NEW Buffbunny Collection August Release Review! | Is it Worth the Money?!

– Hey guys, and welcome back to my channel Today I’m reviewing a bunch of items from the upcoming BuffBunny launch Everything is launching on August 31st I will put all of the times up here if you’re interested So if you don’t follow me on Instagram, you’re probably like Kathryn, this hasn’t even launched yet, how do you already have this stuff? So last time I made a BuffBunny review everything was purchased with my own money, totally unaffiliated with BuffBunny or anything I was just a girl buying some leggings And then Heidi, who created Buff Bunny, reached out to me on Instagram and said that she liked my honest review, and wanted me to do one for the upcoming launch And I said yes because I figured it was more helpful to review something before the actual launch so that you’ll have all the information you need before the launch happens so you can get on it and make sure you don’t miss anything I’m still, of course, going to be giving my honest feedback on everything, mostly because I want you guys to know what’s actually worth the money because this isn’t like my typical affordable brand, so you do have to be a little bit selective with your pieces I know you’re not gonna get like 10 items Also, if you want to support me and my relationship with BuffBunny, you can use the code KATHRYN And it does support me a little bit It doesn’t cost you anymore It’s also not a discount code so I’ll never know if you use it or not, but it would help me out And I am starting dental school next week so I am deep into some loans people So before we get into the items, I just wanted to talk about is BuffBunny collection worth the price? So at this point I have tried a bunch of stuff from BuffBunny, and I really have not had any issues with any quality problems So the price range for BuffBunny items is kind of in the mid to high price range It’s not Lululemon, but it’s also not like Amazon But I have to say I have had quality issues with many other high-end brands I don’t need to name them, but you can check out some of my recent reviews There are a lot of loose strings and just things in general And I’ve heard a lot of things about Gymshark ripping and stuff And I have not had any of these problems with BuffBunny at all I’ve never had any loose strings, rips or tears, and somehow they literally managed to make white leggings squat proof I’ve had two pairs of white leggings from BuffBunny and they were both squat proof I tried to expose them on my last video for not being squat proof because they were white leggings, and I couldn’t do it They’re actually, actually squat proof So I think that BuffBunny collection really does have good quality items for their price And I also think it’s worth mentioning that they actually are innovating and have new designs coming out and a lot of new designs And unique designs like the Rose I believe they were the first to come out with the marble, or at least a high quality marble legging And now they’re making active wear materials in regular clothes Like the GirlBoss skirts that I’m gonna review today And I reviewed their every day dress last time Like no one else is doing this stuff Okay, now on to the actual items that are releasing today So there is a ton of stuff launching Unfortunately, I don’t have everything But I’m going to go over everything I have first and review all of that And then at the end I’ll talk about a few of the items I don’t have And I’ll insert any photos I can find of the items I’m hoping to get all the prices to put on the screen for you guys, so cross your fingers that they send me prices So the item I was most excited about for this launch was the Game Changer Bag I had to include Peach in there So this is the Game Changer Bag, ’cause this is the most incredible bag And everyone’s asking about the price I do know that the price of this bag is $96 I know that sounds like oh this is almost $100, that’s kind of expensive If you try to look for another tote bag that has all of these features, first of all you won’t, second of all I looked into buying a tote bag like this for dental school coming up and it was going to be like $350 to $400 This is less than $100 and it’s really good quality So I think the Game Changer Bag is an absolute essential from this launch It’s just so cute and everyone needs a bag like this For the past four years in college I’ve been walking around with my North face backpack I was thinking about continuing to use it in dental school too, but now I’m a woman, and I get to use a real tote bag Here’s the bag Obviously it’s quite large But I like that because I do carry around a lot of stuff And here is this little phone pocket It literally fits your phone perfectly It covers it up, it’s not gonna fall out, but it makes for easy access Then you have the inside of the bag I will show a little close up clip We have a 15 inch laptop compartment So I have a 13-inch laptop so it’ll fit it just fine It has a little magnetic closure to close in the laptop A nice spacious middle compartment here You can put a lot of goods Also, sorry for the leaves rustling in the background, Peach is playing in the tree Then we have a little zip pocket on the other side, with some other little compartments here I’ve stuffed some hair ties in there, my wallet The whole bag also zips at the top And then here’s the best part Do you see this? Do you see this? There’s literally a meal prep insulated compartment bag It also collapses so when you’re not using it you have more space in the body of the bag But when you are using it, you can kind of like push it more in here And it actually is quite spacious So that’s the Game Changer Bag It is coming in back, shadow, this is like the gray color, pearl, which is kind of a white color And then mauve which is kind of like a lighter pink I’m really just obsessed Okay, and now before we get into talking about too much of the active wear, I do wanna go over the fabric

that most of these items are coming in Most of the items in this collection, at least the ones I have, are made of the Nubre fabric This fabric is very similar to Lululemon align If you’ve had BuffBunny collection Energy fabric before, it’s slightly fuzzier and more brushed than that Compared to Lululemon Align, I would say it’s also one of the closest fabrics to Lululemon Align, but it’s the tinniest bit thicker and more compressive It still doesn’t squish your butt down or anything It does have that brushed texture I’m not noticing any signs of pilling quite yet, but I do think it would be possible for this stuff to pill so I would wash it inside out It also will collect some lint Haven’t had an issue with it so far, but just be mindful of that If you’re wearing like black leggings and have like a white top, very form fitting, not very compressive, just very soft, buttery fabric Okay, now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about the Rosa Shorts I feel like this is going to be one of the most popular items from this launch These shorts are really cute and come in really cute bright colors They come in Onyx, which is a black color; coral; Hawaain, which is the blue color; and Pina, which is the yellow So I did measure the inseam myself It seems to be about four inches, maybe the finest bit less, but I would say four inch inseam They have a seamless waist band, pockets on the side So now I’m gonna try these on and tell you more about sizing and all that A quick update about the shorts So I have both the Pina color and the Hawaiian color I wore these Hawaiian ones to the gym the other day, and then I just tried on these yellow ones and I really thought they were different shorts at first But I’ve discovered what the difference is So these felt way more compressive, and they’re even a size medium and they were a little snug on me I believe they made these shorts into a double thickness, probably because the yellow would probably be sheer without that So they did really try to make these squat proof But just know that the yellow ones, they do have a lot more compression to them You have to, have to, have to size up in the yellow ones I could not fit into a small in these yellow ones I would probably be able to fit in a small in the blue ones because they are single thickness I would bet it’s just the yellow ones that have the double thickness, but just warning you guys if you do get the yellow ones they are thicker and they are more compressive Again, here are the Rosa Shorts They have a four inch inseam So they do come down my leg decently These shorts have a seamless waistband and do come about an inch over my belly button here Pockets on the side Will definitely fit a phone These are pretty spacious The blue feel like a light compression I did size up to a medium on these, and I do definitely prefer the size up I’ve had small shorts in BuffBunny before and they tend to give me camel toe In the medium I am totally fine, no camel toe going on here Another thing that I love about BuffBunny is that all of their seams are always above your butt So they’re never going to cut off your butt in the middle, which is really unflattering and just makes your butt look really small the seams always go above the butt and elongate the booty nicely We can also see that instead of having my curve seam that goes over the butt like most pocket shorts and leggings, this seam goes around, connects to the waistband seam So it still goes above the butt, but it also has that little curve to kind of enhance the booty a little bit So I did wear these for a workout, and I do have to say my thighs did eat ’em up a little bit I was pulling them down quite often I think I would have preferred if these were like a five to six inch inseam because the fabric is just so soft I feel like it really easily just rides up So if you are worrying about the shorts riding up, these might do that They aren’t squishing my thighs at all though, so I’m not getting any of that little thigh squishage that goes on right here So they are very flattering to thicker thighs in that way I have two other pairs of BuffBunny shorts in a size small, and honestly I wore them on hikes and everything, and the legs stayed in place really well So they were in a more slick material fabric so it might just be the fabric But the Allure Shorts and the black marble shorts, those stayed in place really well for me These aren’t quite doing the same, they are riding up a little more That also may be due to this being a size medium I don’t know if this is a size medium, but it just rides up a little more, ’cause it’s not quite as tight on my legs So I’m not sure what the source of the issue is But in size medium they rode up on me These are the yellows And I just walked around my house in these to check, and they, these are not rolling up at all The extra compression from these being double thickness is really doing something These are like glued to my leg But, as you can see, they are squishing my thighs a little more because it is tighter So you have that trade off They’re not gonna slide up, but they are gonna squish into your butt a little bit I think I personally prefer a little bit less compression These feel like a medium to maybe even high compression These are pretty compressive guys I’m still not getting any camel toe luckily They’re still pretty forming on the booty They squish my butt down a little bit, but honestly it’s not looking bad The waistband has the same amount of compression though because it is the same double thickness as the blue So, yeah, I thought I wouldn’t like the yellows because they’re a little tighter They do squish my thighs, but I like that they aren’t moving up on me And they’re probably gonna be squat proof because they’re double thickness (upbeat music) Next we have the Bae Crop,

which I have in Pina so it matches the shorts This is also made of the Nubre fabric It’s a scoop neck tank and it has these little seam lines down the front to add a little shape and contour And it has a little metal decal on the back, which I always love when it’s a nice high quality logo, it just makes me feel fancy Okay here we are with the Bae Crop So this one is a little more form fitting than a Rosa Crop I did go ahead and put a real bra underneath this So I’m not wearing a sports bra underneath this To be honest, these shirts are not my favorite from BuffBunny by any means I just think it’s a little difficult to find sports bras that would fit this kind of style strap Most sports bras are a racer back style so I would expect a shirt to kind of also have a racer back just so you can hide the sports bra underneath ‘Cause if I were to wear like the Ambrosia sports bra underneath this, you would totally see everything So I didn’t really have a sports bra that could actually hide underneath this So if you are expecting to wear it to the gym and you don’t like to show your sports bra underneath, I don’t think this is the best shirt for you I do think these seams really make it contour very nicely I thought this shirt was going to be slightly more loose The shirt is actually pretty form fitting It’s a very light compression top These straps, they don’t really feel like they’re falling down on me too much, but they’re not gonna have the same security that a racer back style top would have These have the Aurora Crop in the same color, and the Aurora Crop is my favorite crop top of like all time It’s the perfect length, quite compressive, and also comes in in the back so you can hide a sports bra underneath that no problem So yeah this top is very soft, but I just don’t really see myself wearing it to the gym very much, just ’cause I couldn’t really hide sports bra straps But I think together these colors are really cute obviously ’cause they’re meant to go together (upbeat music) I also have the Rosa Crop, and this is the Electric Shade I have to say I have not seen a brand yet do a nice neon green Most people have been going for the blue, pink, orange, yellow So I really appreciate that they’re going for neon green It’s definitely an underrated neon shade This top is similar to the Bae Crop that it is also a scoop neck style It’s slightly more relaxed fit than the BuffBunny Aurora Crop, which is my favorite one And it’s also made of the super soft Nubre fabric Here’s the Rosa Crop So, again, slightly more relaxed fit than some BuffBunny tops This is a size small It’s not super compressing There’s a tiny bit of room The straps are more scoop back shape so they are gonna be prone to falling down I did wear this to the gym the other day and these straps, I just found I was constantly pulling them up This really wasn’t my favorite top for gym wear, but now wearing a regular bra under this I think it’s really cute for like every day kind of life, but it just really didn’t scream gym to me And it was a little annoying the straps kept falling down So yeah it’s like a basic tank Love the color, I think it’s really cute and bright Also has the little metal decal logo here If you’re looking to do a lot of gym stuff in this, these straps will probably fall down on you, so just so you know they don’t stay in place the best out of all the straps But it is cute (upbeat music) I also have the Rosa Leggings in Onyx These come in Onyx, which is a black shade; raspberry and the hustle print, which I have in the Ambrosia bra that I’ll show you in a minute These leggings are very high waisted, with a seamless waistband The waistband does slightly taper, but not a lot I didn’t have it cut into my waist at all This is also made of the Nubre fabric so it is very form fitting and stretchy It is collecting a little bit of lint because it is black, and this fabric is very fuzzy I haven’t noticed any signs of pilling yet These are a full length Here are the Rosa Leggings The seamless waistband goes just above my belly button No camel toe happening on these, which is excellent news I hate camel toe It’s kind of hard to see because these are black, but the seam that connects the waistband to the leggings goes well above the booty Little logo in the back here I thought this fabric would be medium cellulite friendly, not totally cellulite proof, but it definitely does have more compression than Aligns You can tell it is holding me in a little bit I would get these in light to medium compression Aligns have a light compression It’s actually like no compression But these definitely have a little bit I give these a medium on the booty scale They’re not doing anything crazy, but they do have the seam above the butt These are a great pair of basic black leggings if you really like that soft fabric but Align’s didn’t quite have enough compression for you But for me, I don’t really need a lot more plain black leggings I think that these leggings would be much cuter in the hustle print just ’cause it’s so unique They’re regular basic leggings, though I do think the hustle print does make it pretty fun (upbeat music) Next we have the Ambrosia Bra I have this in the new hustle print which is this really cool like black and white, kind of like, I don’t know, staticy type design It comes in Onyx, which is the all black; raspberry; the hustle print and the electric green This sports bra is a mix of mesh and then regular fabric The regular fabric kind of covers the whole boob area There’s a little key hole right here It has kind of a narrow neckline It goes around your neck

And then the back has a mix of the mesh, some little seams for the mesh as well that you can’t really see, but you’ll see it on And then a strip of the fabric down the middle I really like that this bra has cutout details without being too saucy Like you’re not exposing your whole boob But it does have some cute details I do have to say while I love BuffBunny leggings, I think their sports bra really steal the show They’re great if you have a medium to large chest They still have the look of a sports bra without being too bra like, but they actually have a lot of support I think the biggest thing is that there’s so much room in here for boob Like a lot of sports bras have very minimal space to cover your boob and you’re just kind of out there But this is actually a lot of space covering the boob And the sports bra I’m wearing right now, which is my favorite one, this is the Allure Laser Bra, my entire chest is totally covered and it’s really supportive, there’s no movement going on They just have really good sports bras Okay here’s the Ambrosia bra I think it’s so cute My only thing is that I think it’s a tiny bit big for me Sometimes I can be between an extra small and a small in BuffBunny sports bras, so I would say they run the tines bit big up top I just think this band could be a tiny bit tighter for me I think I really could have sized down to the extra small because it also still has a lot of room for the actual boob I’m definitely not falling out of this bra in any way I also do have an extra small in some other BuffBunny sports bras and they fit me really well So I definitely think you can get away with a smaller size if you want a little more compression and hold do your sports bras The mesh detailing is super cute here Again, I like how it’s a little bit of cleavage, but I’m still really covered up for the most part The back is super cute And I also like how the hustle print can go with a lot of different colors Since it’s black and white you can really wear it with those yellow shorts, the blue shorts, black leggings In general I just feel really secure in BuffBunny sports bras ’cause they do have a good amount of coverage and they just hold you in very nicely So I do feel comfortable going to the gym in these bras It does have a racer back style design so you do have a lot of room to move your arms I think this is definitely one of my favorite times from the launch, just because I love their sports bras It’s the only one I got so we’re really pumped about it (upbeat music) And now for the Girlboss skirt and Bandeau set So for my first BuffBunny review where I reviewed their every day dress my main complaint was that their was no bra support or even removable cup pads or anything in the dress, so it was just not really supportive at all But let me tell you it seems that they have listened, and there are cup pads in here So the Bandeau has actual cup pads You would actually be able to wear a bra under this if you wanted to The dress was a little like you couldn’t really wear a bra with it ’cause it was an open back You could actually wear one with this or you could just keep the cup pads in And you could see there’s actually a seam dividing the space between the cup pads so you’re not gonna get the cup pads all coming together and form one boob in the middle It’s also a double thickness in the front, so hopefully will provide a little more compression support This is also made of the Nubre fabric This is in the shade Charisma It also comes in the black shade I personally like this little purple shade I’ve been feeling like purple’s my color lately Correct me if I’m wrong down below guys, tell me if I look awful in purple But I’ve been feeling it This is the Girlboss skirt It has a seamless, almost legging type waistband here And then it’s pretty formfitting down the body, and has a slit at the bottom so you can actually walk and you’re not like stuck in it It’s meant to be a midi length on taller people If you’re shorter it will probably be more of a full length Okay, so here is the Girlboss set, and let me tell you I feel fierce in this I really like how the skirt is tight kind of at the top ’cause it kind of enhances the booty, you know? But also it’s looser at the bottom so you don’t have to feel like you’re totally just like sausage encase I’m wearing a small in all of this, it fits perfectly I think it fits just like a normal Bandeau I think the cup pads will really help it a lot in terms of shape here There’s minimal skin showing I do have a longer torso so I think if you were a little bit shorter it might cover everything You can probably pull the skirt down a little bit too The waistband on the skirt goes a little bit above the belly button And it really does just feel like a legging waistband This is like a cute little going out outfit It’s literally made of a legging material So imagine Lululemon Aligns in dress form I am so comfortable right now The fabric is really thin so you do have to be careful and wear seamless underwear I definitely don’t see this as a take it to the gym and go out outfit Please don’t wear this to the gym, you would look like a joke The top has one of the little metal logos I know some people do like wearing Bandeaus to the gym so I feel like you could wear the Bandeau to the gym, but I personally don’t understand how people do that because I feel like I flash everyone It definitely is a midi length It hits about three quarters of my calf And I am pretty tall So, I think you’re shorter this will definitely be a full length on you But I don’t see it dragging on the floor for anyone Again, it is a seamless waistband No one surprised here I’m so excited to see what they come out with next in terms of non-gym clothes because I’m really feeling this concept of being super comfortable and not just at the gym Okay, so that is everything I got from the launch They are also coming out with some new shades of the Jasmine joggers And those joggers are my all time favorite joggers

I used to be obsessed with the Jed North joggers, but these are a little more tailored, a little less slouchy and come in a wide variety of colors I have them in three shades and I wear them all the time They’re super high waisted, they’re stretchy, they’re cute I do size up in the joggers I wear size medium I don’t like my joggers super tight They still are form fitting, but they’re not like legging tight Some other things I didn’t get, I didn’t get the Queen B Leggings, which are coming out in black and salsa, which is like a bright red I’m really obsessed with these leggings though, they look super high waisted I think it’s the same Nubre fabric and they have cute little mesh inserts I also didn’t get the Vibe leggings Vibe leggings do come in this color They come in, I think, like a hot pink as well I also didn’t get the Vibe bra That’s kind of like an asymmetric style bra I also didn’t get the Rosa Bra, which would probably pair nicely with the Rosa Shorts I also didn’t get the Knotty & Nice Crop, which is also launching, or the Demi Short, which is kind of a logo waistband short Let me know down below what you’re planning on getting Also if you use my code, please send me a little story or screenshot on Instagram or something, I would love to know So yeah I would that I can continue to do reviews like this before it launches some items ’cause I know it’s really helpful And I’m still gonna be giving my honest opinions Thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll see you next time Bye