The-VIP-Team Channel Live Stream – Vilamoura, Portugal

Alright… GOOD… guys we actually got feedback from different places in the World that the Sound is coming through Loud and Clear welcome to this VIP LIVE BROADCAST I’m speaking to you from Vilamoura which is the Southern most and Western most part of Europe it’s about as South as you can go in Europe and about as West as you can go and one of the prettiest places probably in the Algarve is no doubt… Vilamoura The blue line that you can see in the background at the horizon the dark blue line is the ocean line and in the very back you can actually see the Tivoli hotel which I know that many of you have visited if you were here in the Algarve if you were here in Vilamoura it’s the big hotel right by the marina where all the boats are at here much closer by… it is also a Tivoli hotel this is the Tivoli Victoria and there is there is a story I want to share about this hotel here… actually both hotels they were recently sold before they were owned by one of the largest banks in Portugal and the bank screwed up and went bankrupt as many other banks and so the hotels kind of set in limbo they didn’t know what was gonna happen well there is a gentleman from Thailand who has purchased all of the hotels all the Tivoli hotels and he’s actually american-born but then moved to Thailand at a very young age and… he started now imagine this because we’re gonna be talking about the MASTER KEY SYSTEM about how to manifest things in your life imagine this hotel… along with 12 other ones even 2 in Brazil were purchased for 310 million dollars and all of this started… with a gentleman of 17 years old who borrowed $1,500 from a friend $1,500 is the beginning of all of this what you see behind me here and his name is Mr.Heinecke like the beer but without the “N” Mr.Heinecke is moved to Thailand he was 17 years old that’s why his company is called M.I.N.T on the Stock Exchange Minor International… MINT… M.I.N.T Minor International… because he was a “Minor” when he started his company… and he started because he wanted to get into ADVERTISING and he needed $1,500… borrowed it from a friend began his company…. build it out over a period of time and eventually sold it successfully to Ogilvy… and Ogilvy is one of the biggest Giants in the Advertising industry he sold his company successfully he then began to reinvest that money into restaurants… Burger Kings and Pizza Hut’s well… he… today… owns 1,700 restaurants he owns over 300 stores like THE GAP and many of the other franchise stores he also owns over 100 hotels and he had wanted to get into Europe and he decided well this is a great location to put my foot into the market in Europe and he purchased actually the hotels for $260 Million and then added another $50 million for Renovations on top so not only will we see these hotels really transformed into very very well-run well-managed hotels Guess what? I’m speaking to you from VIP headquarters yes… we are right in front of this magnificent Hotel I will make sure under the Video that there is gonna be a whole bunch of links of everything I talked about about Mr.Heinecke…. about this Hotel about Vilamoura… because… guess if we have LIVE EVENTS… where…?

Right there… in our garden one of the most magnificent Lecture halls, Seminar halls right behind it… is the VICTORIA Golf course next Weekend… I’ll also put a link for this as soon as we have it… next week right here is the… Portugal Masters and the Portugal Masters is one of the very famous Golf Tournaments in the world and you will actually see this region but mostly from behind the Hotel naturally all Golf Activity being broadcasted all throughout the world so anyways this is a region we’re minutes away from the HORSE Terrain where they do HORSE Championships Right there… we’ve got a MARINA… anyways We’re living in a PARADISE and the exciting part is… somehow after 2.5 Years of very careful planning and actually a lot of times where it didn’t even look it is was gonna happen we’ve now been able to solidify that VIP will be able to function RIGHT HERE… from this region typically if you’re an Internet Company you need to go to a Big City you’ld go to Brussels… you’ld go to Chicago you’ld go to Los Angeles or San Francisco in order to get to the good internet, …naturally… and instead what has happened is we’ve managed to do the impossible… really to get an internet connection i’m actually speaking to you having a 1000 megabits streaming down on us and with a capacity to send a 1000 megabits back out For those of you who are watching on YouTube and can actually switch to a 1080p… the resolution you will see how wonderful a resolution that we we’re able to transmit with… and it is this is just the test resolution were fully equipped to be beaming out in 4k which is still 16 times more powerful more better resolution than the 4k so I’m actually delighted I’ve got 2 of my close friends & associates here with me they just… i’m watching at myself with a little bit of delay talking on one of the Microsoft Surface computers as matter of fact, Miguel, who is standing behind the camera is one of the great photographers of the Algarve he also will be involved with the GOLF Event to do some photographing there… anyways he’s is a video master and i’m delighted I’m surrounded with people who are geniuses in their field we never have anything that goes wrong do we Miguel? we’ll talk about that in a next video ok… so you know where we’re at… here WHAT IS VIP?… for those of you who are watching us maybe for the first time and you’ve heard maybe something about the VIP What is the VIP?… the VIP is an Online University Now… what makes it unique? because we already have many Online Universities in the world, don’t we? as a matter of fact there is definitely NO LACK of Universities in the world Universities, naturally, are part of the entire industry called EDUCATION and EDUCATION, where TRAVEL is a gigantic industry, the Hotels and the Airlines and all the things… the Rental Cars All the things involved in TRAVEL is a $7 Trillion Dollar industry Well…guess what? EDUCATION is too and yet most of the EDUATION is in the hands of either Government on one side or Religion on the other side so 90 % of that $7 Trillion Dollars / Year flows into the pockets of the State or the Church We have about 10 % of the Universities where a Group of Private Investors generally they form the Shareholders of the University and there… then… that’s where the Money goes to, in that case, in case of Private Universities well in VIP we are the very FIRST University in the world that is actually PAYING the Student to Study Think about that! Going to a University where, yes,… you still need to Buy Credits you need to Purchase Credits to attend your Classes

but then you begin to GET PAID on those Credits because the Credits not only are a Value that allows you to ATTEND Classes But at the same time that Value that serve almost like Shares like Stocks So, you’re almost like a Co-Owner of the University and you end up Profiting on all the overall growth of the University What else what makes VIP unique? …well we have chosen NOT to Duplicate what typical Conventional Universities do we’re not handing out Diplomas so therefore we don’t need to mess around with Tests we actually Focus solely on courses that are of High BENEFIT – High VALUE and especially that are… Efficient that are Useful to be applied IMMEDIATELY so it really is… in Universities and I’ve personally had the Privilege of, (on one hand The Privilege) (but on the other hand also a bit The Agony) of going to and through many Different Universities I don’t say this to Brag just as a matter of sort of Reference, I have Spent (and this is a figure that was calculated more than 15 years ago almost 20 years ago) that my accountant in Belgium, told me, that i have already had spent over €1 Million Euros in Education… on myself I’m sure that number has grown to probably about €1,5 Million by now because I sure as heck haven’t stopped buying Courses and Classes and Seminars and Videos and anything I have My Brain is like a Sponge I just want to Take it Up well that is part of Reason why we’ve come up with the VIP system is to make sure because i know all too well that isn’t too many people in the world that have €1.5 Million at their disposal to go to Universities and Buy Classes and sit for years on the School benches trying to Absorb Education with actually NO Guarantee that you’re going to be able to USE it afterwards that’s the Big Challenge that we got Students today They come out with a nice Diploma but that isn’t offering them any Guarantee or even Solution for them to get a Job TOO MANY people are sitting with Diplomas that they cannot even USE so with VIP were not going to do that Diploma Deal we’re going to make sure that EVERY Class and I hope even This Video today is a little bit of that that you’re going to HEAR a couple things and you going to say… you know what: “That makes Sense and I can USE that!” I can, tomorrow or next week, in my day-to-day life I can APPLY that and actually bring it to my BENEFIT so… here we are… 20 months old because we started on March 2015 yes… We’ve allowed Students to Enroll We’ve actually PAID students on a Daily basis 5 days a week on their Shares… on their Credits Any Withdrawals that they’ve submitted we have PAID OUT There isn’t a single Withdrawal Outstanding of course most people don’t want to get rid of their Credits because they know all too well this is like owning the initial Stock in Facebook when you GET that you don’t want to just begin to “Milk the Cow” before “the Cow” has even come to Full Fruition and This isn’t gonna be a Cow this is going to be “a Pasture FULL of Juicy Milk Cows” it needs time… the VIP Team is not a Program to run for a couple Years not even for 10 or 20 years I want VIP to be around Long after I put my head down… so that our Children… our Grand Children can continue to BENEFIT from a Revolutionary NEW approach to EDUCATION the Reality is… that This right here the CELL PHONE actually that’s a UNIVERSITY that you Carry in your Pocket or whether it’s a PAD or whether it’s your TELEVISION at home or whether it’s TV screen build into your CAR or into your REFRIGERATOR Right there… you’ll be able to catch our University Educational Signal Your Convenience at the TIME that is appropriate for you you will be able to Pick your Classes and you may be sitting on the Toilet and using, you know, the few minutes there, to catch up on something or at Night or in the Weekend YOU get to Choose I think we have a Great Concept we’ve Tested now all the Software in terms of the Economics… and it works Flawlessly! Now we’re ready to Start with the LIVE Classes

and before I share on the Classes there is something else I would like to Share is… WHY?!? Why??? and the Guys here, working with me, they know that sometimes I go “WHY am I even bothering with all these Headaches?”…. because Running a Company or Constructing a Company does create a lot of Headaches Well… usually “THE WHY” behind a Revolutionary Innovative Project is because there is a VISION and there is a PASSION Let me share you what is one of my sort of Electricity Sources that gives me the PASSION to do what I want to do you have heard of the Cars “FIAT”? the Cars The Italian Car Company who owns Chrysler who owns Maserati… may even own Lamborghini I am not sure They own a whole bunch of the Cars today well the Agnelli family is the Owners of the Fiat company the Agnelli family is One of the Wealthiest families in the World it actually… They make Bill Gates and Warren Buffett look like Socially Deprived or Financially Deprived individuals This is way beyond Billionaires some of the truly Wealthiest people i don’t know if they’re into the TRILLIONS of dollars I don’t know that… but I know they are extremely extremely Wealthy this family became very concerned about the Circumstances of HOW we’re living on Earth today they saw that we are Screwing Up a lot of the things… we’re Polluting we’re Polluting our Body we’re polluting our Environment we’re doing many things that brings into question: HOW MUCH LONGER can we do this? so they wanted an Answer to this and guess what they did? they went to the Mecca of intelligence M.I.T Massachusetts Institute of Technology and they actually Signed an Agreement which had never and has never been signed ever since which was a Carte Blanche (blank check) Sponsorship Carte Blanche meaning it didn’t make any difference How Much it Cost because the wanted to get an ANSWER to the following QUESTION HOW MUCH LONGER… how many more Years does Mankind have, here on Earth,… to Live? Instruction was: “Hired the Best Scientists, Buy the Best Computers, Launch the Best Satellites…” “Whatever you got to do… it makes no difference what it Costs… we’re Willing to Pay for it!” and guess what? They were willing to Pay for it for 10 years The study started in 1980 all the way went to 1990 in 1990 they were supposed to Give the Conclusive ANSWER so the date comes The Family is coming together the Scientists had Buildings Full with Findings but of course it all needs to be boiled down to a Chronological CONCLUSION HOW MUCH LONGER? …well The Scientists were a bit Ashamed and they immediately Apologized because… they said: “Listen… we must have made mistakes…” “…because you will find our ANSWER way too Radical…” “and we don’t even really Believe the ANSWER ourselves” “but it is to the Best of our Ability what we Know to be the ANSWER” and the ANSWER to the Question: “How Much Longer do we get to Live on our Earth?” ANSWER from the Scientists was 2034 Did you hear me guys I’m not saying 3034 I’m not saying 7,034 or 13,034… no no we’re in 2016 they’re saying by 2034 or at least their Findings were showing in 1990 that Guaranteed… Human Life would become IMPOSSIBLE Not enough Oxygen Too much Bacteria Not any Antibiotica to Fight the Bacteria in other words LIFE ON EARTH Finished… Impossible Once again, they said: “Listen we must have made Mistakes” “There is no way… I mean that sounds way too Radical” “It almost sounds like a Religious Ranting” Well.. the Family thanked for the Findings and was not Upset that they said that they must have made mistakes they said: “Listen we are Humans…” “Even Machines are made by Human Hands” “Here is what we’re going to do” “We’re going to Grant you ANOTHER 10 years” “to go ahead and spend once again ALL the Money you need”

“now we have Better Computers we have Better Satellites” “We have Better scientists go hire as Many of them as you Wish” “for another 10 years and then come back in 2000” “and give us the New ANSWER the New Findings” “and that way we can get a little Correction on that DATE” Hopefully… you know I’m sure they were Hoping that it would be Moved UP into the future a little bit Well Guess What? in 2000 once again Conclusion Time Here is what the Scientists had to say: “Our Findings show we have not made any Mistakes” “We’re right on Schedule” “We’re right on Target” so… 2034 according to the Smartest People Now keep in mind This is NOT Religion This is not Politics This is not somebody trying to SELL Something like you know how Bunkers under the Ocean or whatever NO… this is pure Factual Findings Now…. my Professor, who was privy to the results,…. says the following: The Study, no doubt, is undisputebly Showing that we have Fantastically well Screwed Up our Earth nearly to the level of Exstinction however we as Mankind, when we Study History and we look at Previous Civilizations we tend to only WAKE UP on the Last Minute that’s kind of when we bring out the Best of our Capacities when we have nearly, Death as a Threat Maybe that’s why they called it a deadline, right? so here we are folks you want to you wonder WHY i’m Motivated? and Inspired even when I don’t Feel like it I still… I’m Pushed to want to Move Forward with the VIP It’s because i Know The Clock is Ticking We really do not have the luxury of endlessly Splurging away with the Resources of Earth blindly Polluting I mean come on not only for US but our Children… their Children their Children they need a place to live in too… don’t they? well guess what…? We HAVE to Change My little Field is going to be in 2 areas where I’m going to do My Contribution to bring and provoke CHANGE not only in my Own Life but in the Life of as Many People as I can Reach it is in the field of EDUCATION… because I believe all Good Changes happened with Better Information and especially UNDERSTANDING the Information and then being able to USE it to IMPLEMENT it and then we’re also going to focus that around HEALTH because that’s my Background: Natural Health Health of the Mind Health of the Body Health of our Emotions of our Feelings probably… the highest Asset on Earth, isn’t it? I had a Saying in my clinic in Belgium which was Health isn’t EVERYTHING but EVERYTHING… is Nothing without Health Think about that one! So Quickly a couple words about WHY you see me meddle in what seems like Politics you see me Post do Posts on Donald Trump you see me do posts on Hillary Clinton and whoever has been following probably kind of knows I don’t like one of those 2 Candidates I’ll let go to my Facebook and become one of my Friends and you’ll get my Raw Opinion of what’s going on there you know what I’m not interested in Politics as a matter of fact most of the time when I hear Politicians… I have to switch the TV off I can’t stand listening to the LIES and yet i found myself Drawn to the American elections because i don’t believe these are just American Elections I believe they represent an Awakening in Mankind that allows us as Human Beings to make a DECISION: Are we going to continue The Same Old… Same Old which is basically Corruption in Politics Politicians are so Corrupt it’s… it’s Would you TRUST Politicians with Your Money? Would you TRUST Politicians with your Children? So… here we have Elections that sort of… on one side we can choose for a Guy who wants to CHANGE it and wants to bring Common Sense back into Leadership into Politics… if you wish but really wants America to get back on its Feet

the other person… is somebody who is Bought by all these Special Interests Groups but who is Purchased by the Global Banks by the Globalists… who basically You know what they want? ONE Government Isn’t that what Hitler wanted? Isn’t that what Napoleon Bonaparte wanted? Isn’t that what Julius Caesar was dreaming about? “I want to become the Emperor of the entire World!” We know how that has ended in a lot of Misery that is INSANE America is not to rule the entire world America is to get along I hope and I pray that right now all this this instagation towards a War in Syria where they’re trying to prove that the Russians want a War Listen to Putin he doesn’t want a War he wants to Avoid a War as much as Donald Trump… and anybody else I mean…Who wants a War right now? A War would be a Disaster for the World anyways… I don’t want to talk Politics but the Reason that I’ve been drawn to all of this is because for me this is NOT Politics It’s what I call it Socio-Economics or it’s Sociology… which basically means How we Live together as a Society and it’s Economics in terms of How all of that will influence our Financial Futures and our Well-Being in the Future so is that related to VIP? I think that is very related to VIP Just to put it in perspective both my Grandfather’s told me: “Don’t talk about Religion and don’t talk about Politics in your Business!” So…I know how to Respect that and if if what I say upsets a few people clearly this Video is not to be Politically Correct This video is to explain a little bit about Me where I’m at… What I’m passionate about and I’m not a Doomsday Thinker I don’t think the World is up for Grabs I believe that WE as Mankind actually Now… under the Pressure of “Having to” Can actually Rise to a much much Higher Potential and we can Begin to use much more of our Brain Capacity much more of our Natural Capacity in our Human Body and for sure VIP has to be a PROVIDER of that kind of Information that kind of Education so…we’re looking at VIP being a more Efficient University where you can Learn and Study things FASTER where you can Learn them for less Money actually what Why not GET PAID while you Study? and that you can have a lot more Fun The First Class that we’re Beginning with in the next couple Weeks now that we have that INTERNET and all this Wonderful Technology One of these days, we’ll take a Shot of all the Wires and the Cables and the Microphones and and all of this today we wanted you to SEE a little bit of of the Beautiful Nature of the Algarve and the Paradise like place that we actually get to Work in We’re going begin with The-Master-Key-System Now…there is a 1000 different Subjects or 1000 different Courses…that I could have started with and in the Future… we will have many different Classes…. But WHY The-Master-Key-System? well I believe it’s a Masterpiece of if we’re talking about Efficiency How would you like the A B C’s on How to Make Anything Happen in your Life… you Wish You know it’s a little bit like I don’t know if any of you know How to make Mayonaise for Mayonaise you need a Certain Set of ingredients you need the Yellow of the Eggs… you need the Mustard, you need the Pepper and the Salt you need an Oil… Sunflower Oil and then you need some Vinegar if you have that… you have the ingredients those of the Correct ingredients… you miss one of those ingredients… you’re not going to have Mayonaise besides the Correct ingredients you need the Correct Order on how to Apply and bring Together those ingredients Well guess what…? If you have the Correct ingredients if you follow the Order and yeah we’ll do a Class on How to Make Mayonnaise I’ll get you to Film that one Miguel, okay okay and we’ll get Carlo to do the swinging of the of the Eggs but the… in the Same Way if you have the Correct ingredients if you have the Correct Order Guess what… you Always end up with Mayonnaise It’s only if you do it Wrong you may end up with Vinigraite or you may end up with something that doesn’t even look like Mayonnaise so… so it this with the Capacity to CREATE things with The Capacity to CONSTRUCT things with The Capacity to MANIFEST things

people like Bill Gates people people like Thomas Edison people like Henry Ford those are all people who have taken The Master Key System and they have Followed The Menu They know the ingredients There is 7 Principal ingredients you need in order to make things Happen and then you need to Apply them in the Correct Order as a matter of fact a Drink would be wonderful, yes I am not only in a wonderfully Hot Climate here Cheers… this is on the success of VIP I hope you have a Drink standing by, wherever you sit and I cheer to Your Health and to the Health of VIP thank you very much that was like an Angel The Master Key System is the course that teaches you these ABC’s It was written in 1912 by Charles Haanel He charged the equivalent of $75,000 for the course It was $1,200 to $1,500 Dollars it was sold in 24 chapters You would only get 1 Chapter at a time You had to spend at least a Week per Chapter We’re going to spend a bit More because we’re going to go Deeper, this time and we’re not going to charge $75,000 we’re going to charge $24,000 it’s to say a $1,000 dollars per Class… per Chapter Every Chapter will be about 5 to 10 Classes where this will give us the Time to Read it together – to Listen to it but then to Analyze it What is he saying here in this Paragraph…? What is he saying in this Sentence? Why is he using this Word? What does this Word mean? All of which will result into people UNDERSTANDING The Master Key System Better than they’ve ever then it’s ever been Understood Oh there is a lot of people they’ve they’ve watched the movie “The Secret” or they may have they may have even “glanced” or they may have even “read” The Master Key System they have no clue what’s in there it took me more than 200 readings of The Master Key System to begin to Realize that I only knew a tiny little bit about The Master Key System I was just beginning to Wake Up well now I can use this Experience and this Knowledge to Accelerate and make it EASIER for you guys We’re going to be bringing some of the most Advanced Techniques to make sure that you really really GET IT We’re not gonna make it DIFFICULT We’re going to make it SIMPLE but not Simplified beyond the ESSENCE we’re going to make sure you get the Essential Pieces …but that you can Apply it See the most important part is that not only that you come to know The Master Key Syst. and the 7 Principles but that you are able to APPLY them into your Day-to-Day Life so that will involve the Course… the $24,000 Course Naturally you get 20% Commission on that for anybody you Refer and that means $4,800 Dollar Commission that’s nice huh? You get 5 people you introduce and it ends up Paying for your ENTIRE Course and Each of the 5 people Can do the Same if they have difficulty Affording the Course simply introduce People who can Afford it Ask yourself the Question: “Is $24,000 Dollars worthed?” Could you buy an Apartment with $24,000 ? not really Could you buy a Car?… Well I guess you could There is a few Cars that only cost $25,000 But how much would it be Worth to actually Purchase a Course with which, time and time, and time again You can CREATE… You can ATTRACT anything You wish in levels of Material… in terms of Wealth in terms of Health… in terms of Relationships in terms of New Solutions in the World Right there is your Ticket and we’re going to be Teaching that so we’ll teach the Entire Course over somewhere between a 150 to 250 LIVE CLASSES The’re all going to be included in that Fee you’re going to get some of the most Advanced Technologies even Meditations even Brain Technologies to help you really Fully Understand it Understand it Fast… Understand it Deep and be Motivated and inspired to Apply it so it will also involve Personal Coaching Is that a Fair Price? I think that that is a small little Fee when you consider that the Average Education of a Person today cost $500,000 Universities often already taking $250,000 per Student for 1/10th of that here you’re able to take The Master Key System in a Way like it’s never been Taught before

We will and I don’t mean that Pretentiously it’s through Hard Work I mean the first little Video we’ve spent over 500 hrs already on it in the Production and that’s just 1 of many many 1000s of hours to follow so okay one of the next Videos as much as I’ve been able to show a little bit of the Algarve today while speaking to you Then we’re going to go inside, not today, in a next Video…and we’re gonna Show you the INSIDE of VIP We’re gonna Show you some of our Equipment We’re gonna to Show you, sort of, as if you would come here on Visit YES.. we’re a Real Company YES… we’re working on a Real Product We’re not a Ponzi – We’re not a Money Game We’re not an investment Company We’re a Private Association of Education where the Student BENEFITS in the overall Growth of that Association so… this also I want to let you know as People now begin to Purchase The Master Key System and they actually Purchase $24,000 credits anyone who is Allocating more than $10,000 or Euros into The VIP System is WELCOME to come VISIT us here now is that saying that we don’t want to Welcome the other People no… we Definitely we’re going to have we got infrastructure with Hotels and Apartments and everything we need to invite 1000’s and 1000’s of people who want to come Visit us but for right now for the people who say “you know what” I’m going to invest $25,000 I’m going to invest $50,000 I’d like to Shake Hands with the People that are behind it I kind of want to See their Location Just Ask… It doesn’t make any difference in whose Team these People are We will WELCOME them Pick them up from the Airport and Show ‘m around and make sure that they come back Home Feeling that they’re making One of the best best Engagements of both Money and Time that they can do in their Life so that is AN OPEN INVITATION in closing we are using Facebook Make sure you’re in our Facebook Group I’ll make sure it’s under the Video Link the YouTUBE link Make sure you JOIN our Facebook Group We’ve already got close to 10,000 people there Ask the Person who Shares VIP with You perhaps this Video ask them for the Link so you can take a Tour inside of our Software and the Back Office where you actually will Receive $5,000 of our Demonstration Money and you’ll be able to SEE how that Works How that can go to Work for You – immediately actually if you were to Purchase $5,000 worth of Credits How you would Begin to make Profit instantaneously even if you Never Refer anybody! Oh… I’m glad there’s a little bit of Breeze it helps through a Cool off the Heat so… Facebook Group… our YouTube Channel Get… SUBSCRIBE I never used to do that SUBSCRIBE to the YouTube Channels You know what that does? It make sure that you get Notified like When there is the next Video being Uploaded When there is a next event You’ll Always have Access to so our YouTube channel and then the 3rd one is Skype Skype is where we can also Split it up into different Language Groups we’ve got Hungarian Skypes we’ve got German Skypes… Italian Skypes Skypes in all the different Languages where there’s People present in those Countries naturally VIP will grow out to be “The Global University” and will be Available in all the Major Languages in the World I do Appreciate all of You… Attending on this Saturday afternoon… here in… October it is… 2016 it’s I feel Blessed that we get to use this kind of Technology to be able to Beam Straight into your Home hopefully Straight into your Hearts I’ve Enjoyed Sharing this Guy’s in the background, THANK YOU for having been with me here to make this Technically Possible and I can’t wait to bring us our NEXT STEP which obviously our LIVE CLASSES truly is the most important thing Thank You so much! Have a great great Weekend T H A N K Y O U