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NARRATOR: It is bedtime

Good night, Peppa. Good night, George

(OINKS) Can I have a story, please?

Okay. I’ll read you The Red Monkey{end-italic}book

But we always have that one

The red monkey has a bath, cleans his teeth, and goes to sleep Um, yes. That is what happens Can we choose another story? The Blue Tiger. The Green Spider The Orange Penguin. Oh, what’s this one? The Wonderful World Of Concrete -I’ve been looking for that. -Is it your book, Daddy? It’s a book I borrowed from the library What’s a library? It’s a place you borrow books from and when you’ve finished reading them, you take them back But Daddy Pig has forgotten to take this book back I have had it for rather a long time Never mind. You can take it back tomorrow. (OINKS) But now, it’s bedtime After Daddy reads this story! It’s not much of a story, Peppa -Please read it, Daddy. -Okay (GIGGLES) “The Wonderful World of Concrete.” “Concrete is a construction material “composed of sand, water, and chemical admixtures -“Chapter One. Sand.” -(SNORING) NARRATOR: Peppa, George and Mummy Pig have fallen asleep It is morning. Peppa and her family have come to the library (LAUGHTER) Wow! What a lot of books! Shh! Peppa! You must be quiet in the library Why? Because people come here to read and to be quiet Next, please! NARRATOR: Miss Rabbit is the librarian Hello, Mummy Pig. Are you returning these books? Yes, Miss Rabbit -Right you are. -(BEEPING) Why is the computer beeping? It’s checking to see that you haven’t been naughty and borrowed the book for too long Um, I may have borrowed this book for a bit too long (CHUCKLES) Don’t worry, Daddy Pig. It can’t be that bad! -(BEEPING) -(ALARM BLARES) Gosh! Daddy Pig! You’ve had this book out for ten years! -Naughty Daddy! -Sorry, Miss Rabbit That’s all right. Now you can borrow another book Miss Rabbit, can George and I borrow a book, please? -Yes. The children’s section is over here. -(LAUGHTER) Oh, look! Fairies, Flowers, Pretty Dresses! -(BARKS) Hello, Peppa! -Oh, hello, Danny! I’m borrowing a book about football -(BLEATS) Hello, Peppa! -(OINKS) Hello, Suzy!

I’ve got a book about nurses (OINKS) NARRATOR: George has chosen a book about dinosaurs Dine-saur! Grr! (OINKS) Look what I’ve found! Further Adventures In The World Of Concrete! Here’s a Red Monkey{end-italic}book! Not the Red Monkey{end-italic}book! It’s boring! But this is a different story. It might be more fun I bet it’s not “Once upon a time, there was a red monkey.” (SIGHS) He had a bath, cleaned his teeth and went to bed No. “He jumped in a space rocket and went to the moon!” ALL: Ooh! MUMMY PIG: “He had a picnic with a dinosaur and swam under the sea “and climbed the highest mountain “That was a busy day. The end.” Wow! Read it again! We can borrow it and read it at home, Peppa But I was going to choose this book Or this one You can take three books home, if you want, Peppa! Yippee! But you must remember to bring them back on time Yes, Miss Rabbit And you must remember to bring your book back too, Daddy Pig (LAUGHS) I’ll make sure Daddy remembers! Yes, Peppa. I’m sure you will! Ho! Ho! (ALL LAUGH) (PEPPA PIG READING)

NARRATOR: Peppa and her family are going for a drive to the mountains

(OINKS) Are we nearly there yet?

-(OINKS) Not yet, Peppa! -(BOTH SIGH)

Let’s play a game! We each have to spot a car of our favourite colour! -BOTH: Yes! -(OINKS) My favourite colour is green! Mine is orange! (OINKS) Mine is red! George, what’s your favourite colour? Boo! NARRATOR: George’s favourite colour is blue (OINKS) Let’s see which colour car comes along first! ALL: Okay! (HORN BEEPS) NARRATOR: Here is Candy Cat in her green car (LAUGHS) Green! That’s my favourite colour! I win! (OINKS) Hello, Candy! (MEOWS) Hello, Peppa! (HORN HONKS) NARRATOR: Here is Danny Dog in Granddad Dog’s breakdown truck (OINKS) Orange! So I win! Hello, Danny! (BARKS) Hello, Peppa! (LAUGHS) Here’s another car! -(HORN BEEPS) -PEPPA PIG: It’s Suzy! Hello! -(BLEATS) Hello, Peppa! -(OINKS) Boo! NARRATOR: Yes, George! It’s a blue car, so you win! (LAUGHS) (GROANS) This is a silly game! There isn’t a red car anywhere! There is one red car, Peppa Where? (LAUGHS) What colour is our car? Er… It’s red! I win! I win! (ALL LAUGH) NARRATOR: The family have arrived at the mountains We’ll have a fantastic view when we get to the top! (OINKS) We’re here! ALL: Hurray! Look at the lovely sunny view! ALL: Argh! NARRATOR: Oh, dear! It has started to rain! Where’s the lovely view? Er… There’s a lovely view! NARRATOR: It is Miss Rabbit’s ice cream stall -Hello, Miss Rabbit! -Hello, Daddy Pig! Four ice creams, please! What flavours would you like? Mint, orange, strawberry and blueberry, please! Okay! (LAUGHS) Look what I’ve got! Ice cream! (LAUGHS) They’re our favourite colours! That’s right! (OINKS) Green for me Orange for me Strawberry red for me -And George’s is… -Boo! (ALL SLURP) -Yum, yum! -Yummy! Look! The sun has come out! DADDY PIG: And look what else has come out! PEPPA PIG AND GEORGE: A rainbow! NARRATOR: Peppa and George love rainbows! DADDY PIG: A rainbow only comes out when it’s rainy and sunny at the same time! BOTH: Ooh! It’s got all our favourite colours in it! PEPPA PIG: Yes! (OINKS) Red and orange and green and blue! (BOTH LAUGH) And do you know what you find at the end of a rainbow? BOTH: No You find treasure! Oh! Can we go and find the treasure, now? Okay! The end of the rainbow looks like it’s just on the next hill! Let’s go! -ALL: Whee! -(ALL LAUGH) ♪ It’s a rainy, sunny day ♪ The rainbow’s here to play ♪ Rainbow, rainbow ♪ Red and orange and yellow and green and purple and blue BOTH: ♪ Rainbow, rainbow ♪ It’s a rainy sunny day ♪ -(BOTH LAUGH) -Here we are! Oh! Where’s our rainbow gone? -It’s moved to the next hill! -You cheeky rainbow! Quick! Let’s catch it! ♪ Rainbow, rainbow ♪ It’s a rainy sunny day ♪ -(PEPPA PIG LAUGHS) -DADDY PIG: It’s stopped raining! PEPPA PIG: And the rainbow is gone! -(CRIES) -Don’t worry, George! Maybe the rainbow has left some treasure behind! There’s something over here! Have you found the rainbow’s treasure? Yes! I have! A big, muddy puddle! ALL: Hurray! (ALL LAUGH) This is the best rainbow treasure ever! (ALL LAUGH)