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enjoy your room on the Union okay is everybody ready nine and one ready hmm ready are you ready agent ooh I’m ready I’m ready I’m ready I’m ready I’m gonna be sick no time for that it’s time for your holiday play get down to the launcher nice now I want to go even zero troubling favorite thing is doing nothing standing by for launching checking ears click here all click ready 9 ready only number Jack 1 right here we got to Hey I’m looking for a 9-under 1 & 2 & 8 together found them all well done for huh come on T / rrraaahhh schima sheets where are you hello so mushy what I’d really like is to look at myself please oh that’s better let’s kid me up a lot could I see me on the other side too please oh now that’s what I like to say even if I’m the wrong way round it’s nee-nee-nee now that’s what I don’t like to say don’t be cheeky three huh you look funny in the mirror you look funny all the time you’re the wrong way round the opposites so would you be that’s what shimmer sheets do i do look strange the opposite way around but still very handsome glad you think so four in 1990 what’s up agent 39 things are fine but not for what did you say things are fine

everything’s all right well that’s good to hear but agents usually call him when things have gone wrong really not today though bye that was a bit odd not an emergency at all oh there is a problem it’s 91 her what’s the problem agent 91 problem not problem Oh things aren’t going wrong at all I tell you what is a problem no great how to touching lumberjacks hmm to be honest I’ve got better things to do bye has he been an agent very long they’re not behaving like agents at all I know and I’ve got an idea why what is it five something I think I noticed persons are tonight up on screen again you got it notice anything what zoom in for zooming in oh dear what zoom in again 18:39 has been blogged Oh his agent 91 look closely there’s a blob again Oh things are going wrong and in a way they’ve never gone wrong before I don’t like the sound of that if all the agents have been blobs anything could happen I’d better get out there yes the number tracks are on their way get ready for launching video coming out to meet you bro is that good luck two cents three finding the six to land on near the agents got the sex right better find out what’s going on with his agents I landed you near agent 20 I think I can see her agent 20 is a very reliable agent always on the lookout for problems except she’s asleep hello you know me I’m one of the number Jack’s number Jack’s never heard of them what you’ve been helping us for ages helping us put things right not me I like things going wrong 0:06 can you see any blobs can’t see yes agent 20 has been blogged all right what’s it done to her she should have been awake and she was asleep completely different she should have known me very well and she didn’t know me at all and she should have liked putting things right and she liked things going wrong so every time she was the opposite of what she should have been and I know why because that thing’s blocked her putting it on screen – but in slob I think there’s been a lot of loving

here all sorts of people doing the opposite of what they should instead of making it clean he’s making it dirty the opposite that waitress should be giving food to the customers but she’s taking it away running very fast he’s running very slowly now what another opposite instead of running forward he is running backwards I’ll see if I can find some new agents to help if the problem blob keeps on making things the opposite of what they should be anything could happen balloons might be heavy and fall down and people become light and float up my monsters might be tiny a cute and babies might be huge and scary instead of the Sun making things bright and hot the Sun might make things dark and cold that problem blob has got to be stopped we’ve got new agents calling it agent 921 yeah I think I know how to get things back to normal that would be great get everyone to do the opposite of opposite I don’t get it look you normally walk forward but if you’re blocked you’re now going the opposite way backwards so if we make him do the opposite again he’ll go forward yes it’s the opposite of opposite of things are back to how they started great well done agent 121 a great start to your work as an agent okay we need Brain Gain opposite of opposite to normal or physical opposite opposites overall position six now sort the problem blub hmm I can see him what was that it’s stopping the Brain Gain hitting the blood did anyone see what that was it was very quick and very pink and very loud yes it is eyes spooky I’m the lovely and little I’m north day and big enough to carry but a friend to me knees don’t panic don’t panic I’d better go and get the other agents back to normal if the meaning start working together we’re in real trouble [Applause] we’re going to need help agent they might have some ideas that’s why it’s 8

to 9 maybe they can help us no we mustn’t spoil their holiday we can handle this ourselves hi there just wanted to let you know we’re having fun oh great number two hasn’t been sick yet I like San I like sand well only a little bit yes we’re having a great time got to go you should have asked them for help five well maybe it’s too late now probably there won’t be any more problems or maybe they will new agent 122 here it is where I report problems yes go ahead agent 122 there’s lots of problems at the beach thanks agent 122 things are being robbed again [Applause] [Applause] lots of things are getting blood what’s happening to them engine 20 a welcome back agent 20 I think it’s more opposites big things and small things thanks agent 20 this is hard for us to handle I know [Applause] [Applause] I definitely need someone else out here with me maybe even two of you okay six who’s going to go out there well we can do it for I’m tracking the room is empty go check now got a number for you for looking for a three can’t find a three need a three there’s nowhere for me to need a three six I’ve lost contact with three she’ll be all right keep trying what about fall he should be with you soon we need to know exactly what’s going wrong everything’s the opposite what it should be big things have become small a small fields have become big send Brain Gain to put things back to normal opposite of opposite brain games we can sort things but it may take some time I need somewhere to hide it’ll for our eyes there’s a little bit behind you how about that I can see it great that should keep the blobs out what Oh can you hear me not hearing you very well fine you need to meet up with this okay where is he he’s hiding in an old boot okay it’s green and it’s fine

oh hopeful is going to be all right hope you find that boot soon BB it six see you in hair six major 121 there at age 39 great I need some help how about one of the other number Jack’s oh I think you’re a bit too small zero and one and two are too little for help how about we’ll look at bigger number Jack’s four and six are out there already I’m stuck here and I don’t want to spoil eighth and ninth holiday who else is left not four five six eight or nine who’s left seven of course number Jack’s seven I’ll call her now sometimes I’m not sure it’s completely wonderful being a number Jack number jack seven here what’s up five we need your help anything you like first thing is we can’t find number three number three we’ve got to find her okay this had better be the right boot this time six six you in the poor it’s great to see you numbers Oh getting 6-3 can you hear me three oh it’s no good seven she should be somewhere near the sea but I have no idea where if we can’t get a signal through to three she may be somewhere underground like where maybe a cave or somewhere this is not very nice place to be yes there are some caves near where three was supposed to land that’s where all head then it’s strange not to answer bit stranger together but there’s no other way of Xing out so this is a very strange cave and that’s a very strange torch very strange we should with we say down great now I can’t find my way out what was that you could like the sounds of the teaser I know that’s not the shhh do you think she’ll be back then we need to find something to help us quick there are a lot of caves around here it could be one of these I need some sort of sign to guide me there must be something here so shame or something that will help me is there anything that might help another free that’s classy singlets more like it I’m not create some reason yes the end is a triangle and the triangle is got three sides and three corners I know this

glass key thing is going to help us somehow Jerry could be anywhere it’s got to be something to help me find her shining like this way I know this long triangle thing one house it’s like a rainbow it’s a signal I’m coming three stick great max watch thing one two three four five six seven colors seven that’s my number seven I knew someone would find me yes me let’s go come on thank you [Applause] Oh going to need brain game quick coming up it’s got to be brain game for sorting out shapes we all need to be ready to name those shapes standing by and me and me she’s got big rocks to help her but what shape are they that kid’s sending keep brain gay shape taper we can deal with your cubes agents what shape now pyramids sending pyramid brain game that may have done it 30p quick one more go who is sending sphere Brain Gain well son agents let’s get going come on Wow zero we’ve managed to do something yeah so glad seven managed to find three you did berry well three we beat the Sheep keeper and rescue the torch thing I think the torch things real name is cylinder cylinder one hello cylinder Sinnott is very excited to see other shapes that are senators to tall ones short ones all shapes with circles at both annuals seven we rescued that cylinder from the cave yes three we did in the cave mom is that your FSC well three and

seven have done some great work I hope I can Oh No what’s happening now I’ve lost two oh dear he’s wandered off somewhere can you scan and try to find him I’ll try and while you’re helping eight fine – yes nine can you help me find one in 20 years I’ll have to look for one and to later go ahead agent 20 things are going wrong they’ve been going very wrong for a long time what’s happening Oh sorts of things okay agents what is going on who can be doing this it’s not the hands exactly it’s the fingers count the fingers that might help okay one two three four five six seven eight nine ten so the number is ten but who could be causing problems with a number I bet I know the number taker on screen number six for it’s the number taker oh he’s after things that come in tens and he’s messing with people’s fingers okay four we better split up get ready for anything I’m ready for a quiet lie down if it’s the number taker involved we’re going to need some number Brain Gain thinking so go and find all the body blocks we may need them in the brain game machine can you do that buddy but flesh problem with people’s fingers no not this time it’s know people hands now what’s going on me it’s Mentos times turn again the number taker is still after tens we’ve got more problems for ten fingers and ten toes

six are you there yes we’ve had to deal with spooky and the blob and the shape Draper and now the number taker things can’t get much worse oh no it’s not yes it is the puzzler I’m talking about inside stop thank you if the puzzler has come if you can sort the puzzle out the puzzle we’ll saw this is the worst day of your lives not just one many but all five ha ha well we’re definitely not going to give up I like your style here’s what I’ll do there’s just one tiny chance for you to beat us you must find my friend five different ways of making ten five ways of making 10 we can do that and defeat you to make it harder to defeat us you’ve only got five minutes to beat us you will have lost to us forever if all five mean is get together the fact that how can we number Jax make ten in five different ways oh no what now high five just to let you know I found one hell oh that’s a bit of good news yes nine and one back together again wait a minute 91 nine and one more I know this is important but why nine and one more makes 10 of course it’s one way for the number Jax to make 10 great we’re going to need nine and one down here to help deal with the meanies zero are the Buddy blocks ready ready we’re going to need nine and one making 10 burning ones make 10 [Applause] agents what other ways are there to make ten what about eight what number goes up they too may 10 2010 to do and I have found him hello open to page 10 great we’ve got two ways of making 10 will beat the meanies oh no three of the meanies are together if all five get together we’ve lost oh oh what now hi there 5 we’re on our way phezzan rescue to me 7 and 3 am I glad to see you do you know what you two make a great team yes and you also make 10 go and find 6 quickly we’ve all got to help 7 and 3 yes only got to think think think we’ve had nine and one 8 and 2 7 & 3 what can the next pair of numbers be it should be 9 8 7 6 & 1 2 3 4 ok now how am I going to get to 6 quickly here we go how am I going to get to fall quickly out to floor so all we need is just one more ha ha ha ha ha fine we’re here side-by-side zero sit

crumpled we’ve got another way of making ten six and four but we’ve only found four ways of making ten we need five ways come on everyone what other way is there whatever way it is we have to find it quick look take a pad left okay she’s on her way could anyone see you passing nine eight seven six five and one two three four five we need you five but to lots of you oh no how can I make another five similarly of course I can make another five in the shimmer sheet oh no I’m the wrong way round the opposite way all is now going to work quit the shape shape is getting closer but that five is the opposite way round how can I make it look for normal way make it the opposite of opposite use the other symmetry to sell our fantastic and quickly look they’ve nearly got all five meetings together shimmy she quick yes to five the right way round we found five ways of making 10 hey the shape Jake has joined up with the other meaning she’s too late we know how to deal with them five ways of making 10 brain game coming up 10 one a 9 10 8 and to make 10 2 in [Applause] Nene had sang 306 and poor make 10 4 and 6 make time make 10 find ways of making 10 I’m breathing the meaning [Applause] well done agents happy to help come back now everyone died and seven six boom what’s done everyone you are the numbers you maintain your which number are the pairs your dad numbers which number appears again this you may turn which number are they appears again which number are they live here again to make time pp0 couldn’t join in there is alright he’s playing with his new friend wait a minute if the number taker

had been messing with bars instead of tans who are the numbers who make hall I’ll make three something for you to find out and any problem call the number down you you