– [Jem] Give you all my impromptu answers – [RCSparks] We can totally do that if that makes you feel comfortable Would you rather do that? – [Jem] Well I can do whatever, we just haven’t discussed what about filming yet – [RCSparks] Were we supposed to discuss it? – We always discuss it – [RCSparks] First? – First – Welcome back – And foremost – It’s been so long since we– – Boom! – [RCSparks] Had you on the show! – I know! – [RCSparks] We’re finally– ♪ I’m free at last. ♪ Yeah Maurice is on his way at kindergarten right now, learning, absolutely So we get to have Jem back on the show, welcome back darling, I can’t believe it’s not butter – [Jem] Can’t believe it’s not butter – [RCSparks] We’re finally here free to do videos again with each other, listen, I have to tell you right away, people saw me out on the river trail with this truck, they had mixed opinions on it – What were the mixed opinions? – [RCSparks] Well they all thought it was awesome, but they thought the tires looked a little bit like a mall crawler – [Jem] Oh, really? – [RCSparks] But they thought the machine itself was operating very good, yeah a lot of mixed opinions on this, a lot of people said it looks like a toy – [Jem] Man, you know what that tells me? That’s like a great outfit, but terrible shoes – [RCSparks] Isn’t it a toy though? No? – [Jem] It’s an action figure – [RCSparks] No this whole, this isn’t an action figure – Well it’s like the equivalent of an action figure – [RCSparks] Yeah but I think it’s baller Honey, this is your new ride, of course, right? – Perfect – [RCSparks] This is gonna go right along with Pinky and Candy but– – I’m getting a whole shelf by the way – Being a TRX, exactly, being a TRX-4, this is one of the more capable vehicles that are out there right now – [Jem] So more capable than Candy? – [RCSparks] Well it’s totally, you’re gonna have people starting to fight online if you say things like that (laughing) – Well, conflict is healthy, conflict is good – [RCSparks] I would say which one is better, you guys can battle it out in the comment section down below, you haven’t driven this model yet – I’ll need an equivalent driver – [RCSparks] Yeah – Or only do a test run – [RCSparks] That’s true, we are gonna have to do a test run so if you could do me a favor, and scoot this one off to the side here, it is lovely, you’ve had a chance to look at it, we’ve had it out on the trail, performs absolutely fantastic Everybody has been waiting (singing victoriously) for Big Papi’s ride – [Jem] What is this? – This is the new 6×6, finally my truck comes in, yes, Maurice has his TRX-4 sport that we all got to see at the TTC which was pretty epic And finally this TRX-4, the, let’s see, Mercedes-Benz, G 63 AMG 6×6 has finally found a new home Thank you my lovely lady Bringing it home, sliding it out Finally, I’ve never, I’ve always wondered what it was gonna be like to see a TRX-4 actually with portal axles as a 6×6 and of course being a Mercedes, it’s actually a vehicle that has portal axles so that’s something I am thoroughly enjoying Thank you – [Jem] Welcome, are you ready for this? – [RCSparks] Of course, slide it out, let’s see what we got – [Jem] All right Oh my God – [RCSparks] (laughs) I hear that a lot – I’ve gotta get really into the deep – [RCSparks] (laughs) I don’t hear that (RCSparks laughs) – Look at this – [RCSparks] What? Yeah slide her down – [Jem] God, I hope nothing important was in there – [RCSparks] In classic Traxxas style, they’re protecting the body by keeping the body pinned in Still with the body pins I’m waiting for the magnets to approach one day – [Jem] I’m disappointed, that’s the only thing I had said that I’m consistently disappointed with is the body pins – [RCSparks] Always with the body pins, look at this Super long wheel wells on here, gonna have to bust out the vacuum I love these rims on here, look at the tire – [Jem] Wow, those are gorgeous – [RCSparks] Patterned tires – [Jem] May I? – [RCSparks] Look at that, oh yeah, please, yeah One of the things I love about the both of these models is the exhaust pipes that have mufflers on either sides, scale, accessories– – Oh wow – Already tacked on Yeah, underneath – [Jem] This is yours eh – [RCSparks] Yeah, yeah, yeah Well you can drive it any time, you know that – We’ll I’ve got to get out for groceries – [RCSparks] (laughs) hey this is a business truck Okay well if you could do us the favor – [Jem] Yeah, do you want me to take out the– – [RCSparks] Just do it nice and slowly – [Jem] Okay ready? – [RCSparks] Yeah, I wanna hear this crinkle (protective plastic crinkling) Can you make some mmhm noises? – [Jem] Awesome, fresh – [RCSparks] Look at that scratch free, oh and there’s– – [Jem] Went back to the grab, oh I love it (RCSparks laughs) Oops, let’s get the little– – [RCSparks] There’s lights on the inside – [Jem] Are they all working? – [RCSparks] Yeah, well those ones are for sure – [Jem] Yeah (protective plastic crinkling) – So satisfying – Oh my Gosh – So satisfying – Oh my Gosh – [RCSparks] Are we even allowed to do this during an RC video? – [Jem] Oh it’s exciting guys, my pulse just went up – [RCSparks] Red and black, beautiful – [Jem] Beautiful – [RCSparks] Maurice is gonna lose his shnit when he comes to see this (chuckles) – [Jem] You better put your name on it right now

– [RCSparks] Well you know one thing I’ve noticed, speaking about names, no Traxxas name on the bodies at all – [Jem] It’s beautiful – [RCSparks] It’s just super sleek the way they’ve done this, an epic platform for an epic body A lot of people don’t like the Mercedes’ G Wagon series but– – I can see why – I’m a fan, it’s boxy – It is very specific Exactly, but you know what, so? – [RCSparks] (chuckles) well said, (laughs) well put That basically makes a statement all by itself – Noted Boxy – [RCSparks] Let’s have a, can you flip that over so we can see the wiring underneath? There, okay – [Both] Wow – [RCSparks] Nice – [Jem] So pretty – [RCSparks] All wired, the light controller right here I’ll probably get in here with some, oh this is the lead wire? This is the one that feeds onto the control box – [Jem] Wow So fully working there, fully working here– – Yeah, I’ll probably go on and tape some of that up so I never kind of catch them on anything and rip ’em Let’s have a look here – [Jem] Nice – [RCSparks] 21 Turn 550, reverse rotation Can I, let me ask you a question there – [Jem] Yeah? – [RCSparks] You see how it says reverse rotation? – [Jem] Yes – [RCSparks] Can you tell me why they would have a motor that would run in reverse on a truck? Why would they have it reversed? – That’s a great question and I would quote my friends on the internet, and– – [RCSparks] No, I’ll tell you right now – Are you gonna tell me? – [RCSparks] It’s because of the portal axles It’s that gear on top of the gear So instead of just the single axle turning, what you actually have is a gear turning the way it normally would on top of a gear that’s spinning the other direction You actually have to– – Oh okay – Reverse the axle– – Okay okay, yeah – [RCSparks] To get it to go forward, which is quite an innovation Just the way the portal axles work Here my darling, there is some saran on the front there, shrink wrap – [Jem] Protective coating – [RCSparks] Handle that blade baby, take care of business – [Jem] Just don’t wanna scratch it (RCSparks laughs) Just be gentle – [RCSparks] I think people are starting to feel awkward watching it. (laughs) Okay let’s suck it off babe (Jem laughs) (vacuum whirring) – [Jem] Excuse me (RCSparks laughs) it was the vacuum – what was that? – It was the vacuum! – [RCSparks] How many batteries? Four in the bottom? – [Jem] Four, I’ll put ’em in, I wanna do it – [RCSparks] Can you fit all four in the bottom? – We can fit all four in the bottom – [RCSparks] I just think this might be one of the best unboxing videos we’ve ever done – [Jem] And I’m putting batteries in (both laugh) It closes but– – Just four, remember– (Jem yells) – [Jem] It’s popped out – [RCSparks] Oh my Gosh – It’s all over the floor – [RCSparks] It’s a very tight fit – Oh my Gosh, where did my battery go? Find it? Oh man, my hero, thanks – [RCSparks] Yeah, there you go – [Jem] So tight in there – [RCSparks] Yeah it is – [Jem] Okay let’s get this package on – [RCSparks] Genius – [Jem] Oh yes – [RCSparks] Okay so, and a 3S LiPo for me – [Jem] Feels nice – [RCSparks] All-metal skid plate on the back, Jem Yeah, straight through, nice, straight driveline – [Jem] Hard plastic – [RCSparks] Yeah, and of course the portals on either side All the cables are out of the way, so locking differentials I love those exhaust pipes man, that’s part of my favorite, yeah it’s nice and smooth, yeah And the tire choice, like the print they went with, is really, it’s my favorite so far – [Jem] This one – [RCSparks] Yeah, and this must be for a sound kit up here This is what I’m thinking is where the sound kit goes, yeah – [Jem] I thought it was for my luggage – [RCSparks] (chuckles) it could be for your luggage, also I think there’s plenty of room back here It makes me wonder what this is gonna be for, like– – [Jem] Oh this is a dirt catcher right there – [RCSparks] I wonder what the heck is gonna fit here, if there is anything that’s gonna fit there Okay, do you wanna slide the body on top there please? – Put those lights in later – Sweet Make sure that the LiPo cutoff is on That looks amazing Ah, there is a Traxxas name on it, good I’m glad to see that, it’s a great platform Just loving how the body sits right on top of these running boards Okay so inside your truck, Jem, these are your locking and unlocking differentials Done by remote, would you like to clicky clicky? (whirring) So unlocked, yeah, there you go So forward all the way locked, all front and back and then I believe it’s just the back and then unlocked – [Jem] Just for the viewers out there, why would you need to lock your differentials versus unlocking them? – [RCSparks] So you can take corners easier and so you’ll use less power, so you can go a little bit faster, right? – [Jem] Excellent – [RCSparks] Yeah unlocking everything and just using unlocked in the back, perfect – [Jem] That way we can all sound smart when we’re in the room – [RCSparks] I think I got it wrong, I’m not sure – [Jem] I’m pretty for sure you got it right (both laughing) – [RCSparks] No I was wrong, I think Look at it, unlock diffs is backwards

and then lock front diff and then lock both diffs I had this one right, and I thought I had this one reversed – [Jem] So right now my diffs are unlocked? – [RCSparks] Right now they are completely unlocked, that is correct – They’re unlocked – [RCSparks] That’s right – [Jem] And this is what locked looks like – [RCSparks] One wheel drive on each one – [Jem] This is locked – [RCSparks] Yes – [Jem] This is unlocked diffs – [RCSparks] (chuckles) okay Beautiful, look at the lights Up orange and the top halos Sweet under here too – [Jem] It looks so tough – [RCSparks] There they are (RCs whirring) Side by side For anybody that’s wondering, that chrome bar on the back, it is plastic Yeah give her a rip, let’s see you do some speed runs here That’s your crawling on 3S, then higher gear – [Both] Whoa (RCSparks laughing) – [RCSparks] G Wagon down – [Jem] She is feisty I said that was faster than I was expecting – [RCSparks] Yeah, 3S power, did you want me to put it on training mode for you or you got it? (Jem gasps) What I’m just asking (laughs) I don’t wanna be in trouble (both laughing) – [Jem] Did you just want me to get you a larger size ma’am? No! (RCSparks laughs) – [RCSparks] Good, bring her in, let’s line her up Okay, so since we’re going on the rocks, let’s put it into crawl mode my dear, five blinks of the light will give you immediate reverse Two, three, four, five, okay, let it go You should be good to go on immediate reverse, so there’s no break Good luck my dear, the first time driving the G Wagon – Yeah, thanks for fixing it, we’ve got that reverse working the way I want to – [RCSparks] Yeah, no problem – [Jem] Let’s go – [RCSparks] It’s better to have immediate reverse when you’re on the rocks, instead of having to do a double-tap on the radio There you go, nice and easy babe Everything’s locked up right now Look at this, you guys can see it’s a huge side hill for a top-heavy truck, a challenge Good, nice long backups, gives her lots of room to repo (RC whirring) Here’s where that metal skid plate in front is gonna come in handy We’re also gonna show, I think, in this setup, the differences between the 6×6, and the 4×4 There you go darling, right there Look at that climb, great job And then spin around, as soon as you clear those gates dear, they’re dead, so if you need to back over ’em Difficult rock course for sure Jem, a champion, hasn’t been on this rock course yet this year – [Jem] Well I’ve walked it – [RCSparks] Yeah, well with Maurice, like 10,000 times, quite the billy goat now Okay so they’re down to three very narrow area for her to work her way through – [Jem] Yeah, but I got enough room – [RCSparks] Yeah – [Jem] A bus could get through here (both laughing) Hey, oh I almost touched that, got sloppy Okay so now we got the next one right there, oh – Straight up – Sneaky – [RCSparks] Yeah, straight up, good luck Doesn’t look so severe on camera Such a good looking ride, little bit of wheel speed darling There you go, that’s your enemy right there (wheels spinning) – [Jem] Huh – [RCSparks] Back up You’re gonna want to jump off of it basically Oh, gate down, oh Yeah, you’re actually coming down this way, the other way There you go nice, nice and agile, hey, hey, hey, you’re driving a $280,000 vehicle here – [Jem] You’re right I should breathe – [RCSparks] Yeah, breathe Home course advantage here Very good, very good, that’s a tight space to work your way into – [Jem] I go over? – [RCSparks] Yeah, straight through – [Jem] Okay – [RCSparks] Yeah – [Jem] This side – [RCSparks] Getting her bearings, trying to figure out where her line is, lots of gaps to fall into, good job, going through gate six – [Jem] A little bit of a jump down – [RCSparks] Yeah, Micheal straddle, good job Oh, nice Go on the tough way, back that bumper, there you go Come right out, nice and round here, there you go (wheels spinning)

Guys, make some noise right now, smash that Like button for Jem out on the rock course (wooing) oh yeah, there it is – [Jem] What does the saying go? When I doubt what? – [RCSparks] Throttle out – [Jem] Okay, this is gonna be– – [RCSparks] Yeah, this is a tough one You gotta get on either side or you may fall victim to the pit This is the mega straddle, oh, right there, oh crunchy – [Jem] Okay so keep her up there – [RCSparks] Yeah, back it down, there you go, there you go, don’t worry about the gates You wanna repo? Oh I think you’re doing it, I think you’re doing it! There it is, oh, that’s gonna hurt, yeah, right wheel on either side, you got this girl, calm, breathe it out, think about what you’re doing – [Jem] Reminds me of the time I smashed my dad’s car – [RCSparks] (chuckles) you should not have been doing this in your dad’s car Nice, oh, can she save it? Oh yeah, look at that, experience coming through, not a lot of room Dude last gate, you did it! – Yay! – [RCSparks] Nice job, nice job – That was fun – [RCSparks] Good driving All right, here we go, all locked-up, front and back axles We’re gonna see where the added length will help like right here we can see I easily float over a gap right here if the camera can see this, ’cause normally you would have– – [Jem] Oh I had a dip there – [RCSparks] Exactly and this one floats right over It’s like driving a limousine around That’s going to be severe, look at this though I thought for sure I was gonna roll Driving a bus Straight through, yes, avoided that gate altogether This is gonna be tight – [Jem] Yeah – [RCSparks] You went out on the outside here, like you’re supposed to, look at this, maximum traction on the back, I cannot believe we made that around the corner – [Jem] And you’re not locked at all, are you? – [RCSparks] Yeah, totally locked Everything was locked up – You are locked – [RCSparks] Which is surprising to get such a tight corner on that – [Jem] Yeah – [RCSparks] Now here we go, now here’s where the extra length really does help Let me just get in here, fix this gate, here we go Look at this, instead of worrying about having to flip backwards, we’re able to see it more climbed straight up, now you go out high centered here, I’m gonna put it into high gear instead of crawling Oh, there we go – [Jem] Nice – [RCSparks] Yeah, straight up and over The only problem is the length, but, the additional length has allowed me to go up and to turn the corners, still not touching the gate, 6×6 come on baby Just steep and this, right on, here’s where I was worried But I wonder if I’m gonna start to be able to bridge the gap ’cause you got stuck in here, where I’ve got a little extra length – [Both] Oh – [RCSparks] Hey that still did it, that’s exactly what I needed, to pop up, look at that, straight through to the other side, watching the placement of my tires, getting through the gate, yeah – [Jem] Nice – [RCSparks] Coming down, taking advantage of the longer chassis A little tougher right here, it hurts me to see that left hang get scratched up Look at that, I should be rolling in a regular vehicle right now, right now I would be falling over (wheels spinning) 6×6, I hate backing up, it’s like a sign of weakness (wheels spinning) Okay, one more time High center gear, one, two, three – [Jem] Nice – [RCSparks] Bounce up and over Straight through, up over, into the gap Here’s where I gotta straddle Oh, oh, oh no! (scraping) Oh that hurts – Oh Gosh it sounds horrible – That hurts, yeah it does It really hurts Here’s backing up, not a lot of room here We got this, we got this We got the extra length, this is that axle help now and again Oh yeah – [Jem] There you go – [RCSparks] Straight through, 6×6 I give a big thumbs up on that one – [Jem] Thumbs up for mine too

– [RCSparks] Well there we go babe What do you think? You got your TRX-4 G Wagon, is it pimp and fly enough for you now? – [Jem] Yeah, I like it, I like it a lot – [RCSparks] I like it a lot, here is the 6×6, both of them looking amazing I can hardly wait to see the look on Maurice’s face when he gets home from kindergarten today He is gonna wanna go trailing for sure – [Jem] Let’s go driving right now – [RCSparks] Exactly, let’s go Guys, thanks a lot, leave a comment in the comment section down below, Jem, so good to see you back on the show – [Jem] Welcome back to the community – [RCSparks] Yeah! We’re gonna be out on the trail soon guys, until next time, get outside and have fun with RC You know we always do Bye bye (RC whirring) I gotta try Hey! Yeah! What! (laughing) Whoa! (laughing) Did you unlock? You gotta unlock those diffs Woohoo, high gear, oh! And to the polish shop, I know – [Jem] I got it – [RCSparks] I’ll get it polished up