Star Wars (The Force Awakens) | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Hello everyone! Welcome to Cosmic Kids I’m Jaime and this is your place for yoga, stories and fun It’s easy Just copy the moves I do and enjoy the adventure Now we always start in the same way, and that’s by sitting on our bottoms, crossing our legs, and bringing our hands together at our hearts, to say our secret yoga code word, which is namaste Ready? After 3 1 2 3 Namaste There Now we are ready to begin And today we’ve got a special adventure We’re doing Star Wars The Force Awakens, episode 7 That’s why I’ve got my Rae hair The story begins 30 years after the last remaining Jedi, Luke Skywalker, has disappeared He’s gone into hiding Let’s come into our hiding pose everyone Coming onto your knees everyone and tuck yourselves up into a tiny little hiding ball Shh no one will find you here Now the First Order has risen from the evil Galactic Empire Slowly lifting your body up, your arms coming forward, all the way up and to your hips They want to destroy the new republic, which is protected by the resistance Let’s blow a raspberry to the sky [blows raspberry] Well done everyone Stepping one leg forward and tucking your back toe, lifting yourself up Now Princess Leia is in charge of the Resistance. She’s the general Bringing your hand to your head She’s looking everywhere for her twin brother Luke Skywalker Turning your body to face the other way and bringing your other hand on top now “Where are you Luke Skywalker? We need your help to defeat the First Order.” Lowering your hand to your hip Princess Leia sends her best pilot, Po, in his ex-wing aeroplane to Jakku to find a map to find Luke Coming into aeroplane pose Down onto two knees, take your arms out wide. Drop down onto one hand and wave at the sky Bring your foot in front of your knee and shoot your back leg out behind you, going [aeroplane sound] all the way to Jakku Coming onto two knees again, arms out wide, drop down onto the other side and wave at the sky Bring your foot in front of your knee and shoot your back leg out behind you, lifting up your hip He finds the map and he hides it in his driod BB8, who is like a little roly-poly egg Sitting on your bottom everyone Hug your knees, we’re going to be roly-poly eggs just like BB8 Tuck your chin in and after 3 let’s roll all the way back and all the way up, ready? 1 2 3 Oooop! Weeee! Wow, well done Just as they’re about to leave, Kylo Ren and the Storm Troopers spin into land on Jakku Coming up to stand, take your feet wide and your arms wide and begin to spin They’re looking for the map as well. They want to find where Luke Skywalker is Letting yourself come to a stop Now Kylo Ren is the son of Han Solo and Princess Leia but he was turned evil by the leader of the First Order, Snoke Let’s come into pirate pose to be Snoke Standing with your feet together coming up onto one leg Making your fingers all craggy and your face all scrunchy like you’re a bad Snoke Arrhggg Standing nice and tall Now Kylo Ren wishes to be as powerful as his grandpa was His grandpa was Darth Vader Let’s do a couple of Darth Vader breaths Criss-cross your fingers, put them underneath your chin and lift up your elbows to breathe all the way in Here we go, [inhales] and a big Darth Vader breath to the sky [exhales] And again, breathing in [inhales] Darth Vader breath to the sky [exhales] And lowering your arms to the side He even wears a black mask, just like Darth Vader did Kylo Ren and the Storm Troopers capture Po the pilot And they tie him in a knot Let’s come into knot pose Sitting on our bottoms, legs out long Now bend in one of your legs and stretch your arm up high Reach all the way forwards and wrap it around your leg Now see if you can take your other arm and wrap it around your back to find your fingers Now you’re in a right knot They tie him up in an even tighter knot on the other side

Let’s switch sides now Stretching out your legs, bringing the other leg in Take your arm up to the sky and reach it all the way forwards Now take it round your leg and wrap your other arm around the back to find your fingers Oh help! I’m in a right knot! So Po tells Kylo Ren where he’s hidden the map- in BB8 – my Droid! Luckily BB8 has escaped, like a little roly-poly boat Coming into boat pose. Sitting up on your bottoms everyone Bring up one foot, bring up two Bring up one hand, bring up- no hands! BB9 zooms along, swerving from side to side… Pyewww-Pyewww Pyewww-Pyewww He’s going to miss the laser shots coming from the First Order But then he finds friend Stretch your legs out long Sitting up tall It’s a scavenger girl called Rae Now Rae is very good at fixing things She goes to old junk yards and finds old telephones, like this one Let’s pick up our telephone everyone Rae turns all the knobs, twiddling your toes… She presses all the buttons beebooboobebeebooboobebeep Until it works again Brrbrrr- Brrrbrrr [telephone rings] “Hello? Yeah it’s Rae here Fixed it. Bye!” Popping the phone down Ahh… BB8 knows all will be ok with Rae Meanwhile back at the village Storm Trooper FN2187 is marching around Come on everyone, standing up Let’s march around like Storm Troopers [hums star wars theme song] The problem is, Storm Trooper FN2187, he doesn’t want to be a Storm Trooper anymore, he doesn’t like it, he doesn’t like killing people, so he sets Po the pilot free Jump your feet wide, take your arms wide coming into your star pose Together they escape on a stolen TIE fighter Let’s do windmill pose Sweeping your hand all the way across to your opposite foot and reaching up with your top arm – Pyewww! Now switch sides, taking your other hand across, reaching up with your top arm Pyewww! Now let’s go a bit faster Pyewww! Pyewww! Pyewww! Pyewww! Coming all the way up to stand Now Po doesn’t think that FN2187 is a very good name He decides to call him Finn But oh no they crash land Jumping into crouch – boing! Finn manages to wiggle out Coming onto your tumies everyone, Hands under your shoulders Then wiggle wiggle wiggle all the way up He looks around everywhere for Po but he can’t see him so he tucks toes, lifts his hips to the sky, walks forwards, and then rolls up to stand He runs away Quick! Then he meets Rae and BB8 and the three of them squat down together Bending down and snuggling your arms inbetween your legs They need to miss the shots coming from the First Order All of a sudden they spot an old spacecraft they can escape on Coming into rocket pose Standing with your feet wide, your arms wide, bring your arms up above your head It’s the Millennium Falcon They jump on board. Jumping down to crouch, ready? 1 2 3 Boing! And then they count down to blastoff Sitting on your bottoms, take hands behind you Feet flat, knees bent and then we’re going to lift our hips as we countdown from five to blastoff, here we go 5 4 3 2 1 Blastoff! Sitting on your bottoms, taking your legs out wide Taking your arms out wide and we begin to spin around and around as the Millennium Falcon lifts off the ground into the stars They’ve done it – they’ve escaped. Wahoo! But up ahead is a tractor beam Coming into your tractor beam pose Lying on your backs everyone, take your arms out wide and lift your legs to the sky, pointing your toes The tractor beam is coming from a much bigger space craft, It draws the Millennium Falcon in towards it Bringing your knees in towards your chest everyone,

and giving them a nice big hug Its Han Solo and his Wookiee co-pilot Chewbacca, who’s a bit like a giant gorilla Coming into gorilla pose Standing up, take your feet wide and gently thump your chest making your Chewbacca noise Aahhhhahhh! Chewbacca and Han Solo used to own the Millennium Falcon so they jump on board. Jumping down to crouch, here we go, Boing! And together with Rae and Finn and BB8 they fly Standing tall with your feet nice and long and your arms down long Take them out wide as we soar up into the stars Wahoo! As they fly BB8 decides to show them the map he’s been hiding Coming into your little dog pose Down onto your hands and knees, tuck your toes Lift your bottom to the sky Now reach one of your legs up to the sky and give it a little waggle- yes! BB8 shows them the map he has been hiding, but some of it looks to be missing. Hmm Sitting on your bottoms with your legs crossed everyone Han Solo explains that Luke Skywalker went missing because he was sad that one of the Jedis he was training turned evil and joined the dark side. That was Kylo Ren Now they decide to land on Takodana to find a lovely little wise alien lady called Maz Kanata Let’s come into a squat pose Taking your feet wide, lifting your bottom up and snuggling your arms in between Now, Maz Kanata wears goggles on her eyes, so let’s bring our thumbs and fingers together and put our goggles over our eyes Now Maz Kanata tells them that she can get the map back to Princess Leia and the resistance While they are there, lowering your hands down, Rae thinks she can hear voices Let’s give our ears a rub All the way from the bottoms, rounds to the tops Hmmm. She decides to go exploring to find out where the voices are coming from Coming up to stand everyone Rae tiptoes. She goes down the stairs, shhh She goes into the basement and into a secret room In the secret room she finds a box. Let’s come into box pose Sitting on your bottoms everyone, joining the soles of your feet together Holding onto your feet and bringing your head down towards your heels Rae opens the box up Lifting up your head And inside she finds a lightsaber The lightsaber that used to belong to Luke Skywalker, and before him Anakin Skywalker Rae picks the lightsaber out of the box and holds it up But as she does she starts to feel all hot and dizzy, like she’s really had a bad dream So she put it back in the box and she closes the lid Lowering your head all the way down Then she stands up and she runs out into the forest Quick! Flynn decides he will hold onto that lightsaber. Rae might need it someday All of a sudden the First Order attack Takadana with a big ka-boom Coming into a ka-boom jump everyone. Crouching all the way down, after three were going to do a big ka-boom in the air, ready? 1 2 3 KA-BOOM! Oh no it’s Kylo Ren and the Storm Troopers They’re still looking for BB8 and the map But Kylo Ren manages to capture Rae Coming up onto your knees, take your arms are wide everyone and wrap yourselves up like you’ve been caught- HELP! He takes her back to the Star Killer base where he ties her up to a chair Sitting on your bottoms, crossing your legs And take your hands behind you, criss-crossing your fingers Press your knuckles back down into the ground, opening your shoulders Now Kylo Ren tries to use the force to read Rae’s mind so that he can see the map that BB8 showed her But Rae doesn’t let him because Rae blocks him She can use force as well Kylo Ren stomps are in a grump Then Rae uses the force to tell the guard to untie her and leave the door open, which he does Coming up into door pose Up onto two knees everyone Take your leg out to the side, your arm up to the sky

And open up the door She escapes and closes the door behind her Two knees, your other leg out to the other side, reach your arm up to the sky and close the door Yes she is free. Coming up to stand Now Han Solo, Chewbacca and Finn are rescued by Po the pilot- he’s alive! Get into aeroplane pose everyone Down onto two knees, arms out to the side, drop down onto one side and wave at the sky Bring your foot in front of your knee and shoot your back leg out behind you going [aeroplane sound] He takes them back to Princess Leia and the resistance where they all sit together Sitting on your bottoms Together they make a plan to destroy the Star Killer base and to save Rae. While they’re there, BB8 finds a friend It’s R2-D2, Luke Sky Walker’s old driod. Let’s come into our R2D2 dog pose Onto your hands and knees everyone, tuck your toes and lift your bottom to the sky The problem is R2-D2 has been frozen ever since Luke Skywalker disappeared Standing up everyone It’s time Han Solo, Chewbacca and Finn get back on board their spacecraft the Millennium Falcon Coming into rocket pose Standing with your feet wide your arms wide, bring your hands above your head Slowly folding forwards everyone They silently float the Millennium Falcon down into the dock of the Star Killer base As they stand up slowly they find Rae. Yay! They’re all back together again But now they get to work planting explosives Jump your feet together Folding all the way forwards to plant the explosives in all the low places That’s it. Now rolling all the way up they reach up high to plant the explosives in all the high places But all of a sudden, Han Solo sees someone that he knows It’s his son Kylo Ren standing on a bridge Coming into bridge pose Sitting on your bottoms, feet flat, knees bent, hands behind you and lift your bottom all the way up This is the moment Hans Solo must go and talk to his son Standing up everyone He stands before him, and he begs him, “Please son, come home. You don’t belong in the Darkside Come back to your family.” Kylo Ren takes his lightsaber, and with tears in his eyes he stretches forwards like he’s going to give it back to him Then at the last moment he switches it on, he bends his knees and he thrusts it up into his father Standing up tall everyone, lowering your arms all the way down, turning to the side Han Solo falls from the bridge Lowering your head all the way down, folding yourself in half Noooo And rolling all the way back up to stand Chewbacca is so upset that he takes aim Stepping one foot to the side, one foot back and bend your knee Swoop your arms up and out He fires- pyewww! And he hits Kylo Ren and sets off all the explosives in the Star Killer base Ready to do a ka-boom everyone? Down into a crouch pose, after three a big ka-boom jump Ready? 1 2 3 KA-BOOM! Now the resistance can destroy the Star Killer base Standing all the way up Kylo Ren, Rae and Finn climb up to the surface of the planet Let’s climb Up we go – up we go Up we – up we, up we go Once they get to the top they have a dual But Finn can’t defeat Kylo Ren It’s up to Rae She takes one step forward one step back, and she stretches her arms wide as she grabs Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber into her grip She brings it into her heart and she switches it on ♪ Then she takes her Jedi Warrior one pose Turning to the side, bending your front knee and swoop your lightsaber up above your head Kylo Ren runs into attack her but Rae opens up into her Jedi Warrior two pose and she defeats him All of a sudden the planet begins to crumble and crack

They need to escape so they jump back on board the Millennium Falcon Jumping down to crouch, ready? 1 2 3 Boing! Now the resistance celebrates the defeat of the First Order, But back home, Princess Leia on her knees, with Chewbacca and Rae, put their hand on their tummy, their hand on the chest, they feel sad about the death of Han Solo But as they rest here R2-D2 suddenly wakes up Coming into your dog pose everyone Onto your hands and your knees, tucking your toes, Lift your bottom up to the sky He opens up a secret compartment Lifting your leg all the way up to the sky, bending it over the top And look, he’s got the rest of the map, the map that will lead them to Luke Skywalker Rolling up to stand everyone, taking your hands back Rae big steps across planet Ahch-To Big step and again big step Stepping back She comes to the cave, standing with your feet wide and your hands above your head, where Luke Skywalker has been hiding Then turning to the side, down on one knee, out of respect to the most senior Jedi Luke Skywalker, Rae lifts and hands him back his lightsaber Slowly lie yourself back now Rae’s mission is accomplished Take our arms and our legs down long and we rest our bodies here What an adventure, what a story From that story we learnt that real power lies not in fighting but in how well we know ourselves and how well we understand others We learn about ourselves by understanding what we are afraid of and learning ways to help ourselves been hard feelings come up When we can breathe, we can be calm and we can focus exactly on what we need to do That’s where real power lies So listen to your body, steady your mind, and the Force will be strong in you Slowly we wiggle our fingers, we wiggle our toes and we bring our knees into our chest as we give them a nice cuddle We roll over onto our side and we push ourselves up to sit with our legs crossed just as we started, and our hands together at our hearts We finish with a secret yoga code-word, which is namaste Ready? After three 1 2 3 Namaste Wow well done everyone! Thanks for doing Star Wars the Force Awakens with me You were amazing I hope you come back soon for another Cosmic Kids adventure Bye bye! ♪