RC ADVENTURES – Father & Son Time – Komodo 4×4, King Shocks Swap & Setup

mm I’m dead yeah yes I’m dead watch the edge of the chair let me move it so you can come closer guys what’s up it’s medic ah this is my sari this is dad uh and my son that’s my son Morris for those that don’t know he likes to call himself Moe instead of the baby Mac that we had given him a while ago he prefers to say moe moe right he doesn’t say very much yet he is 2 years old in just a few more days happy birthday happy young birthday and we thought we’d work on my komodo today here is the komodo body one of his favourite trucks this is a extension for the lights that I run for the light kit underneath that I put in makes it easy for me to take in and out of the receiver now today what are we doing we are installing my new set of King shocks check it out scale down what do you think King shocks yeah we’re gonna put them on here you want to know the package no you want my keys you’re gonna take the glue for a drive okay King shocks yes so these shocks are from RC 4-wheel Drive they are 100 millimeters in length that’s the only size I needed it will lift my truck a tad but these are fully adjustable shocks so they do have the adjustment ring that can actually tighten the preload on the springs but right now I’m going to leave them at an unload setting very loose this one here watch there’s a difference this one it’s got a nice compression right to it and this one right here let’s say this one this one’s completely empty this is how the shock comes out of its package that uh there’s no oil in this thank you this one what’s the matter what do you want you trying to start it with the keys this is the front right so with the shocks already being empty that kind of spring rate causes quite a bouncy radio control truck right you’re going over it’s going to bounce quite a bit but once you start adding a shock fluid what’s the matter what do you want you wanted what Jimmy turned it on what do you want cuz you want a screwdriver here where’s your big screwdrivers you wanna use dad’s this one these are all freezing cold hey these are in my truck what this one pencil crayon okay thank you that is a Philips you can actually undo the baseplate right here but that doesn’t need to be done but whatever you want to do is fine I love being a dad he’s probably my biggest fan you might even get him to poke me in the eye area with screwdriver here in a moment I usually have some glasses Hey what do you need you gonna put the shock on for dad you’re not gonna put that on why don’t you remove one of the tires which looks like yeah they’re screwed on there and you are going to need a special screwdriver tada does it uh is it this one here use this one yeah you got to use it to unlock these tires no what do you want you can use that one instead but that’s a spark plug remover you could do that too now it’s a screwdriver holder okay so for a tire to come off here we’re gonna replace all four shocks and get back to what I was saying about the silicon oil or still coming you guys want to call it wherever you’re from the wait I’m using is 37 because I was going to use a 15 weight oil and basically that’s just the thickness of the oil the higher the number the more thick the oil is what do you want this one good job so 37 and a half is what I like it gives me a great compression rate hmm that’s perfect that gives me it’s still flexible it’s not too stiff and the only unfortunate thing about using a thicker oil especially in my part of the world where it gets cold during the winter is this will start to become firm so I’ll probably switch it back to 15 weight oil as it gets colder but for the time being right now it’s still pretty warm so I

can use these I’ve already taken the piggyback off of this shock by simply undoing the top and since it comes empty already there is a secret to doing your shocks with shock oil and that secret is is you don’t want to create a like an air lock in there you want to make sure there’s no air in here or else as you start to compress the shot against the top cap that the liquid would push against the air the air will compress and it will actually stop the shock from moving anymore what do you need buddy you want my tool pouch yeah one down yeah or I could just give you a tool pouch right here ah explore there you go here’s the drill hmm I’ll try that one duh anyway so shock rate compression rates here you go that’s essential for what I need on this vehicle a lot of people are like oh your shocks are too stiff and I have so many RCS now that I have them all set up for different driving methods but for the comodo itself I wouldn’t mind a little bit more flex from my driveway of the day how’s that going biggest rcadventures fan it’s great I’m loving it for now because I know later you’ll want nothing to do with it there you go you learn how to line it up it should be fine sounds like it needs a battery charge a we’re just squeezing the trigger just a tiny bit oh no it needs a charge for sure join me get you another battery yeah see I had an agenda for this film but any time I involve my son there is a different agenda yeah I’m going to get it right now my boy yeah what what that is not a word but I like that you’re trying Oh don’t Punk me with it watch my dad needs his eyes for filming dah dah dah dah dah you still like that let me get you battery yeah okay I will be right back entertain them for a few minutes will ya I’ll run downstairs and get it just tell them what you’re doing with the drill there I’m staying there don’t fall off the chair there you go brand new battery plus I need to put this charger in my work kit anyway hopefully there’s a charge in this one for you can I see mm-hmm oh cool I’ll charge maximum setting that better back to business okay so the secret about that airlock in your shocks is to actually compress the shock then put in your oil as it’s compressed what wha and then as I’m putting oil in the shock I’m slowly letting it decompress kind of sucking that oil into the shock kind of removing any of the air that’s in there okay so now I’ve got it filled right to the top you guys can’t see it because it’s focused on us instead of this what I’m going to do is I’m going to compress the shock again careful not to push the oil out of the top then yes I’m dead yeah yeah I’m doing the shocks I’m trying to show them how to do shocks without an airlock yeah yeah we can see u s– on the screen can’t you this Momo and dead good uh okay so the meniscus on top of the oil right here cuz it’s like just bulging on like a glass of water how you get the water balding before it actually overflows that shows that I’ve got just a little bit too much in there that’s no problem what I’m actually going to do to make my life a whole lot easier is just move this adjustment ring on these kings down it’s actually going to get this spring out of the way for me tada like that and as I compress it again making sure all those air bubbles are out I did it too much can’t compress it the whole way there we go all the air bubbles are out then as it’s compressed in my hand and as that meniscus at the top I’m going to put put the shop cap back on and slowly start to thread it in fact if you’re having troubles like I am so go to distraction here you can actually start it right and don’t seal it because there is a rubber o-ring at the top that actually keeps

the seal keeps all that shock fluid from leaking out now that it’s there and I know it’s almost there still air can escape so I’m going to push it I’m going to compress it and as it’s compressed I’m going to start to turn the top mm-hmm how you doing what are you doing is the pouch in your way no okay he’s great at communicating he knows what I’m saying he just doesn’t say a lot yet okay there we go it’s tight fairly tight as I compress the shock it goes all the way to the bottom none of the shaft is exposed as I compress the shock then everything being tight I can go ahead you missed your toe that’s lucky I’m changing the adjustment rate on the top spring going all the way back to the top so the preload is removed poking me in the eye I know you guys are waiting for it ah there you go so now I’ve got a great compression rate on the spring I keep looking at the viewfinder just so I can show you guys make sure I know what you’re seeing and that shock is ready to go it’s really that simple it takes way less time than what I’m doing here it takes minutes but when your dad it can take clothes to a network all right so this one here is the other one again that kind of springy and slippery cuz all the shock well but here’s the difference did you see something ah ah you got ketchup on your face and your shirt yeah what do you need this shock right here is done this one totally needs to be done ah yeah what this one you want me to help okay I just have one more shot to do though it’s shocking how many shocks I have to do perfect okay so yeah okay I have to take off a wheel anyway to get to the shock now I guess I don’t have to what are we only doing what you want but this is the job dad needs oh you want to do it we’ll use this screwdriver then he gets the idea that the screwdriver goes into something but he doesn’t know how to turn it yet ah yeah you don’t get that concept yet but I love that you’re trying good odd to dad ah let me move the pouch my back oh I hit you in the face you’re welcome won’t be the first or the last okay take this off cuz we got to mount up the shocks anyway stabbing stabbing stabbing come on this is what I call family time hey doesn’t matter what you’re doing as long as you spending time together he’s stopping my new tires so hopefully that won’t happen in full scale apparently I’m done taking that off and I only got one of the six screws removed that’s okay yeah all righty I guess we could have used the drill very good one no not allowed to have that this screw it’s too small but that’s a rule you can have anything else here just use it like this I showed you delivery service you don’t like that on me don’t want to use that tool that’s it what’s the matter what’s the matter no you can’t have the screw there are limits to what dad will give you it’s too dangerous no you can see it but you can’t have it no see what he tried to flip my hand into yours very smart all right here I’ll supervise you there you go put it back in the wheel I think you’re gonna drop it and lose it but that’s okay dad has many more it goes actually right here see that hole right there use this one to get back in yeah it’s very tough to do with fingers but you got to use the end of the magnetic screwdriver watch like this yes okay dad shows you the easy way how to do it you want to do it the difficult way you’re definitely my son my dad was watching this right now he will be rolling with left only better still as if he took my tools without telling me and then spread them all over the house which already happens it doesn’t go in the end I told you all right how are we gonna get these shocks done we gotta show the folks how the shocks are done no you’re gonna track with the screw in the end of the drill we’re both getting over a cold right now it’s been horrendous he’s pushing through molars right now his teeth are

coming in and that means long nights so we’ve been doing long nights Jem is actually out right now doing lady stuffs and we’re home doing man stuff I guess I don’t even want to stereotype it like that because I know how many ladies are in the lobby all right but uh okay last one because I already did that to the other ones so same idea compression oil sweeter pin it up getting all those air bubbles out slowly releasing the pressure then compressing it again air bubbles still coming out meniscus at the top just gonna start the start start the pop get these folk piggy back reservoirs there if you guys want to check out what reservoirs are for in full-scale trucks you certainly can do that King and a whole bunch of other manufacturers of shocks show what the reservoirs are for basically is to take the heated oil that’s expanding from the mechanical movement of the shock actually pushes it into a reservoir so there’s no issues there’s other reasons too but heats one of them are you done looks like he’s done you know how attention spans go with a two-year-old okay perfect so I want to check that a little bit again just to make sure I had enough shock oil in there seems still a little too springy to me so I’m gonna try it again he’s gonna empty out all my tools from my tool pouch I know wrap up this video so you guys actually have something – what’s the matter what he need uh-oh what would you lose did you lose the screw it was dad not supervising you could and I wouldn’t know one aha I got it here you go don’t lose it don’t lose it yeah yeah oh yeah I didn’t put enough shock oil in there thought I did what oh you’re up and Adam no not this one this one you can have this one dad’s working with this one yeah just a little bit old on hold on hold on just a little bit more we all right there we go so I’m going to start the cap get in towards where it needs to be compress the soil see look at here I already put in too much and I go to compress the shock look at how much is left there ah that’s an airlock okay that tells me right away that I’ve got an air bubble in that shock thanks for losing it okay compressing hey getting out the extra maybe I’ll actually just take out a little bit more here’s my oh they’re good starting it compressing it once the compression is done turning the top anyway the reason why I get this video apart for your entertainment is for beautiful people that are trying to put shocks together having a bit of a lot of time or they get their shocks and wonder why they’re so springy that’s because you need sharp oh the proper type of shock oil to my eye my eye my eye I’m blinded okay ha ha all right okay so let’s check it out some almost done don’t edit uh compressing still have a little bit look it still have some air in there so I’m not quite able to compress it the whole way but almost so I’ll just back it out a little let’s get the rest of this tire off thank you very helpful yes you’re going to work for Fat Tony and Vinnie you’re gonna start collecting debts without that thing towards my money getting my money because does losing some fingers clipping the hedges click on the hedges clipping the hedges don’t know what a hedge is yet but we’re clipping it I almost got with the tire removed you can see here that gaining access to the lower shock mount and the upper shock mount is a piece of cake really it’s just a matter of two screws and a nut driver well two screws and a nut you remove with a nut driver I’m a nut jump – dad – deaded a hip drop the tire that’s ok yes that’s what that needs to do but yeah you’re gonna try and put the tire

on ok find your way so sorry alright let’s get this one down here yes ok I’m not allowed to do that where is dad’s weird to put dad’s pliers you emptied them on the ground yeah you did well then let’s use this funny little one so we don’t have to push you out of the way well here I got another set perfect dad got to remove the bottom one mmm where’s my screwdriver go there it is tada yeah hold on hold on son hold on son hold on they say enjoy every moment you have with your child spend as much time as possible with them and I certainly do one day he’ll be all rowing up and want to go off and show his own son or daughter what to do and that will be a cool day for me and Jim Jim that that Dada Dada da okay which way do I want the piggyback res I want it that way yeah we just need to mount up the shop buddy and then you can totally do that and then we’ll take this one stick it through on the other side uh-huh fixing the axle bolt you know I’m trying to help you put the tire back on leave it there please thank you yes I know we need to tired but we need a nut on it first hold on buddy hey hey settle down what are you doing don’t make me use my dad voice Dada Dada it’s us we can only put the tire on there is an order of operations this is real-life parenting for those that don’t know this is what it actually looks like happy sad happy sad happy happy sets up dad looks good eh you almost got it on there now all I need is the proper spacer bud word would put the spacer here it is right here and we need that little washer we’ll move that take this this screw right here we push it through okay see that make sure the reservoir is pointing the right way I like that does it need a space your son it looks like it does hey let’s use that bowl anyway even though it went right in yeah hey chill there we go now all we need is that washer and nut yeah uh-huh we do but that’s the way it goes yeah yeah well we’re going to put the tire on in like two seconds I know hold on there’s an order of operation so the tire goes lower than that scusi scusi I need to tighten it up scusi hey I can’t put it on if you just keep holding the tire in the wrong spot I can’t it doesn’t go there but I can tighten it up we’ll put the tire on buddy don’t worry just have a little bit of patience it you’re fine you’re fine hold on hold on look now the shock is there we can put the tire on exactly like you wanted what do you think of that that’s where it goes there you go then we put the wheel nut back on just like so and then you’re happy because you got your tire back on the truck they’re happy because they get to see a king shock finally mounted up properly and that’s a great spongy ride you want to check it out you might freak out if I move the truck but tada ha uh huh there next I’m gonna do the rest of them to show you okay so there you go a little bit of movie magic he went off to play for about ten minutes and I was able to get the job done one of the things I forgot because I wasn’t using my noggin when I was talking to you guys is because these wheels are spoked you can actually stick your screwdriver right through just like he’s been doing use your pliers to undo the nut and the screw for the shocks this your dump truck dump truck yeah we’re gonna say bye bye we want to show them the shocks

though don’t we the King shocks look pretty darn nice in my opinion look at that and yes they’re much more sensitive to suspension then the other ones were even though each one of these shocks does its own unique job I actually like gee mate shocks they’re called G transitions and this one has an inner spring that actually helps pull it back oh my goodness okay so in light of the new fragrance that has passed them through my nose at the moment from my lovely son I have some extreme daddies to do in a few minutes but we wanted to thank you for coming by and checking out today’s video checking out the shocks yeah tiger’s eye did not mount the body yet properly but look at know is that hey ha ha what do you figure all cleaned up face wiped clothes changed feeling nice and fresh Ted uh no I thought I did a pretty good job pretty rad socks dude how’s the yoga mat tastes at least it’s new oh my so the king shocks are on the truck they look fantastic adjustable shocks or adjustable suspension will allow you guys to tune your suspension when you’re off road when you’re out on the trail if you want a firmer suspension in one area but you want a softer suspension in the other that’s why we even bother doing an upgrade like this apart from them just looking gnarly how’s that roof-rack tasting hey you like it does it look good oh you got some scale rope thank you awesome okay guys well thanks a lot for spending some time with my son and I I know it’s a little bit unorthodox and and for those who are looking just to have a quick video on building shocks well that’s not what we had today but it was good father-son time for me and I hope you guys enjoyed the show so if you want to see more and you haven’t subscribed please go ahead click that subscribe button and of course we’re always putting out new videos for you guys to be inspired with or you know just get you guys outside to play so thanks a lot guys see you in the next episode of rcadventures bye bye cool truck dude yeah yeah yeah yeah