3 2 9 JP Dunning The Glitch hardware with hacking made easy

sweet how everybody thanks for coming so this is a sort of not impromptu talk but I’ve kind of filled a void of a talk that wasn’t able to be here i guess the speaker wasn’t able to be here so i thank everybody for showing up this is a talk i’d originally submitted and then they asked you know they said during registration of me yesterday they’re like well you know we need speakers to fill a gap and so I volunteered for this so some of this was thrown together quickly I had most of it already together but thanks for showing up so I’m going to be talking about the glitch hardware with hacking made easy and yes this is phrase weird and I accidentally put that in and when i submitted the cfp and I saw that after David posted it but uh it kind of actually makes a little bit more sense to praise of that way even though that’s not how you you might think of it so we’ll talk about that I’ll talk about that later on kind of where work along with that but I’m JP Dunning my handle is Ronan and you if you don’t know it you’re at DEFCON this is what I’m going to be talking about today what’s inside the case mostly this is the glitch it is very small that is a quarter and that is a 3d printed case for it 3d printing lots of fun so what is the late show you guys here it’s inspired by hardware security projects that I’ve seen in the past a lot of stuff by iron geek and some stuff by relic like seen their talks to the last couple years about these using these small embedded pieces of hardware to perform certain kinds of attacks I just got really really interested about a year and a half ago so it’s like well let me just play around with it and since then I’ve just taken off with it there’s some really cool things you can do that it’s kind of a unique attack vector I wanted to create hardware that was specifically for security hacking platform purposes there’s a lot of similar hardware platforms out there but I kind of like what would what would I want to use as a pin chest about what I want so I’m basing it pretty much on that it’s made arduino compatible people here uses arduino boards it’s a pretty common to very very popular platform for Mike you’re controlling programming so I wanted to base it on that because it’s a lot of resources out there already available no need to reinvent the wheel lots of people are using it already let’s just you know go with that so I can leverage existing hardware so that you can connect additional hard way to this to make it do other things and the hardware was built this platform so again there’s tons of additional resources out there I’ll just keep the ball rolling make projects accessible to non coders and engineers and this is a big part of it I recognize that not everybody out there either is a proficient programmer or considers himself a proficient programmer or does hardware stuff I mean if you haven’t soldered versus you know other steps is actually building your own hardware that can be a pretty steep hill to climb to actually get into doing this stuff so I really wanted to make it a low entry level to mess around with its Hardware make it easier so it’s more you know you’re doing a project you release it and you can get to a much wider audience so making it easier for the users I fight for the users so what does it do it’s a reprogrammable microcontroller development platform its development platform first and foremost so that developers can create new projects it’s not limited to the one that I’m currently doing I just don’t want to do every project out there I want to have my interests and you know be able to expose the device and say this is cool stuff that it does you know get you know take out ticket and do your own stuff with it some of you and then release the code and make it available to everybody the projects I’ve been working on I started out with this got inspired through the keystroke injection stuff at iron geek had done and so I wrote a lot of the future of injection keylogger and Bluetooth big bluetooth fan embedding in hardware it was another thing a lot of these are inspired by other people’s projects and RFID I just I like wireless stuff so RFID NFC reader emulator boards so being able to use this platform to control those technologies or interact in that way with the computer and you can build airport a lot of other projects so this is a developing board that is again a compatible with this platform where tons of different boards are already you can develop for and the kind of cross compile so you can get porting a project it’s already existing out there to this new platform it’s very simple to do so how many thing it easy for the users as I mentioned before programmers can program the people who do hardware solder is cansada and the users can use it I really wanted to make it very easy for the users because a lot of this community does not do hardware there’s another side to it if you have like a local hackerspace that’s generally actually more hardware related it’s not necessarily security stuff and in our field there are not a lot of people that do even mess around hardware the hobby it’s not necessarily professionally which is hobbyist so really low entry level users don’t have to be developers and that’s a kind of new concept for this a lot of these are doing their platforms the hand your source code and they say do your stuff with it so you have to program it you have to maybe

create a new board your new hardware I don’t want you have to do that so the users can be separated from the developers and you don’t have to writing the code i’m doing a suggested framework to make this easier for the users so the developers don’t have to follow it a lot of stuff would be compatible right off the bat but if they conform to the standards that i’m going to publish it will again make it a little bit you guys and the glitch hardware another way to make easier is i’m going to have a microsd but has a microsd adapter on it and a dip switch and these are per user interaction so you’re used to using a microSD card that’s just the file system that you can mount interacting with that is super easy and then a dip switch is easy interaction hardware developers saw it talk about developers and the users the developers create their projects you do whatever you want be inspired if you mess with this stuff great good you do that build up in the Arduino platform you did arguing a platform is in C so if you know see it’s really really easy entry level if you’re doing programming stuff and then you’re you know bringing out the people’s hardware leverage all these existing libraries I I would imagine there’s millions of people that mess with these Arduino devices I might say that worldwide it’s a very popular project for just home automation is all kinds of tinker toys not just security so people do all kinds of things especially like burning man most of what you see there are doing a base so there’s library software libraries compatible hardware it’s just tons of it out there online from all these different resources so the extra Park developers normally have to do is they write their code and they say here you want to change it here’s my code figure out how it works and you know jump through all the code here what lines you want and you take all the time in reverse because of course they don’t promise anything because you’re a developer you know exactly what you did why it’s open source so they can figure it out on their own it’s generally how we do things I know I’m guilty of that having put software out there but if you go the extra mile to leverage the microSD cards we use it easily and start reading stuff off the microSD card it’s a lot easier for somebody to create framework for the users to interact with point-and-click why’s that launched it puts the payload on the micro SD card and you’re good to go there so it’s a little bit extra work i’m a developer side do not used to read having to do all this additional reading off a microSD card but in the end as a as a user it’s much much easier the dip switch you’re going to be able to select different modules based on the dip switch so you can have a one module set up to do one thing and then a completely different one you don’t have to reprogram it every time you have tons of these dip switches to just select ok I want to run this 10 on the fly I decided that this attack vector is actually better due to my circumstances I’ll change that I run it against the system or the leverage whatever Hardware i’m using so again developers saw at the user side I’ve kind of been beating this yet really easy to use everything is micro SD card selected the dip switch plug and play so if should be very quick once you have the board set up the initial setup you want to keep reusing it it’s going to be super easy to do modules i mentioned modules and this is a way think of this sort of as like you know how you use metasploit you wanna you’re getting a configuration you you know you find whatever vulnerable device in this case your target hardware platform you have a configuration file which is like going up and setting up the IP addresses and stuff in medicine you’ve got you know whatever you want it to target the specific attack I have in these module holders help file which is nice and so the help files just literally that I somebody can actually make a module and you know say posted to their websites i made the school module you can use it to and so this makes it a lot easier to know what’s going on if i say you should put a help file in there again people that use the tools of this community you can appreciate having help in a help file i mean the other thing depending on what you’re doing is you can have a payload in there so these are three you know pretty simple file this would be like the mature critter payload referencing metasploit this would be the what you want it to do in the end I say it’s optional because like each track injection you might have a payload but something like you’re going to do rfid reading you don’t necessarily have a payload to upload you just you know scanning something and dumping it to a log so it’s optional in that however the people are going to be using this hacking hardware they would specify whether you need that kind of stuff or not this is the basic breakdown of the hardware very simple board people that no hardware this isn’t much here processor is what makes it hard to be no compatible I’ve got the microSD the dip switch a couple programmable lights that won’t blink on default because you might want to be really covert with this and a lot of the other ones have blinky lights and we are going to be proved our blinky lights kind of show you know like oh crap something’s there that’s weird I’ll these are programmable so a lot of times you might want to program a red LED if you have an error in your code which is very helpful to get hardware debugging hardware is a big pain using LEDs to debug is a great thing solder the spin outs and no no hardware soldering needed for this project you’ll be able to plug

in little adapter cables so it’s pretty much plug-and-play and then a USB interface your programming all this stuff up through USB which is a big step forward in the hardware days because normally you had to have this intermediary hardware thing that they’re actually upload firmware and you had to get their IDE and it was just this whole expensive and difficult thing of pinning out so this is just plug it in through USB upload the firmware and then you know configure it however you want so what are some of the stuff I mentioned the projects that I’ve been working on and what it will come with and so I’ve been doing keystroke injection that’s where I know why first got into this and what what is key shark injection emulate a keyboard basically when you plug it in it says your computer says oh thank you you’ve connected a keyboard to my local device not knowing that it’s actually a very tiny little micro controller that you’re taking all the benefits of that it types quickly it types accurately it does not require human why would this be a good thing in certain environments a lot of them man a lot of them don’t allow USB flash drive certain like it’s more secure networks they restrict certain things like her plugging in a flash drive might be say you know we don’t want exploration through flash drive so we won’t let them in there but keyboards generally not blocked unless all USB is blocked if you have a desktop you kind of need a keyboard on there so that’s generally not restricted through policy so keyboards keystroke injection is kind of neat and you’re leveraging local stuff so you’re not necessarily happy to bring anything we ready onto the system it works against pretty much any computer that you can plug in the keyboard and the firmware takes care of all the running payloads so I mentioned the environment i hope that developers follow i am following that when developing my projects so i take care of all the hard stuff for you including like so if you want to run something like some of these payloads i take care of the opening the run he and opening up notepad and typing it in running the script and deleting the strip all that is done in my firmware all you have to do is supply the payload in a configuration file and you have to worry about what weird windows key brings up a run terminal and half function with all F for that closes an application you’re not to look all that stuff I’ll take care of that so you can target 30 different operating systems I have these four things running in all three operating systems I say you know depending on your configuration file you can either tell it I want to run a command how we run our want to run a script and then used to apply what kind of script and really this is only for when you’re going to open up in the terminal you have to know what’s it put it in the front of it so this is going to be python script two types in python space in the script name a binary file i can copy over a binary file in hex and then convert it back into binary and run that on all three operating systems and the one that i wrote called red button and you should never ever use red button but you know sometimes you just have to you have an idea just half a minute and then you tell people don’t use it but I called it red button paris– slightly 10 fee so what it does is a it moves the mouse around randomly it starts to run I mentioned control our GUI our opens the run terminal it types in two random characters and waits a second then hits inner so whatever application pops up in the run it’ll run that and then it will hop around or right-click every once a while left click every once in a while drag stuff around kill stuff so it’s a great thing if you want to break a kiosk or like yeah I don’t know how to get out of this kiosk you just plug this in you know walk away and come back needs to be crashed or you have access to the desktop so I’ve run this against myself accidentally and that’s why I say don’t do that it did not take very long at all I mean stuff which is popping up left and right and then all of a sudden othing popped up because the screen didn’t move because it grows I recommend that unless you’re doing it’s the males i wrote a scripting language so one thing about this is you know types of a batch file on the batch file you a command but what if you want to interact with the interface on another level like how do you type in f or if you type in f 4 in a file i assume you’re typing in F and then four instead of the function key so I wrote a scripting language to takes care of all of that it’ll take in plain text it’s got four components to it and i’ll show you example in the second you get your plain text stuff which will just your normal typing it’s got parsed modifiers some command kisas modifier keys like control and all their special keys the rest of the keys it’s going to parse those and there’s special commands that are interpreted by the the glitch that aren’t really key related like the time delay if you want to do a time delay there’s no keyboard is the key show / time delay you can tell the system through my scripting language that you want to wait X number of seconds to because a lot of times you want to say open up the run terminal type in internet explorer give it the URL to your payload wait for you next floor to pop up then the payload says do you want

to save and you go through the 7th aves and then you type in it’s it’s it’s a big pain sometimes but once you get it set it’s awesome because you hit tab X number of times and you type of the new directory and you save it and you know then it’ll go back and run it you can do all that using us this script that’s just an example but that’s something you have to wait for internet explorer to pop up because you don’t just do it all right away so a friend of mine cuz I don’t think web web development I wrote a really cool java script interface that runs locally because it’s JavaScript you don’t have to post it on work because i want i wanted to be able to send it out with people and associated javascript face that runs just off your localhost generate this code for you because you’ll see that’s what it ends up looking like which is cool except for it’s a little bit cumbersome to write all that out when all you wanted to control or the GUI are key and type out you know 20 characters so what this does it’s a point-and-click interface to say I would like you know that the gimmicky I’d like to add our and it types it all for you and then just copy it paste it so your script is done it’s way way too simple I don’t know if I have it on here otherwise like demo it but this is very simple this is I assume the hello world for this kind of thing control our GUI our opens up the run I wait a second / to make sure that’s running pipes on notepad wait a second types out hello world and then kills the process yay we all love notepad why because we always migrate to notepad so and that would be a separate effect but this is very very simple not necessarily security-related one that’s the simplest thing I could think of that showed you the way command that’s the number of milliseconds opening up narrow pad etc etc so this is I mentioned red button destroyed my laptop so I thought that wasn’t cool so when I was developing and decided to add in a safe mode so in the dip switch you will select modules in binary format so you have you know pop is one and down is zero and you’re going to be counting through so all everything down is safe mode and that I’m asking people that are developing to make that do nothing nothing at all it does not do anything against sources somewhere against you know whatever Hardware because sometimes you have to upload new firmware and if you don’t have it in a safe mode then it will attack or system unless you do this correctly and I figured everybody can figure out what zero was one types out the help so I mentioned that every module can have a help file again very nice it goes through all the modules recursively just types out whatever help you supplied which is very very nice when you can’t remember of all the dip switches if you didn’t write it down which one should run what payload and then the rest of them would you know do whatever you want okay that was cute shark injection I’m going to work through some of my projects really quick there’s also a key logging adapter so these are separate you basically upload new firmware for each one of these projects and that’s all you have to do is the user very easy to do connect the USB host adapter to the glitch the new man in the middle Ling you have a keyboard you have the you know it’s we know how cute loggers work but the difference between this and other key loggers have seen online is you have a micro SD card all of them come with like four megabytes megabytes of built-in memory and they cost $150 y 4 megabytes like wow and then the eight megabyte one costs 200 dollars really what kind what are you using that’s tiny why not just use a micro SD card that’s what this was micro SD card logs it to the micro SD card reader that’s on the glitch you can retrieve the log in a couple different ways you can recover the glitch and have it you know pop out the microSD card read the dump blog you can set it to actually inject back to you so you know you assume after a certain number of days or whatever you’re using nobody’s been typing for three hours I’m still the system still running let me just call up a web browser that just has your forum on it let me just dump everything that I key log to your forum and then go quiet again and then do that every time that nobody’s use the key logger for an hour that’s an example I mean you can do lots of it so you guys can probably be more creative than that of using the ability of keystroke injection to retrieve the data another one is you can use it through bluetooth you can get the data back and i’ll talk about that in just a second so then they’re probably a lot of other ways using you know combining these different technologies to leverage to exfiltrate data and control data the other cool thing that i did is the key strokes are logged in haiti to get format so it’s the same like if you if they literally typed in control arm you know they waited a second type of notepad whatever it’s it’s recorded in that exact same format so you can inject the same thing that they did which is kind of neat if you want to see what happened or you know you’re trying to follow their log its cost a lot better than some of the other key loggers are just bizarre so you know it looks a little bit cumbersome but you can really tell what’s going on or you can see what’s going on because it’ll replay it for you kind of nice moving on lots of hardware here bluetooth you can connect to the adapter through bluetooth hi as i said before in a big fan of

breaking bluetooth this time i’m actually using PC’s so a bluetooth you can interface the glitch through a serial connection which is what most bluetooth commands use anyway so you can make a software and I have not done this on my end yet but that runs on linux windows OSX whatever that will be able to command and control any project really through bluetooth so i’m giving the example of key logger or keystroke injection but in the end any project anybody wanted to hack with you could command and control through bluetooth or potentially through other adapters Wi-Fi ones or I imagine this gsm adapters out there tool which would be really cool so you can retrieve the key logs or you can send command and control as an alternative through the dip switch so that’s nice instead of having to use the dip switch which are physically present for you have to know ahead of time you can launch it through the bluetooth which I’m going to do right now so I mentioned before that I kind of stumbled into this the other day my demo literally died five minutes ago I ran from my hotel up the street down here and like as soon as I was like oh it’s cool it’s working in this so the demo I’m going to give tomorrow I’m giving another top tomorrow to the gym 0 is part of that talk and it will be up and running and you get to see how cool that was but i’ll give you a demo that’s ok not quite as cool so I know thanks for that yeah alright so let’s plugged in we have blinky light on the Bluetooth adapter cool I am going to connect to the Bluetooth via my n900 phone phone over bluetooth all right i got the connection and cereal i’m using RF calm which creates a serial connection of booty with an amusing mini-com to control the serial connection so i have no idea what a load i want to run let me i’m controlling it over bluetooth yeah i didn’t have it touching so i have a built-in delay so this is typing out the help right now it’s reading in from each module good type on hello world so typed all that i read in from every module folder these are all ones that i had set up before so it’s like that’s kind of cool so that’s you know that’s very helpful if you’re in the field you like crap but on the view you just open up any text editor I need to type it out for you and then you know you delete it go away or if you’re really super smart you write it down on a piece of paper because in but this is your backup plan this is your oh crap I don’t want to have to open the micro SD card plug it into my laptop read it editor you know whatever this just does it instantly and any computer that you happen upon so let’s run a different one it’s a cool demo dad if I can do a demo that makes me happy because I am up here so I get to do I wanted you that’s right all right to create another serial connection to it slip away so you know that i’m not actually messing with anything physically all right i think this is the right one this should give you example of how fast it would type you can actually type faster than the computers can handle so generally a buffer so if you now for a song ooh you’re no stranger to love never going to give you a so do i want to save this yes but I don’t need to save it on there because it’s on here so congratulations I’ve somehow managed to basically rick roll in one way or another and like every talk I’ve given the last six minutes so don’t thank me thank Rick vastly for just existing so demo tomorrow gonna be way cooler but yeah I’ll tell you in a bit very end of toy something also that I think it’s funny my talk tomorrow is at two o’clock alright our talk tomorrow excuse me who’s Chris there we go our talk tomorrow me and that guy back there not it’s not all of them is right now it’s all for naught not tomorrow I can share I could shed station thank you okay so that’s cool embedding in and hardware building off other people’s cool ideas we want to embed stuff and

hardware cool emitting in hardware at the moment it takes more effort than I would like in the future I’d like to make it an easier process again on the end user that doesn’t do hardware I’d like to somehow streamline this but for now I had to physically modify some of the hardware through simple soldering so if you’re capable of soldering and you don’t need to know how the hardware works or anything you can do what I’m about to show you pretty easily I saw this I know Dave Kennedy talked about this last year and then there was some other articles i’ve seen online about doing this but there were no clear instruction guide so you’re going to get a clear instruction guide about how to embed this into other hardware so you have to find open space to put it that’s key you may need to modify the case that it’s inside of you may need to modify the hardware that it’s going to be leveraging and you want to try to leave it functional so whatever you’re going to be embedding the glitch into it be nice if they plug it in and it did what it’s supposed to do because if it doesn’t they’re not going to be happy very long you’re not going to get that chance to attack and it’s not as hard as it sounds and the other thing is you know you’re looking at would you rather see these you know weird adapted like this looks suspicious on sitting on your desk so why not hide it in something that looks completely normal on a desk and leverage that hardware so beautifui people have this computer mouse at their work that is these like standard dell computer mouse that’s been out for the last like five years and I just happened to get it at a thrift store I didn’t do anything special I literally would like went to the nearest thrift store grabbed a couple mouse and open them up and just saw what i could do so open the mouse see how much hardware is there how much space is in there there was a surprising amount of open space in the mouse that’s actually you know it’s a compared to other mice that use the Deaf stuff it’s actually pretty small and sleek shape and it’s got a little curve in it there was a lot of empty space I haven’t have a bunch of mice that had like weird connecting angles and stuff like that the first one that I did that I gave to Johnny long about a year ago I just used the USB adapter that I had lying around it was like like that being so it was very fitted in like this microsoft mouse that luckily giant butts insulin it’s gone a little better so open the thing up whatever happens to be for space there’s looks like there’s a plenty of space in there is a very simple board it’s you know there’s so much space because it’s conforming to your hand the technology can obviously be smaller so what I want to put in there let’s see I need to keep this usable so how about I put a USB hub in there that USB hub is about the size of a nickel I came in a bigger case I went through several USB hubs that I bought online and cracked open the cases to see how small and get them how easy they were to unsolder this is a really crappy USB hub which it like some of the other hardware that the hackers that you know we’ve end up leveraging crappy can be awesome for us because we want to break things and copy makes them easier as you can see this is this i just opened up that hot glue was on there already there i didn’t haven’t modified anything they had to use hot glue to make it work they’re soldering normally when you open up a board you see solder points are very uniform if it’s well manufactured they should all get the same on heat blah blah blah this is just like globs and some of them one of them was barely connected one of them did not work but you know I paid whenever is it there’s a chinese one that just had known it was non named brand which again there’s kind of nice because all the name brand ones look nice and big and I have to pick logo on there whatever so open that up so i got my USB hub I I think I’m a picture but I took off all of those connectors you kind of see in there there’s four pins so USB obviously has four pins unsoldered all of those you can clip them unsolder and it was that difficult but then I need a connector to the glitch and I my prototypes at this point we’re using a micro mini SD or mini mini USB I’m using microSD now our micro USB now but same it’s the same thing the USB connector actually adds a lot of space when you’re doing small embedding hardware an inch square is actually pretty significant in that space so I didn’t want to have to adapt it to this you know regular USB size because the hub is obviously regular USB size you can see the wires coming off those go to a regular USB email which has to wrap around that so when you’re trying to think in the space constraints like wow that ends up being a lot of unnecessary space and I just need to connect these pins so disconnect that solder the back on here and okay next step so I can connect to the glitch I pulled out the USB cable that you can kind of see there at the very top that’s the cable that goes from the mouse to the computer a lot of mice and keyboards have this removable in case it gets pinched or something or in the factory it’s just easy to assemble it that way which makes it really great for us if you don’t unsolder anything here just pop it up if you ever built your own desktop you’ve done stuff like this it’s just pin out so you’re you’re putting in in the right side very easy to do I took

that cut it off strip the wires a little bit then I have the USB ends this is the same cable that was being used by the mouse that goes off the screen there that’s the cable like I put it up to the USB hub side so that’s the side that connects to the computer I put the the adapter there as one of the USB ports that’s going to connect back into the mouse so now even without a glitch in anything you have a hub between a mouse so the mouse is going to work fine because it’s just connected to a USB hub so the USB hub functions in a way to let multiple USB devices connect in so that’s cool so now I have to hide it in there because you know this is my first the second one that I did it and I really didn’t measure anything I just kind of got excited and through it all together so in theory you could you know measured exactly and make it bending of cables actually came into it as a factor how much you know the plastic let you bend and solder points whatever so you know you can measure that ahead of time if you’re going to actually be doing this better than I did but it all fit in there so it’s like sweets I’ve upgraded the mouse to be awesome so there’s nothing to see here once I close the lid everything is good but I got bored because I had an extra port at two extra ports one of them didn’t work an extra one that was doing anything it was like well I should just add a micro micro SD to USB adapter in there for funsies so that i can use the glitch to automatically launch whatever is on the micro SD card that happens to be brought up and bring that up with me and it also still fit inside the USB mouse which is right up here it does take a little bit of pushing in but I mean you can see right there it fits inside and there’s the the screw that holds the mass together left that intact I end up clipping I’ll think of the top right here there’s a there’s sometimes little legs that hold down from the top I clip two of them I really didn’t have to but it made it easier there more that you could clip to have actually more space in there so this took nothing this took up here at pair of scissors Paris is Anna soldering iron and that’s pretty much everything that I’ve done here that’s not really advanced techniques I don’t think and it all fits back in there screws together and goes back together just fine works as a mouse just pawed little red laser comes on you move the mouse around it works right away when you plug it in for the first time you see window says I’m installing your drivers and that’s what it tells you i’m installing new drivers and you go cool i plugged it in your mouth it needs to install new drivers and then it moves on so if you have a card in the micro SD slot it might try to mount that but if you don’t have a card it just says you know if you dig deep down in you see these are attached USB devices but of course we all do that every time we plug in any use the device ever which we see how many of them are mounted and the average user is going to do the exact same thing not so this basically ends up being a nice functional dell mouse that you know depending on what you want to do you could have the key injection and wasn’t actually i want to mess with that i haven’t yet is trying to detect when the mouse is being used like tapping the power lines in some way tapping the communication channels to see okay the mouse is being used now I’m not going to do anything versus the mouse hasn’t been used for our let me now run my payload so that’s something else you can do in addition with this kind of you know hardware modification you can find out what’s there I’ll probably continue to mess with these mice just because they’re so readily available and popular that they’re easy to find so it might be if I have special stuff that I want to do with it and be able to throw instructions up there so I have this done and I talked about this a little bit at hope I talked about my keystroke injection library there well right before that I was like the night before I was you know got this son I was like what else can I hide it in i had i plan to head this mouse thing i’d seen other people do it so I basically went around my house and it’s like well let me just uh we just look so I opened everything they’re just runes of plastic and screws everywhere open up a keyboard that was cool older USB hub it’s hard to see in this but the top right corner I didn’t modify any of these because this was just an impulse I was like open it up throw it in there sticking in like sweetly fit that’s great keyboards as I mentioned before you know be a lot easier this you’d probably have to do a little bit of unsolder inform the board and replacing of stuff but totally doable and it’s going to see a USB hub next to a USB hub next to whatever so in theory you if the USB hub you would kill one of those ports and the user says oh I plugged it in and the court didn’t work obviously that’s a malicious thing it’s not stupid hardware hardware hang it external DVD drive desktop support inside your desktop that is USB connected and a lot of times you can you know have a the idea that you have additional USB ports to the front or the back you can connect to program that is a really easy one there’s no soldering

involved in that at all that’s another you little USB hub there that black thing around that it’s plugged into you so I just took one there was already existing because it’s built to do that you just go down to your local computer store get a you know normally it’ll have the little strip on the back of this meant to hang outside but put it in there and ship the desktop off and you have fun so obviously there’s a hard drive in there but you know I mentioned before you want to have something on that doesn’t look terribly suspicious so it’s a lot of additional space but that’s the that’s the hard drive it’s in my laptop because it was cheaper to buy an external hard drive of the same capacity than it was to buy an internal hard drive and if you don’t haven’t ever done that before there’s just a little adapter it’s the same exact hard drive literally the same hardware with a little adapter and it was like 15 20 bucks cheaper to get the internal one so that worked out well because then I just cracked this open is able to stick the glitch in there and then you know plug it in yeah yeah yeah that’s a stupid idea yeah so it’s funny cuz now I use that adapter as my like you have to forensics for somebody or just like backup stuff I use the ones would actually turned out saving me a lot of money because it was cheaper to get the hard drive and I now had a serial SATA connector for a USB so I’ve used that at several points yes yeah it’s really tiny I carried out the all the time in case I have to you know get something else’s we all carry all this random gear around that’s one of those things that end up being waist smaller than the adapters I found online so double triple plus so they got to use it for this presentation so like breaking things where can I get one so I’ve talked about this project lot I’ve been dabbling around with it actually for over a year now not knowing that in the end I would want this thing manufactured and made to make it easier on the end user so you don’t have to build this stuff right now so I launched a Kickstarter project a little while ago and how many of you have checked out the Kickstarter project nice thank you everybody I it has it’s going to close down on Wednesday this coming Wednesday so I would love people to help me try to promote it here as much as possible I was going to originally try to find private funding for this project and looked out there and had started through a lot of proposals and I really decided in the end it came down to you I want to make something that the community wants to use I want to make something that’s going to you know be useful so if they don’t think it useful I won’t make it so I decided to go the kickstart about it have you ever used kickstarter it’s basically a micro funding website where you give you know as much and in this end you’re going to get the glitch back but you know if it doesn’t become successful you don’t the pay any money if it does and you get whatever it’s the end result I have surpassed the goal as of right now I have enough funding which is awesome those lines crossed that were things that I had well thank you thanks it should be applauding you guys I mean it’s you guys in the crowd that have helped make this possible so those are the things that have actually sold out I really so that was really cool so I added another thing I basically put together a bundle the second to the last one to add the keylogger the bluetooth adapter the case all-in-one so you just get all that [ __ ] to you to be able to play around with you can get one of them it’s up online kickstarter.com it ends asset October third I would really love if people like slam Twitter to help me out to just get this going I met my goal but the idea is to get more capital so that can make these boards afterwards because if it ends up being a couple hundred boards get printed and none of them ever get made this is not going to be as useful the platform that’s going to be able to expand to other people people are going to develop for it so the more that I can get the more likely that I can continue on with this project continued to get them made and available to everybody so that’s up on Kickstarter now and that’s all I got so thank you guys for coming thanks for showing up i’ll be at the i’ll be at the hackers for charity but most of the weekend if you have questions about it you know i’m using that was the pitch to draw you over there anyway so if you have questions I want to check it out I have all my hardware and stuff there so you’re not look but thanks again and I’ve got cards so you can remember where it is so if you want to come and grab one of these cards this will take you to the Kickstarter page make it rain yeah Scott doggy admission well I have enough funds to produce the one that I’m going to get and then depending on