Superheroes Toys Battle: A SuperHero Kids Christmas Classic Comics Compilation

Make sure to subscribe and like this video! Merry Christmas from the SuperHeroKids! Time to order some toys (doorbell rings) I got it! No I got it! Guys wait for me! Christmas presents! I’m going to open mine first! Guys! We are not supposed to be opening these yet! That’s so cool! Oh my goodness gracious! I got Batman! This is so cool! It’s not even Christmas yet! Woah! The Batmobile is mine! Clearly it’s mine! It’s neither of yours! You’re not even supposed to be opening them! I want to play with it! Hey! (transforming noises) Give me my car back! Ha! See ya! Give me my car back! Ha ha ha! Yes! I finally got it! Aquaman! What! That Batmobile is mine! Finally! It’s mine! Give me the Batmobile! Cyborg! (magnetic noises) No! Yes! It’s mine! I need that Batmobile! Finally I got the Uh oh Give me my Batmobile! Take this! Hang on, let’s talk about this! Finally! It’s mine! The Batmobile is neither of yours! These toys were for the Robinson family!

Why are we getting presents for them? Yeah, what about our presents? They didn’t have enough money for presents this year And you just ruined the only chance for any presents Hey Hope? We’re sorry we ruined the Robinson’s presents We did our best to fix it It’s the thought that counts Can we take it to the Robinson’s now? Oh, we are rewrapping this first Are we going to get stuff like this too? Hopefully This is cool! What are you doing Noah? I’m making presents. Have you been naughty Zane? Santa won’t give you a present if you’ve been naughty Noah Santa doesn’t exist he’s not real [Applause] no he’s not I’d have to see his hat with my own two eyes to believe that hmm Red alert! I’ve been spotted! I need that hat! Santa has ninja stars? Cookie ninja stars? Run away! Hey get back here! is it a Nintendo switch no hmm an iPad negatory rocket launcher come on you can do better than that Let’s make a bet, if I can guess what my present is, I get half of the candy in your stocking Fine but if you don’t guess your present then I get half of the candy from your stocking Hmmm, deal! What’s that noise? It’s probably nothing Santa! I need your hat! Where are you hiding? Are you in this one? No more candy canes! Christmas bear! Run away! Hey get back here! It’s snow balls Commander! I deduce that my present is

You’ll never get my hat Commander! I’ve been delivering presents for over one hundred and ninety four years and no child has ever been able to capture me! But you know one thing I haven’t seen in over one hundred and ninety four years of delivering presents? A present as awesome as this! Make sure to click the link below to get your very own superherokids t-shirt Let us know in the comments below if you are going to get one! My present is a bowling ball! Yea! You got it wrong What? I get all your candy. I get all your candy! Have a very merry christmas commander It wasn’t a bowling ball, it was a rock At least I was close See Ace? I told you he was real! Great, so how are we supposed to get our presents now if you knocked out Santa Claus? I knocked him out? Okay, we knocked him out How about we do this, let’s go eat the Christmas stocking candy while we decide what to do with santa That’s a good idea. Hey, wait a minute! We can use him as a janitor That’s a great idea, we do need someone to clean up the place But guys, I won the bet We can pay him in cookies. I’m sure he won’t mind spending the year here. Let’s do it! Guys! Oh hey Noah! Here’s your present. Ah thanks buddy. Did you ever prove if Santa Claus is real by the way? Just open it I don’t know! Merry Christmas! From the Superherokids Superman let’s go! We’re gonna be late! Coming! Okay, let’s get the cars loaded up Hello? Superman? Cleaning lady? Anybody? I made my family disappear. I made my family disappear! the card a gift for you Dear Superhero kids we hope you have a fantastic Christmas and keep up the good videos ‘best Harry and Charlie gorgeous movie

There’s captain america, there’s spiderman, there’s hulk. Hey, how come I’m not on here? okay let’s play okay slide under the portal with the cosmic cube above your head I’m not very good at this game These are really cool stickers! Look at me dancing! That’s so cool! hello yes this is the YouTube headquarter for complaints press one questions press two claim disputes please hang up with abandon all hope oh it’s a three not a – oh yes I’m at the location good what is it you need me to take again I need you to get the Frog it won’t be hard why do you need the Frog it why can’t you just get it yourself unimportant once you get the Frog I’ll be able to give you super power okay I know what to do about burglars come at me burglar oh great this is gonna be harder than I thought Stop burglar!

Oh Batman what are you doing here and why did you break into my house? Um, I didn’t, I mean I I know what you’re doing You do? Yes. You were worried that I did not get you a Christmas present It’s okay, I did! I was about to wrap it when I saw the burglar You can have it now though, you didn’t have to sneak in Oh okay, thanks No problem buddy I should get going Okay bye! I hope you like your present Hey Batman, I forgot to tell you Merry Christmas! Merry Christmas He was acting weird Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring not even DP what where’d he go he was just here a second ago really that’s how you start the Christmas special oh yeah that’s that’s what’s on the script since when have we followed the script? oh I don’t know this is this is my first time being here this is my Christmas special we are doing it my way I I’m not sure if my boss would let me wait wait what are you doing greetings welcome to the Christmas special here we celebrate the good feeling Christmas cheer and rampant consumerism that comes with this time of year Hello Santa Claus, I want Hello Kitty roller skate let’s go see what Batman’s up to what you working on I’m calculating the trajectory of a 20 inch board to see if the casualty would result Do you want to do Christmas stuff with me? No Are you sure? Yes It’s going to be fun! No So much for Christmas spirit I have Christmas spirit, see? Wow you really went all out! So much for Christmas spirit It’s really fun! So much for Christmas spirit, it’s really fun! You’re the scrooge of the story aren’t you? I am not scrooge! It totally makes sense Well maybe I actually take my job seriously At least I don’t play around all the time, grow up! So that’s how you really feel? Yes! Okay, I got you this will you do Christmas stuff with me Jamaica spiderman? oh yeah man, I’ll do Christmas stuff it’s not the same

Hey man, why did you throw me? you are not as cool as Batman That’s true Want to do Christmas stuff? Yes! Christmas! and so while drinking cocoa their friendship mending what a good way for this video to be ending Really? Why do you have to make everything so cliche? that’s my job who are you talking to?