Live Webinar: Using LinkedIn for Brand Marketing

hello everyone and thanks for joining us for today’s live webinar we’re going to get started the title of our webinar today is using LinkedIn for brand marketing brought to you by the LinkedIn marketing solutions team and I’m excited to introduce our speakers today Lincoln’s own Android clacks Kaplan’s as well as our guest speakers from seed equity Todd crowd web and Adrian Sara’s before we get started I do have a couple housekeeping items to go through you’re all muted by default so if you have any questions you’d like to ask please enter them into the Q&A box on the right of your screen and if you’d like to follow along on social media tweet with us using the hashtag on the screen linkedin brand mkay apg we also like to let you know we’ll be sharing the slides and recording from today’s session with you via email within the next day or so so no worries you’ll have access to the slides and finally we just want to remind you to take time at the end of the webinar to fill out our survey because your feedback is very valuable to us and we want to ensure that your webinar experience continues to get better so now I’d like to turn things over to our first speaker Andrew go ahead Thank You Michelle and hello everybody thanks for joining us excited to talk with you about brand marketing for LinkedIn today and the way we’re going to lay it out is we’ll start by talking about what does the buyers journey look like today so the customers the audience’s that you’re engaging in your campaigns what’s the path they’re taking towards your brand and one of the challenges marketers are facing there will cover what kinds of solutions does linked and offer to help you navigate those challenges and then dive into a success story with our great partner and customer on the line seed equity ventures and of course leaving as much time as possible for your questions which we hope that you will submit so let’s start by looking at the buyers journey today so if I had to use one word to characterize it it would be unpredictable and the reason is because today more than ever the people doing business with your organization with your brand are arriving at your brand through a myriad of channels they’re researching their purchase decisions online and offline across devices and there are more people than ever who are often involved in influencing a purchase decision particularly on the b2b side let’s put some context around that so today research showed that up to ninety percent of the purchase decision process is already complete even before a potential customer reaches out to talk to a vendor or to talk to your sales team in addition many buyers are consuming up to ten pieces of content before they make that purchase decision what all this means is they’re spending a lot of time and effort interacting with content online at a time that’s convenient for them to help them arrive at that decision and the challenge for marketers is how can you as a brand marketer engage your audience at the right moment at the right time so you’re actually interacting with your audience during that purchase consideration process you know another challenge that we hear from a lot of brand marketers using LinkedIn is that you know historically they would always have to use a variety of platforms to meet their marketing objectives a variety of tools or tactics but they were often disjointed so many marketers are using display advertising different forms of social media content or email marketing but sometimes different teams within the marketing org you know not surprisingly own each piece of this their plans don’t always align with each other it’s often difficult to track metrics across channels and campaigns and then ultimately attribute all of these activities to a business objective like customer acquisition pipeline or leads or brand lift and there are a number of missed opportunities that we hear marketers talking about today when we speak with our customers so for example for b2b decision-makers online communities are one of the most popular places where they find new information can help them make a purchase decision and a lot of this is actually happening on mobile your audiences your prospects are spending more time than ever on mobile and in fact 4444 percent of b2b buyers research the company product on a smartphone or tablet just last year but turns out the majority of b2b marketers are not using mobile for their email are further marketing so one missed opportunity similarly as a brand marketer you’re probably really concerned with driving traffic to your landing pages to your content but on

average ninety-five percent of companies website visitors don’t fill out a form to leave information about who they are and what they might be interested in in fact most web traffic to brands landing pages is anonymous even when it comes to email us right email is a great way to build your business to build your brand but eighty percent of email subscribers are typically not opening emails and then finally just think about the number of people that are often involved in a purchase decision process and how they’re arriving at that decision if you’re an enterprise tech for example if you’re a brand marketer for a tech company there’s research that up to 17 different people are involved in shaping a purchase decision for an IT solution and a lot of these business decisions aren’t happening in the office they’re being influenced by the content and information that buyers and audiences consume on their own time on their own devices at different stages in the journey but we think that we could do better and let me dive into you know a couple sort of our vision for how brand marketing cannon should be better and then talk about where does LinkedIn fit into that picture how is it relevant for you so imagine if the marketing funnel worked like it should imagine if you really could identify exactly the right audiences based on the personas that are relevant to your marketing plans deliver the right content and information and messaging at the right time on the right device in Taylor that message according to where your audiences are in that purchase decision cycle and I would even add you know 1 imagine if you can measure all of this so you can have a holistic picture of how your marketing activities are working together and driving not just brand lift or top funnel metrics but also real business results in terms of dollars and cents I think for brand marketers that means what if you did have an ability to increase the awareness build your brand and shape perception but then also tie all of those efforts in your brand marketing to improve lead quality better conversion rates pipeline and revenue and that’s what we’ve been trying to offer a linkedin is building this platform that ties the top of the funnel which many of you are very concerned with to the bottom of the funnel which is also something we know many of you on this call are very concerned about day-to-day it linkedin what we have today and i’ll walk through these products in how they fit into ran marketing in detail it’s a full-frontal solution set that can let you shape brand awareness and perception at the top of the funnel also engage your audiences with content and messaging in the middle of the funnel and tie this all to lead acquisition improved relationships with your customers and great business results so let’s dive into that how can we think rethink brand marketing and i’m going to analyze this just across you know a few dimensions so the first one is i want to talk about how can you using LinkedIn’s tools reach the right professionals in the right context how can you engage them wherever they are in line how can you target them with the right messaging so actually aligning that content to the audience and reaching the professionals on the platforms or the channels where they’re actually spending most of their time and really you know that today more than anything that means reaching them on mobile so look at the first the first dimension you know one of your goals is probably reaching professionals in the right context even at the very beginning before they’ve decided what solution they want to purchase or which brand they will to interact with just being there in the very beginning of this buyers journey with LinkedIn this begins with data and this is going to apply actually to all all products I talked about today one of Lincoln’s greatest strengths is that we allow you to target your campaigns according to very specific aspects of a members professional profile so you can target your ads content and messaging on linkedin based on things like the industries that your audience works in their company size job function their seniority within their organization their geography even really granular details like groups skills they list on their LinkedIn profile or their company name so this data we find is really useful to a lot of our customers because number one our members have provided this information publicly in their profiles so they always keep it current and they keep it up-to-date and this is a great advantage that LinkedIn can offer marketers who are looking to target their audience based on these very specific professional personas and it begins with on-site display so when you want to reach a professional audience you want to be concerned of reaching them in the right context linkedin is the world’s largest

professional network at over 380 million members our audience tends to have education levels and income levels that are far above what the average internet user had so this means that the LinkedIn desktop experience is a very premium environment in which to engage your audience that kind of quality of content and conversation there’s very high it’s a great place for your brand in the beginning we offer support for standard IV display format so if you’re interested in running 300 by 250 s 160 x 600 in banner video expandables we have solutions that other kinds of professional publishers offer but I go one step farther and say we also offer a set of display ads that are unique to the LinkedIn look and feel so if you’re looking at your screen right now you’ll see at the bottom there’s a picture of a 300 by 250 that has a call to action in a headline and it actually pulls in a members profile picture so we have a we have native ads that can pull in a members profile picture dynamically para with your brand a really compelling call to action and a headline that you write and customize and it lets you reach that member in an aspirational context members see their their likeness within the ad we find that these getting very high click-through rates compared to benchmark and it lets you actually start that conversation and build awareness within the look and feel of the LinkedIn desktop environment and of course target that message to the right audience based on linkedin high quality professional first-party data if you are used to running search advertising pay-per-click marketing a great solution to explore is LinkedIn text ads this is a self-service product that allows you to target your audience precisely using professional profile data optimize your campaigns based on cbc or CPM bidding testing different types of creative rights of testing and changing its scale and then placing these ads all over the LinkedIn desktop site on the homepage the profile even the LinkedIn inbox when members are where members are receiving messages and you can get started with this today self-serve very easy to get going you can go to / ads and find a lot of information about how to get started there so this is a great product for driving traffic to your website a lot of marketers are even using it for li gen intense though it tends to be very flexible in that regard the quick case study you know who’s a branded succeeding at this doing it well HP HP has been a great partner for LinkedIn they were the first company and LinkedIn to get a million followers on their company page they recently ran where you can see in the bottom left a display campaign targeted to their professional audience and they gained over 300,000 new followers in a month including a hundred and twelve percent increase in followers from the c-suite they found that they had very strong engagement rate I’m these c-suite followers and that in a brand study they ran following the campaign people who saw these ads and click to follow HP’s company page on linkedin we’re much more likely to recommend HP solutions than the average of the average visitor and the way they were able to reach this audience is against your Linkedin targeting which lets them target their campaigns and content by things like seniority including c-suite so let’s move on to the next aspect that I want to cover which is you want to be able to engage your prospects anywhere that they’re spending time online whether you’re a b2b marketer or a high consideration consumer market or sales cycles and purchase processes can be pretty long and complex you want to make sure your brand’s top of mine throughout this increasingly lengthy purchase process and that’s where linkedin network display comes in so I just talked about LinkedIn on-site display advertising but the truth is your audience is also spending time on any number of publisher sites across the web linked in network display lets you reach that audience the LinkedIn audience as they spend times on other publisher website and you can actually target your display campaigns to the LinkedIn audience using the quality of LinkedIn data that I’ve talked about a few minutes ago but you can actually reach them on ads across the web not only linkedin com and this means that you’re engaging your audience wherever they’re spending their time using display advertising so we build a network of several hundred publisher site that we partner with we also access a lot of inventory through the exchanges and this lets us in one of your campaigns we can set if you want to reach a certain demographic of professionals like managers with IT job functions in these countries we can help you do that with display advertising on linkedin com or off linkedin com so your grand is staying top of mind and in front of your target audience wherever

they are and we also go to great lengths to work with the highest quality publishers and a lot of brain safety measures to make sure that you’re not just getting a remnant inventory that’s low quality that you’re actually getting high quality inventory or wherever we’re placing your ads so your brand is always in a great environment a good example of this is a company called my case they make software that’s targeted to people in the legal profession so they’re in a network display campaign on linkedin and what they did was they targeted their network display campaign to people who had legal job functions or two people who worked in the legal industry so they did that using LinkedIn data and as a result they were able to drive more than 2,000 new visitors to their website in three months that was a 5x increase in daily visits from members in their target audience of legal legal professionals and the way they were able to do that is number one placing their ads on high quality publisher sites in our network number two targeting those ads to the right audience using LinkedIn data and number three measuring visitor traffic using LinkedIn’s proprietary pixel which we call the insect tag so step three another one of your objectives is definitely can you target the right audience with relevant content and that’s important because prospects are at various stages of their purchase decision process whenever they make contact with your brand some are going to be ready to buy some of them might not be ready to buy some of them have visited your website some of them might have not visited your website yet how can you send the right message to these different audiences at the right time in a traditional marketing world that’s pretty complex so what we’re trying to do is pull together one platform that helps you do this kind of audience nurturing that scale in a more automated way and that way specifically is called linkedin lead accelerator so LinkedIn lets you nurture your audiences by dividing them into segments and what it does it’s essentially it’s essentially a retargeting product with probably more power than any retargeting product you’re used to so imagine you can take the ninety-five percent of website audiences on your pages who are today anonymous but you can retarget them with the right messaging based on which page they have visited on your website based on their audience demographics as defined by linkedin data or just based on time linkedin lead accelerator let you put together a variety of messages as in creative it lets you set up in the beginning different segments of audiences that you want to retarget with those ads and you can define those segments based on like I said where they had visited on your landing page based on the kinds of demographics and their LinkedIn profile or just based on time so it lets you on it this it lets the system automates serving the right message to the right segment at the right moment and doing this with a variety of different types of media display advertising sponsored content linkedin sponsored and mel’s which I’ll cover in a second this is the platform that help you achieve greater brand awareness lift and engagement through retargeting on linkedin and one of the great pieces to that is the analytics I mentioned that LinkedIn has its own pixel you can absolutely no cost if you talk to your LinkedIn representative we can set you up with a linkedin insight tag it’s a pixel a very small piece of JavaScript code that you can put on your landing pages and it helps you track not just how many visitors are coming to your website but it also helps you track who they are in terms of their LinkedIn profile data so you can track with our analytics like how many people in different levels of seniority like c-suite or director or entry level are coming to my landing pages what industries are my visitors and what company size do they represent what Socrates do they represent and then as you get started with LinkedIn campaigns or LinkedIn lead accelerator we can also help you track how that changes over time you can use our analytics to track the engagement that your audiences are taking with your campaigns in your content and then you can even track all the way to actions in the bottom of the funnel like leaves so the analytics is what makes us all possible grid case study a company called opendns there in the IQ security space maybe many of you heard of them they had a pretty specific objective they wanted to reach IT decision-makers using linkedin network display and LinkedIn elite accelerator so with network display they targeted an audience of IT professionals and they drove new visitors to their website using the ads in their network display campaign so that allowed them at the top of the funnel to generate a lot of new visitors many new page views per visitor and then once they’ve established that new audience they nurtured them in to leave with Lincoln lead accelerator by retargeting the audience so this

combination of display plus retargeting allowed them to attribute the brand marketing to bottom of the funnel conversions and then finally as a marketer you’re probably thinking mobile and tablet right on LinkedIn for example about fifty percent of our audience traffic is mobile you know everyone is concerned with reaching your audiences in a mobile context you want to be where your prospects are at the right time a couple big products that I would call out for this a number one linkedin sponsored updates so LinkedIn sponsored updates are native advertising in the professional newsfeed it’s a way for you to post sponsored messages to a members in your speed target that message to the right audience using LinkedIn data and engagement with content if you’re a Content marketer linkedin sponsored updates are probably one of your your can’t miss products and they work very well on mobile in fact over seventy five percent of engagement with sponsored updates typically happens on mobile this products available for self-serve or managed service we offer different levels depending on your needs and your budget I think the great thing about sponsored updates is how flexible it is you can publish a promoted posts that drive traffic to your blog that drive traffic to other landing pages that you have drive traffic to ebooks that people can download we’re finding that sponsored updates is a great product that makes that crossover from brand marketing to demand gem marketing and we’ll cover a case study in a second also comes with its own analytics platform so I’m returning to this you know analytics from time it’s again because you want to make sure that you can attribute your spend on linkedin your efforts to high-quality results we recently relaunched our campaign manager tool this lets you manage all of your own sponsored update campaigns it also gives you many tools to understand how are they performing so visual reports that help you understand which posts are driving the most traffic what’s your average cost per click for example when you’ve audience segments are engaging the most with your content and you can even create multiple versions or variants of your sponsor update creative test them at scale and refine them over time basting on based on what works and what doesn’t so we have our own form of this sort of scalable version of a/b testing we call it direct sponsored content it’s a great way to make your sponsored updates just to optimize the performance of your sponsored updates by testing and learning and again these analytics are available to everybody who get started with sponsored updates and then finally linkedin sponsored in Val if you want to talk about reaching your audience on mobile NML is a great way to do that a sponsor 10ml is basically a sponsored message that appears in a linkedin members inbox what makes what makes this different than traditional email marketing is few things number one 100% deliverability so what does that mean you know it’s typically email marketing like I said eighty percent of your prospects are opening their messages well with LinkedIn sponsored and Mail the message only appears in a members inbox as they log on to LinkedIn so you’re only actually serving these messages dynamically to a logged in audience so that is that ensures that you’re actually reaching people who are more likely to interact with your message so this gives many marketers click-through rates and open rates that are far higher than typical email open rates and click-through rates and again you can target your email campaigns based on the members seniority job function company size geography many different facets that help you tailor your message to your target audience according to their professional persona and worst grade on mobile as well as desktop I think a good example of a customer that’s using several of these products and combination is unsur otta I’m Saradha is a tech company they’re a software company that creates these virtual virtual tools for people over professionals in mergers and acquisitions so they needed to reach an audience that had M&A in its background it’s pretty specific right so they ran linkedin display campaign sponsored updates campaign am a sponsored in mail campaign and they drove traffic to different kinds of content on their landing pages that would provide thought leadership that people in ma might find interesting and it ultimately fed into form that people fell out to download a game so they create like how do you reach it how do you reach your audience they created an online game a mobile game that let them engage that audiences scale they reached over 600,000 unique members in this very sought after segment of finance professionals up two-point-nine percent engagement on their sponsored updates very very good performance there and they’re sponsored in Mills had a fifty-four percent open rate I mean like imagine getting a fifty-four percent open rate on your

email marketing that this is a very good number but you know this ballpark is much more typical for our sponsored internal product and they found that the consequence of their efforts was they had much more positive brand engagement with their target audience and finance professionals they started a dialogue with those professionals in the comments on their sponsored updates and that a lot of their content was shared and we shared and many people downloaded their game which ultimately for them is not just audience engagement but it’s new prospects for their business so I’ve been rambling for a while wanted to give you a ten thousand foot overview of how does linkedin fit into the brand marketing picture how does that tie back to business results if you care about at the top of the funnel as well as in the mid funnel or lower funnel and what I want to do now is let Adrian Soros and Todd croslin from seed equity ventures watching through a bit more about how they’re specifically using a couple of these linkedin solutions to meet their marketing objectives so if you bear with me for one second i’m going to give presenting privileges to adrian at seed equity and she’ll start jumping into the presentation in a second and we’ll tell you guys the story of what’s the equity is doing okay thank you Andrew for having us my name is Adrian and this is Todd cross one thank you Andrew appreciate it so I thought and thanks for happiness I’ll just give a a real brief overview of seed equity ventures where a investment bank broker dealer located in in salt lake city in San Francisco and we cater to investing and raising capital for technology startups it not only in the US but throughout the world and early on is we we launched the company late last year after we registered with the sec and finra and we were licensed and when we launched it was it was evident as looking at the the global universe of potential you know startup companies and also investors one thing came in came in common with both entrepreneurs and investors is that pretty much all of them reside on linkedin so all of the technology startup companies all of the companies that we were looking at investing in they all had a presence on linkedin as did you know investing professionals whether they’re small venture funds or angel investors accredited investors and so we looked at you know from the very beginning that our target audience was definitely on linkedin but then then how can we reach out to this this global audience and share the message that see that what he has and so you know the challenges with with starting any new company is how do we let the rest of the world know what we’re doing and how do we engage the community and you know first of all we needed to find good good technology companies to invest in and then we needed to find you know investors that would invest along with us and so Lincoln was a natural solution for us on how we engage that community and so here is an example of one of the spotlight ABS that we have run that Andrew kind of touched on in his presentation and so as we were looking at you know prospective investors to connect with they we found that they weren’t necessarily having the word investor and credited vesture in their job title so what we did was we kind of hyper targeted these ads as Andrew touched on and we went after people who had investing skills listed in their profile as well as different groups they belong to or different groups they were following that were kind of in that industry so that’s what we use to kind of finally target those ads and then this is an example of some of the

sponsored updates that we have run and so is these we kind of tried to focus on not having the content be so salesy it was more of inviting investors to join this community and be part of this group that has access to these technology startups that they had an opportunity at looking at possibly investing in our just following the progress of these companies so we also did a lot of a be testing with these as we found that our initial content when we started running them was performing really well but we would keep a close eye on these any time the performance went down we kind of refresh the content and try something new and just keep an eye and see what would work best so definitely a lot of testing with these ads and just seeing what works and what doesn’t works and being able to be flexible with that and so here are some of the results we saw once we kind of finally soon these we are running a huge increase in our investor sign up as well as a good increase as company page followers and we found that our click-through rates were doing really well quite a bit above linkedin benchmark and the engagement with our sponsored updates was also above the benchmark and again that kind of came from doing that testing and making sure our content was in getting stale making sure we were always refreshing it and we also were able to extend expand our member base 233 new countries once we started those ads so currently we’re in 109 countries but through these LinkedIn as we were able to expand to 33 new countries and so I kind of touched on nothing’s we focused focused on a little bit but as Andrew mentioned the hyper targeting that you are able to do with these linkedin linkedin as is very helpful just because you will find that people you want to target won’t always have those keywords listed in there their job title so it’s it’s nice to be able to go after certain skills and profiles and certain groups they belong to so and again with matching are creative we’re just making sure that our message isn’t too salesy it’s more inviting it’s giving them something that they want to be a part of if they’re interested in technology or technology startups or inviting them to a community where they have the opportunity to keep an eye on these startups and possibly invest if they’re interested and we work with a agency called beam media and they were very helpful in kind of being our guide and even keeping an eye on which as a working best and we wanted to optimize on and which ads were kind of falling sale so we could just be flexible on which content we are focusing on in which content we needed to change so that’s kind of all from seed equity Thank You Adrienne appreciate it and uh thanks for telling your story wanted to dive in a little more on some of the things you mentioned which was like starting with testing so I think you mentioned with some of your creative that you try to see what works and what did it did you did you test differently for sponsored updates than you did with spotlight ad did you have a similar content approach to your LinkedIn spotlight add display campaign and your sponsored updates campaign or was the kind of messaging different between your display ads and your sponsored updates um it was kind of the same approach and in the fact that it wasn’t anything salesy like you need to sign up for this group or anything like that it was more of a come join this community come check out what we’re doing so that’s kind of where we put our focus was just not trying to push that hard sell and we definitely tested the content a lot more on the sponsored updates tis because the content was a little bit longer we had a few more options so with the spotlight ads we didn’t do as much testing but with the sponsored updates we found some content and certain words works better than others so we would just stick with those ones that we found we have more success with John it thank you um what was the process like of deciding what

kinds of messaging to include in your display campaign your spotlight ad campaign in your sponsored updates campaign I mean you mentioned that you were working with the Lincoln account team your agency what if with the content creation process like so you made sure that you always have like a great a great piece of content or to drive your traffic sooo so I think you know basically we looked at you know you know as investors and both as entrepreneurs you know what were the key points that they were looking for if you’re if you’re an entrepreneur and you founded a new company and you’re looking to get funding for your company you know what would be important for you to know that these ads could could could give the message across to and then the same thing for for investors not only in the US but global investors what were the things that investors were looking for them then we retailer those the different media ads on linkedin to meet those messages and then i think through trial and error we we tested you know every every week or two and and which we’re performing better which which were which were providing you know the best quality of esters i would say and then based on that we would just continue to refine it and then I like what you’re talking about Todd is how you tailor that message to the right audience based on their interest and kind of refined it over time to see what was working we had a question come in over the WebEx from Scott who I think it was probably the question that mirror is one of your experiences oh he’s asking you know how can linkedin help us increase like readership for our content distributed to the right people and target new customers you know Scott I think and everyone on the WebEx I think sponsored updates one of the products that seed equity was using is a great way to distribute your content so if you have a blog if your company is producing ebooks if your company is running webinars uploading presentations to SlideShare posting these pieces of content to your LinkedIn company page and then sponsoring them to turn them into sponsored updates and targeting to your audience is a great way to sort of build a readership for your content and increase your brand engagement with different companies so I think that like if you are a Content marketer and you’re trying to get new customers sponsored updates are often a great place to start you know what we tend to see works best is if you really do tail your messaging to the audience’s professional interests and just like with seed equity they knew that they were speaking to an investor audience and an audience who is very interested in startups so they were driving traffic to an experience on their page that would provide a great community for those those startup investors so think about who your target audience is what kind of professional problems do they have what kinds of interest do they have needs that they need addressed and try to create content that speaks directly to your target audiences needs and challenges and then over time you’ll find that helps you build engagement on your landing pages it can increase content downloads which is a great way to generate new leads and opportunities and prospects and that’s that’s a great first step a couple other questions I want to make sure i get to someone asked if there are any sort of general costs or minimum of my requirements for sponsored updates and linkedin text ads there are no minimum requirements and in fact those products have great self-service options so you can get started by going to linkedin com / adds some of our other products like some of our similar display products and sponsored in males do you have minimums because we we make sure that we paired you with one of our outstanding account teams I feel like the best way to get started depending on what your interest is in what your budget is go to marketing linkedin com and if you contact us you can indicate you know what are you interested in if you have a certain budget you can specify it and we can try to match you up with the right product and the right the right solution based on your knees in your spin level some questions about are there any plans to integrate with other marketing automation platforms like Mark llr hubspot yeah so great news linkedin lead accelerator which i mentioned a few a few minutes ago earlier in the presentation that’s our retargeting product that actually already has integration with Marketo aliquot so if you are using Marketo or elegua you can

basically port your audience’s over from those ma platforms and then use those audiences as retargeting audiences within LinkedIn lead accelerator so we do have the bridge between those products we also have a variety of partners who support sponsored updates campaign management so like if you use if you use a company like brand networks or if you use social com which is part of Salesforce or any other social media management platforms sprinkler is another one we actually are building sponsored updates integration with those partners so you can use those tools that you know and well to manage all of your sponsored updates activity you know we had another question about testing on a CPC or CPM basis toddler Adrian maybe I could kick that to you i’m not sure did you did you did you test any of your campaigns on sponsored updates with different kinds of pricing or what sort of pricing model did you find works best for you at least like CPM or cost per click yeah i think it was a primarily cost per click that we were we were focused on me if unique you know opportunity because the the global universe of our potential one investors into you know technology startups they all resided in linkedin and that they reside there today and it’s you know it’s growing and so there’s so much information on these individual people and so finding the right message to engage them than just continuing to refine that i think is what what’s you know driven the traffic in our success to date you touch on something else that I think is interesting which is like the fact that LinkedIn for you sounds like it didn’t really come down to the fact that you could target your content and messaging to a specific kind of professional audience ha how do you think differently about the kinds of messaging or campaigns that work in like then versus other platforms that you where you spend your marketing budget like do you sort of approach each one differently this linkedin have a specific use case for you well i think i think linkedin is is the primary portal that we use currently we use other other ones as well i think the the depth and quality of information you get on linkedin far surpasses and the other portal that we you know we advertise on just the depth of information that people share you can really drill down to the type of people that we want to to reach out to so I think that that’s quite unique when you compare it to you know even you know Facebook or Twitter or other you know social media sites yeah I totally agree i think that with most marketers that I speak with who are using like then one of the biggest reasons they use LinkedIn is they want to reach a specific audience often they want to define that audience in terms of very granular details of their professional profile and linkedin has not only more granular details on that professional profile but like our information also tends to be pretty current you know everyone out there think about your LinkedIn profile and or other profiles of people you know and the fact that when someone gets a new job or they get a promotion they’re probably updating their profile relatively soon after that happens so their data is up to date that helps a lot of marketers using LinkedIn target their campaigns not only very specifically but also use data that’s like current and Russian is it’s accurate we had a question about the LinkedIn insight tax i mentioned lincoln wheat accelerator and Linkedin Network display they leveraged a proprietary pixel that lets you measure your audience engagement on your landing pages it lets you measure post click and post view actions of your campaigns how do you get access to that inside pixel the answer is if you’re working with a linkedin representative shoot that person an email your rep can tell you exactly how to get started with the tag it’s a great way just to start to understand what’s going on in your landing pages based on linkedin data even before you start running a campaign if you’re not in contact with the linkedin rep today but you want more information about any of this or in particular using our pixel go to marketing that linkedin com click contact us in the top of the page we can try to get you matched up with someone

who can help you access that that pixel another question that i got over the QA and the WebEx was like how do you know what kind of content works best on linkedin we actually ran a study a few months ago with a few thousand highly engaged members who use linkedin and we surveyed them about what kinds of content they share what kinds of content keeps them engaged with a brand and a couple of themes emerged so the first one is members golden linkedin are number one to become more productive and successful think about when you when you use linkedin you’re probably using it in a really aspirational context so what that means for your campaigns on linkedin is your messaging should be specifically tailored to what your audience is going to find relevant that often comes down to things like sharing thought leadership so it could be industry research that your company is putting together it could be best practices for how someone in your target audience can become more skilled and successful in their role so you know one of our like one of our customers is salesforce com they publish a lot of thought leadership content out how to do social media marketing very effectively and they target that content to social media marketers so that’s that’s really number one it comes down to this understanding who is your target audience what are their professional needs and then publishing ads and other kinds of content that speak directly to those knees or vegetables going through a couple other a couple other pieces of information this is a great question what why did what techniques did we use that LinkedIn to promote this webinar today and how did that work okay that’s a great example so I’ll tell you as much as I know about that so when we do a webinar like the one you’re on we do a few things number one we post something about the webinar to our linkedin company page we usually linked to like a blog post we write that talks about what is the webinar for who is it targeted to wear some things you can expect to learn on it we post that blog post to our linkedin company page we sponsor it right we turn it into a sponsored updates campaign we often send sponsored in males to members of our target audience encouraging them to sign up for the webinar to register we usually focus on what are some things that you can learn in this webinar that might be relevant to you so we’re trying to keep the message focused on the members needs and then we use we use other channels as well we use email we use other forms of social social media marketing so we’re trying to cover all of our bases but yeah we we typically first use our own products a couple other studies excuse me a couple other questions case studies so are any of the studies that we mentioned posted to marketing linkedin com the answer is yes so in this presentation that will email out we will have links to some of the case studies I referenced in addition I quickly touched on like a study we ran where we surveyed several of our members to help them figure out what kind of content to help them help us understand what kind of content they were interested in you can find that on our blog if you go to marketing linkedin com you can climb information you can find a link to our blog and if you just search the professional content consumption report you can find that report that you can download and in fact will probably include links to that report when we send out this presentation following the webinar a couple more questions that I’ll touch on in these closing minutes when is LinkedIn going to allow integration with SlideShare and your linkedin company page so actually today you can if you have your company uses SlideShare if you upload SlideShare presentations you can post SlideShare in the form of a status update and then you can promote that update you can sponsor that update as well and the SlideShare will actually play directly in the feed so the number who’s viewing your company’s status update or your company sponsored update they can engage with a SlideShare content without even leaving the link to none desktop experience or the mobile experience top adrien maybe here’s another great question that I think is right up your alley we had a question that was essentially like how can we target like seed equity did so maybe you can touch on you know when you were thinking about your targeting options for your display campaign or

your sponsored updates campaign how did you land on the kind of targeting you used and maybe just explain a little more about you know how you how you arrived at that targeting decision well I guess so that we have two different groups that we we target 11 as I mentioned is the you know the startup early-stage technology companies and you know some of these companies you know the founder in their profile will say stealth startup so they’re not ready to go lie but but they’re in call it stealth mode and so if you’re in stealth mode chances are you’re going to be raised some capital as soon as you know launch or earlier in the process and so we would look at you know finding founders profiles that were you know in a start-up or in a technology company and then we would target them for a message and then the same thing we would look at you know venture capital firms angel investors and and you know other investors and you know from from a person’s profile you can you can see if there’s an appetite for investing you know in start-up companies you can get a you know there’s there’s you know there’s thousands and thousands all over the world and once you go find the right keywords and the right types of people there’s like-minded folks you know throughout the world that you can you know reach out to at that time and once you had established that target audience and you launched your campaigns your sponsored updates campaign specifically what do you know about how often you would refresh the content so you know with a sponsored updates campaign you’ll often promote a few posts at once how many posts are you promoting at a time and what once seemed to work for you in terms of how often you posted something new and added it to your campaign I would think you know every every few weeks we would add it but we then we were just continuing to to a be test was what we currently had then just something you know rose to the top then we would we would put more resources towards towards the new polls so it’s a really easy way to you know add new content and add new call to action and see what drives traffic to to our website and to engagement Charlotte thank you a couple other questions we had other any more resources out there about how to use some of these linkedin products maybe best practices the answer is yes a lot of them you can find through our blog which you can access through marketing linkedin com / blog but I’ll you know want to make it easy for all of you so we will put some links to helpful best practice guides at the end of this presentation and when we email it out we’ll make sure that we’ve linked directly to some of those resources so you can have at your own disposal a guide that walks you through like how to succeed with sponsored updates or sponsored an email or something like that question about the pixel again a lot of questions about our insight tag or pixel is it available with LinkedIn weed accelerator the answer is yes in fact the the the insight tag pixel is really at the heart of what makes lead link an elite accelerator worked so you get started with that product you’ll have all the benefits of the tag network display a question about linkedin network display which is where we serve display ads on third-party publisher sites which ones do we partner with you know to be honest there’s there’s probably in the neighborhood of five thousand or more so would be hard-pressed to list a lot of them here what I can say to who asked this question it looks like Kelly asked this question we do a couple things so number one we buy high quality inventory through the exchanges number two we have a network of select sites that we partner with and some of them you know it a lot of like the professional news and information publishers that you’re probably familiar with our part of this network so one way or another you know our goal is to make sure wherever the LinkedIn audience is wherever your target audience of professionals happens to be spending its time online you can reach them with display ads whether that’s on linkedin or off linkedin a

couple other questions how can you scale your sponsored updates campaigns how can you sort of edit the pain and change the kind of Content that Dinda yeah it’s a great question so there there are a couple of options so the easiest way to test different kinds of content at scale with sponsored updates is to use our direct sponsored content tool and direct sponsored content is basically our version of dark posting so it lets you create many variations of your sponsored updates add like different kinds of images different texts different headlines targeted to different audiences and you can test those at scale and without posting them duplicative ly to your LinkedIn company page so that’s a really easy way if you’re trying to figure out does this image work does this piece of content work should I target to this audience for that audience setting up a direct sponsored content campaign is a really scalable way to do that kind of a/b testing and as you go you can turn off posts that are underperforming and then shift budget into posts that are performing stronger question about a lead accelerator does it integrate with Microsoft Dynamics today it does not thanks for the question we do not support that today but we’re always looking for more ways to improve lead accelerator by helping it like integrate with marketers on CRMs or lead scoring tools so not much we’re doing there right now but you know hopefully like this is something we will improve on down the line question from Blair do you have any types of projections in terms of increase to website traffic that a company might see if they decide to use LinkedIn products you know it I don’t have metrics on that just because it really depends on like the particular marketer and how much traffic they had on their website to begin with the thing I can say is that we help you measure that really easily using the linked in scitech using the pixels so if you were to work with your Lincoln representative and add our pixel to your landing pages you can start to see what is your baseline traffic how many visitors are you getting we can help you measure the types of audience segments you’re engaging based on what kinds of professional profile characteristics they they display like their seniority or their job function and then as you do run linkedin campaigns you will see that change over time so that’s that’s like probably the easiest way to get started is we can help you measure what works for your company using the linkedin inside pixel a couple more a couple more questions where do we get java script for retargeting i think that was probably another pixel question so again our insight AG is simply a bit of code JavaScript code that you put on your website in your global footer really simple to implement your web developer you promised probably already added a lot of tags to your site already this one’s very simple or very similar another question about what kinds of support this linkedin offered you guys have account team that can help me get started with these products once i know what i’m interested in using the answer is yes so depending on what your needs are we do have account representatives and campaign operations professionals who can help you get started with these products and help optimize your campaigns with linkedin lead accelerator for example every customer gets dedicated time from our support team so sort of navigate help them navigate the product understand best practices and how to launch we also have a team of campaign specialist that can assist a lot of our customers with sponsored updates so some of this depends on the level of budget that you have in your campaign but we do have options for marketers who needed to access managed service and other kinds of account support and I think we are about out of time but looks like we’re at the top of the hour but I wanted to just say thank you very much try to cover as many questions as possible thank you to Todd and Adria in from seed equity we will be posting this webinar online shortly to our YouTube channel and we’ll also send out the slide deck with some additional resources and best practice guides for a lot of you who are asking some some excellent questions about how to use LinkedIn products so with that I’ll say thank you everybody and Michelle I don’t know if you have any last words but just thanks again everyone for your time yes actually I was just about to queue to wrap up we are at the top of the hour so thanks everyone for joining and we look forward to the next time bye thank you