than what we quoted her what you put worst-case scenario yeah I quarter I knew PCM because I know that the Ford dealerships will not reflash me at use PC on ever under any circumstance Oh like I know they’re just start from scratch yeah yeah yes or a brand new PCM and that they don’t they don’t even like to do it so um you know all the more reason

to get you know past your programming device but I haven’t done that because not all past your devices can do all modules and in a lot of cases that’s silly so yeah I could flash a PCM but we couldn’t go through we could reprogram the Pats we couldn’t have you know do a parameter reset on all the other modules yeah learning keys yeah so it’s kind of it’s kind of silly to me you know people are like why don’t you do past your programming it’s not all about with its so in completed its kind of silly yeah you can do updates I’m working good PCMs but I don’t know to me that you know you got a Ford dealership half hour down the roads yep yep exactly census yeah I know so the brand new Ford franchise so I think they kind of want good relationship they seem real nice and clean and everything oh yeah they were super nice um and I knew the guy that did the the flash so that was yeah real helpful to know as a local guy that you know if you graduate few grades ahead of me in school but the others kind of old old-school mechanic and so you got a connection that would that do don’t know yeah so yeah that works good yeah but that helpful but yeah you can see I mean once once you do your simple circuit checks mm-hmm know you got good circuit integrity you got it you got to go with the facts I mean it’s it wouldn’t say yeah there wasn’t much more test at the you know at the component tested the computer yeah yeah I didn’t see where he was going when you were testing obsessing easy I was gonna say probably safe yeah I did but you just don’t think of that some stupid what $40 ethat vet so no yeah it wasn’t even drivability issues you know emissions yeah just to get the light off yeah money lights on no inspection new york state says that cars not beating emissions mmm of course you know it is like hydrocarbons on the atmosphere but so was it volkswagen is only one for yeah so anyhow I guess that’s it all done we even use a little break clean so that’s good I know everybody be happy there might have the best use for yeah yeah if you’re using a torch and you got wedding round wear gloves because when you got to rip it off with all your skin attached I was looking forward to that manifold video on the highway torch and it was for a viewer to and if you were rigging an f-150 for a manifold job and just want a full gorilla on it just I just blow the heads off all the bolts now like the one with the dodgy like heated up and built no up just take tortoise and cut the heads off on the boat it’s a simple the manifold I’ve Paul the studs out just done you know yeah one two barbecue I like to say and there was a barbecue got myself there got myself there got a couple of stage two burns here no big deal real none will get past it so you’ll heal up chicks dig scars anyways no band-aids you guys yall know nhi you get some brake clean dirt in there it’s totally disinfected that’s true that’s another use of great thing this is active yeah get a little cut don’t be sailing just sprayed out black tape if you got to so after that lovely yeah so so far this year yeah do what you got to do is you know yeah but in any reviewers thanks for watching check us out on Facebook I’ll leave a link to Ivan’s page here on YouTube and his channel go check him out make sure you subscribe there you can find us on Facebook and Google+ I just remember viewers if I can do it you can do it thanks for watching see you guys there