2014 Scholar Wayne Dredge "Innovating, Adapting & Mitigating Risk in Fisheries"

I think you’re on thank you everybody else thank you online reg two thousand four days I feel to scholar and my study topic is evolved somewhat open up hills going from being comparing called fishing methods and actually looking at aquaculture offices and so looking at aquaculture opportunities in sub-saharan Africa before that straight fisherman and wound up landing and innovating and adapting really going business risk in commercial fisheries and so on that note I really like to thank frd sea fisheries research development corporation for the only are they see whether we have lived in Australia down fisheries I do a great job in particularly giant roscoe who’s been a fantastic source of contacts to help the whole way through my scholarship and low voice Australia given me a great insight into what Australian consumers demand receive through and both are dealing with nothing Australia I would like to thank for giving a simple fisherman a scholarship my personal repairable my personal business is that petal up there I spend around six months and year out on that primary target species a solid rock lobster and gummy sharp it’s important to note that both rock lobster and gummy shark and most Australian fisheries output control you have two ways of managing fisheries one is a bad way so what if I have output controls so quite a pseudo-scientific stock assessment of how much of stock is in the water ass like counting thousand Kelvin paddock harvested 50 a year for the following year a thousand ago at basic science input control fisheries limit the amount of effort going for the Fisher each they learned the amount of votes or the amount of fishing gear is the harvest able to build some I’ve active in 34 fisheries the common world’s the Victorian that’s has maintenance and now despite their license for each of those i cant brighten i’m sorry i can’t up around in their civil taneously do 15 imagine our ages we have australia toilet hole in the state’s the background my topic is the shark fishery in southern Australia so in South Australia and the rest of South Australia’s gill nets to target sharp they’re very effective method if you’re small fish swim through so the small sharks go straight through the mesh by using selective solid nash you leave your recruitment stop in the water you harvest a particular size range of fish and the larger fish actually bounced off the edge they don’t get caught up so you’re leaving your large breeding biomass in the water as well in South Australia this method was unfortunately interacting with Australian sea lions which recruitment ancient species and dolphins and as a result we had one hundred twenty-nine thousand square kilometers of productive fishing grounds close to a fishery that’s about seven percent and we now know from studies done through marine protection areas when you take away seventy percent available fishing means you lose seventy percent your production whether the original item on the field is worst writer there were quite different fishing methods to a beanie as elsewhere in the world so the order that we could actually go back in the least efficient grants using other methods that work only indirectly marine mammals and continue to viable businesses in the geography sure I really had to look towards hawks and hawks about the American captain with and part of my approach to my study was to go from the most basic artisanal fisheries around the world to some of the most technologically advanced ones globally to try to identify someone some key some key thing of innovation that I would to provide between two and come up with a solution so I travelled quite extensively and they say enough for scholarship is like receiving a golden key and I went from a mountain that was leading fishery scientists and researchers business people to spending time on boats in Chile that didn’t have GPS or anything there was a really extraordinary experience so the exactly options in efficient technologies around the world manual online and the trouble with manual online is labor intensive I’ll see if I can decrease and get appointed to work that’s a menu online that’s a main line each of these erous nose with a hook coming up each of them and these are a manual online affixed by clips like so and each book has to be baited by hand that’s a vessel over now in british columbia and the launch shirts off the back anyclip blazer not sorry clip those on individually as it goes off labor intensity is a problem australia very expensive function to do business in it has a higher input in gill nets all hope those fisheries around the world are quite surrounded at 1000 kilograms of baits the i will produce one the grams of volleyball edible fish hooks so you’re actually pretty a lot more input into the fisheries and simplicity of net and whiting Fisher’s remains working there’s increased la jeunesse issues because as you clip these hooks on there’s not uncommon for decades getting to run through the hand worst-case scenario is that happens like I other side it’s a decreased catch in comparison to governments and one of the other major issues is an increase the

incidence of seabird directions as the boats go into the water sea birds fly down created by and get drowned and it’s actually a major issue in some areas of the world so we had to be careful that we didn’t trade off one social license issue of marine mammals from the social license issue assemblers option to was all about okay we broke by the video kazoo sounds apparently total lieutenant of it okay option two is automating so an award enabling on the left there you’ll see a magazine full of books moves and that rope there represents a distance between them which is about 1.5 meters that runs through the back of a boat to avoid your machine I think maybe I just yeah sorry now cuz i’m going to noise but it runs through a baby machine voting machine cuts the bait the hook comes up to it was presented at shoot straight up the back all-bacon reso takes out a library intensity oven some of the problems with it is the economic viability although in the shark industry was very questionable because shark or wildly dispersed and this system was created in norway originally to target aggregator schools of fish won’t liam lure significant capital the cost to establish you’re looking at three hundred thousand dollars for one of these on both the motto and over 700,000 here conflict with other fishing of secretarial zones all fish like to eat as a result they all go eat the bait on the hook and you might want to catching a particular species that are not licensed for so we have an issue in Australia we have come range boats and state names boats the statement both McCune Walton a broken bc a solid lifestyle in the water fishing the same grounds one star grant snapper and discarding a sharp oversight the other is totally shot and discuss our oversight it’s a major issue we’ve got Australia the moment there are some people working on that it’s going to become socialized petitioner industry in the future and the fixed hooks facing one the hard leaders isn’t viable in sharp because you have to stay too many hooks over to shorter area and 40 grams per they have a dollar a debate the cost really develop so I spoke with some of the world’s leading developers an automated hook technology tisca Journal said in Norway and we can actually develop a system the tiger shark we can solve the order value problem we can have a different system uses an auto day without fixable spacings we can a bet with various new blends and the ability to variable spacings when you can have a longer snoozy that the shorter ones that you saw there the shark I’m actually pick the date up and they move off with it as I move off with is when i swallow they don’t bite and what an ordinary fish she have a much higher catch rate by be out of her longest mood Hulk space is important because you want to spread your gear at maybe 50 nautical miles when you’re first bone in the fish if you find a forward not even more productive area you can bring those same three thousand expect in a smaller area its operational by maximum of two people in this system actually has been developed at the moment swivel integration of the snow that’s an interesting one the artisanal fishermen in the southern Chile were putting any swivel into the top of their hook another screw up the top a person under student and as a result they increase it catches wife 75% the extraordinary was as the fish come up they’re not spitting they’re not believe my Australian smooth it’s not breaking off some of the Norwegian fish and what role in the same thing so the major major thing has really great for an output control fisheries catch ten-ton a year but you can catch that 10 ton of I’ve spent 25 days let’s see that’s smart business and increase catch be in an effort which I just covered so looking at the other outcomes we have to achieve with mitigating billion directions on the left is most at see blood saver it’s a laser that comes off the back of the boat and the laser hits the order with an acoustic sound noise coming out right where the dates are going in and as if they hits the water the weight of the main line drags are down the birds come in to hit the and get you the laser and they panic and foil and you can see there the number of trial embers during a control test and a number of birds the laser mitigated so that was a great measure in Hague actually made a bird interactions and so is this one this was also the artisanal Chile fisherman and they’ve sold in Tamil by the albatross populations on the Antarctic Peninsula in their industrial scale fisheries because there was one fisherman Chile that was determined the birds were stopped stealing his bait and they put an observer a boat for 27 million hook sets over a three-year period and he had one birdie direction and only had to do was put away on the bottom of each noon and his dead he had four walks running off it and the weight took the bait down so good

couldn’t go and interestingly the higher aggregation of bays over a smaller area increases catch rate as well so it was a win-win for all them and size selectivity unmentionable forward film and small fish go through a big fish bounce off problem with hooks in you can’t necessarily mitigating catching big fish you can with small fish use a bigger book big fish were a bit differently or they’ll release the larger ones this is the next generation of technology and this is the biodegradable plastic and it is so sharp and come up in your open blood tested and stupidly we can have these manufactured to biodegrade over anytime from any environment the world so it also solves a problem with what is known as goes fishing we lose fishing equipment as a result of that verse where the conditions are tied if this gets carried away and fish grab ahold of it you know it in 14 days it’s going to grow from the other coming really amazing technology something else I saw in Belgium was it’s electric ventral so you probably equivalent this is an O’Toole version you could say I’ve recently a year as opposed to a conventional troll that has a theme and then large heavy chains dig into the sea floor to stir up soul or prawns or buggers and creatures like that that’s a very light bottom line and these streamers send an electrical pulse it stuns the fish momentarily dead lifts off the bottom and then the fish just go straight through the streams and through the back of the net and the result of it was they have less definite disturbance by fifty percent so fifty percent less volatile organisms I’ve been disturbed they have the fuel consumption because of what the time grounds are less carbon emissions and high profit schools they increase their catches my fifteen twenty percent it’s proven to be selected by adjusting the mesh size Rob behind when the stragglers are small fish go straight to run swim off let’s buy catch you can see there starfish since about the the other baggage there previously that pound ravine full of motive of crowds of all sorts of stuff and higher catch quality resulting in higher market prices the fish are knocked around bobbing and the same natural and pure atomic revel so having certain there’s great innovations in the technologies around the world it was really extraordinary to start with the Australian legislation and realizing that we can use any of these orange we do we’re going to create another much larger problem because if we bring this fishing technology in here without consolidate our license and jurisdictional structures here in Australia you’re going to forget it probably enough to be a conflict so we’re stuck in this point we want to actually improve our bar rental impact make a fisheries water started will by evading that we had a regulatory environment and prohibits it so I spent a lot of time look at the way fishery management works around the world I’ll spend some time in the EU I was fortunate enough to get to know that lady on the left in the head of the largest industry association in the EU Katherine stack that Europe Asia she took me through Brussels and through the entire political process of Hawaii fisheries and managed it’s a basket catch you have a 27 in different countries trying to share resources you have a very top-down regulatory structure so when an issue comes up of socializing tissue comes up a new regulation comes in imposed by somebody from the absolute top of the fisheries hierarchy in Brussels and employs down through the fishery there’s no accountability they discard that I have to account what they discard the problem with that is that doesn’t learn the stock assessment models so you don’t know where you’re stopping paddocks actually out politics histories policies decided by politics the year not by science it’s becoming more problems Australia as well poor monitoring breathable enforcement and I have few output controls and the result is Fisher supermen regulation that’s a net down there when you make a polyethylene net it goes through an ant factory it’s actually steamed and as they steam that’s wine it gives it rigidity okay it’s a standard practice this net factory this is the title in the control were all the fish pond up and fish smaller fish can usually go through the request from the efficient company was it was stained three times it one’s a lot in milk crates the measures character because these regulations of them impose on industry with no consultation and was proven negative their businesses they circumvented the regulations let the public trust leads to a lack of social or loss of social license and I like the business flexibility that’s Mick Jagger’s daughter there was a huge campaign during the revised Common Fisheries Policy males in the EU and these billboards are all around the place celebrities driving themselves naked with fish because they were concerned about the state of the area’s fisheries they have no social licence left remain in the EU and sorry get near you and the fisheries British Columbia by contrast is an extraordinary place to look at the

way fisheries are managed the international pacific halibut commission exists in seattle and they actually manages the pacific halibut stock between the US and canada considering australia carbonaceous talks between the states and the Commonwealth we have a lot to learn from them here and the way they did it was individual accountability so if official was caught doing the wrong thing a regulation wasn’t bored in against the industry you can ability came down to the individual the only way to know how to do that is through and monitoring and monitoring every mode is that a lot an element so everybody’s fitted without an electronic camera or an envoy observer it’s at acosta industry but the cost of not having it would’ve been significantly greater is the EU are saying transfer of bolivia fishing rights that gives your industry of capital value which is extraordinarily important without it we can’t get young recruitment into the industry and removal competition the output controls they have in their entire fishing sectors trapline hook and trawl get together the sale every year and they allocate between them between industry who gets how much an allocation original owner a worked extraordinarily world and therefore fishermen once they’re on the water are completely one number if they have a stock that is a true story building strategy they warn the others about it and they stay away from they lays seventy percent of their stocks in the water up there on the roof building strategies extraordinary what that’s allowed is for freedom of industry innovate they can adapt to change like to inject super two different circumstances trust for 20 fishing sectors and different fishermen fishermen don’t trust each other I don’t tell my best mate little catching public accountability when you have a camera on board your boat watching what you’re doing and an NGO can make any claim they want you can prove them wrong every single time because the claims are making more and more imaginative every single day and fishermen and management collaborating a lot more with in managing fish stocks that’s a great hole for co-management the rest of the world should be adopting so in Australia recommendations in how we’ve actually started using laws of some of these technologies that I’ve seen around the world we need to sort out a jurisdictional resolutions state and Commonwealth you can do that by consolidating licenses between state and Commonwealth and crossover species accountability and monitoring the sailors in British Columbia removal of input controls if I’m going to catch 15 tons of rock lobster a year which is what I catch why is it that ocean ave allowed to use 15 trucks to catch up if using a teacher of something mate as I’ve been spent 25 days less a year at see that a business model as a result and individual responsibility so industry is not held account for the actions of individual and that will allow business flexibility and the ability to diversify this is a great quote from Katherine stack as a huge disparities with a level of support provided the agricultural fishery sectors and what is important now the government’s recognize this and why that’s so important is Australian fisheries are suffering from a significant loss of capacity with our fisheries a high-value state-based fisheries like rock lobster Avalonian surgeon are going brilliantly they’ve got a great economic value they’re doing fantastic well we have a world-class product that isn’t a hardy man the shark scepter operations on releasing the scar fish and shark fishing sector this SF is a forty five percenters production capacity we are under harvesting by fifty five percent of our bottle of stocks the last time there was a neutral or built in that sector was in 1997 that significant because around 47 team so that the messy seafood a lot of it from South Ozone their production is no letter to people within 25 years their domestic consumption with their emerging middle class is going to outpace their existing consumption sorry what our page there on the easiest in production so how is the country like this Drive has become relying on imports going to be out I going to be able to mostly different population locally capture fisheries actually provide a more anime protein debate online environment versus of giving a food source in the world most Australians I’ve realized that our seafood culture is thrown on a frontal bone and we have a world-class products I’ll set Australian barramundi in Hong Kong 100 others in kilo skinless boneless Phillips so the rock lobster commander highest price at a velocity in the world there’s a lot of markets out there that one more of a product and we actually do have you lived with them or sustainably and we’re the best in the world even I’ve seen as great technologies else well i thought i was going to know how to season it may be pleased amazing fisherman amazing management structures and how well they match the some of the world’s fish stocks are concerned bears what it really makes out but having to send everything I have on now truly our slip away Australia Fishman of the most are most adaptive innovative environmentally conscious fishermen they were in the world and we have some of their managers there are the most passionate about sustainable fisheries

of anywhere in the world and where we’re getting wrong as made in the middle somewhere and this more cohesion on that ground his Australian fisheries a part of the global food solution and my powder bottle to the problem thank you