Norwegian Starts a Sale On Norwegian Joy For Alaska 2019 Plus it's time for Trivia!

bring LOD we’re live we’re here how you guys doing today this is Bruce here with traveling with Bruce here in Creston BC how you guys doing today welcome to the show welcome back to the channel nice to have you here hope you’re having a good day today it’s Saturday July 28 2018 almost the end of July unbelievable hope you having a good day today it’s that quaint warm muggy here here in Creston right now it’s about 85 excuse me we might reach 88 today we are gonna hit 97 here on Monday but I won’t be here on Monday getting out of town I’m leavin shortly after the show is over I will be on the road with Jennifer we’re heading into Calgary today we’ll be there tonight and for a week and I will be on the air on Monday as usual but I’ll be on the air from Calgary and all next week I’ll be on the air from Calgary so look forward to seeing you folks and talking to you from that locale and see what’s going on in Cowtown good old Calgary bill Calgary had the Stampede the world-famous Stampede lasts about two weeks it ended last weekend and I’m quite happy to be going to Calgary this weekend to avoid the whole deal although we were in Calgary during the Stampede we actually happened to be there a little while back but just for a couple of a quick couple of nights and that was it and thankfully we were far enough away from the action to not have to really deal with it when I was younger I you know I’d go and see the grounds but to be honest Stampede I think it’s exciting when you’re a kid and up until your 20s after that you kind of count the dollar so you go oh my god dollars to take this in and the admission and a couple rides and whatever oh my goodness it’s just a fortune but you know state fairs you know what are you gonna do it’s once a year thing it’s tradition and Calgarians love their love their Stampede and what-have-you the rodeo anyway they’ve moved on the Cowboys are down the highway I know where they are right now they’re moving on to another place and they’ll be bucking horses somewhere else anyway that’s the deal they’re all is good here the channel continues to grow thanks to some of you folks who are really helping me but because of all of you watching my channel my channel gets promoted by YouTube to other potential YouTube Watchers we added six subscribers overnight we’re now at 2447 we’re gonna hit 2500 probably next week sometime I’m excited about that I’m really happy to see that happening 225 hundred subscribers from a standing start we will be one year old on August the 12th so just around our first birthday we’re gonna be around 2500 subscribers this is wonderful I’m getting a lot of positive feedback from all over the place regarding the video I loaded this week I don’t know if you’ve seen it yet if you’re a regular you probably have if you watch me once in a while maybe you haven’t seen it if you’re just watching this show or later tonight I did a video that I posted this past Wednesday called why we are addicted to cruising 8 youtubers got together to confess that they’re addicted to cruising and if you get a chance to check it out look it over see what you think there’s myself and 7 other youtubers all involved in this collaboration video it’s my most ambitious project to date for YouTube and it’s had some action and I’ve got a lot of reviews from it and my the other seven youtubers have let me know that they’re all delighted with how the video came out and that they do have been getting comments from their subscribers saying I saw you on Charlie with Bruce’s video if any of you out there are able to or you’re interested in helping out this channel and grow and the other seven as well I would recommend that if you can share the video on YouTube on sorry on Facebook excuse me share it on Facebook or through Instagram or through Twitter or so any other social media you can and if you convince if you can convince people who Shera to to Shree share it to really get at some legs oh that would be a wonderful thing for the for the video and for this channel and the other seven because all eight channels are linked by description in the description so anyone who watches the video can check out the other youtubers anytime they want and I’ve been encouraging my my friends who were collaborating with me to do the same thing to let them know and through their friends and relatives and contacts and anyone they have their dedicated Watchers share the video out there on Facebook and other social media to

really give that video a shot and really put it out way further out than it would normally go with just my existing viewership so thanks for everyone who helps already who’s been helping already on this project I’m really excited about it I think this video will attract viewers for a long long time it’s a timeless piece it’s not a 2018 video it’s a video you can watch a year from now relevant then it’ll be relevant two years from now so it’ll just generate views for a long time that’s great I’m happy to to help the other seven promote their channels they’re looking to help promote my channel and so it’s a it’s a win-win all across the board I look forward to doing collaboration videos with other youtubers out there I’m very much interested in doing that to expose this channel to uh to people that it normally doesn’t get to shown to because we are a little we are one of the best-kept secrets on YouTube as far as I’m concerned that we we are just not you know we’re not known like the big mega channels but we’re drawing and it’s coming and thanks to you guys for your loyalty and watching my watching my channel thank you very much there you go so that’s that’s what’s going there what else is happening folks are visiting the the Amazon my Amazon page through my link there’s an affiliate link down below here in the description people are visiting that I keep getting statistics every day that people are clicking on it looking around so if you pick up anything on Amazon through my affiliate link that is a commission to this channel thanks for that for that you guys and also what YouTube has been sending advertising dollars my way it’s not a lot too three four dollars a day but nonetheless the channel is back on monetization I’m happy about that and then I want to thank you viewers some of you are very consistent loyal followers of mine cannot thank you enough a number of you do send me donations from time to time through my donation button which is on my home page it’s the paypal button up there thank you for any and all donations to this channel I do appreciate it Jen gets thoroughly delighted every time that happens and that just helps keep us going and thank you for that alright enough of the crowdfunding I’m gonna say hi to everybody because today I’ve got some cruise ship news for you and I got some trivia for you we’re going to have a little of everything today and we should be able to keep on top of all of that I got 24 folks watching already ten thumbs ups already thank you one and all already for that we were up to our running start folks who’ve been here just so you know I mean those of you don’t know I get people signing in if you’ve never watched me before we left talking about cruise ships cruise ship holidays vacations traveling all that kind of stuff people by the way pick up this stuff to traveling with Bruce merchandise t-shirts coffee mugs everything else with logos on it thank you for those of you who are doing that too that helps I did post a new logo yesterday haven’t had time to even post it today but we did post a new video a new logo last night on red bubble there’s a new t-shirt available a new coffee cup design if you get a chance head on over to red bubble and check it out and I’ve got a few more in the mix in the works and I’ll keep you posted on that too so lots going on anyway blame said hi to me today at at 140 today yeah I won 40 today I mixed what did he say what’s going on he just said hi mixed or any kind I have no idea what he’s talking about Robert Brandt mixed drinks I’m pretty additional I have to the gang has been talking to themselves about booze because we talked about alcohol yesterday on the show the price of booze all over the place so Blaine and Robert Brent are here cooljazz are here saying hi Tom Henry is here who else is here I’m just going to go through this whole thing air-cool jazz was saying hi let’s see cat is here hi cat Tom Henry never thought never thought it I hate aam is going this discussions has been going on Tom Henry I’m just gonna skip all over this because you don’t need to hear the discussion they’ve been having with each other but I’ll tell you who’s all here today Tracy Dunlop is here hi Bruce 91 in Naples right now supposed to get a little rain later hopefully it’ll cools down a bit fantastic Tracy hanging in there let’s see here pickpockets to talk about pickpockets OMG toes favorite topic Robert Brandt and Tracy Ilana they’re talking Roberts getting ready to head to Naples in Florida to a closing on his new house and I think shortly after that there had not a plane to Europe going on our River cruise this should be something looks like he’s saying if they’re going going up on Monday fantastic Robert that’s gonna be an awesome trip Debbie Manuel hi Bruce and everyone over 100 again today in Northern California with a fire that is still raging this is the fire in reading and in Shasta California unbelievable just south of the Oregon border a couple couple hours by car it is a nasty one and the conditions are terrible they’re perfect

for a fire terrible if you’re trying to stop it it’s crazy let’s hear Blaine Blaine is saying you know in honor of Robert Bruce is wearing his yet st. Thomas u.s. Virgin Island t-shirt well of course I was there I was on that ship right there explore the Seas with Jennifer we had a great time there I didn’t know Robert at the time though so next time I’m going there I have a feeling I’ll be up I’ll be visiting with somebody someone might be popping by the ship to say hi to me which that would be I think a lot of fun wonder how the steamer is doing Tom Henry is wondering about the beam or how you doing in Vegas uh let’s see cool jazz Bruce’s taking the show on the road how about that that’s right Blaine is saying the beam esteeming Venus like Santa he’s everywhere see keeper hi Bruce and all 94 here in Tequesta South Florida it’s stormed heavily all night nice and sunny now thumbs up everyone safe ride to Calgary you’ll miss the you’ll miss the one hot day in Creston next week that’s right the one real hot day I don’t mind missing it a bit steamy bean way and I’ll burn a buy bottle of secret barrel rum available Alberta there you go steamer thanks buddy he’s saying hi to Robert Robert I’ll have to try and get a bottle secret barrel rum a Reggie and her man we’re addicted to welcome Reggie and her man Kathy Zoda hello Bruce was that nyla hey Kathy how you doing from Staten Island how’s it going welcome to the broadcast here what’s your high temperature today and are you a yeah are you addicted to cruising like the rest of us or are you a newbie are you going on your first ever Cruz let us know uh welcome to the show cat rose it’s 69 but feels like 77 supposed to hit a hundred in Sacramento Wow I’m Henry welcome Reggie and Kathy how are you new I think they were here last week not new I used to have a different name ah they had a different name of Jenny that’s all good aah retching Reggie and her man listen I got to tell you I have to confess a Tom Henry Thomas Thomas Henry here he was he was plotting a little strategy he was trying to convince all of you guys to change your names and make them unpronounceable like you know with a lot of consonants and stuff so that way on Monday when I start my show Monday one I won’t be able to pronounce anyone’s name too I won’t know who the hell you are good old Tommy really gonna be all the time you know you gotta love the support Thomas that beaner border ordered that beaner borrow that cool mic to use in Bruce’s studio that would be cool in the foreground from Sun Sun records would that be some Paul Lucas hydrous and all semi but feels like 87 in Virginia hey Paul how you doing stay cool buddy Tom Henry good and humid here too Paul barb is here hi Bruce and everyone 90 here in Atlanta barb welcome back to the show nice to have you here today Debbie hi Thomas the steamy bean did mr. Zimm ever get back to you yes he did I talked to the zip now not on the phone I would love to talk to him on the telephone I love to talk I sent Jim Zimmerman a message before I did the collaboration video and I asked him if he’d be interested in being in it and he sent me back a message on we were doing a Facebook connection thing instant messaging and I just happen to be looking at my facebook channel the traveling with Bruce a group page on Facebook when my computer when me and a message popped up from Jim zip and he was responding to my little request that I was introducing myself to him I I told him what a fan I am and I told my watch his videos and who I am and I have a little channel on YouTube with 2400 subscribers and you know I I’m just you know hoping he’ll even read the thing and I made a comment to him about how he was so kind to me about oh this has to be about five months ago I had written him a little message on a video he had made and commented on his videography his top-notch quality of making a video it’s really nice and I said you vent you’re you’re one of the youtubers out there that inspired me to become a youtuber I you know III trying to become a jimsim someday in quality and variety of work and this type of thing cuz he’s been doing this a while and he wrote back to me very very appreciative of my comment which of course I appreciated then he told me you should catch another channel you should you you like you like nice in a photography why don’t you catch Kate and Nate and you should watch those two guys and that’s another YouTube channel young couple that are travelling around the world and using points and all kinds of ways to travel they’re just great they’re young no kids takes me back and and so I started watching their channel Wow love their channel they just do fantastic work and so I wrote him on this little intro that I was just doing last week I wrote him a little thank-you

thanks for recommending you recommended natan Kate I should watch those two guys and I just wanna let you know I am watching them and they are like you said they are very very good well he writes me back and he says I I know your channel I I’ve seen some of your videos so I’m going oh my god the sim has watched me I’m shakin oh my god 220,000 subscribers and this guy’s seen my work Oh No so he knows who I am he’s he’s a err of yours truly in a limited way however that didn’t help me he can’t do that he can’t help okay I’m on I’m on a holiday right now in northern Dino with my wife and I can’t I can’t shoot anything right now but I really appreciate you asking and I thought oh wow that’s pretty cool so so I thank them you know thank you so much for you know whatever I appreciate that then I happen to mention he was getting ready to say his goodbyes and I sucked him quick I said by the way news the New Age enjoy the cruise ship that Norwegian has in China they’re pulling it out of China and bringing it to Seattle for next year or or Alaska cruises they’re abandoning China you know the joy is being pulled he didn’t know that he said thanks for letting me know I’m gonna look into that so I kind of thought eyes told Jim Jim something he doesn’t know so I was pretty happy about that so uh that’s how I talked to Jim Jim now the boat okay that same day the next day he did another video he did a little video because he’s doing videos right now but these little train model trains that he loves running he did a video bought one of his model trains and I sent him a comment and I said loved the video it was a water both touch coca-cola trainee picked up a little coca-cola train used he bought it used the looks brand-new and I wrote him I said is it harder to acquire one of these things or harder to sell one cuz that’s a trick question because if you own train sets you don’t ever want to sell any they’re like your babies and nothing happened for about three four days cuz he was on holidays of course and then last night in the night for last I got a little like on that comment a little like popped up and I’m thinking that might be him he might have he might have been reading some of his messages to saw that and gave me the light but then I wrote him another little note last night or the night before it’s just a just a little follow up to say hey look thank you you know so much for talking to me about that video that collaboration video I asked you about if you want to die just wanna let you know seven of us eight of us got together total eight of us including Emma who is in England the United Kingdom he referred her to me you referred Emma to me and I was gonna contact her as Mara had already caught already contacted her because I had seen that he had done a collaboration video with her about 3-4 months ago and she only had about 200 subscribers at the time and after she got off the air with him within a week she was at 600 subscribers and now she’s at 1200 subscribe anyway I contacted her and then I let her know that Jim Jim mentioned to me that I should contact you to do the show and she was very happy to hear that and so I let Jim know that I she did it she’s in the video along with us there’s eight of us in total and it went really well and some day I hope to you know hope we can do something together so I that’s a little contact there but I haven’t talked to him like you know personally one-on-one no love to do that but they’re you there’s my contact with him so steamer there’s a short answer to your long question laugh out loud I asked Barbara the travel agent admin who called the cruising with wills buffoons if she knew Bruce and she said no but would have to check him out hope it goes well maybe that’s Barbara right there maybe that’s barb in Atlanta right now is that barb in Atlanta I don’t know hi barb if that’s you Tom Henry sorry Reggie and her man the steaming bean haven’t haven’t watched all all you escaped Bermuda vlogs yet but saw you went to the aquarium we did in 2011 fun visit how’s Vegas Steve Bartley Tom Henry was was the cruiser pickpocketing on your April transatlantic a merchant near one of the popular old trams warned us to be careful of those guys and then Rob’s out oh good afternoon Bruce I may have upset a couple of your eight still waiting for two and reply math I may have upset a couple of your eight still waiting for two and reply so I’m not sure what I’ll show you me but I let’s see Steve in Tom interesting yes Stephen Lisbon so I’m Henry a rod couple couple of eight what what do you mean so we’re wondering let’s see Reggie and her man Tom Henry he probably means two youtubers on addictive video steamy bean Vegas is alright but laying low summer has been costly right on time Andrea Reggie that makes

sense wife doesn’t like most of them so I can relate I’m not sure I think Thomas Dunne was something else cat let’s see my show that means Reggie and her man Steven mean yet we didn’t cruise this year low finances Susan Hoffman hi I’m here to hi sysm Tom Henry you missed the earlier commentary but the rum is producing a spinning room here it’s Saturday and it’s time to enjoy Bruce and have a little toddy or two and the room starts to get kind of dizzy Cathy soda high 85 here in New York City hi Cathy I’ve been on 17 cruises that’s awesome stuff that is awesome tell me Cathy favorite crew zebra war was on what was the favorite cruise he ever had what was the name of the ship where’d you go tell us steaming beans secret barrel has been getting some attention this is the rum and Amy made it to a live chat Amy you’re here usually catch the replay 98 here in Round Rock Texas Amy Kahn draft welcome to a live show I’m glad you’re here this is wonderful I’m glad you’re here I’m imagining you are a cruiser you’re addicted to cruising like we’re I think how many of you been on you know and what’s been your favorite cruise and what was the ship where’d you go at Alice Reggie Enderman yeah at Tom Henry and Bruce used to be a are em used to be a are okay our ethyl is here Ethel hi Bruce from West Virginia a tall tale or how are you another I think this is another newbie or someone who’s not been here in luck how are you Ethel welcome to my show same question are you a new Cruiser have you Crist before if so what’s your favorite cruise what ship where did you go welcome sea keeper I will try I will try once again to change my handle to ah see Kieffer you’re just a baller laughs you know that you’re just so much fun let’s see if I can say this name here he’s gonna change his name through glamour nyeeehhh go lock on the weekend about try see that real fast three times in a row glamour and her logo like on the weekend two days ago all in good fun what are you gonna do and shake is here 85 feels like 90 help me at five minutes south of Philly and the airport thanks but yeah welcome to the show Rob’s table soldered prom Henry yes Tom Henry Edie is the construction on the Platte Bridge done yet question mark hmm Robert Brent at traveling of Bruce you can pronounce Chateau d’Yquem correctly I’ll get you a bottle I don’t know is that running is Chateau d’Yquem I don’t know katkat Rosa the really cool thing about SMF SMF is except for the coffee shops all the restaurants are branches of local restaurants SMF would be is that sac Sacramento is that what that is I’m guessing ed shik couldn’t tell you Tom I’ve been over it months I’ve been I rarely take it the bridge just the bridges double time Henry sim needs to post some new bids no no no non train vids of late he just did another one this morning it is a train vid this morning on part of his trip I enjoyed it Reggie and erm and at Tom and I agree the steamy bean Bruce was gushing with the zim oh I just Bart yes I watch them too that is how I started watching travel videos they are good Kate Kate and make Blaine his man crush well you know there’s the steamer and I mean we got the crush on the steamer and then there’s there’s Jim Thomas and then there’s there’s my buddy with the big-ass RV yeah it’ll come yeah you know with the motorbike you know and then there’s me and there’s a four of us in those showers with those multiple showerheads you know the story about that out of control four guys in the shower or multiple steam has a Randy Lucas and Randy Lucas there’s there’s there’s steamer Jim Randy Bruce it’s out of control what can I say a man crush cool chest Bruce rubbing elbows with the big boys well that’s I just said that for guys who have a biscuit problem rubbin elbows no I didn’t say that cat rows I want to meet Kevin and Frank they would be a lot of fun to get together with Rob Sutter Bruce karenann eight is great you would probably love endless adventures another great couple there I may have seen some of their videos to the problem not the problem the reality for me is I have no time I I have I have very little time I’m I’m having trouble these days watching my favorites that I’ve been watching for five years I’m having trouble keeping up with them because I’ve got so much to do to work this channel and I’m only at twenty four hundred and forty seven subs this is a full-time gig I’m trying to build this

channel up quickly got so much to do Robert Brandt does Jim and I’m Zim pay for his travels or or with the two hundred thousand viewers subscribers is it all freebies I think he pays his own way I I don’t think he takes free trips he doesn’t seem to have any kind of sponsorship type arrangements from what I can tell you I’d love to ask him this I mean honestly I I would love him to phone me and I’d like to have him on this to this show on a phone in interview where I could just ask him these questions because he’s one of those he’s the largest cruise the largest cruise ship vd a YouTube creator that I know of by size of subscribers and volume of views but it’s not only cruising he loves talking about cruise ships and and and other other topics but I don’t think he does it isn’t a full-time gig he has a day job by the way he works he does this on the side he’s been doing it for a long time and he’s built quite a following and I’m you know I’m in awe of that I really am I’m just just stunned by that so I think he pays his own way Tom Henry are are a DNG a couple d is pretty cute there are a lot of fun they I think they are I think they’re in they did a live stream last night from Disneyland they’re there right now and they were planning on doing another one today or tomorrow or something like that they said hi to me on their show last night right and her man cat Rose go to their group Cruz 2020 that’s the that’s their that’s the cruising with wheels group Chris Robert Brandt Zim yeah Robert Brent cat cat rows money and other issues make it not likely the steaming mean have you ever considered camping out on Zim’s lon Rob Sauter a Tom manry vlog 13 cooljazz gonna have to get Bruce to use Google Translator I’m gonna have to use a translator just read some of the names that are coming at me get me barb no not not is it not ever been on a crude not is it not everyone I am planning to go but I have claustrophobia she’s saying okay she’s not ever been on the cruise actually asked us for okay I got you there you go I’m having trouble reading today Reggie and her man account Rose our cat Rose Bruce the car fire is one that is near Redding California that’s right it’s a nasty one steamy bean yep Mike Cruz was my first in a couple years finances would have would have made it difficult Kathy soda gosh favorite Cruz was on the carnival miracle from New York City to the Bahamas that was a few years back but my most favorite Robert Brett a traveling with Bruce da da eekum da eekum is that how you pronounce that champagne is that what you’re talking about their cat Rose yep it is it stands for Sacramento Mather feel they’re your SMF right on Amy icon is going on my sixth cruise in September on Royal Caribbean Freedom of the Seas out of San Juan fantastic that should be great Amy C keeper Robert Brent up Shaw toady Kem there you go I’ve tried it before I’ll pay the shipping if you send me a bottle memorable experience Debbie Manuel Randi Lucas that’s right Thank You Debbie name’s ed chick at Bart I have a bit of both claustrophobia and AG Garo phobia yeah I’m a hot mess I have not had a problem on these new ships had a big balcony on lady on lady cruise that that helped and that helped on lookers barb thanks and I am going to look for a big ship next year my friends cruise a lot so I’ll see what they think about a newer ship if they’ll take a Tyler thanks Bruce I’ve been on two cruises both on Royal Caribbean grandeur of the Seas right on I booked my next cruise on her solo are also for November 2019 just don’t think I can wait that long for my next one though there you go maybe you’ll have to come on a meet and greet that I’ll put together in meantime Robert Brandt sea keeper he got the Chateau apart but was just fixing the the ECAM cool guys as amused points to travel on his last cruise pain eleven bucks to travel from California to Miami in first class right Hartwell yeah right on man way to go silo Steve hey all 85 for the high 60 for the low in Seattle hey Sal oh hi Don 91 days to the Bliss he’s going in the haman in to Mexico 540 days and so he goes on the encore in the Haven Suites that is the cruising with wheels group crews still working on going on the joy probably Alaska though that will be starting next April or later Kathy saying cool jazz love your name that’s my favorite music – who is your favorite artist a Reggie and her man hey at silo hey so Robert grant closer to correct cool jazz at silo

Steve a make sure you say hi to Adrian Vika that name is stuck in my head forever The Haven at sea oh my goodness he’s got a reputation alright Kuja has at Kathy soda thank you I do love jazz quite quite a few people who play just Kathy Adrian Vika Oh Lord cruising with wheels had some fun with that crackpot laugh out loud eat they sure did silo Steve has anyone seen the Netflix trailer for like father takes place on the cruise ship looks funny Kristen Bell Kelsey Grammer yeah that took place on was that on harmony of the Seas they were just talking about that about a month or two ago that is coming on Netflix right see keeper I advise against teaching a French man how to pronounce French names Scott Weber how are Neptune Suites on Holland America does anyone know what it’s like on a Neptune suite on Holland America I know they have their own concierge area they have their own lounge area it’s a private thing it’s kind of likely the Haven sort of thing but I don’t know if they have all the amenities like the the newer ships have for their high-end class passengers I’m not sure if but if they have that on haul in America or not Kate Rose if I ever go on a cruise definitely will get a balcony yes Kate Kat you do want to get a balcony you’ll love it you’ll feel you’ll feel just you know it’s wide open oh there’s a beautiful view every day standing on your balcony sitting down in the chair and looking out it’s great you’re the sound of the ocean it is really nice Robert Brandt Kelsey Grammer is from st. Thomas about that I love Kelsey Grammer he is just a brilliant actor I think he is just fantastic the steaming mean zim would need five hundred thousand subs or more to travel like he does you know I don’t know he has phenomenal viewership I think it’s almost six million views a month a month six million views a month I’ve got about thirty thousand right now I can’t hold a candle to this guy it’s incredible his following but if I were an agent and an advisor a consultant to him I would be helping him monetize his channel to the maximum benefit because he’s I don’t think he’s doing it and he can quit his day job and he could live off the channel and all of his sponsorships and he could didn’t travel all he wants but something tells me he kind of likes the life he has he’s in control he does what he wants when he wants where he wants how he wants how can you argue that how can you argue that he probably will retire in the next five to ten years he’s gonna be forging 60 um he’ll probably have a nice package and we’ll see what happens then way to go mr. Zimmerman I I really admire them I think it’s fantastic I’m not in the position he’s in because I don’t have a day job this is my day job and I’ve made this my day job and so I’m you know working from here and and this will be my living this channel will be my income generator be from multiple sources as we go down but the abuse and the subscriptions have to be much higher than this for me to make it make a goal but financially it’s a steaming beam is Zim still married I believe he is I think happily happily so I think I don’t think as children but if he is if he does are grown up I’m pretty sure uh you looking for a mate there uh being Tom Henry’s asking steaming beans Zim has a nice package that might that might finish me off ever having a chance to have mr. Zimmerman via guest on this show and that kind of comment right there he might be sitting there going I’m not going on that sure you could I got a handle that steamer died I don’t want anything to do that guy I don’t know I we’ll see we’ll see keep your day job a silo Steve Lavin Ola Blaine I think bean is looking to break a marriage I don’t know too many blame it on the rum that’s right blame it on the rum okay all right I got some news today on cruising and then we’re gonna do some trivia first piece of news first piece of news I have is a Puerto Rico Puerto Rico was announcing the other day how things are progressing at the port since the Hurricanes hit last year numbers are up for passenger arrivals they think they’re going to reach 1.7 to 1.9 million passengers next year they want to go higher than that they want to be the number one Caribbean port for cruise ships they are quite confident that they can deliver the services needed to allow ships to homeport there we’ll have to see how this works out the reason for their numbers being higher lately is because of the ships that are coming by are larger than before we’re talking about ships like

the Oasis of the Seas the MSC seaside Carnival horizon they’re now all visiting the island on a regular basis these ships have more ships more passengers than the ships they’ve replaced and so naturally every time a ship pulls in the town you’ve got 1,500 more 2,000 more passengers coming off the boat then the 1,800 2,000 passenger ships you used to have there of course are a lot of ships in smaller sizes visiting Puerto Rico biking home ports one of their ships in Puerto Rico so does I believe it’s a sea view one of the other high-end lines Carnival is there obviously we know that a Norwegian Royal Caribbean they’re all there and other other ships just come for day visits only and then leave rather than home porting out of Puerto Rico so Puerto Rico is quite excited quite happy there of course crossing the fingers that they won’t get visited by another hurricane in the near future and that they can continue to rebuild the rest of the island and that they can you know build up that business and solidify the infrastructure and move forward we’ll see how this goes from there Robert Brandt always blame it on a rummy says Tom Henry bartender cut me off like a cat saying I hope they can get more of the island fixed up also I with you their cat Robert Brad Tom Henry we don’t do that here Robert Brad Tom Henry that 1862 is potent stuff Robert Brad tried the Bacardi 151 but not near a flame that’s some more odd stuff there other news for you Norwegian Cruise Lines has announced today a new promotion sounds like the same promotions we’ve had before but they’re talking about they’re now adding the delete the Norwegian joy with Alaska cruises into these promotions which include a $25 deposit is Alric all that’s required to book a cruise with Norwegian on all practically their entire fleet you can get up to five free offers depending on the room you take the offers range from a free drink package including soft drinks and coffee to free shore excursions specialty dining packages are free or being offered free Wi-Fi is free and a third or fourth person can sale free or for just the port taxes port charges and taxes and tipping there’s all kinds of deals going on right now at Norwegian they’re looking for people to hurry hurry and book now but they’re talking about cruises right through the winter into next year and on that vein Royal Caribbean announced a couple days ago there they return of their Wow sail they’ve done this before it’s buy one get one at 50% off kids 12 and under sail free 25% off third and fourth guests if they’re adults up to a $200 cabin credit is available $100 credit if you book earlier rather than later all kinds of freebies being thrown around but here’s the reality on both of these the fine print is what you got to worry about okay it’s all in the fine print the Royal Caribbean deal to me I think it’s a it’s a it’s a no-brainer it doesn’t work you buy one cruise at full price and you get the second one and a half off I say screw that just go to vacation to go calm you’ll just see the sale price on cruises pick your cruise they’re way cheaper you’re getting them at 80% off 65% off for everybody why why pay full price and they only get 50% off the second person and adding a debt in a deal on unrack rate who pays rack rate I don’t pay rack rate I don’t know why you should either anyway the fine print with regard to the second if the third and fourth people the children in the case of Norwegian there’s all kinds of restrictions on on timing and and issues just either call them directly go to their own website or go to vacations to go and call the 800 number there and talk to the agent personally at vacations to go calm about the cruise you’re interested in they’ll set you straight I don’t get paid by vacations to go calm to tell you this I just like using their site I wouldn’t mind getting paid by those guys but anyway there’s some you know free advice for you and but there are this is just another indication to me about what’s happening in the cruise business we keep hearing I keep hearing with all the research I’m doing um I’ll see I’ll see a report coming out of Wall Street talking about estimated earnings for Cruise Lines going forward a few analysts are seeing a bit of concern but the cruise executives are it’s just all

peaches and cream it’s all oh honey boo boo it’s all beautiful we’re standing around the fire singing Kumbaya because the passengers just coming to us handing us all kinds of money and they’ll just buy anything it’s fantastic no problems here whatsoever price of oil not a problem now we it’s all good the fact we’re giving away all these freebies that’s no problem it’s all good no no no there’s issues there are issues certain cruise ships and certain locales are on a deep discount and your job is to figure which one it is and take advantage of that deal and that’s what I love doing and that’s why yesterday I told you about four cruises that were available at a really good deal great port stops fantastic cruise ships great staff great experience cheap price thank you very much anyway buyer beware okay are you ready for trivia I’m getting ready to do some trivia Michelle Lucas was saying she’s here she’s saying traveling in our big-ass RV right now through smokey Reno Nevada trivia answer for today Bakersfield were gone with Bakersfield Robert Brad smilin Tom Henry I was browsing new cruises surprised they didn’t have the pearl cruises from Amsterdam yet interesting a Scott Weber will NCL sail both the bliss and the joy in Alaska next year Scott Weber yes they will and they are and the then they’re sailing both ships out of Los Angeles in the fall and winter on for a little while and then the Bliss is heading to the Caribbean to Miami but the joy is working out of LA next fall and winter as well and there are no the itineraries are brand new for the joy they’re not replacing any other ship in LA they are being placed in LA next year and I’ll tell you right now cruise cruise travel agents across the States again around the world are being inundated I know I’m sure of it by Norwegian Cruise Line promotion staff going the joy is in LA the joy is in LA next fall here are the cruises to Mexico through the Panama Canal get your passengers on a brand new cruise ship first time ever offered and there may be some serious deals available on the joy because they’ve only got a year or so to book it up that’s a lot of people almost 5000 per cruise per week this is gonna be serious stuff of course Panama canal’s will be probably two weeks long but then Miami coming back they got a book I’m in Miami backwards to LA LA over to Miami keep your eyes open for true Norwegian joy cruise deals out of Miami starting winter 2019 next year keep your I will I’ll let you know whatever I find okay uh what do I got here Tom Henry Michele smoke from the California fires probably silo Steve Haven deposit is always fifteen hundred bucks just so you know for your information never was able to pay less yeah they’re not kidding with the DeHaven but they don’t have problems selling the Haven they don’t they don’t really have a problem selling the Hammond the problem is the inside rooms the ocean views and some of the balconies especially with five thousand passengers on a ship that’s a lot of rooms you got to move every week yes Scott Weber will RC CL Royal Caribbean ever returned to California they are returning to California I thought with the ship did I not do a story a few weeks ago about a ship that was going to be placed in California I’m gonna look at my notes I know I know the princess is the Royal Princess Royal I think was royal princess yeah roll forces will have to check about what to check into that Scott it’s only a matter of time I’m waiting to find out if quantum of the Seas where will it be placed eventually and also spectrum of the Seas is the spectrum of the season actually gonna go to China or are they gonna cancel it and move it somewhere else that would make a huge splash if they moved it to California huge cute but we’ll see I can’t roast I thought I saw a blurb about one of the cruise lines is going to do California coastal cruises princess with royal princess cruise ship Blaine don’t forget the thumbs up that’s right people give me thumbs up Robert Brandt calling the agents always seems to get you better deals that’s why I tell you I call the folks at vacations go calm talk to them see what they have to say call your local travel agent in your hometown see what they have to say check with the cruise line talk to them shop around it’s your money shop around yeah Debbie Manuel thumbs up scat rose I will have to look into its silo Steve it looks like from what I’ve seen from figuring out which trip to go on the joy is going to shadow the bliss all the way to the Caribbean that could well be sir could well be are we doing here 37 watching 21 thumbs ups thank you everybody this is great I thought what is the best 9 to 14 day cruise to go on when I’m going solo well Ethel the best deal you’re gonna get up to 14 days or maybe even a little longer than that repositioning cruise

that’s your best deal you can get on a ship from say Miami to London or Miami to Barcelona or this fall coming up you can fly to Europe one way Rome back to Fort Lauderdale or Miami or Venice all the way back to Fort Lauderdale I did a feature on a cruise ship couple days ago was a cost to cruise from Venice to Fort Lauderdale 20-something days might be too long for you but it was like 30 40 something bucks a night pay double that it’s 80 bucks a night you still getting a deal I’d look into repositioning cruises as an as an idea as an idea maybe something from you know Vancouver down to Los Angeles by way of Mexico or perhaps a Panama Canal repositioning cruise from San Diego Los Angeles San Francisco all the way to Florida one way repositioning there you might be able to good deal there might be able to get a good deal Tom Henry I saw a great tour in Punta Arenas Chile to the Torres del Paine National Park cost was twelve hundred and twenty-five dollars for an 11-hour tour anyone have any knowledge about this tour it sounds awesome it sounds like it’s out of my price range I can tell you that this is unbelievable in Chile wow that must be something really spectacular I would say Tom if you want to find out about that tour a little bit my guess would be lookup YouTube videos if you can find any you know just enter the enter the the Punta Arenas Chile you know National Park or the pion you know pine and that way I pronounce it National Park see see what pops up on YouTube maybe you’ll find someone who’s done this to her might be worth a look Robert Brent at traveling with Bruce I think the high end is selling fast the sweets etc so if you want to travel like that you can’t you can’t wait you’re right I agree we talk about hard economic times out there and the struggling middle class there are a lot of folks in the upper middle class and above there aren’t that many cruise opportunities for them as far as how many cabins there are the Haven on on the Bliss how many are there 250 300 rooms there aren’t a thousand so they go pretty quick the Bliss has what 1500 balcony cabins every week available 52 weeks a year whereas the Haven a fraction of that and that’s the same on other ships certain ships don’t have these kinds of amenities because they weren’t built when these kinds of cabins came out because the Haven is only so so old so many years old so for high-end cruisers or cruisers who want the higher end treatment that the choices aren’t as plentiful and so the competition is on cruise lines know that they’re not gonna discount the Haven if they don’t have to they’re gonna get top dollar yeah cooljazz my answer trivia Calgary that’s my answer to me Rob Sauter Bravo Bruce let people know where you can get a true deal Thank You ruff I do the best I can Blaine Tokyo that’s my answer Kat is something burning down is something burning down towards you 70 a lot of smoke in the area forest fires in the area somebody’s been closed far as I know Scott Weber west coast needs more piers right now unless you dock at the big industrial ports everything is standard I agree the west coast is sadly lacking in passenger friendly ports okay because apart from a handful you really are in an industrial like an LA you’re in a container area container shipping area it’s not pleasant but you know real estate on the coast it’s precious where do you put it how do you put it not easily done silo Steve yes Robert The Haven is sold out on a lot of cruises I have been looking at it’s amazing Galen Davidson hi Bruce smoky and hot in Summerlin hi kaeleen welcome back to my show you just were just in time for trivia row at the start trivia Tom Henry better start the tribute soon before I pass out from this rum the steamy beans still very costly to cruise solo and in July Reggie and her man Tom Henry think I need rum and coke right now hmm Tom Henry didn’t we give teacher a promo Tom Henry I have more Diet Mountain Dew but I don’t want to mix it laugh out loud cool jazz Bruce let’s do a meet-and-greet before the big cruise I can get you the SS Minnow for three hours at Robert Brent will supply the booze there won’t be a problem there they’ll be known for what could go wrong what what could possibly go wrong with that saddle I was looking at the new virgin ship you can just sign up for emails no price or schedule yet that’s true 2020 is the timing for that ship Richard Branson is building a ship three of them Robert Brandt cooljazz I’ll borrow the triumphant lady for a three-hour tour old man that would be pretty cool Robert just get a crew or

get a crew to run it I think it trumpet lady is loaded bar wise and belongs to a TV judge Tom Henry Reggie enter man come on over Tom Henry I volunteer for the Gilligan Robert Brad cool Jess how many years were they stuck on the island how many years that’s right unbelievable all right let’s play some trivia I have two questions for you today but we’re gonna have some fun here the first one is Hollywood I’ve got a Hollywood question the second one is a little different let’s see what we can do here the first question for you guys on trivia is this Billy Crystal movies tell me ever free movie Billy Crystal has been in or he’s done voices for Billy Crystal’s doing a lot of voice work as well let’s go studying 1978 right up to 2013 the last I haven’t seen these last five years or at least this survey only goes up to 2013 Billy Crystal movies what Billy Crystal movies have you done go back into your memory banks and think this out one guess per text know multiple guesses let’s see what you can do our Blaine is coming in with Monsters Inc yep Monsters Inc was in 2001 17 years ago Wow um Robert Brandt I know how to make rock Debbie Manuel When Harry Met Sally Reggie and her man When Harry Met Sally yes 1989 1989 how old do you feel people he made When Harry Met Sally 1989 unbelievable Robert Brandt a White Nights is his answer White Nights I’m looking for White Nights I see White Nights am I missing something uh I don’t have White Nights uh gayleen Davidson city-slickers yes he did city slickers 1991 he did city slickers uh Blaine analyzed that yes 2002 Robert Brett analyzed this yes 1999 blamed father’s day he did Father’s Day in 1997 he did Father’s Day 21 years ago oh my goodness Meet the Fockers cool jazz sand Meet the Fockers um he was in that movie absolutely right um but it’s not on this list but I’m giving you that you’re right he was in that movie as the father note was was was he the father was he really in that movie was he no he wasn’t in the Fockers no he wasn’t I don’t think so that was sorry that was that was yeah Barbra Streisand was mom and the dad was oh yeah from the Graduate you know who plays graduate hood see who played who was who was that actor that was the dad it wasn’t it wasn’t Billy Crystal I think that’s what we’re thinking about Hamlet Blaine is coming up with him at 1996 absolutely right Reggie nerman I bowled me to blame get Bruce no he wasn’t in get Bruce that I know cooljazz The Princess Bride yes he was in The Princess Bride 1987 31 years ago uh yes oh my goodness The Princess Bride also blamed city slickers to gayleen Davidson city slickers to 1994 yep running scared yes running scared he did that movie 1986 32 years ago Tooth Fairy is another one and then another one hear someone saying the movie with that that guy in that place that guy in that place tooth fairy I don’t see tooth fairy here don’t have that and that guy with that guy in the plane I’m not sure was going on there I only remember him from soap oh yes fantastic Robert De Niro was in was in the Fockers he was the father-in-law of the daughter I’m talking about the father for the husband Dustin Hoffman there we are thank you I see that lousy spelling but it’s good enough Robert right White Nights 1985 is a question mark White Nights I don’t I don’t have it here but I’m taking your word for it it sounds familiar to me too Robert Brandt a dot of cloth man yes a cat Rose he was in cars he was as a voice in cars 2006 correct

um Dustin Hoffman throw mama from the Train yeah cool jazz 1987 31 years ago throw momma from the train.the favorite line of that movie is you lied to me and he takes the pot pan and hits him in the head that was Danny DeVito hitting Billy Crystal in the head you lied to me monk I love that life HD waltz does not blame cars yes for get Paris School Jazz yes forget Paris 1995 I love that movie fantastic AJ Wolf’s dustman Hoffman father and Meet the Fockers that exactly blame 2007 when Harry Met Sally we haven’t Robert Brandt Oh throw momma from was mama from the Train was great it was cat Rose This Is Spinal Tap yes cat you got it this is spinal tap 1984 he was in that movie Robert Brent Oh throw my mom was great cat roses my life Tom Henry which character was he in cars I don’t know he was a voice I don’t know what character cool jazz get Bruce was in 1999 he must have been that movie too I’ll give you that one I just don’t have it here it could be starring roles that we’re talking about here I’m not sure who saw studios hey they’re trying to get Bruce can’t stay long but I had to drop in and say hi hi boos the studios in Montreal are you guys doing looking forward to working with you I work trying to put some together Blaine Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle yes he was in Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle in 2000 18 years ago cool jazz party central party central I I don’t know recall that one I don’t think Party Central uh was he a co-star I’m not sure I don’t see it let’s see here mama from throw mama was us so was so pretty mama from throw mom was so pretty yeah thanks Pamplemousse for that imagery cheers to one and all from traveling with Bruce how are you guys Blaine Blaine is thinking about a movie called the comedian um I know which one you’re thinking about but that’s not the name of it it was done in it was done in 1992 and I know which one you’re talking about Robert Brandt did he do something with Robin Williams since they were best friend yes they did do one since they were best friends called Father’s Day 1997 they both played individuals who thought they were the father of a young boy who would run away from home neither of them was the father and mayhem ensued for sure blame a 61 that was a television movie he did do 61 yes cool jazz memories of me memories of meet 1988 30 years ago correct mr. Saturday night cat you got it mr. Saturday night that was the one about the comedian he did that one where you’ve got almost all of them were very few left to go we have this is spinal tap running scared The Princess Bride throw mama from the Train memories of me when Harry Met Sally city-slickers mr Saturday night city slickers to forget parents Hamlet Father’s Day analyze this Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle Monsters Inc analyzed that and cars do you remember the movie with Julia Roberts you remember that movie let’s see here he’s starting the kidney start in the comedian with the Nero okay I will go with it cool jazz I’m going with you on it rabbit test Blaine is thinking a movie called rabbit test number one movie 1978 that was his first movie he did a movie movie with Julia Roberts I wonder if you guys remember that movie let’s see what other movies can I help you with that I might know of here not getting many more here here Robert s the last one we have gifts for he was with in that movie with her Catherine zeta-jones and Oh Rob Sarah I think you should get twb on your forehead I should get that tattooed there’s room there there’s a whole lot of room for sponsorship don’t you think I could get like a coca-cola logo or an NC L and an R CCL here and a Viking logo I mean I got room I mean it’s there you know I just walk around the house you know like that don’t know if that’d be all that attractive small apartments cooljazz Blaine American sweethearts American sweethearts he was in that movie thank you let’s see his number two movie was in 1980 and you guys are running out of guesses it was called animal animal Olympics I had no idea what that movie’s all about I’m giving you that one right off the get-go that covers everything up to now nineteen ninety seven ninety nine seventy two movies two words the second word was Harry what was the first word at 1998 he did a movie two words the first word was my what was the second

word let’s see here yes go all out breaking up is hard to do go all out and breaking up or start to do and neither of those are movies he started that I know of Howl’s Moving Castle yeah Howl’s Moving Castle where am i seeing that 2004 he did that Ruby Howl’s Moving Castle he did a movie in 2012 first word parental second word what would that be oh yeah deconstructing Harry Blaine says yep deconstructing Harry the other movie was something my giant there there’s the 1998 movie we got that one we’re almost done here in 2010 to three words I’m blank here what was that movie in 2013 he did another Monsters movie what was that one called and then we’re done something rentals something parental guidance there we go we just got that one I’m blank here and monsters another monsters movie those are the last two we need and we’re all done with with our friend Billy Crystal excuse me wait for a couple of kisses come I’m still here Robert Brad sing yeah it’s the rum says kate says Kat it’s the rough it’s the rum says Tom Henry excuse me Blaine Tom monsters University same with CAD rose monsters University thanks you guys both got it gotcha that’s the it for Billy Crystal we are done Something About Mary no yes it was it I don’t okay I got one more quiz and this is a good one this trivia question is a good one it’s a geography kind of traveling that’s really a geography question you know all these cities you know them all there’s nothing exotic here but you gotta tell me you gotta tell me I mean I gotta know one two three four five I have a hundred and twenty-five answers that’s the bad news the good news is when you give me an answer it could be good for five of those answers so once I get 10 15 20 answers in this quiz will be almost done okay I want you to tell me the four the years 1940 1960-1980 the year 2000 and the year 2017 I want you to tell me the top 25 metropolitan population cities in the United States of America what are the top 25 largest cities by metropolitan area from 1940 1960-1980 2000 and 2017 all right yet going let’s see what we got here um Gregory power haha he wasn’t in Something About Mary my mind isn’t what it used to be no he wasn’t in that one at all no monsters universe there’s my last guest Tom Henry Tokyo sorry Blaine Bakersfield sorry Robert Brent he’s thinking New York as his first guest and if all of you guessed New York you’re all correct New York was the largest city in 1940 11.6 million people in 1940 this is the metropolitan area of Greater area of New York in 1960 14 point 1 million in 1980 14.6 million in 2000 New York an area 18.2 million and in 2017 20 point 3 million now this tells me it includes Newark all of Long Island huge area Staten Island you name it okay number one is New York all right Robert Brad Paris can’t help you Gregory power laughing out loud Robert Brandt Rome no huzzah Studios New York we just did Nova Scotia sorry can’t help you Tom as New York City Robert Brandt has Los Angeles so does Debbie Manuel Los Angeles in 1940 Los Angeles was the fourth largest area metropolitan in 99 States 1940 it was number four at 2.9 million people in 1960 LA was number three at six point seven million in 1980 it was number two at nine point four million in ninth in 2000 it was number two at twelve point three and in 2017 it’s number two at thirteen point three million people population la Tom Henry Atlanta Georgia what about Atlanta Bruce where does it come into 1940 Atlanta had five hundred eighteen thousand people it was the 21st largest metropolitan area in the USA in 1960 it was 22nd at just over a million people in 1980 Atlanta moved up to number 15 20th largest in the United States now in 2000 Atlanta reached 12th with 4.1 million people and Atlanta in

2017 was in ninth place 5.8 million way up from 21st 22nd place in the 40s and 60s up to the top 10 Wow Atlanta is moving up Robert Brent Chicago Tom Henry Chicago cooljazz Chicago yes Chicago in 1940 was number two four point eight million people in Chicago in 1940 in 1960 Chicago was number two at six point seven million 1980 Chicago fell to number three at seven point seven million in the in 2000 still in third at nine million and in 2017 still in third place nine and a half million LA past Chicago for number two Rob Sauter New York we have it Robert Brent Atlanta we have it Blaine Los Angeles we have a Debbie Emanuel Dallas Texas Dallas Texas was not in the top 25 in 1940 Dallas Texas was number 18 in 1960 with a million population Dallas Texas in 1980 after 1960 1980 Dallas came in at came in at where is Dallas I’m looking I’m looking party mwah yes Dallas number eight in 1980 at 2.9 million in the year 2000 Dallas moved into number five at 5.1 million and in 2017 Dallas as number four seven point four million the fourth largest city nineteen forty wasn’t on the top 25 air conditioning Miami by Blaine Blaine is guessing Miami in Florida nineteen forty not on the list in 1960 Miami was twenty third nine hundred thirty five thousand people can you imagine Miami with only nine hundred thirty-five thousand people in 1980 Miami was 18th at one point six million in 2000 Miami was where is Miami in sixth place with five million people today 2017 it’s in seventh place 6.1 million a top-ten city for population cooljazz Detroit Michigan 1940 Detroit was number five two point three million just behind Los Angeles 1960 Detroit was still number five 3.7 million 1980 Detroit was still number five at 4.3 million in the year 2000 Detroit dropped to number nine at 4.4 million he only gained a hundred thousand people in 20 years and in 2017 Detroit comes in at number fourteen at four point three million dropped the hundred thousand in the last 17 years they’re only in 14th place used to be a top four top five city in the United States Keith Hensley Houston Texas Bruce what about Houston Texas nineteen forty Houston was 20th at five hundred twenty eight thousand people in nineteen sixty Houston moved up to number fifteen at one point two million in nineteen eighty Houston went to where where did Houston go Houston Houston went up to number nine two point nine million in 2002 Stan got to number eight at four point seven million and in 2017 Houston is number five six point nine million people Chicago we’ve got can’t give me more than one guess Philadelphia from Tom Henry Thomas Henry Philadelphia was number three in nineteen forty with 3.2 million people just behind Chicago just ahead of LA 1960 Philly came in at number four at four point three million we had New York Chicago LA Philly Detroit in 1960 Philly was number four 1980 Philly was still in fourth place four point seven million he only gave 400,000 people by the year 2000 Philadelphia was hanging on in fourth place five point six million and in 2017 Philadelphia is now in eighth place 6.1 million people Billy is dropping Dallas we have Los Angeles we have Dallas we have tell us we have Atlanta we have Chicago we have Boston Reggie and her man Boston Massachusetts 1940 Boston was number six 2.1 million in 1960 Boston was number seven at 2.5 million by 1980 Boston was number ten at 2.7 million number ten in 2000 at 4.4 million and number ten in 2017 4.8 million still a top 10 city Philly we have New York we have New York City we have Detroit we have Virginia Beach didn’t count San Francisco in 1940 San Francisco was eight at one point four million San Francisco in 1960 moved up to sixth at 2.7 million in 1980 hung on in number six at 3.2 million in ninth in 2000 San

Francisco drops a number eleven at 4.1 million and San Francisco right now is in 12th place 4.7 million it’s kind of topped out right on a land run out of land Miami we’ve got San Francisco we have Las Vegas is not in the top 25 according to 2017 for a metropolitan area it’s getting close but it’s not there yet Blaine Pittsburgh Pennsylvania yes this is an interesting story Pittsburgh was number seven in 1942 million people in 1960 it was number eight at 2.4 million by 1980 Pittsburgh was 12th at 2.2 million stood lost 200,000 people by 2000 hits bird was 20th at 2.4 million people and in 2017 Pittsburgh Pittsburgh I’m looking I’m looking Pittsburgh is off the top 25 the last time was in top 25 was in 2000 at 20th place Pittsburgh is no longer in the top 25 how about that uh Steel City San Diego Debbie Manuel San Diego San Diego in California entered the top 25 in 1960 with a million people it wasn’t on the list of 1940 by 1980 San Diego moved up to 17th place with 18 1.8 million hung on to 18th place a sorry 17th place in 2000 2.8 million and is still in 17th place at 3.3 million San Diego hanging right in there DC did the district of Washington was 12th in 1940 at 960 8,000 people Washington in 1960 Washington’s in 1960 moved up to number 10 with two million people moved up to number seven in 1980 with three million people hung around at number seven in two thousand four point eight million people and Washington today or in 2017 is now number six at six point two million the swamp is alive and well and there’s a lot of people living in the swamp in Washington how about that Los Angeles we’ve done st Louis Blaine is guessing st. Louis in nineteen forty st. Louis’s ninth place 1.4 million people 1960 still a ninth place with two million people in 1980 st. Louis went down to 11th at 2.3 million then in 92 thousand st. Louis was 18th a 2.7 million and in 2017 st Louis came in a 21st of 2.8 million st Louis’s dropping off aa Cleveland from Blaine another good one Cleveland in 1940 was tenth at one point two million people 11th in 1960 at one point eight million people Cleveland in 1980 was 16th in 2000 Cleveland was 23rd and in 2017 Cleveland off the top 25 no longer there Buffalo from Blaine in 1940 Buffalo was 13th largest with 958 thousand Buffalo was 14th largest in 1960 1.3 million Buffalo was was it even on the list into the 1980 in 1980 Buffalo was off the list and has not been back I do not believe nope Buffalo dropped out after 1960 as is gone Robert Brandt Phoenix Arizona Phoenix Arizona entered the list in 1980 with one and a half million people in 2000 Phoenix was four tene at 3.2 million and in 2017 Phoenix showing at number eleven at four point seven million people climbing the list Washington we have Boston we have Baltimore Blaine Baltimore at one time in 1940 it was the 11th largest city United States 1 million people in 1960 Baltimore dropped the 12th of 1.7 1980 it dropped the 13th with 2.1 million in 2000 Baltimore dropped to 19th place at two and a half million Baltimore in 2017 is in 20th place 2.8 million people ran out of room Chicago we’ve done Orlando Rob Sauter is looking at Orlando Orlando entered the list in 2017 with two and a half million people prior to that Orlando has never been in the list fantastic did Walt Disney World Universal unbelievable Columbus Ohio no never in the list that I can recall no Columbus has not been in the list Tampa

Tampa Florida I think has been a late entry yes Tampa came in in 1980 with 1.6 million in 21st place in 19 mm of still in 21st place 2.4 million it’s now in 18th place three million Tampa’s growing Miami we’ve got Detroit we did Milwaukee Milwaukee Wisconsin in 1940 16th largest cities 767 thousand people 1960 still the 16th largest 1.2 million in 1980 Milwaukee was the 25th largest city in the United States at 1.4 million and in 2000 Milwaukee was gone off the list 2017 not still not on the list it’s off the top 25 Cincinnati Ohio WKRP in Cincinnati 15th largest city in 1947 hundred eighty seven thousand people in 1960 Cincinnati was 19th largest with a million 1980 Cincinnati was 24th at one point four nine in 2000 Cincinnati was 24th at two million 2017 Cincinnati’s off the list of the top 25 no longer the top 25 blaine seattle seattle washington let me look for seattle in 1940 Seattle was 22nd overall 505,000 1960 Seattle moved up to 17th place at one point 1 million in 1980 Seattle dropped a little to 20th at 1.6 million but in 2000 see at amove dup to 15th place with 3 million people and that’s where it is 15th place in 2017 or 3.8 million people the next city it’ll catch will be Detroit ah Houston we’ve done Mississippi can’t help you there New Orleans New Orleans was in the top 25 in 1940 was the 19th largest city 550 mm there was a time New Orleans was a top-10 city in years prior to 1940 1960 New Orleans was 25th at eight hundred sixty eight thousand 1980 New Orleans is not on the list mm not on the list and today New Orleans not on the list not in the top 25 Robert Brandt Portland Portland Oregon came into the list in 2000 with 1.9 million 2017 is still number 25 where it was a ninth in 2000 it’s the 25th largest city 2.4 million in 2000 Portland is just hanging on by a thread to get into the top 25 it’s a growing city it’s growing along with others Kansas City Blaine is thinking about Kansas City yeah number 17 in 1946 on 86,000 and 1960 Kansas City was 20th with a million in 1980 Kansas City did not break the top 25 in 2000 Kansas City still not in the top 25 and in 2017 hasn’t bounced back still off the top Boston we did Phoenix we did San Diego we did Pittsburgh we did Reno didn’t count denver denver colorado denver denver denver looking for denver here Denver entered the list in 1980 with 1.6 million people in in 2000 Denver was on the 22nd spot at 2.1 million and in 2017 Denver was 19 at 2.8 million ah Tampa we’ve done I believe Tampa has been done if I am not mistaken yes we did Tampa Seattle we did Austin Texas not yet on the list but getting there not yet Seattle we did Honolulu not in the top 25 Houston we did Charlotte North Carolina entered the list in 2017 at twenty-one two and a half million people Charlotte was not in the top 25 before 2017 Minneapolis Minneapolis st Paul 14th largest city in 1949 41,000 people many a step while Minneapolis st Paul 13th largest 1960 is 1.4 million 13th largest in nineteen eighty two point 1 million uh 16th largest in that in 2000 with 3 million and still 16th largest city United States 3.6 million right behind Seattle that is Minneapolis Sacramento California not on the list four largest cities st. Louis Missouri we’ve done San Francisco we’ve done New Orleans we’ve done Indianapolis Indianapolis is not on the list for long top 25 cities Providence Rhode Island Providence Rhode Island in 1940 was 18th

largest a 677 thousand and in 1960 Providence Rhode Island not on the list any longer it was falling off Baltimore we’ve done Washington we’ve done Baltimore we’ve done Anchorage nope reg Enderman by all AJ Boston we got we’ve done it San Antonio I just entered the list in 2017 20th spot first time ever just got in San Jose California San Jose let me see San Jose does not register anywhere in the top 25 we’re just about done folks let me finish the last list off El Paso Texas is not in the top 25 nope Silvia Hybris was having technical difficulties with texting have been listening and gave a thumbs-up Thank You Silvia so much and have a great weekend if I don’t talk to anymore AJ Walsh Fort Lauderdale Florida nope that’s part of Miami in this survey Anthony does gaming my ear hurts what’s the question largest metropolitan cities the United States top 25 largest metropolitan cities for the years 1940 1960 1980-2000 2013 Louisville Kentucky nope did not was not ever on the list since he fans got tired of the Bengals losing so he left town Blaine says that’s right that’s what happened Rob Sauter Jacksonville Florida didn’t show in the top 25 I’m wondering why it’s not even in 2017 to me I think it should be in there Gregory had Miami we’ve done already Denver we did laughing out loud so Lee is loving it Noreen’s lost all the residents after Katrina that’s right Amy Indianapolis we’ve done it steamy beam what is the question I just said it AJ Walt’s Charlotte North Carolina we just did Charlotte San Antonio Texas we just did it San Juan nope that’s it’s close but not quite um action matter of fact it should be in that list I think it’s 3 million no that’s the island sorry Memphis no Miami no we didn’t already steamy beam just throw it a city I don’t know it Memphis we did Oakland Oakland did not ever show as a top 25 city in the United States I’m looking for a city in the West in the Midwest wait a minute I’m sorry I have to take that back we already did the city in let me just double check sorry folks I got so many names here I got a double triple quadruple check this list yes got that one already I’m not looking I’m looking for a city on the west coast just south of Seattle big city south of Seattle Albuquerque is another guest no New York we already did Cleveland we did Cleveland already blame Newark that’s part of metropolitan New York looking for a city that is on the west coast the United States just south of Seattle I’m looking for a city the capital of New York State and another city in New York State um let’s see if we have any more left to go here I’m looking for a city in California that we would think as a suburb of LA but actually is not its own it’s its own city with its own metropolitan area but on a big map you just say oh that’s part of Los Angeles I think should be counted which would make LA solidly number two way BA bigger than it is here comes some guesses a Portland Oregon thank you everybody yes Portland Oregon was number 23 in 1940 with five hundred and one thousand people Portland did not register in nineteen sixty did not register in nineteen eighty it did register in two thousand and did register in Oh seventeen if someone already guessed Portland I apologize I may have already done it I just missed it Albany is another one that was a top-25 City number 25 in 1940 after that Albania never showed its face again almani Albany Albany San Francisco we’ve done Buffalo we’ve done autumn on Hamilton game starts in half an hour go go go I had Buffalo so that’s not it Robert Brandt said Portland way back thank you Robert I did get you on those newer years Albany and whom okay I’m giving it up here the other city is Youngstown New York only in 1948 ranked as the number 24 City and that finished that list I’m just looking at 1980 and 2000 the 1980 Riverside California came into play for the first time with one and a half million people in 2000 Riverside came in at 13th place and in 2017 Riverside is still in 13th place at 4.5 million just behind San Francisco I believe Riverside should be part of metropolitan Los Angeles and if you’ve added 4.5 million from Riverside to LA you would give LA 17 point 8 million number 2 behind New York at 20 point 3 million but definitely way ahead of Chicago at 9.5 but that’s just me being me and that’s that that’s the that’s the quiz you guys did really well this trivia question you guys nailed it a number of them were on all five or four of the five or three of the five but

it’s fascinating to me to see how Detroit went from number five all the way down to number 14 how a Pittsburgh went from number 7 in 1940 all the way down to basically be off the list Simon himself 25 anymore st. Louis dropped dramatically Baltimore dropped Buffalo gone Cincinnati off the list it’s really fast thing how things have shifted southern cities have come in cities that were uninhabitable in 1940 no air conditioning are now big cities across the USA anyway there you go how about that that is my that’s my show for the day we’ve done our trivia we’ve done our little cruise news let’s see here aunt Ida’s gaming Eartha be the best if you had to choose one island that you’ve visited on the cruise to live on for the rest of your life what would it be well I lived on the Cayman Islands enjoyed that st. Thomas sounds pretty good from Robert Brett’s telling me I as a saint st. Martin I’m not so sure about it might be okay but those are a couple of guesses from here but I haven’t seen them all so I’ll have to see more cool jazz Detroit lost after the car crisis Robert Brandt Anthony does gaming st. Thomas US Virgin Islands there you go thanks everybody for joining me today thanks for the thumbs ups how many I got 29 thumbs ups today thank you for that thanks for visiting my other channels or my other videos check out my my video with the other seven youtubers I did on Wednesday we’re all addicted to cruising thank you very much for that I’m getting ready to post this show on to the internet onto Google onto YouTube and then I’m going to get in the car with Jennifer we’re heading to Calgary today and I will be in Calgary all next week I will be on the air Monday from Calgary at the usual time and I look forward to seeing you guys there and I hope you have a good weekend in the meantime thank you for all your support of my channel thanks for picking up this stuff thanks for for straight-out donations on on the paypal thank you for that thank you for going to my affiliate link on Amazon down below and also thanks for watching the ads anyway this is Bruce with chopping the Bruce saying thanks everybody for joining me today this was my saturday show for July the 28th pretty good day today hope you’re having a great one yourselves I’ll see you all on Monday from Calgary Alberta you take care everybody we’ll talk to you real soon bye for now